Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 10, Episode 24 - Thursday's Child - full transcript

Kitty welcomes her mentor to town, but her friend is burdened by a secret: she's here to deliver the child of her outlaw son, a man willing to take his own mother hostage.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.




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Kitty Russell, you old rascal!

I can't believe it!

I can't, either.

What are you
doing in Dodge City?

- I live here.
- (laughs)

What about you?

I'm just passing through.

But, Kitty, you look
absolutely marvelous.

So do you.

Oh, that's a lie.

- I'm filthy dirty...
- (Kitty laughs)

and that stage...

I have bruises from that stage

where no lady ought to have 'em.


How does a nice, hot bath

and an eiderdown
mattress sound to you?

Oh, you blue-eyed angel.

Just point me at the hotel.

Hotel, nothing.

You're gonna stay
right here with me.

I can't, Kitty, really.

- Come on. No.
- I'd love to, but I can't.

That's a lot of silly talk.

- Come on.
- Oh, you're too wonderful.

Welcome to the Long Branch.

You mean all this is yours?

Down to the last
bullet hole in the bar.

For heaven's sakes...

Of course, it's a far cry

from Julie Blane's Bayou
House in New Orleans.

Oh, my... And you're a far cry

from that skinny little
girl with the big eyes

that all the Southern
gentlemen were so interested in.

(laughs) Well, if I
am, it's thanks to you.

Sam, this is Julie Blane,

one of my oldest
and dearest friends.

Howdy, Sam.

It's a real pleasure,
Miss Blane.

I've heard a great
deal about you.


Nothing you can prove, I hope.

- Only the best, ma'am.
- (chuckles)

Julie taught me everything
I know about this business.

Well, you must be a
good teacher, Miss Julie.

Miss Kitty runs the best saloon
this side of San Francisco.

I can believe that.

I think this calls for a drink.

- Good.
- Yes, ma'am.

How do you take it, Miss Julie?

Just neat, Sam.

Now, that there's a woman

that any Haggen
could grow to love.

I figured the lady
might be a-needing this.

Oh, for heaven's
sakes, I forgot all about it.

Thank you very much.

Festus, this is Julie Blane.

- Julie, Festus Haggen.
- Howdy, Festus.

Mighty pleased to meet
up with you, ma'am.

I might as well be
honest with you, Julie.

Festus and I are
the talk of Dodge city.


And there just don't
seem to be a thing

we can do about it, Miss Julie.

Bigger than both of you.

Oh, yes.

That there's a lady

that don't have to get hit
on the head with no anvil,

I can see that.


It's a real pleasure
meetin' you, ma'am.

Thank you, Festus.

KITTY: Aren't you gonna stay

and have a drink with us?

FESTUS: Well, that's right
thoughty of you, Miss Kitty,

but I know you two got a
whole heap to jaw about.

Of course, now, I don't
want to seem ungracious

or anything like that.

Maybe directly, huh?

Shall we say about, uh, 8:00?

After Julie has time
to get some rest.

And cleaned up.

I'd be purely honored, ma'am.

See you directly.


Kitty, you always did
go for the fancy dandies.

Well, his exterior
isn't very much,

but his soul is beautiful.

(both laughing)

To old times.

And old friends.

Mmm... Pretty
good... (Kitty laughs)

for corn whiskey.

Doc, you keep looking at
that dang watch like that,

you're gonna wear it plumb out.

Well, all I want to know,

is she coming down or
ain't she coming down?

I thought doctors were
supposed to be patient people.

Got nothing to do with it.

When a woman says 8:00,
she ought to mean 8:00,

not ten minutes of 9:00.

She's been on that
stage for two solid weeks.

She's entitled to
a little extra time.

- Well, there's time...
- There just ain't no use

talking to him, Miss Kitty.

I tried to talk him into
sprucing up a little bit.

And I don't recall
asking your advice

about what I should do.

But at least you could've
darned your britches.

Here Miss Kitty invites you

to a purty party with
free whiskey and...

That was it. Free whiskey.

I know some folks who'll
do anything for a free drink.

Well, now, that just ain't true.

The onliest reason
I'm here at all

is 'cause I don't want a
woman to drink by herself.

(Doc laughs)

Sometimes they're
better off that way.

Kitty... friend of yours

or no friend of yours,
I got things to do.

I'm not gonna
sit here all night.

Well, wait a minute...

Free whiskey or no free whiskey.

Did you say something
about leaving, Doc?

Doc, I'd like you
to meet Julie Blane.

Julie, this is Doc Adams.

I'm so pleased to
meet you, Miss Blane.

How do you do?

Oh, I'm so sorry to be late,

but after two weeks
on a stagecoach,

Kitty's room was like heaven.

Well, of course.
And don't apologize.

Now, it's a lady's privilege

to be just as late
as she wants to be.

Oh, that's sweet of you.

I-It's so wonderful to...

Here. Please.
Sit... sit... sit down.

JULIE: Good evening, Festus.

Evening, Miss Julie.

Oh, thank you, Festus.

Yes, ma'am.

Miss Blane, now that
you're, uh, in Dodge,

how long do you
plan to be with us?

Well, not very long, I'm afraid.

A day or two, a
week at the most.

- DOC: Oh...
- She's on her way to Wichita

to help bring her
grandchild into the world.

Your grandchild?
I don't believe it.

I'm going to be a grandma.

No. Well, I think
that's wonderful!

Isn't it? (laughs)

And when she's
through with that,

she's gonna come
right back here,

because I insist on it.

I haven't seen her
in over ten years

and I don't want
to lose her again.

Oh, you're a darling.

By golly, I'm just
gonna drink to that.

Here's mud in
your eye, Miss Julie.

Well, howdy, Matthew.

Well, good evening.

- Matt, how are you?
- Matt...

Matt, I'd like you
to meet Julie Blane.

Julie, this is Matt Dillon,

marshal to Dodge City.

It's a pleasure, Marshal.

Pleasure's mine, ma'am.

Well, why don't you sit down?

That chair's for you.

Ah, Kitty, I'm afraid I can't.

FESTUS: Goin' out after
somebody, are you, Matthew?

Yeah, that Mason Connelly fella.

KITTY: Who's he?

Well, he's the one that
killed the army paymaster

up in Denver last month, Kitty.

FESTUS: There's
enough reward posters

out on him to paper the
whole Long Branch with.

Colorado isn't your territory.

Well, he's in Kansas
now. They think he may be

- headed this way.
- Oh.

Well, do you have
to leave right away?

I mean, Julie's only going to
be in town a couple of days.

Well, I'm sorry. I
wish I could stay.

JULIE: I understand, Marshal.

If you're gonna be
here a couple of days,

maybe we can all have
supper tomorrow night.

Provided you're not
in Hays, or Timbuktu.

Nice to meet you, Miss Blane.

DOC: Matt...

Someday, somehow, somewhere

I'm gonna have a party

and that man's
gonna arrive on time

and stay for the whole evening.

FESTUS: I wouldn't bet on that.

You know, Miss Blane,
I-I've just been thinking.

I-I have a very dear
friend in Wichita,

Dr. Cartwright, and I
think I ought to wire him...

Oh, no. No, that
won't be necessary.

You see, the ranch
is quite far out of town,

and Lonnie thinks his
wife couldn't stand the trip.

But thank you anyway, Doctor.

Well, let's get
something straight:

you know, I can't
remember how long it's been

since anybody around
here has called me "Doctor."

Why don't you just try "Doc,"

like everybody else does?

Well... (chuckles)

I might just do that, Doc.

And everyone calls me "Julie."


Oh! (laughs)

You're a funny man.

DOC: Well...

Oh, it's been a
delightful evening.

Thank you so much.

Good night, Festus.

Good night, Miss Julie.

Been a pure pleasure
gettin' to know you.

Good night, Doc.

Julie... I got a great idea.

I think they serve a
wonderful breakfast

across the street
at Delmonico's.

That is, if, uh... you manage
to get there early enough.

Oh, I'm an early riser, Doc.

So am I.

I'll pick you up about 7:30.

That's very gracious of you.

Thank you very much.

Looking forward to it.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Julie, I am ashamed of you.

You never ate
breakfast in your life.

Well, I'll force myself.

(Kitty laughs)

You must be exhausted.

Why don't you go
on up and go to bed?

You old rascal.

Thank you for everything.

Good night!

Good night, Julie.






The horses are down here.




We will wait till they pass.

Morning, Doc.

What are you doing here?

What am I doing?

Well, I'm waiting for you,

just like I've been here
doing every morning

for six months,
that's what I'm doing.

Well, we having
coffee or ain't we?

As a matter of fact, we're not.

You got some patients, have you?

No, what I have
is private business,

and do you know what
makes it private business?

No, what?

Because it is private.

Now, wait a minute... Doc.

When are you gonna learn
to keep your hands off of me?

Well, I'll swan.

I never figured to
ever see you like this,

all slickered up
like an old boar bear

that's found hisself
a tree full of honey.

Say, you ain't fixing
to start courting

that Miss Julie, are you?

Do you think that
it would be possible

for you to mind your
own business just once?

Well, golly Bill, Doc,

all I'm doing is
a-worrying on you.

(chuckles) Worrying?

You ain't no spring
chicken no more, you know.

Why, you... mangy muskrat.

I've got more get-up-and-go
in my little finger

than you've got in your whole...

seedy carcass.

Morning, Doc.

Morning, Sam.

Morning, Kitty.

Morning, Doc.

Julie not down yet, huh?


She's not coming down.

Well, is... she...
she's not sick, is she?

She's not here.

Well, I don't know what you...

She must have left in
the middle of the night.

All her things are gone.

She didn't even say good-bye.

Well, I don't understand.

Neither do I.

I wish I did.


Hello, Ma.

Oh, Lonnie, Lonnie.

I was afraid you
wasn't gonna come.

Vardis has been meeting
every stage for a week.

I would've been
here sooner, but I...

I couldn't get away.

Oh, Lonnie, you don't look well.

Well, I've been running, Ma,
and when a man's running,

he don't get much
chance to rest.

Where is she?

In here.


Amy, this is my ma.

She's come all the
way from San Francisco

to look after you.

You're gonna be all right now.

Mrs. Blane?


How do you feel?

Have you had any pains?


It's just that I'm so weak.

I don't know what's
the matter with me.

(chuckles) Well,
you're pregnant,

that's what's the
matter with you.

Have you had anything to eat?

Hardly anything, Ma.

Not enough to keep a bird alive.

Just the smell of
meat makes me sick.

Yes, I know.

I know.

I'm gonna make some broth.

You go out and
get a prairie chicken

or a pheasant or something.

Ma, we can't fire
any guns around here.

Then set some traps.

We've got to get some
nourishment into this girl.

Now, I want you to stop worrying

and try to go to sleep,

and when you wake up,

maybe we'll have
some nice, hot soup,

and it'll be so good
you'll just have to eat it.

You're very kind.

Go to sleep.

We've got to get a
doctor immediately.

You mean it's not just the baby?

No, it's not.

Her pulse is rapid,
she's got a fever.

We've got to get a doctor,
and we've got to get him fast.

There's one in Dodge.

His name is Adams.

But, Ma, I'm a wanted man.

I'm sure it won't
be the first time

he's treated a fugitive.

Ma, I can't.

They're hunting me
all over the territory.

Now, if they find me here,
there's no place else to run.

Do you love that girl?

Well, you know I do.

Outside of you,

she's the only
person in the world

that means anything to me.

Then get a doctor or
you're gonna lose her.

You're sure?

I'm sure.

All right.



Señor Doctor, you're
coming with me.

Who are you?

No importante.

Well, what is it, a gunshot?

No, not a gunshot.

A baby.

Vámonos, huh?


Well, you're not
gonna need that thing.

What makes you think you have
to kidnap me to deliver a baby?

You know, about three
or four times a year,

people come in here
and try to kidnap me.

That's why I'm getting so
I leave that door unlocked.

It saves time that way.

Oh, put that thing away.

Come on, let's get in my buggy.

No, no buggy, a horse!



In here, Doctor.

Could I have some light in here?

(Amy panting)


How long has she been like this?

Three days.


I'm sorry, Doc.

That's your son.


- The one on the ranch near Wichita.
- (softly): Yeah.

I've done everything
I could think of.

Hot water, clean linen, coffee.

You'll have to
finish before dawn,

if you can.

- The fires have to be out by sunup.
- Yeah.

Let's do what we can.





You just... hold on tight now.

I'll only be a minute.

(gasps, groaning)


It'll be a breech birth.

Oh, no.

Cálmate, Lon, cálmate.

It's nothing.

My woman has a
baby every spring, huh?

¿Danos más de café, eh?

(speaking Spanish)

Eh, mira, la tres.


(door opens, baby crying)


It's all over, Lon.

You got a fine son.

Never mind about the kid.

What about her?

I'm sorry, I-I
couldn't save her.


You mean I brought you all
the way out here for nothing?

So you could let her die?

I ought to kill you.

JULIE: Lonnie.

You let her die?!

He did not.

He did everything
he could to save her.

But he did save your son.

Look, you!

I don't care about the kid.

If it hadn't been for
him, she'd still be alive.

If you loved her,
you'd love this baby.

What do you know
about the way I feel?

And where do you get
off telling me what to do?

I ain't even seen
you in six years.


Now, I'll have the food and
things brought up to my office.

And Lonnie can just have
everything picked up there.

You take care of yourself.

Doc, I don't know
how to thank you.

No need to.

And just where do
you think you're going?

Well, I'm going into Dodge to
get some food and medicine.

You crazy?

You think I'm gonna
let you go back to Dodge

and tell everybody where we are?

Well, that baby can't live

without nourishment
and medicine.

I don't care if it lives.

Lonnie, you don't mean that.

You saw the soldiers?

On your ride out here,
you saw the soldiers?


You know who they
were looking for?

I can guess.

They were looking for me, Ma.

So if you think I'm
gonna let this old man

be spotted leaving here,
you got another thing coming.

What about the
life of your baby?

Well, what about my life?

Those soldiers
combing that hill,

they want my life, Ma.

They want my life choked
out of me at the end of a rope.

Now, is that what you want, too?

Is it?

You know better than that.

Well, you got to
make a decision, Ma.

Who do you want to live?

Me or some kid who don't
even know he's alive yet?

Now, you're my ma,

and I'm asking you a question.

Who is more important to you?

Me or that kid?

I... don't know, Lonnie.

I don't know anymore.


All right, you warm enough?

I'm fine. Thanks, Doc.


Well, there's one
member of this household

that sure hasn't
any worries yet.

What do we need
most for him, Doc?

Well, nourishment.
Just about anything.

Sugar... if we had some...

Your turn.

Leave him alone.

What's the matter?

You're afraid your little baby's

gonna turn to milk
all of a sudden?

I want to talk to him.

You have caused enough
trouble already, señora.

Shut up.

If it was my woman,

I would want to do
the burying myself.

You sure brought her down.

Not even a coffin.

Just a hole in the mud!

You open your
mouth about her again,

and I'll kill you!

You got that?!

You got it?!

Sí, patrón.

Yo tengo.

Just how long do you
figure you can hide out?

Till the army gives
up the search.

Well, that could be
three, four weeks.

You killed that
paymaster, didn't you? You!

¿Yo? ¡No, señor!

That hombre, he got brave.

Lon had to shoot him.

You can't spend the money.

We'll spend it.

You knew.

JULIE: Yes, I knew.

You came to him anyway.

He's my son.

He didn't have
anybody else to turn to.

Well, you are a... very
remarkable woman.

Lon's father, what...?

He died six years ago.

Same year Lonnie ran away.

If he'd lived,

he could've kept
Lonnie out of trouble.

I couldn't do anything with him.

He wouldn't listen to me.

Things don't always turn
out the way you want them to.

Do they?



(door opens)

The grave is finished.


Thank you, Father,
for this new life

you have given to us.

Help us to know

that this little boy will grow

to be a fine, strong man.

We know that Amy
is with you now.

Well and happy forever.

And, Father, help
us to be strong.



I'm gonna ask you one more time.

Give me a horse,
let me go into town

and get some food for that baby.


I wouldn't tell
anybody you're here.

You got my word on it.

Why should I risk
my life on your word?

Well, there's a lot of reasons.

But if you haven't
figured them out yet,

I don't think there's
any use talking to you.

Go fix that window.

And go up on that hill there
and keep your eyes open.


sure looks like we're
gonna be here for a while.

I'm sorry, Doc.

Well, I don't know
that I am too much.

Been a long time since I've
been locked up with a pretty girl.

Lon didn't want to send for you.

I forced him to.

Well, you did
exactly the right thing.

That little fellow wouldn't
be alive if I hadn't been here.

Well, he'll die anyway.

Won't he?

(thud nearby)

(crickets trilling)

You know, I think I
can get out of here?


That's not important.

What happens to you if I do?

- Oh, Lon won't hurt me.
- What about the other fella?

I'm not afraid. Look, if
you can get out of here,

you've got to, not only
for the baby's sake,

but for you own.

Well, I'm...

I'm just a little old to worry
about what happens to me.

You're not old.

You're just lovely.

You go over there by
the door, and just listen.


If this works out all right
and I get into Dodge,

I'll... I'll be back
with some food.

(quietly): Yes.


That done it.

What's the matter with
them? Can't they see anything?

Lon! Lon!

It's a fire! (speaks Spanish)

Get some blankets, quick!



(birds singing)

(singing continues)




That's just fine,
Clint. Thank you.

Any time, Doc.

Golly Bill, Doc.

Did you get in a scrap,
'cause if you did...

No, I didn't get in any scrap.

Well, did you...
run into a wildcat?

I didn't run into anything,

if it's any of your
business, which it ain't.

You sure are a
sorry looking sight.

Good gosh, Doc.

- What happened to you?
- Nothing serious.

- Now, Jonas...
- Well, you look awful.

I've been told that.
Now, here's what I want.

I want some brown sugar.

I want a dozen cans of cond...

- Put it down!
- (mutters)

A dozen cans of condensed milk.

- Yeah?
- I want some iodine, a bottle.

- Yeah.
- And, uh,

I want, uh, so-some soda

and two feeding bottles.

Feeding bottles?

Don't tell me Dodge
has got a new citizen.

Are you gonna stand there
making conversation with me,

or are you gonna
fill that order?!

I'll fill it, I'll fill it.

Everything's all set, Doc.

Well, thank you. Much obliged.


Well, what in thunder
do you want now?

I just wanted to tell you

that you look a heap
better with a clean shirt...

Well, I can't tell
you how happy I am

that I have your approval.

Fixing to go someplace?

Yes, I'm gonna make some
calls if it's all right with you.

New baby?

Jonas said you bought a
whole bunch of canned milk

and brown sugar.

Usual birthday order for a
mama that can't nurse a baby.

Why don't you just
get out of my way

and let me go on
about my business?

I'll tell you what
I'm fixing to do.

I'm fixing to go right in
yonder and get my mule

and go with you.

Now, just a minute
here. Come here!

I can't let you do that.

- Why can't you?
- Well, because I...

Well, you just
won't be satisfied

until you make me tell you.

You're a meddling...
Well, I got to.

You recall Mason Connelly?

Well, of course I do.

We was talking about
him the other night

in the Long Branch when
Miss Blane was in town.

Yes, well...

All right, there-there
ain't no Mason Connelly.

Lonnie Blane, that's who it is.

Julie Blane's son.

Julie Blane's son?

Well, you know where she's at.

She went to Wichita.

No, no, she didn't.

She out at their hideout,
that's where she is.

They came after me in
the middle of the night

and had me go out
there to deliver a baby,

which I did, but
I lost the mother.

Now, the baby boy's still alive,

and I hope to keep him that
way, but I won't be able to

unless I can get out
there with these provisions!

Well, that's what
I want to do is...

Wait a minute.

That's not all; the
army's after him.

Now, you ought to know
that, and if we go out there,

they're gonna find us,

and they'll follow us,
and then they'll find them,

and there will be
a shooting match,

and-and we could
lose everything.

Baby and maybe even Miss Julie.

Now, don't you understand
what I'm trying to tell you?


It sure is a mess, ain't it?

Well, of course it is,

but I can clear it all up

if you'll just
kind of let thing...

If you mention one
word of this, so...

Just get out of my way

and keep your
mouth shut, will you?

(clicks tongue)

Take care of yourself,
you ornery old...

Doc? What about him?

Well, I kind of halfway

guaranteed him I
wouldn't say anything,

but if anything ever
happened to that old scudder

on account of me, I just...

don't think I'd
ever get over it.

Festus, maybe you'd better,
uh, just start from the beginning

and tell me what
you're trying to say.

I think maybe I had ought to.

You remember that
pretty little woman you met

down at the Long
Branch... Miss Blane?

Well, I should've known you
couldn't keep your mouth shut!

It's a good thing
he didn't, Doc.

All we're trying to do is
save your miserable old hide.

- Well, what'd he tell you?
- He told me the whole story,

and that's what you
should've done at the start.

This whole thing's
foolhardy, Doc.

Now where are these people?

Well, they're just
over that rise there,

but you can't go in there, Matt.

If they see you,
they'll be shooting.

Julie and that baby
could get killed.

Now I've got this food here,

and I've got to take
it down to them,

and I've got to go
down there alone.

What makes you
think they're not gonna

kill you when you go in?

Well, that's a chance
I'm gonna have to take.

Sorry, Doc, I
can't let you do it.


What are you doing, Doc?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
Festus, whoa, whoa.

We ride after him now,
they'll see us for sure.

What are we gonna do, Matthew?

Well, we'll just have
to hide somewhere

where they can't see us
and keep an eye on things.




(baby crying)


You all right?

You're back. Yes.

Here's some things for the baby.

Why'd you come back?

I doubt very much if I could
explain that to you, Lonnie.

Did you get that stuff in Dodge?

That's right.

And nobody saw you leave?

He asked you a question.

Did anybody see you leave?

Somebody saw me leave.

You're all through, Lonnie.

It's all over.

What do you mean?

Matt Dillon's out there.

Go look.


You know something?

I should've killed you
first time I laid eyes on you.

No, Lonnie, no. Let's
get out of here, come on.

DILLON: Hold it!

Hold it right there!


Give yourself up, Blane!

You haven't got a chance!

Get in there, both of you.

Go on! Move!

Now you pick up that kid.

- Lonnie!
- Go on, pick him up!

Lonnie, what are you doing?

I'm getting out of here,
that's what I'm doing.

JULIE: But you
can't take that baby.

LON: It's the only chance I got.

JULIE: Everything
else in your life

I've tried to
excuse, but not this.

Maybe that was your trouble, Ma.

Oh, stop, stop it!

- Come on! Come on!
- Stop it, Lonnie!



Now you tell the marshal
we got a baby here.

Go on, tell him!


DILLON: What is it, Doc?

We're coming out with the baby.

DILLON: All right,
we won't shoot!

All right, let's go.

Stay there.

All right, come here.

Give me that baby.

I ain't gonna tell you again.

Give me that baby.


You're not taking the baby.

Ma, you wouldn't shoot me.

Don't touch that baby.

Well, it's the only hope I got.

Hope ran out for
you a long time ago.

Now either give
yourself up or ride out.

I'm not going to let you kill

that little boy.


Lonnie, Lonnie.

It's all right, Ma.

It's all right.

Forgive me.

Don't cry, Ma.

It was only a matter of time.

Leastways, I didn't hang.


(crying): Oh.