Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 10, Episode 11 - Chicken - full transcript

Mistakenly hailed as a hero who downed four robbers, a man rethinks his decision to let folks regard him as a gunfighter when protecting the woman he wants calls for a gunman's skill.

(theme music playing)

(both guns fire)

ANNOUNCER: starring
James Arness as Matt Dillon.

(horse whinnies)

What you cooking?

- Hello.
- (sniffs) Smells good.

Uh, just a little ol'
pot of slumgullion.

When a man is
hungry, any pot's little,

but (sniffs) I guess that'll do.

(chuckles) That's true enough.

About, uh, about ready, huh?

Oh, any time. I'm
just keeping it warm.

Well, looks like I came
about the right time.

Well, uh, I tell ya, mister,

my partner's gonna be
riding up any minute now.

Oh, he is, is he?

But, uh, well, sure,
we'll share it with you.

You will, huh?

Of course. You being
so hungry and all.

Look, mister, I am hungry,

and I ain't gonna
share that with nobody.


I'm eating all of
it, the whole pot.

Well, now, doggone
it, that's our food,

me and my partner's.

Mister, you keep arguing,

all you're gonna get
in your belly is lead.

Turn around.

Go on! Turn around!

All right, you can
turn back now.

What do you got for
manners, anyway?

You're about the
easiest man I ever met.

Well, I don't see

that a pot of slumgullion
is worth a killing.

Sort of depends on
who gets killed, don't it?


So you let him eat
our dinner just like that?

Well, what was I to do?

Short of drawing on him, I mean.

Oh, well, no, don't
never draw on a man.

That'd be downright
active, wouldn't it?

Well, now I couldn't kill a man

over a little pot
of food, Brady.

I don't go looking for trouble.

Now, that's a fact.

You sure don't go
looking for trouble,

but sometimes I
kinda wish you did.

Well, I reckon I ain't
never gonna change!

No, I reckon you ain't
ever gonna change!

Well, come on. Let's
drink some coffee, anyway.

We still riding to
Dodge in the morning?

Look, um, Hackberry
Creek's off that way.

Now, you can't miss it.

When you get there,
you follow it north

till you come to
the stage station.

Now, you can spend tomorrow
night there and then go on

to Dodge the next morning.

I'll hook up with you there.

Where are you gonna be?

Well, um, I remember
a little ol' ranch gal

who lives not too far from here.

I'm gonna ride by there and
see if she remembers me.



This the Hackberry
Creek station, ain't it?

That's right, and
I'm Harv Rogers.

Dan Collins.
Pleased to meet you.

Which way you heading, Dan?

Dodge City.

Hey, that's a half-day ride.

You'd better stay
here overnight.

Well, that's what I'd aim to do.

There'll be a stage
go by in the morning.

You can follow it into town

if you're not sure
of the way to go.

Oh, I'll get along fine.

That's fine. You just
unsaddle your horse,

put him in the corral there
and come on in inside.

I'll have supper
in about an hour.

I got a jug of old corn whiskey

that I just might be
persuaded to open up.

Great. I'll be there directly.

Go ahead. Another
little drop won't hurt you.

(laughs) Nothing
could hurt me now.

You could set fire to me,
and I'd just giggle and laugh.

(both laugh)

That's what's whiskey's fer,

to make a man
forget his troubles.

Well, what troubles you got?

You're all fixed up here
nice and cozy as can be.

You, you eat regular
and you work here regular.

A man couldn't ask for
more than you got, Harv.

That so?

You ain't seen a woman
around here, have you?

Well, why don't you get married?

I was married.

What happened?

She up and died on me.

Too bad.

Danny, I'll say this
about my old woman,

she wasn't no rose,
but-but she was all I had.

I'm sure sorry to hear that.

Loneliness, that's
what eats on a man.

Being so doggone
lonely all the time!

Well-well, you ain't lonely now.

That's right!

Thanks to you, Danny
boy, I ain't. Drink up.

Well, now, I ain't
used to this stuff.

You'll get used to it.

And if we empty that one,
I got another'un hid out.

There it is, men.

MAN 2: I don't
see nobody around.

All the better.

When that stupid
agent does come out,

we'll be there to greet him.

Still plan to kill him?

It's the safest way.

I'm for shooting
the shotgun guard

as soon as the stage pulls in.

All right, Pete,
that'll be your chore.

That way the rest of
'em will give up right fast.

It's the easiest holdup
anybody ever made.

You're a smart man, Coe.

I'm smart enough.

All right, me and Pete'll
ride in from the west,

you two from the south.

When that agent comes out,

the first one who gets
a chance, shoot him.

Let's go, Pete.

"I'm smart enough," he says.

Can you believe that, kid?

Well, I don't know.

Well, I'll tell you,

the money we got from that bank

we held up in
Goodland the other day,

we had to split that
four ways, didn't we?


And what are we gonna get
from this here stagecoach?

We gotta split that four
ways, too, don't we?

That's our deal.

Well, I know how to make
both jobs a two-way split.

You got the belly for it?

Watch me.

Good. We'll spread out.

They won't suspect nothing.

First chance I get,
I'm gonna kill Coe.

You can have Pete.

Like fish in a barrel.

Well, let one of them
kill the agent first.

Good. And we can handle
that stage as easy as four.

That's what I've been
trying to tell you, kid.

This ain't work.
This is fun. Come on.

(both snoring)

(snorts, groans)

(snoring continues)


Something I can do fer ya?

You're a real smart man, Coe.


(gunshots continue)

(gunshots cease)



What's going on,
Harv? What happened?

Fellow shot me, then
there was other gunshots.

Ther are four men
there. I think they're dead.

Here, let me look at that.

No, no, wait.

I think they got a-fighting
amongst themselves

and killed each other off.

They must have. You
ain't even carrying a gun.

I'll get you inside now.

No, leave me be.

Dan, I got something to tell ya.

I'm listening, Harv.

That whiskey drinking we
done last night was good.


I'm here, Harv.

Last night, I wasn't
lonely no more.


You know that man?

OH, I never seen him before.

He's taking things
awful calm, ain't he?

Come on.

This place looks
like a battleground.

I count five men dead.

Yeah, there sure been

a heap of shooting
around here, all right.


Who killed him?

Them-them fellas.

Well, who killed them?

Harv never carried a gun.

Come on, mister, tell us.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I spent the night
with Harv, drinking.

This morning he
came out here alone

and they shot him.

I figure they planned
to get rid of Harv

and then wait for you.


Road agents.

I got a thirst that
just won't quit.

He killed 'em.

He heard 'em shoot
the station agent...

and he came out here

and killed every
one of 'em himself.

Why, sure.

The-the station agent
wasn't even armed.

Of course it was him.

I'll be doggoned.

Well, you're quite
a shot, mister.

Quite a shot? Why, he's a hero.

He-he saved all our lives.

I'd like to shake
your hand, mister.

You're the greatest
gunfighter that I've ever seen.

MAN 2: What's your name, anyway?

MAN 3: Yeah, who are you?

Well, now, wait...
(laughs nervously)

Just wait a minute.

Well, now, wait nothing.

Tell me what your name is.

I'm gonna remember
it as long as I live.

Well, it's... Collins.

Dan Collins.

You're the greatest
gunfighter that ever lived!

- Glad to know you.
- Yeah, good job.

Come on, Dan, drink
up, you deserve it.

You've had a busy
day. (laughs) Busy day!

Well, I guess
you'd call it that.

You know, any man that'd shoot
four bandits before breakfast...

Well, there ain't never
been anything like it before.

You made history today, Dan.

I'm proud to know you.

Say, here's the marshal.

Marshal, come meet Dan Collins.

Marshal, this
here is Dan Collins.

I reckon you heard of
him by now, ain't you?

Dan. It's nice to meet you.


Dan Collins is a
tough man, Marshal.

You'd better stay on the
good side of him. (laughs)

You must be pretty
handy with a gun, Dan.

Well, it was mostly
luck, Marshal.

Luck? I never heard of any man
having that kind of luck before.

It was plain guts,
that's what it was.

You know, you're right, mister.

He could've stayed inside

and fought off them
outlaws with Harv's rifle,

but he didn't, Marshal.

No, sir, he sure didn't.

He came right out in amongst 'em

with his gun blazing.

Well... now, I was
already out there

'fore I really knowed
what was going on.

Modest, too.

You know, I like that.

Gonna be around town long?

Well, my partner's
due any time now.

Then we'll see.

Nice to have met you.

(men laughing)

Well, what did you
think of our new hero?

Well, Kitty, I think he'll be
good for your business here.

Yeah, you're right about that.

Seriously, though,
what do you think of him?

Seems like a nice enough fella.

Got quite a
reputation, doesn't he?


You know, he doesn't
seem quite the type,

if you ask me.

Well, Kitty, you never
know what a man'll do

till the chips are down.

That's true.

You drinking?

Oh, not now.

I'll be back about midnight.

I've heard that before.

I'll be here.

(men laughing)

You know, till the day I die

I will never forget
stepping out of that stage

and seeing him there,
washing his face,

and those five dead
men laying on the ground.

Oh, you know the
thing that hurt me

was to see old
Harv laying there.

He was my drinking buddy.

I used to see him
about once a week.

That's right, you did.

And a nice old man, too, Harv.

If you hadn't been
there, Dan, I don't know...

I mean, I just don't know
what would've happened.

You could've been
laying there yourself

- if he wasn't.
- Dan Collins?

Come over here.

Who's that?

Well, I don't know, but
he'd better watch out

who he's hollering at.

Well, that's Jim Brady.

It's all right,
that's my partner.

- Excuse me a minute, gentlemen.
- All right.

Hiya, Jim. Thought
you'd never get here.

I had a drink over at the
Oasis before I come over here.

I heard the whole story.

You're a big man in town, Dan.

For the first time in my life
I got people respecting me,

even fearing me.

I could see why,

if they believe that story.

They're buying me drinks

and hanging on
every word I got to say.

Everybody just wanting to
shake my hand and be my friend.

Just like a dream, Jim.

It's like a dream, all right.

You don't believe
I done it, do you?

You don't believe I
shot them four outlaws.

Are you telling me you did?

Why, you know me too well, Jim.


Well... you're
riding for a fall, Dan.

What do you mean?

BRADY: You got a
big reputation now.

People expect a lot of you.

What are you gonna do

the first time
there's a showdown?

Why should there be a showdown?

There always is,
sooner or later.

And with you,
the way things are,

there'll be one any second.

Well, I hadn't
thought about that.


I'm enjoying myself.

Nothing like this ever
gonna happen to me again

and I ain't gonna stop it now.

I'll just wait and
see what happens.

I wish you luck, Dan.


Let's have a couple drinks.

You bet.

Oh, hey, miss...

could we have a
couple of beers, please?

Last stop.

You want to go in?

What good would I do?

I'll be right back.

Well, hello, Lucy.

LUCY: Roy.

I'll be right with you,
soon as I finish here.


Now if you'll just let
me have your name,

why, I'll get all
this stuff together

and, uh, you can pick it up
in a couple of days, hmm?


Dan Collins.

Dan Collins?

That's right.

Well, good gosh,
this is an honor.

It's a pleasure to meet you.

(laughing): My name is Roy.


Lucy, this is Dan Collins.

Lucy Benton.

Pleased to meet you, Lucy.

I've already heard about you.

Well, who hasn't?

Four outlaws, all by hisself...

You're a very brave man.

Well, thank you.

He's a wildcat, Lucy,

a real, fighting wildcat!

Oh, I got a sack of feed
for you in the storeroom.

I'll get it.

- Be right back.
- Thanks.

DAN: Do you live in Dodge, Lucy?

No, we, uh, have a small
farm about five miles upriver.

You and your folks?

Just my brother.

And a hired hand,
when we can afford one.

Well, uh, what do
you grow out there?

Mmm, not a whole lot.

We've got some-some
milk cows and chickens,

a couple of pigs.

Well, that's sure a start.

I'd like to see
your place, Lucy.

Well, it's just like
any other small farm.

Well, how about tomorrow?

I'll ride out there tomorrow.


Well, no, there's
nothing to see.

There's you.

Please, no.

You mustn't.

Well, I don't see why not.


Now, I mean it.

Here you are, Lucy.

I'll put it in the
buckboard for you.

Oh, here, uh... let me do that.

Well, thanks, Dan.

I'll, uh, put it on
your bill, Lucy.

Now, there is a young lady

you don't have to worry about.

Comes in every other day or so.

Brings me eggs and milk...

(laughs) I don't have to worry
about her running out on me.

Carl, this is Dan Collins.

My brother, Carl.

How do?

Uh, where do you want this?

Oh, right back here.

You just set there
and take it easy.

Your brother always
let you do all the work?

Whose are those?

Oh, uh... he hurt himself?

Three years ago.


Oh, my, I'm... I'm
right sorry, Lucy.

Well, you didn't know.

Carl... Yeah?

I'm sorry I talked to you
the way I did just now.

Oh, y-you saw the crutches.

DAN: Yeah.

Well, it doesn't matter.

How could you have known?

Well, I still should've
kept my mouth shut.

Yeah, no harm done.

Thanks for your help.

We've got to be going now.

- So long.
- So long.


What's the matter?
Can't you see?

Well, I can see a lot
better than you can.

Oh, you're gonna get
nasty about it, huh?

Well, you step right
out here, mister.

Come on, step right out here.

I don't want to
make no mistakes.

I don't want to kill
nobody, just you.

Well, now, wait a minute.

Do you know who this is
you're talking about killing?

I don't care who he is.

Nobody gets smart with me.

It just so happens that
you're about to be killed

by Dan Collins.

Dan Collins?

Shot them four outlaws?

You sure can pick
'em, can't you?

Okay, Dan. Go ahead.

Blow his fool head off.

Now, now, just a minute.

Maybe I was a
little hasty there.

Liquor'll do that to a man,
you know what I mean, Dan?

Well. Dan Collins.

I heard a lot about you.

Sure is a pleasure
making your acquaintance.

Now, why don't
I, uh, just buy you

and your friend here a drink?

No, thanks.

Dan Collins?

I'm Wes Morgan.

I'd like a word with you,
if I may... private-like?

You go right ahead, Dan.

Uh, we'll meet you in the bar.


I'm a rancher, Dan,
and a pretty big one.

This is my foreman, Jake Cooper.

- Howdy.
- Howdy.

Cooper was in Dodge last night

and he heard all about you.

That's why I rode in today.

I don't follow you.

MORGAN: I rode
in to meet you, Dan,

to offer you a job.


Not just cowboying.

That'd be beneath
a man like you.

A man who handles himself

and his gun like you do...

I wouldn't insult him by
offering him an ordinary job.

Well, uh, what kind of
job are you talking about?

Wes Morgan runs
a tough outfit, Dan.

He-he needs tough men.

Men who ain't afraid
to do a little killing,

if it comes to that.

You, uh... got some enemies?

Ah, nobody important.

Just a few farmers
here and there

who won't take a hint.

Mr. Morgan wants his
ranch in one whole piece.

He-he don't want no
farmers trying to bust it up.

Well, uh, why don't you
buy the land from 'em?

When they see me coming,

they start thinking about
trying to take me for big money.

I'm tired of playing
games with 'em, Dan.

Mr. Morgan's got one good man

working out there for him now.

I need another one.

And you I'll pay $100 a month.

That's twice what
I'll pay anybody else.

Well, what do you say?

Well, uh, I'll have
to think about it.

When you make up
your mind, just ride on out.

Anybody can tell you
where the Morgan ranch is.

- Yeah.
- It's good money, Dan,

and very little work.

Now, good day to you.

- So long.
- So long.



Hello, Lucy.

Why did you come?
I told you not to.

Oh, I know, but I took a chance

maybe you'd change
your mind once I was here.

Now, please, Dan,
get on your horse,

go back to Dodge and
never come back here again.

Now, you ain't gonna hold it
against me about yesterday.

About your brother.

Of course not. It's not that.

Then what is it?

Well, let's don't talk about it.

You're gonna have to tell
me sooner or later, Lucy.

I don't give up easy.

I don't have to
tell you anything.

I don't want you
here, and that's that.

Now I get it.
It's him, ain't it?

He's the one that don't
want you to see me.

No. No, it has
nothing to do with him.

I'm gonna talk to Carl, and
you can come along or not.

Hi, Carl.


I, uh rode out to visit Lucy.

So I see.

She says she don't
want me out here.

She won't give me a reason.

I want to ask you, Carl.

Is it because you
object, and if so, why?

Maybe Lucy wants
to be left alone.

Well, most women are
like that... at the beginning.

He's right, Dan.

I just want to be
left alone, that's all.

All right, I won't bother you.

Not for a couple
of days, anyway.

I don't mean no harm to
your sister, I swear to that.

Of course.

So, uh, there's no need
for that shotgun, Carl.

Shotgun's not because of you.

Through the
window, I wasn't sure

you might be one
of Morgan's men.


Wes Morgan. He owns
all the land around us.

I'll be darned.

CARL: You know him?

I met him.

He's been hounding us to
get off what he calls his land.

Oh, but this don't
belong to him, does it?

Of course not.

All the surrounding land does.

He wants to own everything.

He's offered to pay us $200.

That ain't no offer.
That's an insult.

Well, we're not looking
to sell this place, anyway.

Morgan's sure
trying to force us to.

- How?
- He and his foreman have hired a man

you might call a-a
"special duty" man.

I understand he's
looking for another.

They come around here at
night and run the cows off,

fire a shotgun into the
henhouse, things like that.

Last week, he shot
one of my hogs.

Have you told Marshal
Dillon about this?

Carl won't let me.

I can handle my own troubles.

One man against four?
You need help, Carl.

Well, that's what
they have the law for.

That's why they
hire a U.S. Marshal.

I don't need help. I'm
not a complete cripple.


I don't want the law in on this.

I can handle it myself.

Well, I wish you luck, Carl.

I'd better be going now.

So long, Lucy, for now.

For always, Dan.

Well, we'll see about that.

So long, Carl.

So long.

I'm sorry about this, Carl.

Not your fault.

You're a mighty
attractive woman.

I didn't do a thing
to encourage him.

I know you didn't.

He'll come back,
though, I know he will.

Please let me tell him, Carl.



What name do you go by, mister?

Davis. Hal Davis.

- Where you from?
- Pueblo.

Did you ever kill a man, Davis?

I wouldn't remember.

(chuckles) That's a
pretty good answer.

I found him at the
Lady Gay having a drink.

I liked his looks.

You know, looks
can be deceiving.

What credentials do you have?

Well, when I left Pueblo
a couple of weeks ago,

they did say they'd hang
me if I ever came back.

That's good enough.

Did Cooper describe
the job to you?

I understand it won't be

feeding chickens
or milking cows.

All right, you'll
do. $50 a month.

Sounds fair enough.

I got another man like
you out at the ranch.

You two will be
working together.

But right now,
let's have a drink.



Hello, Doc.

Hello, Matt. How are ya?

You're, uh...

you're not going very far, huh?

Well, I'm going clear out
beyond Twin Buttes. Why?

Well, you're not gonna get
as far as the Arkansas River.

What are you talking about?

- Look at this.
- What?

Oh. What in thunder
happened there?

Knowing you, you probably
ran over a rock or something.

Well, knowing you,
I'd better get it over

to the blacksmith's shop
before you tear up the buggy.

All right, I'll walk
over there with you.

Fine. That'll be a great help.

Come on.

Oh, Quint!

Whoa, whoa, back there.

- Hello, Dan.
- Hello, Marshal.

Say, Dan, this is Doc Adams.

- Howdy, Doc.
- Well, hi, Dan.

How are ya? Good to see ya.

Quint just finished putting
the shoe on my horse.

All finished? Quint, come here.

- Hello, Doc.
- Take a look at that, will ya?

What's the trouble?

Well, you tell me what it is.

Doc, this is gonna
have to come off.

If you fellas can
give me a hand...

Want to give me a hand
with this wheel, Dan?

I'll be with you in
a minute, fellas.

Hello, Lucy.

Oh, hello.

I want to talk to you.

It's no use, Dan. Please.

Will you answer me one question?


I've been thinking
on it since yesterday.

I, I didn't offer to stay

and fight Wes Morgan
and his men for you.

What are you talking about?

Well, I think maybe
that's the reason

you've been putting me off.

Oh, for goodness' sake, Dan,
I've never heard such nonsense.

I still think maybe that's it.

Look, I told you to leave
me alone a long time

before you knew about
Wes Morgan and us.

Well, that's true, but still...

So just forget it, Dan.

I don't mean to be cruel,
but that's the way it has to be.

I can't ever give up, Lucy,
but I'll leave you alone...

for now.

Hello, Doc.

Oh, Lucy.

How are ya?

Oh, I could be better.

Something wrong?


You mean Collins?

What is it?

I met him at the General
Store day before yesterday,

and he hasn't left
me alone since.

He even went out to
the ranch yesterday.


What does Carl say about that?

You know Carl.

Puts you in a kind of an
embarrassing position, don't it?

If I could just
tell him the truth.

Well, can't you do that?

Carl won't let me.

Well, why don't you just
tell him you're not interested?

I have, Doc.

Well, I don't know
as I blame him

for not taking no for an answer.

Doc, you're the
only one around here

who knows the whole truth.

What should I do?

Well, let me ask you something.

What you're really
worried about is,

you, you just don't want
to hurt him, is that it?

I don't want to hurt anybody.

Well, Lucy, sometimes
you can't help it.

Sometimes you just have to.

I know. You're right...

but I still hate it.

Well, I'd better leave
before they come back.

Can I talk to you
about it later?

Anytime, Lucy, you
can talk to me anytime.

Hey, I got your
message at the hotel.

Where you been,
anyway? I looked all over.

You remember
that little ol' ranch girl

- I went to see up north?
- Yeah.

Well, I found another gal
who's a whole lot like her

and who lives
right here in Dodge.

(chuckles) Yes, sir.

By the way, how you doing
with that Lucy what's-her-name?

Oh, not so good.

Well, I don't see why not.

I mean, you being
a big hero and all.

Women kinda, kinda go for that.

That's what I want to
talk to you about, Brady.

I've been thinking
about coming right out

and telling her the
truth: I ain't no hero at all.

Well, now, uh, why
would you want to do that?

Well, she and her
brother out on that farm

I told you about,

they, they got trouble
with a big rancher

and some gunmen he's
hired. He's trying to run 'em off.


Well, I-I should've
offered to step in

and help take care
of them men for 'em,

but I didn't.

That'd be a big move for a
peace-loving fellow like you.

I ain't no fighter. I never was.

Well, now, of
course, if you do tell,

it's gonna get around,

and we'll have to get
out of this town fast.

That's why I
want to talk to you.

That's all right with me, Dan.
I'm ready to move on anytime.

You're really gonna tell her.

Well, maybe it sounds crazy,
but I gotta be honest with her.

It'd mean something
to me the rest of my life,

even if I don't see her again.

Well, now look, Dan,

uh, why don't you
do both things?


Tell her the truth
about yourself.

And then stay out there
and fight them men, too.

Oh, I thought about
that, but four men,

I-I couldn't face 'em.

I guess you don't
love her enough.

No, I just ain't
man enough for her.

Well, I'll say this:

if you do tell her the truth,

that's a pretty brave
thing right there.

Well, maybe. I'll ride
out there tomorrow.

Come on, long-face
hero. I'll buy you a drink.

Hey, barkeep!

You're really
gonna tell her, huh?

Guess so.


Well, this Morgan's a mighty
determined man, ain't he?

Well, he's getting impatient

with this Carl Benton
and his sister, all right.

Well, after we shoot
their place up real good,

maybe they'll get the idea, huh?

They ain't gonna
get it any other way.

(horse approaches)

Who's this coming?

I don't know him.

Some saddle bum probably, huh?

Well, let's wait and
find out for sure.

- Howdy.
- Hi.

Uh, you live around here?

No, just kind of visiting.

Visiting who?

Well, right now, I'm
heading for the Benton place.


You mean Carl
Benton and his sister?

That's right.

I don't know what
that's got to do with you.

Who are you, mister?
What's your name?

- Dan Collins.
- Dan Collins?

You don't mean the fellow I've
been hearing about in Dodge?

The one who killed
them four outlaws

up on Hackberry Creek?

I heard about you, too.

I guess most everybody
around here has.

DAVIS: You say
you're going to visit

Carl Benton and his sister, huh?


They friends of yours?


Well, it's been a pleasure
meeting you, Collins.

Yeah, you bet. Be
seeing you around.

Davis... I know
what you're thinking...

This job don't pay that good.

Let's ride back to the
ranch and tell Wes Morgan.

If he and his foreman
want to get into this, all right.

But I say just two
of us ain't enough.

It'd be plain suicide

to go up against a
man like Dan Collins.

(Kitty laughing)

- Kitty, how are ya?
- Hello, Doc.

Doc, do you know, uh, Jim Brady?

Don't believe so.

This is Doc Adams.

- Howdy.
- Good to know you there, Doc.

Nice knowing you.

Uh, Brady is Dan
Collins' partner.

Oh, yes. I see.

That's, uh, that's a
lot of glory in itself

these days, ain't it, Doc?

Yeah, suppose it
is. Where is Collins?

Well, he rode out to
Lucy what's-her-name.

Lucy Benton's?

Yeah, and when he gets
things straightened out there,

we're gonna head for Colorado.

We're sure gonna
miss you around here.

That partner of yours has
been mighty good for business.

(laughs) He sure has. Everybody
buying him drinks and all.

(chuckles) Speaking of
drinks, how about you, Doc?

Oh, no, no, I don't think so.

I just remembered
something. I'll be back later.

Well, now, uh, you might talk me

into one more, Miss Kitty.

I'll join you.

Freddy, let's have
a couple more here.


I, uh, come to say
good-bye, Lucy.

- I'm leaving for good.
- Oh?

But, uh, before I go, there's
something I have to tell ya.

It won't take a minute.

Them four outlaws up
north, I, I didn't shoot 'em.

I-I had nothing to do with it.

But them men on the
stage believed I did and...

well, I-I got to enjoying
the attention and all,

and I just let 'em
go on believing it.

Dan, why are you
telling me this?

Because I couldn't leave
here without telling you

that it ain't because
I don't love you

that I'm not staying to fight
Wes Morgan and his men.

It's just that I ain't man
enough to face 'em.

It ain't because I
don't love you, Lucy.

Remember that.

Oh, Dan... CARL:
Who is it, Lucy?


Carl, I came to say good-bye.

Me and my partner are
heading for Colorado tomorrow.

Good luck, Dan.


Take good care of Lucy now.

I will.

Well, wish things was
different, but they ain't.

So long.

- Dan?
- Yeah?

I wish you luck, Dan.

Thanks, Lucy.



Drop that shotgun if you
don't want your sister killed.

Go get it, Cooper.

No tricks now, or I'll
put a bullet in her sure.

Get over there by your brother.

What are you doing here, Morgan?

What happened to Dan
Collins? Didn't he get here?

What's he got to do with you?

Answer my question.

Dan Collins is gone.

You hear that, men?
Dan Collins ain't here.

Like I told you when
we didn't see his horse.

You mean, if you'd seen him,
you wouldn't have even rode up?

Let's just say we'd have rode
up from four different directions,

not in one pack.

You're afraid of him.

Too smart's more like it.

Looks like we got a free
hand, Morgan. Let's get to work.

I've wasted enough
time on you people.

When we get through here today,

there ain't gonna
be a living thing left,

including you if
you get in the way.

You're some man,
ain't you, Morgan?

You gotta hire three bums
to do your dirty work for ya.

How would you like a
bullet in your one good leg?

Wait a minute, Morgan.

Now, you know Carl is too proud
to report you to Marshal Dillon,

but if you hurt him
in any way at all,

I'll have the
marshal on you fast.

Stay out of this, Lucy.

You must know I mean it, Morgan.

I don't know
nothing of the kind.

That's the only
warning you'll get.

Now shut up and
stand where you are.

Cooper, you keep
an eye on those two.

I don't want any
trouble from 'em.

For a start, you fellows
go finish off the hogs.

I'm going to the barn,

and whatever's in
there, I'm gonna kill it.

(two gunshots)



(two gunshots)

If I only had a gun, Lucy.

I got him, Mr. Morgan!

Give me the gun.

Over there.

It's over, Dan.
You'll be all right.

You're a brave man,
Dan, coming back here

to help us like that.

You are, Dan.

You're one of the bravest
men I've ever known.


Oh, no.

Lucy, there's nothing
more you can do for him.

How'd you happen to
come out here, Marshal?

Doc told me Dan was
coming out here to settle things.

Looks like he did a
pretty good job, but...

Carl, take him over to the porch
and keep an eye on him, will ya?


Lucy, uh, Doc told me

all about Carl's
accident in Missouri,

how he brought you out
here to make a new start.

You won't tell anyone?


I guess a lot of men lie a
little because of their pride.

Dan Collins... he told us today

that-that he really
wasn't a hero.

He didn't kill those
four men up north.

Lucy, Marshal, would
you come over here?

What is it, Carl?

I've been thinking about Dan
Collins and-and what he done.

Never would have
happened except for me.

You can't blame yourself.

Marshal, Lucy ain't my sister.

She's my wife.

She had to do most of the work
and take care of things and all,

and, well, it was
easier on my pride

if we said she was my sister.

Oh, Carl, I never
thought you'd say it.

I ain't proud no
more. Not that way.

Dan Collins taught
me what real pride is.

You know, sometimes,
when a man reaches out,

his arm's longer
than he thought it was.

He's more of a man
than he thought he was.

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