Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 1, Episode 6 - Night Incident - full transcript

Matt is dubious of young Timmy Wyatt's stories concerning nighttime robberies and assaults, but he agrees to investigate and is surprised by what he discovers.


Starring james arness
as matt dillon.


Could I ask you
what you're doin', mr. Dillon?

Makin' tea.
Do you want some?

Hot tea?

That's right.

Help yourself,

Mr. Dillon...


It's 115 outside.

Must be at least 110
in here.

You mind tellin' me
why you're drinkin' tea?

Hot tea?

Well, it's a thing
I heard about, chester.

Somethin' in the tea equalizes
the temperature of the blood.

The hotter you get,
the more hot tea you drink.

You sweat more, and you
feel the heat less.

Now, are you
gonna have some?


No, it's just too hot
for hot tea.

All right.
Go ahead and boil.

You're givin' me the horn,
ain't ya, mr. Dillon?


Marshal dillon.

Hello, mrs. Wyatt.

It's my boy
I've come about.

Oh, I know timmy.

He's a real nice
little fella.

Did he rob a bank,

Or somethin' like that,
mrs. Wyatt?

Why, he's
a good boy.

It's just that
since his father died,

He's never made
many friends.

He's always
invented his own.

Why, it's harmless.

Most all children
with imagination do it.

But this time,
he's done it, and...

It's not harmless,

Well, sit down,
mrs. Wyatt.

All around town,
they're calling my boy a liar.

A liar, at his age?

Well, he started
by telling his sister.

But little girls
can't keep a secret.

Pretty soon, it was
all over the school.

Now, he insists it's true.

Marshal, you could
make him understand

How bad lying is,

What it will lead to,
if he keeps it up.

He'll believe you.

He thinks you're
the greatest man in the world.

Well, what is it
timmy's lying about?

Bad, ugly,

Wicked things.

A monstrous man and woman

Who live in a strange,
secret place,

Somewhere outside
of town.

And at night, they go out
and rob and murder.

Do you see why I've
come to you for help?

Can you tell me anything more
about these...Monsters?

This man and woman
that tim thinks he's seeing?

I think you'd better
hear it from timmy.

Well, I'll do what I can,
mrs. Wyatt,

Just so long as your realize
it's a little out of my call.

Just so long as you
make timmy realize

What lying
can lead to.

Marshal dillon.

Hello, tim.

Hello, maggie.

I didn't mean to tell anybody,
mr. Marshal.

Timmy, I thought it best
to bring the marshal.

Gee, mr. Marshal,

I never been
this close to you before.

Well, wait till I
tell 'em at school.

You called me
by name.

Except they'll think
I'm lyin'.

Well, tim, I don't understand
'bout all this.

I'd like to know
more about it.

Would you mind if tim and I
took a walk alone?

You'll tell mr. Dillon
the truth,

Won't you, timmy?

Let's go,
if you want to.

Down front street, marshal?

You and me, walkin'?

Sit down, tim.

Your mother's worried
about you, tim.

Now, I don't want
to keep at you-

You think I'm a liar,
mr. Marshal?

Well, it depends. I haven't
heard your tall tales, yet.

They're not tall tales.

They're not?

White fawn is real.

It is?

She is.

Well, who's "she," tim?

An indian.


Don't you believe me?

Well, what have you told me

Outside of the fact
that white fawn's an indian?

Her folks don't have time
for her, either.

And you know why?


They're too busy goin'
outside of dodge, at night.

A special place
and killin' people dead

And takin' money
off their bodies.

And they don't want white fawn
to know what they're doin'.

But I've stayed and watched 'em
count the money.

What are you tryin'
to tell me,

That white fawn's
mother and father

Murder and steal?

And that you watch 'em count
the money they've stolen?

More than that,
mr. Marshal.

White fawn and I
followed them all the way

Out to this place
on the road.

We hid in the brush
and watched.

Watched what?

Watched 'em
jump out of the sky,

Kill the man,
take his money, and...

And what, tim?

I don't know what they did
with the body.

White fawn and I
always got away

So they wouldn't know
we watched.

Now, how is it
none of these

Robberies and killings
have been reported to me, tim?

Uh, I don't know,
mr. Marshal.

Stand up, tim.

Come on over here
and stand beside me.

Tim, I don't believe
a word you've said.


You don't?

No, I don't.

I think what they say
about you is true.

I don't blame 'em.

I'm no liar, mr. Marshal.

I could show you,

Except it would hurt white fawn.

No, you couldn't, because you're
lyin' about the whole thing.

I would show ya,

If you'd give me
your word of honor

You wouldn't say or do
nothin' about what you saw.

Don't tell her
mother and father,

'cause that would hurt
white fawn.

Well, I-
I couldn't do that.

Then I can't show you,
mr. Marshal.

I'd better go.


Yes, sir?

You got it.

My word of honor.

Tonight, mr. Marshal.

I'll come and get you.

He's our friend.

He promised.

Can we play the game now?

You don't look like
you've been asleep.

Let her alone
and come over here.


Eight dollars,

33 cents.

It's better
than last week.

I'd say plenty good
added to the rest.

Nearly $200, all told.

That's right.

We need another
hundred dollars.

We'll get it.

I'll fix ya somethin' to eat.

Just another hundred,

And then we'll be
all right.

You see, mr. Marshal?

That's enough. I'm sorry
I ever doubted you, tim.

No, I mean about white fawn.

How much fun she is to be with

For a girl.

About ya not believin' me,

Well, I know all I
had to do was show you.

Would you let me
tell your mother about

That I've seen the people
you talked about?

But you promised.

Well, that's right. I did.

But it might be
kind of a good way

To let people know
you're not a liar, tim.

I'm not a liar, mr. Marshal,

And you know that, now.

Yeah, I know it.

Well, let's be gettin' on.

It's past your bedtime.

And one of these times,

I'm gonna beat white fawn
throwin' those arrows.

Now, what in the world's
the matter with you, today?

Nothin', doc.

I keep tellin' ya,

I know better. I've never
seen you so preoccupied.

Look, doc, when I tell you
nothin's wrong, I-

What's the matter?

I've seen
that man before.

A year ago,
or four years ago...

Maybe just walking
down this street

Or in a saloon

But he didn't have
the beard.

I'll see ya later,

No, sir. You'll see me
some more right now.

Well, good day, mr. Ross.

Good day.

You're probably new
around dodge, mister,

But I keep thinkin'
I've seen you before.

Well, maybe you have.

I've been here before,
off and on.

You know me?

You're marshal dillon.

I just can't seem
to remember your name.

No reason why you should.

I never gave it to you.

Could I ask you
what you're doin' in dodge?

I'm mindin' my own
business, marshal.

Would, uh...

Would you say you've been
kinda stepped on, marshal?

Do you know his name,
mr. Ross?

Yeah. Hinton.

Edward r. Hinton.

Does he have
an account with you?

That's right.

Can I ask you
what he was buyin'?

You could, marshal,

And I wouldn't tell you.

Unless you make it official.

What do you know
about this hinton?

Uh, where does he live?
What does he do for a living?

I'll tell you
one thing, marshal.

Mr. Hinton's proud
as he's honest.

He pays regular,

And once, he come back
in a windstorm

To return 85 cents that I'd
mischanged him, in his favor.

That all you'll
tell me about him?

He's a customer,

That's all.

Unless you press it,

Besides, it's all I know.

Thanks, mr. Ross.

Speak nothing
of it, marshal.

Good day.


You are just plain determined
not to tell me

What's bothering you,
isn't that it?

That's it, doc.

Well, I got patients
to look after.

And you better
take it easy, matt.

I will, doc.

What about it, tim?

I can't do it, mr. Marshal.

You promised
you wouldn't make me.

Well, I'm asking you to release
me from that promise, tim.

If I lead you to where they
do their robbin' and killin',

They'll do somethin'
to white fawn.

No, I'll see
that they don't.

Well, I've been fair
with you, tim.

Now you be fair with me.

I could lie and wait outside
that blockhouse every night

Till they went out,
and then follow 'em.

All right, mr. Marshal.

I'll take you.

But when I do, you won't let
nothin' happen to white fawn?

I promise.

Now, the first time white fawn
lets you know

That they're goin' out,
you come runnin', will you?

Yes, mr. Marshal.

Thanks, tim.


That's the tree,
mr. Marshal.

That's where
he drops from.

Well, that's what you meant by
droppin' from the sky, huh?

Yes, sir.
It looks like it.

Well, he's probably
in position by now.

I think I'll let you two off
and just ride over there.

Oh, no. She'll be there in
the brush somewhere, watching.

She'd see you and warn him
if you rode up like that.

All right, you two get off
and hide behind that rock.

And no matter what happens,
stay there.

What are you
gonna do?

You said he'd wait
until a rider came by

Who kind of wobbled
in his saddle and sang funny?

Yes, sir.

Well, that's what I'm gonna be.

Please be careful,
mr. Marshal.

He's awful strong.

And wild.

All right, you and white fawn
just get behind that rock

And stay

If anything happens to me,
you get back to dodge

And go see doc.
You understand?

Yes, sir.

All right.

my daddy came west

to kansas

to make his home

in kansas

but all that he made

was his own grave

I'm gonna move
a little.

I can't see nothin'
from here.

What are you doin'?

What are you doin'?
daddy came

west to kansas

Don't you move.

You stay here,
both of you.

but all that he made

was his own grave

when he crossed the path

of killer dave

Don't go after him, marshal.

Mrs. Hinton?

He coulda killed ya.

Don't go after him.

I'm not goin' after him,
mrs. Hinton.

I'm comin' up to you.

She's comin'
with me, marshal.

You've come back, mr. Hinton.

Come back for my wife.

Let her go,
and I won't shoot ya.

I'm not gonna hurt her.

And you're not gonna keep her.

And you're not gonna shoot me,

'cause you don't even
have a gun.

Your wife had it.

I got one, and I'll use it.

Let her go, marshal.

First, give me
a good reason, hinton.

Tell me why
I should let her go.

Nine years, marshal.

They're reason enough.

Gotta have more than that.

My wife got taken
by the cheyennes,

Nine years ago, marshal.

I looked for her
all that time.

I come into dodge
for supplies,

Worked till I got
the money,

And then start
the hunt again.

The cheyennes move around.

Last month, I found her,

And paid off
for her.

I brought her into dodge,

But a man's got his pride.

I needed a wagon,
and mules, and supplies,

To get me and my wife,
and her daughter out to oregon.

We can start fresh
and unknown out there.

But I-I couldn't
live in town

With people askin'
where I picked up a daughter.

I'll take care o' both of 'em
for the rest of my life,

But I didn't feel
I had to answer

How it was
I picked up a daughter.

That's why we lived alone,
and I did what I did,

For quick money.

And now,

If you don't let my wife go,

I'm gonna shoot you and go.

You shouldn't have
killed anybody, hinton.

I never did.

I run off
after scarin' 'em to death,

But that's all.

To a couple of scared
young pairs of eyes,

It must've looked like
they'd never get up.

Let her go, marshal.

I been through too much.
I'll shoot ya.

No, ya won't.

Anybody's had to do
all you've had to do

Isn't gonna ruin it
by shooting now.

like I told ya,

You don't have a gun.

Stay still, marshal.
I'm tellin' ya.

White fawn's out there.

How will it be with her
if you shoot?

You're right.

I didn't have a gun.



I tried, liddy.

I'll go on tryin', somehow,

When and if I can.

Yes, you will.

And you'll make it.
I'll see that you do.

Not you. Not anybody.
Just me.

And I think I can
make it, liddy.

I think I can.

You'll have to spend a while
payin' for what you did.

Maybe longer than you think is
right, but it'll come to an end.

During that time, I'll see
that white fawn's taken care of.

You will?

Then, you'll have to work out in
the open, for your wagon

And your mules,
and your supplies.

And after that,
I'm gonna wave the three of you

Off to oregon myself.