Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 1, Episode 28 - The Killer - full transcript

Matt must go to extreme lengths to stop the killing spree of a psychopathic murderer who provokes gunfights with cowboys, farmers, and others whom he knows have no chance against him.

( dramatic theme playing)



Starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

( dramatic theme playing)

DILLON: There are a number
of men here on Boot Hill

who merely got in the way,

who went down needlessly,

and died for no reason
worth remembering,

with no cause for pride.

But there are also some
few who had to be killed.

Whom I blasted out of life

with about the same
feeling it takes to smash a...

A vinegarroon under
the heel of your boot.

It never bothered me,

killing a man whose very
existence was an offense

to the company of decent people.

Like some of those
over there in Dodge.

And besides, it's
what they pay me for.

Matt Dillon, U.S. marshal.

( forlorn theme playing)

What are you buildin' up the
fire this time of the night for?

More light.

See better.

See what?


Just want more
light, that's all.

Oh, mister, you're
mighty suspicious,

and you ain't taken
your eyes off me all day.

Man'd be a fool to
trust just any stranger

he meets on the
trail, wouldn't he?

Oh, sure.

You've been watchin' me too.

Well, now, I was at
first, but I trust you now.

Go ahead, crawl
back in your blanket.

Now, that's better.

Try and get some sleep.

You going to sleep?

Well, I'd kinda like to watch
the stars for a while first.

Ain't no stars by me.

Sure there are.

Right over your shoulder.

Anyhow, when I lie on my
back I get a terrible ache.

It gives me the ache too. Heh.

We sure have a lot in
common, you and me.

We'll show Dodge a real
celebration, we get there.

When'll that be?

Oh, tomorrow ought to do it.

You know you ain't
told me your name yet?

You ain't told me yours either.

Heh. Doggone, if you ain't the
most suspicious man I ever met.

I'm still alive.

Yeah, well, if you
don't quit worryin'

you're gonna grow
old before your time.

My pa taught me to worry.

Who's your pa?

He's dead.

Well, he probably died worryin'.


He died of the milk sickness.

He was a good man though.

Mister, there ain't
any good men.

He was.

He said he always
believed in washin' your feet,

saving your sweet potatoes

and payin' your honest debts.

You know your pa was crazy?

And I'm gonna go crazy too

if I don't get the bugs
outta this blanket.

Well, shake 'em out.

Yeah, I'm goin' to.

( melancholy theme playing)


Well, maybe I can
get me some sleep.

( dramatic theme playing)

CHESTER: Still in his blankets.

Well, at least the poor
fella died in his sleep.

No, Chester.

His hand's on his gun.

Somebody must've
jumped him awful fast.

Indians you suppose?

Nah, he's still got his hair.

Must've been
somebody he trusted.

Look, somebody
was sleepin' over here.

That must've been
who he trusted.


Couldn't have been
a very brave man.

No, sure couldn't.

Shootin' a man in his blankets.

And there's no other
tracks around here, either.

Just the ones the
teamsters made, and...

And these.

Wore big spurs. That's
about all I can see.


California rowels, looks like.

Not very much to go on, is it?

Not much.

Well, let's... Let's
get him covered.

( melancholy theme playing)

( gentle Western theme playing)

Your future for a silver coin.

Your future for a silver coin?




Come closer.

(all laugh)

Your future for a silver coin.

Your future for a silver coin.

Your, oh... (laughs)

Sirs, a moment.

Perhaps the most important
moment of your lives.

Come closer.

The fate of all
things living and dead

is written in the stars.

All that is known is told in
the cards and the crystal.

All the tomorrows are known

to the eyes which can see them.

Well, I think I better
wait for 'em to happen.

I'll rest easier that way.




( dramatic theme playing)

Hello, marshal.

Hello, Sam. Couple of beers?

Yes, sir.

Oh, Mr. Dillon, it's
worth a long ride like that

if only to work
up a good thirst.

I've seen you work
up a good thirst

just sittin' around, Chester.

Yeah, well, uh...
(speaking indistinctly)

Yeah, I'm lucky, I guess.


Uh, never mind that beer.
Give him some whiskey.

I don't want whiskey.

What's the matter, ain't
you man enough to drink it?

I drink it when I want to.

Well, want some now.

Can't a man come in here
and have what he wants?

I ain't botherin' you none.

A cowboy, eh?

I thought it took a
man to be a cowboy.

Are you tryin' to
start trouble, mister?


What's so funny about that?

You tellin' me not to laugh?

No, I ain't tellin' you nothin'.

I think you're a coward.

You got a gun in your
belt. Go ahead, use it.

That's enough.

You leave him alone.

What are you mixin' in this for?

Well, I don't like gunfighti"
around here, mister.

Oh, you don't like it, eh?

That's right.

What's your name?

They call me Crego.

All right, Crego,

you move away from the bar.

Go on, move.

I'll see you later, cowboy.

Thanks, marshal.

I ain't no gunman.

He'd have killed me for sure.

Yeah, he probably would've.

My name's Jesse Hill, marshal.

I'm proud to know you.

Well, Jesse, let me
tell you somethin':

You keep that gun on your belt,

and you stay away
from that Crego.

Yes, sir.

I ain't no troublemaker.

Ah, but sometimes it's hard
to stay away from trouble.

Especially around
a man like that.

Yes, sir.

I guess I'll have to do my
drinkin' across the street.

So long, marshal.

So long.

That Crego, he's
an awful mean man

to be pickin' on a
young fellow like Jesse.

Well, I've seen
Crego's kind before.

He only picks on men

he knows don't stand
a chance against him.

That's the same kind of coward

who'd shoot a
man in his blankets.

Mr. Dillon, he's wearin'
California spurs too.

Yeah, I noticed that.

Now, how often you
been on Front Street

when a trail-herd hit Dodge?

Oh, I'd say every time.

Well, how many of 'em were
wearin' California rowels?

Oh, I'd say...

Well, four out of ten,
come to think of it.

That's right.

Well, still, it could've
been him though.

He must just come to town. I
never seen him here before.

Yeah, but even if it is him I...

I got no proof.

Well, it seems a shame to
let a fella like that run loose.

Well, he'll make a
mistake, Chester.

His kind always does.

( ominous theme playing)

Well, ain't you the pretty one?

Go back to your hogs, mister.

And salty too. You
know, I like that.

Well, I never thought
I'd see this day.

Hello, Kitty.
Evenin', Miss Kitty.

How'd you talk him into
a new coat, Mr. Jonas?

Well, I, uh...

had to pass a lot of
trouble in doin' it, Miss Kitty.

Yeah, I know.

He's needed one ever
since I've known him.

Well, some men just
don't like new things.

How's he look to you?


He looks almost fit for
courtin' for a change.

We'll just take a little
bit off of them sleeves.

Leave it out back, marshal.

All right.

Oh, I... I got your
material, Miss Kitty.

It's, uh... It's all
wrapped for you.

JONAS: Would there
be anything else?

Would you, uh,

be interested in one
of them new parasols

just came in from St. Louis?

I don't think so, Mr. Jonas.
How much do I owe you?

Well, let me see. It, uh...

Well, it come to $6.40.

I'll pay it.


I said I'd pay.

You'll do nothing of the kind.

Put it on my bill, Mr. Jonas.


I like to buy things
for pretty girls.

Providin' they let me carry
the package home for 'em.

Now get outta here and leave
me alone, or I'll hit you again.

You're a little bit too salty.
Maybe what you need is a...


All right, Crego.

Finish what you were sayin'.

Marshal, this ain't
none of your business.

I wanna hear what
you had to say.

Well, she slapped
me and you saw it.

Yeah, I saw it.

You know, you're pretty
good at pickin' fights

with women and boys, Crego.

But I wonder how
good you really are.

Matt. You keep outta this.

Now wait a minute, marshal.

I think you're a coward, Crego,

and I'm gonna prove it.

Please, marshal, not in here.

Never mind.

That cowboy wouldn't
draw on you, Crego, but...

I will.

You ready? No.


I ain't gonna draw against you.

What's the matter, Crego?

I drew first.

Would've been self-defense.

All right, get outta here.

Mr. Jonas, when'll that
new coat of mine be ready?

Oh, couple of days, marshal.

Matt, that's the first
time I ever saw you

try to make a man draw.

Well, I figured
he wouldn't, Kitty.

Crego doesn't take any chances.

Still, a man like that
can kill a lot of people

unless he's stopped.

Well... So you like
my new coat, huh?

Yeah, I think it's fine.


Maybe I'll put it on
for you someday.

( dramatic theme playing)

DILLON: Who was he, Doc?

Well, his name was, uh...

L-Y-D-A... Lydacker.

Suppose that's another
case of self-defense, huh?

Well, that's what
the witnesses say.

Crego egged him
into drawing first.


He's a brutal man, Matt. He...

You know what he did here?

He shot that man
in the gun arm first,

then he put a bullet through
each one of his knees,

and finally shot
him in the belly.

That's a terrible thing to do.

That's a painful
way to kill a man.

It's evil.

He was just a poor

Didn't have a chance.

Man, Crego's a murderer,
Matt. Plain and simple.

And you gotta lock him up.

Ah, what good
would that do, Doc?

I got nothin' to hold him on.

Mm, run him outta
town. He's crazy.

He's kill-crazy.

I don't wanna run him out.

You don't want...?

Well, now, why in
heaven's name not?

'Cause he'd only go on killing
somebody somewhere else.

Well, he wouldn't do it here.

I know, but...

wherever he did it, it'd be
my fault that he got away.

Got away? You just
got through tellin' me

that you didn't have
a thing to hold him on.

Well, I don't.

Well, one of these days
he's gonna make a mistake,

and I wanna be
around when he does.

Well, I wish you a lot of luck.

A man like that's got
no right at all to be alive.

Just a minute now.

Who's gonna bury that fella?

Well, I don't know.
Hasn't he got any friends?

I don't know. Couple of
fellas brought him up here,

and one of 'em seemed
like a pretty good friend.

Well, what's his
name? I'll go find him.

Well, I don't know... Wait
a minute. Yes, I do too.

They called him, uh...

Jesse. Jesse somethin'.

Not Jesse Hill?

Yes, that is it.

I'll tell you somethin'
about it: he was mad.

Seemed like an awful
nice young fella. Awful quiet.

But mad.

Now, this could
lead to trouble, Doc.

You see, Jesse backed
off from Crego once.

I'm afraid he might
go lookin' for him now.

Well, then you
better go find him fast.

'Cause he didn't look to
me like he'd have a chance

against a man like Crego.

He wouldn't.

( tense theme playing)

DILLON: Well, he's not in there.

Not at the Texas Pail either.

I looked all up and
down Bridge Street.

He ain't over there.

Maybe he left town, Mr. Dillon.

Well, I hope so.

We haven't looked
every place yet, Chester.

Somebody said he had a
room over at the Dodge House.

Pretty fancy for a line-rider.

Yeah, but you know
how them fellas are:

They come town, spend six
months pay on a three-day spree.

They always do.

Ah, we checked the Dodge House.

Beats me how them
fellas will come to town

and just throw away
every cent they own.

Yeah, they can't spend
it out on the prairie.

Well, I know, but you'd
think they'd save a little.

When was the last time
you were in the bank?

Well, I keep my money
in my sock, Mr. Dillon.


JESSE: Crego, you murdered him.

CREGO: Go ahead, draw!


JESSE: Help!

All right, Crego.
Put the gun away.

Sure, marshal.

This fella, he
tried to shoot me.

Now, you saw him.

He's dead, Mr. Dillon.


That was easy
for you, wasn't it?

He shouldn't have
tried it, marshal.

I told him not to.

You're lying. I heard
what you told him.

Well, what difference
does it make?

He drew first, then I
shot him in self-defense.


You know that man
you killed this afternoon

was Jesse Hill's friend?

Oh, he was tellin'
me about that.

Uh-huh, but you didn't
know about it before.

You didn't talk him into drawing

just to work
Jesse up to a fight.

Marshal, they was
a couple of bums.

And what about that
man out on the prairie?

Was he a bum too?

What man?

That one that was lying
wrapped in his blankets

when you shot him.


Marshal, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.


How long have you
been killin' people?

Well, I killed my
first man... I was 18.

Fella, he tried to
knife me so I shot him.

Let me tell you
somethin' else, marshal.

I ain't wanted by
the law nowhere.

Nowhere at all.

You ever go up against a
man who could handle a gun?

What do you mean?

You will someday.

Will I, marshal?

Ain't there nothin' you can
do about him, Mr. Dillon?

Well, there's one
thing, Chester:

Somethin' I never done before.

Somethin' I never
thought I'd have to do.

But if it works, then
I save some lives.

( dramatic theme playing)

(honky-tonk music
playing on piano)

He's still there.

Braggin' how he's
already killed two men

since he's been in Dodge.

Well, he'll go on killi"
unless he's stopped.

Yeah, just like one
of them hound dogs

who gets that taste
of blood in their mouth

and just goes crazy, ain't he?

That's just exactly
what he is, Chester.

Are you gonna
take him, Mr. Dillon?

If I could hold him on it.

Well, what are you gonna do?

You'll see.

Anything you want
me to do, Mr. Dillon?

Yeah, there is
one thing, Chester.


You stand just inside the door

and you keep your eyes on Crego.

Is that all?

Well, that's all I
can tell you for now.


I don't know how this
thing's gonna turn out, myself.

You just keep your eyes on him.

CREGO: This wrangler
walked into the bar,

pounded on the
table like that...

DILLON: Crego.

(piano music stops)

What do you want now, marshal?

I've been thinki"
about you, Crego.

I decided you're
not fit to live.

Marshal, you got nothin' on me.

I killed those two
men in self-defense.

Sure. There ain't no court

in the world that'd convict me.

I'm an innocent man.

I'm not talkin'
about hangin' you.

Well, what are
you talking about?


I'm goin' out in the street,

and I'm gonna wait for you.

What for?

I'm gonna kill you.

I ain't gonna
fight you, marshal.

Yes, you are.

Marshal, why
can't we be friends?

You know we can run
everything here, just you and me?

In the street, Crego.


you're a lawman.

I'm doin' this one on my own.

Marshal, I'll leave town.

I'll leave Dodge right now.

Your killin' days
are over, Crego.

This time you're gonna die.

I ain't gonna fight you.

Takin' off my gun right now.

Now, marshal, you can't
shoot an unarmed man.

That's not gonna
save you, Crego.

You put that gun back on,
and you come out in the street.

I'm gonna give
you just one minute,

and then I'm comin'
back in after you.

And armed or unarmed,

I'm gonna kill you.

Mr. Dillon!

( melancholy theme playing)

You had to do it, Mr. Dillon.
There's no other way.

He would've shot
you right in the back.

Yeah, I figured
he would, Chester.

Thanks a lot for
lettin' me know.

Is that what you
wanted me to do?

That was it.

Well... Well, what if I hadn't?

Well, then he would've
killed another man.

Oh, I... feel kinda sick.

You did fine, Chester.

Just fine.

( dramatic theme playing)

( upbeat Western theme playing)

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