Gunsmoke (1955–1975): Season 1, Episode 12 - Magnus - full transcript

Chester is concerned when his nomadic and "uncivilized" brother pays a Christmas visit to Dodge, but Magnus Goode proves worldlier and more adaptable to town life than anyone thought possible.


Starring james arness
as matt dillon.

Merry christmas, matt.


Hello, kitty.

You're about two days too early,
ain't you, miss kitty?

Tomorrow night's
got her flustered, chester.

Big christmas eve party.

You two had better
be there early

And dressed
in your Sunday best.


Guess who just tried
to run us down outside.


Oh, lucifer jones.

Now, what's he
doing in town?

I don't know.

Somebody must've told him
that tomorrow's christmas eve.

Probably came
gunning for santa claus.

Stop it.

Stop what you're doing!

You creature of sin.

Fixin' to have a dance.

Tomorrow night.

And you're not invited
if you don't want to come.

Dancing's criminal.

It leads to worse things.

Why don't you
get out of here and go home,

And then you won't
have to see it?

I won't see it,
you won't see it either.

You're the wickedest
of the lot, you are.

Me? Why me?

'cause you're prettiest.

My- m-m-my daughter,
she was like you, she was-

Well, she was pretty too and-

Well, now she's dead!

The prettiest always
the most evil women.

You started this,
I know you did.

But I'll stop it.

I'll show you!

I'll show you,
just because it's a damn sin!

No more!


I'm stopping 'em,
and I'm showing 'em!

Get out!


I said get out.

You're in on it too.

You're as evil
as they are.

You, the marshal!

I'm not gonna argue with you.

It's wrong, it's bad.

I'll stop it yet.

What the-?

I won't stand for this.

I'll destroy this whole
wicked town if I have to.

You'll see.

Get out.

Somebody steal your poke?


No, sir,
it's m-my knife.

My new knife.

If I've lost it,
I'll kill myself.

Well, it's probably under
your bunk in that war sack.

Oh. Oh, maybe
that's where it is.

It's the best knife
I ever had, mr. Dillon.

Ah, we'll find it,
come on.

Well, doc, there must be
somebody lyin' sick

Or bleedin' around here.

Well, now,
if you just can't stand

To see me getting
a few minutes' hard-earned rest,

Why don't you
go out and shoot somebody?

Now, what kind of talk
is that?

Tomorrow night's christmas eve,
where's your spirit?

What spirit
locked that door

So I'd have to
sit out here in the cold?

Oh, chester,

Chester, there was somebody here
looking for you a minute ago.

Yeah, he...

Said he'd be back as soon as
he took care of his horse.

He was a tall fella,
had a buckskin hide

And a coonskin cap.
He can't be very-

There, there he goes,
that's him.

Oh, my goodness.

What's a matter,

That's him.

There couldn't be
anybody else.

Don't tell him
where I went.

Tell him I went
to wyoming or something.

Chester, anything I can do?

I always like to help somebody
who's on the run.

I ain't on the run.

I just gotta hide out
for a spell, that's all.

Gonna hole up some place
on the prairie.

What if he finds
you out there?

Well, that's better
than finding me here.


Magnus don't belong in a town
among civilized people,

That's why.

Chester, who is magnus?

Magnus goode,
mr. Dillon.


My own blood brother,
doggone him.

Well, what in the world

Are you runnin' away
from your brother for?

'cause. I don't know
what he's doin' here.

'cause I never know
what he's gonna do next.

He's downright dangerous,
magnus is.


Wild as a mountain,
he ain't lived in a house

Since he was ten years old.

All he knows is animals,
indians and country, it-

Mr. Dillon,

There's something wrong
with magnus,

He ain't quite...Human,

Livin' alone
so much and all.

You know, it just,

Changed me to have
a brother like him.

Well, how long
since you seen him, chester?

Years and years,
but it ain't long enough.

Where's my new knife?

Now, chester, what are you gonna
do about this magnus?

Well, I ain't gonna do
nothin' about it

Except keep out of sight.

Well, don't you know
runnin' away won't do no good?

And besides, he doesn't
sound like the kind of a man

You can hide from
for very long.

No matter where you go.

Oh. Why'd he have
to come here?

People will think my whole
family's brought up in a cave.

Chester, maybe it'd do you good
to see magnus.

Heh. Mr. Dillon,
you don't know magnus.

Well, all right,

But somebody's got to greet him,
it being christmas and all.

Well, of course.

Doc and I will go.

He's a wild animal,
mr. Dillon, he-

Well, I'd reckon
I better go along.

For your sake.

You'd better
let me handle this, doc.

Don't see nobody,
mr. Dillon, heh.

Wait a minute.

Holler for him, chester.


Go ahead.





Back here!

Chester, you have got
sloppy fat.


Soft livin' done it.

What're you doin' here?

Why it's christmas, chester.

Day after tomorrow.


Haven't seen or heard from you
in I don't know how long.

Well that's why I come,
I figured it's about time.

You did, huh?

This is marshal dillon.

How do you do, magnus?

Proud to know you,

Is uh, is chester
a good help to you.

Yes, yes he is.

Very good.

Fine, I uh,

I reckon I'll go to work
for you too.


You can't talk like that.

Why not?

Well, it ain't polite.

Nobody ask you.

Nobody told me not to.


He ain't civilized.

Well, I learned a lot
in the army, chester.

How long since
you slept in a bed?

Well, uh, not since I first
run off from home, I guess.

How long since
you lived in a town?

Well, you know
I don't like towns.

How long since you
talked to a woman?

Well, you know
I don't-

How long since
you had a drink?

I don't never drink.

Do you gamble?

Feller in the army learned me
how but I never used it.

There. You see?

I proved that he ain't civilized
in no way, shape or form.

Now, wait a minute, chester,
give him a chance.

Show him the town.

Show him what it's like.

Let him make up his own mind.

I wish you would, chester.

Because I'm gonna stay anyway.

You are, huh?

All right.

But you're gonna do
what I tell you.

You're gonna live
just exactly the way that I do.

I'll do it, chester.

Heh. Maybe you can get along
better than I can on the prairie

But you're a lamb in dodge and
I'm gonna see you slaughtered.

Oh, now, chester-

No, no, you demanded it.

But by midnight tonight you'll
be screaming to get out of it.

Well, I'll try to make you
proud of me, chester.

There you are.

Why don't you take the rest
of the day off, tomorrow too,

I don't need you.

All right, sir.

Magnus, I uh,

Think that I'll spend
the rest of the afternoon

Playing cards, gambling.

Oh, now, chester,
y-you don't wanna do that's-

That's evil
an-an-and wicked.

Can I just sit and watch?

Oh-ho no.

No, you're gonna
get wet all over.

Call you.

Have a beer,
mr. Dillon?

They got
a new dealer here, he-


Yeah, I-I quit,
I got tired of playing.

That so?

Oh, besides, you know
how it is with me, I-

I never do
win a whole lot.


Magnus didn't
get tired though, huh?

No, no, no, sir,
he uh...

Now, wait a minute,

You're dealin' from the bottom.

What's a matter,
did he break you?

He's been cheating. No man
can win that much money from me.

That's what I said?

Is that true?

The feller what learned me
in the army, marshal,

He is a gambler.

What's that
got to do with it?

He is a crooked gambler,


That's why he learned me,

To show me what happens
when you gamble.

I told you
he's been cheating.

Of course I was,
it's the only way I know how.

He's been cheating too,
but he ain't very good.

That's a lie.

No, I never lie.

He's got more than a gun
in his pocket there, marshal.

In his shirt pocket there,
take a look.

Get out.

Get out of dodge.

Thanks, magnus.

One less crooked dealer

Means one less shooting
sooner or later.

Well, that might be but-

It's a good thing that
mr. Dillon was here

Or you'd a been the one
to get shot.

If he hadn't been here

That dealer would've got
opened up wide.

What do you mean?


What are you gonna
show him next?

You said you don't drink?

Well, that's evil and wicked.

Well, we'll just
spend that doin' it.

We'll just spend
all of it.

Drinking's something
nobody can touch me at.

What happened,
did he get hurt?

He got sleepy.


Well, like you know, marshal,
I didn't want to do it

But he made me. He said we was
gonna have a couple of drinks

In every saloon in town.

Well, how many
did you get to.

Well, uh,
I made all of 'em

But somehow chester,
the last few he got sleepy.

I wheeled him along anyway

So he wouldn't be disappointed
about it tomorrow.

Well, we'll put him
in a cell on the floor.

Otherwise he might fall
out of bed and hurt himself.


That's miss kitty,

That's a real live woman.

Oh, now, chester-

Oh, no, talkin' to women

Is just as much a part
of being civilized as uh...

Is it like
drinkin' and gamblin'?

You just follow me.

Have a chair.

You sure that
you don't mind?

Of course not.

I've been wanting
to meet your brother.

Well, this is him.

this is miss kitty,

I'm right proud,
miss kitty.

How do you do,

Sit down you two,
I got work to do.

Well, I'm leavin' you
in good hands.

I'll se you later, matt.


I um, I think
it's just fine

You could be with chester
for christmas.

Yes, ma'am

"ma'am" is for married women.
I'm still "miss."


I don't get around
women much.

Heh. Much?

I'm generally off
in the country somewhere al-

I've never seen no animal
as beautiful as you ma'am.


We gotta go.

Oh, that's mean,

I wanna talk to magnus.

I like him.

How is it you never told me

You had such
an attractive brother?

Wait a minute.

At the dance tonight,

We'll see if you can talk
and dance too.

Oh, now, chester-

He'll be there,
miss kitty.

Come on, magnus.

Oh, I plumb forgot
I took it last night,

I didn't want you
to lose it

I-I reckon that's about the
finest knife in the world.

Goodbye, miss kitty.

I'll see you tonight,


did you see him?

He didn't have
any trouble at all.

He done fine.

You know,
I don't believe

That you've
never danced before.

Well, I've danced some
but not like this.

What do you mean?

Injuns, I spent half a year
with some sioux once.

Magnus, you never told me
that you spent time with the-

Well, there's lots of things
I'd tell you, chester,

If I saw you more.

Never mind.

When's mr. Dillon

Well, he should
be here now.

Miss kitty, I'd be right proud
to buy you a drink.

Why thank you,


Stop the music!

I told you there'd
be no dancing tonight.

I'll blast you all.

If the one who's responsible
don't take it on yourself

To pay for your sins.

You there,

The pretty one.

Step out here.

No, you come alone.

Come on I'll blast it
right there, if you don't.

Others will be killed
besides you.

You're the cause of this,
I told you.

'cause you're the prettiest
and the wickedest.

And for the good of the others,

I'm gonna kill you.

I'm gonna kill you right now.

The old man's right!
She is wicked.

She's a terrible evil woman
and she deserves to die.

I know what I'm saying.

She tried to tempt me.

But I resisted her.
Her and her dark way.

I knew the reckoning would come,
I knew she must die.

You heard him, you heard him,
I ain't the only one.

I gonna kill you now.

Wait a minute, brother!

Stone her.

Stone her 'till
her temples turn red

And she sinks down against
the wall in death.

Here, brother.

Here are your
stones of purification.

You cast the first stone.

I will.

I will with pleasure.

You prettiest, wickedest...


Wicked, wicked...


Take him over
and lock him up.

Evil, evil, evil.

Maybe this will
make you feel better.

Thanks, matt.

Magnus, I didn't know
what you were doing,

I-I never seen
anything like it.

Or heard
anything like it.

Where'd you learn
to talk like that.

Oh, I spent half a year
with a traveling preacher once.

Well, magnus you never
told me that-

You was never around
to ask me, chester.

Course, there ain't
much to tell.

You handled it real fine,

Nobody got hurt or anything.
You're real smart.

It was all
I could think of, marshal.

Wasn't that something,
mr. Dillon?

Magnus, you do
everything good.

We could use you around here,
couldn't we, sir?

Well, you kind of changed your
mind, haven't you, chester?

Well, yes sir,
I have, I-

I was plumb wrong.

I'll show you
how wrong I was.

Here, it's yours,
take it.

No, chester,
I-I couldn't.

Now, it's christmas,
ain't it?

I guess that I can give
my own brother

A christmas present if I want to
now go on, take it.

I sure do thank you,

I can use it when I go
back out in the country.

Oh, magnus, you-
you ain't leaving.

After tomorrow.

No, you can't,
not now.

I know where I belong.

Well, you belong here
with me, your brother.

I-I just couldn't
stand it here, chester,

It ain't...
Uncivilized enough.

I'd go crazy here.

No, I'm- I'm leavin'
after tomorrow.

After christmas day.


You know best.

Come on, everybody,
I'll buy you a drink.

Merry christmas,

Merry christmas.

Merry christmas,

Merry christmas.