Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 8 - Heart-Shaped Box - full transcript

Jackson's suspicions about Mark and Lexie interfere with work.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Say you're in the O.R...

repairing a vena cava,

when suddenly, everything goes to hell...

I think we should practice
our statements to the judge.

I think you should stop
worrying about it and relax.

I could help you with that.

Derek, we have 36 hours before we have to

convince a judge that
we're Zola's parents.

We are Zola's parents.

But they don't know that.

And for all they know, we...

hate children.

We feed cute little kittens to a dog

we keep in the backyard.


I'm just saying, they don't know us.

All we have to do is just stand up there

and speak from the heart.

That's all the convincing they'll need.



So you cut this, suture that...

and soon that crappy situation
is a thing of the past.


I missed you this morning.
Is everything okay?

Yeah. I just wanted to
get a run in before work.


Okay. Well, uh, I gotta get upstairs

if I'm gonna beat Shepherd to rounds,

so I'll see you later?

Too bad you can't meet
all of life's challenges

with a surgical scalpel.


All right. I'll see you later.

I mean, you could try.

Going up?


Yeah, you are.

Ooh, Avery. Today's the day.

You, me, cross-facial nerve graft.

- You pumped?
- I'm pumped.

But I'm pretty sure that'd
be considered assault.

Dr. Bailey,

I've been going over this islet cell data.

And I think that... Dr. Bailey?

Are we not going to the
mouse lab today? Because I...

We've got bigger things to
worry about than mice, Grey.

Like, um...

guinea pigs?

Are your feet as quick as your wit?

Move 'em.

Ooh, sorry, Karev. I'm gonna
need your esophageal atresia.

- What...
- Oh, and you have a pyloric stenosis.

I might need that one, too.

What are you... why?

Well, 'cause we have
a prospective peds fellow

coming in today,

and she's being courted
by all the big guns...

U.S.C, Johns Hopkins, CHOP...

and-and Hunt asked me
to help to make sure

she got the red-carpet tour,

and that includes scrubbing in
on a couple of surgeries.

Wait. Whoa, whoa.

You're already meeting
people for the fellowship?

Well, it's a little early,

but when someone with
Polly Preston's resume

wants to observe in your hospital,
you make time.

Justine, these three bubble-like spots?

Those are your aneurysms.

J-j-just a second.

Um, sorry.

I didn't hear a word. Say again.

Ah. My aneurysms.

Horrible things.
What are they doing now, growing?

Is that why the god-awful headaches?

One has sprung a leak.


Go ahead. Say it.

Say I told you so.

He's been warning me about this for years,

and I have been avoiding this surgery.



But it's gonna have to wait
until I'm done with my book.

Dr. Grey, what are
the possible consequences

of not fixing a warning leak?

Stroke, hemorrhage, death.

Dr. Grey, what are
the possible consequences

for a botched clip?


hemorrhage, death.

So I'm dead, and my book's not finished.

I can't do that to my readers.

I just need to find a way
to get Kate to the bridge

where she's supposed to meet Nathan

before she's pulled back in time.

After that, I'm all yours.


Yeah, between your voice
and my leaky aneurysm,

I'm having a bitch of
a time focusing, so...

could you...


When I say this is
a very important patient,

I mean, she is very important to me.

I do not like it, but I have
a very full schedule today,

and you will have to be my proxy.

No one touches this patient but you.

You will run every test I ask for.

You will report every result
back to me personally.

This woman has lost a husband
and a son in this hospital.

I will not have another O'Malley

lost under this roof.

O'Malley? George's mother is our V.I.P.?

Meredith Grey.

As promised.

It's been so long.

Oh, you come over here and give me a hug.

This is so freaking cool.

I bet it never occurred to you

to put this on your wish list.

How's that coming, by the way?

Why? Do you need it today?

Because I can't... um, I'm not done.

You do get that this is
supposed to be fun, right?

Right. I need more time.

Um, do you mind, um, just...

moving more to your left, please?

Your husband's in the gallery.

I know.

Henry's been begging for a ride-along.

I figured, if you're
gonna observe a surgery,

this is the one you want to see.

How are we doing, Dr. Park?

Just a few more minutes,
and my guy down at U.C.L.A.

will have the heart he's been
waiting on for over a year.


Let's roll.

Got it.

Make sure that connection is secure.

This tube connects directly to the aorta.

That's right, and this tube removes waste.

Got it.

Dr. Park, your hospital's on the line.

Look at that.

She's about to catch a flight to L.A.

and not even know she left the body.

Damn it.

What is it?

My guy arrested.

They weren't able to resuscitate.

He's dead?

Damn it.

It's all dressed up, and no place to go.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 8, Episode 8 "Heart-Shaped Box"

Here. Let me get it.

It says here you've had
surgery three weeks ago

at Seattle Pres
for a gallbladder removal?

I've gone back there a couple of times,

and they always tell me
I'm fine and send me back home.

Uh, bring me a 20-gauge
just in case, and benzoin.

And, you know, it's freezing in here.

- Have someone take a look at
that thermostat. - Yes, doctor.

I'm going to palpate your abdomen,

and you let me know
if you feel any discomfort, okay?

The boys insisted I do
my surgery somewhere else,

after what happened
here with Harold and...

and Georgie.

She's got some midepigastric tenderness.

We should check that gallbladder.

Uh, have you been experiencing any fevers

at all, Louise?

Any pain, uh, vomiting?

Yes, actually, I have.

Mrs. O'Malley, those aren't good things.

I know. I'm sorry.

It's just that... look at you.

You know how proud it makes
me to have you as my doctor?

Thank you.

Grey, let's get a C.T., C.B.C., lytes,

and a liver panel,

and let's get another couple of blankets.

I kept hearing Georgie's
voice saying, "Mom,"

"get a second opinion."

"Go to Seattle Grace.
They'll take care of you."

We will, Louise.

We're gonna take very good care of you.

A doctor.

You're all grown up.

Looks like Columbia's got a good match

who's already consented.

We're contacting them
now to arrange pick-up,

but it will be hours before they arrive.

In the meantime,
her vitals need to be monitored

and lactate levels checked hourly.

Okay, so I'll find an intern to babysit.

Oh, I, uh, I'm not leaving
her with an intern.

You're not serious.

Dr. Yang, this is a beating heart

in a box.

I'm very serious.

And you need more time

to finish your wish list anyway.


Page if you need me.

Shepherd, I can't approve this.

I'm not asking your approval.

I'm giving you a heads-up, as a courtesy.

Ah, I have to be at a board meeting.

Well, don't let me hold you up.


Yikes. These are intense.

Are these patients of yours?

They will be.

I went looking for patients

who were told no by every
doctor they've seen.

So what are you gonna do?

Tell them yes.

Tell them I will do my best.

It's not just me. It's you, too.

You ready?


- Mm-hmm.
- I...

Y-yes, of course.

What's this?

Uh, Justine Campbell's, uh, A.M.A. forms.

She's leaving against medical advice so...

Oh, so you're not ready.

What? Why?

Yes. We're saying yes.

If you can't get her to say yes

to a simple surgery
that will save her life,

how do you expect

To tackle that?

Tear those up.

Get her to say yes, and I'll
let you jump on one of these.

Okay? What do you say?


Damn right.

Come on. Tell me
I'm paranoid or something.

- You're paranoid.
- Thank you.

Although, she did throw
a softball at his girlfriend.

I know. Screw this.

You know, I can't be
around Sloan today. I...

Just take me off plastics,
just for the day.

I gotta clear my head.

I am not gonna rearrange
the whole surgical schedule

just 'cause you're having girl problems.

Just suck it up.

You guys ever hear of a Polly Preston?

Uh, chief resident at the Brigham?

She's only my number one peer role model.

You're a freak, and I hate you.

What are you working on today, Karev?

A fat lot of nothing now. Why?

How would you feel about a nerve graft?

I would feel great about a nerve graft.


Thank you.


The pain's getting worse?

Does it look like it's getting better?

- I know what can really help.
- What?

- Clipping your aneurysm.
- Cute.

Look, I'm sure if you call your publishers

and you tell them,
they'll extend the deadline.

It is not about a deadline.

It's about my readers out there,

who are waiting for me to finish a series

that they have been
following for ten years.

You're really that popular?

Wow. You really know

how to kick a girl in the ego, don't you?

I'm-I'm sorry.

We don't get a lot of
time to read around here.

Uh, what about your family?

I-I mean, I'm-I'm sure
that they wouldn't want...

Do you see any family
sitting with me, Dr. Grey?

I'm a writer.

My characters are my family,

and I care about them.

And I've managed to make
a lot of other people

care about them as well.

Yes, I want to give my readers closure.

But Kate and Nathan and Alexander,

I owe them closure.

And I'm the only one
who can give it to 'em.

I'm just trying to help you.

You want to help me?


How fast can you type?

Hot diggity.

There it is.

I, uh, ran into Altman,

and she told me what you
were up to this morning.

And I swear, I can't believe it.

It's astounding.

Uh, what are you, uh,
working on over there?

Um, Altman is offering to track down,

uh, surgeries I want to perform.

Uh, may I?

- Oh, no. This is...
- Thanks.

Let's see what we got here.



Yang, what's wrong with you?

You're wasting an opportunity

on 300 pages of common procedure.

She let a starving person
loose in a grocery store.

She asked what I want. I want everything.

What am I supposed to do?

Get creative.

I mean, I mean, look-look at that.


It's the key.

- To what?
- To the list.

So use it.

Use the key.

Unlock your mind.

What are you talking about?

I'm just talking about a heart-in-a-box.

A heart-in-a-box.

Hot diggity.

It's such a treat,
seeing you again, Meredith.

I want to hear everything.
How have you been?

Catch me up.

I-I got married.

Oh, that's wonderful. Any kids?

No. We're... we're working on it.


Oh, my god!

Mama O'Malley.

- Hi.
- Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

It's so good to see you.

Um, I know. I haven't,
uh, I-I haven't called,

and I meant to call so many times,

but you're here now, right-right now.

Why, um,

why are you here? Are you okay?
Is she okay, Grey?

Yeah, we're hoping.

I'm just waiting for C.T. to open up.

- Okay, good. Right. Good.
- Hello.


Uh, oh, right. Sorry.

Uh, this is, um...

Dr. Robbins.


Um, mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Louise O'Malley.

Whew. That's us.

Good-bye, dear.

Oh, it was really nice to see you.

You okay?

Yeah, I think so. Maybe?

- Wow. Hold on.
- Yes.

Polly? Okay, you're here.

I'm on my way.

My prospective peds fellow's here,
so I gotta run.

- Okay.
- I'll see you later...

- All right.
- Dr. Torres.

Imagine my surprise...

when I check out
the schedule expecting to see

Jackson Avery's name on it

only to find he's been
replaced by Alex Karev.

We've been preparing
this nerve graft for weeks.

- I know.
- I mean, it's just you and me.

The plastics posse...

kicking surgical ass and taking names.

The plastics posse?

Ah, just something I'm trying out.

Look, Dr. Sloan, the thing is,

I gotta get this paper in by 7:00 tonight

or I am screwed.

- It's just bad timing.
- Wait.

You're missing a rock-star
nerve graft for a paper?

I know. It's fifth year.

You know? I can't slack off now, right?


Oh, hey, Dr. Torres.

Oh, I'm sorry. I panicked.

I didn't mean to introduce
you as Dr. Robbins.

But I guess I didn't know how to say,

"Hey, guess what, mama O'Malley,"

"I'm into girls now, and, uh, oh,"

"and this is my wife."

You know?


Yes, Dr. Robbins.

I'm gonna need a minute.

Sure thing.

I'm gonna go take a look at
your nuclear protein machines.


Peds prospect Polly?


Oh, I'm doing so well today.

I get it. It's okay.

Wait. Really?

'Cause you seemed kind of pissed.

Really? I thought I was being funny.

Oh, well, then you suck at jokes.

Oh. Hey, look, coming out is important.

It's everything.

With your family and your friends,

I'd kick your ass if you
tried to hide me from them.

But coming out to your dead
ex-husband's super catholic mom?

Not necessary. I mean, not for you.

And certainly not for me. So it's okay.

Thank you.

Okay. I'm gonna go, um, find Polly

'cause I have no idea

where we'd keep
the nuclear protein machines.


Hmm. Yeah.

Excuse me.

Sloan will not shut up about you.

I wouldn't have taken the surgery

If I knew I was breaking
up the plastics posse.

He's using that in public now?

What? You're lucky.

I wish I had an attending

- who had my back like Sloan's got yours.
- Excuse me.

Hey, no cuts.

Oh, sorry. I just gotta
get back to my patient.

Oh, my god. You guys should read this.

- It's-it's amazing.
- Oh, wait.

Is that one of those books
about the time-traveling chick?

Yeah, every other mom in peds
has got one in her purse.

Uh, 'cause they're awesome.

I mean, one minute,
Kate is running through 1890s Paris,

with this pickpocket that
she loves but can't trust,

and the next thing she knows,
she's being pulled across time,

dodging nazis with
this adorable american G.I.

its like "Slaughterhouse-five,"
but totally hot.

'Cause that's what
Vonnegut's missing, hotness.

Okay, I gotta go.

Come on. Let's eat somewhere else.

It's kind of soothing,

like sitting in front of a fishtank.

It's not a fishtank.

It's a key.

What's that supposed to mean?

Ask Webber.

He came in here, trashing my wish list,

and told me heart-in-a-box
was the key to fixing it.

Well, I'll tell you something,
she's not talking.

Heart-in-a-box, what should
I put on my wish list?

Heart-in-a-box, what should
I put on my sandwich?

See? Nothing.

what's wrong with George's mom?

Who's George?

He used to work here. He died.

Whoa. Who died?


And we're talking about
that creep because?

Alex, you're an ass.
His mom's in the hospital.

Wow. O'Malley. I haven't
thought about him in...

- Why would you?
- Alex.

Oh, come on. Don't act
like you stay up nights

writing poetry about the guy.

Remember when you gave him syphilis?

- How...
- What?

Remember heart-in-an-elevator?

I should put that on my list.

George made you look like such a chump.

George was the heart-in-the-elevator guy?

I heard about that. That sounded badass.

Were you there?

I just wanted to eat my
freakin' lunch. That's all.

Wait. Wait.

Everyone, shut up.



It works.

It totally works.

Webber is a genius.

Heart-in-a-box is
starting to creep me out.

Don't talk about her that way.

Kate looked at Alexander

with pity more than anything.

"Fine," she said. "Go.
Go wherever the hell you want,"

"but first, you're gonna apologize."


Why what?

- Why is he apologizing?
- Alexander?

Because he stole
the ring that Nathan gave her

in book two.

What? Nathan gave her a ring.

Yes, he did, in book two.

Does Alexander know that
Nathan gave it to her?

No, Dr. Grey, he is a thief.

If a thief sees a ring,
he's gonna take it.

But he promised that
he was going to change.

- Dr. Grey.
- What?

I'm doing what you told me to do.

I told you to get her to the O.R.

you're hosting a book club.

She won't go into an O.R.
until she finishes her book.

I'm helping her finish.

And how long will that take?

You can't rush the creative process.

Grey, I asked you for preliminary tests

and hourly reports.

What part of that did you interpret as,

"Also, if you find the time,"

"please shove a scope down
Mrs. O'Malley's throat"?

Her endoscopic ultrasound

showed a 16-milimeter
dilation of the common duct.

I also did not ask for
an endoscopic ultrasound.

See? Why can't you just do

the things that I ask you to do?

Oh, look. There.

See? She's got inflammation

an scar tissue around
the remnant cystic duct.

She's gonna need surgery.


You just proved that
your former colleague's mother

had a botched surgery
at another hospital...

A hospital that she only went to

because we let her down

so shamefully in the past.

I just don't know why you're celebrating.

I'm not celebrating...

Just go prep her for surgery.

Or is that too much to ask?

You were amazing in there.

I mean, from where I was standing,

it looked like you pretty
much rebuilt that guy's heart.

What do you call that again?

A modified Fontan procedure.

Ah, after Dr. Fontan?

I can only assume.

Well, I can only assume that Dr. Fontan

never looked as hot doing
his own procedure...

as my wife just did.

What happens in here?

Oh. Mm.

So the surgeons at Seattle Pres

left a length of cystic duct

inside of you when they operated.

That's what's causing your problems.

So we're gonna take that out.

Do you have any questions?

I saw a ring.

Excuse me?

On Callie's finger when
we ran into her earlier.

Did she get remarried?

She did.

A few months ago, actually.

Aw. Oh, good.

Do you think... is she happy?
Oh, I hope she's happy.

She seems happy.

Do you have any questions
about your surgery?

I raised a bunch of boys.

It was so nice to finally have a daughter.

I miss her, all of you, really.

George's friends.

Oh, you were so important to him,

to me.

Well, you're doing exactly
what George would be doing...

being in charge.

Oh, you'll be doing my surgery,
won't you, dear?

- All by yourself.
- If you're uncomfortable, I...

Oh, no. No, don't be silly.
George said you were the best.

I'm comfortable.

I'm more than comfortable. I'm-I'm ready.

Let's-let's do this. Let's cut me open.

I'm gonna need the hand
back for the surgery.

Oh, yeah.


We're about to get to
the hypoglossal nerve.

Why don't you come down
here and get a closer look?

I'd just get in the way.

I can see fine from here.

You're a fool, Avery.

Sitting in the gallery

when you should be grafting nerves?

You're lost.


You know what you need?

No, sir. I don't.

You need to see heart-in-a-box.

Yeah, I've seen it.

Maybe you looked at it.

But if you really saw it,

you'd be down in that O.R. right now.

See it, Avery.

See heart-in-a-box.

Any idea what's going on with Avery?

He seems so distant.

You want me to put a note in his locker?

- What's that?
- You want me to suture in the graft?

No, I'll handle that.

Hey, what did you find?

Oh, there were retained stones

blocking her cystic duct remnant.

Oh, okay. Well, that's not super serious.

- She should be okay, right?
- Yeah, she'll be fine.

- Okay, good. Thanks.
- Yeah.

Oh, uh, she knows you're married.


How? H-how did she find...

She saw your ring this morning.

She asked me, and all
I said is that you were happy.

It's not your place to say anything.

She's going into surgery,
and she's scared,

and she's alone and she misses you.

I know it's complicated,

but I don't think it would be
a bad thing if you were there

to hold her hand when she woke up.

Hey, you got a second?

Wait just one second.

I'm a little worried about Avery.

I'm-I'm this close to getting this.

We had a real connection, you know?


Well, we were having such
a good time together,

and suddenly he's avoiding me.

- He's cold and... distant.
- Well, you're afraid

you're about to have
your heart broken by him.

Kind of.

Derek, you know me.

I never gave a crap about
teaching in my life.

But lately, I like
the idea of passing it on.

And I, you know, I just...
I want to see him do well.

Maybe I just need to back off.

Ah, Hunt. Just in time.

Mark is afraid that Avery
is gonna break up with him.

Can this just stay between you and me?

I'd prefer that.

- Uh, Shepherd, about these cases...
- I know what you're gonna say.

You're worried about
the hospital's mortality rate going up.

See, that's the worst
part about being chief.

You have to say no to everybody,
and they hate you for it.

And you say no enough,
you're gonna hate yourself,

which is why I'm not gonna
watch you go through this.

I have a consult.

If you love someone, set them free.

If they come back...

I'm gonna punch you.

Hey, let me ask you something.


I gotta say, I'm a big fan
of what happens in this room.

Mm. Every day should be...

bring your husband to work day.

Listen, I've had this idea.

I felt silly even considering it.

Like, "Really?"

"Y-you think that's
something you're gonna do?"

But now, though, I'm thinking
I really want to do it.

I want to go back to school.

Oh, okay. I mean...

I mean, that's not silly.

Adults go back to school all the time.

Medical school.


I mean...

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Hey, what time is it?

We got another surgery to get to.

Come on. Up and at 'em.

Kate couldn't keep it
to herself any longer.

She took him by the hand

and looked deep into
those ocean blue eyes.

"I have figured out why
I travel through time, Nathan."

"I have figured it out,
and now I know how I can stop it."

Oh, my god.

"I can choose where to be, when to be."

- "And I have. I have chosen."
- Oh, my god. Yes.

Nathan pulled her into
his arms and held on tightly.

Kate whispered against his chest,

"I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry."

Wait. What?

She'd never know if he heard her.

When she opened her eyes,

Nathan was gone.

She was in Paris.

It was time to look for Alexander.


She chooses Alexander?


No way. It ha... it has to be Nathan.

It's not Nathan.

But he's-he's so handsome and good.

And-and Alexander...

Is her soul mate.

He doesn't even have a soul.

I mean, he's a criminal.

They-they-they don't
even want the same things.

They make each other miserable.

Dr. Grey, I cannot betray my characters...

You're the writer.

You can make them do whatever you want.

And-and picking Nathan,

- that is the right thing to do.
- Ohh.

You hate it. No, I-I know.

- No, no.
- You hate it.

Oh, god.

Okay, page Shepherd. Now.

I think her aneurysm blew.


Oh, damn. It's a big bleed.

If you had spent less
time taking dictation,

we could've avoided this.

- Did she at least finish the book?
- No,

but she did tell me how it's gonna end.

It's so stupid.

She-she's written this incredible story

with these amazing characters,

and then she just blows it.

Wow. You're 15 right now.

It's criminal, what she's doing.

And-and when she wakes up,

- I'm gonna tell her that.
- Or maybe it's none of your business.

It's the same thing that you are doing

with these hopeless cases.

You know, you think that you can change

the way the patient's story is gonna end.

And if you think that,

then you're at least obligated to try.

So I gotta try, right?


- You double-checked her labs and scans?
- Yes, of course.

I just don't want any
surprises once I'm in there.

Actually, she thought
I'd be performing her surgery.

Oh, I'm not comfortable with that.

I can do a septoplasty.
You taught me a septoplasty.

I thought I taught you a lot of things.

Now I'm thinking, I must not
be much of a teacher at all.

I'm going to court tomorrow...

To prove to a judge that's never
met me that I'm a good person,

a fit mother.

I want my kid back so badly,

I'm racking my brain for anything

that'll make him see me that way.

I want to dress the part,
so I'm thinking my navy dress.

But there's a button missing,
and it shows too much cleavage.

My charcoal pants have a hole in the ass.

I've got one shot at this.

I'm useless...

and frustrated.

But I know how to do an E.R.C.P.

and I know when to double-check labs.

And I know how to do a septoplasty.

I'm not useless here.

Fine. Do the surgery.

Off-pump coronary bypass.


En bloc transplant,

heart and both lungs.


I don't get it.

I mean, Webber talks about this thing

like it's a magic 8 ball.

It's a heart...

in a box.

Okay, when you take
an organ out for transplant,

- what do you do?
- Put it on ice.

Yeah, you put it on ice

and run to place it in
the recipient's body,

and then you wait and hope

for this cold, dead heart

to warm up and come back to life, right?

But she... she?

She has never stopped beating.

She's never stopped being warm,

never stopped living.

- Sure, it's pretty...
- It's a friggin' miracle.

Okay? You're standing before a miracle.

And once you realize that,

she'll change your perspective.

Okay, here's what I do.

I look at an item on my list,

I look at heart-in-a-box.

And if that surgery on my list

isn't half as cool as heart-in-a-box,

then it is not worth my time.

She lets you know what's
most important to you.

That's what heart-in-a-box does.

- And she's nice to talk to.
- Shh.

Shut up. Shut up.

What do you think about
the university of Washington?

Um, I'm not sure.

It's not like Harvard
or Stanford. It feels...

I don't know. It feels doable.


Okay, I-I... I'm sorry, but...

Medical school isn't something
that you-you-you...

you just decide to do.

Really? How did it happen for you?

The lady of the lake appeared

with a gilded scalpel and
anointed you a med student?

Ha ha.

I'm actually being serious right now.

I mean, how is my decision
to go to med school

any different than yours?

First of all, I was 19.

All right, great. So I'm old. What else?

Uh, I don't know.

Um, have you taken your three
years of prerequisites?

Uh, how about the m-cat?

No, I have not,
but I do have a college degree.

I may have been a baseball player,

but I think I remember how to study.

Okay, that still doesn't account for

the four years of actual med school.

And-and if you decide
to go completely crazy

and you want to try to become a surgeon,

that's five years of residency,

- a fellowship...
- No, I never s...

I never said I wanted to be a surgeon.

There are plenty of other ways
to use a medical education.

Okay, fine.


I love the way things are right now.

I really do.

And I don't want to spend ten years

married to a med student.

No. You'd just rather
I followed you around,

- looking cute.
- Okay, you know what?

You-you know that that's
not what I'm saying.

I was gonna die.

My disease was going to kill me.

And then I met you.

You came into my life,

and suddenly I have insurance,

I have a wife, I have a life expectancy

beyond the next three months.

- Sue me if I don't want to waste
any of it. - Henry,

- I... just...
- I'm...

I'll see you at home.

Okay, probe passes easily
through the common duct.

One more biopsy,
and I think we're ready to close.

Dr. Bailey, is there something wrong?

Did I miss something?

This woman worked so hard

to raise her son, and then...

one day, he just threw
himself in front of a bus.

I mean, yeah, yeah, he did it
to save someone else, but...

you work and work,

trying to teach your kids
to do the right thing,

and-and you want to be so proud of them

when they stand up for
what they believe is right.

But watching them destroy themselves...

in order to do it,
to do what you taught them,


it's just maddening.

You. You are maddening.

He was my favorite...

George O'Malley.

He was...

my favorite.

I know.

He was the good one.

So I'm going to put in a T-tube.

Wear a sweater set.

Um, people have, uh,

preconceived notions about surgeons.

They think we're cold,

intimidating, egotistical.

A sweater set says you're warm, motherly.

If it was me, I'd wear a sweater set.

Thank you.

Hey. You paged?

I, uh, I can't get outta here yet.

I gotta follow up with my patient,

make sure she's in her right free of mind.


You okay?

Yeah, I just... I missed
a surgery today that...

that's not true.

I avoided a surgery today,

one I wanted to do for weeks,

because of this thing with you and Mark.

There is nothing between me and Mark.

Yeah, I've been trying really,
really hard to believe that.

But there is a thing.

And it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

And this new thing with me and plastics?

That's not going away either.

Something's gotta budge.

So I have to walk away...

from you... for me.


you're picking Mark?

I've spent way too much time

sabotaging my own career, Lex.


I'm picking Mark.

Can you...

can you tell me I shouldn't?

Heard a helicopter
touched down on the roof.

Let them come.

You were right.

She was the key.

Now this is a fine list.

Thank you, sir.

You made a list, too?

Mm. I was inspired.

Oh, oh, I wish... I-I want
to put this on my list.

If one of those comes in,

we'll have to see who gets to it first.




We're the procurement team from Columbia.

She's all yours.


Hot diggity.

How are you feeling?

Like a woman who just had brain surgery.

Fair enough. Can you tell me your name?

Justine... Campbell.

And what's today's date?

I never know the date.
Ask me something else.

Why can't Kate choose Nathan?

- She's going to.
- I mean,

you just feel like you
have a moral obligation

to... Wait, really?

Yeah. For now.

I had a dream while I was under,
and I figured out

how to stretch the series
out two or three more books.

So... for now,

she'll get to see what
it feels like to be with Nathan.

So... what?

They're gonna be together for a few books,

and then she's gonna choose Alexander?

Yeah, probably.

What is wrong with you?

I mean, why do you hate Nathan so much?

I don't hate Nathan.

I love him,

probably as much as you apparently do.

He's kind and funny

and incredibly honest.

It's Kate.

She doesn't love him.

She should.

I know.

It's not fair.

I know.

But it makes for a really,
really good read.



Come here.

Do you want to work on
the book a little bit more?

Will that make you feel better?




Meredith said the surgery went great.

Oh. Yeah.

I like girls.

Uh... as in... romantically.

It turns out, I like girls.

Uh, women.

And I met the most amazing woman.

Do-do you remember
Dr. Robbins from this morning?

Yeah, we got married, and, uh,

oh, no, but before that, we, um...

we got in an accident, a car accident,

a really bad accident,
and, uh, I almost died.

But I didn't, and, uh, Sofia...

neither did Sofia, our-our baby...

our perfect, beautiful baby.

And I'm, um...


screwing all this up.

Look, I...

I know this is a lot.

And I... and I understand.

Um, and if this is too
much for you to handle,

believe me...

my own mother practically disowned me,

so I understand.

Oh, god. I'm making you cry.

Please don't cry.

You have a baby?

I-I do.

Do you have any pictures?

You want to see 'em?

Are you kidding?



Oh, she's beautiful.

Thank you.

That man just booked
a flight from Wichita.

You want to tell him no,
I'll give you his number.

You can tell him yourself.
I'm not worried about

the hospital's mortality rates, Derek.

- Mm.
- I'm worried about you.

You've had a lot of losses this year,

and I am concerned that
you're lining yourself up for more.

You're worried about my reputation.

- Well, there is that.
- I don't have a reputation anymore.

See, I was gonna be
the guy who cured Alzheimer's.

Now I am blacklisted by the FDA,

so I don't have to worry
about that anymore.

I get to choose what I worry about.

And I choose them.

I feel I can change their story.

I owe it to them to at least try.


pretty damned arrogant, don't you think?

Well, I have a reputation for arrogance.

Could I have a cabernet?

Actually, make that a scotch and soda.


You know what? Forget the soda.

Hi, it's me.

Turns out today was a bust.

She kept going on about this guy

who helped these kids in Africa.

And I was like,
"Have you seen my three articles?"

But apparently, this guyraps puppies,

so who cares about me?

Anyway, my plane lands at 10:00,

so wait up.

I'm gonna be drunk

And I'm gonna cry.

Just warning you.

I have to catch a plane.

- Keep the change.
- Thanks.

Avery, wait up.

Oh, right, Dr. Sloan.

- You need to talk to me... No,
- I am sorry about today...

I'm sorry.

- It was my... - No, you don't
have anything to be sorry about.

- No, I think I should apologize
to you for... - No, it wasn't you.

It was me. I have been...

- I just think we had some...
- I don't want to screw things up.

Okay, I'm gonna talk, then you talk, okay?


I want to be your teacher.

I want to be your student.

I have a cranial vault
reconstruction tomorrow.

I will be there.

- Good.
- Good.


I guess the...

plastics posse is back in action.

Kicking surgical ass and taking names.

- Oh.
- Just... all right.

- Just do that.
- Yeah.

- Great.
- Okay.

All right.

Drive safe.

It's a little bit horrifying

just how quickly everything
can fall to crap.

O'Malley wasn't a creep, okay?

If he were here now,
he'd be kicking all of our asses.

He would've slapped chief resident
right out of Kepner's hand.

I just don't like thinking about him

because then I have to think about Izzie,

and then I get all sad and sappy and...

I totally miss the chance
to nail hot, drunk chicks

who spent the day thinking
about how I'm awesom

which I should be all about.

George is dead, and Izzie is gone,

and we're all different.

We're different.

Sometimes it takes a huge loss

to remind you of what
you care about the most.

Sometimes you find yourself
becoming stronger as a result,

wiser, better equipped to deal with

the next big disaster that comes along.


That was our first real fight.

You okay?

Okay, okay, okay, okay. It's okay.

Okay. You're gonna be okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

- Sometimes...
- Look at me.

You're gonna be okay.

But not always.