Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Poker Face - full transcript

Meredith tries to get Derek interested in a patient's rare brain tumor.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
That's it, Fran. One more push.

As babies, we were easy.

One cry meant you were hungry...

It's a boy.

How is he? Is he okay?

Another, you were tired.

He's perfect.

It's only as adults that
we become difficult.

Hey, wake up, pretty lady.


It's gonna be a great morning.

We made you eggs Benedict.

Where's Sofia?

Napping. Ooh. Try the eggs.

The-the bacon is jalapeno-infused.

Tomorrow we're making

short ribs infused with cabernet.

I just want coffee infused with cream.

No, yeah, but just try the hollandaise.

I-I have to get ready.
I have a big surgery...

- Hold on. Aah.
- So I...

I'm so sorry.

- Mmm.
- We start to hide our feelings,

put up walls.

It gets to the point where
we never really know

how anyone thinks or feels.


My key's not working.

- Yes, because I changed the locks.
- Oh, come on!

Yes, this isn't my trial,

but that doesn't mean you can
lock me out of my own mouse lab.

My mouse lab.

Bailey, don't...

Without meaning to,
we become masters of disguise.

Q's hyperglycemic, too.

Which means that about 20%
of the mice with implants

have diabetes again.

Look, we-we should
really tell Dr. Webber.

No, we are not telling him.

Well, okay, but, um...

Kepner, it is precisely because
of challenges like this

that I handpicked you for this trial.

You handpicked me because

Cristina, Alex, and Jackson all said no.

And because you go above and beyond.

Look, you solve problems
like no one else can.

Say it with me.

- I solve problems... like-like no one
else can. - Like no one else can.

Exactly. Now let's get to work.

Fifth year

is the hardest year of your residency.

Every surgery you do
will go on your record,

the wins and the losses.

In just a few months, you will...

What did I miss?

You're O.B. now?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, huh?

She misses Zola. Her uterus hurts.

Oh, leave her alone, dirtbag.

Of the more complicated
surgeries you've scrubbed in.

You are embarrassing me.

I'm getting to deliver babies.

I'm making life, you know?

Yeah, you know what?

You're making me gag.

Okay, slumming it in O.B.
for a few weeks is okay.

- Whatever.
- Solved problems, managed your team.

Wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public?

- Don't wait to do this. You'll regret
it later. - It's... ugh.

We have standards, Meredith.

It is extremely important that you rack up

as many good outcomes as
possible for your boards.

I am implementing a system.

I will receive an e-mail
if any of you exceed

more than ten bad outcomes in your O.R.

Ten... any more is unacceptable.

Welcome, Dr. Kepner.

Sorry. I got stuck in the lab with Bailey.

I don't care where you were.

I care that you already have, let's see...

uh, two bad outcomes in your O.R.


Of course that's nothing

compared to Karev's
impressive five bad outcomes.

I keep getting dud patients.

Tell it to your board examiners.

The point, people,

is to keep your bad outcomes to a minimum,

or you will be hard-pressed to
find a fellowship next year.

Who are you texting?

Who do you think?

Uh, Dr. Yang,

are you sure that
you're getting all this down?

Bad outcomes are bad,

which is why I have zero so far,

a perfect record I plan to continue

during my ortho rotation this week.

No one dies during a hip replacement.

Let's hope.

I'm sorry.

- Mm-hmm.
- I will make sure that the scrub nurse

separates your macrodissectors
from your micros.

I told her that yesterday,
but she must have forgotten,

which I know sounds like an excuse,

and I am sorry for that too...

- Lexie.
- Yes.

Leave. Now.


Hey. Can you go have sex with
him and make him be nicer?

I told you, he's going to be hard on you

until you learn all of his quirks.

They're not quirks.

They're these scary, nitpicky rules...

just to drive me crazy.

Like what is the deal

with him needing 16 towels in the O.R.

at all times?

Well, if I give you all the answers,

you'll never learn on your own.

You're just as mean as he is.

Hi. How's your day going?

Bad. My O.R. is a mess,

my caseload is an exercise in boring.

Which you can't tell me

because we can't talk about neuro.


I know something else we can do instead.

No kissing in the hospital.

Why not?

We don't work together anymore.

You're just my wife.


Okay. Now you can go.

I should be grateful

that they're getting along, right?

But I'm not, though. I'm bitter.

All they do is cook together

and talk about food and watch shows

where other people talk about food and...

Uh, don't-don't read that.
"I'll bend you over"

"the conference room table and"... oh!

Okay, why did you let me read that?

My husband can't get enough of me.


Yes, actually.

Arizona and I haven't had much
"Alone time" lately,

and so instead, we eat.

Oh, that's depressing.

Yeah, let's just talk about the case.

- Okay. What is it?
- Okay.

Hip replacement, shoulder dislocation?

This is your first time
copiloting with me.

You think I'm gonna bore
you with routine crap?

Get outta there.

My feet hurt!

Mr. And Mrs. Moser? Hi.

Hi. Sorry.

My, uh, lazy sack husband
thinks that this is his bed.

Oh, it's-it's not?

- No, this is our patient's parents.
- Yeah.

This is Dr. Yang.
She's my co-surgeon on the case.

Oh, so nice to meet you.

Get up!

Come on. Pretend you have
manners for a second.

What, the kind of manners that allow you

- to insult your husband in front
of strangers? - Stop it.

Stop fighting.

You're scaring the doctors.

Hi. Tyler.

I'm, uh, I'm not staring at your boobs.

I mean, I-I am, but I-I can't help it.

Tyler suffers from

a degenerative bone disease
called cervical spondylosis.

He was in a car accident two years ago,

which further injured his neck,

and so we are gonna build him a new one

in a 3-day, 3-part surgery.

Do not point that camera at me!

You look beautiful, sweetie.

Oh, are you the O.B.? Drugs, please.

- Where's the attending?
- She's stuck in an emergency C.

They were driving home to
Olympia when her water broke.

She's two weeks early.

Hi, Mary. I'm Dr. Grey.

Oh, I don't care who you are,
just give me drugs.

Okay, let's see if we have time for that.

- Over here, honey.
- Wow. You're crowning.

Did you just say "Wow"?

This-this is it. It's all happening.

Ohh. Clay, I swear to god,

if you don't point that
camera someplace else!

Oh, god!

Are-are you pushing?
She shouldn't push, right?

Just give me a second.

Look over here. I'll distract you.

Brain tumor!

Brain tumor.

I call brain tumor on the video camera!

You can't call brain tumor right now.

It's my tumor. I make the rules.

- Brain tumor?
- Nobody said anything.

She has a grade IV astrocytoma.

You coulda led with that.

It's been a little hectic.


Grey's Anatomy
Season 8, Episode 6 "Poker Face"

Hi, Emma.

Sweet little girl.

It's called a butterfly tumor

because it extends into
both sides of the brain.

She has about six months.

She's dying, so they
decided to have a baby?

Well, that's not the point.

So I had St. Catherine's
send over all her scans,

and I want you to take them to Derek

and get him to do a consult.

Derek hates me.

You are better off taking them yourself.

The only thing holding
our marriage together

is that we can't talk about neuro,

so he can't know that I had
anything to do with this.

So you're using me? I'm your tumor mule?

Do you want him to stop yelling at you?

He needs to be inspired.

Hey, Karev, trade with me.

Ortho for cardio.

I mean, you need a good outcome,

and I'm just doing a stupid
neck surgery with Callie.

There's no such thing as
a stupid neck surgery.

You're just afraid of
tanking your winning streak,

so now you want back on the easy train.

Not happening.

What easy train?

Uh, that's what
Dr. Karev calls your service.

'Cause your patients never die.

It's a compliment.

Oh, it has nothing to do with the fact

that you're piling up bad outcomes?

They were dud patients.

Oh, I'm sure. Shall we?

Who do I have to pay to get
the tennis match on in here?

Uh, we'll have a nurse look into it.

Yeah, well, make sure she's cute.

Chuck Cain, 71.

Came into the E.R. last night

after a syncopal episode.

The scan showed a narrowed aortic valve

that we will replace during
open-heart procedure.

Open heart?

It's a safe surgery. Don't worry.

I don't care about safe.
I care about the scar.

How big?

10 inches at most.

10? Nope.

Not doing it.

Trust me.

A-a scar is a small price to pay

for how much better you're going to feel.

How old do you think I am?

You're 71.

Because you read the chart.

But if you didn't, you'd say 60, right?

Look, I'm in incredible shape,

and the ladies agree.

But look, the minute you open up my chest,

I'm done.

There's no more meeting women at the pool

with a scar like that.

I mean, all they'll see

is a future of doctor's appointments,

hospital visits, and-and bad sex.

So, no. No open-heart surgery.

Look, Mr. Cain.

We'll investigate alternatives.

And get me a decent
pillow while you're at it.

My ass has got more
cushion than this thing.

Is it july yet?

'Cause I need a whole
new crop of residents.

Huh. Little Grey still struggling?

Oh, she's drowning.

I didn't know how lucky I had it

until Meredith was off my service.

Do you know how to read
these budget reports?

No. Why do you think I gave up that job?

You're a huge help.

Homemade maple-ginger scones.


Oh, no, no, no, really.

I just had a big lunch.

The scone's a very tough pastry to make.

You have to be exact with the ingredients,

the baking temperature...

Hey, how is the house coming?

- Oh, we're working on the drywall now.
- Really?

All right. I get it. I'm a bore.

But Avery's doing all my surgeries,

and I'm taking up cooking
to keep my mind sharp

for when the next big case rolls in.

Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.

Dr. Shepherd.


Dr. Grey is looking for you.
She says it's important.

- My wife?
- Nope.


Try a scone.

You know you want to.

- Attaboy.
- Mmm.

Today we're taking out the old hardware.

Tomorrow Sloan will
remove the scar tissue.

And then we'll implant the cage.

Yeah! All right.

So... your turn.

Just get in there and, uh,

you know, have fun with it.

Why wouldn't you just do
a fusion in this case?

Isn't that standard procedure?

He's had four fusions already,

so we're really going for
a long-term solution.

Really get in there with the drill.

- Right, right, right.
- Come on.

But the risk of paralysis is
quite high with your approach.

Our approach, and only
lame surgeons do fusions.

We're not lame.

We're fun... and badass.

Here, like this.

There you go.

Yeah. There you go. Felt good, right?

- Yep.
- Yeah.

Dr. Yang, that's your phone.

Really? During surgery?

Oh, it could be anyone.

Melanie, could you please read
Dr. Yang's message aloud?

Melanie, don't do that.

Yes, Melanie, do. It could be chief Hunt.

He might need
Dr. Yang on an urgent matter.

Yep. Definitely sounds urgent.

Melanie, don't touch that phone!

Just, um...

turn it off.

No more texting me in the O.R.

Well, did anyone...



'Cause the only thing getting me
through these budget reports is that,

and I get to do this.

I have to check on my patient.

I don't want Callie to
give me a bad outcome.

I'll be quick. Come on.

Back, back, back, back, back, back.

Okay, but, oh, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hunt, I found last year's budget.

I was just won... Whoa. Oh, whoa.

Um, uh, uh, excuse me.

No, it's okay. I was just leaving.

Keep your phone on.


In the conference room?


Hunt, you're a chief now.

Act like it.

In the conference room?

So tell me you found the article

I asked you for two days ago.

No, but I'm really close.

This is the chart of a patient
with a butterfly tumor.

Butterfly tumors are inoperable.

No, I-I know, but this patient,

she's a new mom, and
it's a really sad story, actually,

but I was wondering if you
could do a quick consult...

This is why you needed
to find me so urgently...

to tell a woman her tumor's inoperable,

to remind her how sad her story is?

No, I-I-I just...

Just find the article.

Hey, um, April,
I can't cover the E.R. tonight.

I have to do research for Shepherd.

No, what? I...

I... take it up with Shepherd.

I... come o...

Where are my mouse labs?

Oh, uh, s-sorry.
I was stuck in the O.R. all day,

trying not to fall behind in my surgeries.

Oh, so you'd rather just fall
behind in my opinion of you?

I will take care of it right away.

It's hard to be a team when
only one player cares, Kepner.

Now we removed all the old hardware,

and we're all set to
implant the cage tomorrow.

So just try to get some rest, okay?

Oh, well, I'm gonna stay the night

and make sure, uh, he's got some company.

I'll stay. I-I-I don't need the rest.

A-and I do?

I don't know. You're always talking about

how-how big the...
the bags under your eyes are, so...

- What?
- Aren't visiting hours over?

Yes. They are.


Um, uh, all right.

Well, call if you need anything.
All right?




surgery brings out the worst in people.

Marriage brings out the worst in them.

I'm grateful they dropped everything

to help take care of me,

but seriously, the second I'm better,
I'm moving out.

I need some peace and quiet.


let me help you get some now, okay?

Wh-what the hell?

I want to check
your reflexes every half-hour

to make sure there's no nerve
damage from the surgery.

You're home already?

Yeah, it's the advantage
of a boring caseload.

Well, did your day get any better?

Yes, if you count the
fried chicken sandwich

I got in the cafeteria.

Any interesting cases tomorrow?


No work talk.

I'll be right back.


Why didn't you tell Derek
about Mary's tumor?

I-I-I did. He said it was inoperable.

Did you show him the scans?

Did you tell him
it was in the frontal lobe?

Uh, I didn't get a chance.

Um, I am naked and wet in the shower, so...

Derek's a tumor junkie.
He needs to see the scans

and meet the patient to spark the case,

the same way he needs
a 16th towel in the O.R.

To position his arm on the microscope.

Are you gonna remember all this
or do I need to write it down?

Naked and wet in the shower.

I need to write it down.

Chuck Cain.

I gave you his blood work five hours ago.

Alex, I need you to
cover the E.R. tonight.


Look, before midnight would be nice.

- I'm still looking.
- It's the E.R.

People will die if we're not there.

Which will be your fault, not mine.

Got it. Here you go.


Alex, please, can't you just
be a person for a second?


This is why you don't deserve this job.

You're bad at it.

You get all stressed out and frantic

and nobody wants to listen to you.

You have no authority, and your voice...

It gets all high and nasally
like this when you're nervous.

It's annoying.

You're annoying, so, no,

I can't be a person for a second.

Deal with your own crap!

Still not paralyzed.


Do you know you snore?

Yes, and I've been told it's adorable.

- It's not.
- Morning.

Oh, sorry we're late, baby.

Oh, of course, your, uh,
smarty-pants father

refused to check the traffic report.

Are you hungry?

Uh, he can't eat before surgery.

See? I told you, no food allowed.

Oh, please.

One little doughnut won't hurt.

Actually, it will,

just like it will hurt all of you

by promoting, uh, high
cholesterol and plaque buildup.

I confirmed your consults,

and I know you're gonna ask me
about that-that article, but...

- Oh, you-you haven't found it yet?
- Look!

Butterfly tumor.

Wait. I mean, all the doctors we've seen

said the tumor's inoperable.

Surgery could put her
in a coma or kill her.

It's just another set of scans.

Exactly, and it'll be good for you

to have some alone time with Emma.

You know, that way I can die knowing that

you're not gonna drop her on her head.


Run the scans.


I really don't have time for this.

Two more moms just came in.

Well, yeah, but a-as long
as no one's crowning,

they'll be fine.

What are you doing?!

Uh, researching a new
surgery for my neck guy.

What are you feeding my mouse?

Q. is diabetic. A doughnut could kill him.

Then why is he in your office?

So Meredith can run tests on him.

Are you really gonna do her grunt work?

Oh, Bailey blames me for
Richard losing his trial.

The last thing she wants
is for me to work on it.

Which is why you're doing it in secret.

Okay, that is the worst
idea I've ever heard.


I am your chief resident, Dr. Grey.

Which means if you cross me,

I will make your life a living hell.

I will put you on call every night,

I will assign you dumb interns,

and I will make sure

that you get every exploding
bowel and rotting limb

that comes into this hospital.


Relax. I'll do it.


It's 'cause I made my
voice different, right?

That's... that's why you lis...

Go away before you
embarrass yourself more.

Oh, that's Owen. Duty calls.

Are you two talking yet,
or is it just sex?

Not just sex.

Hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex.

I'll take that as a no.

You know what? Who cares if we talk?

Besides, if you want to
talk about something,

how about the fact that
you're wasting your fifth year

playing around with vaginas and mice, huh?

Want to talk about that?

Do you really stand on your head?

I'm very talented.

This procedure is minimally invasive.

And the great news is,

the scar will look like this.

It's much smaller.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
but I want this instead.

What the hell is that?

That's my friend Tony's groin.

I had him e-mail me a picture last night.

He had the same problem
with his valve last year,

and his doctor replaced it with
a catheter through the groin.

See? Barely any scar.

It's called a T-A-V-I.

Yeah, a TAVI is an experimental procedure.

There are... there are tons of risks...

uh, bleeding, stroke...

Look, I'm the one having
this and paying for it, right?

So if I say I want a TAVI, give me a TAVI.

Look, there is a much safer
solution to your problem.

It's called a-a rash guard.
You wear it at the pool.

No one will see your scar.

Clearly you've never been to Palm Beach.

Only fatties wear rash guards.

I can't get through to this guy.

He wants a TAVI.

Look into it and decide
if he's a good candidate.

I'll look into a TAVI.

See? Now that's
the answer I was looking for.

I knew you had it in you, kid.

Uh, hey, Grey.

Uh, no, keep walking.

Eyes ahead. Act normal.

I saw Kepner take a mouse into that room.

What's going on?

I don't know anything.

You blinked. Okay.

Okay, now you know something.

Is something wrong with the device?

I really shouldn't talk about it.


Bailey's not gonna find out about it?

Bailey locked me out of my own mouse lab.

I'm not telling her crap.

Some of the mice are hyperglycemic.

We're running some tests to find out why.

All right, this is what you do...

get a healthy mouse, run some labs,

and compare the stats. Can you do that?

Well, April's being a little bit...

Oh, you can handle Kepner, Grey.

Now I'm on call, so page me
when you get the results.


All right.

Hi there. Uh, um, beautiful day, isn't it?

Oh, damn it.

You need a hand?

Uh, no, ju-just, the cage won't fit.

His bone's so destroyed,
the screws won't hold.

We should do the fusion instead.

No. Well, I researched it.

We can re-fuse him if we take
down enough of his scar tissue...

I said no.


My surgery got pushed.

And I can't pick up the short ribs.

The butcher closes at 6:00, right?

Why are you so gung ho to do this?

Why are you so not?

- We could roast a chicken.
- Yes.

Could we please shut up about dinner?


Oh, sorry.

Forget it. We're closing him up.

- What? No.
- Yes. We need more time

To figure out a new game
plan that's not a fusion.

So I'm gonna secure
the cage temporarily and close.

Which means I'm free to go to the butcher.

Problem solved.

Most astrocytomas spread out
through the corpus callosum.

It fans out like smoke.

But if you look at your tumor, Mary,

I've never seen anything like it.

Look at the edges...
they're smooth, defined.

They're easier to cut around.

Yes, if I can keep my entire dissection

inside and never let it drift outside...

I'm sorry.

Are you, um,

saying what I think you're saying?

Mary, I think I can remove your tumor.

I love this guy.

We don't know this guy.

He's amazing, right? Tell my husband.

He's pretty amazing.

This isn't a decision you...
you make on a whim.

You're right. You need time to

- make this decision.
- We don't need time.

We've decided. Sign me up.



If you get to call brain tumor,

I get to call Emma.

It's not just the two of us anymore.

We have a daughter.

She needs these six months with you.

I mean, you're her mom.

Please, Mary.

Don't do this.

You're ditching O.B. to be a vet now?

Oh, April dumped Bailey's trial on me.

I would be annoyed,
but it turns out I'm good with mice.

And I found her secret snack drawer.


Hey. Hey, that is not your food.
Not your food.

What-what have you done to my office?

Get over it. I'm helping you.

And go get me a healthy mouse.

Bailey hasn't left the lab in 48 hours.

I-I can't steal another mouse.

I can't steal another mouse.


Fine. Just keep going,

and-and good job.

Tell me what it feels
like to get a bad outcome.

Neck guy's paralyzed?

Not yet.

What would happen if
I took my name off the case?

Do it. You can take my old guy.

Altman's trying to make
me do a TAVI on him.

Oh, no way. You're just
asking for a bad outcome.

- Peanut?
- No.

Derek ran an M.R.A.
and found out he can reach

under the pericallosal vessels

and reach the tumor on both sides.

- So he's operating?
- No.

Mary's afraid of the risks.

Well, Clay really,
but she listened to him.

Okay, but did you tell
them how good he is?


Kind of.

Do I have to do everything myself?



Come on. Come on, G.

Come on, little guy. Come on.

Your voice doesn't whisper, Kepner.

Sorry. Sorry.

I-I- didn't want to distract you.

Um, I need to run an A1c on G.

G. is healthy.

We don't need to run an A1c on him.

Yes, but I think I'm on
to something, though.

On to what?

I'll tell you when I figure it out.

I read the research,
I talked to some other surgeons.

But I'm not doing a TAVI on you.

And that's your final answer?

That's my final answer.

I'll give you some time
to make a decision.

And here I took you for a guy

who had a pair on him.

It's a stupid scar, Chuck.

You really want to die because of it?

Hey. Sorry I'm late.

I got stuck planning tomorrow's surgery.

Oh, well, did you figure it out?

You know it. Sofia?

Mm. She is asleep.

Mm. She was so talkative... whoa.

Aw. I miss that.

Mm. I bet I know what else you miss.

Oh! Who's hungry?

I got braised short ribs,

roasted potatoes,
and a nice pinot from napa.

It looks amazing.

It's not me.

Mm. Oh, me neither.

It's me.

Ohh. Oh!

The car seat's not clicking in

and it's supposed to be clicking.

Let me try.

You just have to line up the arrows.

I heard Dr. Shepherd came by.

Look, uh...

I'm sure he's a great surgeon,

but we've seen a lot of great surgeons.

And I-I know I'm the bad guy here, but...

I just had a baby.

I want to be happy, you know?

At least today.

Maybe a couple more months.

But I... A couple more months isn't enough.

She wants more.

We made this decision a long time ago

because we knew that once Emma was born,

we'd be too emotional.

She's not thinking...

But now she's seen and held her baby.

And she can't imagine not being here.

And she wants more time.

I want more time.

I'm not ready for her to die.

And she's not, either.

And that's why she wants to fight.

Uh, Diane Schiffman would
make a great wife, you know?

And she's great with
the kids at the block party.

Yeah, 'cause she's always drunk.

What about Wendy McDowell?

Ah, too uptight.

She's turn Emma into a nervous wreck.

Erin Miller?

She's way too hot for you.


I know.

It's time.

Come here.

Thank you, honey,

for giving me this.

And I'm gonna see you soon.

You, too, my precious,
little perfect girl.



Okay, let's go.

Here we go.

Are you kidding me?

How the hell is this not working?

Dr. Torres...

Just give me a second, okay?

As co-surgeon on this case,

I say we abandon the reconstruction,

and do a standard fusion.

We're not quitting. How many
times do I have to say that?

I'm simply recommending
an alternative solution.

Yeah? Well, your solution sucks.

He's lost motor evoked responses.

Okay, that's it. You know, I'm-I'm out.

I'm taking my name off the case.


There's an electrode out.


All right. How's that?

Great. He's fine.

Done. Your name's off the case.

5.5-millimeter cobalt chrome rod

and alternating cross connectors.

I'm gonna link the three rods together.

What? You can use
the cobalt rods for this?

What do you care? You're off the case.


All right. Let's get the next one.

I compared healthy and hyperglycemic mice.

It looks like the islet
cells are being rejected.

So it's not the device. Well, that's good.

Uh, it could be

a recurrence of autoimmunity...

Or a problem with the engraftment.

Maybe it's not the cells being rejected.

Maybe they're just not surviving
because of other causes.

So we should check for signs of rejection?

Exactly. Okay. Bump me.

We're looking in the wrong place.

The device is working,

but something is harming the islet cells.

How did you figure that out?

It doesn't matter.

So tell Bailey to look
for signs of rejection.

And who do you think you are?

What, god, is that who you are?

Dr. Bailey, she was just doing

- what I asked her to do.
- Because either you're god,

or you are the most reckless,
arrogant resident

I have come across in my entire career.

I mean, to put your hands
on another clinical trial

after you already ruined
one is a level of stupidity

- so staggering...
- I delegated.

This has nothing to do...

You are fired from my trial, Kepner.

And you...

just give me back my mouse.


Not until you read my research.

Dr. Bailey!

Read my research.

Hey, that kinda works.

Okay, I've cleared out the tumor

on the right side of the brain, but look.

See all those vessels
blocking the way now?

It's like a line of defense.

That's why the tumor's so smart.

It grows on both sides of the brain

so we'll be too scared to cross over.

But she has six months.
That's-that's something.

You know, a-and you tried.

There's no shame in stopping now...

- Lexie.
- Yeah.

We're not stopping.

But you just said the tumor is smart.

We're smarter.


Hey, it's my fifth year.

I have to defend every decision

made in my O.R. at the boards.

Do you know why I picked
you to be my co-surgeon?


Because you...

You take crazy risks in the O.R.

But the surgeon I've worked
with the past three days?


boring, a...

B-minus version of herself.

I get it. Fifth year is competitive.

Your whole career depends on it,

but if you're not careful,
you're gonna wake up one day

and realize that you're
no longer the badass,


spontaneous, take-charge,

crazy, fun person you thought you were,

but instead, some sad, sorry wife

who stays in every night
and talks about food

like it's an orgasm when it's clearly not.

An orgasm is an orgasm.

I'm sorry. What?

Don't let fifth year get to you.


You mind if I sit?


She's herniating.

What the hell happened?

A vessel leaked.
The tumor's starting to swell.

Okay, we're gonna have
to drain the ventricle.

Get me a blunt-tip needle. Now.

You're going in blind?

We have no choice.

Just tell me.

We got it.

We got the whole tumor.

Thank you.

Thank you.

You have a mommy, Emma.

You have a mommy.

Once they have prepped you,

I will meet you in
the cath lab and do the TAVI.

Hey, Chuck, what the hell?


Look, the lady had a bigger pair than you.

No hard feelings, okay?

Let's go.

Hey, doll, how old do you think I am?

I-I want my patient back.

I was being cautious.
You... you can't punish me for that.

Actually, I can.

You've had some bad outcomes.
We all get bad outcomes.

Your problem is

that you let it get to you,
and now you're scared.

The only thing worse than
a bad surgeon is a scared one.

Pretty soon, you'll be
able to do everything

you couldn't do before...

feed yourself, look girls in the eye.

How about sports?

Don't be an idiot, idiot.

You know that he cannot do sports.

- Will you just get a divorce?
- She said everything.

And what did I tell you
about this name calling?

- Get a divorce.
- If the shoe fits...

Well, okay, then I got a new one for you.

Bitch face.

- Oh, how original.
- I said get a divorce!

I get it.

You had to stay together until
I was outta high school.

Then it was college,

and then this neck thing happened,
but that's over now.

My neck's fine, so you two
are free to leave each other.

- Listen, kiddo.
- No, baby, it has nothing to do with you.

- We just think at the top of our...
- He's just this way all the...

You hate each other!

You hate each other. It's obvious. So go.

Go to the court.

Just get a divorce!

Okay, why don't we give Tyler some space?

How'd that feel?


Uh, you paged?

Eight of the mice are hyperglycemic.


I've been locked in
this lab all day and night,

hiding it from you,

trying to understand why,

and-and Meredith Grey figured it out.

Now I've got just weeks worth of...

tests to run and mice to monitor,

real patients to check on.

Well, so you get help.

From who? I fired Kepner.

There's no way in hell
I'm putting Meredith on this trial.

Oh, help will show up. Trust me.

It always does.


you're gonna go home,

get some rest.

The work will be here in the morning.

Go. Right now.

Don't worry, Q.

I got your back.

He just went in blind and
he hit the ventricle.

It was the most incredible
thing I have ever seen.


All Sloan taught me today
was how to brine a chicken.

Altman called me a chicken.

What you said to me the other day

was horrible, mean, and...

All right. You're doing it again.

You're like a friggin' mosquito.

Yeah, well, that's all changing.

Lexie, you're leading pre-rounds tomorrow.

Jackson, you're touring med students,

and, Alex, you've got nights
in the E.R. for the next week.

Any of you argue with me,

and I'll take you off
the O.R. board indefinitely.

I, on the other hand,

just got fired from Bailey's trial.

So I'm gonna spend the night

drinking and flirting with boys.

Mnh-mnh. No. We can't do this anymore.

No more sex in the hospital.

You know, I'm chief now.

I have to act like it.

Fine. Whatever.

You... do you want to go get dinner?

Uh, sure.

It's not always easy to speak your mind.

Or we could just go
home and have sex there.

Let's do that. Yeah.

- Okay? Let's do that.
- Okay.

Sometimes you need to be forced to do it.

- Hey.
- You brought pizza?

No. Pizza? I made a coq au vin.

What are you... what...

Wait. No, no, no.

- What are you doing?
- Not my coq au vin!

Mark, I love you.

I love how great
you are with our daughter.

I love that you and Arizona are friends.

But you...

you need to leave, 'cause

tonight I'm gonna eat pizza

and drink beer in bed with my wife

and tell her all about
the neck I just built,

and then we're gonna have
lots and lots of sex.

Okay? We're great parents,

but we're more than just
mommies and daddies.

We are hot and we are sexy,

and your new hobby...

the hollandaise and the short ribs

and the coq au vin...

is getting in the way of our sex lives.

So... please, start having sex again.

Okay? But not tonight.

'Cause tonight, you're babysitting.

Can I at least have some pizza?

That was incredibly hot.

Sometimes it's better

to just keep things to yourself, though.

Play dumb...

I had a good day.

So good, in fact, I wanna break our rule

and tell you about it.

Even when your whole body's
aching to come clean.


Are you sure?

Come here.

- So you shut your mouth...
- Oh.

- Keep the secret...
- Ooh.

And find other ways to
make yourself happy.