Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - What Is It About Men - full transcript

The doctors of Seattle Grace are called upon to man up when a stampede at a comic book convention causes an influx of colorful characters in the ER-blurring the lines of fantasy and reality; Mark shows his softer side with baby Sofia when Arizona and Callie go out of town, but at work he continues to give Jackson a hard time; Ben returns to the ER, only to find that Nurse Eli has moved in on Bailey; and the male doctors bond over their frustrations with women, on a special all-boys episode.

What are you starting with?


Are you doing it open or endoscopically?

You know what? I'm not gonna do this.


You're the one who left neuro.

I know.

Yeah, well, I'm not gonna
do this whole thing

where you're sad about
every case that I have.

I'm not sad.

I'm trying to start a conversation.

Okay, well...

make conversation about something else.

I gotta go.

There are distinct differences...

between male and female brains.

Female brains have a larger hippocampus...

which usually makes them

better at retention and memory.

Okay, I get that you like
to put your dirty clothes

in my laundry because,
frankly, if you didn't,

you'd never have any clean clothes.

Fine. I will wash your dirty underpants.

But you know what?
I am not okay with washing

your skank of the week's dirty underpants.

Male brains have
a bigger parietal cortex...


Which helps when fending off an attack.

Actually, those are... Lexie's.

Thank you.


She w...

Oh, yeah.

Okay. Never mind.

Not Lexie's.

Nope. Lauren, third floor, radiology.

Oh. Nice.

Male brains confront
challenges differently

than female brains.

It's three days. We're gonna be fine.

Bye, mommies.

Have fun at the conference, mommies.

Bye-bye, baby boo.


Just one more kiss.

Go. Come on.

I'm gonna miss you so much.

Bye. Bye.

See ya.


Women are hardwired to
communicate with language...

It's just you and me, kid. High five.


High five.

Dap. Blow it up.



not so much.

It doesn't mean

that we're any less capable of emotion.

We can talk about our feelings.

It's just that...

most of the time...

we'd really rather not.

Great. I come here to eat breakfast,

and it smells like feet.

What's another word for "Crappy"?


Suckity. Stankin'.

Shut up.

You could go with assy also,

or ass-like.

You're ass-like.

No, that toe jam on your feet is ass-like.


- You ever bathe?
- No.

I've got that damn
Africa paper and boards.

Man, fifth year blows.

- Oh.
- Hey.

Chefe. Desculpe-me

You're at the top of
the resident food chain.

The world is your oyster.

Now if you want to waste
your time bitching about it,

that's your business.

Hey, have you heard
anything about anything big

coming in today, like a car accident

or a building collapse?

Chief, are you trolling for cases?

Dude, don't you have a laminectomy

Yeah, but that's a snoozefest.

No, don't you have it now?

Right now.

Oh, damn it.

Shepherd is gonna have my ass. Damn it!

W-wait. Wait. Just tell
him you had an appointment

with Mayfield in 22 and it ran long.

He'll understand.

Yeah. Okay. Thanks, chief.

Mm. Not-not the chief.

Not the chief.

You started? I'm supposed to
be lead surgeon on this case.

You forfeited the right to take lead

by showing up 20 minutes late.

Dr. Warren, when you were a fifth year,

were you late to surgery?

Are you kidding?

He's a professional.

And respectful of my O.R. staff.

Of your attendings.

Definitely my attending.

Dr. Grey was never late.

No. She was many things,
but late was not one of them.

See Karev here is just trying to sock away

as much non-peds hours as possible.

Oh. Slummin' it in neuro, huh?

I'm sorry. I had a... an appointment

with Mayfield in 22.

It went a little long.

- We didn't...
- Oh, well, in that case...

We didn't realize...

Why don't you come in and finish up, then?


Uh, can I get a Kerrison rongeur?


Sloan. Um...

Uh, look, I'm, uh,
I'm... I'm putting the word out.

My case load's been kind
of light these days,

so if you hear of any
red meat on the floor...

Look at him,

acting like he runs the place.


he does.

He's hanging on by his teeth.

It's undignified.

What are you guys looking at?

Hunt's not cut out for the job.

What, did something happen?

Nothing happened.

You can see it in his demeanor.

He's got fear in his eyes.

He's a decorated military officer.

What do you think got to him,
call schedule, lunch order?

I'm just sayin', when he belly flops,

I'm here for the hospital.

You're a good man.

Gentlemen, anything I can do for you?

Just watching the magic.

Actually, I'm glad I ran into you.

I'm gonna need your O.R.

We just a call about a big accident

at the convention center.

So I'm gonna have to bump your,
uh, brow lift.

Did you say big accident?

Watch him.

- How big is big exactly?
- Hard to tell.

All I know is, the paramedics suggested

that we clear as many beds
in the E.R. as possible.

Did they now? Okay,
what else did they say?

Well, to prep the blood bank,

that we're gonna need a lot of blood.

Blood? Blood? Uh, uh,
did they say anything else?

Not much. It was hard to talk.

There was a lot of commotion
in the background,

- you know, some screaming...
- Screaming?

Yeah, screaming.

You know, I don't think I have ever

triaged in a tie before.

- Well, just tuck it in your belt.
- Okay?

I don't know who Mayfield in 22 is,

but that's the first time Shepherd's
been off my back all week.

- Webber knows things.
- The guy is a freakin' genius.

Who's a genius?

Nobody. Um, you look nice today.

Have you heard what's coming in?

Human stampede at a comic convention.

Dr. Hunt.

Which means crush injuries. Lots of them.

I have admin on the phone.
They say it's important.

Okay, I've got an abdominal crush injury.

I'm available.

Oh, I have it, sir.

It's okay, Grey. I don't mind.

I have it. It's too routine for you, sir.

All right, looks like some
lower extremity fractures.

I'll take that for you, chief.

Got another one coming in.

Ooh. Dibs on footprint face.

I got an unconscious sexy zombie nurse.

- I'll take it.
- Oh, no. No, no.

This one is mine!

This is my sexy zombie nurse!

- You hear that?
- Okay.

Bend your knee for me.

Good. Now your ankle.


collector's edition replicas

of the "Doctor who"
TARDIS in original packaging,

signed by Russell T. Davies,

free to the first
15 people through the door,

and I was there,

right in the middle of it.

Your other knee.

I'm never in the middle of anything.


I have battle wounds.

All right. I'm gonna get
you some painkillers,

and then we'll get you up to X-rays.

Oh, god. Okay.


Am I gonna walk again?


I'm just messing with you. You're fine.

Just got a few broken toes, if that.

Just toes?


D-do I at least get a cast for that?

Primary survey looks good.

Okay. Well, this laceration looks deep.

Let's set up a suture kit and 4-0 vicryl.

Right away, doctor.

Ah! Ohh!

This is, um...

Why isn't this bleeding?

What is...

It's fake.

The damn thing is fake.

Ah, never mind.

Moving on to
the laceration on her clavicle.

You gotta be kidding me.

Look, is there any real blood here at all?

- Huh?
- It was crazy.

500 people trying to fit
through this one little door.

Hell, that kid in the borg costume

tripped me on purpose.

They just kept coming and coming,

like they didn't even realize

they were running over a human being.

All right, guys, we got neck tenderness,

so we want to be careful on this.

One, two, three.

The worst part was when Keith's head

got caught on this one guy's costume and...

And it ripped off his ear?

That's bad, isn't it?

How did nobody mention that
your ear is ripped off?

Well, we looked around
on the floor for a while,

but it's probably, like, stuck

to some stormtrooper's boot.

Well, at least we got what we came for.

We got a TARDIS.


I got a TARDIS.

You broke seven toes, but really five

'cause pinkie toes barely count.

So we're just gonna tape 'em
up and get you outta here.


I survive a human stampede,

and all I get is tape?

I'll throw in some crutches.

You don't look like
you've got great balance.

What are you supposed to be anyway?

I'm a hobbit.

We're a gentle folk

from a farming community called the shire.

It's in the northwest
corner of middle earth.

We live a... simple life,

but we crave... adventure.

And when we find it,

some become heroes.

The Dothraki princess.

Yeah. I stopped caring
about ten minutes ago.

No. That-that doctor
over there looks just like

the Dothraki princess

from the legendary
"Song of ice and fire" series.

Not her hair, but her-her-her skin

and her eyes, and...

Oh, oh, god. Oh, god. Here she comes.


You have nerd chub for Kepner?


Karev, trauma room, now.


Give me my TARDIS!

It's not yours! I fought for it!

I lost an ear for it!

Karev. Please.

- No, he's stealing my TARDIS!
- Let's go.

- Just stop him.
- Mr. Hitchens,

your ear has lost all of
its soft tissue, but...

We'll be able to construct
an entirely new ear.

We'll take cartilage from
your ribs and match it

to the exact size and shape
of your existing ear.

It's a long process,

but when we're finished,
that ear will look good.

Anything you want to add, Avery?

No. You covered it.

Mr. Hitchens,

what are you feeling right now?

Hurt, betrayed.

Anything in your legs?



All right. He needs an M.R.I.

Right away, okay?

You paged. What's going on?

Dr. Warren's resident punctured the dura

of your patient from this morning

during what should have
been a routine epidural.

Okay, first of all, there's no such thing

as anything routine after
a patient's had surgery.

And you have no right
to yell at my resident.

There was spinal fluid all over her bed.

How is the patient?

Just checked on her.
She's stable and pain free.

Your resident was sloppy and rushed.

You have no idea how
difficult epidurals can be.

- Because I'm a nurse?
- Watch your tone with me.

Or what? What are you gonna do?

Okay, okay, done. Break it up.

Walk away. We're done.

Walk away.

Walk away.

I get why you're mad at the guy,

but if you're gonna have
a fight about Bailey,

do it on your own time.

Fight about Bailey?

Wait. No.

No, B-Bailey... Bailey's with him?!

I should go.

Like they went to dinner
once or twice or...

- You really don't want to know.
- Shepherd.

Like don't go into the conference room

on eight or nine without knocking.

- Oh, come on.
- You asked.

Does she talk about him?

Yeah, she said his hands
have a kind of tenderness,

uh, some kind of magic.

You're an ass.

Don't yell at my nurses, even the men.

Sure. Just drop a bomb and walk away.

Walk away!

Uh, okay, what's next?

- Sign these?
- Mm-hmm.

And these.

And this needs to be in by this afternoon.

Well, I will look at that
right now. Thank you.


All right.

Coming through!

Code blue in 32-12.

Code blue, 32-12.

Hey, Avery, check this out.


C-6 is totally shattered.

I know.

I used to eat my lunch here, too.


Helps break up the day and
gets you outta the office

and let's you feel like
you're still in the action.


Is there something you might need me for?

Oh, oh, no, no.

I'm just cutting through on
my way to the skills lab.


Actually, um...

You gonna eat those grapes?

How are the scans?

He's got a burst fracture of C-6

so we need to do
discectomies above and below.

I thought I'd put in
a fibular graft and a plate.

Sounds like a good plan.

You think since
I'm operating in two places,

that this could count
as two neurosurgeries?

Because you need to log
more non-peds surgeries?

- Yeah.
- That's your question?

Young man's spine is pulverized.

You blink once, he may never walk again.

You don't want to talk
to me about the surgery?

You want to ask to see if
you can get two gold stars

- instead of one?
- No, I...

Just get outta here.
You're off my service.


Shepherd just kicked me off neuro

'cause I don't piss myself
every time I look at a spine.

The guy is a douche.

His wife was his resident,
and now he's got you.

Tough act to follow.

Sorry, chief.

I'm not the chief.

We're practicing microsurgery techniques.

Not for snacking.

You know, you two need to find a way

to start feeling the joy again.

I mean, there's gonna come a time

when you're gonna be wishing
you were fifth year again

just to get back in the O.R.
and get your hands dirty.

You'll operate on a grape

just so you'll keep from getting rusty.

You're in the O.R. all the time.

To supervise, sure.

They'll bring me in on
a really complicated part.

But I never open, I never close.

Is this a technique I could
use on an ear reconstruction?

Yeah, now you see there?

Avery's starting to feel the joy.

Pull up a grape.

- Yes.
- Please.

Sloan won't let him touch an instrument.

He barely lets him finish a sentence.

At least he lets me in the O.R.

Can I get you a grape?

Thanks, but Robbins says
she's kicking me to the curb

if I don't publish.

I gotta do my damn Africa paper.


He's not feeling the joy.


Now you see this, how I'm doing it here?

Wow. That bad, huh?

I'm completely buried in paperwork.

I'm chained to this damned desk.

Finish your drink. Let's get outta here.

And go where?

Just finish your drink.

I don't understand.

Your contractor doesn't care

that you're building this deck yourself?

Well, I wouldn't say that,

but he does work for me.

If I didn't have this...
I'd kill my resident.


Ah, he's just not interested.

The vertebral column was wide open,

perfect view of the cord...

It's beautiful. He just could care less.

He's just punching a time clock.

He's not Meredith.

No, he's not.

You know, when you quit as chief,

I thought you were out of your mind.

Now not so much?

Is it me or is everyone in the hospital

just waiting for me to fall on my face?

Oh, no. We all got money on it.

I got you down for $100

that you make it at least
six months, so buck up.

I've been walking on
eggshells at home for weeks.

I used to come to work to
let off steam, and now...

that's become a nightmare, too.

And then dada used

5-0 monocryl inside the big man's nose,

and poof!

Like magic, there was no scar at all.

We're fine, just like
we were 20 minutes ago

and 20 minutes before that.

Are you gonna keep this up all three days?

Because it got old hours ago.

Oh, god.

Mark? Mark?

Are you there?

Guess who just rolled
over for the first time.


Hunt told me I could take his chair.

Sofia rolled off the sofa last night,

and she hasn't cried since.
Something's wrong.

Yeah, I'm not a pediatrician. Sorry.

If I tell anyone in peds,
they'll call Arizona.

Yeah, I got a paper to write.

You drop what you're doing right now

by the time I count to three,
or I will end you.

One, two...

All right, the residents'
lounge needs a new couch.

Make sure that gets there.

And let's see if the nurses' station

on the third floor could use this desk.

- Mm-hmm. Okay.
- Thank you.

I know. I know what you're thinking,

and no,

as much as you might want me to,
I am not resigning.

I'm just getting rid of a few things

that I don't feel I need to be chief.

And you can say what you want about how

I'm gonna need my office or need my desk.

I say you're wrong.

I say my office can be
wherever I am. Okay?

The procedure went well,

but your spine is still very fragile.

Good news. We found the ear.

I found it.

Uh, I went back to the convention center,

stayed there all night,
looking through dumpsters and trash.

But guess where it was.

The lost and found,
hooked on to some crazy helmet.

Where's my TARDIS?


How about a "Thank you,
Greg, for finding my ear"

"in the trash"?

I don't care about my ear.
I care about the TARDIS.

We care about the ear, Keith.

Keith, try not to move, okay?


Can you at least...

keep it in the living
room so I can look at it?


Oh, my god. You sold it, didn't you?

- You sold it?!
- No!


I'll stabilize his neck.

- All right, move your fingers for me.
- Aah!

- Your toes.
- Aah!

- Is he okay?
- Move your toes.

- Is he okay?
- I don't know.

- Aah!
- His lower extremities just went limp.

Keith, try and move your
feet for me, please.

Now wiggle your toes.

She's usually a lot more alert than this.

I sat up with her all night,

checking to make sure
she was still breathing.

Maybe the reason she's not alert

is because you kept her up all night.

What's that?

Right there. See that?

Yeah. It's a perfectly healthy brain

of a perfectly healthy baby

who didn't need a C.T. scan.

The baby's fine. I'm going now.

Yeah, there's the tiger.

Ooh, there's the tiger.

The guy threw a beer bottle at me.

Who throws bottles at people's heads?


W-why are you back?

The nurse says you think
I missed something.

Get off me!

You stupid kids with
your idiot convention!

Every year, you line up on my lawn,

block my driveway.

It's my property, got it?!

- Sir! Sir!
- I'm gonna have you arrested!

You threw a bottle at me!

Sir, get back in the gurney right now!

I need you back in the gurney. Thank you.

Bed six, please.

You're here to see Kepner again.

Uh, no. I'm here for an exam. I feel sick.

Look, why don't I give her your number,
you get outta here,

you give her a call, get your geek on?

Oh, no. I could never...

No, trust me. You two have
more in common than you think.

Couldn't you just admit me
as a patient for the day?

It's not gonna happen.

But what if my foot was
hurting, or my leg?

I'm not giving up a bed for
a stalker with fake symptoms.

Forget it.

I have chest pains,

which means you... you have to admit me

and keep me for observation, right?

Keith reinjured his spine,
creating an epidural bleed

that needs to be addressed
as soon as possible.

So does the ear.

His ear is cosmetic.
The bleed could leave him paralyzed.

The ear's been detached for over 20 hours.

If we don't reattach it soon,
it won't be viable at all.

Are you going in through
the front of the neck

- To get to the spine?
- Yes.

So the patient will be
on his back already.

Why don't we insert
the ear into the abdomen?

Keep it viable with
the blood supply there,

let you operate on the spine.

Take it out tomorrow, reattach it.

Good idea.

Really good idea.

Shep, you need me?

Oh, yes.

So I...

Just swung by your office,
and you weren't there.

Neither was any of your furniture.

My office is where I am.

You're really taking this

"Not being chained behind your desk"
thing seriously.

Mm. You find a new resident yet?

I might have a candidate.

By the way, my contractor called.

The lumber for the deck is in.

I'm there. I get the power saw.

Yeah, that's what real pain feels like.

You, uh, think she's okay
over there with that guy?

- She's fine.
- Get off of me!

Sir, if you do not calm down,

- we will have to restrain you.
- Uh, are you...

- Oh, I'm leaving.
- Are you sure she's okay?

- Now!
- Ah!

Call security!

- Sir. Sir.
- What the hell?

- I have to protect my house!
- Oh, god. He's hulking out.


Give me 5 of haloperidol I.M.

I have to protect my house!

Can we get some help?!

- Uh, hey. Uh, hey.
- Get off me!

- Uh, somebody, they-they need
some help over there.
- I said no!

- Get off of me!
- You've gotta hold him still!

I'm trying!

We are a gentle folk...

- Aah!
- Who crave adventure.

We are a gentle folk who crave adventure.

When we find it, we become...

- Aah! Heroes.
- I can't be here!

Someone stop him!

Excuse me, uh, sir.

You need to calm down right now and stop...

Screw you!

- Where is he?
- Around the corner.

Book O.R. two for a possible
concussion and a broken jaw.

We have a patient with a broken jaw?

- We're about to.
- I'm on it.

Is it true, did you punch a guy?

Shep, I need a neuro consult.

Why, because you punched a guy?

What's this I hear about
you punching a guy?

All right, yes, I punched a patient

who was endangering
the safety of my nurses,

my residents, and other patients.

You know you're the chief
not the sheriff, right?

The scan is clear.

Thank you, all of you, really.

All right.

Yeah, somebody paged me?

This is Carter.

He just got into a fight
with a guy twice his size.

There's a lot of blood
in the peritoneal cavity

and a splenic laceration.

Well, this could take a while to fix.

Well, you said you wanted to
get your hands dirty, so...

Yeah. Okay, now where do
you think you're going?

Oh, I don't need trauma hours.

I need, uh, neuro hours
and to finish my paper.

No, you're not going anywhere.

Boki, you still have my
playlist on rotation?

Well, crank it up.

I had a meeting in
the conference room on nine.

Great deal of difficulty concentrating.

You asked.

Yeah, but you knew
I didn't really want to know

and you told me anyway
because you enjoy my pain.

Well, next time, you won't ask.

You have a reputation
for being a nice person.

I think it's a load of crap.

You know what? I'm building a deck.

Why don't you come by tonight,
take it out on the deck?

That work for you, hitting things?

Doesn't hurt.

You know, before you
insert that ear, Avery,

why don't you move over
and let me show you

that trick for creating
a subcutaneous pocket?

You showed me that last week, twice.

And now I'm gonna show you again.

Where's your resident, anyway?

Don't tell me he's late for
an epidural decompression.


Ever decompress a spinal hematoma before?

I've seen one on a video, yeah.

Great. Do this one.

- What?
- What?

I'm right here if you need me.

Start with the, uh, Leksell,

work your way down through
the bone to the dura.

- Okay.
- Okay?

Hard for you to see what I'm doing, Avery,

from all the way over there.

Well, I figured you could spare
him since his hands are free.

Excellent control with
the epidural vein, Avery.

I'm surprised you never considered neuro.

I was hoping you'd consider

letting me create
the pocket myself next time.

Shepherd let you touch a vertebra,

now you're ready to rebuild
a face by yourself?


I just want a chance to try to practice

your surgical trick

on something other than fruit.

You're not ready. That's why
you're working on fruit.

When you're done maiming fruit,
we'll talk about it.

Everything okay?

This may be out of line,

but is there any way I can
come over to your place

and hammer something?

I like your initiative, Avery.

So the wiseass from legal tells me

I need to apologize to the drunk

who tore up my E.R.

She wasn't ready for a relationship,

and now she's in one.

Right. So where is the accountability?

That's what I want to know. What the...

You guys always get worked up like this?

You should give it a try.

No. I'm good.

Just... hammering.


Thanks for this, by the way.

I know Sloan's my boss,
and he's your friend.

I wouldn't want to overstep.

Not that I ever get a chance

to overstep with him.

Since he has me on training wheels,

which is fine most days, except...

when I get home, and it turns
out that my girlfriend,

who is a fourth year,
has done more surgery than me.

Then she asks me how my day went,

and the answer is, "Great, sweetheart."

"I just spent the last
nine hours standing around"

"watching your ex operate."


I know you feel you have
somewhere better to be right now,

but you don't.

I just want to finish my paper, sir.

Mm. It all falls away...

the research, the tests, the papers.

We do it to get to this.


Adele does that.


She "Uh-huhs" me.

Every night when I fill her in on my day,

she nods and gives me a lot of "Uh-huhs."

But I can tell that she's uncomfortable

because half the time,

she can't remember where I work.

And it makes her nervous when I say

I'm cutting people open.

Sometimes you can't see
the joyful part of your life

until it's over.

This is it, Karev.

It's right now.

You're in it.

Oh, he's bottoming out.

Grab the hilum and hold pressure
so I can get a better look.

Okay, I'm on it.

All right.

Trying to ligate the artery and...

Damn it! It's retracting. Come on, Carter.

Come on!

Let's see if that'll hold.


Vitals stabilized.

Feeling the joy yet?

I'm feeling it, sir.

Hey. I'm heading up to the lab.

Webber's gonna show me
his signature stitch.

- You want to come?
- Crap.

I'm supposed to help Bailey
and April with a skills lab

for the first years right now.

Grow a pair, bitch boy.

Hey, come on, Avery. Let's go.


I forgot, I have an appointment.


An appointment? What appointment?


Uh, with Mayfield

in 22.

Oh. Okay.

Um, that... sure. Yeah, that...

That-that's fine.

Right... right, Dr. Bailey?

Some things, Avery,
I just don't need to know.


Deck tonight?

Uh, wouldn't miss it.

We still on for the A.V.M. tomorrow?

Yes. Absolutely.


I finished... 19 pages.

Oh, well done.

Hey, hand it over.

Oh, no. It's not ready for anyone to...

Hey, uh, dude, give that back.

Oh, you're gonna fight the chief?

You're not the chief.

Once you're the president,
you're always Mr. President.

Now Shepherd wants me on his surgery,

which is great,

obviously, but I'm supposed
to be in surgery with Sloan

at the same time.

How am I supposed to choose?

Who do you want to work with more?

I dig plastics,

but I'd like to actually
be able to operate.

Well, you're choosing between
two world-class surgeons.

This is not a problem.

It is a privilege. Embrace it.

Yeah, feel the joy.

Look at you.

Hey, how'd you get out of
your skills lab with Bailey?

Oh. Mayfield excuse.

You used the Mayfield excuse on Bailey?

Yes, sir.

I know, right?


You... with Bailey?

You want a grape?

What happened?

Well, you must have run
the C.T. wrong or something,

because it's been over 27 hours,

and she still hasn't cried yet.

Something's wrong.

You want to know why
your kid isn't crying?

Because she likes you.

You're a good dad. She's happy.

You want to see her cry?


Now she's crying.

Shh. It's okay.

It's okay.

They look happy.

Yeah, they do.

Guess I'll be seeing you
at the deck tonight.

The guy was twice my size.

What was I thinking? I'm an idiot.

Or a hobbit.


That's what you said, right?

When hobbits find adventure,
they become heroes.

You stepped up.

All right, so you got
flattened by a giant.

It's still cool.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

All right.


All you have to do is say hi.

Let her do the rest.

Wait. Wait. Hang on.


Thank you for what you did,

s-standing up to that guy the other day.

That was so brave.

I was a hobbit.



Uh, I'm not really familiar with hobbits,

but anyway, that...

Okay. Thank you. Bye.

What ever happened to just saying hi?

Not familiar with hobbits?

They're only the central figures

in one of the most famous
pieces of literature in history,

not to mention the subject

of one of the highest-grossing
film franchises ever,

but, okay, not familiar with hobbits.




You get that ear prepped yet?

I may...

Have to scrub out of your rhinoplasty

just a little...
just a little early tomorrow

if that's okay.

You're in my light.

Uh, last night, Shepherd asked me

to scrub in on his A.V.M. surgery,

which is a big opportunity for me,

because he's gonna... he's gonna
let me take the lead, so...

Last night?


You were with Shepherd last night? Where?

Oh, just...


- Hmm?
- At his deck.

At his deck?


You're right.

Taking the lead on a surgery
is a big opportunity

you should not pass up.

That's why...

I'd like you to take the lead now.

Sew this guy's ear back on by yourself.

Thank you.

Don't screw it up.

Hello. I'm Dr. Hunt.

I am the surgeon who
repaired your broken jaw.

I am also the guy who broke it.

Uh, it's wired shut right now so, uh,

I'll do the talking.

Now they want me to come down here

and apologize to you,

and I want to make something...

quite clear.

I feel good about what I did.

Now I reviewed the security tape,

and I easily prevented

half a dozen people being injured by you.

You assaulted a girl

with a beer bottle.

You attacked hospital staff.

You put a man on the critical list.

You were violent and abusive

in front of dozens of witnesses,

and I will stand up in any court of law

and say just that.

I do not apologize for
things I feel good about,

and I feel good about this.


if you want to sue,

you sue.

And good luck with your recovery.

Take a look.

Dr. Jason Mayfield E.D. specialist?

Room 22.

Mayfield in 22.

You told Bailey you had
erectile dysfunction.

You told Shepherd.

Oh, hey, Karev. There you are.

Just read your paper.

Excellent first draft.

Oh, uh, and, uh...

don't hang out by Mayfield.

People get the wrong idea.


Ah, this looks fantastic, Keith.

You should have very minimal scarring.

- Oh. Go away.
- No.

Sorry? I've got a bad ear.
Pretty sure I didn't hear that right.

Okay, yeah, I sold the TARDIS.

But as your friend,
I'm gonna be honest with you.

It was the right thing to do.

Our place is crammed with
all that stuff you collect.

You spend all your money on it.

You're broke.

And do you have any idea how many
medical bills you're about to have?

That TARDIS was worth cash...

real actual cash... that you don't have.

So, yeah, I am sorry that
I sold your precious TARDIS.

I am.

But I did it for you.

Who'd you sell it to, anyway?

The guy with the comic store.

The one in San Diego.


I hate that guy.

How much did you get for it?


Well, he ripped you off.

What's wrong with you?

The chief beat the crap out of my paper.

I basically have to start all over.

I can't believe this.

I am back where I started three days ago...

No paper, no neuro cases.

I mean, it sucks.

Grab your coat.

This is a bad idea.

Shepherd hates me.

I hate the woods.

You know there are bears out here?

I hope you don't mind.

I-I brought Karev.

Fifth year is really kicking my ass.

I mean, it's no excuse, all right?

But I didn't mean to be
disrespectful or whatever.

Also, I lied about Mayfield,
just to be clear.


You're trying to steal my guy.

He's my guy. Avery, go get in the car.

- What?
- No. Mark...

You've been moving in on him all week.

You weren't even interested in him
till you saw how much he meant to me.

I don't take the time to teach
anyone if I can help it.

- Mark...
- But I'm taking the time with Avery

because he's a quick learner

and he can do a z-plasty better
than I could at his level.

I can?

Hey, hey, don't do that.

Don't-don't just yell at me,
then walk away.

I'm not. It's just,
Sofia likes it if I'm moving.

You guys talk. I'll take the baby.

Okay, careful. We had a scare this week.

Okay. All right.


Thank you.

Avery, go get in the car!

How are you tonight?

You good?

You want to come and
sit with me? Here we go.

We're just gonna sit right here

and have a look at
the little tree up there.

Friends don't steal from each other.

It's not stealing if he asks
to scrub in on my surgery.

Oh, don't be a jackass.

All right, look.

I appreciate this, I do,

but if I have to choose,
I choose plastics.

I mean, I really appreciate being able
to take the lead on your neurosurgeries,

- but I feel like...
- You using my boy here to get more surgery?

Nobody uses my boy.

Why are we the only ones with hammers?

I'm getting a beer.

Be a man.

People say it all the time.

You want to play with the truck?

You can touch the truck.

But what does that even mean?


Dinner's ready.

Is it about strength?

We're gonna sing a song

and look at the tree.

Are you tired?

You're tired.


Is it about sacrifice?

What do you think they're talking about?

My guess?

Which one of 'em gets to take you to prom.

Is it about winning?

Maybe it's simpler than that.

You're not getting laid.

That's why you have this
sudden interest in education.

When Richard asked you
who should be the next chief...

did my name come up?

You just had a baby.
You don't want to be chief.

And he didn't ask me.

What if he'd asked?

You just had a baby.

You know, a few weeks ago...

I knew exactly how the next
ten years would play out...

work, family...

and, uh, then...

I lost the trial, baby...

blacklisted by the FDA, and Meredith...

Some days, I miss her so much,
I don't know if I'm gonna make it.

You have to know when not to man up.

Did you tell Hunt any of this?

I did not.

Just checking.

I think Sofia needs a change.


I'll tell you what else you don't know,

is how to build a deck.

This thing isn't level.

I gotta call my contractor.

Sometimes it takes a real
man to set his ego aside,

admit defeat, and simply...

start all over again.