Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 14 - All You Need Is Love - full transcript

On Valentine's Day Lexie volunteers to watch Zola for Meredith and Derek; Callie plans an evening for Arizona; and Ben shows Bailey how much he cares. Meanwhile, Christina and Owen drift ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a baby in the bed.

I know
there's a baby in the bed.

There's no baby in the shower.

There is no baby in the shower.

All right.

There's a baby
in the shower, too.

Oh, come on.
Just look the other way.

I can't do it
in front of the duckies.

Yes, you can. Do it
in front of the duckies.

Oh, no. Come on.

Where are we gonna go now?

Okay, stop saying that.



Good morning.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, I'm watching
a pyeloplasty.

I can rewind it back to
the beginning if you'd like.

No, let's go.


- Hey, listen for the baby.
- What?

- 20 minutes.
- Okay.

Don't! Don't! Don't!

Stop, Derek.

- Ow. Ow. That...
- What?

- Let's just try to move the seat back.
- Okay.

Okay, okay, okay.

- Is that better?
- Yeah.

- Oh, good. Come here.
- Okay.

I'm sorry, but she woke up,

and she seemed like
she wanted you guys.

But don't worry.
She didn't see anything.

We're never gonna
have sex again, are we?

Aw. Happy Valentine's day.

- Mm.
- Mm.

Okay, baby.

There we go.


Well, listen,
I can babysit tonight

if you guys need some time
to... yourselves.

'Cause I have, uh, no plans
'cause my life is empty.

I'm alone with no plans
whatsoever, at all.

That's great.

So did you, um,
did you make a reservation

somewhere beautiful
with lots of flickery candles?

I made a plan.
I think you'll like it.

- You should pack a bag.
- Oh, wow.

Overnight? Oh, gosh.
Well, what about Sofia?

Mark got a sitter.

He'll be home at 11:00,
and then he's got her.

All right.
Well, what should I bring?

Um, a bathing suit?

Or I don't know,
what are we talking here?

Uh, no bathing suit.
Boots wouldn't hurt.

All right. So cold.

Could be.

Wouldn't hurt to bring
long underwear,

extra fleece.

- Yeah. Hey, don't make that face.
- No.

- It will be fun.
- Mm.

Yeah. Romantic.

There are times in our lives

when love really does conquer all...


Sleep deprivation...


And then there are those times

when it seems like love
brings us nothing...

But pain.

Uh, tonight is still gonna
work out, right?

Of course it is.
We have a plan.

- I'm just saying...
- Here you go.

You cancel a lot,

because of the scalpels
and cutting people open.

Look, I was promised
an elegant dinner.

I rearranged my whole schedule.

I've got high heels
in the back of my car.

I'm gonna spend all day
thinking about 'em.

Is it camping?

I mean, does she think
I'm going camping

on Valentine's day?
- I don't know.

Well, she's trying to
surprise me. I'm telling you,

the surprise is gonna be,

I'm gonna leave her
on the side of a mountain.

I mean, do you think
camping is sexy?

It's not sexy.

You can't take a baby camping.
Sofia's gonna hate it.

What d... y-you're getting
a sitter.

Callie said
you're getting a sitter.

Yeah, Callie also said
you were going camping.

- Callie's lost her mind.
- Thank you.

Ugh. Really, it's camping?

I don't know, but it's
your night with Sofia.

Ugh. Well, I need
to have sex with my wife,

apparently in the woods
on cold, hard ground.

And you promised Callie
a sitter, so get a sitter.

Come on. This thing with Julia
is young and fragile.

There's a lot of pressure.
I got us a table at campo's.

Mm. Well, then you better
find a sitter.

I have plans.

I got a hot date.

Our... our thing is...
is young and fragile, too.

We're gonna get
a zillion valen-traumas.

I bet a few of them will be
good surgeries for our boards.

Well, it's not
St. Patty's day.

- Those are good traumas...
car crashes, bar brawls.
- Yeah.

Yeah, Valentine's day is all
swallowed engagement rings

and guys who threw out
their backs getting laid.

You're just bitter
'cause you don't have a date.

First of all,
Valentine's day isn't for

having a date with some chick.
- Mm-hmm.

No, it's for macking the chicks
who don't have dates.

Besides, I have to study
for my boards.

You studying already?

Of course. You're not?

No, I am.

Who put up all this?

I did.

Well, research shows
that a cheerful environment

reduces stress and helps
patients to feel more...



I have to get that baby
out of my bed.

She's ruining my sex life.

Yeah, well,
mine's already dead.

He's gonna leave me.

- He won't.
- Yeah, he will. He is.

I mean, I know it.
And you know what?

I don't care.

You know, if he wants to leave,
if he wants to hate me,

then fine.
I can't make someone stay.

Well, you could kinda
beg him to stay.

Oh, I'm busy.

I'm focused.
I'm a surgeon.

Well, everyone's a surgeon.
That doesn't mean...

it does.
For me, it does.

I'm brilliant.
I'm gifted.

I-I don't beg.

You know, if he wants to go,
then fine.

I'm good.

Hey, have you guys started
studying for your boards?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Why?

Yeah. Cool. Me... me, too.

I need labs in bed six.

About time, Grey.
Bed three.


Well, anything for me?

Six weeks of headaches,
like blinding.

We were in here last week.

They did a brain scan,
but they didn't find anything.

Said it was probably a migraine,
but the pills don't help at all.

Janell, can you rate
your pain for me

on a scale of 1 to 10?

Uh, this morning,
it was, like, an 11.

But now it's more like a...



Janell? Can you hear me?

Does this happen a lot?

Yeah. She just shuts down

'cause the pain's too much
or something.

Uh, we need an E.E.G
over here.

And let's page Shepherd.
Quickly, please.

- Right away.
- This isn't a migraine, right?

No, it's not a migraine.
She's having a seizure.

I have been off of

Dr. Altman's service now
for two weeks.

I stepped over a line.
You reprimanded me.

Continuing to punish me is...


You're on her service.

Get down!

Look out!

What was that?!

Is everybody okay?!

Are you okay?

- I need a hand over here.
- Yes.

- You sure?
- Does anybody need some help?


I don't know what
happened! I just walked in here!

Airway seems fine,
but he's got some J.V.D.

He's tachycardic
with muffled heart sounds.

What happened?

Sir, you're at Seattle Grace
Mercy West Hospital.

Your van crashed.

No one was hurt, but we need
to get you examined. Come on.

I must have fallen asleep
at the wheel for a second.

I've been working
like a dog all week.

Oh, God. No, no, no.
I-I gotta go. I...

sir, relax, relax.
Just lie down.

No, I have to go.
I'm a florist.

These roses won't last
in the open air.

- They're gonna wilt.
- Sir.

Sir, you need to calm down.
We're gonna get you out of here.

in-line stabilization.

We need to get trauma labs,
films, and ultrasound.

- Make sure that C.T. is available,
and Page Altman.
- Right away, doctor.

She's not responding to
the seizure medication, Randy.

She is in serious danger of
suffering severe brain damage,

which is why I'd like to place
her in a medically induced coma.

A-a coma?
What do you mean?

Basically, a deep sleep
to prevent the seizures

from damaging her brain.

It will also buy us some time

so we can figure out
what's causing them.

She just turned 32.

We've never talked about
medical decision-type stuff.

Well, every seizure Janell has

hurts her brain
a little bit more.

We need to do this now.

Oh, God. Yeah.
Please do it.

- Okay.
- Do it, please.

Push 150 milligrams
of propofol.

Call respiratory
while I prep for intubation.

Kepner, forget the flowers.

Throw them out
and get back to work.

We've got more people
coming in.


You're not throwing
those flowers away?

But... but he...

he doesn't need to know.

Throwing away
perfectly good flowers.

Everyone's a cynic
these days...

Talking about not believing
in Valentine's day.

I mean, what's wrong with a day

devoted to the person you love?

I take this day very seriously.

I know you do.
Happy anniversary, sir.

Mm. Thank you,
Dr. Grey.

I'm heading home early,

try and spend most
of the day with my wife.

W-what about you?
You hitting the town?

I'm not hitting
much of anything these days.

Oh, God. I'm sorry.

That was crass.

I'm h... uh, uh, have
no Valentine's plans.

What the hell was I thinking?

I should've listened to my mom.

I used to be young!
I used to be pretty!

I have wasted
my entire youth on you!

Charlie Bilson, 32,
hit by a car

when he ran head-on
into traffic.

- Complains of chest and back pain.
- I thought it would happen!
How stupid could I be?

- Has abdominal tenderness on palpation.
- How stupid?!

And it looks like
a broken nose.

I cannot believe you did this!

Okay, if you hadn't
made me chase you down...

you should not have chased me.
You shouldn't have bothered,

because it's over.

- This is over.
- What happened?

We're having breakfast in bed.
One second, you're so happy...

I thought you were
going to propose!

Well, what do you think?

Well, she's wheezing,
but we'll treat that.

You're gonna be
just fine, uh...

Clementine. Uh, I think
the kids call her clem.

You're not the mom?

She's on her way.
She was at the gym.

I'm just the moron that bought
the box of peanut clusters

for the kid
who's allergic to nuts.

My son wanted to give her
a Valentine.

She took a bite,
and this happened.

I'm... I'm gonna start you
on a breathing treatment.

And then I'm gonna give you
an I.V. with medicine

to treat the rash, okay?

- Okay.
- All right.


If it hurts,
you can squeeze my hand,

hard as you want.

Okay, clem, here we go.


One, two...

Three. Okay.


Honestly, those little boxes?

They taunt me, Charlie.

I would rather
a nice coffee table book

or maybe even a mug,

because then at least
I wouldn't get my hopes up

every freakin' Valentine's day

when you pull out
the little velvet box.

You didn't even look
at the necklace.

I didn't have to.
It wasn't a ring.

Oh, that's a...

Pretty nasty cut there.

Dr. Grey.

You want to take a look?


Come with me.

A man should get to bleed
in peace.



I was trying to figure out

why this patient's
having seizures

when I noticed she has
a hemolytic anemia.

Uh, which means she's having
an autoimmune response.

Right. If antibodies are
attacking her red blood cells,

who's to say that antibodies
couldn't be attacking her brain,

causing the encephalitis?

Oh, and it's not a brain tumor.

That's why you paged me.

Well, yeah, and I thought
we could spend

Valentine's day together.

Uh, you may not have
Valentine's day plans,

but I do, Grey,

plans that I am not willing
to forfeit.

So here's how this
is going to go...

in a timely
and efficient manner,

you and I will rule out
everything that could be

causing this woman's body
to attack itself,

virus by virus, tumor by tumor,

until we land on
the one thing...

- It's a teratoma.
- What?

I sent off Janell's C.S.F.
from her spinal tap

for anti-n. M.D.A. receptor

and it just came back positive.

Show off.

Let's get a scan.

Is this our flower guy?

Yeah. He has an intrapericardial
diaphragmatic hernia.

Whoa. How did
his abdominal organs

get into the sac
around his heart?

Uh, his chest hit
the wheel when he crashed.

Well, I'm gonna
have to reduce the hernia.

Book an O.R.

Bump any nonemergent patients,

and find someone
to scrub in with me.

Dr. Hunt has agreed to let me
back on your service,

so I can scrub in with you.


We need to get
in there and do the repair

before he tamponades,

so we should move
as quickly as possible.

Like I'm ever anything but.

You must think
I'm such a bitch.


It's been eight years,

and it's... it's...
every Valentine's day,

the buildup gets worse.

This morning he wakes me up,
and breakfast in bed,

and then he tells me,
he booked dinner

and a nice hotel at the pier,

and then he pulls out
another cheap ass necklace.

Eight years.

We're not exactly teenagers.

Mm. Maybe he doesn't know
how much you want it.

We go to 20 weddings a year,

and I sob like a lunatic
at every one.

I'm not that sentimental.

He knows.

He knows.

C.T. shows extensive
internal bleeding.

He's also hypotensive.

We have to get him
up to the O.R. now.

What... what's going on?
What's happening?

We're taking your fiance
to surgery.

He is not her fiance.


Yeah, watch the...

Oh, sorry. Sorry.

So anybody got any good
Valentine's plans?

My husband died

in this O.R. a month ago.

Dr. Yang performed
the surgery.

I was in a 7-hour surgery

and didn't know
that he had died.

Dr. Hunt kept that a secret.

So I don't speak to him.

He wants a baby.

Dr. Yang doesn't.

So they don't speak
to each other

even though they're married.



How about you?

Um, my girlfriend and I
are gonna...



We think this thing
on Janell's lung

is something called a teratoma.

It's creating antibodies
that are attacking her brain.

Well, I don't get it.

Basically, her body sees
the tumor as an invader

and is attacking it,

and her brain is getting hurt
in the crossfire.

So this thing on her lung
is causing her seizures?

I think so.

We'll have to remove it
and test it to make sure.

O-okay, so you take it out,
her headaches stop,

and she wakes up from the coma,

and we get to go on
to live our lives?

That's the plan.


We've known each other
since high school.

She's my better half.

I mean, I know people
always say that...

But she really is.

You paged me for this?

Why would I do this?

Because it's fair.

Because the three of us
are equal parents to Sofia

and this is the fair way
to decide who stays in with her.


Unless you'd rather raise her

with no sense of fairness
or decency...

In anarchy and chaos.

Your call.

Okay. Fine.

- Best two out of three?
- Best two out of three.

You ready?

Rock, paper, scissors.

Rock, paper, scissors.

- Ha! My rock...
- Oh!

Crushes your scissors.

Rock... hold on, hold on.

Time-out? I'm sorry,
time-o... time-out?

Jackson, team huddle.

Oh, my gosh.
Are you guys kidding me?

I mean, some of us
have surgeries.

Can you just give us a second?

What do you think?

I think she's going paper.

She's going with rocks.

I'm thinking
she's a rock thrower.

Yeah, that's what she
wants you to think. All right?

That's why she did it
two times in a row.

This time, trust me...
Go scissors.

Okay, you guys,
it's not a chess game.

- Can we just... can we do this?
- Get out there.


All right.

Here we go.

Rock, paper, scissors.

- No!
- Oh, yes!

Damn it!

I'm getting lucky tonight.
Happy babysitting.

See you later.

- All right.
- Avery, I said rocks.

My gut told me rocks.

- You messed with my head.
- You asked my opinion.

Julia's gonna kill me.

She's having a severe reaction.
Sorry, clem.

It looks like we're gonna
have to give you a shot.

- Okay.
- Hand?

Yes, please.

Excuse me.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh, clem.

Oh, honey.

You poor thing.

- Hi, mom.
- She's gonna be fine.

The doctor's gonna
give her a shot.

He's on top of it.

- Well, I'm glad someone is.
- I didn't know.

The school sends home notes
all the time.

It's in every newsletter.

She can't even be near
peanut butter.

I have a job, Terri, okay?
Three kids.

Excuse me if I don't read every
note the school sends home.

I gave her a shot
of epinephrine.

It should do the trick.

He's hypothermic.

There's too much bleeding.

He's not gonna make it
if we keep going.

Let's pack him and get him
up to I.C.U.

To stabilize him.

I am not babysitting.

I have made your career,

and I can break it.

I need to check for
a septal hematoma.

I'll be quick.
I got a date tonight.

What makes you think
I could babysit?

Well, you know C.P.R.,
you can think on your feet,

you're fit,

you can run out of
a burning building in no time.

Septum looks fine.

And I'm not gonna cancel
a date on Valentine's day.

Women claim that they
don't care, but they all do,

a lot.

Okay, uh,
let's prep him for I.C.U.

And I'll... I'll stay
and monitor him.

No, it's your anniversary.
I'll stay.

I thought you had a hot date.

Really? With who?


Uh, Dr. Sloan, I mean,

if you're finished here,
we'd like to...

oh, I'll tell you
who's finished.

You're finished.

Thank you.

I already pressed it.


I'm moving out.

So if you need me,
I'll be at my mom's

till I, uh...

Figure something out.



Hey, I got your message
your lung resection went long.

I pushed our reservations
to 8:00.

Really? Just like that
on Valentine's day?

I got connections.

I could even push 'em
to 9:00 if you like.

No. Absolutely not. No.

As soon as path confirms

that the mass we took out
was the teratoma,

I will go out to my car,

grab those heels...


Benign granuloma.

All right, fine.

Push the reservation
to 9:00.



Why are you still here?
You can go.

I'd love to.
I'd love nothing more.

But Nico won't leave until
he knows Clem's gonna be okay.

He's 10.
Who's the parent here?

You let that kid run wild.

At least I don't
hover over him,

afraid to let him
out of my sight.

Well, maybe I need to hover

because you and your son
won't leave us alone.

What were you thinking,
dropping him

at my house today
when I wasn't home?

He wasn't gonna stay.

He just wanted to give
your spoiled daughter

a box of freakin' chocolates.

Well, stop giving us things.

We barely survived
the head lice he gave her.

You have no way of knowing
who gave who the head lice.

Okay, that's enough.

They're 10.
They're in love. They're cute.

Let them be cute,
for crying out loud.

Excuse me, doctor,
something's wrong with clem.

She's breathing funny.

- Get me a size 6 E.T. tube.
- What's happening?

Her airway is shutting down.
I'm gonna have to intubate.

Oh, my God.

- Here you go.
- Give me some crike pressure.

All right.

I'm in.

All right.

There's good color change.

Sats are coming up.

What happened?

Anaphylactic shock.

We're gonna
have to keep her overnight

and see how she responds.

But... but she's
gonna be okay?

Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Now will you go?


It doesn't make any sense.

Janell's labs show
she has a teratoma.

Then the lucky woman
has two tumors...

the benign one that we just
took out of her lung

and another one...


Her scans and her ultrasound
are clean.

What if it's microscopic?

Okay, um...

What do we know about
N.M.D.A. receptor teratomas?

We know
they're most commonly found

on the ovaries.

You want to take out
her ovaries?

She's 32 years old.

They're always 32
and nice and undeserving.

These kind of things
don't happen to nasty people.

His vitals are holding.

That's good.

Mm. His pupils
are a little sluggish.

Sharon, are you okay?

Can I get you anything?

I had a ring picked out.

I sent a picture of it

to all of my sisters

so, uh, they could help
Charlie surprise me

when the time came,

'cause that ring was important.

It was so freaking important.

Look at him.

He looks... he's...
He looks...

I don't care
about that crap anymore.

And I don't need a stupid ring.

I just...

I just need him.

That's it. I just want him
to be okay.

Just let him be okay.

Your incision looks good.

You should be back on your feet
in a few weeks,

but I wouldn't recommend
pulling any more all-nighters,

even on holidays like today.

Oh, trust me, brother.
I'm done.

I mean, what a stupid business.

People call you up, you know,

they ask you to make
something beautiful.

Yeah, so some sorry schlep
can forget that

they've been treated like crap
every other day of the year.

Yeah, like my flowers
are magic or something.

But I bought it.

Nearly killed myself
trying to make sure

everybody got
their little miracle.

What a joke.

People oughta just stop
being so awful to each other,

you know?

Leave me out of it.

Dr. Yang
will check on you later.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Can I just talk to you
for a minute?

I know you've been through hell,
and I know I was part of it.

And I know you're grieving,

and there's no magic solution
to that, but...

We used to be friends.

And I really...

Really need a friend today.

So how about we just
go across the street to Joe's,

and I'll buy you a drink,
you know?

Or I will buy you many,
many drinks.

Are you done?

Are you finished?


I hate you.

From the moment you decided to
put the needs of your hospital

over my dead husband,
I have hated you.

I lie in bed at night alone,

and I look at the spot where
my husband used to sleep,

and I actively...

With every cell
in my body, hate you.

I wish you were dead
instead of him.

I think about all the soldiers,
good men,

who died over there in Iraq,

and I don't understand
what kind of God

would allow you to survive.

We are not friends.

This is not grief.
It will not pass.

I hate you!

Don't speak to me again

unless it's work related.

L-I-let me...
let me get this straight.

All right, you... you take
this thing out of her lungs,

and it's not
what you thought it was.

Now you want to take out
her ovaries.

The kind of antibodies
that she had

are most commonly associated
with teratomas of the ovaries.

But they can sometimes
be found in other places,

which is why we thought
the mass on her lung was it.

Chances are high that
it's on her ovaries.

Chances are?

That's the best you can do?

She's young.

She still wants kids.


You're doctors.

You're gonna have to do
a hell of a lot better

than "chances are."

If we do nothing,

she will continue
to have the seizures.

And eventually, her body
will just completely shut down.

And by that time,
she will have suffered

so much brain damage

that Janell, the woman
that you love, she'll be gone.

The nougats are gone.


Did you
get these from a patient?


I bought these
for Julia, but...

She's standing me up

for an emergency ocular
transplant surgery, so...


I'm gorging myself
on Valentine's chocolate.

- Mm.
- I'd mock you right now

if my mouth wasn't so full.

Try the square ones.

They're caramel with sea salt.


I didn't want
to disappoint her.

You know, I bought
candy and flowers.

I got rose petals, Lex.

- Bags of 'em.
- Mm.

I was looking forward
to sharing it.

But now I'm alone
on Valentine's day...

Eating chocolate.

- Mm.
- I can do you one better.

My hot date tonight?


I am babysitting.

- Let's move! He's coding!
- He's crashing.

- What is that?
- What's happening?

What are you...
What are you doing?

Can someone please tell me
what is happening?

- Sharon...
- He was just fine one second ago.

- No, you need to go. Now!
- What's happening?

- Somebody page Dr. Webber.
- Taking over compressions.

He's in V-fib.

Push an AMP of EPI
and charge the paddles to 360.

Is it loaded?

- Okay.
- Yep, we're doing it.


He's hemorrhaging.
Probably in D.I.C.

Okay, charge again. Go.

Hang some D.F.P. and Factor VII.


Oh, God. No.

I'm so sorry.

His heart stopped,
we tried to revive him,

but despite our best efforts,
he didn't make it.

He died at 7:53 p.m.

No indication of a tumor.

It could be microscopic.

There's a lot of adhesions
on this one,

that could mean inflammation.

Which could mean a teratoma.

So let's take out
the right ovary,

send it to path,
and try to save the left one.

Dr. Grey,
I'm the G.Y.N.

- I really should be the one...
- Okay, but you're a third year,

and I can't trust
third-year hands.

Boki, clamp.

I'm goin' with her.

Ever thought
you'd be wishing so hard

to find a tumor?

No! No! No!

Honey, we're leaving now.

No, I'm not! I promised
clem I'd stay with her!

Nico, don't make me
pick you up.

You're too big for this.

Come on. She's...
she's right, dude.

This is embarrassing, you know?

I'm a little embarrassed
for you.

I don't care.

What's clem gonna think
if she wakes up and I'm gone?

She'll think
that I don't love her.

- Uh...
- Look, uh...


What if I'm there
when she wakes up?

I'll tell her
whatever you want.

It's like the next best thing
to being there.



You're gonna need a pen
and a pad of paper.

Oh, good. Uh, all right.
Here we go.

Pathology's back.

The ovary specimen
you sent is normal.

No pathology seen.

- Damn.
- We picked the wrong ovary.

There's a chance
the other one's clean, too.

You don't have a very good
personality, you know that?

The teratoma is there.
It has to be.

Well, if not, we'll have
just sterilized a woman

for no reason.

I'm done. I'm... I'm...

I am done with him.



He actually thinks
that we can just forget

everything that happened.

I don't even know how to...

How can he think
that we would ever,

ever be friends again?

Standing over me

is not gonna make me
read it any faster.

This part of the specimen
is a little abnormal,

but until I look
at a couple more slides...

- move over.
- No.

Move... over.

Oh, fine.

Dr. Bailey,
see what I see?

I haven't confirmed it yet.

A mix of different cell types,

which is compatible
with teratomas.

- Is that what you see?
- Mm-hmm.

Dr. Russell?

Okay, yes.

I'd say, it's very likely
a teratoma.

- Yes!
- Teratoma!


How you feeling?



W-where's Nico?

Well, he wanted to stay,
but, you know,

his mom made him go.



Oh, but he, uh, he told me
a few things

he wanted to say.

But, uh, well, here we go.

"Dear Clementine,

"I'm really sorry you're sick.

"But I'm not sorry
you're my girlfriend.

"It's the worst, being alone
on Valentine's day...

"But I'm thinking about you
right now.

"I'm thinking about
holding hands with you

"and jumping
on the trampoline together.

I love you." Whoa.

"And P.S...

"I don't care
who gave who lice,

"I'm just glad
we both had it together.

Love, Nico."

I'd say you picked a good one.

What should we do?

You want to see
if the game's on?


I got steak and I bought
a really good red,

and a salad,
and I'm gonna cook for you.


I have a girlfriend.

And she's operating tonight,

so as soon
as you put Sofia down,

you can help me study
for my boards,

'cause I am behind.

Way behind.

What'd you pay
for that bottle of wine?

50 bucks.

I'm not great at surprises.

I-I-I wish I was,
but I know we're camping.

- Mm-hmm.
- You know, I'm pretty sure
that we're smack-dab in the center

of one of Washington's
fine national parks,

and I'm trying... I'm trying
to have a good attitude,

but this whole blind thing
is just not helping matters.

Wow. This is you
with a good attitude.

Oh, fine.
I'll shut up.

Okay. Are you... hey,
are you peeking?

No. I'm not...
no, I'm not peeking.

All right. Okay. Okay.
Are you ready?


Are you ready? Are you ready?



Derek's trailer?

I figured, he wasn't using it,

so I asked for the key.

We really are camping.


Fun. Fun. Yes, fun.



We're not really camping.

You hate camping.

I do.

I really do.

I mean, it's almost camping,

There is a bed...


And lingerie.

No one's around for miles.


Our patient's seizures stopped,

and you know why?
- No.

Because I found this teratoma
on her ovary.

Well, you know, you could've
told me this at dinner.

You didn't have to show me
a chopped up ovary.

Little sucker thought it could
hide from me, but it couldn't.

It took a while,

but I finally figured out
where it was,

and I went in and nailed it.

You are so sexy when you're
looking at a teratoma.


Grade five?

Uh, ruptured?

Yeah, send him over.


Blunt trauma to the kidney.

Guy crashed into a pole,

not only shattering his kidney
and his renal artery,

but ruining my Valentine's day.

Let me do it.

Oh, no.

Sir, uh, I-I don't want
to ruin your night, too.

Just go. Get home.
Oh, and it's your anniversary.

Oh, for God sake. A-adele's
probably so angry at you...

I just went home.

She didn't recognize me.

She thought I looked like
a nice guy

and invited me
to join her for dinner,

uh, flirted with me
over steaks,

thought I had a nice smile.

So, no, Dr. Bailey,

my wife's not mad right now.

In fact, I think she's
falling in love with me.


I'm so sorry.

Yeah, go. Go.

I'd like to be alone right now

with a kidney and a scalpel.



I'm just gonna go.

I'm gonna go
and I'm gonna tell him,

and if there is a, uh, ch...

no, I'm not gonna tell him.

No, I'm gonna...
of course...

Ugh! Okay, of course.
No, I'm gonna tell him

because if you don't
say anything,

then you... you bleed out
and die

and then read about it
in a plastic locket.

I mean, what... what do...
what do you think?

What should I do?

Zola? Well...

Tell me.

- Oh, look. - Oh, hey, hi.
- Hey.

- Oh, look, no, she's up, she's eaten.
- Yeah. Good.

- She's ready to roll. I'm gonna take...
- Okay, so we just need
we just need an hour.

- No, I'm gonna take off.
- Yeah, take her with you.
Drive her around.

- She loves that.
- No, what? What?

Zola, we'll be back.

Okay, I-I'm still
in my scrubs. I-I know.

I'm sorry. I had a surgery
and then another one came in,

and I know it seems
like I blew you off,

but I didn't.
We can still go to dinner.

Dinner is over.

It's... it's 11:23 p.m.

You blew me off for dinner
hours ago.

- I ruined our Valentine's day?
- Miranda, I...

I'm a terrible person.

I-I know. I don't make time
like I should.

Uh, I'm not good at, you know,
romance-y... things,

but, look, I am working,

and you can't fault me
for that.

You can't fault me
for saving lives.

And if... if you're going to
break up with me

for missing a dinner
because I was saving a life,

then, you know,
I don't even want

to have romance-y things
with you...

okay, Miran-Miranda.

Wait. Why are you
in a suit?

Because it's 11:23 p.m.

Valentine's day isn't over yet.

You threw this together today?

Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

I've been planning this
for weeks.

See, I knew there was
no chance in hell

that we'd make
a scheduled reservation,

so, uh, I booked Marco here.

I mean,
I'm dating Dr. Bailey.

I know the drill.

I know you.

You know me.

Oh, and, uh, I even had Marco

put extra crumb topping
on your Mac and cheese.

I know you.


Thank you, sir.



I happen to be very good

at romance-y things.

Oh, yeah.

You are.

We're always looking for
ways to ease the pain.


I thought maybe the, uh,
the girls

could have a play date.

And, um, we could, uh,
uh, to talk,

you know, about stuff,

'cause there's some stuff

that I've been wanting to say.


Is that Julia?

I'll... I'll go.

Avery's cooking me dinner.

- Is that Julia?
- 'Cause I can go.

Oh. That's...

But he can go...

If you want to talk.

Should he go?



It's nothing. I... you...
I'm ju...

I'm gonna... it's...
you know what?

You two have
a very pleasant evening.

Don't be stupid.
You love steak.

Sofia, your friend's here.

Sometimes we ease the pain

by making the best of what we have.

Sometimes it's by losing
ourselves in the moment.


Don't hate me.

I'm begging you.

And sometimes all we need
to do to ease the pain...

Is call a simple truce.