Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 12 - Hope for the Hopeless - full transcript

While Derek prepares to operate on a tumor deemed entirely inoperable, Hunt pressures Meredith to declare a specialty. As Cristina and Teddy try to steal a prized cardio surgery, the doctors celebrate Richard's 10,000th surgery.

"There's nothing else we can do for you."

These are the last words

a surgeon wants to tell a patient.

Eight surgeons has said this is inoperable.

I mean, even the tumor board
at Cleveland clinic.

Well, I can see why.

Giving up doesn't come easy to us,

so we do everything in our power not to.


What's this for?

Heads, we do it. Tails, we don't.

You're insane.

It's a gut check.

I get a feeling when it's in the air,

what I want it to land on.

Flip it.

For surgeons,

"Lost cause" just means
"Try a little harder."

Oh, damn it. I screwed it up.

"Gag Zola," really?

Those aren't G's. Those are Y's for "Yay."

"Yay Zola."

See, a normal person would've
just written "Happy birthday."

Well, I couldn't fit all
those letters on the cake.

Okay, who used up
the last of my deodorant?

Oh, that might have been me.

Sorry. Kinda had a workout last night.

Not mine.


- Fresh out, chief.
- Wait. N-no.

That's impossible.
I just bought some three days ago.

You're out of O.J., too.

Hey, you're still here?

Oh, yeah. I was on my way out,

and then I saw these cheeks. So cute.

Oh! We don't touch the baby

because we don't know where
those hands have been.

Alex, does.

Okay, so, um, I have a meeting with Owen,

so I'm off. Party is at 8:00.
Don't be late.

I got 20 minutes before work.
You wanna, you know?

- Yeah.
- Good. Come on.

Round two.

Oh, we need to move.

Do we?

Okay, take a look.


I took a little more off this time.

No, I love it. Hey, look.



I want that. Move.

Oh, I've got surgery in an hour,

so we'll do you tomorrow.

And you I will see
tonight at Zola's party.


Love you.

See ya.

"See ya"?

Yeah. "I love you, too"
is the appropriate response

- to "I love you."
- Yeah.

- Why wouldn't you...
- We've been dating three months.

It's way too early for that.

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
This is classic Mark.

He found out Lexie and Jackson broke up,

and now he's suddenly getting
cold feet about Julia.

You and Lexie are over, okay?

That ship has sailed... and sank.

This has nothing to do with Lexie.

- Uh-huh.
- Okay, I'm gonna take Sofia to day care.

Come here, honey.

Hello. Yes, my little baby girl.

I love you.


Bye. I love you, too.

Morning, Dr. Webber.

- Morning.
- Dr. Webber.

How are you?

Dr. Bailey.

Congratulations, sir.

Big day today.

Yes, it is, but...
but I don't want everybody

making a big deal out of it.

We won't.

Good. I-I-I mean,
you'll... you'll do something?


I-I mean, it is my 10,000th surgery.

That's a lot of surgeries.

I've reserved the main conference room.

There will be a photographer
from the hospital newsletter.

The cake is your favorite
red velvet and cream cheese.

- Yes.
- It is huge... the size of four cakes.

There will be several speeches
from admiring colleagues

and a toast with sparkling cider.

We will also hang a banner that says

"Congratulations, Dr. Webber
on your 10,000th surgery!!!"

There will be three exclamation
points after the word "Surgery."

We also have confetti.

Happy now?


Oh, e-except for the confetti.

Might get in the cake.

Oh, take a seat, Grey.

Okay, so I know I haven't logged
a lot of O.R. time lately,

but I've been getting
a routine down with Zola,

and I've got it under control now,
so I'm all set.

Is that it?

You still haven't declared a specialty.

I know. Uh, it's a really big decision,

and I have been thinking about it.

You ditched neuro,
you wasted time in O.B.,

you're my only fifth year

who doesn't know where they're going.

You're drowning, Grey.

Drowning is a strong word.

How about general?

You've been helping Bailey
with the diabetes trial,

and Webber's always been a mentor,

not to mention your mother.

She was one of the best general surgeons

this country's ever seen.

With that legacy, you could be a natural.

How did you repair it that fast?

Well, it was luck more than anything else.

He could've gone into pulmonary edema.

No, it wasn't luck. You were in the zone.

That was amazing.


Dr. Altman, um...

It's lasagna.

And this is a spinach pie.

Oh, that's-that's so sweet. Thank you.


It means a lot to me.

More widow casserole.

"Your husband's dead. Have some food."

What is that?

You know what?
I'll put it with the others.

Oh, hey. How'd the surgery go?

I'll see you in the pit.

Glad to see she's not mad at me anymore.

She's very busy.

We just did a mitral valve
repair without bypass,

and she threw, like,
25 stitches in 10 seconds.

I've never seen anything like it.

How long's it been since you slept?

I had a huge nap. Whatever.

I've done, like,
8 surgeries in the past 72 hours.

Teddy's boundless grief is, you know,

one of the best things
that's ever happened to me.

What is that... is that trauma
or administrative crap?

No, none of your business.
Go home and get some sleep.

- Oh, trauma hey, hey.
- No, Cristina...

Ha ha.

Take that. Hey.

I was paged here.
I already ordered the C.T.

He's my patient.

This isn't finders keepers.

I'm taking over the patient.

Whoa. What do we got?

Back off, Yang. I met the ambulance.

Everyone, take a breath. What happened?

A 32 year old ran his bike
into a wrought iron fence.

Yeah, and this is the fence
going directly into his heart.

I know how to deal with these injuries.

He's my patient.

I can remove it thoracoscopically.

Yeah, and that's when the poor guy dies

because if you do that,

you won't have a direct visual.

Plenty of people use the vats technique

to remove impaled objects.

Oh, now you're the expert?

You don't get every cardio case, Yang.

Enough, all of you.

McQueen is the doctor on call.
He can handle it.

Karev, you will assist.

Altman, I believe today is your day off.

Go get some rest.

Dr. Altman has way more experience,

and this is gonna be
a complicated procedure.

Well, both of you have been up
for the past 48 hours straight.

This is a liability issue.
Hands off the patient.

Dr. Altman?

Ugh. Fine.

Enjoy your nap.

His neuroblastoma is more
complicated than most I've seen.

It's very rare that someone his age...

They're mostly in younger kids. I know.

It's in a very large region of his spine.

There is the very likely
risk of paralysis...

From his upper body down.

There's also the risk of death,

a death that he is gonna
meet in three months anyway

if you don't do this surgery.

I understand the risks, Dr. Shepherd.

The surgeon in-in Boston

compared it to dismantling a bomb

with your eyes closed,

and the one in Chicago said it was

patching a dam with gum.

You're the ninth surgeon I've talked to.

So what I want to know

is, are you gonna say anything different,

or do I have to take
my kid somewhere else?


There is only a 5% chance of success.

Maybe a little less.

Yes, if you're willing, I'll try.

Okay. Should I go tell Wes?

Wait. Um... there's something else.

He-he doesn't know about his tumor.

He's 11, a young 11,

and knowing that
he's very likely gonna die

is not something that's
gonna do him any good.

Wh-why does he think he's here?

A backache.

A very bad backache.

- Hey, Dr. Bailey.
- Hmm?

Chief Hunt says I need
to declare a specialty.

- Mm.
- He suggested general.

Good for you. Mini Ellis Grey.

No. I'm still on the fence about it

because there are a lot
of specialties out there...

Don't be an idiot.
It's in your genes, Grey.

It makes perfect sense.

Oh, uh, Karen and Marcy,

I'd like you to meet
Dr. Bailey and Dr. Grey.

They'll be performing the liver
transplant with me today.

Nice to meet you.

This I.V. really hurts.

You think it could be infected?

I mean, I'm already missing
my family vacation for this.

I'd-I'd hate to die of staph.

You're not gonna die, Marcy.

I am the one in liver failure.

It doesn't look infected.

A little discomfort is normal.

Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm just nervous.

I've never had a major surgery before.

But when your sister calls you

to come and save her life,

I mean, you take that call.

How lucky I am to have just that sister.

Yes, you are.

Well, the labs look good.

We're ready for transplant.

In the meantime, why don't we relax?

Relax in a hospital?

It'd be a lot easier on a white,
sandy beach.

I'm gonna reimburse you
for this trip. I promise.

I just hope I don't die in there.

I mean, it would be hard to
reimburse me for my life.

Thank you, Marcy.

I just can't thank you enough.

Oh, well, you're welcome.

Fort Ticonderoga is probably my favorite.

It's not giant like Gettysburg
or famous like the Alamo.

You feel any pain here, Wes?

Mm. A little.

Still, it was a really important fort.

It changed hands a bunch of times

in just a few years.

Benedict Arnold even fought there.

He's got a thing about battlefields.

I see that. Hey, relax.

My mom says I get it from my dad.

He died when I was 2.

We've gone to 18 battlefields
in the past year.

We homeschool because of the back pain.

It's so cool. I wake up,
and we get to decide

what I do that day.

Next week, we're going to Pearl Harbor.

That way, my mom can
have a beach vacation, too.

Actually, Wes,
we may be postponing Hawaii.

Dr. Shepherd thinks he might
be able to fix your back.

Really? Then I won't
have these aches anymore?

Well, that's the plan.

What about ortho?
Callie would be a great mentor.

- Bones?
- Oncology.

- Depressing.
- Trauma.

I've had enough trauma for one lifetime.

Well, just pick something.
This decision is important.

Check it.

Fence guy... heart's the size of a football.

From hitting a fence?

From being impaled on a fence.

Don't worry, Yang.

I'll send you pics from the surgery.

Hey, is it too late for me to pick cardio?

Yes. Cardio's mine.

You don't have to do this, you know?

I want to.

He's the chief of surgery.

And that heart is the size of a football.

Oh, oh, he's leaving.

Okay, go.

Go now.

Mrs. Van Den Berg, I'm Dr. Yang.

And I'm-I'm so sorry to hear
about your husband's accident.

Are you one of his doctors?

Oh, I'm not, but
I'm familiar with his case,

and I just wanted to assure you

that everyone here is doing
everything they can for him.

That's so nice.

I'm sure they've assembled
a-a wonderful group of surgeons.

Dr. Altman really is the best there is.

W-wait. No.

I don't think they mentioned an Altman.

No, they said something about a Dr. McQueen.

Is that right? Is he good, too?

Dr. McQueen?

Oh, uh, sure. He's... he's fine.


Well, he's-he's an experienced surgeon,

but he's not the head of the department.

Doctor... Dr. Altman is the
head of the department.

You know, I...

With the extent of your
husband's injuries,

I just... look, I just
assumed she was on the case.


I'm sure there's nothing to worry about.

Dr. Altman probably
wasn't available anyway.

She's very busy these days...

saving lives.

You swam with the dolphins?

Kaylee swam with the dolphins.

Okay, honey.

Mommy needs to go save
aunt Karen's life now.

Oh, bye-bye, sweetie. I love you, too.

I am risking my life here.

It's not like a ride to the airport.

Oh, believe me, after this,

I will never ask you for
a ride to the airport.

I will never ask you for anything again.

What is that supposed to mean?

Just need a little blood here.

Because I am never gonna
hear the end of it.

You're gonna lord this
stupid piece of liver over me

until we're both dead,
just like everything else.

One more tube,
and I'll be out of your hair.

Everything else,

like all the checks I sent...

- Ugh.
- Or the jobs I lined up?

You managed to get yourself
fired from most of those.

And I have never asked you
for anything in return.

Oh, no, just my lips
glued to your ass 24/7.

You know what? Keep your damn liver. Ohh!

Oh, here we go.

You know, I have no job,
no husband, no kids.

You won, okay?

So just, hey, forget the transplant.

Just... you're... you're off the hook.
You're off the hook.

Catch your plane to Maui,

swim with your precious dolphin...

- Karen, what hurts?
- Don't worry.

When I'm winning the fight,

she doesn't feel good.

I'm in liver failure.

Classic drama queen.

I need some F.F.P. and octreotide in here!

There's bleeding in the veins

at the bottom of your esophagus.

That's a symptom of
late-stage liver failure.

You have surgery in a couple of hours.

You have to try not to get
worked up between now and then.

I told Dr. Grey,
I'm not having the surgery.

I want to go back on the transplant list.

There's no time for that, Karen.

When these symptoms start,
we can't wait any longer.

Karen, you're going to die.

Don't be stupid.

Okay, enough from you.


I'll take her liver.

Thank god.

Honestly, the things
you put our family through.

I'll call Harry and the kids.

They'll be so thrilled you've chosen life.

You got it?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Here you go.

Here we go.

Did the tumor grow more?

What did you say?

I know what I have.

I overheard some doctors talking about it

at the last hospital.

Does your mom know that you know?

No. She'd just freak out.

She's your mom. She needs to know.

She cries in the bathroom.

She cries at night.

She cries in the morning when
she thinks I'm not awake yet.

She cries all the time.

And the only thing that makes her happy

is to think that I don't know.

But you can't tell her.

If I'm happy,

she's happy.

I promise. I won't tell.

You're not lying?

I'm not lying.

Do you think I'm gonna die?

I've worked with
Dr. Shepherd for a while now.

And your mom could not have
picked a better doctor for you.

He's the best.

Well, this one has a patio and a garage,

but this one has hardwood
floors and a washer/dryer.

You sure you want to move?

Uh, Meredith and Derek have a baby,

and you're living with your ex.
We're moving.

I'll move. Zola's killing my game.

Every girl I bring home wants
a baby the minute they see her.

No. I'm not living with you.

I am trying to get away from you.

All right, then you and me.

You don't want to live with Mary Poppins.

No, she cooks, she cleans...

I'm also your friend.

What the hell?

I need food for Zola's party.

I thought I was gonna have
time to go to the store,

but Richard's 10,000th surgery
is gonna take forever.

You think Teddy's gonna care if I take

some of her widow casseroles?

No. Go for it. You know what?

Take this one, too.

It's Turkey Tetrazzini. Ooh, yum.

You and, um, McQueen
finally find a patient

who's willing to let you operate on them?

Bite my ass.

Oh, Mer, proctology.

There's your specialty.

Explore the mysteries of the butt.

Why aren't you just doing
general like your mom?

- It's a no-brainer.
- And good marketing.

I mean, when people hear the name "Grey,"

they know they're getting quality.

No, you can't win

following in the footsteps of a phenom.

Said the lame,

mediocre grandson of Harper Avery.

- Hello, Julia.
- What is this?

She's you. You're Julia. Go with it.

You know, I've been thinking,

it's been a really great few months,

and I just want you to
know that I love you.

Get out of my relationship.

Funny coming from you.

What's your problem?
She's smart and pretty

and funny and... and she's not annoying.

- Mm-hmm.
- Come on, it's awesome.

We can all vacation together.

We can buy houses next
door to each other. Yay.

- Yeah, and Sofia can have a village.
- Yes.

Don't you want
your daughter to have a village?

Come on. You know you love her.

Now you just need to tell her.

- Who do you love... Julia?
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Wait. You're here?

- I love your hair.
- How are you?

Yeah, I'm-I'm good. Thanks.

So what's going on with Julia?

Did he just leave because of me?

- Oh, no.
- No, he's just being Mark.

- No, no.
- No, no, 'cause you're great.

You know, weird?


All right, sir, are you smiling?

I'm wearing a mask.

I'm not sure it matters.

Oh, yeah. You can see a smile in the eyes.

Oh, for the love of god,
take the damn picture.

Yay! Yay! 10,000! Incredible.


Nice work.

All right. Okay.

All right, now get out.
Get on with your day.

Nice job, Dr. Webber.

Kepner, take a look.

Uh, it's... sir, it says
you're needed in the lobby.

Can you tell 'em that I'm in the middle

of my 10,000th surgery?

Oh you're sure we shouldn't
just send an intern...

Handle it, Kepner.

Got it.

- And that's great, thanks.
- Thank you.


What are you still doing here?

I'm, uh, gonna watch a surgery.

Derek's, um, tumor thing.

You need sleep.

Yeah, I'm watching neurosurgery.

It's a lot like sleeping.

You're not mad that
I gave the case to McQueen?

Uh, I didn't say that.

- And Teddy, she...
- Owen...

I know, I know, you don't
want to talk about it.

What do I do? How do I...

get past this with her?

Her husband's dead.
She's taking it out on you.

You just gotta deal with it.

I know, I know, but I just wish that...

You know what? Never mind.

I'm talking to you when
I should just try to talk to her.



See you at the party?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Somebody paged Dr. Webber.

He's in the middle of a transplant.

Yes, over there.

Mrs. Webber?

Where is my husband?

Do you know where he is?

I... I-I found her out on the street.

She was trying to walk here.

I... I live next door to Webbers.

It's 7 miles away.

Oh, god.

Where is he? I want you
to go find him right now!

Yeah, I-I will go find your husband.

Would you just stand here,

just for one moment, please?

Um, could you just stay with her

till I can talk to
Dr. Webber and figure out what to do?

I can try. She's pretty insistent.

Okay, well, uh, I have an
office on the third floor.

If you could just...

What? Wait. M... wait. Mrs. Webber?

Oh, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

Oh, Mrs. Webber, there you are.

Um, w...

I don't understand.

What's going on?
Where are Richard's things?

Yeah, I-I know this must
be very confusing be...

This used to be Richard's office,
but now he's...

He-he's gone? He left me?

No. No, no, no. He's just...
he's in surgery right now.

It's... he... it's his 10,000th surgery.

He's always wanted to leave me for her.

He finally did.


He never loved me. Never!

- Oh, god.
- It was always her.

And now he's gone?

And he just left?

He didn't even tell me where.
He's just gone.

No, okay, Mrs. Webber, I

- ju... I need you to please try and...
- Oh, Richard.

Just try and calm down...

- I can't do it alone.
- And we'll...

I can't. I can't do it alone.

Please, Richard, don't leave me.

Richard, I can't do it alone. I can't.

It's all right.

Transect the parenchyma.

Watch the aspirator, Grey.

Got it.

Nice. Nice technique.

Well, you've certainly got
your mother's hands.

Don't get too excited.

I haven't declared anything yet.

Well, what else are you gonna do...
neuro, cardio?


You want to waste your talent

playing with one little predictable organ

for the rest of your life?

Nah, I'd rather spend my days

leaping from the liver to
the pancreas to the stomach

to the bowel,

and any one could go wrong at anytime.

Okay, sure. There's nothing
wrong with knowing one organ

and knowing it well,

just like there's nothing wrong
with being fifth-chair viola

in the back of the orchestra.

But it's a hell of a lot
more fun being the conductor.



goes to the chief.

Are they ready?

Yeah, but I can give you
a few more minutes, though.

No, we're ready.

Uh, Wes, time to put the computer away.

You... are gonna be okay.

And the doctors are gonna
take really good care of you.

Mom, don't cry.

You know me. I cry when
you leave for a sleepover.

Well don't.

Dr. Shepherd's the best.

You're right,

as usual.

Give me a hug.

Oh, you're still here.

Listen, I know you don't
want to talk to me,

but this has gone on too long.

Now I understand why, at least...

I want to.

We need to talk.

Can we just talk?

Now is not a good time.

Teddy. Hey...


It's wrapped around more of the vessels

than the scan showed.

What do you think, Dr. Grey?

Think we should start with, uh, T-4?

Yeah, I, uh, I still think
that's the best approach.

There's no clear prevertebral plane.

All right, well,
take me through it, step-by-step.

Okay, we get up above T-3, maybe T-2,

we get control of the aorta proximally,

and then dissect the large vessels free.

We preserve the radicular
branches as we go,

especially Adamkiewicz...

He's paralyzed if we go
anywhere near the Adamkiewicz.

We don't get this tumor,
this surgery is for nothing.


So... we go in far lateral instead?

Are you asking me or telling me?

I'm telling.

I mean, um, we could
mobilize the great vessels,

and that way, we get access
to the tumor on both sides.

Can I get some suction in here?

I've attached the hepatic veins.

Now I'm reconstructing the portal vein.

He left me. He left me.
I don't want to see him working.

- No...
- He's always working.

No, no, he didn't leave you.
He's right there.


Oh, he's with that woman?

You tell that woman to go away.

That's my husband not hers.


Dr. Webber.

Richard, why are you
doing this to me, to us?

- Adele?
- You lied.

You said that you weren't
working with her anymore.

Dr. Webber,

I-I'm sorry. I didn't know what to do.

Ellis! You let him go.

Um, Dr. Webber, do you want me to...

No, no, keep the line open.


that's not Ellis, Adele.

What kind of woman would
break up a marriage?

Huh? Ellis Grey,

what kind of woman are you?

I'm sorry.

Well, I-I should just scrub out.

No, no, I need the extra hands.

I will not have you
downhere with my husband.

Do you hear me? I will not have it.

Richard, you just send her away.


I'm right here.

- I'm not leaving you.
- Richard!

Tell her something that'll ground her...

- a happy memory.
- Richard!

A happy memory, it worked for my mom.




♪ My ♪

♪ funny valentine ♪

Richard, you need to come outta there.

♪ Sweet comic valentine ♪

♪ You make me smile ♪

♪ With my heart ♪


♪ Your looks ♪

♪ Are laughable ♪

♪ Unphotographable ♪

♪ Yet ♪

♪ You're my favorite work of art ♪

♪ Is your figure ♪

♪ Less than greek ♪

♪ Is your mouth a little weak? ♪

♪ When you open it to speak ♪

♪ Are you smart? ♪

♪ Are you smart? ♪

♪ Don't change a hair for me ♪

♪ Not if you really care for me ♪

♪ Stay ♪

♪ Little valentine ♪

♪ Stay ♪

♪ Each day is valentine's ♪

♪ Day ♪

It's our wedding day.

You were the most beautiful
bride I've ever seen.

Oh, Richard.

And for our first dance, they played

"My funny valentine."

Because we're getting
married on Valentine's day.

Happy Valentine's day, baby.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Tell Bailey to cancel the party.

So once the vertebrectomies are complete,

we take the tumor down off the dura,

- Do a myelotomy...
- And again hit the Adamkiewicz.

Paralyzed, dead in three months.

We resect it free from the aorta...

Spinal shock. Dead.

Harvest a radicular branch that
doesn't have tumor involvement...

Dead again.

Okay, stop saying that.

Dr. Grey.

No, we told him that we would try.

You're not even trying.

Because the surgery will kill him.

We have no choice.
We have to close him up.


Dr. Grey, I think it's time you just...

No, you're quitting.

Okay, it's-it's not right,
not when we said

that we would try.

There's a 5% chance. We-we owe him...

There is no longer a 5% chance.

Gelfoam, please.


He knows about the tumor.

He has known all along.

I t... I...

I told him that we would try.

I told him that you were the best.

Now please, Derek, just...


Leave the O.R., right now.

All right. Let's close him up.

No party?

Canceled. Help yourself to cake.

Karev, why aren't you still
in McQueen's surgery?

Oh, uh, Altman and, uh, Yang took that.


I could be wrong.

You have to tell him.

But I thought he already knew.

No, about the tumor,
not that we didn't do the surgery.

His-his mom's not gonna tell him,

and he's gonna wake up,

and she's gonna tell him
that it all went great,

and he's gonna go home thinking
that we did the surgery,

not that he's gonna die in three months.

You need to tell him.

She's the parent.

It is not our call.

I'm sorry, no.

We can't tell him anything.

That looks more like a heart. Right?

What are you doing?

McQueen wasn't qualified.

I think I was clear in the E.R.

Yeah, I'm head of the department.
I made the call.

Put another pledgeted suture right here.

Right here between these two?

Uh, yeah, but closer to the atrium.

You should've informed me.

There wasn't time.

Dr. Yang stopped and had
a nice little chat with me

a couple of hours ago on
her way to what I believe

is this procedure.

And then I spoke to you, and you...

Well, we didn't know that
we were doing the surgery then.

I think you're lying to me. Both of you...

You know what? This is
a fairly complicated procedure.

Can we get into this later?

Shall we do an intraoperative echo?

Yes. Why don't you pull it over?

Find me when you're finished, doctor.


Did you see that throbbing vein...

in his forehead?

I have the hardest time
keeping a straight face

when it pops up.

And the, uh...

the surgery wasn't as hard
as they first thought,

which is good.

'Cause that means we can make it to, uh,

to Hawaii now.

You're done.

No more surgeries or doctors.

That's it. It's just us.

And we're gonna go on another
trip after that, too.

Maybe even Normandy, like we said.

Doesn't that sound fun?

You didn't do it.


You said, after the surgery,

I'd be stuck in here for a few weeks.

That's right. I did.

You know, sometimes when we get in there,

things change.

That's why you get to go home.

Which is a good thing.


It's all gonna be fine.

You're gonna be okay.

Mommy's gonna make sure of it.

And you do not have to worry.

I promise.

You're gonna be okay, too.

You don't have to worry about me.

I'm gonna be with dad in heaven.

How'd it go?

Great. You are the proud new owner

of a fully functioning liver.

Thank god.

Don't thank god. Thank me.

I'll never be able to
wear a two-piece again.

It's a horrible scar.

I have thanked you, Marcy,

about a million times.

Okay, enough. We're not
gonna do this again.

But it doesn't seem to make a difference.

You just don't get it.

So I'm done.

Excuse me?

I am done thanking you.

You are not allowed to mention

your extradinary generosity anymore,

except once a year on Thanksgiving.

Okay, you're gonna hurt yourself.

And on that night, I will thank you.

But if you don't follow my rules...

Oh, there are rules?

Yes. I will have to bring up

everything about you

that I have happily chosen to not mention,

like how you've lost thousands of dollars

in that lipstick selling Ponzi scheme.

That's none of your business.

Oh, and how sometimes,
when you're drunk and sad,

you "Sext" your college boyfriend.

- You wouldn't?
- Yes, I would, which is why

you will not mention my liver ever again.

My liver is dead to you!


Your liver's dead to me.

What about the money you owe me?

Enough! Enough! Both of you, stop talking.

- She is...
- Well, I-I mean it.

So... you are in a time-out,

especially you.

No more talking.

- You can't talk to me like this.
- Psst.

- This is ridic...
- Oppst.


He's still in serious condition,

so I'll be staying
the night to monitor him.

Actually, um, I'll stay with him tonight.


The head of the department?

I'm happy to do it.

Oh, thank you.

I can stay with you.

Your Zola's godmother.
You have to go to her birthday party.

Besides, I'm just gonna stay here

and eat widow casserole,
feel sorry for myself.

Go. Out.


Happy birthday.



Hey, girl.

Look who didn't just wake up, huh?

Look at you.

You look so beautiful. Look at that. Ohh.

Got it? No? Okay.

You made it.

Of course.

Adele insisted I didn't miss
little miss Zola's party.

So she's feeling better then?

Uh, much. The night nurse is with her.

She was already asleep when I left.

And this is for the guest of honor.

How are you doing, little miss Zola?

You look very pretty for your birthday.

Yes, you do.

You look very pretty for your...

I need 800 bucks.

Told you, if you're dumb
enough to buy groceries,

I'm gonna eat 'em.

No, not for groceries.
For a security deposit.

We'll lose out on a really great 3-bedroom

if we don't get it to the landlord today.

Now you want to live with me?

No, you're gross

and a pig and a skank magnet

and you leave your dirty
boy socks everywhere.

Keep going this way,
and you'll wind up old and alone,

wandering the streets

with some ancient form of syphilis.

All right, I think what
she's trying to say is,

yes, she would be happy
if you'd be our roommate.


So... we couldn't afford

the nice apartment just
the two of us, right?

Hardwood floors and a washer/dryer.

What can I say? I want what I want.

She'll forgive us, right?

Well, she won't remember anything.

A picture, right?

Yeah, picture. Yes.

Here we go. Here we go.

Yeah. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday.

- Perfect.
- Dada.

Guys, the cake.

Oh, oh, the cake.

Happy 10,000th, Dr. Webber.

Oh, for me? No.

Come on. It's-it's not every
day you get to celebrate

10,000 surgeries.

Yay, chief.


Very nicely done, sir.

Hey, the dress you guys got Zola?

She loved it.

- She loved it.
- Sofia loved it, too.

- Mm-hmm.
- Didn't you love it, Mark?

It was adorable.

What can I say? I have great taste.

I-I'm gonna get a refill. Anyone?

- Oh, I would love a glass of red.
- Mm.

Enough of that.

- Oh, Mark.
- You two are the ones that love her.

It's like you want to
take her hind a mini-mart,

Knock her up, and have all her babies.

Oh, my god. You guys would've
such beautiful babies.

Well, then Sofia would have a sibling.

Except I'm not there yet.

She's great,

and I'm happy you all get along,

but I'm not rushing this.

I rushed it with Addison.

I tried to force Lexie to be
a grandmother, for god sakes.

I'm not doing that again.

Wow. That is so adult.

You know what auntie Cristina did today?

I operated on a heart

this b... actually, no. That's not...

this big.

This big.

It was as big as a bear.

They're not called lost
causes because they're fun.

I don't need them to be fun.

I just need them to not be like today.

Mm. Okay.

Let's flip.

Heads, you keep doing lost causes.

Tails, you can do the fun stuff.

I'm in. Of course I'm in.


Come on. Let's go join the party.


I know you're mad, and I'm sorry.

Sorry that you did it or
you're sorry that I'm mad?

Teddy never came to find me after surgery.

Yeah, well, she's tired.

I bet.

I'm taking you off her service


I'm not sure what she's gonna do

without you as her security blanket...

Absolutely not.

Well, this is the downside...

Did you hear what I just said?
Absolutely not.

I think "Thank you"
is what you were looking for,

because frankly,

I could've fired you both.

You have no idea what's
going on here, do you?

I have a very good idea.

You let me operate on her husband,

and now he's dead.

She gets whatever she wants.
Do you understand?

Anything she wants from me, ever.

I heard the good news.

Bailey says you're declaring general.

Actually, I'm not sure anymore.

Oh. Oh, I... thought it was a done deal.

I mean, it makes sense since you're...

Because of my mother. I know.
Don't you mention her, too.

That's all anyone ever says...

It's in my blood, it's my legacy.

That's why I don't want to do it.

I don't want to be like my mother.

Meredith, look at
everything you did today...

This party for your daughter,

what you did for me in that O.R.

You don't have to ever worry

about being anything like your mother.

I knew her,

and you're nothing like your mother.

You have a gift.

Don't waste it.

It was an impossible situation.

Yes, and it was your call.

You put Henry on my table.

And then you had me lie to
Teddy just like you did.

Those were your decisions.

Yeah, you want to be chief?
These are the consequences.

Don't talk to me about consequences.

You can't even accept a simple punishment

for what you did today.

You don't get to punish me.

Okay? It's not my fault Teddy hates you.

But don't take your guilt out on me.

Guilt? I do...

I have nothing to be guilty about.
This is all about you.

It's always been about you.
It's what you want.

That's always been your position.

We live like you want, how you want.

You get whatever you want, all the time!

When do you throw in the towel,

admit that a lost cause
is sometimes just that?

Hey, um, do you remember
your first surgery?

Well, sure, sure.
I was a third-year resident.

Third year's could take

- the lead on surgeries.
- This isn't about me!

- It is! It's about
how you constantly ignore me!
- A gallbladder.

Constantly! You do what works for you.

You don't care who
you crush in the process...

There comes a point when
it all becomes too much...

Or who gets hurt!

It was one surgery.

Okay? It was one surgery.

It was not one surgery! Do you hear me?

This was every choice
we've made in the last...

It was... it was a life that
I envisioned for myself, okay?

This is not one surgery.

When we get too tired to fight anymore.

So we give up.

- It all comes back to this?
- Yeah.


Crazy, right? That I would
ever bring it up again.

Okay. Yes, okay? Yes. Yes!

Okay, it was a horrible situation,

but it's over.

Is it too much to ask that
we just try and forget it?

You killed our baby!
You don't ever forget that!

That's when the real work begins...

to find hope where there seems to be

absolutely none at all.