Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Suddenly - full transcript

A severe car crash involving an entire family results in an all-hands-on situation in the ER, as the eldest daughter is left to make the toughest decision of her life. Meanwhile Teddy, still in the dark about Henry's death, calls upon Cristina to help with her patient in the O.R., and Lexie finds herself working alongside Mark's new girlfriend, Julia, during an eye surgery.

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Zola was our baby,
and she's gone,

and I don't want another baby.

You and I broke up.

You basically told me
to wait for you.

(Callie) What the hell happened?

(Teddy) That's the screw that
I just pulled out of her heart.

I supervised you inserting
pedicle screws and a plate.

She's half dead.

Dr. Altman's repairing
her heart right now.

So who's gonna be
operating on me?

(Teddy) Cristina.

It's her mentor's husband.

Cristina doesn't have
to know that it's Henry.

(Derek) Meredith and Alex
are trapped in an ambulance

in the middle of the highway.
We think they got hit.

(mark) They're sitting
in a powder keg.

(Alex) We gotta get outta here
before this thing blows.

(Owen) It's not right.
If she finds out that I waited,

she will never forgive me.

(Richard) Her husband
just died in our O.R.

She'll never forgive any of us.


Victims of a sudden impact

are some of the hardest
to treat.


It's not just the collision
that injures them.

It's everything after.

The centrifugal force
keeps them moving,

tossing them from vehicles,

throwing them
through windshields,

slamming their internal organs
into the skeleton.

(monitor beeping Erratically)

Their bodies are injured
over and over again.

(beeping continues)

(speaking inaudibly)

So there's no way to know

how much damage
has actually been done...

(thunder rumbles)

Until they stop.

(Alex) Sir?


Can you move?

We need to get you
off this road.


(crying) Jessica.

Answer me.


(man grunts)

(girl) Mom?

Mom. Mom, wake up.


Mom, wake up!

(Alex) Sorry.

Help them, please.
You have to help!

My mom, my dad,

the Van...
and I just stepped in blood.

- I-I just stepped in blood.
- Hey, what's your name?

Lily. Okay, Lily,
I need you to calm down

and take the baby.
Hold the baby.

I don't even babysit.
I can't hold a baby.

Lily, do you want me to help
your family or not?

Hold the baby.


Okay, I need you to squeeze.
One, two, squeeze.

What if I mess up?

You're not gonna mess up, Lily.
One, two, squeeze.

Count out loud
so I can hear you.

one, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.

No matter what you do,
don't stop squeezing.

One, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.


Ma'am, ma'am, I'm a doctor.
Can you hear me?

(lightning cracks,
thunder rumbles)

(people speaking indistinctly)

I don't know.
Three or four hours I think.

Yeah, you know what?
Hang on a second.

The doctor's back.

This is Laura's mom.

She wants to know how long
the surgery should take.

Uh, that depends.

Dr. Altman is working on
the repair right now.

Did you hear that?

Um, he says Dr. Altman's

- No, Altman.
- Mm-hmm.

No, for the heart.

Y-you know, c-can you talk
to her?

Uh, yeah.

Hi, this is Dr. Avery.

a cardiothoracic surgeon.

No, no, this...
this is the heart.

No, it's really hard
to tell at this point.

Oh, no. This is cruel.

Her husband is dead,
and she has no idea.

She's sewing a woman's
heart back together.

Come on. There's gotta be
a better way to handle this.

There's no good way
to handle it, Bailey.

This is
an impossible decision.

So you land on the side
of what is best for the patient,

the one who's still alive.

Teddy will understand.

You think so?

(exhales deeply)

(lighting cracks)

You got any tape in there? I
have to do an adhesive dressing.

I just grabbed whatever.

Is my mom okay? Mom?

Lily, keep counting.

Why isn't...
why isn't she talking?

(Meredith) Lily!

One, two, squeeze.

How's she doing?

Not good.
I may have to intubate.

Don't you have to do
a pressure dressing?

Ugh. I see gray matter.

Brains are on the ground.

Wait. That's Nana.
That's my Na...

there's nothing
we can do.

Oh, crap.

This kid's got a shard
of glass in her eye.

She's unconscious.
Her pulse is Low.

- That's my Sister. That's Abby.
- Lily...

just see the blinker
on the Van?

Just watch that blinker
and keep counting.

(Meredith and Lily)
One, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.

- Lily.
- The kids. The kids.

Your girls are okay,
all right?

I just helped one and the other
one's right over there.

And Michael?

What about Michael?

There's another kid?

(thunder rumbling)

(man groans)

Oh, crap.

- There's no pulse.
- Michael?

Dad! Dad!

Lily, keep counting!

One, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.

One, two, squeeze.

- Michael?
- Help.

- Help.
- Michael? Michael?

Help. Help.

Okay. Um, I'm... I'm gonna
check your pulse.

Pulse is a little weak.

All right. I'm gonna try
to free your legs, okay?

(Lily) One, two, squeeze.
(debris clatters)

One, two, squeeze.
(tires squealing)

One, two, squeeze.

(metal squeaks)

(squealing continues)

there's a car coming!

Oh, crap.

Can you feel your legs?

- You gotta get outta there!
- Michael!

He's trapped. I have to get
his legs free!

- There's not time!
- Oh, my god!

Kid, just keep counting.

- Oh, my God.
- You gotta get off the road!

(grunts) Come on.

- Come on!
- Oh, my God.

- Help me.
- Meredith!

- ...Squeeze.
- No, don't leave me.

What the hell are you...
they're not even gonna see you!

what are you doing?!

(engine rumbling)

Stop! Please!

(brakes squeak)

(air hisses)

(man coughs)
Son of a...

(pants and groans)

It's okay. You're okay.

All right? Just breathe.

Just breathe.
Help is here.

Help is here.

(man moans)

(Lily) One, two, squeeze.
One, two, squeeze...

♪ Greys Anatomy 8x10 ♪
Original Air Date on January 5, 2012

B.P.'s down
and she's tachycardic.

We gotta get her
up to the NICU.

13-year-old female,
intubated in the field.

Multiple facial fractures.
Foreign body to the eye.

You're bleeding
you need stitches.

No, I'll be okay.
I'm gonna take care of it.

Take the mom to trauma two.

And we need to staff as many
O.R.S upstairs as possible.

I'll take care of it later,
I promise.

Go. We'll talk later.

What do we got?

(man) 14-year-old male,
trapped under the van.

Abdominal pain. Last vitals
show a B.P. of 100 over 80

and a pulse of 120.

Grey, you need someone
to take a look at that?

It's fine.
Where do you want me?

Bailey needs hands
on bed four.

Wait. Is that my mom?

- Could you get her back in the bed?
- But that... that's my mom.

She needs to be checked out.

Dr. Hunt,
how can I help?

What are you doing here?
Is Altman out of surgery?

Uh, almost. She's about to
take her off bypass,

but our pagers kept going off,

so she figured, maybe you
need some extra help.

Dr. Webber, I could use you
on this. You, too, Hunt.

- I... w...
- Okay.

Okay, go back
into Altman's surgery

and tell her
that I didn't need you.

I was really hoping
to log some more trauma hours.


(sirens wailing)

Altman's husband died
in surgery,

and she doesn't know,
so I need you in the O.R.

And page me the moment
that she's d...

Wait, wait. I'm sorry.

- Kepner.
- Henry's...

kepner, can you handle this?

(indistinct conversations)

Um, yeah, yes.

No. No, no, no.

You can't go into her surgery
like that.

So go to the gallery and watch
the surgery from there.


(indistinct conversations

She went about two hours
with no antibiotics

and an unknown amount of fluids
'cause we didn't have a pump.

All right. Careful with
that suction.

We weren't able to suction
for a while.

Her pneumonia
May be getting worse.

She probably needs
another X-Ray.

Well, that's great.

You did extraordinary work
tonight, Karev.

I've got it from here.

No. What? No.

Yes. You were
in a major accident.

You need to go get yourself
checked out.

Take a breath. You're gonna
sit this one out.

I'm not sitting anything out.

Yes, you are.

(people speaking indistinctly)


(babies crying)

(people continues
speaking indistinctly)

Okay, what do we got?

His pelvis is dust.

Must be massive
internal bleeding.

Can't keep his systolic
above 68.

Okay, there's definitely
free fluid in his abdomen.

It's just hard to define where
the bleeding's coming from.

Where do you want to start?

- Pelvis.
- Abdomen.

(groaning and muttering)

Abby couldn't wait
to sleep in a tent.

Sir, I'm Dr. Hunt.

B.P.'s still dropping

We're gonna be taking you
up to surgery.

Lily didn't even
want to come.

Okay, if we don't stabilize
this pelvis,

there won't be any surgery.

There's no time
for fixators.

She wanted to spend
her birthday with friends,

not... not camping with us.

I said no.

(voice breaking) I made her
come. Oh, my god, I...

I did this to them.
I did this.

You didn't harm your family.

You didn't mean
for this to happen.

You didn't do this.

Okay, sir, I am really sorry,

but even with the painkillers,
this is gonna hurt.



That should hold for now.

Okay, let's get him
to surgery.


(pager beeps)

Altman paged. 9-1-1.

Is everything okay?

Uh, uh, we got this. Go.

Scrub in when you can.

(door opens)
(Owen) You paged?

Yeah, the patient's got
a flail mitral valve.

The sutures for the patch

caught on the valve
when we went on bypass.

Uh, what can I do?

You can tell me
where Cristina is.

I've been paging her,
but she won't answer.

Damn it.
Why won't this hold?

Okay, you need a resident?
I'll get you a resident.

No, not a resident.

This is... (sighs)
I need another me,

and she is the closest thing.

Don't tell her I said that.

She just got out of surgery.
She's exhausted.

All right, well, splash
some water on her face

and get her in here.

She can handle it.
All right, sponge stick.

(sighs) Damn it.

(monitor beeps rhythmically)

(people speaking indistinctly)

Let's get an irrigation tray
and start cleaning this up.

Craniofacial lac?

Oh, it's worse than that.

We're gonna need
a retinal-vitreous surgeon.

Yeah. I've got Lexie calling
around for one right now.

Parker isn't answering,

and Waldman is gonna be
at least another hour.

Try Jassy.

(keypad beeping)

No, I got someone who will
run circles around Jassy.

(cell phone Beeps)

Hey, Babe.

Your girlfriend?

Hold on, Julia.

She's great. You'll love her.

Um, you know, it's gonna take
at least 45 minutes

to get here
from seattle Pres.

She's not at Seattle Pres.
She's at my place.

It's five minutes away.

Hey, how'd you like to operate
with me and Derek tonight?


it... it hurts.
My stomach really hurts.

Okay, Michael, we gave you
something for the pain.

It should kick in
in a minute.

Abdomen feels rigid.



Free fluid in the right
upper quadrant.

So that could be a liver lac.
We should order a C.T.

(Lily, crying)
No, keep trying!

- That's my mom!
- Okay, Michael, I need you
to stay still, please.

What... what... what's going on?

You can't just give up.
You have to keep trying.

She already watched
the grandmother die.

Yeah, go, go.

(Lily crying)

How long you been going?

What have you given her
and what have her rhythms been?

She's been coding
for 30 minutes.

She's already gotten lidocaine
and amiodarone.

Okay, her kid's outside
the window watching.

We need to go again.

Charge to 360.

(defibrillator beeps,
paddles thunk)

(monitor beeping erratically)

- Push another of epi.
Let's charge again.
-(crying) Please.

(defibrillator beeps,
paddles thunk)

Dr. Grey.

Damn it.

(beeping continues)

Charge again.

(mouths word)

(defibrillator whines)


(defibrillator beeps,
paddles thunk)

(beeping continues)

(single beep)

(monitor emitting
continuous tone)

Damn it. Come on. Come on.



(beeping and tone continue)


Time of death... 2:27.

(air hisses)

Hand me the ultrasound
and get me a kit.

We're doing
a bedside gastrostomy.

What do you think
you're doing?

We need to decompress
her stomach

so she doesn't get
more reflux into her trachea.

you're not on this case.

Look, I've been with
this baby since yesterday.

Okay? She almost died.
I almost died.

I didn't go through hell
with this kid to just back off.

(babies crying)

Then slow down.

Okay? We don't need
to rush through this.

Yeah, I know. Just...
suction, please.

(suction gurgles)

(Owen) Cristina,
just stop for one minute

and listen
to what I have to...

no. I said no.

I know you're exhausted.

This is a mitral valve re...

I am not operating now!

She requested you.
Now if you don't go in there...

Teddy requested me?

(exhales deeply)

Oh, my God.
You haven't told her.

You haven't told her yet?

What are you...
no, no.

No, I am not...
no, I'm not going in...

Cristina, if that patient
dies on the table,

this will all have been
for nothing.

This has...

this has to be
worth something.

Saving a life
is worth something.


(voice breaking) I can't.

I can't.

I can't. I can't do it.

You have no choice.

She's waiting.

So go.

How much trauma
has your girlfriend done?

A lot.

She's told me about
a bunch of her cases.

Oh, so we're just going off
your pillow talk?
(elevator bell dings)

If I get a hint that your
girlfriend is in over her head,

I'm gonna boot her
out of my O.R.

You know
what your problem is?

You don't think
anyone who sleeps with me

can be talented
or have half a brain.

That is not true.

It's mostly true.

Yeah, it's mostly true.

Your ex-wife is brilliant,
and she slept with me.

I'm not trying
to start a fight.

I'm just sayin'.

(inhales deeply)

Ah, Dr. Canner,

thank you very much for
showing up on such short notice.

No problem.

Fastball here just updated me
about your patient.

(sighs) Again, I am...
I'm really sorry

for hitting you
in the...

I'm fine. My breast
made a quick recovery.

It did.

Okay, mark.

The glass penetrated the globe
through to the orbit.

(Derek) So she's gonna lose
the eye?

Normally, yes.

I was thinking, if you used
a temporal approach

to expose the orbit
and decompress the eye,

we could save it.

Well, if you do that,
there's more risk of bleeding.

That's true.

I could get control
of the blood supply first,

then enucleate the eye.

But I think the Eye
is salvageable.

Either way, it's your call.

Let's save the Eye.


(people speaking indistinctly)

(exhales deeply) Lily.

I'm so sorry
about your mom.


(sirens wailing)

(people continue
speaking indistinctly)

your dad and your sister
are in surgery.

And I'm about to take
your brother up

to repair a tear
in his liver.


Do you know
if anyone in your family

is on any medications?

I don't know.

What about allergies?
Has... has anyone had surgery?

I don't think so.

Do you remember your parents
talking about

what they would do
if someone got really sick?

Would they want
extraordinary measures taken?

I'm sorry. I know
it's a difficult question,

but anything you could
tell us would help.

No. We don't talk about
stuff like that.

We just talk about
normal things,

so I don't...

I don't know anything.

Well, is there anyone
we can call?

Who takes care of you when
your parents go out of town?

(people continue
speaking indistinctly)

My grandma.

But she's dead now, so...


(woman clears throat)

Okay, I've got the bleeding
under control.

It's your turn,
Dr. Canner.

All right, pull up
my microscope, please.

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

(woman) Dr. Shepherd.

Okay, 4 by 4.


Speculum. Saline.

(beeping continues)

Dr. Shepherd.

4-0 Silk.

Thank you.


(beeping continues)


Damn it.
Did you just push
the glass in deeper?

You must have speared a branch
of the ophthalmic artery.


(exhales deeply)

All right.
Let me get in there.

It's kind of hard right now.
My hand is in her eye.



Hold on.


Bone Fragment.

Thank you.
I'll be needing that.


A little bleeding
is natural, Dr. Shepherd.

I'm not gonna find any more
little presents in there, am I?


Okay, everyone,
here comes the fun part.


(men) ♪ Impress ♪

♪ god bless ♪

♪ why ♪

♪ couldn't I be
less confused? ♪

(beeping continues)

♪ Even to think ♪

(Julia) All right.

♪ I would never do this ♪

looks like
a grade 4 liver lac.

Grey, do you want to do
an omental pedicle repair?



Heard you lost one of your
clinical trial patients today,

Dr. Bailey.

I'm sorry to hear...

it wasn't my trial
that killed him.

The man suffered
from Von-Hippel Lindau.

That's what killed him.

Well, I wasn't implying that
your trial...

Let's focus
on the living patients,

and not the dead ones,

(beeping continues)

(Ben sighs)

(monitor beeping erratically)

Wh-What'd you do?

I'm just irrigating.

His temp Spiked. C-O-2 Levels
are through the roof.

Well, what's the problem?
Uh, he's tachycardic.

Increased heart rate.
Patient's burning up.

I didn't use sux,
but I did use sevoflurane.

(beeping continues)

Ice. We need ice.

Now this is my patient...

Run. Get ice, now.
Right away, doctor.

Kid's about to go
into organ failure.

I'm pushing dantrolene.

Let's get
some cooling blankets.

(woman) On it.

And turn the thermostat down
in here as low as it will go.

(woman) Right away, doctor.

Oh, my God.
Malignant Hyperthermia.

Where's that ice?



(inhales and exhales)

(stomps foot)

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

What do we got?

Oh, good.

I got a flail mitral valve
when I took her off Bypass.

Just put her back on

and cooled her down again.

I need your hands.


Oh, and, um...

thank you...

for Henry.

I am so sorry
that we had to lie to you,

but you were the only one
that I trusted to do it.

You get it, right?


You're not mad at me?

(beeping continues)



Good. Okay.

Go get scrubbed.

(beeping continues)

(door hisses open)

gown me.

What did Altman want?
How's the patient?

She'll be fine

now that I put Cristina
in there.


you what? You put Yang
in the same O.R. With Teddy

with my patient on the table?

What the hell made you think
that was a good idea?

I believe it was your mistake
that put everyone

in this position
in the first place,

so you're really not one
to point fingers right now.

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

Catch me up.

I can't get visualization
of the mitral valve.

The... the left atrium's
too small.

What about superior
pulmonary vein exposure?

Yes, Good.
Let's do that. Scissors.

What is she doing up there?


Kepner. She's been sitting
up there like a gargoyle.

I thought there was
a big trauma.

Oh, yeah.
Um, I don't know.

Did you get a chance
to check on Henry post-op

before I pulled you in here?

(suction gurgles)

I bet no one wanted her.



Probably because her voice

can Peel paint off Walls.

(imitates April)
Charge to 200.


(normal voice) I mean,
a trauma is stressful Enough.

Who needs that?

(laughs) You're...
you're horrible.

(imitates April)
Push 100 of lidocaine.

(continues laughing)
(normal voice) Am I wrong?

(continues laughing)

I'm right.
Would you stop?

Stop it.
(continues laughing)

kind of. You agree with me.
I can tell...

would you stop?
By your eyes.

Okay, Stop. Oh.

She's obviously
from the midwest.

How are they doing?

(Teddy laughs)
Please stop it.

Uh, still trying
to repair the valve.

Well, and making fun
of me.


Cristina doesn't want to
talk about Henry's surgery,

so instead
she's making fun of me.

I'll turn off the intercom.

No, it's...

(Teddy laughs) Oh.

I have to know everything
that's going on.

It's okay. (chuckles)

I can handle it.


(Cristina and Teddy
speaking indistinctly)

Still bad visualization.

There is a lot
of unexpected fibrosis.

We're just increasing our
chances of rupturing her heart.

We can't get in there. There's
too much tension on the walls.

All right. (exhales)

We need to do this right.

We're gonna do an ex vivo.

You want to the heart out?
Can we... can we try to...

Oh, come on, Yang.

A cardiac autotransplantation

for an ex vivo
valve reconstruction?

If that's not on
your bucket list, it should be.

Are you up for this?

(suction gurgling)

you bet.

Great. Okay.

We're gonna start
with the atria

to explant the heart.

And Let's get
some music in here.

What do you want to listen to?
You pick?

(Meredith) Let's get another
cooling blanket in here.

let's repack this liver.

Gelfoam. What's next?

We gave him dantrolene
to relax his muscles

and lidocaine
to calm his heart.

He's on ice
inside and out.

Only thing left to do now

is wait.

(Miranda) All right,
well, settle in.

Could be a while.

(monitor beeping erratically)

Dr. Warren...

isn't malignant hyperthermia

(beeping continues)

You gotta warn them...

already on it.

(beeping continues)

How's she doing?

She's a little full of herself
if you ask me,

but she's getting
the job done, I guess.

No, the kid. Abby.


You gotta watch her temp
if you gave her any sux

or inhalation anesthetics
because our kid had a reaction.

did you get your stitches?

I will.
Fill them in.

Oh, pelvic stabilization's
not holding.
(monitor beeping erratically)

Get me more lap pads.
(Richard) More.

Do it. Yeah. I got that.
You need something?

You haven't used any sux

or inhalation anesthetic,
have you?

'cause our kid
had a reaction.

(Richard) Oh, damn it.
This hematoma's expanding.

(Owen) I'll occlude
the internal iliac.

Try and get
some temporary control.

All right. I need
more lap sponges here.

(Meredith) Just watch his temp.

We got it, Grey.
Thank you. Hemoclip.

(Richard) Yeah, hold it
right over there.

Yep. Okay, one more.
Come on.

Let's pack it.

(monitor beeping rapidly)

(beeping normalizes)

Heart Rate's coming Down.

His temperature's
starting to stabilize.

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

Usually about the time

you realize
it's malignant hyperthermia,

it's too late.

That's a nice catch.

You probably saved
this kid's life.

(beeping continues)

Figured you didn't need
another patient

dying on you today.

Oh, so you did it for me?
Oh, yeah.

Any other doctor, I probably
wouldn't have said Anything.

(mutters and sighs)

It's freezing in here.

Well, why don't you
jump up and down?

That'll warm you up?

I think I'll repair the liver.
That'll warm me up.


(beeping continues)

(indistinct conversations)

We have to go back in.


On the baby. I forgot to place
the tension-free anastomosis.

Do you hear me?
I forgot to place it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look at me.

You did the anastomosis.
I watched you do it.

You used the
double-layer technique.

You remember?


okay. You need to sit down.

You need to sit down.

You are overtired

and probably experiencing
some residual shock.

And you're gonna take
a break this time,

for real.

Yeah, but...

no. Don't argue with me,

Deep breath.




Nice work.

All right. Let's prepare
for reimplantation.

You know, you... you're gonna
think that I'm crazy,

but there is this thing

that we used to do
in med school

to try and stay awake.

And after this many hours
of surgery,

you need to stay awake.

I'm, uh, I'm pretty awake,

Whoo! (laughs)

Give me a "Whoo!"


Oh, come on.
Give me a "Whoo!"

(louder voice) Whoo.

That's... no, that's not good.
Come on. You gotta wake up.



Oh, okay,
that's a little better.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

They still going?


What the hell
are they doing?
Come on.


they're having fun.



♪ I'm counting on you ♪

(speaking indistinctly)

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

You gotta be okay.

'cause we need you
right now.

So... if you can hear me,

I'm s-sorry for being such
a jerk on the camping trip.

I'll try to be better.

Just please wake up.

You gotta wake up,
and I'll be nicer.

I'll help Michael
with his homework

and I'll babysit.

You won't even have to pay me.

please, dad,
just open your eyes.

clicking and hissing)


I just came to tell you that
your brother is out of surgery,

and he's doing okay.

And so is your sister.



(inhales sharply)
Can you...

make sure that nobody else
tells them about my mom?

I sh... I should be the one
to tell them.

Of course. Of course.

(monitor beeping erratically)

He's coding!

(beeping continues)

Push 1 of epi,
1 of atropine.

(beeping continues)

Charge paddles to 200.


(defibrillator whines)


(defibrillator beeps)

(paddles thunk)

(erratic beeping continues)

(woman) Cardio tech,
trauma one.

Cardio tech, trauma one.

They're almost finished.

Now they did have to take
her heart out of her body

to repair the valve,
but the procedure went smoothly.

It's over. They're putting
the heart back in right now.

It's Good.

It's good?

My wife's body is in pieces
on some O.R. table,

and you're telling me
that it's good?

- What is wrong with you?
- I'm sorry.

- I didn't...
- Dad?

Hey, my man. I'm here.

Go back to sleep.
Okay, Buddy?


(exhales deeply)


I thought peds Surgeons
were supposed to be gentle.

Yeah. You look like hell.
You should go home.

Me? You smell bad.
You go home.

How's the baby?

Actually, really good.


How are the other kids?

Oh, well, the oldest daughter,
I mean,

she watched her mother die,
now her father keeps coding,

and she won't leave his side.

(monitor beeping erratically)

(Lily) Daddy? Daddy!

(Benjamin Francis Leftwich's
"Pictures" Playing)

(crying) Dad, please.
Lily, I'm sorry.
You can't be in here.

Wait. Wait.

Charge the paddles to 300.
(woman) Charging.

(defibrillator whines)

(defibrillator beeps)

(paddles thunk)
I was paged. Code blue?

He keeps going
into V-fib.

let's start compressions.

(Lily crying)

you can't be in here.

- She can't see this again.
- Come on. Let's go.

- No, I'm not leaving. I'm not gonna leave.
- Meredith.

Lily, please.

Stop it! It's my Dad. Please.
I have a right to be here,

- and I'm not gonna leave him.
- Charge again. Clear.

(defibrillator beeps)


(monitor emitting
continuous tone)

Come on.

(mark) All right.

That's the last suture.

In that case, gentlemen,

I am all done.

Nice work, Dr. Canner.

It was a pleasure,
Dr. Shepherd.

All right. I can trust
you two to finish this?

You're not gonna ruin
all the good work I just did?

Well, I wouldn't bet
on it.


Follow me out, Dr. Grey.

I need to talk
to you for a second.

Me? Why?

I-I mean, uh, of course,
if... if... if you...

don't worry. I'm not gonna
throw a ball at you.

It's about her
post-op instructions.

(lid clatters)

Her eye
needs to be covered 24/7.

She can watch tv
all she wants,

but she can't read a book
for the first three days.

(inhales and exhales)

Whoa. Okay.

Oh, thank god that is over.

Did I seem nervous
in there?

Just be... be honest
with me.

Oh, you... you seemed
more than okay.

That is Derek Shepherd
in there,

one of the best neurosurgeons
in the country,

and mark's best friend.

And the whole time
I was in there,

all I could think about

was my high school
Cross-country team.

Coach would always say,
"don't look back,

"Never look back, because if
the kid behind you sees that,

he knows you're weak,
and he will run you down."

The whole surgery... that...
that's all I was thinking about.

Don't look back.

Well, you didn't.

(laughs) Thanks.

(chuckles) Yeah.

Thank you, Dr. Grey.

♪ I have been waiting for it ♪

♪ stop ♪

♪ I knew... ♪

Damn it. (chuckles)

Now I like her.

♪ If you find a guard ♪

♪ next to ♪

♪ your girlfriend's bed ♪

Um, that's, like,
the fourth time

you've had to revive him

Is that normal?

His body has been through
a lot.

♪ Stop ♪

What are those tubes for?

Uh, his body is filling
with fluid,

and those tubes
are draining it.

And that... thing

That's making noise?

It's a ventilator.

It's breathing for him.

Is he gonna wake up?

You can tell me.
I can take it.

I have no way
to know that.

What do you know?

I know that...
we haven't been able

to take him
off of the life support.

And I know that
it's very hard on his body

every time
we try and revive him

and that it's taking longer
and longer each time we try.

♪ Baby, and when we find ♪

and his kidney tests
are elevated.

Which means what?

Which means that...

his... his organs are starting
to fail, one by one.


You asked me about
extraordinary measures before,

if my parents ever talked
to me about them.

What you're doing to my dad,

are those extraordinary me...

they are.

I think you should stop.

♪ Ooh ♪

It's not that simple.

And it's not your call.

You're his child...

I'm not a child, not anymore.

I turned 18
4 hours ago.

Today is my birthday.

And I've watched you torture
my dad for the past six.

So I'm the head
of the family now,

and it's my job.

If you
take him off the machines

and he lives, then he lives.

But if you don't...

then at least
we let him go in peace.

You gotta stop.


♪ To get around your house ♪

(instrument clicks)

Okay, time to close.

Would you like
to do the honors?

Kepner can close.

(chuckles) What?

Kepner, can you close?

Uh, I-I can, but...

Kepner, close.

(beeping continues)


can I speak to you
privately, please?

(beeping continues)

(door hisses open)

(door hisses closed)

What's up? You okay?

When we brought your husband
into the O.R.,

we originally thought
We could go in

with a bronchoscope
and a laser,

however, there was
a lot of bleeding,

so we had to open him up.

Wait. You... you... wait.
No. Owen said that...

when we opened him up,

we saw that his tumor had
eroded his pulmonary artery.

Dr. Webber and I both used
extraordinary measures...

But we...

uh, no, no. No.
We used extraordinary measures,

but his heart
could not tolerate

the excessive bleeding.

He did not survive
the surgery. I'm sorry.

You're saying...

(voice breaking)
You're saying, he's dead.


Say it.


when you inform the family,
you have to say it

so that they know
that it's really happening.

It's the first thing
that you're taught.

I never really
thought about it...

but now I get it,
and, um...


I need you...

I need you to say it.

Henry is dead.


Thank you.

(exhales deeply)

Where's Teddy?

I don't know.


You told her?

Of course I did.


you shoulda let me.
I should've been the one...

oh, my God.
This is not about you.

Who cares who told her?

Okay, I told her,

because you made me stand there
and talk and joke

and... and lie to her
for hours,


I am sorry. I had to...

no, I know, I know.
I don't wanna...

I don't wanna hear it.


And neither will she.

(Zola Jesus' "Skin" Playing)

Oh, um...


give me the chart.


just give me the chart.

♪ Don't hold me down ♪

(whispers) Thank you.

(normal voice) Get out.

♪ In this hole
I've fallen down ♪

♪ secret home
I made and found ♪

♪ and you ♪

♪ wait to breathe ♪

♪ skin ♪

♪ of ♪

♪ all ♪

♪ skin ♪

♪ of ♪

♪ all ♪

♪ I've had ♪

♪ enough ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ skin ♪

♪ of ♪

♪ all ♪

♪ and in the sickness ♪

♪ you have faith ♪


♪ and in the thickness ♪

♪ you find me ♪


♪ Finally ♪




♪ in the city, you find pain ♪

(monitor beeping rhythmically)

♪ and the people
you see there ♪

(beeping continues)

I'll give you
your privacy.

♪ ...of your role ♪

So what happens now?

His heart rate will slow down,

and that's gonna make
the alarm sound,

But I'll... I can turn
the sound off.

And then his breathing is going
to get slower and slower.

And then his organs
will start to fail

because they need oxygen
to survive.

And then when there's
no breathing and no pulse,

that's when he's gone.

(monitor beeps erratically)


♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ skin of ♪

Is this it?

This is it, sweetie.


I'll wait outside.


No, please. (sniffles)

Please wait.

(whispers) Okay, okay.
(mouths words)

♪ you have faith ♪

(continues crying)


♪ and in the thickness ♪

I really should be taking
the fall for this.

I agree.

All right. Well, then
I'm just gonna walk in there

and I'm gonna tell him.

Look, let me... let me spell it
out for you, Avery.

This is on me.

Yes, it was your mistake,

and, yes, you should feel
like crap,

but I'm your attending,
you're a fifth year,

which means that I'm responsible
for what happens in my O.R.,

and you get a free ride.
Well, I don't want
a free ride.

Well, I don't want to
give it to you, but I will,

because you're still young
and inexperienced

and hopefully,
you'll learn something here.

You'll start double-checking
your work,

and the work of your residents
when the time comes,

because otherwise,
you'll be me,

walking in to apologize
to a family that hates me

almost as much
as I hate myself right now.



Dr. Torres,
there you are.

I need to talk to you.

I know. I know, Mr. Lewis.
I want to talk, too.

Yeah, you owe me
an explanation.

Okay? A real explanation.

What happened to Laura...
This is totally unacceptable.

I, uh, I understand.

I was rude to you before
when you mentioned Henry.

I'm used to it.

It's kinda your thing.

Look, when bad things
happen to you, you Lash out.

You want space.

That's why I'm sitting
way over here at my own table.

I'm... (laughs)

I'm giving you space.

I didn't just lose
a patient today.

I lost a friend.

I'm sorry.

I wouldn't mind if...

you didn't give me
quite so much space.

(snow Patrol's
"New York" Playing)

♪ If you were here beside me ♪

♪ instead of in New York ♪

♪ if the curve of you ♪

♪ was curved on me ♪

♪ I'd tell you
that I loved you ♪

♪ before I ever knew you ♪

Canner did a good job.

Yeah, she did.

Don't screw this one up.
I like her.

She's a keeper.

(indistinct conversations)


♪ If our hearts
are never broken ♪

♪ then there is no joy ♪

I'll be close by
if you need me.

♪ There's so much
this hurt can teach us both ♪

You can't prepare
for a sudden impact.

You can't brace yourself.

It just hits you

out of nowhere.

And suddenly...

the life you knew before...

is over...


♪ Come on ♪

♪ come out ♪

♪ come here ♪

♪ come here ♪

♪ come on ♪


What's wrong?

There's no food,
and I'm hungry.

I just ordered pizza.

For breakfast?

We've been up
for 39 straight hours.

It's dinner. It's a very,
very late dinner.

Oh, that cheese is old.

I'm hungry. I might die.

Don't eat the old cheese.
Come and sit down by me.

Put your head down.

♪ The long neon nights ♪

♪ and the eek of the ocean ♪

I'd like to put a little
salt on your nose

and eat a bite.

(laughs) The pizza
will be here any minute.



We'll be okay...

if it's
just the two of us...

if that's what you want.

I love you.

♪ Snaps me in two ♪

(doorbell rings)


♪ Beside me,
instead of in New York ♪

Don't start eating
that pizza without me.

♪ In the arms you said
you'd never leave ♪




Is that our baby?


Yes, it is.

♪ Come on ♪

♪ come out ♪

♪ come here ♪

She's yours.


(kisses and laughs)


♪ Come here ♪

♪ come on ♪

♪ come out ♪

♪ come here ♪

(baby talk Voice) Hi. Hi.
Come here.



♪ Come here ♪

♪ the long neon nights ♪

♪ and the want of the ocean ♪

♪ and the fire ♪

♪ that started to go out ♪