Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 19 - It's a Long Way Back - full transcript

Everyone pulls together to help Callie and baby Sofia on their painstaking journeys to recovery in hopes of allowing mother and baby to finally meet; the sudden death of a clinical trial ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
After a trauma

your body is at its most vulnerable.

Response time is critical.

So you're suddenly surrounded by people...

Go. Go. You got it.

Doctors, nurses...
Focus. Focus.

Come on, come on, come on.
Specialists, technicians.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Go.
Surgery is a team sport...

everyone pushing for the finish line...

- All right! All right! Good job.
- Yay, fingers.

Yeah. Yeah.
Putting you back together again.


Okay. It's okay.

You're retraining your brain.

Getting your fingers straight

- was the goal for today, okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Little goals, remember?

All right, let me get in there
to check her incision.

- Good morning. Baby report. Boom.
- I'm gonna go see her.

Hey. You're awesome.

- Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme.
- See?

She's moving her arm like she's waving.

She still doesn't open her eyes,

but she only stopped breathing
once last night. And get this...

her brain bleed's still grade 1.

Good girl.

She looks bigger.

Is she bigger?

All right. Some of us are still working.

Let me get in there, please.

Okay, I have a consult. I have to go.

How are you?

Um... I almost got my hand straight.

- That's great mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

But surgery is a trauma in and of itself.

So today? I can see her today?

And once it's over, the real healing begins.

We call it recovery.
I'm sorry.

- No.
- But until...


You can be mobilized

and your infections are completely gone,

you cannot see her,

and she cannot leave the NICU.

Now you know

- I would if I could.
- Mm. Mm-hmm.

Right? You know that, ri...

Recovery is not a team sport.


- Mm-hmm.
- Tell her I would.

Mm-hmm. She would if she could.

It's a solitary distance run.

Are you giving me the finger?

Yes, I am.

Good job.

It's long, it's exhausting...

and it's lonely as hell.

Mrs. Pulcher, you're gonna
have to stop smoking.

- Your infections are getting worse.
- Your infections, you mean.

I didn't have them before
you two idiots operated.

And you didn't even do that right.

Again, I am sorry, but your lung cancer

- had spread to the point that we couldn't...
- Please. Useless.

I can afford any hospital in the world,

and I come to this third-rate crap factory.

When am I getting outta here?

I've been here for three weeks.

- This is not Guant?namo.
- Discharge her, please. I'll pay you.

There is not much more that we can do

unless you are willing to help
yourself. Now the smoking...

Oh, if I wanted a lecture on smoking,

I'd dig up my dead husband.

Now get me outta here before I

- sue your balls off.
- Well, we'll run some tests,

and if your white blood cell count

- is up to an acceptable level...
- How high does it have to be?

Give me a number.

- Well, it's at a .8 now,
and I'd like it to be above a 2.
- 1.

This is not a negotiation.

Everything is. 1.5.

1.5 and you let me outta here.

Now get me a wheelchair,

'cause if I have to wait
around this hellhole,

- I'm gonna smoke.
- Okay.

Oh. I smoothed out some bumps
in the NICU surgery protocol

if you wanna... stop acting like a child.

You crushed his heart,

April, and none of us thought he had one,

- that's impressive.
- Yeah, well, it's inconvenient.

I need him to sign this.

- Uh, morning.
- Oh, good morning.

Oh, uh, another Alzheimer's
trial patient today, huh?

Yes, sir.

Good, good.

How is your islet cell trial going?

Have you found a resident to assist you?

- Uh, yeah.
Uh, Avery's gonna help me out today.
- Great. Good.

And, uh, Mrs. Webber, how is she feeling?

Uh, she's doing all right. Thank... thank you.

Oh, sir.


Wow. That kids looks screwed.

He is.

He has five different cardiac
and abdominal defects.

I'm supposed to operate on him next week.

That's awesome. Can I scrub in?

Yeah, if you can get us to Africa.

- Hmm?
- I was supposed to go back there next week,

but now I have a very
sick little girl of my own

- and a fianc?e in the I.C.U.
- Fly him out here.

Yeah, I've tried,
but you can't imagine the red tape

and the money.

And there's a dozen more like him

that I'd want to do the same thing for.

Trying to find someone
to help 'em out over there.

I just... I made a promise, that's all.

Hey, it's healing pretty well,

and maybe in a couple of days,

- you can try sitting up by yourself.
- Let's try now.

Can't rush it.

Why'd I get you?

Why aren't you cutting
out a heart somewhere?

Well, Altman and I had a falling out,

over your ventricular
septal defect, actually.

Mm. I'm just giving her some space.

Okay, you're good. Okay, you need anything?

I need to see my baby.

She's mostly tubes and wires.

And she looks more like
a chicken than a baby...

Like a... like a featherless,
beakless chicken.

You want to wait till she's cuter.

You're the worst godmother ever.

You picked me.

She opened her eyes.

Sofia... she... she looked right at me.

I saw her sweet little eyes.
They... they're beautiful.

They look just like yours. Oh, my god!

I shoulda taken pictures.
Why didn't I do that?

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, god, no. I'm so sorry.

- Go, go, go, go, get the pictures!
- Okay.

- Go get the pictures then.
- I'm sorry. Oh, oh, god.



No, don't. Callie.

Callie, stop it. Stop it. Stop it, Callie!

- You'll rupture your sutures.
- I am missing her.

- I know.
- I'm missing her.

- I know. I know, honey. I know.
- She could die, and I'll never...

- I could miss her whole life!
- Shh. Okay, okay. Easy, easy, relax.

- Lie back down.
- Oh!

Pulse is 102.

- Are you nervous, Ed?
- Yeah,

it's kinda like going to
the dentist, only worse.

Well, this is gonna be

- over before you even know it starts.
- Mm-hmm.

Dr. Grey is gonna do the drill now.

You're not gonna feel anything, though.

- Ed, try and relax, okay?
- I can't.

All right, stop. Stop it. Just pull back.

- All right. Let's get the halo off.
He's having an M.I.
- Okay.


What the hell happened?

His E.K.G. was fine?

Mm-hmm. He never complained of chest pain.

I did the workup.
There was nothing in his history.

It wasn't your fault. It was a massive M.I.

After we inform Mr. Beckert's family,

I will call the F.D.A.
and file a formal report.

Is there a chance
they could shut down the trial?

Oh, it doesn't matter.
I'm gonna shut it down,

pending the autopsy.

I want to know why we didn't see it coming.

- I thought Dr. Bailey said
Torres can't be moved yet.
- Yes, sir,

but since she has had
no contact with the baby,

I was wondering how soon we

- might be able to...
- Bring the baby to Torres?

I think it'll do the both of them good.

Uh, if I could at least tell Dr.Torres

- when she...
- When the baby is off the vent,

when she has an immune
system and can withstand

the onslaught of deadly infections

Dr. Torres would threaten
her with, that's when.

I mean, come on.
I'm all for mother/baby bonding,

but not when it'll kill the baby.

Why do you even ask me these things, huh?

I thought you were a doctor.


I need your help with something.

Oh, wait. I have, uh,
patient 122's trial packet.

It was never opened,
so it needs to go back into the lot.

Oh, okay. One sec.

- I heard about your patient. I'm sorry.
- Thank you.

- Have a good night.
- You, too.

Henry, will you open the door?

I'm sorry. The place is, uh...

You were just supposed to
tell me if this is normal

or if I need to...
if need to go to the hospital.

- You know what?
Will you just sit down and be quiet?
- All right.

Did you check your blood sugar?

Uh, 56, but I don't have, uh, any juice.

- I just have, uh,
half a can of diet soda, so...
- Okay, okay.

Oh, damn it. Look at you.

- What?
- You look amazing.
You were on a date, weren't you?

I made you come here
in the middle of a date.

No, no, no, you know what?
Actually, you saved me

from the longest date
with the most tedious man.

The only good thing that
came out of the date

were these cannolis, which,
as it turns out, is exactly

what someone needs when
they're having a hypoglycemic episode.

- But you still shouldn't have come.
- Yeah, you know what?

You'll stop saying that once you try this.

Okay. Mm-hmm. Yeah.


Okay. Tell me about this date.

Uh, well, mm, his name is Erwin.


Okay, so strike one.


Give me that.

So am I leaving? What's my number?

It's not good.

Not your opinion, stupid. Number.


It's gone down.

I'm sorry the results weren't better.

You should be, you worthless bastard.

It's all your fault. Get outta my sight.

I can't stand looking at your stupid face.


How'd she take it, Karev?

Bitchy, 'cause she's a bitch.

She's also dying and she's alone.

She hasn't had any family or
visitors since she got here.

Well, maybe that's 'cause she's...

Let's keep our assessments to ourselves.

Karev, what's your plan for chief resident?

My plan?

Mm-hmm, besides badmouthing patients.

All your colleagues

are showing some kind
of leadership potential.

Grey and Avery, they're on clinical trials,

Kepner is overhauling
the surgical checklist.

They have a plan.

- I was just wondering if you had a...
- African kids.


Yeah, I'm gonna bring over
about a dozen kids from Africa

and, uh, get them surgeries...
badly needed surgeries.

Huh. Sounds pretty ambitious.

Well, I'm am ambitious guy.

Also sounds like you just
pulled that outta your butt.

Oh, no, sir, it's a...
it's a plan that I've, uh,

been plan... planning.

Okay. Well, good.

Let me know if I can help.

Right outta your butt.

Shut up.

You guys ready? Let's do this.

Wake up!


Just lay still and relax.
Let us do everything.

Can you do that?

Tell him that chole moved to 8:30 tomorrow.

Back, back, back.


Dr. Bailey.

Can I... can I ask you something?

Well, what is it?

- Uh, h-how's your day going?
- How's my day going?

Uh, my day should've ended three hours ago.

I'm tired, it's late,

and I still have six more things
to do before it's over,

and now I have you in my face
asking me how my day is going.

Okay, okay, okay. Okay.

We'll give you some privacy.



Hi, baby.

Don't worry.

See, I'm...

I'm a little messed up, too.

But we're gonna be fine, okay?

We're gonna be just fine.

- Hey.
- Hey, how is Mr. Beckert's wife?

Uh, her kids took her home.

- I can't believe they lied to us.
- They didn't lie.

They just left out
the history of his heart problems

because they needed this trial.

Now while we're waiting
for the F.D.A. to respond,

I want to rescreen all
the applicants with a fine-tooth comb.

Is that what you're doing now?

No. As morbid as it sounds,
I am trying to find

a replacement for Mr. Beckert.

- A new patient 122?
- Yeah, we'll need to have one ready.

- Okay. So what about Adele Webber?
- Meredith, you know I want to,

but she's just not far enough along.

Her disease has not progressed
enough for her to be eligible

for this trial. You know that.

Well, this fell off of
Richard's sweater this morning.


- Breathe.
- No. She can't talk to me like that.

I'm a trained professional,

and she's an uncooperative, insulting...

Fianc?e of mine, so let's just...
let's watch it.

He's a wuss. Let him go.

Good luck.

That's the third one this month.

They don't push me hard enough.

It's a traumatic brain injury.

- It's not boot camp.
- Yeah, we're getting married.

You want me walking down the aisle,
not rolling, right?

- I want you healed. It's okay.
I mean, the wedding...
- Oh!

Oh! Sorry. I'm sorry.

The baby won't wait.

You can pick her up. You can hold the baby.

Mark can hold the baby.
I can't hold my baby!

Don't tell me it's okay!

I'm sorry.

Then bring me those balls, please.

I've got, uh, eight patients lined up

from three African countries,

all through the Namboze clinic.

There's a, um... Oh, wait.

Jeez. Ah, here.

A cardiac defect, uh, a brain tumor,

an idiopathic gangrene case...

I mean, when do we get to see that, right?

What else? Oh, and, uh, Hunt,

He-he-he got me in touch with, uh,

a military guy about ground transport

and he also volunteered to operate pro bono,

so I've got him and Robbins,
Bailey, uh, Sloan,

- Shepherd...
- Stop.

How you gonna pay for all this?

Well, that's why I'm talking to you.

You're the chief of... of peds surgery.

I mean, they're incredible
surgeries... on kids.

Oh, oh, oh, okay. So it's...
it's coming out of my budget?

Well, I'm saying, if...
if I do all the logistical crap,

I mean, it's a... it's a project
the hospital should fund, right?

- I mean, it's-it's worth...
- Nothing.

That's what it's worth. No, no.

I'm sorry.

Right. I should've known what you'd say.

No, no, no. You don't get to do that.

You don't get to ask me
to fund a plan this half-assed

and then paint me as
somebody who wants to deny...

health care to third-world kids.

Come on.

I mean, yeah, there are people
that can do this sort of thing,

but... you're not one of 'em.

Mrs. Pulcher.

Oh, ooh. Is it two hours already?

Ow. It seems like I saw
your slack jaw a minute ago.

I feel like I just saw
your blistery old butt.

Oh, no. You can't speak to me like that.

You can't speak to me like that.

I should sue you... 10 grand
for every bedsore on my ass.

I'll die before I ever see
any of that money, but I'll...

But you'll die rich.

Richer thanks to you dumbasses.

Or you could do something
good with the money.

Donate it to a good cause, help someone out.

Or put it to getting you a medical degree.

Mrs. Pulcher,

I have a plan to bring some
African kids over here...

- Oh.
- For some really cool...

I mean... desperately needed surgeries.

You askin' me for money?

- I need at least 100 grand to get things started.
- Oh, my god.

Take it somewhere else, Sally Struthers,

and get outta my face.

Overall, Adele scored a 23,
which is a marked decline

from the last time we tested her,
which was 27.

Mm-hmm. So she's definitely
a lot worse than we thought.

Well, the upside is, she gets in the trial.

- But she's declining so fast.
- I know.

Why can't we just give her
the medicine on the side

Outside of the trial? Who would know?

No. The F.D.A. is gonna
be on us harder than ever.

Anything we do that taints the results

could ruin the trial,

and not to mention
our careers along with it.

Don't think I haven't thought about it.

She's in heart failure.

She's gotta go back on the vent.
She needs surgery now?

Well, as soon as possible.

- Her ductus arteriosus hasn't closed.
- Fletcher's a no-go.

I'm gonna try Terry Lennox at Seattle press.

Look, I know I'm not high on your list,

but, uh, your baby's out of time,
you know it can't be you.

I have performed the procedure before, so...

you're stuck with me.

- I understand. I...
- And, uh, although

- you're not technically related to the baby...
- I'm sorry, what?

The hospital would have no ethical objection

if I let you be in the O.R. with me.

I mean, if you'd like
to look over my shoulder,

you know, make you feel any better.

Thank you.

- Okay. We will page you when we're ready.
- Thanks.

I'll-I'll go tell Callie.

So should I get her prepped?

Yeah, looks like
I'm stuck with you, too, huh?

- Are you ready to go back?
- Mnh-mnh. One more lap.

What, did you lose a bet?

She's my new physical therapist

because she does what I tell her to.

Whose charts are those?

Altman's. She's being ridiculous.

I haven't seen a cardio surgery in a month.

- So you stole her charts?
- Yes, I stole her charts

so I will be prepared when
she comes crawling back.

Grey, sit. I need the resistance.

Oh, so I retested Adele Webber.

She's worse than we thought.

But at least she's gonna get in the trial.

Okay, see?! See?! I should be on this.

How do I even have a shot at chief resident

if I can't do what I'm good at?

Alex, you didn't. You're gonna be fired.

I'm gonna be chief resident.

Yeah, not if you don't work here anymore.

He-he solicited a patient for money.

- Oh, you hookin' now?
- No, my African kid thing.

It's against so many rules.

Who cares? The old hag could die,

leaving her money to save dying children.

But instead, she'll probably
leave it to her cats,

who probably hate her, too.
Are you going to radiology?

Uh, hey, everybody. Off. Now.


I did four laps today.

- Sofia needs surgery.
- What?

Today. Now. She has weakness
in her left ventricle.

- She needs a P.D.A. ligation.
- Oh, god. Oh, god.

She's gonna be fine, and I'm gonna be there.

- Oh.
- What?

- Callie.
- Oh, god. Oh, god.

Oh, my... Help!

Somebody help!

Abdominal wound dehiscence
with a small evisceration.

She's worked herself into a rupture.

I should've seen this coming.

I should've forced her to stop walking.

I check that wound three times a day.

- She never complained of pain.
- Yang,

I've been telling Torres
to slow down for weeks.

The woman doesn't listen,
so stop kicking yourself

and just help me fix it.

- Bovie.
- How bad does it look?

How is she?

They're just starting now.

B.P. is, uh, 39 over 20.

- That's way too low.
- No, for a kid this small, it's fine.

You know, talking will distract me.

Uh, I'm sorry. Um, I have to hang up.

No, I didn't say hang up.
Just keep it down, please. Potts.

You're dumber than you look.

I'm gonna have your job.


Help me, Mrs. Pulcher.

Oh. Nurse! I'm gonna call your supervisor...

- You're my only hope.
- And have you fired!

- I need your help.
- And then I'm gonna sue this hospital!

- Please.
- And then I'm gonna sue you!

- Please.
- Get out!

I don't ever want to see
your face here again!

He's just getting ready to clip the P.D.A.

- 3-0 vicryl.
- She's closing now.

No leaks, no bleeders, no sepsis.

B.P.'s good, so we're home.

- What's happening?
- The P.D.A. ripped.

Suction. 6-0 prolene. Now. Damn it, now.

What's happening?

What's going on, Robbins?

Oh, what happened?

I'm sorry.

If she...

I'm sorry.

You need to be in here.

You missed the good part, Dr. Robbins.

She tried to bleed out,
but I wouldn't let her.

And the lung is up...

and it is beautiful.

All right. 5-0 vicryl, please.

And everybody's fine.

- Okay. Let's get you...
- Don't touch me.

Oh, she's been asking for you.

Get in here.

This ham-fisted twit doesn't
know how to roll me.

You asked me not to come back.

- I'm only...
- Just shut your hole and get in here

before this idiot breaks my spine.

100 grand.

- What?!
- Alex, don't.

Give me 100 grand, and I'll come in.

Mrs. Pulcher, he's-he's joking.

He-he doesn't... he doesn't mean that.




100 grand, final offer.

- You don't know how to negotiate.
- I'm not negotiating.

Oh, don't pretend to be smart,
you crooked little bastard.

And don't pretend you're poor,
you evil old bitch.

100 grand.

Done. 100 grand.

Now get in here and roll me over.

Wait. He made you pay for parking, too?


Yeah, and that was all before dinner.

You gotta try this pasta. It's ridiculous.

I'm in.

Did I tell you that
his hair was longer than mine?

No. No.

You know what's funny?

I don't know why his online photo

didn't feature his very, very long ponytail.

- I love this guy.
- Mm.

- Mmm. Mmm.
- This is so good.

Meet us a Joe's. I'm buying.

What's up?

$100,000 is what's up,

courtesy of the dragon lady in room 10-22.

- Alex.
- You know what happens
when you break the rules, Mer?

You get 100,000 bucks. Drinks are on me.

I can't. I'm on call.

No. No! No!

No! Time of death, 21:44.

No. Shut up. No.

- She had an arrhythmia.
- Well, get her back. I need her.

- Alex!
- I had it. I had it!

- I'm sorry.
- No, I had it. I had it!

You bitch.

- Mrs. Webber.
- Hmm?

What are you doing here so late?

Oh, you know, Richard is finishing up,

and I'm just waiting.

He doesn't like to see me go home alone.

Mm. May I sit with you?

I'm surprised to see you here.
You on call tonight?


So how are you feeling?

You really want to ask me that?

It's hard, I know.

You think so?

I only know from my side of it,
from my experience.

Excuse me,

but I have no use for your side of it.

I thought I could handle it,
thought I could live with it...

it was only temporary...
that it was gonna go away,

but clearly, I was wrong.

It's just getting worse.

I'm sorry.

Are you? Are you really?

Then stop.

Please, just stop.

Are you in love with him?

If you're in love with him,
I don't know what you should do.

But I think... god help me...

Ellis, I think he's in love with you.

And if you're not, please...

give him back.

Adele, it''s Meredith.

Not Ellis.

It's Meredith. I'm her daughter.

Ellis is gone. She died.

Please give me back my husband.


give me back my husband.

Uh, he's-he's-he's yours.
He's-he's all yours.

Good morning.

Oh, yeah. Look at you.

Look at how big you are.

Hey, I was just coming to see you.

Not you. Her.

Good morning, beautiful.

Are you gonna tell me to get back in bed?

'Cause I just got here. I am not.

I was coming to tell you to go home.

- Don't drop that baby.
- To what? To what?

- Go home.
- When?

- Now.
- Oh...

Look, look, your vitals are stable,

your balance is good,

and you obviously are strong
enough to carry this one around,

So go... Get out.

Did you hear that?

We're going home.


I'm going home.

It's 500 bucks to get it out of impound.

Oh, come on.

You shoulda paid the tickets.
Have a nice day.

I will see you as soon as you are done.

Meredith, make him stop fussing over me.

Okay, I'll be right there.

So she's going into surgery
right after the M.R.I.,

so don't worry.

Uh, Meredith.

Thank you for everything you've done.

I didn't really do anything.
The circumstances changed.

You did. You caught it first.

And the minute you did,
you looked after her.

You did everything you
could to take care of her.

I've made a lot of mistakes,

and it's taken me a lot of years

to finally realize that all
I want to do is be with her.

You've given us the best
chance that we could get.

You've done everything.

What's this?

What's this? It's your kid.

- Your African kid.
- Oh, that's happening?

- Today?
- Tonight. The first group gets here tonight.

I've been telling you this all week.

Look, each of you gets your own kid.

Some of them will be traveling with family,

a few of them are orphans,

so you are in charge of your kid, right?

You're like their... their ambassador.

Wait. You can't have her.
You'd be awful to her.

Um, him. No. Yes, him.

He's melting down.

- Train wreck.
- Evil spawn is now mother Teresa.

Don't forget, they get here tonight!

Karev. They're here.

They just touched down in D.C.,

and they're gonna change
planes and have dinner,

and then they'll be here.

You did it. You know,
I never thought you would.

I didn't think you could, but... you did.

Well done, Karev.


I am in so much trouble.

Oh, my...

Oh, my god. How...

- How did you let this happen?
- It just happened.

I asked for things,

and-and-and people started saying yes.

And-and I-I paid for it myself at first,

but then I maxed out my cards,
but the ball was rolling

and-and planes were reserved

and-and a freakin' military transport.

I mean, what am I supposed to say,
"Sorry. Never mind."

"Lack of funds.
Keep your dying kids where they are"?

- Well, yeah.
- No. You say "I'll pay you when you get here."

"Keep the receipt. Send me the bill."

And now, I mean... Oh, god.

Right now they're eating
$8 airport hamburgers

that I can't pay for.

Alex, this... I mean, this is... this fraud.

You have actually grifted people.

- I can't do this.
- Well, yeah, well, you... you have to now.

I mean, you already did it.

You-you could go to jail for th... this.

Ah. There you are.

Here's your kid. They're coming tonight.

- Um, okay. Uh, hold it for me be...
- Look, just take it.

- Well...
- She's a 5 year old with optic glioma...

What are you doing?

I'm working.

No, what are you doing?

- Oh, Alex. This is from a lawyer.
- Ah.

- No, take it. You have to...
- No, I don't... I don't want to see it.

Look, they're gonna get here tonight, Lexie.

I-I... they'll get their surgeries.
I'll go to jail.

- I don't even care anymore.
- Just... no, no, don't! It's a check.

It's a check for $200,000 from
the estate of Gladys Pulcher.

It's from the dragon lady.

That bitch.

Okay, Adele.

I need you to take a couple
of deep breaths for me, okay?

You okay?

- I'm fine.
- Good.

All right.

Okay, I'm gonna make...

the injection.

And, uh, you shouldn't feel this.

There it is.


I really don't want to go
home until she goes, you know?

- Um, and clearly, she's not ready to go, so...
- Shh. Shh, shh.

- She can go.
- What?

With most parents, I'd say no,

but she has three doctors at home,

- so if she passes the infant carrier test...
- Uh, what test?

Uh, she has to sit in an
infant carrier for an hour

with no apnea or bradycardia.

Oh, she'll nail that. I'll go get it.

Thank you.

Well, yeah, it's-it's okay.

I mean, if she passes the test, it's okay.

People are talking about you...


They're-they're saying you're kind,

funny, compassionate.

And Dr. Robbins has a lot of
nice things to say about you.

I'm just glad, you know.

I'm-I'm glad that people
are getting to know

the Robert that I got to know and like.

You deserve for people to like you.

It's Dr. Stark.

How'd it go?

Actually, it's still kinda going.

What? What do you mean?

Well, it was this guy that I had met before,

and now he's back in town,
and it's kinda great.

Oh, and they had that pasta that you love,

and well, I didn't wanna...
so, um, well, here.

Oh, you didn't ha... th... thank you.


So, um...

I'm sorry I-I can't stay.

- No. No, this is great. You should go.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, go.
- Okay. All right. I'll call you.

- All right.
- Okay, good.

How's your friend?

Good. Thanks. It was good that we stopped.

Glad to do it.

So... What's next?

Am I taking you home?

Or I might be taking you home.

The length of your recovery

is determined by
the extent of your injuries...

Five more seconds.

Five... four, three, two, one.

That's one hour.


- You did it, big girl.
- Aww.

I can't believe she's leaving.

Yeah. Yeah, she's cute, isn't she?

- No. Callie.
- Okay.

She was my last cardio patient.

- Does Teddy even talk about me?
- That's a cute baby, right?

Its small features and oversized eyes

trigger a hormonal response in humans.

It's autonomic. It's what
keeps us from eating them.

And it's not always successful.

For the grad wall.

Okay, let's roll.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Put her down.

I have got the apnea monitor, the o-2...

Oh, Callie, you need to steal
some of those NICU blankets.

- They're the best.
- Okay, everybody, stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.

No matter how hard we work at it...

She's not ready. No, she can't leave.

She's-she's been watched
by doctors 24 hours a day.

She still will.

Okay, well, her lungs... she could get R.S.V.

Well, any kid could get R.S.V.

She's not getting in a car. It's not safe.

Some wounds might never fully heal...

- Callie...
- It's not safe.

The last time she was in a car,
she nearly died.

We both nearly died.
Get-get her outta that thing.

- Honey...
- Get her... give her... give her to me,
Mark. I'm not kidding.

- Get her out of that thing. Give her to me.
- Oh, Callie. Callie.

- Come here. Come here.
- Cal... O-okay, okay, you're right.

You are absolutely right.

Cars are not safe for children.

Okay, neither are bookcases,

or squirrels, uh, strong winds,

uh, people who sneeze.

They're all gonna get your baby.

But, honey,

you don't feel this way because
you were in an accident.

You feel this way because you are a parent.

It'll pass, mostly.

Some of it never will.

You might have to adjust to
a whole new way of living.

Things may have changed too radically...

I wish I could tell him.



I wish I could tell him
his Adele got the medicine.

I just hate keeping it from him.

To ever go back to what they were.

Me, too.

I need a wheelchair.

Lexie, Avery.

Let's go.

It might not even recognize yourself.

It's like you haven't recovered
anything at all.

You're a whole new person

with a whole new life.