Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 7, Episode 17 - This Is How We Do It - full transcript

Richard is desperate for Derek and Meredith to accept Adele into their Alzheimer's trial, but will Adele stand in her own way? Meanwhile Mark and Arizona have conflicting ideas of the kind ...

Renegades. Rule breakers.
Gangsters with scalpels.

This is the way we like
to think of ourselves.

It makes us feel badass,


Can you wash this, too?


Is there anywhere you don't do it?


We should go upstairs.


Problem is, it's not exactly true.

At heart, we're
rule followers, sheep.

We don't break protocol.
We follow it to a "T."

Why is there a trailer
in my parking spot?

Is one of these yours?
My bad.

You're living here,

in a trailer in the parking lot?

Well, I'm in the race
for chief resident, you know?

I get to the surgeries first.
I'm here when the chief arrives.

Just get the thing out of my spot.

Okay? And move my car.

Because if we
don't follow protocol,

our patients die.

And then we're no longer badass.

We're just bad.

When are the two of you
finally getting married?

Um, Meredith and Derek already
got married, honey. Remember?

I know that.
They wrote on a post-it.

I meant a real wedding...

in a church, with a white dress.

This isn't Alzheimer's, Richard.

Adele, the tests we ran last month

showed findings consistent
with early-onset Alzheimer's.

I was a nurse for 30 years, Derek.

I know what Alzheimer's looks like.

I also know that 20% of the people

that are diagnosed with it
turn out to have something else.

I don't have Alzheimer's. I don't.

So a lot of patients need time

to come to terms
with their diagnosis.

The same thing
happened to my mother.

We don't have time.

Derek, we need to get Adele in
on your trial right now.

We need her consent
to even consider her.

Look, I'll take care of that.
Don't worry.

We don't even know
if she fits the criteria.

And the trial is full.
Even the waiting list is full.

I know all of that.
I also know that

you'll do whatever you need
to do to help my wife.

Everything looks fine.
Right on track for 23 and a half weeks.

- How's his size?
- Oh, Mark.

It's okay.
I'm used to that trick.

Its size is within the norm.

Come on. We're here.
You know you want to know.

No, no, no, no.
You want to know.

- We prefer an element of surprise.
- Callie?

Mark, we voted. 2-to-1.
We're waiting.

Uh, your B.P. is borderline high.
Are you feeling okay?

Oh, yeah, no. That's the nerves
about the baby shower.

Ah. Yeah, it's like, um,
it's like Christmas morning.

You are way too excited about this.

Hey, I have bought expensive gifts
and played stupid games

for every knocked-up nurse
in this place.

Now it's my turn.

You're coming, right?

Arizona, you invite the O.B.

The fate of my vagina's
in her hands.

Yeah. Um, 1:00 P.M.,
fourth floor doctor's lounge.

I'll see if I can make it.

I'll make it.

What's that about?

Oh, the chief's in the bathroom.
With an audience?

His trial funding
came through this morning,

- and they all want on it.
- Door's opening!

Quiet! Quiet!
I haven't made my decision yet.

Oh, get out of the way.

Stalking a man while
he's in the restroom?

I'd clean the restroom
if he'd let me on this trial.

I'd live in it.

You are surgeons.
If you want to impress the chief,

impress him surgically.

Avery, you're with me.

So you've been all buddy-buddy
with Webber lately.

I am staying out of it,
but you...

You are very beautiful.

Oh, screw beautiful.
I'm brilliant.

If you want to appease me,
compliment my brain.


Ah, Sonya.
You ready for the big day?

You bet.

Try to shave as little
of my head as possible.

It's hard enough dating
with Alzheimer's.

I can't be bald, too.

I promise.
You must be Tarik.

Congratulations on the marathon,
by the way.

- You didn't.
- He's not like other doctors.

He's actually interested
in his patients.

Yeah, I heard you just
moved back from London.

Yeah, I came as soon as
you accepted us into the trial.

I can't thank you enough.

No, I'm glad you're here.
Thank you.

All right, I'm gonna let Dr. Grey
get on with her work,

and I'll see you in a little bit.

Okay, Mrs. Amin, I'm going
to say three words to you

and ask you to repeat them
back to me later.

Truck. Cabin. Spoon.

Truck. Cabin. Spoon.


Uh, what did you do
for Thanksgiving last year?

Oh! I was in London
visiting Tarik.

What? Why? Is that wrong?

Last year, you were
at the Simmons', remember?

No. I was with you
and Gavin in London.

I have that picture
outside the palace.

That was three years ago,
mom, before we broke up.

You really should call him.

He broke up with me.
We're not getting back together.

Sorry. Out of all the things
she can't remember,

she still remembers the ex.

Okay, starting at 100,
count backwards by 7.



Good morning, Clara.

- Good's kind of pushing it.
- I hear you.

- Uh, Dr. Avery.
- Clara Green... 42, type 1 diabetic.

Eight weeks post-op
from a tumor resection.

You know what? No, I'm sorry.
I can't listen to the kid today.

- I would like to hear from
the grown-up doctor. - Sean.

I don't want to hear
from the stupid kid anymore!

I want answers.

Okay, Sean, um, I know
it's incredibly frustrating...

You don't know. My kids are
in Iowa living with my parents.

Okay, I barely survived that house,

now I'm inflicting it on my kids?

Diabetes is a bear of an illness.

Now the tumor removal
was successful,

but we knew it could be tough

getting the insulin levels on track,

and, yeah, it has been tough.

Well, that's not
good enough anymore.

We are doing everything...

Sean, she's doing better
than any of us expected.

You remember when
we talked about how

she might not make it
through the surgery?

Dr. Bailey said she was prepared
to roll the dice,

but surgery was a gamble.

Clara rocked it.

And if she can do that,
she can do anything.

You need any help today?

Robbins has her baby shower,
so I'm free.

I still don't like you, Karev.



I just finished recasting
the O'Connor girl.

Did you still need me to change
Jason Cook's drain?

Nope. All done.

So you can handle
the rest of the patients, right?

- I think we got a thoracentesis in there.
- Really?

Yeah. Thank you.

- We're on for tonight, 7:00 reservation?
- Oh, you know it.

All right.

You're gonna screw your way
to the top. I'm impressed.

- I am not screwing Stark.
- I am not screwing Stark.

- We're not even dating.
- We're not even dating.

I'm serious. We're not.

Okay, maybe I thought
we were at first.

But it's not like that now.
We're just hanging out.

- We're friends.
- Yeah, naked friends.

What do you have?

Jogger found unconscious
on the street. No I.D.

- Dr. Yang's running the code.
- Okay.

- He's in V-fib.
- Okay.


You had chest pain,
so you decided to go for a jog?

Ow! Oh. Sorry.

- How much morphine did you give him?
- 10.

He shouldn't be in this much pain.

- Give him more.
- So what is this, a heart attack?

- 'Cause it sure feels like one.
- I don't know.

We're gonna have to run
some tests to find out.

A jog?!

Hey, it's not like I went out
for a cheeseburger.

Her name is Clara Green.
Now I know it's premature,

but I was thinking she could be
a candidate for your trial.

Look, I still don't have approval
from the FDA, Bailey.

Sir, these people are desperate.

If we could just make them
first on the list

to give 'em something
to look forward to.

Well, why not just
do the surgery today?

Avery, just because a patient
called you a stupid kid

doesn't mean
you should act like one.

She can't even
take immunosuppressants

without risking her tumor
coming back.

She's deteriorating by the hour.

Why not apply
for an emergency waiver?

Because if something goes wrong
during the surgery,

then it would kill the chief's chance
for getting approval.

- Sir, her kids are stuck in Iowa...
- Dr. Avery...

With their grandparents,
who are mean, sir.

Chief, Dr. Altman's paging you.

I'll call the FDA,
see if we can get a waiver.

- Get the patient on board.
- Okay.

What? I...

Where do you want this?

- What's that for?
- Scrapbook station.

- Put it next to that box with
the glitter pens. - Oh, no, no, no.

Don't put it anywhere.
We're not having a scrapbook station.

You heard Callie this morning.
She wants us to go all out.

- Move the table.
- No, don't move the table.

Mark, this isn't a scrapbook station
kind of shower.

You're wrong.
Yang, tell her.

Torres wants all the girlie stuff...

Games, onesie decorating.

- I have a patient.
- Grey?

I can't get over the fact
that you know

what onesie decorating is.

I've been boning up.

That's what you do
for the people you love.

Oh, bite me, Mark.

Oh, what's going on?

Are you guys fighting again?

Did you want a scrapbook station?

Oh, yeah. Of course.
It's not a real shower

if you don't get
to take home a scrapbook.

Ooh, we should have glitter pens!

No, you can't.
Because if you quit and move here,

you'll get depressed
and start to hate me.

Look, I have to go. Just...

Please stop calling.

They're ready.
Can you bring the chart?

Sorry. The boyfriend thing
is a little more complicated

than she can handle.

- So you two are still together or...
- No. Why?

Well, we require the caretaker

to be a full-time resident

- of the state of Washington.
- I know that.

Okay. I mean,
it's a big commitment.

And it may not feel like it now,
but six months from now,

a year down the road...
it can get overwhelming.

And if you think you might
move back to London, if there's

even the slightest chance,
you need to let us know.

Look, when I came out to my family,

my mother stood by me,
she loved me.

And I know that may not seem
like a big deal to you,

but in my family, where we come from,
being gay isn't something

people just come to accept after a while.

It's a crime, and...
and people die because of it.

And... and my father refused
to deal with it, so he left.

He got a new wife,
and my mom lost everything.

This... this is the least
I could do for her.

I'm committed to this trial, Dr. Grey.


Now islet cells produce insulin.

We would put the cells
in a device in your body,

and it will act like
a brand-new pancreas.

We're contacting the fda

to get their approval right now.

Say yes. Okay, I...
I yelled at him this morning.

- I acted like an ass...
- What are the risks?

I mean, they have to be
pretty serious, right?

Otherwise, the FDA
would've already approved it.

Dr. Bailey?

Y... yeah, there are risks, of course.

I was just about to get there.

Um... there's heavy bleeding,

uh, low platelet counts,

um, and stress on the liver.

But in Clara's condition,

e... especially since
we've done everything else,

um, this really is the best option.

Can we have some more time?
Is that okay?

Oh, y... of course. Yeah.

T... take all the time you need.


Go do something else.

- What was that?
- What was what?

I was getting to those risks.

You interrupted me
to seem like I was hiding something.

Well, in my experience,
doctors do hide things.

I just asked a question
they didn't know to ask.

- That's all.
- No, that's not your job.

I think it is.

To undermine surgeons
and alarm patients?

To care for patients...
that's my job.

Making sure they understand

what highly experimental procedures

they're signing up for
seems a part of that.

Oh, I thought that
was my job, you know,

especially considering that
I am the one who specializes

in said highly experimental procedures.

Oh. Okay. I get it.
You're the doctor. I'm the nurse.

- I should know my place, right?
- N... okay, enough.

Um, there is a doctor-nurse protocol

in this hospital for a reason.

You know it. I know it.
Let's just agree to follow it.

Not if it hurts the patient.

Hey. You paged.

Yeah. Um, I don't think
I'm gonna be able

to make it to dinner by 7:00.

These post-ops are taking me

longer than I thought.

Okay, skip dinner.

Hey, you know,
"From here to eternity" is on cable.

We could just
grab dinner at my place.

Okay. Sounds fun.

Um, I still don't know
what time I'll finish.

Karev, could you help
Dr. Kepner with her patients?

Now you need my help?

Don't push me, dude.

Okay, so if you take these,

then I can do the rest.


The only way you'll be
watching that movie

is if it's playing
on his bedroom ceiling.

His E.K.G. and
cardiac enzymes were normal,

so a heart attack seems unlikely.

We're doing a C.T. angio
to rule out dissection or aneurysm.

Dr. Altman, you okay
to stay on the case,

considering your personal relationship?

Richard, we've been over this.

It's a business arrangement.
Nothing more.

How are you feeling?

Great. Great.

Great. Great, great, great.

Painkillers finally kicked in, huh?

Well, enjoy the ride.

I've been thinking lately,

and I think... I, uh,
I think I figured it out.

And... why all
of your dates go so bad.

- Mm-hmm.
- So, so bad.

Laughably bad.

And it's not your fault.

It's mine, 'cause I'm...
I'm not the guy on them with you.

- We're ready to start.
- Teddy, wait, wait.

You're my wife.

You're my wife.

- Henry, um...
- I'm your husband.

Let's do it. Let's be together.

I mean, look at you.

Look at your eyes.

Look at... you're not
looking at your eyes.

I could look into your eyes
my whole life.

Business arrangement?

He's hopped up on painkillers.

Which just means
his inhibitions are down.

Oh, come on, Richard.

Look, even if he meant
what he said, I...

I don't feel that way. I... I don't.

And scans are up.

Damn it. He's got a mass.
It's close to his heart.

I'm gonna have
to take it out right away.


I'm not sure I should
allow you in that O.R.

Let alone allow you
to operate on him.

- Chief, with all due respect...
- I can do it.

It's an extremely delicate surgery.

I soloed on a similar surgery last month.

I nailed it... is what you said.

Problem solved.

Yang will do the surgery.
You'll supervise.


I've made my decision, Dr. Altman.

Now if you'll excuse me.

He was gonna kick you
out of the O.R.

At least this way,
you get to stay in.

It's win-win.

- Yay! Whoo!
- Oh, thanks!

Don't feel bad.
I've known Torres a long time.

She's a traditional girl, catholic.

You know, this whole
baby-out-of-wedlock thing,

the three parents...
it's a lot for her to swallow.

That's why I figured,
the bigger shower, the better.

- Oh, shut up.
- Excuse me?

You're not the Callie whisperer.

And I'm not a monster
for finding baby showers annoying.

Every woman who's ever had
a pregnant friend hates them.

It's like a wedding.

The bridesmaids always
want to strangle the bride.

It's practically a rule.

The only one who's not normal
here is you for acting like

you're enjoying this.

Okay, Arizona's turn.

Uh, I'm fine. I'm fine over here.

Oh, just 'cause I'm the pregnant one

doesn't mean you don't get to play.

Come on. It'll be fun.

It's what the bride wants.

I'm going.

I'm glad you came.
I know it's awkward.

No, you know, it's... it's not.

It's... I'm... I'm hap...

I'm happy for you, you know.

And, uh, plus,
I'm seeing somebody else, so...



That's, uh... good for you.

Do I know him?

I should go.

I know they're not
paying you well,

but this seems a little extreme.

Ah, I just moved
into my own place.

I don't have time to shop.
Pass me those cookies.

All these people in here,
and you came to talk to me.

You like me.

No, I'm talking to you because
I want something to eat,

- and you're in the way.
- Admit it. You find me charming.

Are those pigs in a blanket?

Dirty hot.

It was good talking to you, Dr. Karev.

I say he's totally gay.

Well, if he were gay,

then why would he ask April out?

No straight guy
waits a whole month

- before making a move.
- Maybe he has herpes.

That wouldn't stop a guy either.
I vote gay.

I just wish he was into me,

then I could be in all
his cool surgeries, too.

He's not gay,
he doesn't have herpes,

and I'm not using him
to get cool surgeries.

We have a lot to talk about, okay?

He's really interesting
once you get to know him.

Which is why she's taking
her pants off for him tonight.

- What?
- She's going to his place.

- "From here to eternity" is playing on cable.
- Oh, yeah.

Pants are definitely coming off.

- Nobody's pants are coming off.
- Movie at his place?

- That's the definition of pants coming off.
- Virgin's a goner.

And with an older man, too.
It's very impressive.

I am not talking
my pants off for Stark!

Oh, my God. That is so ugly.

- Are you still blind?
- I like it. It's abstract.

Check it out. Scrubs.

Yes, I will do a consult now.

You're not fooling anyone.

- Chief.
- Uh, Derek.

- I need a favor.
- Mm-hmm.

I'm applying for an emergency waiver
with the FDA.

I need you to call
your guy that helped you

through your trial over there,

see if he can push
my request through.

All right. I'll see what I can do.

But you're the chief of surgery.
I'm not sure

how much more pull
I'm gonna have.

There's always ways
to work the system, Derek.

We both know that.

I can't put Adele in my trial, Richard.

I've looked at it all day.

Well, go over it again.

You're not hearing me.

I love Adele,

but I can't pull a patient
off the waiting list.

It could compromise the whole trial.

It could get us blacklisted
by the FDA.

Look, Adele has no future without this!


- Yes.
- Sorry. It, uh, it's Clara green.

You need to come now.

What happened?

Sugar bottomed out again.
No response.

- Why won't she wake up?
- Uh, she's in a hypoglycemic coma.

Her sugar dropped too fast,
so her brain doesn't have

- enough to feed on.
- All right,

sats are dropping, and she's got rales.

I'm gonna set up to intubate.

What? Wait.
W... what's going on?

Mr. Green, there's no time to wait.

Now if we're gonna try
this islet cell transplant,

we need to do it now.
We just need your consent.

- Yeah, of course. You do whatever
you need to do. - All right.

- Let's book an O.R.
- Sir, the FDA hasn't given us the waiver.

Look, I know that.

This woman will die
without this surgery.

Now book an O.R. now.

I don't understand.

Why does Dr. Yang
have to do the surgery?

Well, you and I
are technically married,

and the hospital
doesn't allow doctors

to treat family members.


Right, because
how can you stay objective?

Your feelings get in the way.

Is it wrong that
I'm a little flattered

that, uh, you won't operate on me?

Ahem. Dr. Yang is excellent.

And I will be there to supervise.

I'll see you in surgery.

She's into me, right?

Can I have your arm, please?

So this Karev guy,

you're actually friends with him?

- That's real?
- Yeah. Why?

Uh, just it surprises me, is all.

I mean, you don't seem
like the type of girl

to put up with his
whole neanderthal thing, so...

tell me. What am I missing?

You're missing a lot.

He had a girl go crazy on him.

His wife almost died,
and then she walked out on him.

And then he was shot and
almost bled to death in an elevator.

He's been through a lot.

So the neanderthal thing is just...
it is an act.

A well-executed one.

We are through the peritoneum
and ready for the implant.

- Anything from the FDA?
- Nothing, chief.

Damn it.

Sir, I... I think we should wait.

The longer we wait,
the worse she gets.

I know, but...
are you sure we're doing this

for the right reason,

that you're not
trying to prove a point

to Shepherd, maybe?

I'm thinking of my patient here, Bailey.

That's all.

Hybrid device.

Implanting it in the omentum,

near the large intestine loops.

I left my phone when
I went to the cafeteria,

she saw Gavin's name,
so she picked up.

Please. You can't let her do this.

We'll talk to her. Don't worry.

What's going on, Sonya?

I'm not doing the trial.

I'm sorry if I've wasted your time.

- Mom, just listen to him.
- I don't have to.

I'm going home, and
you're going to London. It's done.

Sonya, you were chosen
from hundreds of applicants,

and this surgery...
I can't guarantee anything...

But it could help.

There won't be another
opportunity like this.

I'm sorry. I've made up my mind.

Please take me off your list.

She's not lucid, Dr. Shepherd.
This is just the Alzheimer's.

She's already consented.

My name is Sonya Lela Amin.
I was born Sonya Beshari.

My parents were Ahmed
and Saleemeh Beshari.

I live at 3105 River Road.

I spent last Thanksgiving
with the Simmonses,

but three years before,
I was in London with Gavin,

who did not break up with you.
You broke up with him...

last week when I got on the trial.

You did that for me,

and that makes me very proud.

I raised a good son.

You are a good son.

Go back to London.
Be with Gavin.

Ready to resect the tumor.


Slow and steady.

Any disturbance to his heart,

and he could go
into a hypertensive crisis.

He's pre-medicated.
I'm all over it.

Steady, Yang.

- I got it.
- Good, good.

Now just irrigate and explore.

B.P.'s shooting up.

What did you do, Cristina?

- I don't know. Suction.
- Damn it, Cristina.

- I got it. Don't worry.
- All right. Check for residual tumor.

I am. You know, I need more light.

Hurry up.
Come on. Did you find anything?


Cristina, I need you
to talk to me right now.

Do you need me to do this?

I need you to shut up and
stop acting like a scared wife.

There, I got it. I... I got it.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...

No, no, it's... it's okay. It's just...

Thank you.

Hey, Richard.

You know, I just did
my first trial surgery

without FDA approval.

Maybe they'll take my license,
maybe they'll blacklist me.

You know what?
I don't care. I saved a life.

- Yes. Uh, Richard.
- Yeah?

Someone just dropped
out of my trial.

That's why you dragged me
back in here...

- For another test?
- It's just a few questions

- to see if you meet the criteria, honey.
- And then what?

I let Derek drill into my brain
for no reason?

Look, I just did a surgery
that I wasn't approved to do.

I did it because I knew
I didn't have any time to wait.

The patient would've died.

It's the same for you.

You have Alzheimer's, honey.

You do.
There's no time to wait to treat it.

Please take the test, baby.

Do it for me.


I'll take the test.

Thank you.

But I'm going to pass.

That way...

you'll see I'm fine, healthy.

We're going to grow old together

just like we always said.

We're going to grow old together.

What is that, a tumbleweed,
a hurricane?

- What's your problem?
- Oh, someone threw out the gift list,

and now we don't know who got what,

and people are gonna think of us
as the type of people

who write vague and
impersonal thank-you notes.

I'm not sure that's actually
a type of people.

What's going on?

Arizona lost the gift list.

Yes, Mark. I lost the list.

I... I... I suck at this.

- You're a better woman than I am.
- Hey, it's okay.

It's okay. It's not a big deal.

Mark, can you give us a minute?

She lost the gift list, not me.


So... there is one
more gift left to open.

Oh, I... I didn't get you anything.

You got me a shower.

Open it.

It's a B&B a few hours away.

We leave in the morning.

But I have patients,
and you have patients...

Look, look, I'm extending
an olive branch here,

because I know how annoying
I must be to you right now.

But since I was 4 and I got that doll

that craps her pants for Christmas
I wanted a kid,

because other than cracking bones,

this baby is my dream.

And I get to be insanely
out of my mind happy for my dream.

But I'm not discounting
your need to vomit over my insanities,

so just...

let... let me take you

to the stupid B&B
for the weekend. Thank you.

What did you do
for Thanksgiving last year?

Mm. Nothing.

Uh, Richard and I stayed home,

ordered in Chinese,

and it was lovely.


Starting at 100,

count backwards by 7.




The Rodriguez boy

had an incarcerated incisional hernia,

but we did conscious sedation
and were able to reduce it.

This was all while I was in surgery.
I am impressed.

Well, Dr. Karev did most of it, actually.

Oh, Dr. Karev?
Okay. Well, that's good to know.

I'll check to make sure
it was done right.

Robert, just say thank you.

Thank you, Dr. Karev.
Now go away.

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

I didn't mean to call you that.

There's no need
to apologize, Dr. Kepner.

No, no, no.
It was completely unprofessional.

I promise I will never...
I completely...

Hey, April...
I'm saying, I liked it.

I... I... I can't make it tonight.

To... what?


The new chief resident
is getting picked soon,

and... and... and e... everyone
is stepping up their game,

so I should probably
just stay late here... work.

I'm sorry. I...

I understand.

We've got the age difference,
we work together,

not to mention,
you are very beautiful.

But still, you know,

I'd hoped you wouldn't feel
the need to use work

as an excuse to get out
of spending time with me.

Oh, no, no, no, no, I wasn't.

I enjoy spending time with you...

- Oh.
- much.

It's just, I...

I guess, I j... I just
think of you more as a friend.

Friends. You know, we're...

We're friends.

Yeah. Well...

But that's the thing, you know?

I never wanted
to be just your friend.

Good night, Dr. Kepner.

You needed to score a 26 or below

to meet the criteria of the trial.

You were above that.

Well, what is it?

- It's not important...
- Derek.

It's 27.

One point?

You're going to deny her this
because of one point?

I'm so sorry.

Sorry? No. It's good.
It means I passed.

I... I'm not sick.

I told you, Richard.

That's not what it means.

You have Alzheimer's.


It just hasn't progressed enough
to get into the trial.

But Derek said I passed.

I passed.


I'm okay, right?

When I asked you to repeat
the three words back to me,

you said "pool" instead of "spoon."

I asked you to identify
my stethoscope.

It took you a while to find the word.

And I asked you where
you took your honeymoon,

and you said Hawaii.

But you were here,

because the chief
was a medical student,

and he had to work.


You're just a resident.
What do you know?

What the hell do any of you know?

You work in a hospital all day

around sick people and disease.

You're obsessed.
That's what this is.

So I got a few answers wrong.

That's all?

It's normal to forget
things at my age.


You can never remember
where you parked the car

whenever we go to the movies,

and they're not saying
that you have...

It's not fair.

I finally...


We're finally happy...

you and me...

Loving each other
the way we should have

all these years.

And now?

It's not fair!

Don't look at me like that...

like... like I'm damaged goods.

I... I'm still me. I'm still here.

I'm still me. I...

Maybe... maybe I won't
be here much longer,

but I'm right here, baby.

I'm right here.

You do... I'm so scared.

I'm here, baby. Richard.

Help me. Please. I'm so scared.

You can help me.

Please. Please. Please.

I'm here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I'm here.

Clara Green's extubated.

Her sats are 100%,

and her glucose levels are stable.

No organ damage.
It's working, chief.

- Mm-hmm.
- It's working.

Well, good, 'cause
I just talked to the FDA.

They gave us a waiver.

I just heard the waiver came through.

We did it, right? You know,
a good chief resident would be...

You need to pick
a chief resident already.

I mean, Alex Karev
is living in a trailer

in the hospital parking lot.

Residents are waiting
for you outside bathrooms...

Karev's living in the parking lot?

You know, your trial is up and running,

and you've got things
to deal with at home.

You don't need to be picking
a new chief resident, too.

Let somebody else handle that.


Okay. I'd like you to...

No. I raised those babies.

Um, what I mean is
delegate to someone else,

- who is not me.
- Good night, Dr. Bailey.

Good night.

And, sir...
congratulations on the surgery.

It was a clean excision,
and we got clean margins.

You're gonna be okay.

So what I said before...

about your eyes?

It wasn't just the painkillers.

Henry, you gotta stop.

You gotta stop
talking to me about my eyes

and flirting with me

in front of other doctors.

You're right. I'm sorry.


Okay, I'm not sorry.

I meant what I said.

All of it...

if not more.

I get it.

It's a great story.

We get married
to save your life,

then we fall in love...

I mean, how romantic is that?

Not to mention that you are...

smart and funny

and not at all hard on the eyes.

And I would be lying

to say that
it's never crossed my mind.

But I... I don't feel it.


it's not real.

It's just a good story.

What's so wrong
with a good story?

I'm sorry.

Did you hear back
from the patient

on the waiting list?

I haven't called yet.

- Maybe Richard's right. It's just
one point. - But it's a point

that could ruin the trial
for everyone else

that we're trying to save.


Call them.

Well, I heard the good news.

Our patient's doing well.

Sorry. Your patient, doctor.

- Oh, Eli. I'm tired.
- Good.

Then just admit I was right
so we can kiss and make up.

Not that tired.

Miranda Bailey,
we are not inside the hospital.

Inside the hospital,
you're the man.

That's the protocol.
But outside, I'm the man.

I am the man. Me.

Now you can call me
cro-magnon or old-fashioned,

but that is not going to stop me

from taking you home
to my bed tonight

and showing you
what kind of man I am.

Now how's that?
Does that protocol suit you?




Be at my place in 15.


This is your new place.

You hungry?
I got, uh, crab cakes,

uh, cucumber sandwiches.

You ate all the pigs in a blanket, so...

I'll take a beer.

So this was your plan...

Wait for me on the stoop
of your trailer you squat in?


You were waiting for me,

'cause you find me charming.


What? No, I, uh, I was just...

And now you're stuttering
because I intimidate you.


Which explains it, really.

Why you haven't
made a move this whole time.

Oh, that's complete bull.

And now...

you're forcing me to do it.

So was I right?


- Do you mind?
- Nope.

Although, if it were me,
and I had someone to make out with,

I might want to do it
in private, like in a room,

where there's a door that locks.

Okay. Let's go upstairs.

It's every doctor's dilemma...

do you play it safe
and follow protocol...

Yep. Actual real dinner.

In honor of me
rocking my surgery today.

If Webber doesn't pick me
for chief resident,

he's an idiot.

Or take a risk
and invent a new one?

- Cristina.
- Yes, darling?


Richard just asked me
to take over

picking the chief resident.

The surprise of our glory

Oh, my God.
This is awesome.

You can...

Oh, my God.
This is... this sucks. This sucks.

You can't... you can't pick me.

Everyone's gonna say
it's 'cause you're my husband.

This... no! No! What? Oh, no.

This is... what?
Oh, God. How can you eat?!

This is not fair!
Wait. Wait. Wait. No.

No, no, this... no.

There can be reward in risk.

There can also be fallout.

We've been gone
all of ten minutes.

What could Mark possibly want?

I don't know.


Oh, y... okay.
This is... this is bad.

He found out Lexie's with Avery.
He's freaking.

Watch this.

- Ah... oh, what the hell?
- Just let go.

What? This is... this is...
This is time for us. It's just for us.

And the first thing that you want

- to do is talk to Mark, so...
- You just said it was okay.

Okay. All right. You know what?

Screw it. No, I am gonna...

What are you doing?
What are you doing?

- I'm gonna talk to him!
- Don't you dare call him. I...

This is jealousy, Arizona.
You are jealous of Mark.

- Get over it.
- Well, do you... do you blame me?

I mean, he gets most of you...

the straight you,
the... the catholic you,

the girl who loves baby showers.

I just get, you know,
the gay you... oh.

Which is really only about
20 minutes a night, and not even,

since you just feel too fat
to even let me touch you lately.

Look, I am doing my best here
to make sure that you are happy

and that Mark's happy
and that the tiny person

growing inside me is happy.

I don't know what else I can do,
to be honest.

Please tell me, 'cause I'll do it.

Whatever will make you happy,
I will do it.

Still, you need to buck the system

every once in a while.

Bet big.

Marry me.


I... mean it.

I love you more than... anything.

But I want more.

I want commitments.
I want rings.


marry me.

And when you get
the results you want?

There's no better feeling
in the world.

But when you don't?