Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - These Ties That Bind - full transcript

Meredith's best friend from college shows up on her doorstep and Cristina feels threatened by it. Meredith thinks Sloan is putting the moves on her half-sister and asks Derek to intervene, while the interns practice sutures on each other and Izzie still feels Denny's presence. Hahn is suddenly gone from Seattle Grace and everyone immediately feel at odds over her replacement.

It's intense, what happens in the OR...

... when lives are on the line

and you're poking at brains
like they're Silly Putty.

You form a bond
with the surgeons right next to you.

An unbreakable, indescribable bond.

It's intimate,
being tied together like that.

You up?

- No.
- Yes.

Whether you like it or not, whether
you like them or not, you become family.

The Wicked Witch is dead.

Metaphorically dead, or dead dead?

- Who are we talking about?
- Hahn.

Her name is off the surgical board.
Her surgeries have been cancelled.

I don't know how or why
but I do know Hahn is gone.

It's too bad. She was really talented.

You're not talking to me.

- Hi. Is Grey home?
- Hi.


Death! Come on,
where are you, Death?

- Death!
- Die!

- Oh, my God, it's been...
- Forever.

- You look like...
- You look like...


Is the guy in the pyjamas your
boyfriend? 'Cause if so, then hot.

- Right?
- Hey.

- Who are you?
- I'm Sadie. Who are you?

I'm Cristina.

Apparently they went backpacking
around Europe together or something.

Before med school. That woman
all but kicked me out of the bed.

That's terrible.

And Death? Meredith's name
is not Death, it's Mer.

I really feel for you.

She's never even mentioned this woman.
How good of a friend can she be?

Good enough to kick us both out of bed.

Welcome to my world.

This woman is the reason I went
to med school in the first place.

I figured if a slacker like Death could
handle slicing people open, I could too.

- Meredith's not a slacker.
- I could tell you some stories.

But you won't.

Sadie, you postponed your residency
to work in a morgue?

Yeah. All the fun cutting,
none of the rules.

But I got bored, started
craving blood that was flowing.

And now you're here.
I can't believe you're here.


Iz, you coming?

- Yeah. I just need a minute.
- I get it.

Hahn's case brought up the Denny thing
but Hahn's not even here anymore.

It's stuff from the past.

Stuff from the past, lz.

- You don't understand.
- I might,

if you talk to me.


See you inside.

- I'm walking.
- Good morning.

- Walking straight ahead, all by myself.
- You look good.

Tired, but good. Did I mention
I find the short hair kind of sassy?

Now I'm turning this corner.
Again, all alone.

These are scratches from my kitten.
He's a crazy scratchy scratcher.

- You're a cat person?
- I meant hairbrush.

I have a crazy scratchy hairbrush.

Solo surgeries are at stake here, Three.
I can't have you acting weird.

- Or wounded.
- I'm on top of my game, really.

I'm sending you to Plastics,
far, far away. Just go.

What do you know about
a heart guy named Dixon?

Dixon? No, not a guy.
I've heard of Virginia Dixon.

Got an incredible record,
really low mortality...

- Wait, is she coming here?
- Yeah, today.

Piggyback heart transplant.
I'm on the case.

What? Why am I not on the case?

So she's your pre-Cristina Cristina?

You're gonna tell me
why she calls you Death?

The adventures of Death and Die
are better left untold.

Pedia's julienning her little arms.

No word on what made H hitch
a ride with the flying monkeys.

- Translate that for me.
- Lexie may be a secret cutter.

- Still no word on why Hahn quit.
- That true about Lexie?

- I don't know.
- What are you gonna do?

- Nothing.
- You can't do nothing.

- She's your sister.
- And?

- And your family.
- I'm not understanding.

Lexie's your family.

Forget it.

- Hello, Dr Hunt.
- Dr Yang.

Thank you.

- What do we got?
- Crush injuries.

- Couple minutes out.
- What do you know about Hahn?

- She's gone.
- Yeah, but why?

I don't know.

- You two are friends.
- I don't want to talk about it.

I want blood and guts
and mangled bones.

I want a guy so smashed up
it takes all day to fix him.

I want to rock a surgery.
I don't want to talk about Hahn.

Unidentified man
with prolonged extrication time.

Had to fish him out of a garbage truck.
Multiple crush injuries,

open fractures, GCS three,
couldn't unhook him.

- Unhook him?
- His femur's broken in half

and is puncturing his torso.
He's impaled.

Impaled on himself?

Human pretzel.

That'll do.

That'll do.

- Wow.
- Check his popliteal pulse.

- I'm getting nothing.
- 'Cause his knee's over here.

Sleeping in the Dumpster
and they started crushing the trash?

That's a bad day.

I'm here. What did I miss?

Your first day. Stand back and shut up.

Breath sounds are clear and equal.
Both sides. Unbelievable.

No punctured lung. We need
a portable X-ray and an ultrasound.

Someone page us?

- I did.
- You did? That's a first.

So's this. I've seen guys cut in half,
amputations, eviscerations,

but I've never seen anything like this.

I wondered if you could help.

You hire when you're number one,
not number 12.

But I need you to be
my ambassador today.

Show Dr Dixon what Seattle Grace
is all about.

I've thrown a lot of money, big title
and a lot of research dollars at her,

- but...
- But what?

She's a little different.
She's a little off.

- So we're wooing today, Bailey
- I can woo with the best of 'em.

- So, what, Dixon's a nutjob?
- Excuse me?

I've already had my quota
of crazy for the year.

I've had my off days. Wanna judge me?
You never even met the woman.

Now you heard the Chief, our job
is to impress Dr Dixon today,

- so be impressive.
- I've got the chart for Dr Dixon.

I'm ready to work. I'm excited.

- Don't be. She's off.
- Karev.

- Are you OK?
- Yeah.

Heads up. Here she comes.

Dr Dixon. Hi.

Welcome to Seattle Grace.
We're very happy to have you here.

- I'm Dr Bailey.
- I brought my own lab coat.

I'm here to perform a heart
transplant today. I do hearts.

A procedure invented by Christiaan
Barnard in 1967. I do hearts.

I'm Dr Webber. We spoke on the phone.

Karev, would you get Dr Dixon
the latest labs.

Stevens, let's prep the patient, please.

OK, then, she's a little off.

His femur's in pieces.
Except the part stuck in his torso.

No way I'm saving that leg.

Impaled piece
is lodged under his clavicle.

C-spine looks clear.
Without a CT, hard to be sure.

- Why can't we get a CT scan?
- Way he's impaled, no clear reading.

A stupid question.

A limited window.
With vitals like these in a few hours...

Won't be able to withstand surgery.

Good thing he's unconscious.

We can't do anything till we dislodge
the femur from his clavicle.

Let's un-impale him. Yang, Grey,
new kid, hold his shoulders. Brace hard.

- I'll hold his C-spine.
- I got his torso.

I need to guide
posterior hip dislocation.

Second that leg is out be ready
to assert pressure, stop bleeding.

- Better than working on corpses, huh?
- On the count of three.

One... two...


Femur's really...

Press down on the clavicle
while I pull.

OK, almost there. Almost there. Steady.

Just a little bit further. Sloan, I need
you to rotate his knee to my right...

- Push ten of morphine now!
- Stop! Stop!

Corpses don't do that.

- I need you to calm down, sir.
- What are you doing to me?

Can you tell us your name?

Get out of my face and your
hands off! You're hurting me!

Do as he says. Hands off, everybody.

Hands off!

Thank you.

- What's your name?
- Timothy Miller.

Mr Miller, we need
to get you into surgery.

I'm gonna be able to walk, right?

We're trying to keep you alive.

Our cardiac wing is extensive

and well-equipped with all...

The first successful heart transplant
was performed on September 7, 1896,

by Dr Ludwig Rehn,
Frankfurt, Germany.


- Excuse me, I don't mean to interrupt.
- Please... I mean, just...

Please update Dr Dixon on the patient.

Dr Stevens is prepping your
transplant patient for surgery.

They scheduled a transplant six years
ago, but the heart was too small.

They added a donor heart
to help his own heart function.

- They did a piggyback...
- Heterotopic transplant.

Piggyback is the colloquial name
for the procedure. Don't do that.

Don't do that.

How about we take you
to meet the patient?

They told me my heart belonged to a girl
hit by a car while she was hitchhiking.

And now when I'm driving,
I see hitchhikers all the time.

Always up ahead, just up ahead.
When I get up ahead they're gone.

- You're not buying this, are you?
- I should never have gotten the heart.

- I don't understand...
- Navajos, we don't touch the dead,

don't touch their bodies or belongings,
the spirit clings there.

So to have part of a dead body
sewed into my chest is...

My friends, who follow the old ways,
they begged me not to do it.

- I should've listened.
- Sorry, I don't understand.

You think you're haunted by
your transplanted heart but

you're here for a new transplant.

No! That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I don't want it!

I don't want the new one.
I want you to take the old one out.

OK, that's just plain stupid. Take the
heart, man. Take it if they offer it.

Did he just say he doesn't want
the donor heart?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Clay Bedonie, are you aware

without a new heart you'll live
a short life attached to a machine

before dying a sudden
and agonizing death?

See, that's what I'm talking about.

Five parallel pulley stitches
per cut, then switch.

- Are you sure I'm numb?
- Toughen up.

When one of our residents
gets picked for the solo surgery,

one of us gets to scrub in. We have
a goal here. Focus on the goal.

Solo surgeries, totally worth it.
Solo surgeries, totally worth it.

Hello. I need someone to run these labs
and pull these X-rays, please.

Will do.

Hey, this looks like a cool place
to hang out. What are you guys doing?

This is for interns, it's our hangout.
Go find your own.


Solo surgeries. Totally worth it.

I won't live if I can't walk.

- We'll do our best to save the leg.
- I'm homeless.

Walking is how I survive, it's how
I get from one day to the next.

Marion Street's safe
from 2.00 to 6.00am,

and then I go over to Hadley Bridge

and I hang there till 6.30
until the traffic hits.

And then I go over to Belltown,
and I hang out over at the waterfront.

And then the waterfront, if it's
trouble, then I go back to 4th Street.

I'm homeless. I can't not walk!

I... What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?

Your injuries are critical.

- If we don't get you to surgery...
- Will your surgery make me walk?

Then I don't want it!

OK. All right.

You heard the man. The surgery's off.

I appreciate you trying to advise me
to do what you think is best.

- These are facts, not opinions.
- What I'm saying is...

He's trying to say he would
rather live a shorter life unhaunted

than a longer one that is.

I'm not saying I agree, I'm just...

I'm just gonna stand over here.

That was a good idea.

The heart that you take out of me,
what happens to it?

It goes from the OR to pathology
to medical waste.

I need that heart back, for a ritual.

We have laws. There are rules.
Rules are rules.

Maybe there's a compromise
to be made here.

We could, I don't know,

give him back the old heart
to do the ritual,

then give him a chance to live
by still putting the new heart in.

- No.
- No.

- It doesn't work that way.
- I would still be haunted.

Just by a new ghost.

There are rules. We have laws
and rules are rules and laws are laws.


So that's it? No surgery,
you're just gonna walk away.

I'm respecting the patient's wishes.

- Patient's unstable with an open wound.
- Which we are packing.

- Guy's circling the drain.
- Cannot walk away.

Don't tell me how to run things
in my ER.

- Your ER?
- We save lives here.

We don't just patch up patients
and leave them to die.

If you can't handle that,
go back to the desert

and leave us here to do our jobs.

Dr Torres, please tell me... could figure out some way
to build this man some legs.

The right femur's toast.
So's the hip and half the pelvis,

but if I put some pins here,
and maybe a plate here...

I mean, there are some viable
bone fragments.

Not starting from nothing.
What do you think?

- I think it's wild.
- She wasn't talking to you.

- It's her first day. Could you not...
- She needs to know her place.

I think it's a lot of hardware. What
the guy needs is a whole new leg.

Maybe I can do that.
Yeah, it's kind of a puzzle.

I just need to figure out what equipment
I need and how to pull it off.

- Like Lincoln Logs.
- A little more high-tech than that.

It's exactly like Lincoln Logs.

I need you guys to grab
every piece of titanium we've got.


I need the hospital rules
to specify the fact

that we must respect all religious
and spiritual beliefs of our patients.

- The rules?
- I'm asking you to declare a rule

of our department.

That we respect
the beliefs of our patients?

- Yes.
- Isn't that just common courtesy?

- Yes.
- Then why am I declaring it?

Dr Dixon doesn't do common courtesy,
but she understands rules.

So if it's a rule, we're golden.
If not, we have a pissed off patient,

an apoplectic surgeon,

and none of those things makes for a
successful procedure on a faulty heart.

Not to mention the failure to woo.

You want me to announce it as a rule?

I'm here as a witness.
You can raise your right hand,

put your left one on
the Physicians' Desk Reference.

- It's a rule.
- Thank you.

Dr Dixon? I'm Cristina Yang.
I'm a resident.

Been focused on cardio
since I began my internship.

- I'm certainly looking forward to...
- Were the other ones taken off my case?

- What other ones?
- The black one, the male one,

the one with yellow hair.

- Not that I'm aware of.
- Then why are you talking to me?

What happened to Hahn? Whatever
made Hahn leave it can be fixed.

Unless she was...
She wasn't fired, was she?

- Not coming back.
- You don't know that.

- She kind of does.
- How?

Because she doesn't...

Look, it's just too...

We had a fight.

Oh, please. Meredith and I fight
all the time. We still work together.

It's not like Hahn
was your girlfriend or something.

Oh, my God. She was your girlfriend?

We hadn't... figured it all out.

- So are you a lesbian now?
- I don't know.

Maybe you were a "oncebian?"

Or a "twicebian." Whatever. It's over.

- Are you OK?
- She's fine. Leave her alone.

I hit the titanium mother lode.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Oh, come on, really?

Hey, Lexie. How are you?

- Is everything going OK?
- Did somebody say something?

- I was doing something?
- No, I'm asking as a person

who's sort of related to you
if there's anything bothering you.

This is not as a boss or resident or
superior who keeps an eye on what I do?

No, I'm a compassionate person.
I'm just wondering

if you're channelling your tragic pain
into self-mutilation.

- Are you a secret cutter?
- No!

Little Grey, Torres is trying
to set a world record

for most titanium rods
used in one patient. You in?

- Little Grey?
- Little Grey, Big Grey.

It's how I tell you two apart.

Yeah, I'm in. I'll just be a minute.

Can't you people
let a guy die in peace?

Your vitals are slipping.

I'm not gonna lie to you,
that's not good.

- I've been through worse.
- Yeah.

I imagine you have.

Don't get like that.

Don't look at me
like I'm some tragic hero...

...with a secret past.

You have a story.

We all have a story.

I took a turn, my life,

and I couldn't connect.

I lost.

I couldn't connect.

My life, it took a turn and...

I just couldn't turn it back.

Guys, we need to shut down
for a few days.

People are starting to get suspicious.
I was accused of being a secret cutter.

So wear long sleeves.

I didn't realise we were inviting
more people here.

Are you kidding?
A secret intern society?

I'm all over that.

Well, I still think we need
to take fewer risks.

Fewer risks? Come on,
you got a guard at the door.

You're using more local anaesthetic
for three sutures

than you would upstairs
for a chest tube.

Look, I get that you're doing all this
to learn new skills,

but you'll only learn so much
by being careful.

Actually, I would disagree.
I think the only safe way to...


Who wants to stitch me up?

Oh, right here.

- You gonna tell me about Death and Die?
- Nope, but I did talk to Lexie for you.

- I need you to do something for me.
- What?

Tell Mark to keep
his Little Sloan out of Little Grey.

- Is he hitting on you?
- No! Not my little Grey, Lexie's.

The last thing she needs
is Sloan going man-whore on her.

So you need to tell him
to step away from Little Grey.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Little Grey, Derek. Little Grey.

Did she...

- Did she say goodbye to you?
- Nope.

You OK?

Do I look OK?

You look great.

Then I'm OK.

So, there's a nine-day ritual
to undo a haunting?

It starts with a nine-day ritual.

Are you really gonna waste
nine days on this?

- Dr Stevens...
- Yes?

Why are you so interested
in my haunting?

Can ghosts do things? I mean, can they
make things happen in your life?

I've had two cases,
two patients in a row

that have really reminded me
of my dead fianc?.

Heart transplants and LVADs.

Could he be doing that?
Could he be bringing them to me?

Lzzie, come on.

Is he here right now, your ghost?

I... I hate to ask, but...

You don't want me in your surgery.

It's not that I think there's something
wrong with you, it's just...

I don't need any extra ghosts
in my operating room.

- Mr Miller...
- What does a guy have to do

to get a little peace and quiet
around here?

The fatigue you're feeling is from
blood loss, queasiness, dizziness.

You're slowly bleeding to death.

- What, you trying to scare him?
- No.

I'm trying to ascertain whether
he's suicidal or just defeated.

Mr Miller, you survive on the streets,
so I know you're a fighter.

That doesn't make me a fighter.
Makes me lucky.

How long have you been out there,
ten years, 20?

You're not in jail, not dead.
That's not luck. You're smart.

You gotta be smart to take care
of yourself on your own.

I guess.

This, what you're doing right now,
Mr Miller,

refusing surgery, it's not smart.

There's a rehab centre
not too far from here.

Medicare takes care of it.
You could stay there.

Food, bed, long as you need.

Just let us operate.

Let us operate,
and we'll figure the rest out.

Wow. That's the fastest I've ever seen
anyone dissect through adhesions.

Dr Dixon, there is a rule

regarding giving medical waste
to the patient.

- Dr Dixon?
- What?

I was just saying there's a rule,

an official, very, very specific rule,

that, in the event a patient
asks for their organ

or body part back, for any reason

related to or involving
their cultural beliefs,

we must respect that patient's wishes

and return that organ to the patient.

That is the rule
I forgot to tell you about.

If I went down to pathology right now,
would they know about the rule?

The Chief would know. It's his rule.

He declared it. Rule's a rule.

Dr Karev,

make sure that we follow
the chief's rule

and return the heart to the patient
after the surgery.

I'm going back to work now. Clamp.

What the hell is that gooey thing
they're taking out of him?

Oh, the silent treatment.

OK, if you're gonna be that way
I'll just...

I'll just stand here and be quiet.

OK, that, that is disgusting.

I thought you were gonna be quiet.

You know you're acting like
you don't want me to be here.

You know what I've wished for
every day since you died?

I've wished that I could see you again.

I'd have given anything
just to see you one more time.

Looking at you and knowing that
I can't touch you, it's hurting me.

- Izzie, you can touch me.
- You're not real.

You can't be real,

so that means that I'm sick

or something is wrong with me
and I can't hope for that.

I can't hope...

You're not real.

Izzie, I am as real as you

or that gooey, disgusting thing
down there.

Touch me.

Izzie... touch me.

- I'll prove it to you.
- No!

Why are you here? Why?

I am here for you, lzzie Stevens.


OK, that's it.

The donor heart is separated.

- We have the cannulas ready for bypass.
- Next step is the LVAD.

Wait, what is that?

That's not right.
That can't be happening.

Heart's beating. How is
his heart beating on its own?

It can't be happening.
It shouldn't be happening.

The heart is beating.

Heart is beating, it shouldn't be
beating. It shouldn't be beating.

I've never seen
a reconstruction like this.

Never done one like this.
Here's hoping it works.

Ready for the rod.
How are you doing up there?

bleeding through the packing.

- Try the fibrin sealant.
- Good call. Thank you.

- How are you doing?
- Good, moving to the next lac.

Finished already? Let me see.

Pulley stitches. Nicely done.

Thank you, Dr Sloan.

- So my heart?
- It started beating by itself.

If it continues to function like this

you won't need an LVAD
or any kind of machinery.

It's wonderful news.

- It's very atypical.
- Not for me.

I'm finally free.

I'm not haunted anymore.

Your heart had six years to rest,

probably enough time for it
to repair itself,

which is why it started beating again.
Never seen this before.

Read about it
but never seen it before.

You have your beliefs, I have mine.

- I don't have beliefs, I have science.
- Science is a belief,

a belief in only
what you can see and touch.

I believe in more.

Just thought I'd stop in
and see how everything's going.

I'm still several hours away,
but I may actually pull this off.

Rebuilding a man's skeleton
from scratch.

And we just found out that Dr Grey
here can out-pulley stitch Shepherd.

- I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
- Excellent job, Dr Grey.

- Excellent job of teaching, Dr Yang.
- Sir?

Taking the time to teach your interns
and they retain the knowledge.

Haven't made my decision yet
on the solo surgery,

but keep teaching like that
and you're my one to watch.

Thank you, sir.

- He's crashing. V-fib.
- Start CPR.

Push one of epi and
charge the paddles to 360.


Thank you.

Thank you so much.

So what do you do now
with the haunted piece? Bury it or?

Burn it. Actually, my tribe's
medicine man will burn it.

I'm not allowed to even touch the smoke.

So the not-touching thing, does
that apply to just the flesh or?

No, we don't touch their belongings.

We can cleanse jewellery, metals,
but fabric, bedding, clothes,

books that were owned by the dead,
we burn all of it.

The spirit can cling to any of it.

Oh, no. Your ghost.

You still don't have anything
of his, do you?

Time of death, 19.22.

I built his bones.

You tried. We all tried.

No, I didn't try, I did it.

I did my part, I built his bones.

I built his bones from scratch,

and you, all of you, you were
supposed to keep him alive.

That is all you people had to do.
You just had to...

...keep his body breathing.

You just had to keep him
safe and breathing and living

until I made his bones.
I made... I made his bones.

Until I made his bones.
I made his bones.

I made his bones.

Why don't you guys go ahead
and I'll help Dr Torres clean up.

- Go call the morgue.
- We've got it. Go.

Everyone, clear out.

Excellent job today, Dr Dixon.

Excellent rule following.

I only have one real area of interest.
The human heart. I love it.

I like its regularity. I know
everything there is to know about it.

I like its predictability. It has rules.

Every chamber has a function,
every function has a movement.

I like the colour. It's comforting.

Are you familiar with
Asperger's syndrome, Dr Bailey?

Of course. Significant impairment
during social situation...

I'm not good at cues
like sarcasm or condescension,

but I do know when I'm being
manipulated and made fun of.

I don't think I like this hospital
very much.

I don't think
I like this hospital at all.

Lexie Grey sure knows how
to wrap herself around a suture.

- Mark, Meredith had some concerns.
- That's not news.

About Lexie.
Apparently Lexie is fragile,

and getting involved with a superior
might make her more fragile.

I was talking about her sutures.

Keep Little Sloan
out of Little Grey is my point.

- What?
- Little Sloan

does not enter Little Grey.
Are we clear?

Did you just say?

OK, that's just creepy...
and inaccurate.

Big Sloan.

You heading home?

I love you.

I will always love you.
You own a piece of me.

So even though you'll be gone... will never be forgotten.
Not by me.

I'm sorry we never got our chance.

I'm sorry we never got to get married,
have children or grow old together.

I wanted that so much.

I wanted to be your wife
more than anything.

Why are you telling me this?

I'm trying to let you go
so that your soul could be at peace.

I have peace, lzzie. I'm here for you.

Goodbye, Denny.

I love you, but goodbye.

I can explain.

I did not teach you the parallel pulley
stitch. I can barely do it myself.

Whatever you guys are doing,
shut it down.

Do not practice on yourself.
That is insane.

Shut it down.


I see you.

I've seen you all day.

I see you struggling.

And I know you don't want my help,
but let me help you.

Whatever it is, I can help you.

So let me.

Will you burn this for me?

I hate how hard it is.

It's just like...
You get attached to someone,

they work their way into your life
and you wake up one day...

Suddenly all you can think about
is their little...

- Another round?
- Oh, I'll get it.

- Tell me the stories.
- What stories?

The ones you won't let Sadie tell me.

They're ancient history.
Humiliating and ridiculous.

Ridiculous is a grown man
telling another grown man

- to stay out of a woman's little...
- You did it?

I did. Those exact words.
I did it because... was nice to see you
sticking up for your sister.

I did it for you.

So now, you owe me...

...a story.

OK, fine.

But you can never tell anyone ever.


I'm sorry we lost him, the patient.
I'm sorry.

I don't need you to be sorry.

- OK.
- I don't need you to be sorry.

- I don't need you. I don't need you.
- OK. All right. All right.

The ties that bind us
are sometimes impossible to explain.

They connect us, even after
it seems like the tie should be broken.

Some bonds defy distance.

And time. And logic.

Oh, God. I said goodbye.

I burned the sweater.

Yeah, thanks for that, by the way.
I loved that sweater.

- You made me that sweater.
- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- Izzie!
- Oh, my God, oh, my God.

- Stop freaking out.
- You're not real.

- Hey, I told you, I'm here for you.
- You're not real, you're not real.

- You're not real.
- Izzie, look at me.

Touch me.

You see? I told you I was real.

Oh, my God.

Because some ties are simply...

... meant to be.