Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Rise Up - full transcript

The residents compete for the opportunity to be the first one to solo, but Izzie's demons return in the form of a patient of Dr. Hahn's, who finds out the real reason her patient still is waiting for a heart. The interns steal cadavers for practice, then have to fight the residents off to keep them.

If you're a normal person, one of the
few things you can count on in life

is death.

- Hello.
- These are amazing.

They're all about the medicine.
There's no personal crap,

no talk about boyfriends or feelings.
She hardly mentions you.

Thanks for pointing that out. What about
when she held the retractor six hours?

If you're a surgeon, even that
comfort is taken away from you.

- Like Harry Potter books I never had.
- Did you read the part

where she did the pyloric stenosis
on the three-week-old baby?

Surgeons cheat death,
we prolong it, we deny it.

Hold on! He's in v-fib! Charge to 300!


Up to 360! Clear!

We stand and defiantly
give death the finger.

Let's go.

Grey, you're late.
She has Skills Lab.

Good morning, Cristina.
It feels like minutes. See you later.

No, I did not say I won't
do the marriage counselling.

I can't do it in the mornings again.
I'm now 20 minutes late for work.

- I'll see you tonight.
- Marriage counselling?

- How's that going?
- You heard us arguing about it.

How you think it's going?

You're doing a craniotomy on my patient
Rosemary Bullard today.

Gonna be awake
or yawning into her brain?

- Meredith kept me up.
- Don't need to hear your dirty...

- Talking on the phone with Cristina.
- Stole your sleep?

- Did you say, "Yang goes or I go"?
- I'm don't think I'd win that one.

- Those two come as a set.
- Before, she had Burke. Burke helped.

- True.
- Counselling's a good move.

- Addison and I did counselling.
- Right before you got divorced?

Ladies and gentlemen,
allow me to introduce...


computerised patient simulator.

Stan can educate you
in airway management,

trauma assessment and care.
He breathes, he pulsates, he seizes,

he haemorrhages, he secretes.
And he speaks. Hello, Stan.

Hello, doctor.
I'm not feeling well.

Stan'll tell you what he needs.
He's more forgiving than most patients.

You kill him, he'll keep coming back for
more. Make good use of him, people.

- We're operating on robots?
- Can we go back to pigs?

- What about people?
- When the chief decides who

- gets the first solo surgery, be ready.
- Solo surgery?

- When do we find out?
- Is he deciding soon?

I do not know what it will be,
I do not know when it will be.

I do know that
the winner should be prepared

to do any surgical procedure, and
will choose one intern to scrub in.

So practice your skills,
impress your attendings

and do not make me look stupid.

Grey, Stevens, you're with Hahn.
Yang, the pit. Karev and O'Malley,

- you're Skills Lab. Get to know...
- Dibs!

- Mine.
- I am having chest pain.

Just to be clear, we are not
cracking open any chests today?

- No, Stevens.
- With solo surgery coming up,

we were hoping to be
on a cool surgical...

I'm gonna stop you right there.
I don't get attached to patients.

But I like this guy. I have spent almost
two years giving his family hope

and then taking it away.
This procedure can buy him time

until he gets another shot at
a transplant. Make sure it works.

- Absolutely.
- Of course.

- Familiar with the case?
- Michael Norris, 44-year old male

with congenital hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy who has failed

treatment at Seattle Pres.
Waiting on a transplant

since narrowly missing out
on one on May 14th...

- Wait. May 14th?
- What?

- What?
- That's... That's Denny's heart.

That's the heart I stole for Denny.

I need you to have sex
with Cristina Yang.

Good morning.

Distract. Give her something
to do besides call my girlfriend

- and wake me up.
- Yang. No.

No. Too serious. Humourless.
Un-fun. Not my type.

Yang should be your type.
She's intense, intelligent, complicated.

She's like a single-malt Scotch.
And you are used to... beer bongs.

- Callie Torres is no beer bong.
- Wait, I get it.

You don't think you have a shot.
You're probably right.

- Oh, I have a shot.
- Then try. As a favour to me.

No. I'm not your stud horse.

- You can't just tell me to...
- You slept with my wife.

Yeah, I'll give it a shot.

- Is that too tight?
- OK, yeah.

- OK.
- Feels pretty good.

- OK, good.
- Put one...

Are you guys shooting drugs?
Oh, my God!

- We're practicing IVs.
- How else are we supposed to learn?

- Yang never lets us do anything.
- Practicing on each other?

- We did it at Baylor, it's cool.
- No. It's not cool. It's crazy.

- Like creepy, basement crazy.
- Don't tell anyone!

- Don't worry.
- I'm next.

OK, hold still now.

Dr Hunt, got a second?

It's about to get loud
in here, but shoot.

We're awarding a solo surgery to a
second-year resident. I want your take.

- One second.
- Male, mid-thirties.

Lost vitals,
shocked him into sinus tach.

- Possible fractures of both arms.
- OK, on three.

- Two, three. Good, good.
- Open right tiblfib, rigid abdomen.

- What doesn't he have?
- Found under an overpass.

- Someone threw him over.
- After they beat him to death?

- So it's a contest, the solo surgery?
- You have fresh eyes.

You don't know them,
you have no history, no relationship.

- That perspective is rare here.
- I'll give it some thought.

Dr Webber, regarding the solo surgery,

it's gonna be a general surgery?
I wanna be prepared...

You'll know when you all know.

And one more thing.
If my ER reports are right,

you've been working three days.
When do you sleep?

Keep tabs on attendings,
or just new guys?

- His IV blew.
- Yang, he needs that access now!

- I'm doing it.
- This will buy him some time

- until you get that line in.
- Yeah.

If you were less worried about winning
contests, you might have thought of it.

So you're gonna
give me a heart attack? Literally?

It's a technique
called "alcohol ablation."

Through a catheter
in your femoral artery,

Dr Hahn will inject ethanol
straight into your heart.

The alcohol will incinerate
any tissue cells it touches.

Dr Stevens?

We're gonna be burning away
the muscle in your ventricle

that's blocking your ability
to get oxygen.

If we're successful,
you should feel immediate relief.

Just like that?
I'll be able to breathe?

- Just like that.
- And he can't be asleep

- during the procedure?
- I'm afraid not.

Dr Stevens here will be asking you
to cough, inhale and exhale...

- And checking to see if I'm dead yet?
- Mike, stop.

- I mean, it is a heart attack, right?
- It's a dangerous procedure.

But it's one we can monitor and control.
And if you don't have it,

the next heart attack you have,
and you will have one...

It'll kill me.

Promise you'll keep me awake.
I... I don't want to miss this.

I want Mike's latest echo and angio
before he goes to the cath lab.

- Wow! Are you freaking out?
- What?

- Why? Do you think I should be?
- This patient? In Denny's old room?

- It's a lot of Denny for one day.
- It is a lot.

A lot. Is it a lot
of Denny for you, too?

I mean, how much Denny
are you experiencing?

Lz, you can do this.

- My pain is getting worse.
- I hate this.

I'm not gonna win the solo surgery
practicing on Plastic Man.

You're not gonna win because you suck.

Your bedside manner is what sucks.

- What? What did you say?
- Ain't technology amazing?

Screw this. I'm gonna practice medicine.
You play with your doll.

What's the matter?
Scared of a little education?

You are so awesome!
You are so awesome!

No! No! No! No! Stan!

What's a guy have to do
to get a beating this bad?

- Maybe he'll tell us when he wakes up.
- Let's hope he makes it that long.

Three, run these to the lab,
then go by the morgue

and get the forms for an unclaimed body.

He's gonna need a chest tube. I was
hoping, with solo surgery coming up...

With the solo surgery coming up,
your job is to impress me. Go.

Dr Yang, with the solo surgery
coming up, your job is to impress me.

- You're planning for his death.
- I was trying to be prepared. Sorry.

I can't use sorry.
I could use a doctor.

Be one.

The kind of metastases you have
are prone to spontaneous bleeding.

So there are considerable risks
to the surgery.

- You're saying this one...
- Might be dicier.

Much dicier than previous surgeries.

I want to be clear, you can live
with this. For months, if not longer.

Not... Not like this.

Not feeling this bad.

I understand risks
are part of the package.

That's why you people make me go
cross-eyed signing all these forms.

You're signing
a "Do Not Resuscitate" order?

- If it's my time...
- Doesn't want to be on life-support.

- She'd hate that.
- I just hate lying around like that.

I don't want that.


- Goodbye, darling.
- Goodbye, love.

Sorry. We do this every time.

She signs the paper, we kiss goodbye.

Then after the surgery,
we say hello again.

Sounds like a plan to me.

You rest up.
We'll be bringing you up soon.

That there is
the Holy Grail of marriage.

Something to aspire to.

- What happens to them?
- You sign, attending signs,

- pink copy goes in his chart.
- No, I mean the bodies.

The unclaimed bodies.
What happens to them?

After a certain time, cremated,
the ones that haven't been preserved.

- Preserved?
- For medical research, gross anatomy,

- surgical study, that sort of thing.
- For, like, med students?

Exactly. For med students.

To practice on?

You're pretty.

Thank you all for being here.
I appreciate the opportunity to learn

and I'm sorry you had to die.

Instrument trays!

- Hold compressions. We got a rhythm.
- We got to get him up to surgery.

So the chief has asked me to watch
the second years for the solo surgery.

- What's your take, as a class?
- They're a mixed bag.

Yang's very good.

She's... hardcore.
She'll be a cardio god.

- She's my roommate.
- And Stevens?

She's smart. Good with patients,
very compassionate, supposedly.

Slept with my ex-husband
while we were married.

I'm more interested
in the doctor part.

Right. Obviously.
Of course you are.

New scans, good.

- Splenic subcapsular haematoma...
- I can look. Go update his chart.

- Dr Yang, you paged me?
- Patient in Trauma One.

You paged me for a consult?
I was hoping you wanted to see me.

I did. The patient has
a shattered nose and cheekbones

and a fractured left mandible.
Trauma One.

OK, Mike, the catheters are in.
It's time to inject.

OK, just hold tight.
Stevens, over here, please.

I specifically chose you for this case
because you connect well with patients.

That's something
I've been told to work on not doing.

Mike needs you talking to him.

He's scared,
his pulse is elevating, step up.

Hey, Mike, you're doing great.

You're gonna feel a little burning.

Will that make it?

There it is. Oh, God!

- Try not to move.
- Try to lay still. Try to breathe.

- Make it stop!
- Mike, we can't stop.

It's gonna end soon.
Hang in there. Stevens, talk to him.

- I'm sorry.
- Grey, how's his pressure?

- Eighty-five systolic. Open his IV.
- Stevens, talk to him! Help him!

Stevens, get him to cough.
Get him to breathe.

- Pressure's stabilizing.
- How you doing?

I still... can't breathe.

Does that mean we're not successful?

There were two arterial routes
I could choose.

- The next time we do this...
- No. I can't...

I won't do this again.
Please, I can't do this again.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Tell Stevens to find me so I can
permanently throw her off my service.

I know you have
a history with this patient.

- In a weird way, lzzie does, too.
- A history? With my patient?

No, with Denny Duquette.

Tell her to find me.

The tumour's position has been altered.

I need an ultrasound localisation.

I took care of my Yang problem,
by the way.

Already? That sounds too easy.

If it doesn't feel like work,
it's not going to work.

- Learn that in marriage counselling?
- Of course not.

Complete waste of time.
This couple, the Bullards,

I bet they never got counselling.
They just take the bad with the good.

Damn it. Tumour's haemorrhaging.
Her brain's starting to swell.

- Push 70 of mannitol!
- She's bradying down.

One of atropine. Let's make sure these
two get a chance to say hello again.

- Have you seen lzzie?
- No.

You got anything I can scrub in on?
Robo-patient sucks.

Izzie is having a rough day.
If you see her...

- No, I'm having a rough day.
- What happened?

Hunt. Hunt hates me. He hates me!

- He kissed you.
- Yes.

That was... before.
Now, he hates my guts.

This is worse than Hahn.
I have no idea what I did

or said or what?

I gotta get off this case.

Dr Yang. Our guy
scheduled for surgery?

- When am I gonna see you next?
- He's not stable.

- Then we might have time to...
- I've just been paged down.

This does not happen to me.

Bow to me,
for I am the queen of the interns.

I have assembled an army of the dead
to teach us things.

I got us cadavers to practice on.
A whole bunch.

- You got cadavers? Human cadavers?
- In the tunnels. Meet there at lunch.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Let me ask you something.
Do you know if lzzie Stevens

had some sort of a relationship
with Denny Duquette?

You mean, besides the engagement?
And the cutting his LVAD wire

so she could move him
up the transplant list?

Lzzie was on probationary leave. She
was nearly kicked out of the program.

- I forget you weren't here then.
- No, I wasn't.

I was at another hospital,
watching my patient's heart get stolen

out of his chest.

Did you page me down here for sex?
Because I'm not really in the mood.

- Want to see some dead guys?
- Why?

- Come on.
- Why would you say that? Why?


- For practice. For solo surgery.
- What is this?

I heard you were having a crappy day.
I thought this would cheer you up.

- What?
- It's like a bouquet.

Of corpses. That is so...

I'm sorry. No.
That's crazy. He's dead.

He's dead.
Just so many dead people today.

- These are for interns!
- Go play with the dummy!

- Come on!
- I cannot help it.

- I'm dying.
- But I'm applying pressure!

There must be something
you're forgetting.

For crying out loud!

I'm surprised you even passed
your intern exam.

Oh, my God!

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.

- Chief, I have to talk to you.
- Hey, Hahn, come in.

I want you to watch this.
Let's blow an artery.

I'm bleeding out!
I'm bleeding out.

It's about lzzie Stevens
and Denny Duquette.

How is Stevens still working here?
How is Seattle Grace still accredited?

This thing goes unreported?
No wonder this place is number 12!

- Stop right there.
- I want an ethics panel assembled.

I want Stevens' role in this
investigated and Bailey's as well.

- She was her superior...
- Slow down, Erica!

No! My patient lost a heart over this,

- Someone is gonna lose their job!
- Stop! We are not digging this up.

It didn't go unreported.
It was reported to me. I dealt with it.

Stevens was punished. She's learned from
her mistake and she's on her way

to becoming an excellent surgeon.
That's the kind of hospital I'm running.

This issue has been laid to rest.
It's in the past, that's where it stays.

It's not in the past for me!

It's lying on a bed in the ICU,
about to die!

Then your only responsibility
is to make sure that doesn't happen.

It was a difficult surgery,
especially at her age.

We're not sure how
she's going to respond.

Oh, sure.

The waiting is always the hard part.

- Ed, she might not make it.
- I know.

I know.


- You're hiding from Hahn?
- Sure. Her, too.

- Is Mike OK?
- No. The ablation failed.

He's refusing to try again, so Hahn's...

- You should go talk to her.
- I stole his heart, Meredith.

I stole it for Denny.
I stole it for myself.

And now I'm supposed to hold his hand
while we torture him?

I can't even look at him.
It's my fault he's here.

So, anyway, I'm hiding.

Yang, suction here, please.

Sloan's coming in
for the mandibular repair?

Sorry about before. Everybody's up
in everybody else's business here.

Better to keep things
professional, if you can.

One minute
you're working with people,

then you're friends with them
and then... whatever.

Suddenly there's all this pressure
to define what you are.

It's all black and white.
You are this or you're that.

You are aware you're doing it again?

- Dr Hunt? How's our mystery man?
- Still with us. He's a fighter.

Hate to be the other guy. Callie.

Dr Yang, I know cracking chests
is more your thing,

but you'd be surprised how exciting it
can be when I manipulate a little skin.

Actually, Dr Yang,
why don't you scrub out.

We've got enough hands in here.

I heard he went up.
Can I scrub in?

Shut it. If I'm not in, you're not in.
You stink.

- I showered.
- You smell like formaldehyde.

You smell like death.

Why do you smell like death?

I see dead people!

- Out.
- I need off Hunt case.

In a one-time offer, I'll trade
my beaten-to-a-pulp trauma-palooza

of a patient for no less than
three of your cadavers. Pony up.

Deal. Take three.

I need to be with people.

Preferably live people, but whatever.

Alex, by the way, thank you for bringing
me the corpses. It was very sweet.

Dr Hunt and Dr Sloan
are still operating.

- Could I try?
- No!

Check this out: My dead mommy taught
me a cool way to hold instruments.

If you palm it,
you can switch faster.

When your dead mommy teaches
you things, can you see her?

- No. I'm reading her journals.
- I was kidding. Obviously.

I did see her once, though.
And that bomb squad guy.

And Denny.

- Today?
- No. I was dead at the time.

- I feel my mom with me sometimes.
- I got to get off this case.

- Could I?
- No!

Please don't be in there,
please don't be in there.

Please don't be in there.

Dr Hahn, I came to apologise

and ask if I could please
be let off your service.

No. If I can convince Mike
to have another ablation,

you're gonna be there
to see him through it,

to look him in the eye,

to help him through the pain
that you have caused him.

If he dies, I want you there for that
too, because you're responsible.

He decided.
He won't do another procedure.

I'm going to... go check him out.

Dr Stevens.

She'll be OK. This has...

This has been coming for a long time.

She'll be OK. She'll...
She'll move on.

If you die,

she will not get over it.

She will not move on.

She'll think she can.
She'll even think she has.

And out of the blue,
you'll be right there with her,

so close she'll think she can touch you,
and then all of this

will just... happening for her all over again.

She will not be able to move on.

They're not doing anything.
Make them do something!

- They're standing around!
- They're keeping her comfortable.

That's all they can do.
You and Rosie agreed,

there would be no extreme measures taken
if her time came. Her time is here.

- What's going on?
- She's coding.

And Mr Bullard
is reconsidering the DNR order.

Ed, this was what I warned you about.
This moment.

Even if we try to resuscitate her,
I'm not sure she'll wake up again.

Nothing more we can do.


Rosie? Hon?



Stay with me, Rosie.

Rosie? Stay with me.

Don't leave me, Rosie.
Stay with me, Rosie. Don't leave me.

Stay with me. Stay with me, Rosie!

Stay with me. Come back, Rosie!
Don't leave me.

Stay with me.
Don't leave me.

Stay with me, Rosie.
Stay with me.

Stay with me. Don't leave me.

Stay with me, Rosie.
Don't leave me.

Stay with me. Don't leave me.

Stay with me, Rosie.

Do something for her!
Do something! No!

- Let him be.
- Please, Rosie.


I'm glad you decided to try again.

You can thank Dr Stevens.
It's her fault we're here, right?

Vitals are stable,
he's ready for the injection.

- The alcohol is going in.
- No, wait. Wait, don't.

Mike, look at me.
Just stay with me.

It's going to hurt, but not as much
as you think it's going to.

He's in SVT. There may be alcohol
backing into his AV node.

- Get him to cough, get him to breathe.
- You need to breathe. Cough for me.

Look at me, Mike. Look at me!

He's in V-tach, losing consciousness.

Push 100 of lidocaine. Ready.

Oh, man. It's Lexie.

I gotta go.
Beaten-to-a-pulp Guy is coding.

Oh, no. Pulp Guy is mine.
We traded!

- Why didn't you put in a chest tube?
- I don't know how.

What do you mean?
I learned that my first week.

Yes, you learned.
You know, but I'll never know

because you won't let me try one,

you hog all our robots
and you steal all our corpses!

Dude, I think you broke her.
Vitals are stable, for now.

Was there this much blood
in his urine before?


- He needs a bedside cystogram.
- Dibs on that.

Mine. His bladder repair is mine, too.

- We traded, I get his bladder.
- We never traded.

To prove you wrong, next time
he crashes, do the chest tube.

Get away from that man right now!

He was crashing,
so we upped his dopamine...

Are you deaf, Karev?
I said step away from him.

- We were saving his life...
- What you did was pick him over

like vultures, a bunch
of children fighting over toys.

You treat a man fighting
to live as if he was dead.

You have no sense, no decency
and no respect!

Just get out. Just get out of here.

Rosemary's gone.

Her heart is no longer
beating on its own.

The second you stop doing
what you're doing, it will stop.

I... I can't be the one
to let her go.

- To let her die.
- I know.

I know you can't.


Here you go. Sit down.
Sit down. There you go.

Dr Bailey.

Let's get the crash cart in here!

Mike! Open your eyes!

Just stay here with me!

I need you to fight, Mike,
fight to stay with Elyse.

You have to live through this.
You need to breathe right now.

Right now!

Right now!

You don't have to do it.
Let me. Let me.

Dr Yang, I'll need you
to bring me the post-op report

on our beating victim
before you leave.

I'm sorry, did you say something?

- Yang, what is wrong with you?
- Sir?

I have had women opt for needless
elective buttock enhancement surgery

just for another chance to be flirted
with by me. So, what's your deal?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I have been hitting on you all day!


Excuse me.

It was a stupid idea! It wasn't
even my idea. It was Shepherd's idea.

- Oh, come on.
- That woman is not single-malt Scotch.

She is bad, cheap wine that gives you
a headache you can feel in your teeth.

Dr Hunt. Any thoughts
on the second-years after today?

- It's only been a day, sir.
- Of course.

They're undisciplined, inarticulate and
they have a lot to learn about respect.

They're interested in personal crap.

I'm not sure they're being
taught anything different.

Honestly, I'm not sure
I'll be staying on. Excuse me, sir.

Tell me I am not seeing
what I'm seeing.

Tell me I am not seeing a room full

of human bodies half-open,

- scattered and forgotten about.
- They're unclaimed bodies.


Each one of these people was loved.

Each one of these people
was somebody's somebody.

So we are responsible
for treating them as such.

We claim them
and treat them with respect!

Close them up, cover them up

and put them back where they belong.


The wife's here of the beating victim.
She ID'd him.

What's his name?

I wondered if you asked his name so
that he could become a person to you.

They're all people.
This is not a game or a contest

or a competition to see who
gets surgery and who doesn't.

They're people, and we get to save them.
You're good. You're excellent.

You can win all the contests. If that's
why you're doing this, you shouldn't be.

Did you find out his name?

My dad died when I was nine
in a car accident.

I was with him in the car.
While we waited for the ambulance,

I tried to keep his chest closed
so he wouldn't bleed so much.

When he died... hands felt his heart stop beating.

That's why I do this.

It's also why I win all the contests.

The patient's name is Tom.

Single-malt Scotch.

We're born, we live, we die.

Sometimes, not necessarily
in that order.


- Yes! You don't get to die!
- Nice job.

Oh, hi. Thanks.

You know, he's just a robot.

I want to take back
what I said before about leaving.

I was overreacting. I was just...

It was personal. I wondered
if you could forget about it?

Get some sleep, Dr Hunt.
See you tomorrow.

- Chief?
- Good save, O'Malley.

Thank you.

We put things to rest...

- ... only to have them rise up again.
- I'm in.

I ended my day
with a segmental colectomy.


Sloan? Seriously?

Did you think we would double-date?

I'm gonna take my pants off,
if you want to see that...


I'll see it later.
I'm gonna go downstairs.

So if death is not the end,
what can you count on anymore?

So how's your patient doing?

Well, he still needs a heart,
but I bought him some time.

- I'm glad.
- I went to the chief about lzzie

and he completely shut me down.

We'll see what he says
when I report this to UNOS.

Why? What good would come of that?

- What do you mean?
- What possible good would it do?

Benefit your patient's outcome?

My patient wouldn't be here,
if it wasn't for her.

So you report to UNOS and cost this
hospital its transplant certification?

Cost our patients organs,
cost people their jobs,

- cost lzzie Stevens her career?
- You're taking lzzie's side in this?

- Over mine?
- She's a doctor, one of ours.

There's a reason
we have each other's backs.

Do not talk to me about a code.
This is not that.

No, this is that.
I don't know what happened

between Denny and lzzie. Unless you
were in the middle of that situation,

- I don't see how you make a judgment.
- Easy. There's right and wrong.

And this was wrong. And illegal.

There is no grey area here.
You can't kind of think this is OK.

You can't kind of side
with lzzie Stevens.

And you can't kind of be a lesbian.

Yes, I can.

Because you sure can't count
on anything in life.

- I can't believe I didn't know.
- The chief is right.

No, you.

I don't know you at all.

Life is the most fragile, unstable,
unpredictable thing there is.


You can't be here.

I have to move on.

I love you, and I will always love you,
but I have to move on.

That's why I had that patient today
and that's why I saved his life.

So I wouldn't feel guilty anymore,
and I can move on. So, please,

- you have to go.
- Go where?

- Are you OK?
- Yes. Yes.

I am totally OK.

I'm fine. Everything's fine.

I have to change.
I'll meet you at the bar, OK?

In fact, there's only one thing
about life we can be sure of.

Are you sure you're OK?

It ain't over, till it's over.