Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Life During Wartime - full transcript

The new military doctor brings a new training method to the residents and interns for dealing with trauma, while Miranda is presented with the task of treating a ten year old girl with an illness that's considered inoperable by many, including Dr. Hahn. Callie questions her preferences, while Meredith stumbles across an old doll while going through some of her mother's things, Lexi avoids George for not asking for her as an intern, and Alex questions what he and Izzie have between them.

Previously on "grey's anatomy"...

The chief is under the spell of some insane man in camouflage.

Major owen hunt. I'm a trauma surgeon.

You're reading your mom's diary?

I'm not half the surgeon my mother was.

The chief wants us to give george one of our interns?

You di't even think to ask for me?

Screw you,dr. o'malley.

We can take it slow.

Maybe just first base.


I'm only opening one box.

The plan was not to open any.

The plan was to take your mom's boxes up to the attic.

Look. it's anatomy jane.

For a surgeon,every patient is a battlefield.

I'll never have my own office.

They're our terrain,where we advance,retreat...

Try to remove all the land mines.

And she still has her little twosh.

-her what? -anatomy jane had detachable organs.

And I could never remember their real names,so I made up names.

Like,the twosh was next to the

chubbel,and that was connected to the slivvy

,and look. it's the jelly pouch.

The jelly pouch. my favorite.

Still can't get enough of the jelly pouch.

And just when you think you've won the battle,made the world safe again...

Along comes another land mine.

-so are we screwing other people or not? -what?

I just want to know if you're gonna go

off and screw o'malley or some other loser

Because then I don't have to cancel my plans with the chick from peds.

You're an ass.


-that was amazing. -yay.

It was for me,too.

-i mean,that was amazing. -for me,too.

My whole life...

My whole adult life,i have been with men.

And it always felt,you know,fine,good,but...

I never...

I mean--i mean,i did,but not...

Not like this.

This is like needing glasses.

-um,i've blinded you? -no.

When I was a kid,i would get these headaches,

And I went to the doctor,and they said that I needed glasses.

I didn't understand that.

It didn't make sense to me because I could see fine.

And then I get the glasses,and I put them on,

And I'm in the car on the way home,and suddenly I yell...

Because the big green blobs that I had been staring at my whole life,

They weren't big green blobs.

They were leaves on trees.

I could see the leaves.

And I didn't even know I was missing the leaves.

I didn't even know that leaves existed,and then...


You are glasses.

I am so gay.

I am so,so,so gay.

I am extremely gay.

I have to go.


I want you to meet the new head of trauma at seattle grace.

Major owen hunt,you remember derek shepherd,mark sloan.

-he stole my patient. -mine,too.

Now you'll get a chance to steal mine.

-looking forward to it. -ah,can't wait.

I just talked to a friend of mine at the d.o.h.

Now that we have owen,we are being reclassified

as a level I trauma unit by the end of the month

That explains it.

So my mom bought it for me when I was 5...

Which is a super creepy gift for a 5 year old,but I kinda liked it.



-what was that all about? -i just saw owen.

Major owen hunt. you know,the guy who pulled the icicle from my chest.

I thought he was in iraq.

Well,yeah,he was and now he's here,i mean,at my hospital.

-okay,so? -so...

So we kissed.

I mean he kissed me.

It was stupid. it was nothing. it was a stupid nothing.

But you don't think he thinks it was a stupid nothing.

Well,i mean,he obviously likes me,and now he's back. what's he doing back?

You don't think he quit the military for you.

I mean,that would be severely stalkery,but very romantic.

I'm not getting involved with another attending.

Coast clear?

-you paged me,chief? -uh,yes,i did.

'cause generally,when I'm paged to the

helipad, there's something landing on the helipad


You pulled off a 12-person domino surgery last week.

That's the kind of thing we need every week.

It's also the kind of thing that shows me

that you're gonna be a great surgeon someday

-well,thank you,sir. -it's not enough.

I don't want you to be just great, miranda.

I want you to be the best, and if you're gonna succeed me

As the best general surgeon in this hospital,

You need to start now, today, which means you need to be me.

You want to take point on a surgery? Take point.

A problem comes up? Solve it. Don't talk to me. Just do it.

Be me. Be you?

Be me. I could do that.

I don't know why you had to bring me all the way up here

To the-- that's why.

Lake washington med is sending over a 10-year-old girl

With an abdominal leiomyosarcoma.

It's inoperable.

You're gonna have to put together a team

And come up with a plan to save her.

Save a girl with an inoperable tumor?

It isn't easy being me.

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

We've been sleeping together for a week,

And already, you're bored.

I'm hot and great in bed.

So what is wrong with you? Look, I didn't say I was bored

I just asked whether or not

I should keep sleeping with michelle.

I'm asking if you're all-in.

What's so wrong with that? You're a barbarian

How can I be all-in with an actual barbarian?

Fine. Claudia in radiology thinks I have a hot ass.

I'll tap that next. You do that.

Oh, lexie. Would you mind pick-- lexie, I'm your roommate.

You're eventually gonna have to talk to me. I reject that supposition.

I reject your rejection. And I ignore your rejection of my rejection.

What? I don't reject you, george.

Thank you.

Okay, two things--

You all have a skills lab this morning. It is mandatory.

Don't even think about trying to get out.

Second, one of you

Will not have to go to the mandatory skills lab

Because you will be assisting me in my efforts to remove

An inoperable tumor from a 10-year-old girl. I'll do it.

No, you won't. You have a hundred delinquent charts.

You will do those after the lab.

Slacker. How can you operate on an inoperable tumor?

Karev is also out. What did I say?

You doubted me. Oh, i-i-i-i don't doubt you, dr. Bailey.

Yang is out, too. Why?

You weren't supportive of a fellow resident

Who couldn't get his paperwork under control. Oh!

What is that? Grey, is that anatomy jane? Yes.

With the 24 removable organs and the optional parts

To simulate pregnancy? Yes. Does that mean I'm out, too?

No, that means you're in. Oh, that's not fair.

Yes! Next time, you'll know to bring in an ugly doll,

Won't you, stevens?

Dr. Yang, what exactly happens in skills lab?

Who e you?

I'm your new intern. Ryan spalding.

Oh, I'm never gonna remember that.

You're, um, uh, 4.2.

Three, move.

Is everything okay? Shut up. Don't move.

Hi, I'm dr. Hunt.

Over the next few months, I will be teaching you how to work

Quickly and efficiently to keep someone alive

In circumstances where the safe bet is

They're dead by the end of the hour.

Now does anyone have a problem working with live tissue? Live tissue?

I don't know. Anyone? Speak now. In fact, leave now.

If not, I own you for the rest of the day.

Good. Here we go.

Each resident gets a pig. Interns assist. Hang on.

Go ahead.

Save their lives.

You're a monster.

They're under. They didn't feel any pain.

Ask the veterinarian.

You stabbed them. So we can save them.

We can practice on--on surgical mannequins.

We can learn to do the exact same stuff. Does that mean you're out?

Yeah, I'm out.

In that case, who wants two pigs?

Tori begler, age 10.

Tori has an abdominal leiomyosarcoma.

The tumor is wrapped around her celiac artery,

Her splenic artery and her left gastric artery.

It is considered unresectable.

Did you understand a word of that, tori? Not really.


This is anatomy jane.

She's kinda funny looking.

She is funny looking,

But she's very helpful.

So the tumor...

Is way down here in your belly.

It's hard to get at because it's underneath all these organs.

Hard, but not impossible, right?

We're gonna try everything we can.

Everything you can should include your cardiothoracic gal.

Dr. Stewart at seattle pres

Said the vasculature is the big problem,

And you stole the best cardiovascular surgeon

He's ever had.

If she's not on tori's team, we're leaving

And going to san francisco.

Fudge? It's homemade.

I love this hospital.

Yeah, enough small talk. Come on.

More lessons? No, no lessons. Just sex.

Nothing fancy. Just plain old missionary,

Boy/girl, penis/vagina sex.

Oh. Hey, hey, I mean it. No dirty talk.

No erica talk. No talk. Just grunting and grinding.

Now who's talking dirty? Shut up.

What's this about? I'm testing a theory.

Good. That looks good.

Are you petting the pig?

I-i was-- stop pettinghe pig.

You seem to be spending a lot of time on that anastamosis.

What was your name again?

Yang. Cristina yang.

Right. Come take a look at this guy's pig.

O'malley? Oh, this is gonna be good.

Here, make way for dr. Yang.

You see what he did? He stopped the bleeding,

And then he moved on to his liver lacerations.

Yes, but sloppy work can lead to complications

Two days from now when this pig starts vomiting blood,

O'malley's gonna wish he'd been a little more thorough.

He can come back later and make things pretty

When his pig is stable.

Meanwhile, your pig is getting acidotic and hypothermic.

If this was some scrawny kid instead of a pig,

He'd be dead by now. Quick and dirty, cristine.

"a." cristina.

Okay, let's guide the catheter into the celiac axis.

Turning on the fluoro.

What the... Uh, excuse me a second.

Uh, hello. You can't be in here.

That's my uncle pat and aunt jean.

They like to make sure I don't get lonely.

She's not lonely. Dr. Grey and I are very entertaining.

Uh, uh, okay, fine.

Um, they have to stay in there, though.

There's radiation in here.

All right, let's, uh, inject dye.

Is everything okay?

Uh, it--it's fine.

Owen hunt is a murdering, sadistic bastard.

Let me guess. First wet lab?

He's stabbing pigs, defenseless pigs.

Or as he likes to call them, "live tissue,"

Because god forbid you should call them animals.

Well, he is the new head of trauma, stevens.

It may not be ideal, but if that's how he does things,

You should roll with it. We don't need live subjects.

What happened to first do no harm?

That's not just about humans. That's about all living things.

Actually, I think it's just about humans.

I'm saying this to you as my roommate

And not my attending. Uh-huh.

You disgust me.

Damn it. What, it wasn't good for you?


It's not that it wasn't good. It's that it was.

A "thank you" would've been nice.

You paged me? I've got a 10-year-old girl

With a tumor wrapped around her aorta.

I'm putting together a team. This is her angio?

She just-- this thing is wrapped around five major arteries.

It's bad, but I've got a couple of ideas. Good for you.

Try them on someone who might actually live.

I-i admit, it doesn't look great,

But her family mentioned you by name,

So I thought-- that's nice, but I really don't care

Well, I do.

Don't get emotional, bailey.

No one likes a girl who gets emotional.

Still... I'd like you on my team.

I'm sorry about this, little guy.

It must have been awful.

One day, you're at some beautiful farm

Out in the country

Breathing in the fresh air, lounging in the mud

With all your friends, and next thing you know,

You're sedated and stabbed in some skills lab.

Get it together, three. Heads-up, everyone.

You, take your interns down to the e.R.

I'll meet you down there. Trauma?

Multiple m.V.C. Six incoming. You,

Lab's over. Do your charts. What about my pig

She's got it. What?

You're staying here. Wait,

With a half-dozen crash victims coming into the pit

You got four struggling victims right

Here. Keep them alive. Wait, all of them

Karev gets to work on mangled people,

And I'm stuck with 300 pounds of bacon? Live bacon,

And it better be that way when I get back.

35 years old, taxi passenger.

Forehead versus window, and the window won.

Also has second-degree burns on the left side.

Vitals stable en route. Trauma one. What do yogot?

Charles hit, 46, positive ecchymosis over abdomen.

Last b.P. In the field-- 96 over 68.

Do you know how to use a trauma ultrasound? Yes.

In that case, he's all yours in trauma two.

What do you-- can I help you gentlemen? Dr. Karev paged us.

Well, he shouldn't have.

We got it covered. Thanks. You have a head injury and burns

So I don't think you have it covered. Karev, are you a doctor?

Uh, yes, sir. Are you capable of assessing a patient's injuries?

Yep. Like I said, we got it covered.

You know what? We're here. Why don't you let

Us just dive in? Appreciate the offer, shepherd

But I want my residents to learn how to deal with trauma.

They're not gonna learn as much or as fast if they stand back

And watch attendings do it, unss that attending is me.

Three other hospitals have already sent them away,

And if we were smart, we would do the same thing.

What is the matter with you?

We can try and cut around the stomach.

No, the only way to do that is to actually take it out.

They've done ex vivo autotransplants.

Yeah, with livers and kidneys.

So why don't we take out the stomach and the kidneys?

Oh, yeah, that'd be great if you wanted to kill her.

We're talking about

Two completely different blood supplies here.

So, no, not a good idea, grey.

Who are those people?

Uh, that's tori's dad randy

And his brother pat and pat's wife jean

And tori's brother david and--

Why are they staring at us, dr. Bailey?

I don't think they're staring at us, chief.

I think they're just waiting, seeing if we have any news.

Look, try and come up with something before I get back.

Close the blinds, grey.

You paged me?

Rambo is completely out of control.

Excuse me?

Hunt. He kicked me out of my own e.R. Did he kill somebody?

Not yet. Then call me when he does.

Richard. I don't have time for it, shep. I have a dying 10 ye old

And a team of doctors who can't stop bickering long enough

To solve a problem, except for your girlfriend,

Who's more interested playing with a doll. Anatomy jane?

She dragged that thing all around the hospital

When she was 5 years old,

And let me tell you, it was cuter in a child. Yeah.

Any luck? What do you think?

Look, I know you want to be number one, richard,

But we can't take in every charity case that comes along. Oh.

It is a huge waste of resources.

It's your call, dr. Bailey.

Grey, put that away. This isn't playtime.

I'm not playing. I'm thinking.

What if we just took out each of the organs

Where the tumor interferes with the blood supply?

By the time you clamp off the aorta,

You run the risk of damaging the other organs.

Even if you take them out one by one?

You don't have the time, grey.

What about if we made the time?

Dr. Bailey, let's throw some stuff up on the board.

C.T. Showed a subdural hematoma.

Should I book an o.R.? First things first.

His scalp is bleeding like stink.

What do you do next? Normally, I'd page shepherd.

Shepherd's not here. What do you do to stop the bleeding?

Suture the laceration, tie off the bleeders. That'll take two hours.

What would you use in this room to take care of this? Uh... Staples?

It's his forehead. You... You want this guy

To look like frankenstein for the rest of his life? Skin glue.

Excellent, karev. Clean it, close it,

And stick a pressure dressing over it.

How are you feeling, mister, uh, hiott? Not too good.

How are we gonna make mr.

Hiott feel better? The ultrasound showed free fluid

We'll get him to a c.T. To confirm,

But he's pretty much o.R. Bound. Excellent. Is that tetanus?

You know who you have to thank for the invention

Of the tetanus shot, stevens?

Horses. The first experiments-- done on horses.

You want to take out all of her abdominal organs--

Intestine, stomach, everything? All at once?

That's right.

We'll put the organs on ice while we dissect out the tumor,

Then reconnect the vessels using synthetic grafts

And put the organs back in. Why didn't graham

Or fleisher over at lake washington suggest this?

They're a couple of smarties.

Probably because it's never been done before.

It is extremely risky.

There are any number of things that could go wrong.

I-i don't know, randy. Maybe we should try more chemo.

Uh, with all due respect, mrs. Begler,

I don't think there's time for that.

Is it gonna save her life?

It's your best shot...

Your only shot.

Then do it.


Dr. Bailey... Um, I'm not a vet.

And while I can appreciate the value

Of practicing technique on live tissue,

There's a multiple m.V.C. In the pit,

And my education would be far better served

Practicing on humans.

Well, w--who's babysitting the pigs right now? My interns.

Did major hunt order the interns to babysit the pigs or you?

That's not the point. Well, make it the point. I don't have time for this.

I'm about to take six organs out of a

Person. Well, see? That--that-- that's not fair

I'm not dr. Doolittle. The zebras and the elephants

Are thanking their lucky stars for that.

I have a question.

Why aren't we taking out the kidney

Since the left renal artery is involved?

Because we can remove the tumor without doing that,

So why bother?

I have another question. Yes?

Why can't you look at me?


You can't look at me.

You haven't been able to look at me all day.

I think you're imagining things.

Oh. I don't think I am.

But, hey, if you say so.

I do. I say so.

So instead of worrying

About whether or not I'm looking at you,

Maybe you should concentrate on saving the 10-year-old girl

That we're about to eviscerate.

Uh, grey, why do we dissect down in quadrants?

Uhso we can get a good look at the vessels

To make sure we have enough for reconstruction. Very good.

A little suction right in here, please.

Mr. Begler is on the phone.

O.R. Desk wants to know if they can put him through. No.

He's pretty insistent. And I'm pretty busy.

If you could hold this up a little bit higher, dr. Grey.

I want to make sure to avoid--


Okay, let's get some clamps. Another clamp, pleas

Right there. Let's hang another bag of blood.

You better hope the aorta is not that friable,

Otherwise, all the blood in the world won't save this girl.

Ryan, what's reggie's pulse?


Really? 'cause wilbur's at 102, and I'm pretty sure that's bad.

Babe's like an ox. Hers is 52. Hey, no cute names.

They're not pets.

They're subjects. It's not our job to get all affectionate.

It's our job to keep them alive...

So the attending who somehow thinks we're incapable

Can choke on his words at the end of the day.

So I don't want to hear wilbur or babe.

You want to call them something,

Call them sausage or prosciutto.

Wilbur's crashing.

What? What did you do?

I don't--i don't-- I gotta reopen that thoracotomy.

Uh, pull that chest tray back over here. Yeah.

Dr. Bailey. Removing the organs on three.





Very good. All right. Let me have it.

I'll need medium and large vessel loops

To dissect out the tumor. Mr. Begler again.

He wants to talk to you about his daughter.

Well, I'm pretty busy right now.

I already told him that.

Well, tell him again. I've told him 18 times.

Chief, you need to go talk to them.

Hey, you did put me in charge.

I'll be back.

What the hell?

Look at this crap.

Is that glue? You used skin glue?

Dr. Hunt wanted to get him outta there pretty quick.

Yeah, well, because dr. Hunt didn't have u

Revise the wound, he could lose half his face.

You can't rotate a flap, you call someone who can.

Well, he says the e.R. Is like being in the field.

You use what's available. What, uh, qualifies us as a war zone, karev,

Our undermanned gift shop,

The lukewarm drinks from the coffee cart?

He's a meatballer. What do you expect? Meatballer?

Trauma guys. They just slap it together.

Dr. Webber, how's tori?

She's stable. We're removing the tumor right now.

Actually, I should be in there to help,

But I'm out here instead. I just needed an update.

It's not important that you get an update right now, sir.

What's important is the best doctors

We have in this hospital are focused on your daughter.

Calls don't help us focus.

Interruptions don't help us focus.

I'm sorry. I know we have been underfoot sometimes

But we have been to a lot of hospitals.

And hospitals are not easy places to get information.

In fact, a lot of times, it's impossible to even get

A doctor to talk to you

Or to get the doctors to talk to each other.

And I don't know if it's neglect

Or their egos getting in the way, and I don't care.

We're just trying to take care of our little girl.

She's 10, she's scared and she's sick.

We're doing whatever we can.

Don't ever stop taking care of her like that.

Stevens, have you ever used a g.I.A. Stapler?

No, but I'm ready. I can handle it.

Answer me three questions, and I'll let you. Okay.

Question one--polio vaccine.

Which animal do you have to thank for that?

Is this really necessary? Only if you want to use that stapler.

Flipper babies.

What? Flipper babies.

10,000 babies were born with birth defects in the 1950s

Because their pregnant mothers took thalidomide,

First developed on guinea pigs.

The guinea pigs didn't have any side effects. Your point?

My point is that humans and animals

Have different physiologies, they have different reactions.

They can have different reactions.

Doesn't mean that they will.

Tell that to those 10,000 babies and their mothers.

So the polio vaccine--developed using mice and monkeys.

You can keep your stapler. It's not worth it.

Give me the status on reggie and paddy.

Reggie's fine. Paddy's pulse ox is low but stable

And babe? Holding steady.

I thought we weren't supposed to give them names.

I could give them numbers, but then I'd probably tell you

Three needs antibiotics

And find you shoving a needle in grey's ass.

His vitals are getting worse. Damn it. Uh, did you check his lung again?

I already took out an entire lobe. What about his descending aorta?

I've tried everything.

Pulseless. Uh, that's it.

We need to get more exposure. You're opening him up more

I need everyone's help. Stem to stern.

What--what if he can't take it? You could--you could kill him.

Don't get emotional.

Just get ready to start massaging his heart. Scalpel.

Dr. Bailey, can you dissect down anymore?

There's nothing to dissect. There's barely any artery left.

What about if we extend the gore-tex graft?

No, what's left is too friable.

So we can't reconnect the organs to the vessels?

Not at this moment, no. But if we can't reconnect the organs,

They won't reperfuse and they'll just die. Yes, they will.

Is it too late for a transplant? Well, we'd have to find six good organs

In about eight hours. It's too late for a transplant.

And a gold star for grey.

we can try to put in more gore-tex

Oh, put even more synthetic material in her?

What about a saphenous vein graft?

No, she's already getting acidotic.

That sort of thing has to be preplanned. Yeah, so what's your idea?

Excuse me? I mean, you're good

At shooting down every idea we come up with. What's yours?

It was my idea not to do this in the first place, dr. Bailey.

Yeah, you made that very clear every chance you got. Shut up.

I don't care who had what idea when.

Get over yourselves.

Shut up and talk to each other.

What about...

Using... Human umbilical vein?

I mean, ready to go, already heparinized.

Okay. I like it. Erica, what do you think?

It could work.

It's dr. Bailey's call. If she wants to do it...

I do.

In that case, let's do it.

Nice work on the valve.

First developed in pigs, but more recently cows. Moo.

Are you done beating me up for the day?

Because I'd like to go home.

I was just trying to teach you. You want to teach us?

Take us to the simulab with the plastic guys

Who have heart rates and blood pressure

And croak when you nick an artery.

Until you apply scalpel to skin, stevens

You're just going through the motions. That attitude, that's from before.

We have the technology now.

We don't have to torture live creatures.

No, you don't get to accuse me of torture

Those animals felt no pain. You don't know that. You don't know that.

You don't know what they felt.

You don't know how scared they re.

Animals are sensitive and intelligent creatures.

And that is not me being emotional,

That is simply the truth.

You want me to learn from your methods?

You want me to learn anything from you?

Then don't stab pigs in front of me

And tell me that the sky isn't blue.

You are torturing god's creatures

In an age where we have the technology

That no longer requires us to.

If you want to do that, go ahead,

But don't tell me I'm less of a doctor for walking away.

Come on, wilbur, don't do this.

His heart's not filling.

No, uh, massage it with both hands,

Like a-- like a heart sandwich.

Okay. Good, good.

There. Right there. Stupid. Look at that.

The knife went through his diaphragm right into his spleen.

Okay, um, hand me those clamps.

We've got some blood pooling the lower left quadrant.

Can anybody see where it's coming from? Here. This graft.

Satinsky clamps and 4-0 prolene.


We're waiting, dr. Bailey.

Okay, this thing's coming out.

Still waiting, dr. Bailey.

Okay. Suction. Clear it out.

Okay, release clamps.

Hold on, hold on, hold on. Right in here.

Still nothing.

No pulsation.

Come on. Come on.

Reperfusion complete.

Heart's beating on its own.

All right.

All right.

Everyone, hell of a job.

I've known women to be upset

Because they couldn't make it to the big finish.

Never had anything to do with me.

Usually something to do with their anatomy.

The point is, I've never known a woman to be upset

Because she could take a curtain call.

You're a conundrum, torres.

Erica cried this morning...

In bed... After sex.

That was a compliment... For you.

The crying was a compliment.

It wasn't a compliment for me. She was--it was--

She was having a revelation. She was having...

The sex is awesome with erica.

We've reached awesome, which is...


Yes, but it's also awesome with you.

So what's the problem?

I guess I thought there should be a difference...

Between you and erica.

I mean, if I'm...

There should be a difference.

The difference between me and erica...

Is that I know you had sex with her 12 hours ago.

She doesn't know you had sex with me,

And that makes you a cheater.

Do you want to be a cheater? 'cause I'm fine with it.

The question is, are you?

I'm gonna yell at the major general.

You want to come? Hell yeah. Be right there.

Hey, torres.


Hunt, can I talk to you? Sure.


No, no, he can stay.

You want karev to hear how you screwed up the flap

On my head trauma, that's fine with me.

My job's to keep him alive. That's what I did

No, what you did was almost maim a guy

For the rest of his life.

You're lucky I saved the blood supply. So what would you have done?

Well, you got a man with a deep scalp wound

And two of the best surgeons in the country

Standing 10 feet away from him.

I would've asked those two surgeons to step in.

That's what I would've done. Mm-hmm.

I mean medically.

What would you have done medically so I can do better?

Listen, I recognize there's different ways of doing things,

Even the basics.

Over here, if someone appears dead, you go to them first.

In iraq, if someone appears dead, you don't go to them.

This is day one for me, so if you think

There's a better way, then tell me, and I'll listen.

Again, both of you,

Great job.

Thank you.

Is there a problem, dr. Bailey?

I just find it hard to believe

You're accepting congratulations,

Considering you didn't want to do this operation

In the first place.

And when you finally did do it,

You fought me every step of the way.

And yet, you still had a world-class heart surgeon

By your side.

You may be a fine surgeon--

God knows I know that--

But not today.

Today you were a pain in the ass--

A nay-saying, bullying,

Consistently negativ pain in the ass.

At no point did you encourage me or do anything

To make me think this surgery could be anything but a failure.

And it wasn't just me.

You made it as hard as humanly possible for all of us.

So, yeah, we did do a nice job today.

We did a great job today, but that wasn't thanks to you.

That was thanks to me and the chief

And meredith grey

And anatomy jane.

Babe is indestructible.

She lost a part of her liver and small bowel,

But she's been doing fine.

We had to cross-clamp wilbur's aorta and massage his heart.

I couldn't locate the source of his bleeding

Until I found a hole in his diaphragm

And realized he had a splenic laceration.

He's a--he's a fighter. He's pulling through.

Reggie had some oozing after his colon resection,

But we packed it, and he's been stable ever since.

Uh, paddy almost bled out because his carotid

Was sliced right through,

But we put in a graft, and he's been stable ever since.

He's good as new. That's good.

That's great work, all of you.

So, uh, put them out

And make sure that you write up all your work.

What do you mean, "put them out"? Terminate 'em. Thpigs--kill 'em.

I'm not killing those pigs.

I spent the entire day trying to keep them alive.

If you want them dead,

You do it yourself. You sected half of a liver today

You repaired a diaphragm and did a splenectomy.

You grafted a severed artery

And repaired a lacerated bladder,

Performed a lobectomy.

And I understand you even removed a tumor.

On paddy. His thyroid.

Do you have any idea how much you just learned?

They'd be in pain.

Those are massive injuries, months of recovery.

To keep them alive after all that,

That's not humane.

Seriously, you don't remember my name?

I remember your name, but that was before.

This last tour, I was on a forward surgical team.

We, uh...

Treated combat casualties in the field.

You're mostly just looking to do damage control--

Sedate 'em, ventilate 'em,

Airlift 'em to baghdad, then get outta there.

Only this one time, we didn't get out fast enough

Because we ended up

In the middle of an r.P.G. Ambush.

There were 20 people in my unit, including me,

And 19 died.

And then I got discharged.

So... I'm not there anymore, in the before.

I knew your name in the before.

But now I'm living in the after.


You want to apologize to someone, apologize to bailey.

Thanks to you, I made her life a living hell today.

I slept with mark sloan.

If that's your idea of an apology, you seriously--

Shut up.

You--you were-- you were crying

And--and--and seeing leaves.

And I wasn't.

Okay? I-i may never see leaves.

Or--or maybe I will see leaves, but I will also see flowers.

I might be a whole forest girl. I don't know yet.

But i-i do know that I want to be with you,

And to do that, I have to at least tell you the truth,

And the truth is, I slept with mark sloan today.


Twice, actually.


You paged?

Yeah, um, yeah. How's tori?

Oh, she's good. Stable.

You weren't imagining things.

You used to run around here with that doll all the time.

Took her everywhere--

The cafeteria, the o.R. Gallery.

Tori's got a whole army.

You didn't have anyone.

Seeing anatomy jane...

Reminded me of how much I was to blame for that.

You're a living reminder

Of every failure in my life.

That's not your fault.

And if I thought I'm sorry

Would hold any meaning for you at all,

I would say it.

I'd say it a thousand times a day.

Some wars are never over.

Some end in an uneasy truce.

I can't do it.

I know I'm supposed to, but...

They'll suffer.

Don't let them suffer.

So no more on call room, huh?

Afraid not.

That's, uh, that's too bad.

I guess I'll, uh, see you around.

You wanna get a drink?


Just 'cause we're not sleeping together

Doesn't mean we can't hang out, be friends.

You're good for more than sex, mark.

I would love to get a drink.

She's not gonna cry every time, right?

No, no, no. That passes.

Some wars result...

In complete and total victory.


Um, mac and cheese--

From the box, not the freezer.

Some wars end with a peace offering.


I named the pigs today.

I'm sorry, but I don't know what that means.

I take things personally.

I get too emotional.

There's no place for it at work,

Not--not with the pigs and not with you.

I'm sorry.

This is so much better than the freezer kind.

I thought you were sleeping with michelle tonight.

Or was it jackie?


I've had a hard day, alex, and a sad night.

So can you please just leave me alone? Izzie--

What? I'm not good at this, all right?

I'm not good at--at relationships

Or talking about stupid flings,

And... And you are,

So maybe you could teach me or something, you know?

Tell me what I did wrong.

You don't want us to see other people.

You don't want us to see other people,

And that's how you tried to tell me...

By asking if it was cool

If you screwed michelle.

Laughing is not helping.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

So you want lessons, huh?

I want lessons.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

You start with, isobel stevens,

You are staggeringly good in bed.

You're amazing smart, wonderfully funny. Yeah.

And you care about animals.

That's where I start?

Yeah. And then you say, you want to go steady with me?

That's what I would say if it was 1952.


You wanna go steady with me?

Mm, if that's what you want.

I mean, yeah, whatever.

And some wars...

End in hope.

Oh, look.

I wore this every day to elementary school.

Nice. Your mom make that for you?

Yeah, right. She probably got it

At the lost and found at the hospital.

Mer, you should do this one.

Is it more ugly hats?

Another diary?

More than one.

But all these wars are nothing...

Compared to the most frightening war of all...

The one you have yet to fight.