Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Losing My Mind - full transcript

Cristina is still in her slump and turning mean, Izzie finally confronts Ava/Rebecca, and Meredith's anger with her therapist is challenged by a patient with a Cinderella story.

the problem with being a resident is...

you feel crazy all the time.

You haven't slept in years.

you spend every day around people in massive crisis.

You lose your ability to judge what's normal...

move your crap off the floor before this thing eats it!


In yourself or anyone else.

And yet people arconstantly asking you to tell them how they're doing.

How the hell are you supposed to know?

Eggs good?

The baby didn't like the breakfast.

You don't even know how you're doing.

we had our first honest conversation about your feelings,and now you want to leave.

That timing doesn't strike you as strange?


And I'm still firing you.

No,you're quitting.

No,I'm not quitting.

I don't quit things.

Well,actually,you do.

Your mother quit your father.

Your father quit you.

You quit your boyfriend.

And if I read your hospital chart correctly

you quit your life momentarily on a couple of occasions.You quit.

It's what you know how to do.

Now you're really fired.

Now we're getting somewhere.

And I want you to handle all my consults.

Anything you can do without me,do it.

And book some time in the robotics lab.

I want to give him a tour.

Hahn,walter tapley's coming in today.

Do we have anything special that he can scrub in on?

Walter tapley is coming here?

The chief was his student.

You studied at the right hand of god?

We need something impressive.

I will stab someone in the chest if I have to.

o'malley,get boyer ready for his C.T.

And prep my lap chole.

I need to be outta that O.R.By 10:00.

Hahn,plan to be free at 10:00.

O'malley,did patricia say I had any messages?

Yeah,she said...

she said to tell you that your wife hadn't called in the 20 minutes since you last asked if your wife called.

All right.

I'm very optimistic about this new viral cocktail.

Adding in I.L.-2 should make a very big difference.

We're close.

We're gonna open this bottle of champagne soon.

I know.

- You okay?- I'm fine.

Listen,clinical trials can be a grind.

If this is getting to you,I can do this one on my own.

I'm not a quitter.I don't need you to rescue me.Let's just do this.

because waiting is a bad idea.

I mean,we're talking about your health.

dr. Shepherd can say no if it's such a problem.

What am I saying no to?

Is there any way you could push back the surgery a few hours?

My boyfriend's flight was nceled.

I want him to be here.

Greta.He has some questions.

He's so smart about this stuff.

I don't even know what to ask.

Are you reconsidering the procedure?

Andre and I have had so little time together.

We met in january.

I mean,this treatment could kill me,right?

You have a very aggressive tumor.

Even if we don't operate,you're looking at a few months.

But I'd spend them with andre.

Do you know how precious that is,time with the person you love?


I'm not saying I want to cancel.

I'm justaying I want to wait for andre.

He'll help me to decide.

- Okay,we can't wait for-- he'll be here at 3:00.

dr. Mark sloan.

I used to be a patient of his.


Where have you been?


I've--I've called you and left,like,50 messages.

You seem kind of upset.

Well,you're not pregnant,first of all,analex has been turning his life upside down to be your baby daddy,

and I can't tell him because of confidentiality.So yeah,upset.

You can talk to alex about anything.

I want him involved.

And I am pregnant.

You kind of know.


So if you're not trying to trap alex wi a fake pregnancy,

you won't mind if I do another test,just to be sure.

Trap him?

Are you out of your mind?

I'm pregnant,and that's a good thing because I want this baby.

I've always wanted a baby.

You have a baby.

Of course I do.I mean I want another one.

Do the stupid test again.It'll be fine.

Yeah,I'll see what I can do.

- dr. Shepherd.- Yes.

There's no andre.


She made him up.

He doesn't exist.

My sister--she is not a woman who has boyfriends,okay?

And then four months ago,she goes on a cruise and comes back saying she's met her soul mate.

Right around the time her symptoms started?

There were no pictures,and nobody has ever seen him.

Can you talk to her?

Can you tell her we can't wait for andre?

'Cause we could be waiting a long time.

- Is tapley in there?- No.

- You're lying.- yes

- Tapley in there?- No.

- Liar.- yes

Something is wrong with her.

Oh,no,it's not.I'm fine.

She cleaned-- cleaned the apartment-- which she has no idea how to do,so she basically just pushed dirt around.

Oh,leave her alone.

Not everybody has to be happy all the time.

That's not mental health.

That's crap.

Walter tapley's here,and she doesn't want to meet him.

Well,that's--that's bad.

You know,torres,mind your own business.

You--you need to get help.

You're killing me.

If you hang out until hahn gets here,you might get to meet tapley.

I don't give a damn about walter tapley.

Cristina... are you in the dark place?



there she is.

dr. Erica hahn,our chief of cardiothoracic surgery.

It's an honor to meet you,dr. Tapley.

I use your modified bypass procedure all the time.

Yeah.Well,that was an afternoon well spent.

You came up with that in an afternoon?

It took him six years.

You're a killjoy,webber.

I didn't really come here for a visit.

I have aortic and mitral stenosis with tricuspid regurge.

I need a double valve replacement and tricuspid repair.

Are you sure?

charts,echos,chest x-rays-- everything you need.

I may have invented the modified bypass,but I can't operate on mysf.

And my colleagues won't touch me because I have chronic a-fib,

pulmonary hypertension and a clot in my left atrium.

They think if they operate,they'll kill me.

What makes you think we'll do it if your colleagues won't?

I didn't start their careers.

They can say no to me.

Webber can'T. YTET- ?????

greys.anatomy Season 4 Episode 15

- Absolutely not.- No hold on...

- We haven't even disc-- have you read the file?

His pulmonary arterial pressure is throughhe roof.

He's aware of the risk.

Well,in that case,fine.

I don't know what I was so worried about.

I may go down in history as the surgeon who killed walter tapley,

but hey,at least they're writing about me?

Erica,sit down.

let me tell you a story.

- 38 years ago,when I was a young intern-- I'm sorry.

Is this gonna be a story about how you were a struggling black med student who wanted to be a surgeon,

and no one would give you a chance,and walter tapley gave you that chance?

He mentored you,and without him,you wouldn't be in this hospital today?


I'm still not gonna operate on him.

Okay,the sex--I thought that was mind-blowing myself,

but I get the impression that you had a really bad time.


Why are you avoiding me?

I'm--I'm sorry.I-I lost a patient.

I'm not trying to avoid you.

So not calling me after the sex is you being a dedicated lifesaver?

It is.

So I'll see you later?

You didn't call her?

When was the last time you called a woman after having sex?

Yeah,well,that's gonna change.

I'm turning over a new leaf.

What was wrong with the old lf?

So they called you a whore?

You're a happy guy.

Walter tapley needs a double valve replacement,and hahn refuses to give it to him.

What's her problem?

- She thinks she's gonna kill him.- lightweight.

Since when do surgeons turn me down?

It's her choice.She's the one opening him up.


Oh,oh,and another thing.

If you spend the night with a woman and call her the next day and she doesn't call you back,

does that mean she had a lousy time,

or does that mean her answering machine was consumed in a fire?

See,the chief calls the next day.

You don't have to call her back.

You--you jusmet this person.

It's new.It's fun.It's casual.

It's my wife.

What,do I call again?

No,another call looks desperate.

Just be casual,confident.


I mean romantic.



Tapley's in 2062.

He's getting an E.K.G. And an echo.I assigned yang.

All right.Oh,one more thing.

Look,I know I said I wouldn't use you to get my wife back,but I am a desrate man.

Okay,lay it on me.

Draft an e-mail...

Tell her.

She likes a strong hand.

Okay,you want me to ask your wife out on a date with a strong hand.

- Confident.- Confident.

- Casual.- Casual.

- Sexy.- sexy.

Tell her..

tell her the train is leaving the station,and she better get on it.Yeah.

Can I talk to you about rebecca?


Alex,I gave her a pregnancy test last week.

She's not pregnant.

I wanted to tell you.

Yeah,well,you're telling me now.

Alex,when I told her,she...

she said I was wrong.

She thinks it's some sort of false negative,whicit isn'T.

She was puking this morning,and her boobs are all blown up.

I ran it twice.

Well,labs are wrong all the time,and you're wrong all the time.

How 'bout you mind your own freakin' business and stay out of my life?

you have my chart,and I would prefer it if you didn't because I fired you.

Can I have my chart,please?

It's not appropriate to show up at my door unannounced.

And you didn't fire me.You quit.

So if you would like to unquit,make an appointment.

You know..

make an appointment,grey.

It's what we do.

At the moment,no surgery's been scheduled,

so we need to focus on keeping him stable and comfortable.

Anything he wants.

He wants a steak,kill a cow.

Karev,bedside P.F.T.S and an A.B.G.

yang,run a c-central line-- sorry.

damn day care center pages me every time he gets a runny nose.

O'malley,go find out what they want.

I need bailey focused on tapley.

Go to the day care center?

Quickly.Right man for the job.

Grey,tapley needs central line.

Do it.

I don't understand.

Take a needle,jab it into his subclavian so he can receive medicine and not croak-- a central line.

But I--well,I've-- I've never done one.dr. Yang.

How'd it go with greta?

I haven't spoken to her yet.

You haven't spoken to her yet?

I already mixed the virus and the I.L.-2.

We only have six hours.

We're not gonna wait six hours.

We're gonna wait three hours.

Derek,the guy we're waiting for doesn't exist.

I want to give her a little more time to enjoy him,or the idea of him if nothing else.

Because once we remove the tumor,it's all gonna disappear.

It's not real.

It's okay if it disappears.

She can go back to her life.

She was probably a lonely person.

She found a way to have love.

Of course she did because that's where love exists,in delusional fantasies.

Real love isn't like that.

Good to know.

He punched someonenamed harrison.

You punched a child?

Apparently there was a graham cracker involved.

Over a graham cracker?!

They said they want you to talk to him.

Well,he's 14 months old.

What do they think I'm gonna do,give him a lecture on nonviolent conflict resolution?

I really don't know.


my son punches other children.Perfect.

dr. Yang--who's even more evil than usual-- asked me to do a central line.

Okay,this is a big day.

This is the kind of day at could change things for me.

In there is tapley,and tapley is god,right?

I'm the chief's intern.That makes me close to god,which means I can't help you right now,

as unchristian as that may sound.

No,you're right.

No,I'll-- I'll do walter tapley's central line myself.

So I puncture his lung?He'll get over it.

What?She wants you to do tapley's line?

I'll do it.

Yay!Yay for georgie!

Georgie saves the day.

I give you tapley,and you pass it over to your intern?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Do y think if you,um,kiss the chief's ass enough by taking care of tapley,

something magical's gonna happen?

Like what,you'll earn your magical resident wings?

It's not gonna happen,george.

You're stuck.

You are where you are.

You know,the only way that you'd get out of your miserable situation is if burke were here,

because you were burke's guy.

For some reason he pitied your pathetic ass.

But he's gone now.

no wings for georgie.

Was I happy when I was with her?

Off and on.

I think I idealize it.

I mean,you wouldn't hang on to a woman who's unavailable,unpredictabl right?

You'd move on,keep it casual.

Don't sell yourself shorT.

Allow yourself to grow with rose-- share experiences,build memories.

- Is this the new leaf?- yeah

needs work.

Oh,my god.This is gonna kill me.

nice wor you found the subclavian on the first try.

Got yourself a good resident.

Actually,uh,sir,I'm an intern.

Uh,he's the best intern in the hospital.

O'malley,start dr. Tapley on a loading dose of amiodarone,followed by a continuous infusion.


Why the hell would he start me on amiodarone?

O'leary,would you give amiodarone to a man who's about to have an open-heart procedure?

George,would you wait outside,please?

if you can't get the head of cardiothoracics to do a valve replacement,

then you're not the chief I thought you were,and this is not the facility I thought it was.

So maybe it's better for all of us if I don't get cut open here.

Would you get these lines off me?

Would you get back in that bed?

I'll talk to her again.

You're not even gonna watch the walter tapley surgery?

I don't want five minutes with walter taey.

I want five years.

Tapley's a star maker.That's why the chief's a star.

Five minutes with tapley is a slap in the face.

It's like giving an alcoholic a sip of wine.

Lexie's coming over.Let's try to keep the carnage to a minimum.

Um,can I talk to you about something?

Maybe some other time.

Uh,but-- look,you know,she hates you.


She's not gonna say it to your face 'cause she's too polite,but she thinks you're annoying.

And you showing up here like the good little girl daddy didn't abandon is,like,

the worst thing that's happened to her in months.

And that's saying a lot coming from meredith grey.

It's gonna be okay.

Wanna bet?

Give me two minutes,I'll meet you in the third floor on call room.

No,no.We're gonna sit and enjoy a meal together.

I don't get it.

I've turned over a new leaf.

From now on,if you want this,you're gonna get this,too.

Shove over,sloan.

Torres and i are gonna share a sapphic salad.

did I miss something?

Yeah,we're lovers.Didn't you know?

It's a love that dare not speak its name.

Look me in the eye,and tell me th you're not thinking about a threesome.

I'm not.

The old mark would,but that's no more.

Really?You're not,uh,thinking about her and me and you.

and a video camera?

- yeah,on call room,ten minutes.- no

I am the chief of surgery.

I am not killing walter tapley.

I don't care who you are.

- Should I leave?- no

He's dying anyhow.

You'd rather see him die on my watch than under your knife?


- I should leave.I- said no.

Is there something going on with all the women that when I speak,they simply ignore it?

You don't leave.

You review the file again.

And if either of you see my wife,you tell her the polite thing to do is return a man's damn phone call.

See,a tumor in the temporal lobe can blur the line between imagination and reality.

It's possible that andre is part of that confusion.

She likes being the succesul sister with a husband and kids while I'm the single,

pathetic one whhas to send herselflowers on valentine's day.

I found someone,and she can't deal with it.

But there are no pictures of him.

You want a picture?



And there,and there.

But those are drawings made from images in your head.

I'm an artist.That's what I do.

What about the journals and the writing?

Did you do a lot of that before?

Leave her alone.

I didn't have anything to write about before,dr. Grey.

okay,it's just that there's a symom-- it's called hypergraphia-- it's compulsive writing.

Leave her alone.

I'm in love with a man.

I've touched him and held him.

He is not a figment of my imagination.

tell them how you met.

I was on a cruise around the greek islands,and we had stopped at santorini,

and I was running to get back to the ship,and my shoe fell off.

And the horn was blowing,so I didn't wanto stop,so I left it.

That night at dinner,andre found me.

He had my shoe.

sound familiar?

- You're mocking me.- No,I'm not.

I'm ying to make you see.

dr. Shepherd,does anything about that sound familiar?

Sounds like "cinderella.

"What else happened on the boat?


I had my first blackouts.Andre was there.

- He carried me to-- okay,a woman found you on the floor of the bathroom.

- Prince charming didn't carry you-- get out!

All of you,get out!This is a stupid,stupidstupid conversation.

stupid conversation.

Hey,greta,the serum that we use to kill the tumor,it only lasts a few hours.

So-- is it going to expire by 3:00?

No,it is not.

- dr. Shepherd-- it is not.

We can wait until 3:00.

We can't wait all day,but we can wait until 3:00.

Hey,you.How's the...

some of my best work.

Any pulling around the suture lines?

No,it's perfect.

I'm just not sure it goes with the body.

See what I mean?

Face is a head turner,but the boobs aren't stopping anybody on the street.

You can close the gown.

It doesn't match.

It doesn't go with my face.It doesn't go with my personality.

It's just all wrong.

Didn't you just tell me you were pregnant?

- I can't operate-- I don't need a lecture.

I just need you to finish what you started.

Can you do that?

I need to talk to you.

make an appointment.

I don't want to make an appointment just to get my chart back.

I'd like you to get it right now.

And I would like to go to the bathroom in peace.

It seems that everody's dissatisfied here.

Where do you get off suggesting that I'm a coward and a quitter?

Are you trying to make me feel bad about my life so that you can fix me?

We can talk about it in therapy.

No!I don't need therapy.

- I forgive you.

Lexie-- no,I forgive you.

I forgive you for treating me like crap,

and I forgive you for letting your friend treat me like crap.

- Lexie-- I don't know how you get up in the morning.

I honestly don'T.

Our dad abandoned you,and your mom,by all accounts,was the meanest person ever,

and you can't let derek love you,and it all really,really sucks.

But ever since I knew you existed,I had this fantasy about my big sister.

And you haveailed on every occasion to live up to that fantasy,but I still love you,

whether you are capable of letting me or not.


I forgive you.

- 2:00 work for you?- Yeah,okay.

If this man dies under my knife,richard,so help me,

I will tell every reporter in the land that you insisted we do this.

You will look like an idiot.

Relax.I'll be fine.

she has impeccable judgment.

And thisay be the dumbest thing I've ever done.

Ted ginsburg would've done this,but I wanted a friend.

In case I went into the O.R.And didn't come back

I wanted an old friend to say good-bye.

I'm honored.

Don't be.

I shoulda had a wife...

and a bunch of kids...

I wouldn't have to track you down to get someone to be at my deathbed.


What are you treating rebecca pope for?

For a pregnancy she doesn't have,but she thinks she does.

Doesn't one of you have science on your side?

YeS.She is acting really weird.

She wants,uh,breast enhancement surgery.

She thinks her new face doesn't match her body.

We may be looking at acute strs disorder.

It can happen when people have massive plastic surgeries and major trauma like she did.

You look in the mirror,you don't see the same person,

so you're not sure you are the sameerson.

It can lead to some pretty odd behavior.

Like thinking you're pregnant when you're not and forgetting you already have a baby?

I want you to make it clear to her that she's not pregnant.

- Then get her a psych consult,then have psych call me.- Okay.

Here you are,chief.

Uh,no,no,read that-- read that to me.

I can't see anything on that tiny screen.

oh,no.That's a bad idea.

Speak up,o'malley.

"dear adele,eat with me.

"The love train is leaving the station,and you know you want to taka ride"--

- "Take a ride on my love train.- o'malley.

"With all due respect,sir,I didn't come up with the train or the station.

- Okay,give that to me.I'll do it myself.- Yes,sir.

Hey,so,um,let me get this straight.

If I wander into an on call room,you are not gonna follow me?

you ever think about why you need sex all the time?

Is it replacing something?

- Or are-- I use it to clear my head.

on call room.

We can sit in there and talk,but we're not having sex.

why?what are we gonna talk about?

At lunch,you seemed to want to talk about threesomes.

you are so not a new man.

I mean,I guess if you had to have a threesome,erica hahn wouldn't be a bad choice,right?

I mean,she brings that whole we're naughty,"

and we're getting sent to the principal's office" thing to it.

Come on.

You never thought about reaching across the O.R.

Table and pulling down her mask,

ripping off her scrub cap so that you can grab a handful of that blonde hair--

stop.Stop talking about erica hahn.

everything all right?

One of the founding fathers of cardiothoracic surgery is on the table,

and I am about to slice open his chest.Give me a minute.



Don't screw it up.

I'm gonna kill you.

We've got this patient,and she's got true love.

Do you wanna know why?

Because her boyfriend doesn't exist.

Derek is all broken up over her,ke it means something that she's having an affair with a hallucination.

But derek wasn't ready to give up on the relationship,and you were.

No,I didn't give up.

I wanted to try again,and then he went and kissed rose.

So he's the one who messes up,not me.

But it's a relationship.

People make mistakes.

And you stand back,waiting for him to fail so you can say,"aha!Now I quit.

" No.It wasn't working.

Was your life not working when you let that slip out from under you?

Okay,when are you gonna stop suggesting that I'm suicidal?

When you start acting like somebody that wants to be alive.

- Give me my chart.- Why?

Because I'm not suicidal,and if it says that,then it's wrong.

What happened last year when you fell in the water?

I almost drowned.You think I did that for kicks?

You put your hand in a body cavity that contained unexploded ordnance.

I was trying to save a patient.

Why is it that every other person in that room had the sense to hit the deck?

You know,people run away from this line between life and death.

You seem to stand on it and wait for a strong wind to sway you one way or the other.

You're careless with your life.

You're not slitting your wrists,but you're careless,

probably because your mother told you you were a waste of space on this planet.

The problem is,you believed her.

And if you don't watch out,one of these days,you're gonna die because of it.

Hand me my chart.


And don't ever talk about my mother again.

there's a leak.Go back on bypass now.

Bailey,take the clamps off of the aortic and venous lines.

okay,grey,take the sucon.

The whole left atrium is torn where that clot was adhered.

Metzenbaum scissors.

Oh,god.This was a mistake.

It was irresponsible and stupid,and I cannot believe that I let you talk me into it.

My reputation's gonna be in the toilet at the end of this day.

Dan slocum at mercy is gonna have a field day with this,condescending tool that he is.

- Erica-- don't rica" me,richarD.

It's not your good name we're gonna destroy here today,much as I wish that it was.

dr. Hahn,it's done.

No leak.

The repair is holding.

You were saying?

is that clock right?

I'm sure it is.

Maybe his plane was delayed.

His phone is off.Maybe his phone is off because he's still on the plane.

He's coming.


My head did this?


Your tumor did this.

He was never there?


How can he not be real?

I'm sorry.


Well,hey there,baby boy.

You managed to make it through the day,huh?

Our son has been punching other children.

Yeah,I know.

what you mean,you know?

It's happened before.

I'm dealing with it.

Wait a minute.I had to bribe the director of the day care center to get him back in.

I had to promise to bring apple slices and give free mammograms to the teachers.

Now why aren't you telling me what's happening?

I don't judge how you do surgery.

How about you don't judge how I deal with the baby?

Well,obviously you didn't deal with it.

He's punching other children.

Of course he's punching people.

He used to be with me all day,and now he's in day care so

he can spend ten minutes with you every three hours.

Okay,so that's just making him violent now,right?

- Yes,he's got a little-- hey,tuck.

Hey,can I,uh,take him to say hi for a minute?


Yeah,you wanna go play with the office supplies?

Look,if you can't communicate well enough to tell me--

don't lecture me,miranda bailey.

I'm not one of your students.

Now I know with all the time you spend around here,it's hard to differentiate sometimes.

No,I spend my time here because I'm building a life for us!

I spend my time here because I don't have the luxury of being able to

take year off and spend it with our child and--and knowing

that my career is gonna be there waiting for me when I'm ready to go back.

A luxury?

So you think spending all day every day wiping noses and chging diapers is a luxury?

No,I think it's a beautiful thing that you get to do!

And you're taking it for granted!

- I take it for granted?- yes

I take our family for granted?

- No,I did not say-- no,you did say.

You did say!

- I work because we-- you love your work.

And I love my family,too!

- because you know I will pick up the slack at home.- It is going to be okay.

- So who takes who for granted?- Une george says it is going to be okay.

this used to happen when I was a kid.

I'd get a strep test,and it'd come back negative.

Look,okay,that's your uterus.

There is nothing in there.

No fetus,no sack,nothing.

But it's too early.It's tiny.

You can't see anything yet.

What the hell are you doing?

I paged you 20 minutes ago.

- Rebecca,look.- ok

this is a fetus at 6 weeks.

All right,it's a tiny spot,but it's there.

You can see it.

Look at your urus.There's nothing there.


Get out.

here are her labs,and there's a chart note from dr. Sloan.

I could get a psych consult for you if you want.

Just get out!


There's no baby.

I lost the baby?

No,you-- you weren't pregnant.

If you had been pregnant,your beta H.C.G.Level would have been elevated.

It's zero.

You didn't miscarry.There never was a baby.

I can't believe I lost our baby.

Rebecca,you're not hearing me.

I'm so sorry.I'm so sorry I lost our baby.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

You're gonna be okay.All right?

remember,we need to stay in sync.


Good.Easy.Slow,slow.Slow down.

Right there.Right there.


her pressure's rising.

She's getting bradycardic.

Okay,so let's push 1 gram per kilo of mannitol,20 lasix.

See if we can avoid increased I.C.P.

is there a problem,dr. Grey?

Andre's here.

You run everywhere,or is it just you're scared of me?

I'm just trying to stay on top of things.

Well,you're doing a fine job.

It's very impressive work.

Sir,if you wouldn't mind mentioning to the chief that you like my work...

I was held back as an intern.

There was some personal...

stuff.I'm good.

And,uh,if you would say something to him--

uh,webber would not have made that decision lightly.

Learning is like,um,healing,it happens over time.


keep running.

But not because you want to cut corners.

Because it makes you a better doctor.

you're not supposed to be talking.

O'leary and I were just,uh,marveling at the fact that you haven't killed me yet.

Well,there's always tomorrow.

Check his post-op echo and make sure there's no residual prolapse.


- Are you okay?- Don't ask me if I'm okay.


you make me sick.

Have some fire.

Be unstoppable.

Be a force of nature.

Be better than anyone re,and don't give a damn what anyone thinks.

There are no teams here,no buddies.

You're on your own.

Be on your own.

dr. Yang...

I just scrubbed in on walter tapley's double valve replacement.

I watched dr. Hahn excise a piece of his pericardium from,like,3 inches away.

That's what I got to do while you made notes in charts.

So whatever crap you want to rain down on my head,go for it.

Because I just saw the inside of walter tapley's heart,

and that is something that you will never take away from me.


- Okay.- Okay,then.


Here's tapley's file.The new labs are in there.

Just put it on the pile.

Tucker didn't take him?

I wanted the evening with him.

You guys get to the bottom of anything?

Why don't I take tuck for a couple hours?

You can go talk to him,go fight with him.

You're not gonna fix anything in one day,but you can go on and keep trying.

What are you doing?

I need some of your clothes.She's staying with me for a couple of days.

She didn't bring enough stuff.

- Did you call her husband?- She doesn't want to talk to him.

Did you get a psych consult?

Alex,he she had a hysterical pregnancy.

- Sloan thinks she may have a stress d-- she's fine,okay?

I can handle it.I'm gonna take care of her.

Just give me some damn girl clothes.


All right.There you go.

There,that's better,right?

There you go.

Tomorrow's board and dr. Tapley's echo.Hahn is seeing him now.

What are you doing with bailey's child?

dr. Bailey and I are in love,

and I'll be heading back to vegas with her as soon as my divorce from dr.Torres is final.

We need to write adele again.

She replied to my e-mail,but all she sent was a typo.

She's no better at this than I am.

That's not a typo,sir.That's a wink.

No,that's a semicolon and close parentheses.

Turn it sideways.

Well,what the hell does this mean?

She's flirting,sir.

- that's good.- yeah


Good work today.

You know what that was?

That was the attaboy.

This may have been the most exhausting day of my life,my back is killing me--

I don't know how long,but--but I got the attaboy.

I'm turning it around.

And you're gonna get the punching under control,right?

Oh,you and me,you know,boy,it takes us a while,but we get there.

We reached the tumor.

But there was swelling in greta's brain.

We did an M.R.I.And it suggested that the swelling in her brain caused a great deal of damage.

It doesn't look like she's gonna wake up.


we're so sorry.

We should've waited.

We didn't thinK...

i didn't think you were coming.

The whole story just sounded so incredible.

Yeah.She told you about the shoe,right?

It makes us both sound crazy.

I could never get that image out of my head.

her running up the gangplank with one shoe,wind in her hair.

Most beautiful thing I've ever en.

She might wake up,right?

I mean,it's been a fairy tale from the start.They always wake up.

Don't wonder why people go crazy.

Wonder why they don'T.

in the face of all we can lose in a day...

in an instant...

wonder what the hell it is...

that makes us hold it together.


He's thinking about a threesome.

- I'm not.- You are.

He has been...

all day.


I got a new leaf,not a lobotomy.

You couldn't handle e two of us.

Oh,but I could.I won't,but I could.

You wouldn't find it intimidating?

Not at all.


Too much for you.

Damn it!

On call room right now.



- you want to go have dinner?- No,I'm sorry.I can'T.

Oh,come on.

Derek,we spent a night together and then you vanish.

Now I wish that I was secure enough to hane that without a bruised ego

- and a lot of processed sugar,but I'm no - wait,wait,wait.

Can't we just make this easier?

I don'T...

look,I don't want-- I--see,I've done complicated.

I don't want to do that again.

Can't this just be easy?


We don't need that...

fairy-tale thing right now.

We just need a little happy. YTET- ?????

my mother tried to kill herself when I was a kid...

after the love of her life disappeared.

I never told anybody that before.


So you think I'm broken?

Fix me.

'Cause I'm no quitter.

Let's go.

greys.anatomy Season 4 Episode 15