Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - Walk on Water - full transcript

Meredith is still reeling from the time spent with her mother, and Derek is getting concerned. Meanwhile, Cristina seems to be delaying her announcement, and everything is put aside when a disaster occurs and each intern is faced with treatment decisions and tasks they are not equipped for.

Previously on "grey's anatomy...

marry me,cristina yang.

- Are you saying yes? - Y-yeah.

We're married!

Adele and I are gettinga divorse.

Has it even occurred to you that maybe I'm not interested?

I raised you to bean extraordinary human being.

So imagine my disappointment when I wake up after five years

and discover that you'reno more than ordinary.

You want to know whyI'm so ordinary?

You want to knowhat happenedto me? You.

You happened to me.

disappearances happen in science--

disease can suddenly fade away, tumors go missing.

We open someone up to discover the cancer is gone.

It's unexplained,it's rare,but it happens.

We call it misdiagnosis...

say we never saw it in the first place...

any explanation but the truth.

That life is full of vanishing acts.

If something that we didn't know we had disappears,do we miss it?


Meredith! What are you doing?

I was taking a bath.

That's not a bath. I know what a bath looks like.

- Drop it. - Look,your mother--

- drop it. - Your mother--

look,your mother was lucid, and she said things,and now she's--

gone,and everything'sback to normal. It's not a big deal.

Yeah,except she's havingheart surgery today.

hey,do you want meto talk to the chief?

I know you havethe triage thing today, but he'll give you the day off.

Stop. I do not need rescuing.

Oh,you would have drowned in the bathtubhad I not been there.

I'm a surgeon. I do the rescuing.

You are not my knightin shining... whatever.

So we're gonna fight because I pulled you out of the tub?

You have a place. You could sleep at it.

And then you don't have to pull me out of the bathtub.

You're everywhere, all the time,saying things.

This isthe happy ever after part.

And in the happilyever after part, the guy is there,

all the time,saying things, and the girls love it.

Go to work. I'll see you there.

Just for the record, I amyour knight in shining whatever.

I did not try to drown myselfin the bathtub.

Hey,I ate everythingout of the fridge last night,

everything,includinga tub of butter.

There's no judgment here.

You ever feel likeyou were disappearing?

All the time.

Why can't I just be thathappily ever after person?

Why can't I believe in that?

I don't know whatI believe in anymore.

We're not telling people.

- I haven't told anyone. - I know,I know.Just don'T.

I'm not going to,yet.

No,I just--I-I need to tellmy friends he first.

But I have friends here.


Oh,no. You can't tell shepherd.

You cannot tell shepherd until I've told meredith.

It would be a thing.

You act likethis is a disaster.

The world won't implodeif people know.

I will tell them,today.

Just... wait.

- good morning. - Morning.


What's different?

- Nothing. - Leave him be.

- What happened to your hair? - Nothing.

- what happened to your hair? - leave him be.

- He dyed it. - but why?

- Ow! - leave him be.

what am I doing? What?

Okay,but why?

Men who have gray hairare noticed lessthan men who don'T.

By who?

- Well... - by the ladies?

- looks good,chief. - Oh,very natural.

Ladies will love it.

he is alone... all alone.

Do any of you even know what that's like?

Lives with cristina, dates the perfect 12 year old...


his wife lt him after 25 years of marriage.

So if the man wants to dyehis hair for the ladies, let him dye his hairfor the ladies.

leave him be.

it's--it's weird. It's weird.It's weird,right?

I needmore triage tear tags.

Living with somebodyI'm married to is weird.

I mean,I'm his bossand his wife.

At work,I'm giving him orders.

In bed,he's giving me--

stop right there. I don't need to know this.

I'm tired. I'm busy.

While I will concedeyou and o'malley havesome challenges to overcome,

I'm asking you to remember that this day is a marathon

and my mind can only holdwhat it needs to know.

Your sex life cannot be heldin my mind today.

Ever.It cannot be heldin my mind ever,never.


Sydney heron hereto lend a hand. Hey.Hi.Hello.

Oh,miranda,hey. Nice clinic.Very nice.

no better way to distinguish yourself for chief resident

than to opena multimillion-dollar clinic.Smart thinking.Strategic.

Chief resident?

I myself have used the time to master several complex surgical procedures.

But this is,um,another way to go.

- What is she talking about? - The chief resident.

The chief resident. Yeah,for next year.

The one fifth-year resident that rules all residents.

Oh,she--okay,she's cute.

She's acting like she didn'tknow about it.Cute.

- I'm not cute. - I'm on to you.

Okay,I'm a competitor.

- I bite. - Okay.

Well,I'll justwait for you in the pit.

- what? - Nothing.


Okay,cranky. Fo-forget it.

am I the only onewho thinks this triage testis a waste of time?

There's a platysmaplastyon the board.

I had sloan all prepped to let me scrub in.

- George,hey. - Hey.

- How's it going? - Good.

- You like living in a hotel? - Yeah,it's good.

'Cause your room'sstill there...

- next to mine. - Oh,izzie.

I'm just saying,if youdon't like...

the hotel,you can always just move right back in.

You think I'm this boythat you need to save.

I get that,but--and it--it would be sweet if--if it weren'tso condescending.

Seriously,is it too much to ask to be performing actual surgeries?

We are actual surgeons.

- what? - nothing.

A lot of arm swelling,but good distal pulses,so...

we can rule outcompartment syndrome.

I suspect a radius fracture, so I'd splintand get an ortho follow-up.

Anything else?

- No. - Okay.

- Then I guessthis means-- - time.

- And I'm dead. - Dead?

you sent her home. The bonepunctured through her skin.

Yeah,but she had multiplewounds and abrasions--

a puncture over a break is an open fracture until proven otherwise.

Yeah,I got septic, and idied at home thanks to you.


Not "whatever" to dead "minor puncture wound that's not" guy.

You have to be quickand thorough while using your instincts.

You can't be fooled by what your eyes see.

If you assess wrong,your patient could diewhile waiting for treatment.

Karev,you're next.

Just think,I've already killed her. You can't do more damagethan that.

People,triage is one of the most important toolsa doctor has.

In a real emergent scenario, you'll have only minutes.

And it's something you'll be tested on in your surgical ex--

- sorry. - George.

I was just recordingthe drill.

- All right,we're workinggeorge,okay? - Yeah.

- I'm your boss right now. - Yes.

- All right? - Yes.

- A very sexy one. - No,no,no.

- You cannotundermine my authority... - yeah.

In front of the other interns, in front of my peers.


O'malley,take that back to the clinic where it belongs.


Attention,people. Look,I'm sorry.

I have to interrupt the ssionfor a moment.

Chief,I like your new hair. It really brings outyour eyes.

Do you need something,sir?

We just received word of a mass casualty incident nearby.

All availablelevel one trauma centers have been asked to respond.

I need to send a teaminto the field immediately.

Is this a partof the exercise?

Are we supposed to actappropriately,uh,tense?

This is not an exerciseor a drill,yang.

This is an emergent situation, and I need all hands on deck.

- seriously? - What happened?

I don't have details,just orders.

Meredith,I have a thing,news.

You aren't pregnant again,are you? 'Cause I can't handlethe extra months of bitchiness.

We're catching a ridewith seattle 34.

Space is tight,so hold your kits on your lap.

- where are we going? - We'll knowwhen we get there.

Fire,flood,volcano? I'm notreally dressed for a volcano.

- stevens. - Sorry.

- Inappropriate.Sorry. - Whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa.

I'm hauling supplies. I only have room for five.

- Yang. - Yes?

Stay with the chief.

Take careof the incoming wounded. The rest of you,come on.

Stevens was inappropriate.

Hey,what was your,uh,news?

just forget it. Forget it.

oh,everybody,move your I.D.S to the outside of your jacket.

When we get there,remember,triage. Karev.

Green tags--nonemergent.Yellow--delayed care. Red tags--needs immediate treatment.

Good.Assess carefully,

tag and getall the critical patients into the ambulancesas fast as possible.

Don't get in the way of search and rescue,and stay calm.

Any word yeton what happened?

All we know is there aremultiple traumas.

holy mother of...

dr. Bailey,where do you need us?

Where should we start first?

- Dr. Bailey-- - I don't have timeto hold your hands.

You know the protocol. Go do it.

- Do what? - Go help people.

you need some help?

There's nothing moreI can do here.

How did this happen?

It was a fog bank. Container shipclipped the ferry.

good. Take a deep breath for me.

Okay,you're gonna be okay. Your injuries are minor.

An E.M.T.Is gonna come and takeyou to the hospital,okay?

where is your mommy?

Who are you with?

Okay,I want you to stayright here,okay? Stay right here.

Did you... wet your pants?

- That's okay.It happens sometimes-- - coming through! Okay,okay. All right.

It just doesn't make sense. Ferry boatsdon't get in accidents.

They're safe. They're reliable.

The momentyou take one for granted, along comes a container shipand boom.

I have a thingfor ferry boats.

Reschedule,uh,swanson's,uh,valve replacement.

We're gonna need the O.R. For the incomingfrom the ferry accident.

I mean,this whole dayhad just been...

there's something wrongwith meredith.

I asked her what's wrong. She says nothing.

Then she triesto drowned herself in the tub.

N-not actually drowned,I don't think.

But something was going on, and she will not talk about it.

We were fine,and now it's like...

I'm living with a ghost.

- You're confiding in me. - Yes.

Cristina and iare engaged.


I mean,she doesn't wantto tell anyone.

At least not untilshe tells meredith first.

Yeah,they're differentthan other women.

yes,these women... yes,they are.

You know,maybe we'llnever know them. I mean,really know them.

And now that you and cristinaare engaged, you've got a lot of work to do.

You and yangare gettin' hitched?

There's a mass casualty incident rolling in,okay?

there'll probably besome burn victims. You should be prepared.


I-I thought I could take a few patients off your...


I appreciate the gesture, dr. Callie o'malley.

so I've triagedthese patients, and so far it looks like a--

a sore throat,a sprain and a tummy ache--easy breezy.

So the clinic and iare fine.

Okay,I'm not,uh,tryingto take the clinic--

uh,bailey's clinic,by the way--away from you. I'm offering to help,so...

your offer to helpis duly notedand very much appreciated,but I promise you--

got it all under control.So...jason kaye?


I'll leave you to it

and,uh,find myselfa recently traumatized emergency surgeryto scrub in onwhile

you stay down herewith your sore throatand your sprain and--

- what was the other one? - Tummy ache.

Jason kaye?

excuse me,are you a nurse, a doctor,m-medical something?

- I'm a doctor,but-- - all right,come with me.

Um,no,you--you needto get checked out.

- There's a treatment arearight over there. - Follow me,please.

You've got some really badburns. They need to be treated.

My buddy's trapped. He's trapped under a car.

If he's trapped under a car, you need search and rescue.

They have--they have personnel--

- their medical personnel-- - I called them.They're backed up,

and he can't wait. He's in a real bad way.Please.

He's my best buddy.


- shepherd,I need youin the next rig. - Okay.

- I want you at that scene. - You don't need me here?

They're reporting lots of closed head injuries.

I want youo get in there and bring 'em back alive.

- Okay,what's the news? - Shepherd and greyare on the rocks.

Burke and yanggot engaged.

You need highlights.

In your hair--that's why it looksso odd.

I'm gonna go save lives.

Take himto the treatment area.

They'll fix you upthere,okay?

I got somebody down here.

hey! That's not secure.


- doctor,I need youto get back up here. - There's a pregnant womandown here!Just shut the...


She dead?


one second. Hold on. Hold on.

immediate!Immediate! I need help down here!

he's back.

He's got help.

You hear that,rick? We got help.

We got a doctor.

- You'll be ay now,man. - He's gonna be okay?


what we do know at this time--

what we can tell you--is that there have been deaths.

And we may not know that for hours,even days.

We also know that passengers are still being evacuated...

all right,you're gonna needthese to handle the influx.

We're gonna need plenty ofavailable open chest trays,

central line kitsand a difficultintubation cart.


...who knows what damage to the interior,we don'T...

- oh,yang. - I-I know.

Um,communicatewith the scene as needed.

No.I heard you were engaged.


Thank you,sir.

All right,go,and remember,we're hoping for the bestbut preparing for the worst.

you got anyone for me?

Uh,yeah,those twoneed to be transported.

Uh,these five didn't make it--four adults and one child.

A child?

You found a dead child?

A boy or girl?

Ma'am,you're injured.You need to lie down.

Get a stretcher,now.

Is the childa boy or a girl?

I can't find my son.

We got separated.

I-I need to knowif my little boy is alive.

She was a girl.

The child was a little girl.

No,no,no,no.I need to examine you.

I'm gonna have to take youto the hospital.

No,I can't leave!

He's only 7.

No!And--and he's all alone.

No!No,I will find him.

Listen to me.I will find him.

If you let metake you to triage,I promise youI will find your son.

He's so scared.

Yeah,I know.I know.

I'll find him.

- Okay? - All right.

He's a mechanic.

We--we work together.

We--we drive togetherto work,and--and suddenlythere was this huge jolt.

It was awful.

We were justtrying to get outta there.

- But rick went back in- -figured we could help.

We should help.

He went back.

There were people trapped.

He was trying to help.

We were behind him.

We--we were right behind him.

There's injuriesto his chest and leg.

It looks likehis arm is broken,

and I'd guess there's damageto his spine and pelvis.

I can't--there's--there's not much that

I can dountil we get him out of here.

You gotta do what you can.

I mean,we'll,uh...

greg,go find some more guys.

Hey,go findsearch and rescue,okay?

Give them this.

Tell themI said he can't wait.

He has to get to a hospital.

All right,I'm going.

let 'em knowhe needs a C.T.

Make sure to keep his neckstable.I felt a step off.

Ask for waller.

If waller's not available,ask for krychek,okay?

Keep him stable.What do you got?

Oh,hey,nurse,let me have somebandages.

Thank you.Stop here.


Hey,meredith,you got a free hand?

- Hold this bandage for me,will you? - Yeah.

You all right?

Yeah,it's just a lot.

You want to get married,and you haven't told meand I haven't asked,

so now we have a problem?


No,I don't wantto get married.

You want to get married?



So if that's not it,what is it?

It isn't anything.

Are you good?'Cause I gottaget this kid triaged.

- Yeah,I'm good. - Okay.Let's go.

She all right?

Yeah,she's good.She's just lost.

Hang in there.

All the nonemergent surgerieshave been postponed.

- good. - I'm gonna gocheck on discharges.

I'm trying to free upas many beds as I canin the surgical wing.

- Oh.I was gonnado that,but- -I can do it.


Unless you want to.

No,no.Go ahead.

You're still the chief.

I know that.

It just seems so quiet,you know?


We're expectingthe first wavefrom the scene soon.

I dyed my hair blonde...

the day afterderek moved out.

Change is good.

Your marriage is over.

You're--you're starting over.

So am I.


I specifically told youI neededto tell meredith first.

I was talking to shephd,and...

it just came out.

It was no big deal.

It is a big deal,because now she's not evengonna care

about the factthat I'm getting married.

All she's gonna care aboutis the fact thatI didn't tell her myself.

Then why didn't you?

There was a major disaster.

That was 45 minutes after we discussed it.

You were with your friendsfor 45 minutesrunning triage drills,

and you weren't compelledto mention it?

The chief says they'rerolling in soon,so...

her pressure's low--barely registering--

and I don't see any good veinsfor an I.V.

She's all clamped downfrom hypothermia.

That's why I coun'tfind a pulse.

I've never seen a crush injuryso bad and survive.

She needs to stay on her left side.

We gotta move heron her left side.

It's gonna take both of us.

We gotta get that B.P.Up.

On my count.


your baby--your baby's okay.

For now it looks okay.

Just try to breathe.

We need to move you to helpwith your circulation,okay?


pulse is already better.

I'll attemptI.V.Access again.

Just breathe throughthe pain.

What you can dofor your baby right nowis take care of yourself.

Good girl.I know it hurts.

Come on now.Keep breathing for me,okay?


Um,what do what do we do?

We wait.

- we wait? - We wait.

okay,we need to finda grown-up--another grown-up--to help youfind your mom.

Hey,uh,I need youto take this little girlto the triage tents.

I gotta get back to my unit.

No,I need you to takethis little girlto the triage tentsfor me,please.

You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be fine.

I promise,okay?


help!I edsome help over here!

Stay right here.

how we doing?

It's bad.

A lot of survivors,so that's something.

Yeah,it is.

Have you seen stevens?


What about o'malley,grey?

Grey was--I saw greyabout ten minutes ago.

She was on her way over herewith a kid.

- You haven't seen her? - No.

I gotta head outwith this one,so keep an eye outfor my interns,all right?

Yeah,I'll do my best.

jane doe,about six months pregnant,found under a pile of rubble.

She sustained crush injuriesto her right to

rsoand upper extremitiesas well as severe traumato the face.B.P.

Initially low,but now up to 90 over 60after a liter of fluidand

placing heron her left side.

What do we do?


Abc--her airwayneeds to be protected.

Her breathingwill be compromisedbecause of the crush injury,

and we needto have blood available.

I would do a trauma panel,type and crossand C.T.Of her head and neck.

Excellent.Let's get her started.

Uh,trauma room two.Let's go.

One,two and three.

let's seewhat we have here.

The baby--the baby's gonna--

make sure that you shield her in radiology.

We've got toget her stabilized firstbefore you start worryingabout the baby.

The amount of radsare negligible.

Right,but she'sgonna need a lotbefore all of this is over.

We need to protect theboth.

Yang,you're on this.

Alex,go to the clinic.

The victims' families are there.

They need answers.

This is my patient.

I pulledher out of the damn water.

Which is heroic and manly,and you still needto talk to those familiesright now.

Why can't yang do it?

This is all hands on deck.


he likesfire trucks...

and police cars--anything with flashing lights.

Carlee heit,45-year-old female,found at the scene.

Open abdominal woundwith omental evieration.

Okay,we need to get herto an O.R.

As soon as possible.

He won't respondif you call him christopher.

He hates that.

Just chris.

Okay.He likes chris the best.

Okay.O'malley,what is shetalking about?

She lost track of her sonin the accident.

Dr. O'malley and I made a deal.

He's gonna find my sonso I know that chris is okaybefore I go into surgery.

Mrs. Heit,your injury'sextremely serious.

We need to tend to itas soon as possible.

As soon as he's located.

I can't go into surgerybefore I know about my son.

I'm sure he's here.All families are being dir--

o'malley,just find the boyin a hurry,and we'll start the workup.

I need more gauze.

There's no more here.

Maybe you could findsome,uh,paper towels the head?

I'll find something.

Vince...vince,it hurts like hell.

Can you do anythingabout that?

I mean,can--you gotanything for the pain?

I've given himeverything I've got.

Where is search and rescue?

It hurts.

What hurts,man?


Maybe if--maybe ifI try to set his arm,it'll help somewith the pain.

What are you waiting for?

- I,uh,um... - what?

Nothing.Just,uh,st stay thereand hold his hand.

Hold his hand?

You think he's in pain now?

He's not.Hold his hand.

Place both hands on oppositesides of the fracture...

distract,exaggerate and reverse the mechanismin one continuous motion.

You are a doctor,aren't you?

Shut up.

All right.All right.

Rick,you ready?



what happened?

Some metal--something in my leg...thrown off.

God,it hurts.It hurts.

Okay.I started swimming.

I needed to a meeting.

I'm sorry.I'm sorry,sir.

But try to stay still.

Don't look.Turn around.

I need you be brave for me.

Just stand right thereand don't move and don't look.

What do we got?

Oh,we just got started.

All right.

But I got this.

There's nobody coveringmy service.

I'm gonna need youto get up to telemetryand check on my patients,pre-op and post-op.

And then I shouldjoin you in surgery?

No.And then you shouldreport to the pit.

Uh,the chief assigned meto jane doe.

To do what,sutures?

- Yes. Okay,

so--so you're sayingyou don't--you don't want meto scrub in.

Dr. Yang,I'm sayingthat I havean unattendedcardiothoracic wing

and a pit full of patientsthat you havethe ability to help.

I don't need you in the O.R.

I need you on the floor.

Do you have a problemwith that?

No.Thank you.

no,not--chris heit.

He's 7 years old.

He's got brown hair.

I don't know if he's injured.

I'M...could you at leastcheck to see if he's there?

Yes,I know all the familieswere directed here.

Could you just check?

Thank you.Yeah.

Callie,I need some help.

I can'T.I'm busy.


It's just,uh,I'm trying to find this--george,I'm busy.

I'm about to gointo surgery,okay?

I can't be your wiferight now.

I'm working.

I'm working,too.

I havea patient who needs surgery.

So do I.

Yes,any luck?

Thank you.

Okay.Damn it.

Can I get some helpover here?

Sweetie,listen to me.

I need you to turn around.

I know I told youto face away from me,

but we have to work togetherto help this man.

I don't talk eitherwhen I get scared.

I don'T...

talkwhen bad things happen.

You don't have tosay anything.

But I need your help.

Okay,don't look down.Don't look at the blood.

Look at me.Look at me.

Can you be my assistant?


I can't move my handsoff where they are right now.

So I need youto go over to my kitand pull out,uh,

the things--they look like,um,like tweezers.

You know what your mommy usesto pull a splinter out with?

Hey,what wasthe site like?

Was it gory?

Was it a trauma bonanza?

I mean,obviously terrible.

I don't talk with thieves.


You stole my jane doeright out from under me.

I am not a thief.

You balked.

You're a balker.

I was thinking.

Well,again,not my problemthat thinkingis such a time-consumingprocess for you.

I rescued her.

I climbed down.

I pulleda massive pylon off of her.

I got her here alive.


There are pylons on people?


Now I get stuckbabysittingthe patients' familieswhile you get to scrub in.

Well,I'm not scrubbing in.

I'm stitching up patientsin the pit.

Huh.Who did you piss offto get that?

I happen to be pullinggaping pieces of fleshback together.

You're stitching.

You're just one step closerto knitting your grandmaa sweater.

Well,at least mine's medical.

Well,you're knitting.

I pull pylons off people.

orange juice?Orange juice?Orange juice?


Yeah,h-his color'snot good.

Do you wantsome orange juice?

Maybe I havesome wheat crackers,something to putin your belly?


Everybody,if you're--if you're waiting to hearabout your families,

we should be hearing somethingvery soon.

I'm sorry.

He must have savedat least a dozen peoplewho were stuck under cars.

We told him not to go back.

That's the kinda guyhe is.

He's the guy that goes back.

He's got kids,too,five of 'em.

Okay,I'm committedto the project.

I don't need to hearabout the kids.

Leave the girl alone,vince.

Sorry.You're doinga real great job there,doc.

Hey,how's he doing?

he's doing all right.

No,no,he's not.

I can't do anything moreuntil we get himout from under this car.

Can you please tell me whyyou've come back by yourself?

Search and rescue--they're buried.

They saidthey'd come when they can.

Did you show them the red tag?

He's a red tag?

They saidthey got 15 red tags.

come on,guys.Don't worry about me.

I'll be fine.

No,no,no,no.Don't do this,man.

S-stay with me.Stay with me.

what happened?

He--he--he let goof my hand.

He's gone limp.

Wake up,rick!

Hey.I'm not gonna be ableto make it tyour surgery.

But here's the were crushed underneatha cement pylon.

Now dozens of peopleon that ferry boat died.

But you're still alive.

So when I come backto check on youafter the surgery,

you better still be alive.

All right?

You hear me?

All right.

her B.P.'S stable.

So is the baby'S.

You did good,karev.

Is she gonna be okay?

You know,we're gonna...

we're gonna doeverything we can.

What about the baby?

I mean,is she gonnabe able to carry it to term? should get back downto the clinic.

look,mrs. Heit,it's time.

We really need to operatebefore you lose any more bloodor your bowels start to die.

Just...wait...till dr. O'malleyfinds my son.Please.

Dr. O' you find him?

Is--is he okay?Is he awake?

One of his pupils is blown.

We don't have a lot of time.

What are you gonna do?

God,you can't let him die.

I'm sorry.

I'm doing what I can.

Well,it's not enough.

Please just--just look,they're notgonna get him out of hereany time soon.

So you gotta figure out a way tohelp him right here,right now.


Kelly winter.

- Fatima? - Fatima's a little girl--hold on.

Hold on.

I'm--I'm,uh,I'm dr. Karev.

This is a very rough situation,and I can sure you,

we're doing everythingthat we can.

The following are the patientswe've identified at this time--okay,

"john J.Anders,kirk demorast"--

this is the same listthey gave us a half-hour ago.

It's posted over there.

I-I understand,but--

please,just,kelly--she's got brown hair.She's about 5'4".

Okay,look,we had a lot ofpeople who came in without I.D.

just take us overto the E.R.

,And we'll look for ourselves.

We can't let you do that.

why not?

those are our kidsin there!

okay.Let's see.

Now I have to deflatethe blood pressure cuffand see if he bleeds.

Good.Okay.We saved him.

You helped.

We just have tobandage him up,we're gonna find someone

to take him to the hospital,and then we're gonnafind your mom,okay?

I can't stand it.The pain!

I gotta get outta here!

Sir,don't move!Don't move!