Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Thanks for the Memories - full transcript

Thanksgiving sends the occupants of Meredith's house in different directions: Meredith escapes to the hospital, George goes hunting with his family, and Izzie throws a dinner to which it appears no one is coming.



giving thanks

no matter what words you use,

it all means the same thing


We're supposed to be happy,

grateful for friends,family.

Happy to just be alive.

Whether we like it or not.

What do you think you're doing?

Answering the door.

You're going to the hospital?


everyone is supposed
to be in the kitchen by 9 a.m.

To help me make dinner.


I'm really not in the mood.

But it's like a family


This where Georgie lives?



Where is he,upstairs?


O'malley! O'malley!

Should I call the police?


I'm serious!

You need to be back here
for dinner at 6. I mean it!


Happy Thanksgiving!


I was thinking

that we could

have sex tonight.

Look,I know we're both
gonna feel weird about it,

and it's the first time

since Mark.

And Meredith.

I have the day off.

Do you have the day off?

I have stop by the hospital.

I have patients
I need to check on.

If you have the day off,

what are you doing here?

I was thinking

we could have sex tonight.

Come on,

I made a reservation at noon.

I figure we could do
The Thanksgiving thing,

you know, and then

I don't know,just rip the stitches.

Get it over with.

No anesthesia.

What do you think?


we're working with a
temp attending today.

Dr. Kent

he's subbing in from Mercy west.

We need to get him oriented.

And thank you for
volunteering to come in.

Saved me from having to
choose an intern to torture.

Happy to be tortured.

Not a fan of Thanksgiving?

Not a whole hell of a
lot to be thankful for.

I like Thanksgiving.

A day people spend
with their families.

Too much family time
triggers depression,

repressed childhood rage,

bitter disputes over the remote

and way too much alcohol.

People get stupid,
people get violent,

people get hurt.

And that's a good thing because


Lots and lots of surgeries.

I never thought of that.

The stupidity of the human race, Grey

be thankful for that.

You're supposed to be at home.

So are you.

Best maze procedure
I've ever done.

Under an hour.

I thought you had the day off.

I did. I do.
I'm leaving.

I simply like to start my day cutting.

It gives me a rush.
Yeah,admit it.

You can't function 10 feet
away from the hospital.

I notice you're both here.

Well,I'm here for an hour.

I'm on my way home.

Say it like you mean it.

I know how to have a
life outside this hospital.

Damn right,you do.

Dr. Kent.

I'm the surgical resident
assisting you today.

I know you're subbing
in from Mercy West,

so if there is anything
I can do to help you

look,I'm here for one day.

I don't need my ass kissed.

All I need is to tell you

what to do and you do it,

and I don't like mistakes.

I don't make mistakes.


There's only one resident
I want in my o.r.

The guy they call the nazi.

Do you know him?

The, the nazi?

He gets great word of mouth,

stellar rep balls
the size of texas.

That big?

Sounds like an impressively
talented man this nazi.

Do you know him or not?

Never heard of him.

But I'll be sure to keep an eye out.

For now you can work on smaller cases.

A guy just came in to curtain three.

Page me if you get confused.

I'll be sure to do that.

Like I said,
the stupidity of the human race.

Hurry up,Georgie.

There's a turkey out there
with your name on it,huh?

Whoa. Hey.
Where are you going?

Hey! Where are you going?

Every year,my father,
my brothers

and I hunt shoot
and kill a helpless,

slow-moving turkey.

Isn't that great?


Okay,but what about dinner?

we'll have him back as soon as

he kills his first bird.

This is the year Georgie
becomes a man,


Come on.

Wait,I can't cook dinner by myself!

Who's gonna help me?

Who's gonna help me?

Holden Mckee

brought in from mayfield
nursing home.

He's in the garden?


Yeah,his chart says

he fell into a persistent vegetative
state 16 years ago.

He was a firefighter

injured by falling debris
in the line of duty.

What brings him here today?

Fell from his bed while being
turned by the orderlies.

Insurance says he has
to be checked out.

Temporoparietal scalp lac
with associated hematoma.

What's your plan?

Irrigate and explore the
wound repair the lac.

He'll need a c.t. To rule out
intracerebral haemorrhage,

contusion or cerebral edema.

Go to it.
If anybody asks,

I'm off looking for the nazi.


It's just me and you.

I'd give anything for
your kind of serenity.


Now I'm jealous of vegetables.

You just look so peaceful.

Dr. Bailey.

This guy's got third-degree
burns over half his body.

Tried to deep-fry a turkey.

Of course,
he got drunk first.

It's gonna be good.
You want in?

My p.v.s. Case

he opened his eyes,

and I think he was looking at me.

He wasn't looking at you.

No,he was.
Anything good?

Uh,nothing you want
to waste time on.

There are 13 patients
that need sutures.

She's the intern.

She can do the sutures.

Actually, she's on her way to c.t.

With a v.i.p. Patient

on orders from the nazi.

Tell him I'm looking for him.

The burn unit is waiting for him.

I'll meet in the o.r.
Grey, get a c.t.

Have neuro consult,

but trust me he wasn't
looking at you.

Don't mention Shepherd
or Montgomery-Shepherd.


Or the fact that Shepherd is
with Montgomery-Shepherd.


Or anything having
to do with syphilis.

I've been in social
situations before.

not with me.

Well, why are we here?

Just be nice or something.

It's half past 10.
You're late.

I've had to try to do all this

Hi,Dr. Burke.

What was I supposed to do,

blow off my boyfriend
for Thanksgiving?

I tried to but he wouldn't blow.

He's like something sticky
that won't blow off.

okay,he's gonna ruin Thanksgiving.

What am I supposed to
talk to Dr. Burke about?

People who are shocked
when I show up

uninvited to their homes
call me Preston.

Nobody calls you Preston.

You don't call me Preston.

Nice house.

why is it so quiet in here?

Meredith went to the hospital

and George is off shooting
things with his family.

So it's just me,
you and Preston?

And Alex,
when he shows up.


Hey,Alex, it's me.
Where are you?

Okay,call me back.

Is something burning?



I'm on my way home.

Yeah,me too.

I was supposed to meet
Addison 20 minutes ago.

Dr. Shepherd,
are you leaving?

I'm also going home.

Then go home.

Adele's sister's in town.

I hate that woman.

The o.r. Board needs to be
checked one more time.

It does,doesn't it?
Excuse me.

I didn't think you'd be here today.


I need a neuro consult.

Holden mckee, p.v.s. 16 years.

Well,there's no bleed,

there's no mass,no fracture.

He, he can be discharged.

Well,he opened his eyes

when I was examining him.

He opened his eyes.
Yeah,that's normal.

Certain reflexes are preserved.

There's arousal but no awareness.

But he was looking at me.

He wasn't looking at you.
He was.

This c.t. Report says he wasn't.

Do you want to argue with
what I know I saw?


I don't want to argue with you anymore

I gotta go.
I'm late.

He was looking at you?

65 gto.

'57 bel air convertible,2-door.

The gt 500, that was a car.

Georgie,pick a car.
Come on.

You do realize that
you can buy a turkey

at the market?

They have hundreds of them,

you know,all wrapped
and ready to go,

no ammo required.

You'll be the one to
shoot the turkey today.

I can feel it.

That's the thing,

I don't want to shoot a turkey.

You say that every year.

Well,and every year,

I don't shoot the turkey.

What is that?

It was supposed to be my marinade.

Alex,it's me again.

Just wondering where you were at.

You've never made a
Thanksgiving dinner before.

You can't cook?


Well, I'm a baker.
I bake.

But I've seen my grandmother
cook a million times.

Okay,that's it.

If there's no food,
I'm going home.

I have this.

What are you using
as a reference text?

"The joy of cooking."

I also printed up some
recipes from the internet,

but they all seem to
contradict one another.

And I can't figure out
which side of the turkey

is the top and which is the bottom.


I'm gonna need a basting brush,

a bowl,a clove of garlic and

do you have any fennel?

Um,yeah,right here.

Well, let's get this turkey up
and running,Stevens.



I'm gonna need liquor
lots and lots of liquor.

There's no sustained visual pursuit.

You know,you might have
just seen him respond

to some sort of external stimuli.

He wasn't looking at you.
I'm sorry.

I was sure he was.

He just did it again.

Mr. Mckee

Can you follow the light?

Can you hold up two fingers?

Okay,well,I know you're
late for something so.

keep talking.

Walk over here.

Just keep walking,talk.



Can you hear me?


It's you.
He's tracking you.

He's following your voice.

well,that's why there's no mention

of brain atrophy in the c.t.

Because there isn't any.


He's been p.v.s.
For 16 years.

Well,he's not p.v.s.

He's minimally conscious.

He's minimally conscious
and no one noticed?

He was in a regular nursing
home so they just.

missed it.

He's been frozen,
sleeping,for 16 years,

and they missed it.

That sucks.

There's one thing to be thankful for.


We might be able to wake him up.

Alex, it's Izzie.

If you're not coming,

you could at least
have the decency

to call and tell me.

I'm in hell.

I'm the one in hell.

Burke's going all "iron chef"
in the kitchen.

Get your ass back
here and save me.

I'm in the woods with shotguns
and liquor and car talk.

It's like "deliverance" out here.

Come on.
Let's race.

At least you've got liquor.

Where does Meredith keep the booze?

I don't think she has any.

How is that possible?
She's a w.a.s.p.

Liquor's like oxygen to a w.a.s.p.

Which is why we're out of liquor.

Listen,can you come and get me?

Okay,how am I supposed

to get through the holidays
without liquor,George?

Just come and get me.

Hello? Cris


Derek,it's me.

Where are you?

Which one do you think she is?

Holden's wife?

It's her.

How do you know?

Mrs. Mckee?

It's Mrs. Leonard now.

What do you mean,
wake him up?

Over the years,
your husband's brain

has been slowly trying heal itself.

Now we've given him a
course of amphetamine

that should give his
brain the push it needs

to find consciousness.

How long does it take?

If we're right,

your father will be
awake in a few hours.

Is he gonna realize
what happened?

Most patients in this situation

have no idea how much
time has passed.

Oh,my god.
I'm gonna be sick.

I know this is a difficult situation.

I just got married.

We're having a baby in december.

Coby turned 17 on thursday.


This is unimaginable.

Mrs. Leonard,
perhaps you should.

I can't be here
when he wakes up.

He can't see me like this or Coby.

Coby,baby,we're leaving.

We'll be in the car.

Mrs. Leonard.

holden is going to wake up

and find out that
we didn't wait for him.

It took her a long time to move on.

What are you doing up here?

Get down to the pit.
We're backed up.

No can do,sir.

The nazi has me on this surgery.

We've got a line out
the door for sutures.

Everybody's an amateur chef

until they get a knife in their hands.

Knives can be tricky.

Your wife know you're working today?

I'm going home.

I just wanted to watch a little bit.

Don't stay here too long.

You could end up like him.

Wife stabbed him.

Said she didn't like the way

he was carving the turkey.

- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Joe,thank god.

Hey,this is my boyfriend Walter.


Tell me you brought liquor.

I brought pie

You're a bartender.

Did you bring scalpels?

Come on.
Pick a car.

I don't want to pick a car.

He doesn't know jack about cars.

I know plenty.

I just don't want to pick one.

Georgie's just tired.

They working you too
hard at the hospital?

You know he works
48-hour shifts?

- 48 hours,and you enjoy it?
- Yeah, I enjoy it.

Like,what do you do?

You know medical stuff.

Come on.

They're not gonna get it.

Make your brothers jealous.

Tell them what it's like
to be a big-time surgeon.

Okay,last night,
this was pretty cool,

I assisted on a
truncal vagotomy,

- and we inflated this,
- assisted?

- What do you mean?
- I helped the surgeon.

Anyway,we inflated this
guy's abdomen with a carbon

wait,I thought you
were the surgeon.

I'm a surgical intern.

The resident or the attending,

they perform the surgery.

Oh,so you don't actually
cut anybody open?

I mean,
by yourself.

No,like,the point of being an intern

is that you're learning.

We watch the surgeries

and the attending
asks us questions

and we have to answer them.

It's not easy.

I have to be on top of
my game 100% of the time.

It's incredibly difficult.

So you don't actually
do anything?

- Yes,I do.
- You just stand there.

- No, l and
- watch the real doctors work.

I am a real doctor.

- No,you're not.
- You said you just stand there.

You said you don't do anything.

No,I didn't no,
you said I didn't do anything.

Real doctors save lives,Georgie.

- I mean,if you're just standing there
- for god


I want to go home.

Just as soon as you
shoot your turkey.

What are you doing here?

Waiting for my patient to wake up.

Why aren't you at
The Thanksgiving?

Why aren't you at Thanksgiving?


I tell you something,
you tell me something.


I feel like one of those people

who's so freaking miserable

they can't be around normal people

like I'll infect the happy people

like I'm some miserable,diseased,

dirty ex-mistress.

Your turn.

I failed the medical boards.

If I tell Izzie,
she'll be nice about it,

all supportive and optimistic.

She might as well rip my nads off

and turn 'em into earrings.

Alex,you should go to Thanksgiving.

I mean,don't tell her
if you don't want to.

But you should go.

Otherwise,you're just


A miserable,diseased,
dirty ex-mistress.

That's hot.
That's really hot.

I feel better already.


Oh. Happy Thanksgiving.


Is somebody there?



Somebody's here.

have suffered deterioration

and your joints will be
painful for awhile,

which is to be expected.

Now the fact that your
communication skills

are still intact is remarkable.

Did you reach my wife yet?

Is she coming?

I mean have you told her

or do you wait until she gets here?

Because this is gonna

quite a shock.

How long have I been out?

What a year?

Would you excuse us?

No,you tell me,please.

You found me.

You tell me.

I'm only an intern.

I've never really done this before.

Me either.

You'll do it quickly.

Rip off the bandage.

No anesthesia.


I'll be right outside
if you need me.

Truth time.

Truth time.

You have to cut the celery
into finer pieces,Stevens.

like that?

It'll do. Put them in
with the onions.

Now what should you
be concerned about?

the turkey,Stevens.

I'd expect you to know that.

I need to check the turkey

to make sure it's cooking at
the correct temperature.

Yeah,and how do we do that?

Meat thermometer.

10 bucks says she
dries out the turkey.

20 says she pulls it off.

75 says I don't care.


Let's see what you can do.

More pressure.

Turkey has a tough shell.
Dig in.

I'm in.

Damn,she got it in.

Told you she's gonna pull it off.

Not bad.

Now all you have to do now

is stick the thermometer
deep enough in the bird

to get a temp,
but be careful not to

You hit the bone.

The pan is filling with juice
and you're losing moisture.

What do you do?


That's it.
I'm out of here.

What's the problem?

You're operating on a turkey.


and you're making friends
with my friends.

You told me to be nice.

You know,be nice.

You know,I'm just
gonna go to the store

and get some liquor.

Give me the keys, please.

I'll be back.

Dr. Burke!

Use the baster and suction.

The gt 500 was a shelby.

He also made the viper.
You know that?

Yes,we do know.

the shelby 500 is a good car.

And the other car he made



we came out here so
I could shoot a turkey.

Dad said we're not leaving
until I shoot a turkey.

I am shooting this turkey.

when you're sure you've got it,


no fair.
I called turkey.

don't worry about it.
He's not gonna do it.

He's gonna chicken out
and then you can


He got it.
I got it?

Yo got it,Georgie!

Let's go home!

What's he like?

M-my son.

You know,I didn't really get
a chance to speak with him.

But he seemed nice.

He's,uh,tall,like you.

And he's got your eyes.


that's good.

Holden,we're ready to begin.

What does the m.r.i. Do?

Just gives us a better
picture of your brain,really.

You're one for the books,
you know?

That's nice.

How's he doing?

As well as we could expect.

Damn it.

An epidural hematoma.

When you fell out of
bed this morning,

you hit your temple,hard.

The c.t. Didn't catch it
but the m.r.i. Did.

And you can fix it?

It won't be easy.

Sometimes,it's impossible
to find the vessel

and complications can arise,

I can operate.

So there is a risk?

A very large risk,yes.

And what happens
if you don't operate?

The best-case scenario is that
the bleeding resolves itself.

Or it could continue to bleed

and cause the brain to swell.

Which means what?

Most likely,

without the operation,you'll die.

But the operation could kill me,too,right?

They're equal risks both ways.

What do I do?

What would you do?

I can't answer this for you.

Can I have that spatula,please?

Thank you.

You want that butter
to melt,not to boil.

Dr. Burke,how did you
learn to cook like this?

My mother owns a
restaurant in Alabama.



Does Cristina know that?

No. Actually,
she doesn't.

She doesn't ask a lot of
personal questions.

She's kind of hard to get to know.

Yes,she is.

Karev didn't show.

No,he didn't.

Is that okay?

No,it's not.

Do you know that there's
absolutely no liquor

in this house?

Cristina went to get some.

Over an hour ago.
Where is she?

Levi Johnson.

Swallowed a wishbone?


We'll have to take some films.

Maybe you ruptured
your esophagus,huh?

That means surgery.

Car's loaded.
Guys,coolers,come on.

Get up,get up,get up.

Dad,come on.

Hold on,Georgie.

We gotta blood you.


Now there you go.

Now you're officially

an O'malley man.


Thank you.

I left my hat.
I'll be right back.


just get in the car.

O'malley! O'malley!

21-gun salute for Georgie.

Okay,that's not the best idea,guys.

I'm serious.

You shot dad in the ass!

Are you happy now?!

guys,this is the trauma room.

What are you doing?

Put it down.

Dad,I'm gonna inject
you with something

to numb the area.

I'm fine.
I don't need anything.

It doesn't even hurt that bad.

Dad,you have bird shot
embedded in your gluteus maximus.

When I start removing it,
believe me,

it's gonna hurt veryad.
Hey,'65 gto.

That's a v-8 tweaker.
You don't want that.

What you want is the bel air.

But it's gotta be
the 2-tone,right? Nice.

Ah,pick a car,


Come on,Georgie.
Pick a car.

I told you he doesn't
know jack about cars.

He doesn't know jack about jack.


first you say the gto,

ronny counters with the bel air,

which never fails to make
dad say the gt 500.

The cobra,
the chieftain,

then someone names a german car,

which invariably starts

the american versus foreign debate

that usually ends when one of
you brings up the deville,

and that always,always

leads to the unbelievably
long discussion on the merits

of the '57 thunderbird.

So how about I just jump to the end

and name the thunderbird now

so that once in our lives,

we can stop picking cars?!

And my name is George!

What do you know?
The kid came back.

No,he didn't.

He says we have
the same eyes.


I don't see it.

He said that he couldn't stay

because of the holiday.

But he

he said he'll come back
sometime soon.


He said she's happy.

that this guy Hal

is,really good for her.

She loves him.

So I've decided to,
go ahead with the surgery.

You know,
they've moved on.

I should,too.

You know,get this thing
out of my head

and get on with my life.


I'll,tell Dr. Shepherd.

Dr. Grey.

Do you think he really
will come back?

I hope so.

Joe and Walter have
got the table set up

in the living room.
How's our bird?

He needs a few more hours.

Why did you plan this big dinner

if you knew you couldn't cook?

I just like Thanksgiving,
Dr. Burke.



You just like Thanksgiving?

We work 18 hours a day,
6 days a week,

50 weeks a year.

We don't really have any
time for our families.

We don't have friends
that aren't doctors.

But we have this one day,

one day where we get
to be like everybody else.

One day to be normal.

A day where.

nobody lives and nobody
dies on our watch.

It's like a gift.

So I just thought
we should appreciate it.

That's all.

I gotta set the table.

a day without surgery.

Who swallows a
wishbone whole?

Dr. Bailey,why are you
working on Thanksgiving?

You work the extra shifts
and get the extra practice.

And I'm trying to get
in all the practice I can.

before the baby comes

and I have to take time off.

My husband isn't thrilled
I'm working Thanksgiving,

but he isn't a surgeon.

So he doesn't get it.

You and Dr. Burke?


he would've made a good father.

You coming?

Not enough interns.
I gotta cover the floor.

what would you have
done if you were him?

Would you have the surgery?

You would have the surgery.

I would want the future.

Or to be asleep again.

One or the other.

Nothing in between.

I honestly don't know
what I would want.

I know you don't.

If you get a chance,
you can scrub in later.

I'll probably be at this awhile.

I thought you'd forgotten about me.


Where are Ronny and Jerry?

The nurse told them that
the cafeteria was open.

You didn't have fun today.

It's not that.


No,I didn't have fun.

You hurt your brothers' feelings.

Dad you did.

They talk to me like I'm stupid.

They call me "Georgie."

They've never treated
me like I'm one of them.

George,Jerry is dry cleaner.

Ronny works in the post office.

I drive a truck.

You're a surgeon.
You're not one of us.

I know it and they know it.

And you make sure know it.


I'm not.
I'm not blaming you.

It makes me proud you're so smart,

like I did something right.

It's just.

we try.

We try to include you,

but you don't like the
stuff that we like.

And we don't know how
to talk about the stuff

you wanna talk about.

You're not one of us.

But,damn it,we don't treat
you like you're stupid.

You treat us like we're stupid.

And maybe we are,

but we're your family.

Give us an inch,Georgie.

Every once in awhile pick a car.

I saved a guy's life on
an elevator last month.

I performed open-heart
surgery on him right there.

By yourself?

By myself.

Just like a real doctor.


Now that's something.

Oh,I mean,that's really something.

I'll take care of it.

What are you doing here?

Oh,this is beyond bad.

sorry,Izzie,it's after 8.
I gotta get to the bar.

On Thanksgiving?

It's one of our busiest
days of the year.

People need a safe haven
from the bitterness,loneliness,

quality family time.

I'm their port in the storm.
See you later?

Good night,doc.


Thanks for coming.

You can leave,too,
if you want.

I'not leaving the table
until the hostess does.

They're not coming.

Even so.

Today,I committed bird murder

and I was forced to
touch my dad's ass.

I get extra points for
showing up at all.

I brought booze.

Let's just eat.

You know today in
the waiting room,

how did you know Cheryl
was Holden's wife?

Waiting rooms are full of people

hoping for good news.

She was the on one who looked like

she had completely given up.

Do you love her?

I don't know.

It's good that you're trying.

You wouldn't be you

if you weren't
the kind of person

who was trying
to make it work.

You think so?

It means I wasn't wrong about you.




maybe we're not
supposed to be happy.

Maybe gratitude

has nothing to do with joy.

You going inside?

No. You go ahead.

You sure?

Go make her happy.

Maybe being grateful means
recognizing what you have

for what it is.

you're a surgical junkie.
Go home!

Adele's already mad.

I'm in trouble no matter what.

An there's a whipple
happening in o.r. 2.

Go home right now.

This kind of treatment is
why they call you the nazi.

Appreciating small victories.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I was nice.

I noticed.

You don't ask a lot of
personal questions.

And you're very
hard to get to know.


My mother owns a
restaurant in Alabama.

I scrubbed in on a foreign
body removal this afternoon.

A guy swallowed
a wishbone whole.

admiring the struggle it takes

simply to be human.

you didn't show.

I waited.

Derek,are you done?

Hurting me back,
I mean.

Cause I need to know
because if not,I

I got to special order a thicker skin

or something.

And maybe
we're thankful for the familiar

things we know.

no anesthesia guy

here we go

and maybe
we're thankful for the

thing we'll never know

is this seat taken?

Do you work at the hospital?


You're not a brain surgeon
or a doctor of any kind?


Then this seat isn't taken.

at the end of the day,

the fact that we have the courage

to still be standing.

do you want to buy me a drink?

Actually,I do.

Is reason enough to celebrate.