Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 4 - Haunted - full transcript

It's Halloween night at Grey Sloan Memorial. Meredith and Nick try to spend some alone time together, Levi is stressed due to overworking, and Winston and Owen have the interns practice trauma training on a real cadaver.

and patient safety experts

are still trying to answer
this important question --

How many people die every year
from medical mistakes?

Mistakes include misdiagnoses,

hospital-acquired infections,

medication errors,
patient falls,

and discharging patients
too early.

Happy Halloween.


As terrifying as it can be
for patients

to think they might die
from a medical error,

it's also terrifying
for doctors.

Oh, Schmitt,
Ms. Rose needs an N. G. tube.

I already put that in.
She pulled it out.

That is the third time

I will reinsert it
and bridle it this time.

Um, you also need to get
the family's consent

for the PEG tube
in 1204.

Uh, consent, right.

Uh, is that it?
Is that it?


Come on.
Princess Leia?

Also Senator
and General.

Pru is on her way

to go trick-or-treating
around the hospital.

She's gonna be an Ewok.

It's her third costume
of the day.

It's cute, right?

It's so cute.

Oh, no. That's, um...

Ah, better.

Hey, and don't forget

Webber's pumpkin-carving
contest, Dr. Schmitt.

I wasn't invited to that.

Even if our mistakes
are innocent,

they become etched
onto our souls like tombstones.

And if you never do anything
to process these memories,

they will come back to haunt
you when you least expect it.

What are y'all watching?

Oh, "First Year Scrub Room
Freak Out."

Someone posted it this morning.
It's all over the place.


Now Bamm-Bamm's
throwing stuff.

"The Flintstones."

What is she doing
with that box of --


Out the window.

Well, maybe she lost
a patient?

she lost something.

Her privacy.



Surgical dexterity.

All qualities an amazing surgeon
must master

to be a success in the O. R.

Welcome to
the Grey-Sloan Memorial

Pumpkin Carving Contest.

I already hate this.
Do we get a prize?

Pumpkin carving is
an excellent way

to practice delicacy
and precision.

The more elaborate the vision,
the better.

Uh, Dr. Pierce needs an intern
in the pit.

Griffith, you go.

We'll save you one.

All right, who's ready
to choose a gourd?

Dr. Wagner to radiology.

Oh, hey, uh, Mr. Jancy's
chest X-rays looked clear,

so I just
discharged him.

I think he wanted to get home
for trick-or-treating.

I see you're scheduled for
vascular procedures tomorrow.

Yeah, Dr. Param is still out
on paternity leave,

so I just offered
to help out.

Is that a problem?

No, I just...

I'm headed out.

I'm gonna take the kids

Do not bring them candy from
the lounge. They have enough.

How am I supposed to maintain
my favorite-auntie status?

Okay. Boom.
We got 'em. Bodies.

You got 'em?
Yeah, we got 'em.


Freshly deceased,
releases signed,

ready to get hooked up
to the machines and everything.

Okay, so we're
doing this tonight?

Yes. Fresh tissue decomposes
quickly. We have to.

Okay, so you go
find the interns.

I will find Owen.

Hey, can one of you
stay and help?

I find
this conversation disturbing.

Are you in?

Let's go.

Dr. Andorka to the NICU.

Dr. Mary Andorka
to the NICU.



We get anything good?

No, oh, we are all waiting
until after dinner, Uncle Link.

What are you doing
for your cancerversary tonight?

I was, me,
dinner, foot rub...


Or just dinner.


They asked me to take
an extra shift. I'm sorry.

No problem.

No, really,
don't feel bad.

These are the exact moments

Tinder? On Halloween?
What's your costume?


Sexy doctor.
Ha! Okay.

Oh, perfect for this
sexy nurse, huh?

That's sexist.

We could start
a sexy practice.

What is wrong with you?

Oh, there's a lot of them.



How far out?

Any minute.

Please say that Webber sent me
more than one intern

for Halloween night.

I'm actually
with Dr. Pierce.

You remember how this night is
for cardio.

A lot of jump scares,
a lot of heart attacks.

What do we got?

16-year-old male,
fall from 30 feet

with blunt trauma to chest,
negative LOC,

possible left upper extremity

Tachy in the 130s.

Sats 92%.
Do we know
what happened?

He and his buddy took
a flying leap off a roof

trying to land
in a swimming pool.

This one missed.
Friend's in the other rig.

All right,
take him to trauma one.

What do we got?

16-year-old male,
fall from height,

no loss
of consciousness.

He landed in water.

No visible injuries,
heart rate's 130.

We flew!

We flew, man.

They both took LSD.

All right, trauma one.

Why do they always think
that they can fly?

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Oh, nice job, Adams.


They ate too much.

I'm scared of pumpkins.

The smell, the texture,

Pumpkin spice?


What did
I ever do to you?

It's Dr. Marsh.
Trauma alert.

It just says
"Sim Lab."

There's a trauma
in the sim lab?

You'd better go.

It shouldn't take you
five minutes

to respond
to a trauma page.

Where's the trauma?

Ever since we moved towards more
minimally invasive techniques

in nonsurgical management,

interns have had less
and less opportunity

to train
on open traumas.

Right, that's blunt trauma,
penetrating trauma, open wounds.

Every hospital may not
see them everyday,

but you still need
to learn them.

And you will.
Starting tonight.

Every year, Dr. Hunt runs
a trauma training session,

usually in the parking lot
with dummies.

This year...

Fresh tissue cadaver.

Real body, fake blood.

You're welcome.
Happy Halloween.

Okay, 32-year-old male,
stab wound to the left chest,

B.P. is 90/40, tachy in the
120s, sats in the high 80s.

Oh, w-what are
we supposed to do?

Save him.

Come on.
Uh, okay.

That's mine.

Sorry, sorry.

He has a hemothorax.
Prep for a chest tube.

Dr. Pierce.

Flail chest.
Tell me why.

Because he has five broken
and displaced ribs,

which disrupted the stability
of the chest wall.

After we stabilize him,
we have to get him to C. T.

Oh, God, that's my son!

What happened to him?

Mr. Al-Hasan, I'm Dr. Pierce.
This is Dr. Griffith.

Your son has had
a serious fall

and sustained severe injures
to his chest.

He went to a friend's house to
study and watch a scary movie.

The EMTs said
they found evidence

that they may have
taken LSD.

That's -- That's not possible.

Jarah and River,
they're A. P. students.

They're lab partners.
They don't do drugs.

Oh, God!

Please, do something!

His sats are dropping.
I need an intubation tray!

Get that chest tube ready!

Get him out of here.

Sir, if you could just
come with me.

We'll keep you updated.

Deep breaths.


Did they take Jarah?
They did.

That's why we jumped off
the roof.

The bats
were looking for us.

The paramedics took him
for medical treatment.

He's my best friend.

I couldn't let the bats
take him.

you are extremely lucky.

You only hit water.

He's severely injured.

I told him it was safe.

Well, you're a teenager.

Your prefrontal cortex
isn't fully formed.

And you combine that with LSD,
and nothing is safe.

Someone's gonna come
take your blood.

Don't move, okay?

Okay, we need access
to give him blood.

Okay, let's prep
for an I. J.

No, that's where
he's cannulated!

He needs a femoral line.
Consider an airway secure.

Femoral line has been placed.

Move on.
What about the entry wound?

B.P.'s 60/40 now.

Beep. Beep.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

- Come on!
- Got it.

Fully intact
fresh tissue cadavers are rare.

Be mindful.
They can cost up to $10,000.

That's more than my house!
You live in a van.

Okay, what's his name?

He's a cadaver.
He's a patient!

Knowing their names
humanizes them.

Oh, my God,
just call him Chris.

Whoever uses the best
critical-thinking skills

on Chris will scrub in with me
on an ax-fem bypass tomorrow.

BP's 60/40 still.

Scalpel. Scalpel. I'm gonna do
an emergency thoracotomy!

Not if I do it first!

No, no!



Hi, Nick.
Oh, okay.

That's funny.
All right.

Okay, everyone pee.

But I'm really looking at you,

I'm gonna go
get my bag.



You need to work
on your scare game.

What, you don't -- you don't
think I'm scary?

I -- You know,
it's not about me.

maybe it's the sheet.

I'm a lot scarier
without the sheet.


Okay, you're sure you don't mind
if we go?

Bailey and Ellis will crash
from all that sugar in minutes.

You guys just drop Zola off
at her slumber party

and then go have
a night.

Are you okay?

I mean, we can stay.

No, she just hasn't spent
the night out, you know,

since the episodes
started, so...

I mean, she seems like
she wants to go.

All her friends
will be there,

and you will be
a phone call away.

I'm ready.

Okay, great.
Do you have your phone?

Okay, let's go.

Let's go.

See ya.
Okay. Bye!

Dr. Williams
to labor and delivery.


Baby girl!

Are you ready to be an Ewok?

Yeah, let's go
get changed.

Miranda, she --
she's really tired.

Oh, we won't be out late.

I heard Nurse Stacy

has a bowl
full of real goblin guts!


it's just cold spaghetti.

You sure you can't stay
for a bit?

It's a busy night, you know,
but I-I'll see you at home.

Hey, be safe.


All right, let's go
get some candy!


All right,
beds 1, 2, and 5

are all kids
with abdominal pain.

The interns should be done
pumpkin carving by now.

They moved
to trauma training.

What about
the real traumas?

It was a time-sensitive
exercise. Go.

Oh, e-excuse me, my son, River.
Someone brought him in.

Oh, uh, yes,
um, follow me.

Is River hurt?

S-Someone said that they jumped
off my roof?

Well, apparently they were
aiming for the pool,

but you should know that River
and his friend were both --

Where the hell is my son?

Hey, Lucinda, it's Link.

I'll see you over at Joe's bar
in a few.

This way, Isla.
Just sit right here.

Do you need a hand?

Just find
my jerk of a husband.

Look, I'm just like
the bat.

I can do it.
I can do it.

Oh, hey, hey, buddy, that --
that's not a good place to be.

Watch me fly.

No. No, no.
No, no, no, no, no!


Damn it.

Jo, are you okay?
Are you all right?

Hey! We need some help out here!
Get a gurney!

I am fine. My patient barely
made it to the elevator

before giving birth,

but mom and baby boy
are doing good.

Are you wearing cologne?


And that's what
you're worried about?

You're a surgeon
who might have a broken wrist.

I will get an X-ray.

Please just --
just go take care

of the tripping teen
with the shattered leg.

A.P. lateral left wrist
for Jo Wilson. Thanks.

Hey, excuse me,
a-are you one of the doctors

who's working on
River Epley?

Can -- Can you just tell me
if he's gonna be okay?

Sir, just go back
to the waiting room.

No one
is telling me anything.

All right, we'll give you
an update as soon as we can.

Negative LOC, alert
but disoriented,

head lac,
films show a tibial fracture.

Oh, and he's on LSD.

That tracks.

Did you enjoy the flight,


You know,
half a foot further,

he could have killed
Jo and Jo's patient.

And Jo's patient's baby.

Who has a baby?
What baby?

Yeah, you're not gonna be
feeling so good

once those drugs
wear off.

Was it worth it?
You okay?

Is the baby okay?
Who has a baby?

Look, I don't know
if he's still tripping

or he's got a brain injury
from the fall.

You mean the jump?

Good signal.
Blood flow's intact.

Okay, great.
Let's bring him up to C. T.

Oh, crap.
I got to cancel a date.

How long ago were you
supposed to meet her?

45 minutes.
Oh, she already hates you.

Let's go.


Got to get --
get in...

Ugh, just open it.

And trick-or-treat!

Ah, we'll go to dermatology.


Okay, Chris is losing
a lot of blood!

I'm not your scrub nurse.

If we want a chance at actually
seeing the bleeder...

Thank you.


Oh, man.
This is fun.

watching interns fail?

It's just kind of nice to step
off the cardiothoracic floor

and not check in
with the chief.

Your wife?

Listen, Ndugu,
this is a safe space.

I could not work for Teddy
for more than one day.

Okay, hold this.
Hold this.
Go, go.

I mean, I'm not a resident,
you know?

I-I paid my dues
at Tufts.

I paid a lot of those dues
while working under Maggie.

And for the past
six months,

it feels like
I'm right there again.

Except now she's not just
my smart, beautiful attending,

she's my wife.

My wife who not only
has comments

on my surgical technique,
but every aspect of my life.

Y-Yesterday she told me
that I put something

in the microwave wrong.

W-Was it metal?

It was water.

Yeah, I heated up a mug of water
for 45 seconds.

She told me it should be
44 seconds,

because at 44 seconds you don't
have to move your finger over.

Yeah, so, one second doesn't
make a difference heatwise.

So 44 seconds is, in fact,
more efficient.


This is happening
at my home, all right.

Yeah. Wow.

I let you go in.
Just don't --

Hey, want to go
boss them around?


Okay, Chris is getting
more hypotensive.

Come on, let's go.

Lac in the lower left lobe!

Um, lobectomy?
Looks like he's coding.

No, he's not.
We found the bleed.

Okay, do we use
a-a patch?

On his lung?
Uh, I mean, is that a thing?

- No!
- Your patient is coding!

He's flat-lining.
Do something!

Get in there!
Soak up the blood?
I told you...


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Starting cardiac massage,


Time of death -- 23:45.

We're sorry, Chris.

Oh, uh, Dr. Lawson
was looking for you.


I can't insert
another line or tube

into any more
attendings' patients.

I-I-I physically can't.
No one can.

Uh, Dr. Altman
and Dr. Pierce both --

Find someone else!

I have been called into
two surgical consults,

three wound checks,
and a chest tube removal,

all in the last
15 minutes

because the interns
are constantly at lunch

or -- or sex ed
or pumpkin carving

or in the lab with Hunt.

And who does all the work,


So, if you could put
a little bit more effort

into finding
someone else --

Dr. Schmitt.

You better come
with me.

Yeah, I mean, look,
we already knew

Griffith had the most clinical
experience and it shows,

but Kwan's suturing techniques,
they're precise, they're quick.

It's -- It's almost comparable
to a second year.

How's Adams?

Uh, Adams?

Yeah, I mean, is he the next
Catherine Fox Award winner?

No, he's not.
But he's got time.

You really want to know
about the interns,

or are you just
distracting yourself

so you don't have to text Zola
at her slumber party?

Can't both things be true?
I guess.

It's very nice.

Yeah, it is nice.
It is.

I mean, I was happy to just go
to your new place.

Aw, no, no, it's all open boxes,
and there's not furniture,

no bathtub,
it smells like new paint,

and I wanted you to have
something special for tonight.

What do you say?

Uh, very expensive but
totally worth-it room service?

What do you think?

Where you going?

I'm going to take a bath.

You coming or not?


Jarah? W-Where is he?
Is -- Is he...

All right, he's losing

too much blood
through his chest tube,

so we are taking him
to the O. R. right now.

I'll send Dr. Griffith down
with some updates soon.

He should be arrested.

His kid
gave my kid drugs,

and now -- and now he's got
a broken leg

and God knows what else.

My kid?
They were at your house.

Jarah doesn't know
the first thing about drugs!

And River does?

Jarah brought a backpack.
Yeah, for books!

Okay, guys, let's just take some
deep breaths and maybe go to
separate rooms right now, okay?

Were you even home?
Were you even watching them?

They're 16!

My son would never do
something like this!
Get security.

Your son brought drugs
into my house!
Your son
gave my son drugs!

Where'd he get them?
Guys, hey! Hey!

He's on his death bed
right now!

My name
is Dr. Miranda Bailey!

And d-despite how I look,
I do work here.

I'm also a mother,
and, look, parenting is hard.

Teenagers are hard.
And parenting a teenager?

I mean, one minute they're
little babies in Ewok costumes

and you can control them,

and -- and the next minute
they --

they have impulses
and access and phones

and they're doing all the things
that we worked so damn hard

to keep them
from ever doing.

Look, last week,
I took my son's phone

when he wasn't looking me
in the eye.

And he finally admitted
that there are emojis

that the dealers use now to
tell kids where to get drugs.

So, look, it doesn't matter
whose fault it is.

It only matters that
we keep our kids alive.

We cannot turn on
each other.

'Cause we -- look, we -- we need
all the help we can get.

Thank you.

You good?

Please save my son.

Would you...please?

Please just save my son.

I can't lose him.

Who put in this stitch?

I did.

You left an air knot.

You also didn't take the time
to do a proper assessment.

You all just zoomed in
on the obvious injury.

It's kind of hard to ignore
a knife in the chest.

In the real world,
you would be on your way

to inform the family.

It would be done.
No do-overs.

But this is trauma training.

- Huh?
- What?

Is there someone
walking around Seattle today

stabbing hot guys
in the chest?

it's a training exercise.


Wow, that's dark.

Wait, you stabbed them?

This is -- This is what happens?
You stab them?

Both of my parents
and my uncle,

who lives with us
when he's not in jail,

decided that they wanted to
donate their bodies to science.

And, yes, they were high when
they came up with this idea,

but it was a beautiful
and -- and generous idea,

so I got all
the paperwork together

and I filed it for them.

And my family,
who is not known

for ever doing anything
beautiful or generous,

is planning to give this
very generous gift in death,

and -- and if I had known
that you would just stab them

in the chest,
I would never --

Millin, we are not monsters,
we are doctors.

Penetrating injuries
were simulated

using ultrasound guidance.

That came after release forms
were signed.

Prayers were said.

Moments of silence
were given.

There is
no more generous gift

than someone donating
their body to doctors

so that lives
can be saved.



What's happening?

Round two.
Let's go.

Oh, my...

Can someone get me
some gauze?

Okay, let's, uh...

All right,
suction, please.

Third rib punctured
right through the lung.

Dr. Griffith,
it's yours.

I'll check it later.
Thank you.

Still yours.

Do you have somewhere else
to be, Griffith?

Damn it.

The pulmonary artery
is lacerated.

I need exposure!

Someone silence
that damn phone!

Dr. Pierce, I'm sorry.
I don't need you to be sorry.

I need your finger.
Right here.

I am holding
the pulmonary artery

of a 16-year-old
in my hand,

and I can feel
the blood pumping out.

So whatever's going on with you,
I need you to put is aside.

This kid made a stupid call.
It's gonna ruin his life.

But it doesn't have to end
his life if we can help it.

I'm here, Dr. Pierce.

All right, right angle.

Hang two more units.

Chevron incision on the top,
Pfannenstiel on the bottom.

Uh, i-is the one on the right
a Lanz?

Are -- Are we done now?


This one.

Just for fun.

Dr. Webber, I --

I-I don't have time
for this.

You know,
Catherine and I

visited several museums
on our trip.

I mean, we saw thousands of
paintings and -- and sculptures,

and modern works.

And thinking of the techniques
and the choice of colors was --

you know,
that was restorative for me.

And necessary.

Could you just say the thing
I need to hear?

You need to take a break,

I mean, leave the hospital.
Take a walk.

Because if you continue
to scream at nurses,

your chief resident job
will be short-lived.

If I take a break, things won't
get done and patients will die.

And if I lose someone

that I could have saved --
again -- I...

I don't think that
I could come back from that.

I need
to go back to work.

Stay still, River.

Do you remember
being a teen?

Do I have to?

I remember older guys
buying beer and cigarettes.

I remember a joint
being passed around.

I do not remember LSD
in high school.

Did the whole world change
without me knowing?


Did something change
between you and Jo?


- Well...
- Jarah?

Where's Jarah?


Jarah's being treated
for his injuries.

As soon as we know something,
we'll let you know, okay?

Did I kill him?
I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so stupid.

He was supposed to play
on the finals

with his soccer team
next week.

And take his ACT.

Is he gonna be okay?

Hey, River, you -- you need
to try to calm down, okay?

Is my dad here?
I really want my dad.

We need him
to stay still.

Otherwise, we're not gonna
get an accurate scan.

Yeah, I'm on it.

I need my dad.

Hey, River.

Hey, buddy, listen,
we're gonna get your dad, okay?

But we need you to stay still
so we can run this scan, okay?

I don't think I can.

Y-- N-No, you can.

You can, all right?
Hey, listen...

I got you, buddy. Okay?
I'm right here.

Okay, I found the laceration.
Uh, forceps? On sutures.

No, we sutured last time.

Clamping the pulmonary hilum
to control the bleeding.

It's like watching children

stick their fingers
into electrical sockets.

Patient's still hypotensive.

'Cause he's bleeding
from a four-centimeter
laceration to his lung.

But would that make him
that hypotensive?

Look, we already failed.

We just got to work harder,
push through,

a-and open up our minds
before we lose him.

Did you dad teach you
to side coach like that

so you'd take
the winning shot every time?

Never had a dad, but thank you
for bringing my personal pain

into this
training exercise.

Wait, wait wait.
Found it!

Pinprick hole
in the pericardium.

We need to do
a pericardial window.

No, you screwed up
the repair last time.

Can someone just do it
before the patient dies?!

Kwan, how fast
can you do it?

Already on it.


You suffered
a minor concussion,

and we'd like
to observe you overnight.

Dr. Lincoln will operate
on your leg fracture tomorrow.

Your friend made it
through the surgery.

Oh, thank God.
Thank you, God.

Can I see him?

Not for a while.
No, his injuries are extensive.

He has a long road
to recovery ahead of him.

His dad's gonna be so mad.

He's not gonna let us
be friends anymore.

His dad is here.

His dad loves him
just like I love you.

It's okay.

You both are all right,
and we will, uh --

we'll find
a way through this, okay?

What happened?
I've seen your work.

I know that you are the intern
to watch.

I also know that you were asked
to leave your last program.

I was on the, uh --
the intern selection committee.

Dr. Pierce, I --
What I'm saying is,

I know that the stakes
are really high for you here,

and I know that you wouldn't get
that distracted or preoccupied

something happened.

I w-- I was a model resident
all the time,

even when...

I made a point on a case
and was told I was wrong,

and then a white colleague
made that same point,

and that white colleague
got to scrub in.

Or how I was the only one
denied requested rotations,

or how I had to endure
a certain faculty member

regularly making
hostile comments

about patients of color.

Or how,
when I finally raised concern

about how a Black patient
was being treated,

I was told maybe I would be
happier at a different program.

Apparently I was
perceived as --

Aggressive, angry,
all the things, yeah.

So, after you were asked
to leave, did you contest it?

Did you file
an official complaint?

I didn't get the chance.
Why not?

Because after they told me
to leave, I did get angry.

And I was sleep deprived
and I...

...kind of broke.

I acted inappropriately,

and I just found out
this morning

that security footage
of it got leaked,

so I've been trying to get it
taken down all day,

which is why my phone
has been going off.

I'm so--

Dr. Webber.

Should you be drinking
while on shift?

Oh, I'm not here
for a drink.


Is that the aorta?

Yeah, I --
I did that.

It beats.

Helm, you -- y-you don't
belong here.

Excuse me?

That's how much cash

I will be walking out
of here with tonight.

And I won't be stuck
with severed tendons

or kids vomiting or chemical
burns from cheap makeup.

I know Levi is drowning.
I live with him.

But when
the program closed,

no one found me a residency
in another department.

I walked out

I appreciate you coming here,
Dr. Webber,

but it's gonna take
a lot more than that

to convince me
to come back.

And not just money.

But money would help.

We do need you.

So do all these people.

Happy Halloween,
Dr. Webber.

Maybe she's having
too much fun to text.

I hope so.

How -- How'd your meeting with
the principal go the other day?

Oh, he wants her
to skip two grades.

Which Maggie did and hated.

And the prep school
by the marina, how was that?

Well, they focus on kids
who are excelling academically.

And she is so much more.

She's empathetic, imaginative,
intensely curious.

Yeah, she needs
a whole-human approach.

I don't want to cause her
more anxiety.

Mm. You know, when I was 12,
my dad left us.

I told you that, yes?

Up to that point, my --
my parents,

our neighborhood,
had been my whole world,

and it felt like the whole world
fell apart

just like that.

But then one day my mom
came home with this ancient R. V.

she bought off
one of her coworkers.

And, uh, it was huge and beige
and it smelled weird,

and, uh --
but over that spring break

we drove it all the way down
to the Grand Canyon.

And up until then, I'd never
been outside of Minnesota.

And it made me realize
there was this really big,

this really beautiful world
where no one knew,

and no one cared that I was
a kid whose dad left him.

And I never
would have learned that

if it weren't for my mom
showing it to me.

Oh, look out.




What happened?

I'm sorry.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I can't breathe.
Take a deep breath.

I will come
and pick you up.

Don't get off the phone.

Okay, I will stay
on the phone with you.

Okay, I'll drive.

I'm sorry.

I used to love Halloween,
but tonight was enough

to make me dread
letting my kids grow up.


Only, you know,
it's not just Halloween.

Like, the whole world
is stupid and cruel.

Those kids,
those are good kids.

Smart kids.

But one bad night,
one stupid impulse...

It never stops.


It's not just teenagers.

One stupid impulse can ruin your
life at any stage of the game.

I'm kind of crazy
about Jo.

Yeah, I ki--
I kinda caught on to that.


She was my best friend.


it wasn't an option,

and then, suddenly,
it was.

And I was hung up
on Amelia.

And I was confused,
and I was scared,

and, like, I didn't want to ruin
the friendship,

so I...I blew it.

I missed my moment,
and now --

It's -- It's for the best.
I'm sorry, what?

Just keep sleeping with other
women till those feelings pass.

Wait, you're -- you're serious?

Yeah, I'm serious.

Owen and I
were best friends.

I mean, I-I would have been
the person

that he would have called
for advice

when he ruined his life,
and now we're married,

so when he ruins his life,
he also ruins mine.

And there's nothing like
ruining each other's lives

to ruin a friendship.

Have a good night.

B. P.'s steady, strong heart
rate, responsive to stimuli.

He's a cadaver.

Do you want your good news,
or not?

Your patient is stable.

So, who will be scrubbing in
with Dr. Ndugu?

I did
a pericardial window.

Yeah, and I did
the chest tube.

After I gave you appropriate
visual field with my retraction.

What about you, Adams?
You saw the hole in the heart.

but I only saw it

because Millin was such a beast
with the suction.

Which Kwan was constantly
reminding her about

after Yasuda
widened the incision.

So, without any of that, I
wouldn't have had a clear view.

You used all the hands
around you.

you will be scrubbing in

on an ax-fem bypass.

Uh...can't we all do it?

Yeah, yeah.

I'll e-mail you the case details
in a few hours.

Go get some sleep,
all right?

All right,
I'm gonna do a lap

around the CCU for Maggie
before we take off.


Hey, do you still,
uh, love her?

My wife?

Yeah, of course.

Don't reach the point
where the resentment takes over.

Oh, ooh.

Are you trying to rip
the whole sink off the wall?

I don't know
what I was doing.

Oh, no.

All right, all right.

Look, I get it.
I get it.

We are held
to a different standard.

Right? We are expected to always
be on exemplary behavior.

And you had a bad day.

After many bad days.

Now my bad day lives
on the Internet forever.

Oh, please. Tomorrow it will be
somebody else's meltdown.

this is a great program.

And you deserve a great program
because you're a great doctor.

We see you.

You don't have to let that
haunt you anymore.

Excuse me.

Um, my son would like
to apologize

to his friend's father.

Is that okay?

Of course. We just --
we can't let you inside.

I'll help you.

I'm so sorry.

I-I didn't mean
for any of this to happen.

I know you didn't.

And I appreciate
you saying that.

I'm glad you're okay.

This is my last patient,
then I'll sleep.

We failed you, Schmitt.

You're carrying the workload
for your whole class.

A class
this program failed.

We failed your class and we are
serving these new interns,

but we failed you again.

And no amount of me telling you
to rest is gonna fix that.

Dr. Webber,
I'm chief resident.

I was expecting
a heavier workload, so...

This is a new program,

We're still working out
the kinks.

And we have to own it
when we get it wrong.

We got this wrong.

Starting now, I'm going to ask
all attendings

to pick up the slack left
by our senior residents.

And I'm first. Give me half of
the patients on your shift.

Dr. Webber --
Watching that program fail once
was enough for me.

I'm not about to
do it again.

I mean, technically,
this is my last patient.

Just give me the tablet,

Now, get out of here.


Oh, hey.

I-I checked on all of our
patients, and, um, changed.

Then I packed my bag
and then I sat down.

Yeah, I could sleep for
like three days straight.


Shall we?

But, um...

What's wrong?

Well, I've been doing
more vascular procedures

because I'm considering
changing specialties.

I love you, Maggie.
And I love being married to you.

But if I want it to stay
that way,

I think I need
to leave cardio.

Doesn't even hurt.

Oh, wait,
of course it hurts,

but it's nothing compared

to my three patients
in labor right now.

Rest, ice,
compression, elevation.

Dr. Lincoln,

tell me how to take care
of a sprained wrist.

Oh, I, um --
I have something for you.

I already threw out
everything with raisins.

It's just the good stuff.

Happy cancerversary.


Thank you.

Thank you
for worrying about me.

I'll see you at home?

Yeah, save me
a sour gummy.




Do you remember that year
in Baghdad

we had that nine-month stretch
where we missed

Valentine's Day, Easter,
the Fourth of July?

I remember you complaining

that you missed those holidays
more that Christmas.

Yeah. I did.

And then on Halloween
you gave me an Easter egg hunt.

Red, white, and blue
plastic eggs.

With Valentine's
conversation hearts.

All the holidays in one.


I mean, how did you get
all that stuff?

I don't know, but I remember
it being hard.

That was
my favorite Halloween.

It's never easy
to face our demons.

Huh? What?

There it is.

Okay, so we got your suit.

All your candy.

And then we're gonna...

Most of us would prefer
to focus on the light.

But when
we own our shadows,

when we name our secrets,

when we claim
all of who we are...

That's you?

You're Bamm-Bamm.

I could think of better names,
but yes.

I would have taken
the whole sink off the wall.

I bet you
you couldn't.

I would have busted
that window.

Or ripped
the whole shelf down.

Oh, I did.
The video cuts out that part.


Does anyone want
to grab breakfast?

Like, together?

No, the four of us at a booth
and you at the counter.

Ha ha, funny. sets us free.

When we lean into
what scares us...

I'm sorry.

For what?

That you and Nick
had to come pick me up.

And it's so late.

Zola, I'll pick you up
anytime from anywhere.


Why don't you tell me
what happened?

Layla and Hannah and everyone
were just...I don't know.

Were you feeling
left out?

It was okay.

We got into our sleeping bags.
I just laid there.

I was thinking about you,
Aunt Maggie, Alzheimer's,

and I couldn't sleep.

And I couldn't breathe.

Why is this happening
to me?

When is it
gonna get better?

It will get better.
It will.

We just need to find you
the right school,

the right teachers.

Even if we have to look a little
further than Seattle, okay?

Come here.
Give me a hug.

It's okay.

...light comes in.

-- Captions by VITAC --