Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 3 - Let's Talk About Sex - full transcript

Bailey recruits the interns to create a series of social media videos informing teens about sexual health. The videos, filmed at Grey Sloan in front of a group of high schoolers, hit home as a student has medical complications dur...

In the 1800s,

one of the more common reasons

women visited the
doctor was "hysteria."

Granny, I don't know
where your nice shoes are,

but aren't you staying home?

Can't you just
wear your slippers?

Well, what about next weekend?

I'm in Miami

for a National Conference
on Neuroscience.

Miami is a six-hour
flight from Seattle.

I could get on the
redeye Friday night.

We'd have all of Saturday,

and then I could fly back
Sunday in time to pick up Scout.

Is that insane? A little.

I wish I could get on a
plane to Minnesota right now.

I'm not in Minnesota.

You're not? Where are you?

A now-defunct diagnosis...

"hysteria" was used to describe

a wide array of symptoms...
Chest pain, anxiety...

I wish I could kiss you
right now, but I'm at work.

A swollen abdomen...

Hi. Mood swings.


They tried a variety of
treatments for hysteria,

ranging from rest to
psychosomatic therapy.

Please can I watch
your bowel resection?

You stay home from school,
you keep up with your work.

That was our deal.

I will never need to
know anything about

the French Revolution, ever.

If you only know about medicine,

what will you talk to
your patients about?

You talk to your patients
about European history?

But true relief for these
women didn't exist...

I have to catch up
with Maggie and Nick.

Go to my office. I'll
see you soon, okay?

Until physicians tried using

what they called pelvic massage.

Hey. Zola's skipping
school again today.

Well, she had
another panic attack,

so what was I supposed to do?

The cure was called a
"hysterical paroxysm"...

Wow. What are you doing here?

None of your business.
I'm a private citizen.

Which today has come to
be known as an orgasm.

Uh, yeah, I may have, uh, given
her and Dr. Wilson permission

to use the interns
for a special project.

You gave away our surgical
interns for the entire day?

Well, I mean, the
project's important, and...

do you really want
to tell Bailey no?

Modern medicine
continues to recognize

the stress-reducing benefits
of the female orgasm.

But doctors no longer
perform the cure.

Sign these.

What are they?

Release forms.

For what? Okay, new rule...

No questions before 8:00 a.m.

Well, we just want to know
what we... Save it for 8:01.

I'll be in the pit if
you desperately need me

and there is
absolutely no one else

in your general
vicinity who can help.

Okay, but where... People, it's
very simple... no questions.

You just didn't tell
us where we're going.

You're with Dr. Bailey.
Who's Dr. Bailey?

Wow, blasphemy.

I am Dr. Bailey.

What are you waiting
for? Let's go.

I'm so sorry.

I-I thought I met
all the attendings.

I'm Mika Yasuda.

No need to apologize.
I don't work here.

Dr. Bailey was chief of surgery
until about six months ago.

I left to spend
time with my family.

That's nice.

It was, and then the
Supreme Court went

and stripped women of
our reproductive rights.

Dr. Wilson has been helping
me with a sex-ed curriculum

to teach teenagers
about their bodies

because we now live in a country

where the only way to guarantee

you don't have to carry
an unwanted pregnancy

is to not get pregnant.

And statistically speaking,

teens need some
big help with that.

So we are making
sex-education videos

to put up on social media.

We want to go viral...

You know, like that cat
that plays the piano.

Oh, come on,
people, get with it.

Dr. Bailey, we're
surgical interns.

We have progress notes
and nurses paging us,

and we're behind on
discharge summaries.

I don't even have time
to look at my phone.

I've got like 600 unread texts.

Nurses love me. You
won't be bothered today.

And in exchange for
your cooperation,

you get the benefit of working

with yet another
world-class surgeon.

Dr. Montgomery.

Oh, don't look so miserable.

You're getting paid to
talk about sex today.

Sex is fun, and I need
you to look like it.

Advertise your product or brand here
contact today


Addie, you really pulled out
all the stops on this one.

And I am so grateful.

Well, I spend
every waking moment

obsessing about the state of
women's health in this country,

so this was an easy yes.

Yeah. How much fallout are you
experiencing in California?

Last week, I had five patients

asking for prophylactic
tubal ligations

before they go to college,

because they're afraid
of getting pregnant

in hostile states.

18-year-olds wanting to
get their tubes tied.

I mean, it's the
actual apocalypse.

18? I didn't even want
kids until I was 30.

Hi. I'm Jo Wilson.

We actually met during
your grand rounds

on uterine transplants.

And Dr. Schmitt is a g...
Is a good friend of mine.

Unless you didn't like
him. Then I hate him.

Dr. Wilson, I've
heard great things.


Would you excuse me just
a minute? Mm-hmm. Sure.

I cannot believe it. Shep...

Dr. Montgomery.

It's a... an... an honor
to be working with you.

I'm... I'm a huge fan
of... Of... of fertility

and... and your work
in it, specifically.

Hi. I'm Dr. Montgomery.

Simone Griffith. Dr. Griffith.
Dr... Dr. Simone Griffith.

Sorry, I'm starstruck.

What do you mean, I
don't have any interns?

They're off on some
special assignment.

Well, what, did they enlist?
Bring them back, Owen.

I have a full pit,
one surgical resident,

and you, who's worse
than useless to me.

You know what? Talk
to someone who cares.

Oh, excuse me,
Dr. Altman. What?

Well, as much as I
respect the purpose

and intention of
Dr. Bailey's project,

I could really use some more
hands-on experience in the pit.

I'll do H&Ps, run labs,
suture, drain abscesses.

I'll do anything you need.

Mm. You happy now?
Don't answer that.

You're never happy.

I'm a very happy person.
He's just bitter and broken.

Let's go.

These are your
scripts. Stick to them.

STDs, menstrual cycle, anatomy,

and you're all on contraception.

Uh, Dr. Webber, there's
plenty to go around.

Would you like to
pick a topic? Richard?

Uh, when I was 15, I was
handed a sack of flour

to care and treat like a baby.

Do you have that?

I'll be in my office.

Alright, uh, any questions,
comments, concerns?

Um, yeah.

This is very important and
all, but I am not your guy.

Never had sex before?

This is your assignment
today, so you are our guy.

I think what Dr. Kwan
is trying to say is, uh,

we're not exactly
qualified for this.

Yeah. Okay, do you understand

that hundreds of
thousands of teenagers

will become pregnant this year?

And now a lot of those children

will be forced to carry
their babies to term,

or worse, give themselves
back-alley illegal abortions,

get septic, and die.

So if you all want to go
hold a retractor, go ahead.

The rest of us will
be here saving lives.


Oh, s-so, we just
talk into the camera?

Not quite. Come on in.

I've organized volunteers
at my son's high school.

Actual nightmare.


Can't teach without students.

Hi. Hi, everybody.

Hi. There we go.

Excuse me, young man.

Where's labor and delivery?

Are you looking for
someone? Yes, my daughter.

Her name is Denise.
Have you seen her?

No. Um...

She's having my grandbaby
today. I brought sustenance.

Hey, Adams! Come here.

Um, this is, uh...

Joyce... Joyce Ward.

Can you help her
find her daughter?

She's in labor. Can't
an orderly do that?

You want to go
back to sex class?

Please follow me, ma'am.

Hey. Yeah?

Uh, is it true that you, uh,
gave away the surgical interns?

Yeah, it's just for
one day, though.

How much of the day?

'Cause I need them to
round on Maggie's patients.

Otherwise, I'll need to
round on her patients,

as well as my own
patients. Right.

What are they even doing?

Uh, sex videos to
prevent teen pregnancy.

Sex videos?

Uh, no. Uh,
sex-education videos.

Oh, okay, well, that...

That's an important
word in that sentence.

It is.

Okay, I guess I'll
start rounds, then.

Okay. Okay.

Dr. Seip, 4617.

Dr. Jen Seip, 4617.

Hey. What you doing down here?

Uh, just going to the bathroom.

Y-You're going to the bathroom?

You walked across a
pedestrian bridge,

you took an elevator
down three flights,

when there's a bathroom
in your mom's office?

That's what that door is?

What's up?

Okay, fine, I was looking for
a gallery to watch surgery.

Ah. Please don't tell my mom.

I can't do more history
homework. I can't.

Yeah, well, I never really
liked history either.

All the battles you
have to memorize,

the old dudes with the wigs.

Who thought that looked good?

Okay, well, I don't have to
be in surgery for a few hours.

You want to see something cool?

Okay, let's go.

Track your menstrual
cycle with pen and paper, no apps.

If you get an abortion,
hostile states might be able

to use your phone as evidence
against you in criminal court.

If your period is late,
take a pregnancy test.

Um, medical abortions
are still, uh,

legal and available
in many states.

But, um, uh...

But you have to know that
you're pregnant early

if you want to use it.

Take one birth
control pill by mouth

every day at the same time.

Or you can get an
IUD or an implant.

IUD goes into the uterus. An
implant goes into your arm.

Both are 99% effective
at preventing pregnancy.

Morning-after pill.

Uh, if the first layer
of contraception fails,

take this as soon as possible
to, um, prevent pregnancy.

Oh, look, see, that girl over
there is paying attention.

Oh, wait, no, I just
didn't see her phone.

"Get young people," you said.

"They'll be good
at this," you said.

I know. I am sorry.

I forgot. I've got
too much going on.

Well, I will do it tonight
when I can't sleep.

Look, can we talk about
this later, please?

Okay. Bye. I love you.


Are you okay?

Do you remember when
the state fair was?

Was it three weeks ago?

Oh, I'm sorry, I don't.
I don't live here.

Doesn't matter.

Either way, it's late.

What's late?


Okay, well, um, your
period can be late

for all sorts of reasons.

But if you want, I can
take you for a blood test,

just to be sure.

Are you a doctor?

Yes, I am a doctor.

And you won't tell my parents?

No, this is between you and me.

I... Okay, I get it.

Did you tell the coordinator

that the patient's
a rare HLA match?

Okay, well, call them back
and send the latest labs.

Thank you.

Okay, what you want to do
is you take the left grasper

and pass the peg to
the right grasper.


Did I do it wrong?

No, you did it, uh, seamlessly.

You sure your mom's never
shown you this before?

No, I swear. No?

Okay, well, I'm
not gonna tell you

how long it took
for me to nail that.

Did you always know you
wanted to be a doctor?

Me? Wow.

Uh, no. Gosh, no.

Um, at first I wanted
to be the Flash.

I thought he was
underrated but cool.

Then I thought I was gonna
play professional baseball.

That did not work out.

And, uh, then I decided I was
gonna be a science teacher.

And then what happened?

Well, um... Well, my mom died.

You know, I forgot one.

At one point, I was
gonna be an astronaut.

You liked space?

Uh, no, I liked the ice cream.


Where is your enthusiasm,

your... your
passion for science?

We're losing them.

We're reading all the
facts you gave us.

You've turned it into ASMR.

You need to modulate
your voices.

You know, connect!

If I wanted someone to just read
facts from a sheet of paper,

I could have done that myself.

Respectfully, we
are not the problem.

These are boring factoids
that you could look up online.

We need to teach these kids
something they want to learn about,

engage their sexual curiosity.

No. Dr. Wilson wrote
a thorough curriculum.

Just stick with the script.

Be better.


Hey, hey, can you
tell us what hurts?

She's tachy.

And she feels warm. Uh,
get me a gurney right now.

Dr. Wilson...

Wow. It's basically
like a video game.

10 years of training,

and I could have just
been playing a video game.

I don't think they
made this back then.

Ouch. Okay.

Mind if I use one
of these tables?

Oh, hey. I didn't... I
didn't know you were here.

Oh, I came up last
minute to see Amelia.

Thought I'd do
some data analysis

until she's finished with work.

How's the, uh...
How's the trial?

We are hoping to
start the next phase

in the next couple of months

if David doesn't fire this
latest research director.


Meredith Grey is
not easy to replace.

No. No, she's not. She's not.

How's the new gig? I like it.

I think I'm pretty good at it.

Uh, Zola, what do you think?

Mom says you take big swings.

Did you do that just now?

Mm-hmm. Is it okay?

That's a cognitive puzzle.

Most adults can't
do it that fast.


You know, I have six
other grandchildren.

But Denise is my baby.

She needs me with her.

Uh, excuse me. We're
looking for Denise Ward.

This is her mother.

Griffith... Denise Griffith.

She took her husband's name.

I'm not an O.B. nurse.

And you have a tablet
in your armpit.


Are you sure Denise came here?

Uh, maybe she went
to Seattle Pres.

No, no, she said Seattle Grace.

Uh, okay, got it.

Just give me a minute to
find your daughter's chart.

You know, if they have a boy,
they're gonna name him Calvin.

I don't love it, but
I'm staying out of it.

I hope it's a girl, 'cause
if they have a girl,

they're gonna name her Simone.

Isn't that beautiful?


Did we get ahold of her parents?

Mom's on the way.

She also said it could
just be bad cramps,

because Diamond has
"extremely traumatic periods."

"Traumatic" or "dramatic"?

It's unclear.

Diamond, are you on your period?

Did my mom tell you that?

She tells everyone when
I'm on my freaking period.

I get a bad grade
on a math quiz,

she tells my teacher
I'm on my period.

Like, we bleed.
Why does it matter?

I'm the virgin who likes
anime, who passed out

during sex-ed class.


That's a giant cyst
on the left side.

Look, it's... it's displaced
her entire abdomen.

And look, whirlpool
sign on the right.

The vasculature is twisted,
suggesting ovarian torsion.

She'll need surgery right away.

Well, then let's go.

Book an O.R. and
call her parents.

Dr. DeLuca is still
in her hysterectomy.

I have never done one
of these on my own.

Well, good thing we
know someone who has.

Find Dr. Montgomery. She's
gonna need privileges.

So are you.

Double up to
protect against STDs.

The pill and a condom,
an IUD and a condom,

but never use two
condoms at the same time.

They'll break, and you...

Ooh! Could get pregnant.

What are you doing? Just
got paged to the pit. Bye!

You don't want me
demonstrating condoms.

I mostly have sex
with women. Mm.

Uh, and I don't want to.

Why did you even go
to medical school

if you don't want to help
people? Do want to help people.

When they're under anesthesia
and can't ask me questions.

Are you a Capricorn?
That's not a real thing.

Okay, no, that is
for the condoms.

Who wants to know
where the clitoris is?

The vaginal opening
is right around here.

And then you go up, up, up,

and this point at the
very top is the clitoris.

Now, it's a bundle of
extremely sensitive nerves.

So, if you touch it too
hard, you will cause pain.

You want to approach
gently with a flat hand.

Gently, no poking.

It's not a button.

Yeah, and for those
of you with vaginas,

getting to know this part
of your body on your own

is the easiest way to
avoid getting pregnant.

Have you ever tried to...

really hold on,

like you're riding
on a roller coaster,

and you're not allowed to scream
until you get off the ride?

That is the pull-out method.

It is truly an excellent way

to accidentally get
someone pregnant.

Dr. Millin? Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Kwan? Thank you, Doctor.

Now, hold it at the
tip of an erect penis.

That part's very important.

And then you roll it down...

You out of practice?

Never had to put a condom on
anything as small as a banana.

You get a condom,
you get a condom,

you get a condom,
you get a condom!

Everybody gets a condom!


Any more questions?

Ah, Schmitt.

Just the person I
was looking for.

Oh, Dr. Montgomery,
please don't make me

teach sex ed to high schoolers.

I hated high school. I-I
can't go back. I can't.

This isn't about sex ed.

Oh, well, in that
case, hi. How are you?

I have a patient.

She's waiting on
a pregnancy test.

I have got to run into an
emergent ovarian torsion.

Can you keep an eye out for
the results and deliver them?

Of course.

And, Schmitt, she's scared.

Oh, I can relate to a
scared high schooler.

One of our students collapsed.
She has an ovarian torsion.

I want to get her in
the O.R. right away.

May I have privileges?

Uh, I-I didn't catch that.

Could you say that
again, louder?

I am requesting
privileges, please.

Do you have a résumé
with you? For real?

Standard operating
procedures. Any references?

Are you done?
Privileges granted.

What about the sex ed?

Oh, she needs experienced hands,

but if you want to
check on the interns...

No, thank you.

Dr. Teller, extension 2219.


Where's my grandbaby?

Granny, uh, it's me...
Simone, your granddaughter.

Denise isn't here. Remember?

That's not funny, Denise.

I'm not Denise,
Granny. I'm Simone.

No, no, no, no.

Mom died. Remember? I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I want to go home. Okay.

Well, I'm working right
now, but we can call Dad.

He'll be... No.
Get away from me.

I don't want you.
I want my daughter.

Granny, come on. I said no.

Mrs. Ward, it's okay.

Get away from me.
Granny, come on.

Somebody help! It's me.

Hi. Can I help?

It's okay, it's okay.
I got this, okay?

Ma'am, can I help
you? What do you need?

Should we take
some deep breaths?

Deep breaths. There we go.

How can I help you?

Can you
help me find my daughter?

I would love to help
you find your daughter.

Did he
page you too? Yeah.

What's going on?

Why isn't Zola
doing her homework?

Well, we got... We
got sidetracked.

And you called us because...?

Well, Meredith's in surgery,

and I needed someone
else to see this.

Look at this. Is she doing
neurocognitive puzzles?

No, she's not doing them, she's
killing them, one after the next.

I have never seen
anything like it. Watch.

Did she just...? Yeah.

I couldn't even understand
the instructions that fast.

Look at her. She's so relaxed,
like it's nothing. Yeah.

I mean, what do we do
with this? What is this?

"Guinness Book of
World Records"?

You skip high school,
go straight to college?

What am I looking at here?

Feel like I'm watching
the U.S. Open.

Uh, hey, could I steal
you for a half-hour?

It's for a sex-ed thing.

Uh, yeah, we talked about this.

I'm your superior. I...

No, it's for a
literal sex-ed thing.

I need help with a
literal sex video, Link.

Wow. Still very not-okay.

And, you know, I'd prefer
if you call me Dr. Lincoln.

Everyone calls you Link.

Everyone except
you, moving forward.

Okay, can you just do it?

I mean, we are flying by the
seat of our pants up there.

No. No, I don't want
to lose my job today.

It's teaching. Or harassment.

And I don't want to tempt fate.

Which one of us
is being harassed?

I don't think it matters.
Find an actual couple.

Ah, Dr. Ndugu, could
you and Dr. Pierce

please demonstrate
sexual consent

for a roomful of teenagers?



Consensual sex requires no
verbal persuasion or convincing.

If you have to beg for it or
force it, it is not consent,

and you're doing it wrong.


let's learn how to do it right.

There are 11 erogenous
zones on the female body...

The ear, the neck, the armpit...

Wait, what, the armpits?

Yes. You wouldn't know that,

because like most men,
you go straight for the...

But the nipples on many women

can be as sensitive
as the clitoris,

so going straight for them

without any foreplay
to the erogenous zones,

can be painful and

The other erogenous
zones can be the stomach,

the inner thighs, the feet,
the back of the knees...

Have you ever had someone lick
the back of your knees before?

Wouldn't you like to know?

The more obvious
erogenous zones.

The external vaginal region...

Wilson, tell me what you see.

You are draining the cyst to
get access to the torsed ovary.

And I've created a barrier
to prevent spillage

from the cyst's contents
into the abdomen,

in case of malignancy.

Torsion's a rare
complication of cysts,

and I used to
caution my patients

from imagining the
worst-case scenario,

but now, after the
stripping of Roe v. Wade,

everything feels like
the worst-case scenario.

Amen to that.

I have constant rage inside.

Yeah, I've thought about
going to one of those places

where you pay money
to destroy things.

Doesn't help.

I also have rage.

I moved to O.B. for joy.

I wanted joy, and now I'm
gonna watch teenage girls die

from sticking coat hangers
up inside of themselves.

I mean, what if it's like
the '70s all over again,

and there are septic wards?

Someone should make a video

about how dangerous
a coat hanger is.

That's an excellent idea.

There's bleeding here. I don't
know where it's coming from.

Lap pad.

Let's extend the incision.

That exponentially increases
her risk for complications.

She's 17 years old. What if she
wants to have a baby someday?

If the other ovary is torsed
and it doesn't re-perfuse,

this may be all she has.

So, come on, let's go.

Okay. Now.

Lucia? I'm Dr. Schmitt.

Dr. Montgomery is in surgery.

Do you have my results?

It's positive.
You're pregnant.

We did it one time.

Did you not think that you could
get pregnant the first time?

I-I'm not stupid.

I just didn't think I would
get pregnant the first time.

Do you think that you might
want to keep the pregnancy?

No! I'm sorry.
I-I have to ask.

I can't have a baby.

I'm a stupid high schooler

who hasn't fed her
fish since Tuesday.

All I have to do is put
in a pinch of flakes,

and I still haven't done it.

A kid needs food every
day... Real food.

I would be the mother who
forgets to feed her baby,

and I would get
arrested or something.

Oh, my God, I don't want
to be pregnant senior year.

Do you know how mean kids are?

I do.

I think my parents might
actually murder me.


They don't have to know
if you don't want them to.

As long as the embryo
measures under 10 weeks,

you can have a medical abortion.

We'll give you pills so that
you can manage it at home.

They say it's like a...
Like a really bad period.

Yes, please, get me the pills.

Can we please just
get this over with?

I'll get the ultrasound.

She's calmed down
now. She's with Adams.

Thank you.

How long?

Uh, two years.

Gotten a lot worse
the last six months.

My mother had Alzheimer's.

When I was an intern,
she got brought in here

with diverticulitis.

She kept running out of her room

thinking she was
late for surgery.

My grandma keeps
thinking I'm my mom.

You must look a lot like her.

Look alike in some photos.

She died when I... was born.

I'm sorry.

Now you have to keep
telling your grandmother

over and over that her...
Ooh, I... I can't do this.

I can't watch this. I, um...

I-I put every effort I could
into matching across the country

so I wouldn't have
to watch this,

and that went to hell,
and now I'm here.

I'm stuck in that house, and...

I love her. She's
my grandmother.

She raised me. She's
why I made it this far.

It might be helpful if you don't
tell her that her daughter died.

I know it's not easy,
but living in her reality

is the most humane option.

I don't think I have it in me.

Nobody does. You'll find it.

Is it okay if I stay out here
a little longer? I just...

Of course.

I really feel your
pain, Griffith.

My door is always open.

What's going on? Is Zola okay?

Oh, yeah, she's okay.
She's in there with Amelia.

Okay. I thought she may have had
another panic attack. No, no.

But she did find
some of Kai's puzzles

that they use for
neurological evaluations.

The puzzles mainly focus
on visual-spatial skills.

Yeah, I'm familiar with them.
What... What's going on?

Meredith, she's aced
every single one

at a level far higher than
most of the adults I see.

I'm aware that she's smart.

My question is, why is she being
evaluated without my consent?

Right, well, it... Yeah,
it was an accident.

Zola discovered the
test when she and I

were in there practicing
on the simulators.

She's supposed to be in
my office doing homework.

Mer, based on Kai's
time with her,

Zola is extremely gifted,

which could explain
the panic attacks.

When giftedness is undiagnosed,

it can contribute to
behavioral issues...

Anxiety, a feeling
of being untethered,

a feeling that you don't belong.

Because you don't. Her brain does
not function like other kids her age.

She needs challenges
that they don't.

She needs to be around
peers who can relate to her

and the way she thinks.

I'm gonna go see my kid.

Penetration is not necessary
for mutual pleasure.

For starters, most women,
or people with vaginas,

can't achieve orgasm
through penetration.

Yes? How come
that's not in porn?

Because porn is to
actual human sex

as the "Fast & Furious" is
to actual human driving.

That is to say, it
bears no resemblance.

If you are having sex
with your partner,

and you are trying to
make it look like porn,

your partner is experiencing
little to no pleasure.

I would disagree.

Well, you would disagree
because the girls you are with

are also making it look
and sound like porn.

But that is just an act.

A real man wants to give
a woman a real orgasm.

So you want to be a real
man or some candy-ass actor

for whom a woman has to
pretend to enjoy sex?

Guess they were right.

This is definitely going viral.

Oh, not yet. Need music.

And dancing.

Hot dog! Boston again.

Mrs. Ward,
you're killing me.

Well, I guess you're lucky
that you're handsome, huh?

Where are you from?

Uh, Connecticut, but
my dad's from Barbados.



Honey, you okay?

Hi, Mom.

Did you have the baby already?

It's a girl.

A girl?



Can I see her? Not yet.

The doctors are cleaning her up.


You want to sit with
us while you wait?

Dr. Adams,
your pager is going off.

Let... Let me play
a couple hands.

Don't go easy on
her, Mrs. Ward.

Yeah. ♪ Remains

There was quite a bit of
damage to Diamond's ovaries,

but we were able
to salvage them,

hoping to preserve her
fertility as best we can.

So she's gonna be okay?

She will, yes.

I told her she just had
bad menstrual cramps

and that it runs in the family.

I gave her a hot water bottle.

I never even took her
to see the gynecologist.

Oh, this isn't your fault.

No, unless someone
specifically educates you

on what to look for, it's
hard to know what's normal

and what's an indication
of an underlying problem.

I'm just so grateful she was
with you when this happened.


First, you'll take mifepristone.
It's just one pill.

It'll stop the
pregnancy from growing.

Then, after 24 hours,
you'll take misoprostol.

It's four pills.

Put all four pills under
your tongue for 30 minutes.

And then after 30 minutes,

swallow whatever is left
of the pills with water.

And then a few hours after
you take the misoprostol,

you'll experience some
cramping and bleeding,

like a very heavy period.

Then you'll pass the pregnancy,
and the pain will stop.

How do I know if
something's wrong?

It's extremely rare
to have complications

with a medical abortion, but
if something feels off...

Fever, no bleeding,
too much bleeding...

Then I want you to call me.

You'll be here?

Yes, I will be here
for the next few days.

So you call me, day or night.

Can I take it now?

You can take it
whenever you're ready.

We're making reels.
Just dance and point!

We need energy,
people. It's for the kids.

What are we pointing
at? Oh, the facts.

We'll put them on the
screen later. If you say so.

But why little videos?

Because I can't get Tuck to look
up from his phone long enough

to have an actual conversation.

And we have to
speak their language

if we want them to learn.

Are you sure we're not
gonna get sued over these?

If someone wants
to take me to court

for educating people
about their own bodies,

they better be prepared
for a big fight.

So, when do you think
we'll see you again?

How does tomorrow sound?

Oh, you ready to
come back to work?


Look, I just can't sit
idly by while my daughter

doesn't have the same
rights as her brothers.

This is a humanitarian crisis.

I would like to
reopen the clinic

and dedicate it to
reproductive health.

I-I would run it
20 hours a week,

and the rest of the time,
I will be an attending,

teaching the next
generation of surgeons

who we are depending on

to be in this fight
for the long haul.

Mm. Well, Meredith's
still interim chief.

She's just waiting on you to...

No, I-I don't want chief.

I'm telling you what I want.

I want to teach and
cut 40 hours a week,

and then go home to my family
without the added stress.

That's my best and final offer.

Take it or leave it.


Welcome back, Dr. Bailey.


Thank you for staying
with my grandmother today.

Ah, she's incredible.

Doesn't remember her address,

but still seems to
be an ace at cards.

Yeah, it's always
been her thing.

Growing up, all the kids
played Scrabble and Monopoly.

I played bid whist with
Grandma's book club.

You sure you're okay?

Yeah, fine.

You're not gonna
tell everyone, right?

Is it a secret?

I don't want anyone's pity.

I don't want to be
the broken-home girl.

It's bad enough the chief knows.

I think people are
just trying to help.

I know you're a Shepherd.


How... Something
was weird with you

and Dr. Montgomery this
morning, so I looked you up.

She's your Auntie Addie.

You tell anyone? Not yet.

I'll keep your secret
if you keep mine.




Kai and I are about to head out.

You okay?

They used to make me do these
puzzles all the time as a kid.

They'd stand over my
shoulder with a stopwatch,

take notes on a clipboard.

I spent years of my
childhood thinking

that there was something
horribly wrong with me.

My mind would race.

I-I-I couldn't speak
in front of the class.

I sobbed at every
social interaction.

I... panicked.

And now you're living
it all again with Zola.

No, not reliving it.

I completely missed it.

I love Zola so much.
How did I miss it?

It's hard to see
ourselves in others,

especially when
it's a side of us

that we feel like
we've left behind.

And then when somebody
points it out,

it's suddenly all
that you can see.

Mine is downstairs in the
pit doing sutures right now.

I know that extreme intelligence

does not mean that there's
something wrong with you,

but my gift certainly
gave me some struggles.

What helped?

A kind child psychiatrist

who gave me tools that
helped along the way.

Zola will get her tools.

We'll make sure of it.

Have you got any
plans for dinner?

Well, you should come on over.

I mean, Catherine's home.

You know she makes
way too much food.

Oh, I really should
keep working.

Addie, you're gonna
run yourself ragged

trying to solve the world's
problems every waking hour.

You know, it's a
marathon, not a sprint.

I mean, you know me, Richard.

And what they've done,

what they're continuing to do,

it just...

I just feel...



Erased. I feel...


I do know.

And I also know that even
if you spend every day

fighting the good fight,

I mean, you have to live,
I mean, you have to eat.

So come on over.

Catch up with old
friends, get some rest.

And wake up and do it
all over again tomorrow.


So, how long are you
gonna stay mad at me?

A day, a week?
What do you think?

Let me know.

I haven't decided yet. Okay.

I mean, I'm lost
with Zola right now.

And it just doesn't help
that all the people I love

go behind my back and
break all of my rules.

I mean, she's a great kid.

She is. And she's brilliant.

I mean, there's a lot
to figure out here.

But, uh, we got a big
piece of the puzzle.

I mean, it's got to feel
pretty good, doesn't it?

Yeah, it does.

Ah! Did I get a smile?

See? You can't stay mad
at me even when you try.

When done
properly and consensually,

sex can be medicine.


We know it reduces stress and
strengthens the immune system.

It even rejuvenates
your brain activity.

You know what I find super sexy?


I was gonna say "surprises,"

but, yeah, you.

But sex without connection
can leave you feeling empty.

So I, um...

I learned about the
erogenous zones today.

Did you know that there are
spots on your feet that, um...

Should I... stop?

It's just a foot rub, right?

Friendship, laughter,
simple human touch...

Done. Aah!


You're good at this.

I'm good at a lot of things.

These are stress relievers, too.

Because truly, it's
about connection.

When you're physically
close to another person...


It's just this once.


It's not happening again.

No feelings.

I don't even like you.

I'm not for everyone.

The nervous system responds...

the body is flooded with
feel-good hormones...

You should have taken
sex ed much sooner.

Head upstairs.

And everything else
just fades away.

Captions by VITA...