Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 19, Episode 2 - Wasn't Expecting That - full transcript

The attending surgeons and interns work together to solve a medical mystery when a college kid comes in with what first looks like food poisoning but has escalating and dire complications. Meanwhile, Jo spends her day off with Bai...

My mother
always used to say

that you could tell the
difference between an intern

and a second-year
resident by their sutures.

Wait, ladybug, you
forgot your lunch again.

Made your favorite.

My favorite.

Go back inside, Grammy.
Dad's getting your breakfast.

Bye, baby. Love you.

One of the more common
mistakes an intern makes

is tying their
sutures too tightly,

which causes tension.

Wow. Right? It's my first.

Car? Place.

I installed a Wi-Fi hotspot
and a camper stove. Ah.

And, no, you can't borrow

The more tension, the longer
it takes the wound to heal.

It decreases blood flow,
increases scar formation,

and even necroses the skin.

What are you doing? I
worked till 4:00 a. m.

Thought I'd put on
fresh underwear.

Please do not tell me
that you are living here.

I'm not. It's
just a safe space

to put my stuff till I
find a permanent place.

Oh, my God.

Please don't say
anything to my mom.

I don't even talk to your mom!

Ah, this whole sister hate
thing may work in my favor.

Okay, just come stay at
Meredith's for a few days.

If you're gonna survive
internship here,

you're gonna need a night
or two of good sleep. Nope.

You at least need to do laundry.

You're offering to
wash my underwear?

We agreed. No special favors.

So even though they may have
technically closed the wound...


They may have opened the
door to even more problems.

We're late.

Whoa, whoa! Slow down!

My God. We almost just died.

Have you seen these e-mails

about Nick Marsh's plans
for the residency program?

It's weird. The
Residency Director

is e-mailing about
the residents.

He wants to push
pre-rounds by an hour,

set up a mixer with
the nursing staff,

and wants to bring
in a yoga instructor.

Oh! When? When will they work?

I mean, he's doing exactly
what I thought he would,

but I just thought he
would, I don't know,

stop by my office or send
me an e-mail or call me.

Sounds like this is not entirely
about the way he does his job.

The job that you offered him.

I have no idea what you're
talking about.

So, I suppose I will
see you ladies tonight.

Did you forget?
Zola's presentation

for the Pacific
Northwest Scholars.

Her paper is a finalist
for their merit program.

What's the paper about?

Her hero. Dr. Ellis Grey.

Twist. I don't care.

I'll show up for anything
that celebrates Zola.

I'll see you tonight. See you.

Nurse Krueger
to the O. R. Nurse Krueger to the O. R.

Hello. Listen up.

Dr. Schmitt is your
chief resident.

He's our
only senior resident.

He's gonna be handing
out your assignments

while I'm doing a
kidney transplant.

Who can name the
top three causes

of end-stage renal disease?

Hypertension, diabetes,

He didn't raise his hand.

Yeah, I don't care
about any of that.

Am I correct? Yeah, you are.

Do I get to scrub in?
No, uh, you cannot.

Okay. Have fun, Schmitt.

I haven't slept in two days.

I am answering pages from
six different services,

and I had a cupcake for
breakfast, so no one complain.

Adams, you're with
Dr. Pierce. Kwan's with Ndugu.

Yasuda, report to Owen Hunt.

And, uh, Millin and Griffith,
surgical consult in the pit.

Uh, two of us for one consult?

Two interns make a whole doctor.

Now, don't embarrass
me or kill anyone

or drop anything
inside a patient.

This is the moment you go.

Come on.

Dr. Kwan.

Yeah. Tell me what you see.

Pericardial effusion?
That's right,

which is compressing
this patient's heart.

What would be your

Hi! Remember
Mr. Veras? He's back,

and his trach is infected.
Can you take a look?

Also, a new patient
in 523 needs an echo

and admissions orders
for observation.

Are you talking to me or...

Always assume I'm not.

I have a VATS
lobectomy in an hour.

I pushed that to this afternoon.

Maggie, I already rescheduled
that patient twice.

I double-checked his labs.

A few hours will not
change his status.

Okay, uh, yeah, I
will get it all done.

Thank you. I will
check in with you

after my valve replacement.

We're doing a valve
replacement? What type of valve?

TAVR. But you are on scut.

No special favors,
right? Uh...


All I did was put
in a chest tube.

Was there an
attending in the room?

It's the E. R., Teddy.
There's about three attendings

in this area at all times. Was
one specifically watching you?

One specifically has
been barking at me 24/7,

so, yeah, I assumed
she was still here.

Do you need something?
Mika Yasuda,

reporting for
Dr. Hunt's service.

I'm his intern today.

You know, you might want
to find a new service.

Yeah, Dr. Hunt used
to be chief of trauma,

and then he lost his mind,
so now I'm chief of trauma.

Yeah, also, she's my lovely
wife and mother of my children.

Her favorite color is blue.

Did she really
need to know that?

Yes. To humanize you!

According to the Washington
Medical Commission,

if he attempts to do
anything on his own,

he will be reported and
lose his medical license.


Oh, so I'm supposed to...

Call an additional attending
for the following...

Intubations, chest tubes,

surgical consults,
I&Ds, NG tubes,

lap repairs, washouts...

Pretty sure this isn't surgical.

Well, don't give up hope yet.

So, when did the, uh...
The vomiting start?

I can't remember.

Any alcohol last night? Drugs?

We shared a few drinks
while playing "Barn Finders"

at a friend's apartment. Oh.

It's a video game.

You play? Sometimes.

Not at all.

Yeah, we got back
at like 3:00 a. m.,

and, uh, we split some
leftover fried rice

I had in my fridge.
It's from that place

across the street from
the student union.

We are never ordering
from there again.

Any blood in your vomit?

I-I don't know. Here.

Okay, well, we'll get you both
started on some IV fluids,

and then we'll give
you another run...

just... Just stay calm.

Okay? Take a deep breath
for me if you can.

Uh, Dr. Griffith,

we need some oxygen
here, please. On it.


What's happening to him?!

Uh, hold on. Hold on.

What the hell is
this? I don't know.

Well, find somebody who does!

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Hi, Pru! Luna, say hi!

Okay, healthy snacks, check.

Uh, sanitizer, check.

This is my kind of mom group.

No endless brunches, no
power walking in full makeup

and earrings and tight leggings.

Alright, waters,
uh, baby wipes, yes,

and, uh, sunscreen.

You are organized.

Not my first rodeo.

Thank you so much for
calling. All I do is work

and watch Link bring home
half the women in Seattle,

which, you know, I'm not one
to judge a choice, but it...

Uh-huh. Okay.
Look, if we hurry,

the girls can go down the slide
while it's still in the shade.

Oh. Uh, are we late?

Yes. Let's power-walk.


Did you page both of us?

Uh, I paged Chief Grey.
I paged Dr. Webber.

Did you happen to talk to
each other before doing that?

Uh, never mind. Never
mind. Uh, what do you got?

Um, 19-year-old male with abdominal
pain, vomiting, and chills.

He recently was
experiencing chest pain,

shortness of breath, and a
rash on his abdomen and chest.


What about him?

College roommate.

They ate the same thing

four hours before
both presenting with

food poisoning symptoms,

but he hasn't developed a
rash or shortness of breath.

It's on his legs
and his arms, also.

Let's get blood cultures,
get a chest X-ray.

Put him on high-flow oxygen.
Admit him to the ICU.

Call internal medicine and
page us when you're done.

One of us.

Excuse me. Hi.

Do I need all that stuff, too?

So, your intake form says
that you're experiencing

abdominal discomfort,
Mr. Peters?

Harold, please.

But I may know what the
discomfort is from...

There you are! This
hospital's a maze.

Sharon, I told you
to wait in the car.

And I told you I thought
that was a stupid idea.

I still can't find my phone.

What if the kids call
and need something?

You won't be able to help if
you're on an operating table.

What's wrong with
him? I'm fine.

Probably an ulcer or
something. He says that

every time we're supposed
to go to my mother's.

Your abdomen is distended,

so I'm gonna have
to do an ultrasound

to figure out how
to proceed, okay?

I have three minutes.

And I'm not sure I'm
gonna survive them.

Do I need to remind you
why I'm here, Dr. Hunt?

Well, it's been about 10
minutes since the last time,

so, sure, knock yourself out.

Are you all doctors? Teddy,
this is just an ultrasound.

So then it should go
quick. Hi, I'm Dr. Altman.

Yes, we are all doctors.
And you're all necessary?

No. You know what? Why don't
you just do this yourself?

Well, if I were to
do everything myself,

then no one would
learn. Would they?

We're a teaching hospital.

We should have gone
to Seattle Pres.

Oh, geez.

I'll be right back.

Dr. Schmitt.

I was supposed to
remove the drains

from Dr. Ndugu's
patient an hour ago.

I have to go round
on Webber's post-ops,

and the nurses keep
texting me angry emojis.

I can't work for
Dr. Hunt because it means

you're also working
for Dr. Altman,

which means you're
working for velociraptors.

They're vicious, can
snap in an instant,

but there is a
mind-game component

going on between those
two that is so deep,

it might destroy
all of civilization.

Short, succinct,
clear sentences.

What? I don't
have time to pee,

and you just said so many words.

Can I be on your service
instead of Dr. Hunt's?


Now get back in there
and do your job.

Thank you. Hey. I
just asked Winston

if he could help on an anterior
approach for a spinal fusion,

and he said to check with you?

He's monitoring a
few patients for me,

and I may need an
assist on a TAVR.

Well, I can assist on the TAVR.


Is everything okay with Winston?

He seemed a little... Was
he doing his scissors talk?

I don't know what you mean.

When Winston gets irritated,
he talks like scissors...

Like, every word, it sounds
like snip, snip, snip.

He wants to yell,
but he holds back,

so he just cuts the
air with his words.

I thought he was mad at me.

No, he's mad at me.

I pushed his surgery
because I'm a perfectionist

and I want perfection
for my patients.

And there's no such thing
as perfection in interns,

and there are still
no senior residents,

so I ask perfect Winston.

Yeah, well, I still need someone
to help on my spinal fusion,

so you need to work on all that.

We do have one senior resident.

Dr. Schmitt.

Page him.

And don't eavesdrop
on my conversations.

What happened? He became
completely unresponsive,

and his pressure tanked.
The rash is now everywhere.

Let's start him on pressors.
Push sux, etomidate.

Get me an intubation tray.

Two of you, come around
here. Stand behind me.

Watch exactly what I'm
doing. You want to make sure

you have full visualization
of the vocal cords.

Griffith, come around and
listen for breath sounds.

Bilateral breath
sounds. Okay, great job.

Thank you.

Uh, Chief Grey?!

What the hell is
wrong with this kid?

Hey, I need you to
come back to work now.

I make more money here.

You do not.

Uh, as a resident, I made
around 55K a year, before taxes,

when I regularly
worked 80-hour weeks,

and weekends and holidays.

The math sucks,
Levi. Not to mention

I didn't love the stress
that came with it.

If I make a mistake
here, nobody dies.

Taryn, you are a surgeon.

I was a surgeon.

Now I'm a bartender

and you're on the vagina squad.

Was! I was on
the vagina squad.

Now I am chief resident,
general surgery.

Only because I'm
not coming back.


So come back and prove me wrong.


Grey wants you back.

Did she say that?

Meredith is straight,

and I have enough
self-esteem now to know

to only fall for women
who might love me back.

So, thanks, but no thanks.


Bartending really is
good for you, huh?


come back anyway.

No! Oh!


I'm coming, Dr. Pierce.


Initially presented
like textbook food poisoning,

and then evolved into
septic shock within hours.

Do we have the
source of infection?

Uh, no. Not yet.

His chest X-ray shows
bilateral pleural effusions,

and he's exhibiting
signs of DIC.

The rash is non-blanching.
It could be petechiae.

I initially thought it was
Steven Johnson Syndrome,

but the rash doesn't
peel with pressure.

Any case reports
of Bacillus cereus

and sepsis after eating rice?
It's not Bacillus cereus.

It's not food poisoning at all.

Have any of you ever seen a
patient bleed from every orifice

after eating bad leftover rice?

Well, then solve it. What?

You and Millin and the
rest of the interns,

hit the research
and figure it out.

Before it's too late.

Hello, Altman.

Well, I'm glad you and
Hunt decided to come back.

I imagine it's hard with everything
he has to go through right now.

Let me guess. Owen thinks
that I'm drinking too much,

so he asked you to intervene.

Thanks. I'm good.

I was just asking
how you were doing.

Well, I have spent the
last six months on my feet

working locum tenens in L. A.

While Owen developed
an artistic penchant

for building sand castles,
which was fun for the kids,

but, honestly, the sand
castles were pretty basic.

And since his legal
team bankrupted us,

Owen and I now have lengthy
arguments about important topics

like whether to buy name-brand
or store-brand shampoo.

Every time I look at his face,
I am filled with such annoyance

that I have to go outside
and pretend to garden

when, really, my kids are
just seeing me rip up plants.

The worst part of
all of it is...

Is that I still don't
want to leave him

because he's the
father of my kids,

and somewhere really deep
down inside, I still love him.

And wine helps me remember that,

so I drink three
glasses a night.

But never at work.

And the kids are
in bed by 8:00,

and I don't get
behind the wheel.

I mean, the riskiest
thing that I may do

is watch too many
puppy videos at night.

Is that a problem for you, sir?

Always good to see you, Altman.

Hey! Adams.

Dr. Shepherd.

I wanted to run
something by you.

About a patient.

I'll catch up.

I found you some
apartments to see.

Mom always said you
were the best liar.

That was bad lying.

Wait, is that a
loft? Eh, kinda.

I think there's some creative
license with the advertising,

but it's near Meredith's.

Uh, great, send it to me.

You can visit, see the
kids, eat for free.

You won't see me cook, but
Meredith's pretty good,

and Maggie makes
dinner on Sundays.

Hey, can you not walk so close?

What's wrong with you?

You're hovering. I'm helping.

The more people see us together,
the easier it's gonna be

for them to figure
out we're related.

I've already been
designated the screw-up.

Please don't make
it worse. Bye.

You know, it could be
toxic shock syndrome.

That would explain the rash.

But there's no liver
or renal dysfunction.

Have you considered
erythema multiforme?

No one asked you. I asked him.

What? Chief Grey told us to.

I will ask everyone

if it prevents my name going
on a death certificate.

So, who's dying?
How can we help?

It's a 19-year-old male,
ate leftover fried rice,

vomited for six hours,

a generalized, purple,
star-shaped rash

all over his body, and is now
in full-blown septic shock.

Ah, he looks pretty
dead already.

That's from bad rice?

I've never seen so much vomit,

and my parents did a
lot of hallucinogens.

And it was like a...
Like a rainbow of vomit.

Like red-brown,
yellow-green, bilious.

I'm done. DRESS syndrome?

No. He doesn't take any meds,

and his eosinophil
count is normal.

- Kawasaki disease?
- No.

Ugh. I have to go
find an attending

to supervise my attending
so they can supervise

me learning nothing.

Have fun.

Rickettsial disease? No.

It's not even your case.

Well, that should tell
you how wrong you are.

Harold, so, your ultrasound
didn't show any abnormalities,

so we're gonna do a CT scan
to get a better look, okay?

Is it possible
to get some privacy?

You and I? Without...
Oh, um, Dr. Yasuda,

can you take Mrs.
Peters to grab a coffee?

Yeah. Mrs. Peters, if you
would just follow me...

Oh! It's here.

I used the app to locate
my phone. It's in here.

Let me call it.
Sharon, please...

Ah, Harold, give me two seconds,

and you can be
alone all you want.

I really need you to leave.



Oh, for God's sake,
are you sitting on it?

It sounds like it's
coming directly from yo...

Mm. Harold,

did you stick my
phone up your ass?

Please say no.

You're always on the damn thing!

Oh, my God. We don't even know

what your face
looks like anymore

'cause you're glued
to social media!


Ow! Oh, my God!

Page Dr. Altman
so I can retrieve

the phone.

Hang it up! Yeah. Oh, oh, God.

Okay. Okay. I...

So, are things at
least improving at Grey-Sloan?

How are you doing
it? Doing what?

Not breaking things

and sobbing uncontrollably
and screaming in public

every time you
look at Pru's face

and think about the world
that she's growing up in?

I try to remember she's
already lost one parent,

and if I did something
to get myself arrested,

no one would be there

to read her "The Pout-Pout
Fish" at bedtime.

I mean, Ben, he just
reads the words.

I do it with the rhythm.

Carina and I did
extend our clinic hours

to accommodate the
patients from out of state.

Oh. Are you having to pick
up more hours in surgery,

or has that calmed down now
that the interns are back?


What? I thought you wanted

to be my mom friend.

I'm just
making conversation.

You are using me for
information about the hospital.

You want me to be
your Deep Throat!

I prefer Delta

an Imperial intelligence source

during the early years
of the New Republic.

Well, you gonna talk or not?

Alright, Harold, let me know

if you feel any
discomfort, okay?

Physical or emotional?

Uh, we're gonna be fast.

Okay, Yasuda, I need
you to press hard

on the lower left
quadrant, okay?

Don't forget gloves.

I'm beginning to understand
why you did this, Harold.

What? Okay, ready here.

Okay, here we go. Now, Harold,

I'm gonna need you to bear down.

No one should ever say that
to another human being.

And push.

Alright, try forceps
or a balloon catheter.

Push harder, Harold.

Owen, if you can't grasp it,

he's gonna have to go
to the operating room.

You wanna
take that to his wife?


I'm the guy who killed
his college roommate.

They're gonna make
podcasts about me.

He is not dead.

And I believe we can save him

once we know exactly
how to treat him.

Can you tell me anything
you know about him?

Um, he's from Massachusetts.
Parents are divorced,

and I don't ask about it
'cause my parents are divorced

and I don't like
talking about it.

Uh, he's a history major,

loves sports documentaries,
hates coffee, I mean...

Anything you know
about his health.

Oh. Um...

He had syphilis once.


Hey. Hi.

How was the, uh,
kidney transplant?

Uh, well, it's
making urine already,

so, you know, on par. Good.

Yeah. Good.

And you're liking
the, um, new position?

I saw all the changes
that you made.

Yeah. Uh, is there an issue?

Not at all.

Okay, good.

Where are you staying?

You know, same place on Union.

Oh. I like that place.

Yeah, you're acting
a little weird.

Excuse me. Chief Grey? Yes.

Um, it's Chase.

Oh. Okay. Sorry.

Good luck. Sorry.

His foot's cold, and
I can't get a Doppler signal

anywhere below the knee.
We don't make a move,

this leg could turn gangrenous.

Any family around?

His mother is on a
plane as we speak.

Well, if she wants
to see her son alive,

that leg's gotta go.

You have to amputate?

You do.

I'm sorry, what?
Cutting something off

is way easier than
reattaching it.

Get him prepped and upstairs.

Advance the guide wire
carefully to the aortic annulus.

It's very
angulated here.

I don't want to injure anything.

It's okay. Just go slowly.

There. Good.

Schmitt, why
aren't you in O. R. 4?

Because I am trying
really hard not to injure

this man's vasculature
in this O. R.

You prepped and studied
for my VATS lobectomy.

And if I remember correctly,
you begged to be my assist.

If you were supposed
to be his assist,

then why are you
in here being mine?

The schedule changed so much.

And you are chief of cardio.

And I play Dungeons & Dragons,
so I follow hierarchy.

And for the record,
I'm very tired.

Please don't say that with
your hands in my patient.

I thought I was helping you.

By taking my assist to be yours?

Winston... Alright,
you know what?

I'll reschedule the
lobectomy again.


Oh, uh, Marsh. Yeah.

What exactly is
"mini Grand Rounds,"

and why was I invited?

Uh, we did them in Minnesota.

Interns take turns presenting
on cases to their class.

It helps their skills for rounds
and future lecture capabilities.

So it's good.

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Well, I thought
you could be there

to help me provide feedback.

Look, is this gonna be a thing?

Someone questions me every time
I make a change to the program?

Because I kinda thought
that's why I was hired here.

Look, um, six months ago,

I was trying everything I
could to save this place.

My wife wasn't doing well.

I blamed you for Meredith
going to Minnesota.

I wasn't my best self.

I've already apologized
to Meredith about it.

And, um, well, you
deserve the same.

I'm sorry.

I appreciate that,
Dr. Webber, I do, but...

it does kinda feel
like there's more here.

Oh, no. N...

Well, okay, yes.

Um, it's none of my business,

and I'm not exactly sure what
happened between the two of you,

but, um, she's worth
taking a job for.

If that's why you did it.

And I'd be honored to
join you for feedback.


Oh, and, uh, Marsh, uh,

program's yours now.

I thought you were getting
to scrub in with Dr. Ndugu.

His wife
rescheduled it.

He's married to Dr. Pierce,
and there are clearly issues.

Ah, do they back-seat-drive
each other's rectals?

What is that a euphemism for?

Nothing. I literally just experienced
that with Dr. Altman and Dr. Hunt.

Why is everyone
married to each other?

Because doctors have no lives

and no time to
meet normal people.

Great. Everything sucks.

Are you flirting with
me on a sick patient's leg?

No. No, no,
no. No, no, no. No.

Crap. No. That is
not me flirting.

That is me being an
encouraging teacher.


In an appropriate way.

Uh, I didn't put a winky
face next to it or anything.

I-I genuinely don't want you
to cut off the wrong leg.

Ten blade, please.

What happened? He just
started breathing really hard,

then he made this choking sound.

Is he dead? He's
in cardiac arrest.

He needs to be intubated.
Should I get Dr. Altman?

No, there's no
time. Mrs. Peters,

I need you to step
outside. But Harold...

We're gonna take
care of him, okay?

Wait, you're
gonna do it? Nope.

I'm gonna walk you
through it now.

Switch with me.

Okay, don't over-think
this, Yasuda.

Make sure you have everything
ready that you need.

Test the tube.

Tube looks good. Stylet.

Okay, grab the scope.

Okay. Other way.

Ah, sorry.
Visualize the cords.

Okay. Ready?

Okay. I can see them.
Take the tube. Insert it.

We don't have much time
here, so one fluid motion.

Trust your instincts
on the angle.

I got it through.

Cuffs up.

Let's start bagging.


Breath sounds on both sides.

Breath sounds on both
sides. Nice work, Yasuda.

Airway is secured.

All we need to do now is,
uh, get his circulation back.

Good job.

I requested a single room.

Grew up an only child

and have... or had...
Social anxiety.

Dreaded meeting new
people, large parties.

Anytime I got an e-mail
during orientation

with the word "mixer" in the
subject line, I-I panicked.

Then Student Services
assigned me a roommate.

And I almost dropped out.

Till I met Chase.

I know this is gonna
sound really weird,

but you know those
emotional support animals

for people who can't
handle crowded places?

You're comparing
him to... a dog.

fixed all my issues!

I mean, he... he showed me how
to walk up to a group of people

and actually talk to them.

We haven't gotten
into a single fight,

and we basically live
on top of each other

inside of a crowded dorm.

I mean, we've had colds
together, flu, athlete's foot,

which I don't know
if you've had, but...

Crowded dorm.

Do you know if Chase received

all of his childhood

I don't know. Why?

I-Is he gonna be okay?

I hope so!

I know this goes against
everything you've been taught,

but you need to cut harder.

All the way through the
joint, layer by layer.

The food poisoning

was a distractor. Chase
has meningococcus.

His cultures came
back? Not finalized,

but I checked his records. He
was never vaccinated for it,

and his gram stain is showing
gram-negative diplococci.

Meningococcus would
explain the septic shock.

Not to mention, it's common
in college... College dorms.

There's too much blood.
I-I can't control the bleeding.

Oh, God. He's not clotting
properly due to the DIC.

Damn it. I did everything
you told me to!

Clamp. Elevate the leg.

Turn up the tourniquet.


So residents now get
free weekly lunch...

Mm-hmm. Attending mentors,

and an extra hour of sleep?

Mm-hmm. And let me guess,

there's a pinball machine
in the locker room now, too?

No. Oh,
but I did hear a rumor

about monthly passes
to a yoga studio.

You think the
program's gone soft.

No. I think it's finally
headed in the right direction.

I'm angry because I tried

to implement similar
changes at various times

and was always met
with resistance.

You're allowed to
change your mind.

If you miss it,
you can come back.

I started a garden
at Pru's preschool.

We planted daffodils
and sunflowers

and talked about
plant life cycles

and how when you plant a seed,

the roots have to grow
first, before anything else.

I wrote a sex education program
with a community clinic.

I'm answering phones for
a women's organization.

I am planting seeds.

Growing roots.

I-I think I'm following, but...

I'm still not ready.

You're still not ready. No.


But, Wilson...

I do count you as a mom friend.

Altman paged me.
What do you got?

A central line. I
can't do it on my own.

Alright, okay. You
go ahead, Hunt.

Okay. Thank you.

I'm sure she loves
every moment of this.

You know, she
considers this payback

for the past six months
when I wasn't able to work.

I mean, I was
miserable, Richard.

I'm a trauma surgeon who
was trained in the military.

I am wired to work.

So instead of sitting
around drinking

and looking at people with hate,

I surfed to distract myself.

I built sand castles
to entertain my kids.

I wrote letters to Congress in
support of burn pit legislation.

And I maybe chose

the most expensive
attorney that I could find

to get my career back. And
you know what's hilarious?

She's the one who said
that we should run.

And I listened 'cause she's
my wife and I love her.

I love her despite the fact

that she highlights our
credit-card bill balance

and posts it on the fridge
just so I don't forget

that we're broke.

So now, not only am I

living with someone
who resents me at home,

she stands over me every
second here at work.

Line's in.


I-I suggest you find
some physical space.

Yeah. You got any ideas?

Dr. Gear to the
E. R., stat. Dr. Gear to the E. R., stat.

I'm sorry I messed
up your schedule.

Today, or the past six months?

I know I've leaned on
you, and I-I'm sorry,

but you are so talented, and
I needed that in my O. R.

I needed to be able to trust
the person standing next to me.

And we didn't have
any residents.

Now we do. We have interns.

Okay. That makes
it okay to treat me

the way you used to treat me
back when we were at Tufts?

As your resident?

Of course not.

Why do you think
I'm so talented, Maggie?

Because you... you

I mean, you've studied.

You've practiced.
You work really hard.

I had a good
teacher. That's why.

And you can't expect everyone
to be as good as you and me

unless you teach them.

Unless we teach them.

And I can't do that

if you're constantly
pulling me off my cases.

It's not fair to me. It's
not fair to my patients.

It's not fair to
this next class.



I really am a
good teacher, aren't I?

Just don't let them
fall in love with you.


But he's alive.

And he doesn't have a
leg? From the knee down.

But you can live without a leg.
And he has that option now.

Due to Dr. Griffith's
quick thinking.

The culture came back
for meningococcus.

His mom should be here soon,
but you can go and sit with him

so long as we get you
gowned and gloved.

Thank you. Okay.

We'll all need to be
on a four-day regimen

of prophylactic antibiotics
due to the exposure.

How's Millin? I don't know.

Okay, well, Chase had
uncontrollable coagulopathy.

Any one of you would have
struggled to control that bleeding.

So be there for her, because when
it's you that makes the mistake...

I won't. You will,
and when you do,

those people are the only
people who will understand.

It's too early to
go numb, Griffith.

What if I'm not the
comforting type?

Surely there must be something
that makes you feel better

when you have a day like that.

I have faith in you.


It's the only place in the
hospital that smells good.

Like peppermint.

It's eucalyptus.

Stuffed animals are
pretty soft, too.

Come in.

You paged? Yeah. I just, uh...

I wanted to go over
this budget request

for the, um, "Lunch & Learns."

What is a Lunch & Learn?
Well, the department

provides the interns protected
time for lunch once a week,

and rotating attendings
will lecture.

You really want to talk
about this right now?

Do you have
somewhere else to be?

Why does it seem like
you're mad at me?

I'm not.

You haven't said two words
to me since you've been here.

I thought, since
you were here...

That's just it. Wha...
You thought what?

I-I kind of need you to
say it here, Meredith.

You need me to say what?

Great, you're both here.

We're in the middle of
something right now.

I can't work for Teddy.

It's been a day.
It's been a week.

But anyway, I talked an intern
through an intubation today,

and I was pretty
damn good at it,

so let me be a teacher
for these next six months.

That's how I can be helpful.

I won't keep attendings away
from their own services,

and Schmitt won't be
run into the ground.

Let me work for you.
I'll teach labs,

skills, sutures, anything.
I'm your guy to teach.

Because I cannot
stand in that E. R.

With my wife looking
over my shoulder,

or only something
terrible will happen.

So save my marriage, Nick
Marsh. Please, save me.


Oh. Sure. Okay. Thank you.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you. Yeah.

If you disagree with any of
the changes, let me know.

Nick. Nick!

Look, I don't have time for all
this back and forth, Meredith.

And based on the way people
just walk on in here,

neither do you.

Good night.

I went numb.

The program shut down,
and we lost a patient.

And you didn't have my back.

You know how many people
I've lost in my life.

And when I watched
you walk away,

and I thought I lost
you, then I went numb.

That's why I didn't
call you for six months.

An then when I saw you in
the surgical corridor, I...

I could feel again.

I know I'm still
in love with you.

I know
my life is crazy.

And I know I can't stop people

from coming in the
door every five minutes

and interrupting
absolutely everything I do.

But I do know that I love you.

So if that's what
you need to hear,

I'll say it, as many times
as you need to hear it.

Can I take you to dinner?

Let me take you to dinner.



But you can take me

to Zola's presentation

for the Pacific
Northwest Scholars.

I'm in.


See you tonight.

Tension exists
throughout the entire body.

How it affects you depends
on how you manage it.

Why? It's a coping mechanism.

There was a study
out of Amsterdam

that said when people
touch stuffed animals,

especially if they
have low self-esteem,

it helps relieve anxiety.

I don't have low self-esteem.

I intubated a patient today.

Neither does Adams.

He's sleeping with
Dr. Shepherd, chief of neuro.

What? I... Well, it
makes me feel better.

I'm not. Why... Why...
Why would you think that?

Uh, I saw you two coming out
of the on-call room together,

whispering in the halls.

Unless you have a
different explanation?

- Geez.

Oh, everyone owes me $12
for the stuffed animals.

Nope. Who gives
people a present

then asks them to
pay for it? Hey.

I'm more of a cat person.

Some people can self-regulate

by breathing,
meditation, exercise.

They develop tools that
help them fight the stress

and reduce the pain it causes.

While at the
Clinic in Minnesota,

Dr. Grey conducted six
different clinical trials

that helped lead to advances
in cellular regeneration

related to liver disease.

She began a seventh, but she
unfortunately never completed it

because she started
exhibiting signs

of early onset
Alzheimer's disease.


Early onset Alzheimer's
disease can be a...

not all people

are wired that way. Be a...

Early onset Alzheimer's can be
a genetic illness in which...

Alzheimer's can be a...

Um, it's genetic, which means...

Some people feel
completely overwhelmed by it.

Something's wrong. It's
genetic. It means...

It means my mom
and my aunt, they'll get it, too.

They'll get it. They're gonna
die, and I'll have no one.

My aunt and my
mom are gonna die.

They're gonna die.
They're gonna die.

And the tension
freezes their bodies

until they can't move at all.

It's okay.

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