Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 19 - Out for Blood - full transcript

Due to a blood shortage, Grey Sloan Memorial is setting up a voluntary donation center. Meanwhile, Nick asks Meredith for help with his patient and Winston is hung up on his relationship with his brother.

Advanced. Progressed.

All words no one wants to hear
from their doctor.

I can't see anything.
There's too many adhesions.



That seems a little basic,
don't we think?

I swear, this place has gone
down the pipes.

It means despite
everything you've done,

every rule you've followed,

you may be near the end.

I still don't have

Maybe if I can mobilize
the liver...

Maybe? That's what
everyone wants in a surgeon.

They maybe know
what they're doing.

Always have a plan...
I told you that.

Suction, Meredith!

It's the moment
when fear sets in.

You panic as you realize
you may not survive.

You're losing control.

I know what I'm doing.

If you did,
you would have done it already.

Give me that.

It's why people turn
to experimental treatments

and last-ditch efforts.

Things haven't changed here.
I have to do everything myself.


If you knew you were dying...

...what would you do?

If someone gave you a lifeline,
would you take it?

If it weren't
for the accreditation council,

I'd say that
we should call in sick.

Stay in bed all day.


What are you thinking?

I should go to Boston.

I've called Nana Ante
and my cousins,

the few people I know
Wendell still talks to.

They all think
that he's back in Boston.


I'm gonna get your money back.

Maybe you don't.

Maybe you just
let Wendell have it

and let him get out
of whatever trouble he's in

and... and... and we just
go back to our lives.

My brother stole from you.

My wife.

It's wrong, and he knows it,
and I-I want to fix it.

I need to fix it.
No, no. It's fine.

Just let it go.
I don't want you involved

in whatever he is mixed up in.

It's not fine, Maggie.

It's not fine.

Please don't tell me
how to handle my brother.

Alright? You have sisters,
but they're not...

What? They're not actually
my sisters?

You didn't grow up with them.

So that makes them
less my sisters?

No, I...

That's not what I meant.


Bailey's gonna lose it
if we're late today.


that one has a sauna.

When have you been in a sauna?

I read that
it's good for circulation.

It is.

So's biking.

When have you ridden a bike?

Gotta say,
I am not gonna miss this rain.

You've only been here 30 days.

Yeah, and it's rained
for like 26 of them.


If the accreditation council

okays the residency program

does that mean we're leaving?


It's out. It's out.

It's here. Look.

Oh, it's out.

The Parkinson's treatment

Wow. Nice.



You know, you don't have to
walk us all the way to the door.

We can handle the rain.

Well, I'm a full-service guy.

As you know.

Last night was amazing.


So I'll see you tonight?

Um, maybe.

It depends on work.


Aww, is she tired?

Yeah, she, uh,
didn't sleep well last night.



He's staying over now?

First time.
Probably the last.

Things not going so well?

Is he not so nice?

Should I be worried?

He's nice, he's just...

We, uh... We had sex
for the first time

and he told me he loved me.


Did you say it back?

Love is a big word for me.


He also sings.

I sing.

Um, he sings when he's...


He woke up Luna.

O-Oh, oh!


Is it show tunes?

'90s Seattle grunge?

No. It's more like
one long note.

So like...

♪ Do, re, mi, fa, Jo

Are you gonna
break up with him at lunch

or after work?

Just forget I even told you.

♪ Goodby-y-y-ye

So you dropped your glasses

in one patient and left
a guide wire in the other one?

Well, I have also had plenty of
really great days, too, I swear.

Yeah, they're just not as funny
in the retelling.

So, how are you feeling, Simon?


I might jump in that triathlon
out in Bellingham this Saturday.

Unless my son shows up,
but he's taking his sweet time.


Well, listen up.

Check your e-mails.

Many elective surgeries
were postponed

due to the acute blood shortage.

We're setting up
a donation center.

In the meantime,
Jamarah Blake returns today.

And, God willing, today's the
day we'll get our program back.

- Yes.
- Oh, thank God.

I'll donate.
Sign me up.

Oh, come on, I'm dying.

Someone laugh at my jokes.

Can we mop up this area
by the doors?

Two kids have slipped already.

Hey, did the blood bank
send out any more O-neg?

They said there's no more
left to send.

We're gonna have to consider

closing to trauma
unless something changes.

Can you bring
the construction worker

from trauma two upstairs,

- Yep.
- Here you go, Doctor.


Dr. Hunt?


Dr. Owen Hunt?

Yes, can I help you?

My wife.

She's a Marine,
and she's really sick.

Heather Young said
you could help us.


Rosie did three tours in Iraq,

and when she returned
from the last one,

she had this awful cough.

She did a couple rounds
of steroids,

but nothing really helped.

At first they diagnosed her
with chronic bronchitis,

but eventually...

Pulmonary fibrosis.

Well, Pirfenidone has been shown
to slow down

lung function decline.

Rosie couldn't tolerate
the side effects.

Has she tried pulmonary rehab?

We've tried everything.

I can tell you a little about
the study that we're doing,

but if Rosie would like
to enroll,

I'm gonna have to examine her
in person.

I'm not here about the study.


We live in Utah.

They don't have
physician-assisted death,

and my wife is in terrible pain.

She can't eat, she can't sleep.

She's dying.

She needs those medications
you gave the other vets.

John, I don't know
what Heather told you...

She doesn't want to feel like
she's committing suicide.

She wants death with dignity.

She needs your help.



I'm sorry, but I can't.


If you don't give me the drugs
for my wife,

I'll report what you've done.


Thank you for coming,
everyone. I'll get right to it.

So, you are all aware that blood
has been in short supply

since the pandemic.

With the weather
being what it is

and a few heavy traumas
this past week,

our supply has fallen
to critical levels.

So I've asked the coordinators

to reschedule
all elective surgeries,

and we've also called
state blood banks

and are working on getting
an emergency delivery.

In the meantime,
I want to see butts in seats,

needles in arms.

Tell your friends.

Okay. People's blood
isn't gonna donate itself.

Ex... Excuse me.

I'm the chief.
I'm first.

Dr. Bradford
to labor and delivery.

Dr. Bradford
to labor and delivery.

I thought blood drives just
give you one cookie, two tops.

What's this?
Because I'm chief of general.

It comes with perks.

Congrats on the article,
Dr. Grey.

Thank you, Karen.

Hey, take a look at this.

48-year-old female,

CT shows a 12-centimeter
pancreatic head tumor

that involves the liver,
the duodenum,

and causing thrombosis
of the portal vein.

Yeah, the tumor's

literally at the juncture of
all her internal organs.

If it gets any larger,
she'll be at risk

for catastrophic bleeding,
so it's bad.

Or obstruction.

Yeah, um,
but you don't think a Whipple

would work in this case, do you?

Are you asking my opinion?

Well, no. I know you're famous
and everything now,

but I thought
I might still have an in.

Well, you could try
a traditional Whipple,

but I don't even think
you'd get clear margins.


Can I meet her?
Take a look?

See? You fell
right into my trap.

Lucky for you,
it's my favorite trap.


Try not to pass out this time.

Ha, ha, very funny.

What is it?

I can't donate.

What? Why?

Men who are sexually active
with other men

in the last three months
are prohibited.

And I wasn't active,
uh, the last time I donated.

I wasn't even out.

But what about gay women?
They don't care.

That is the most asinine thing
I have ever heard.

Please, it's fine.

You and your blood are being
excluded for being gay.

You should say something.

Can I just keep my job, please?

Plus, it's almost been
three months

since Nico and I broke up,
so I'll just...

I'll do it then.


Know anything yet?

The doctor's
in with her now,

so hopefully we'll have some
information soon.

Who's this guy?

Glen Sandstone.

High-powered attorney.

And he's married to
the blonde one here?

No, no. Audrey, the Spanish
woman that has the twin sister.

Ah, a twist.

Didn't see that coming.

She needs help remembering
her own name,

but she has the entire town
of Gladwell's family tree

committed to memory.

Cora, I agree with Dr. Marsh.

Yeah, normally
I love hearing that.

We can try a Whipple procedure,

but we won't be able to get
100% of the tumor.

But, i-it will help
with your pain

and maybe even give you
some more time with your aunt.


I take care of her now, but...

Sally raised me.

My mom wanted to be
a good mother, in theory.

But she had other priorities.

So when she would disappear
for days on end with a new guy,

Sally would come,
make sure I was eating dinner,

taking a bath,
tuck me in at night,

and tell me
my mom had just called.

I'd just missed her.

But she called to tell me
she loves me.

And it wasn't till my 20s
that I realized

that Sally was making it up.

And thank God she did, you know?

Because it's better to miss
your mom than to hate her.

And now she needs me.

She needs me to feed her
and bathe her...

...tell her
someone loves her.

So I need something better
than hopefully...

...and maybe.


So Heather
is just walking around,

advertising that... that you're

the military's
concierge death doctor?

Of course not.

I tried calling her,
but she didn't answer.

Until then, I don't know
what to do with this guy.

What do you mean, what to do?
You tell him no.

Well, then...

then he reports me,
and I go to jail.

Owen, we don't even know
who this guy is.

He could be lying
about his wife.

I saw medical records.

He could have fabricated them!

He could be a drug-seeker,
appealing specifically to you

'cause he heard what you did.

Listen, he called her
on video-chat.

We spoke.

Rosie's real, Teddy.

She's really sick
and she just wants my help.

Listen, I...

I can check the VA database,
confirm that she is military.

That make you feel better?

And if he's telling the truth?

We find another way to help.


Help! Help!

- Dr. Lincoln, hurry!
- What happened?!

Please, it's Simon.
He can't...

He's not breathing!

I'm scared that he's dying!


Sats are plummeting,
despite his high-flow.

BP's dropping, too.

We're gonna have
to intubate you, Simon.

No, I'm okay, just...
just keep the air coming.

Don't intubate.

Don't talk, babe.
Save your energy.

If they put in the tube,
I may never wake up.

Our son...

Sats are in the 80s.

His O2's maxed out.
What do you want to do?


Intubate him.

Get the intubation tray.

Coming through.

We need a size 8 ET tube.

Get suction ready.


Give me some cricoid pressure.

Maybe if we close our eyes,

it'll feel like
we're at the spa.

Mm. Spas smell like
lavender and eucalyptus,

not rubbing alcohol and plastic.

Also, people bring you things
to put over your eyes.

This is not a spa.

How are you?
Today should be

one of the biggest
celebratory days of my career.

Our article was published.

I might have gotten
one step closer

to surgically curing
Parkinson's disease.

And all you can think about
is Kai.

Have you heard from them?

They texted,
"Thinking of you."

Which is sweet,
but does nothing to soothe

the intense ache
that is consuming my body.

Breakups are hard.

Give it time.

Has Winston heard
from his brother?


And, uh, he's mildly obsessing.

No... not mildly.

He is obsessing.

And this morning I tried
to get him to let it go,

and he responded by telling me
I don't know what it's like

to have siblings.

You agree with him?

It's just...

No, it's just, it's different.

I mean, you and I are sisters

in like the best
and most adult ways,

and I love you.

But my Shepherd sisters?

When they get under my skin,
I cannot get them out,

and I love them,

but I'm not sure
that I like them.

And that is just based in,
like, childhood stuff.

So you agree with him.

I'm saying,

don't try to help him
stop obsessing.

It is only gonna make him
obsess more.

Here I thought I knew my husband
inside and out,

and there's just a lo...
I mean...

Deep things, like this thing
with his brother.

A lot of stuff
I didn't anticipate,

a lot of stuff that
I-I don't know.

Hey. I, uh...
I heard about Simon.

You okay?

I'm just trying
to distract myself

from thinking about
all the terrible things

that are gonna appear
on this screen in two minutes.

You break up with Pavarotti?

Really? You're thinking
about Todd right now?

No, I'm thinking about how
I wish we had gone to karaoke

the night the three of us
went out drinking.

I hate you.

He's nice.
He's kind.

But he is also obsessed
with his own PhD,

and he narrates his life
out loud.

Like, "And now,
I'm making the coffee.

I'm putting the beans
in the filter.

Now, I'm putting the water
in the pot."

That is...

Yeah, it is.


plus the singing orgasm...

It's a lot.

But he's... Oh, he's so nice.

♪ Figaro

♪ Figaro

♪ Figaro, Figaro

Oh, damn it.


how about this?

What if we resect
her entire pancreas,

extract the islet cells,

and insert them into her liver

so she can still make insulin?

Well, we said bold swings.
That's a bold swing.

I have done an islet cell
transplant before.

Of course you have.
Of course.

Are you impressed?
I mean, impressed.

I'm turned on.
I'm impressed, I'm turned on...

I just wish there were a way
to just get in there

and cut around the tumor
a little bit at a time,

piece by piece.

But how do we do that during
a critical blood shortage?

Wait, she would lose
a lot less blood

if we didn't do the surgery
inside the body.

You want to do
an ex-vivo surgery?

You've done one of those, too,
haven't you?


Well, if we were going
to go that route,

it would be helpful to have
an extra set of hands.

So, basically,
you want to do a Whipple,

but outside the body
on the back O.R. table?

Remove everything involved...

the liver,

the pancreatic head
with the tumor,

the intestines.

Remove it all en bloc,

excise the tumor,

and then transplant everything
back into Cora's body.

And whose idea was this?

Does it matter?

No, it doesn't,
because it's a bad idea.

I mean, it's too risky,

and, frankly, today,
it's irresponsible.

I mean, a surgery like this
would take over 20 hours.

So we should, what,
send her home to die?

Jamarah Blake is on her way
to decide

whether or not this hospital can
continue its training program,

because I was too confident and
tried to reinvent the wheel.

Today is not the day
to go rogue.

Maybe it isn't rogue,
maybe it's cutting edge.

And maybe cutting edge
is exactly what we need to do

to save the program.

No, I'm sorry.

I'm not gonna do it.


Okay, um...well,
we can keep her admitted.

I mean, we could do it
in a few days.

Just because he screwed up
doesn't mean Cora has to die.

I'm booking the O.R.


Not only did the existing
lung mets grow,

Simon now has more.

So can we resect them?

Unfortunately, no.

Um, he already has
too much tumor burden.

There won't be enough
pulmonary reserve.

What about a bronchial stent?

Well, it's not a problem
of getting air into his lungs.

It's a problem of getting them
to work at all.

His wife is 36 weeks pregnant.

We just need him to hold on
long enough

that she can have
a safe C-section.

I told him he'd meet his kid.

Which, I know, I know,
it was stupid.

What about ECMO?

ECMO's not medically indicated
in this situation.

Would it work?

Well, come on.
Would it buy him some time?

There are protocols
that we could follow

in order to reduce
the amount of blood products.

No, because what if
he bleeds out?

Just come meet Kristen.

Meet his wife. We can go over
these options together.



Uh, Ms. Blake, as, uh, director
of the residency program,

I want you to know
that we have followed

your recommendations
very seriously.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

Just in the past three weeks,

we've hired six new attendings,

and teaching cases
have risen 40%.

That's very impressive.

I also read
the Parkinson's research

of Doctors Grey and Shepherd.

It sounds like you've done
some groundbreaking work.

Well, they have indeed.

Well, this follow-up visit,
it shouldn't take long.

I'll mostly be looking
to confirm

that the issues that I flagged
have been addressed.

Which it seems
that many of them have.

You're almost done.
Thank you.

Are these your residents?


Ms. Blake, I am sure you are
aware that the state...

the entire country,
for that matter...

has been experiencing
a serious blood shortage.

So we d-decided to take matters
into our own hands.

By making your residents
donate blood during a shift?

It... This is
entirely voluntary.

Well, are you gonna shut us down
for a nation-wide problem?

So it moves the blood
out of his body

and oxygenates it so he doesn't
have to use his lungs?

That's right, it bypasses
his heart and lungs.


Um, let's do that, then.

Kristen, ECMO comes
with its own complications.

Particularly, it comes
with the risk of blood clots.

So, he could...

die more quickly.

Kristen, we usually use ECMO
on patients

so that their heart and lungs
can rest and recover.

And Simon's lungs
are not going to recover.

So what worries me about
using ECMO in this case

is that at some point...

We would have to unplug him.

At some point, yes.

And that might be harder
than you...

It won't be.

It won't be harder.

I mean, honestly, it's all hard.

It's more than hard.

It's, um... it's all impossible.

But here we are anyway.

Simon wants me to be able
to tell our son that they met.

♪ Wait until the sun
goes down ♪

That his dad loved him
beyond the beyond.

We've talked about this
for months.

♪ And you can see the stars

We've talked about everything,

We're... We're talkers,
we're planners.

We had so many plans.

♪ You know exactly
where they are ♪

And we don't get to have them.

♪ Even galaxies apart

But if we could have this...

♪ They'll stay forever

♪ Just know
they're never too far ♪

I mean, obviously,
we didn't talk about ECMO.

We didn't talk about
this specific, impossible thing.

But I know my husband.

I know him better
than I know myself.

I'm fine with the fact
that it might be harder on me.

If I have to...

say goodbye and unplug him... will be just one more
impossible thing.


But at least
he will have met his son.

♪ It's the letting go
that lets you fly ♪


♪ Lets you fly

I say yes.

Okay. Let's do it.
Let's try it.

♪ Getting darker now

Let's try.


♪ But the sky
is full of lights ♪

Cora, we just want
to make sure

that you understand the surgery

and how complicated it will be.

♪ But you can't hold
something bright ♪

♪ Even in the darkest night
It's different when it's you.

I'm sorry?

I'm so used to taking Sally
to all her appointments and...

♪ Just know
they're never too far ♪ many doctors
and so many hospitals.

♪ They'll keep us together

When it's you,
it's... it's different.

Sharper focus.
More frightening.

Cora, we're gonna take
great care of you

no matter what you decide.

But I don't know
what happens to Sally if I die.

I mean, she's confused if
I'm gone for just five minutes.

I know this surgery
sounds really risky.

But in my professional opinion,

it is your only chance
of survival.

Worst-case scenario?

You could have organ damage.

You could bleed too much.

You could die.
And soon.

Cora, you've put off
your own health

for a really long time.

And I think if Sally
could remember who you are,

she would tell you that
in order to take care of her,

you have to first
take care of yourself.



Oh, love.

That's for you.


♪ It's the letting go
that lets you fly ♪

Okay, yeah.

Let's do the surgery.


♪ Lets you fly



♪ It's the letting go
that lets you fly ♪


We're going to help you.

Oh, thank God.

But it's, uh...
it's complicated.

First, we're going to relocate
you and Rosie to Washington.

We're going to set you up
with housing

and vouch
that you're current residents.

And then we'll file
all the paperwork

to show Rosie's service record

and that she qualifies
for physician-assisted death.

We're willing to help
with the costs

and make sure that Rosie
has all the medications and care

required to keep her
as comfortable as possible.

Stop. That's...
That's not why I came here.

That's not what I asked you for.

We understand that, but...

John, we haven't assessed
your wife.

To give any medications
to a patient

that you haven't seen,
it's just... it's...

It's not ethical.
Not ethical to who?

Some committee?

Some spreadsheet that
tells you what's allowed?

John... My wife is dying.

She's not going to relocate
and fill out paperwork

and be vouched for by strangers.

Rosie wants it to look like
she just died in her bed.

She doesn't want our children
to know she took pills.

That's what matters to her
more than anything.

My wife is in pain

and you're talking to me
about ethics?!


Heather told me you're veterans.

What about honor?

Let Rosie die
with the dignity and honor

she lived with, please.



Maybe there's a way... No.

No, I am truly,
deeply sorry, John.

I-I wish there was more
that we could do,

but to what you are asking,
the answer is no.

We just can't.




And there it is.

It involves the entire
hepatoduodenal ligament.

We sure we want
to keep going here?

We can do this.

What other choice does she have?

Let's mobilize
the right colon first.


Hyper vigilant
on the suction, Helm.

We need to send
every drop of blood Cora loses

into the cell saver so we can
transfuse it back into her.


Wait, when Dr. Webber
said no,

did he mean that he wouldn't do
the surgery

or that no one should do
the surgery?

Suction, Helm.


Hello, forever.

We used to live
in this two-story town home

that had an upstairs office that
I was convinced was haunted.

And every time
I would go upstairs to work,

Simon would say,
"Goodbye, forever."

It always made me laugh...

...until his diagnosis.

I told him that I didn't want
to hear that anymore,

and suddenly...

instead of "Goodbye"... was "Hello."


I'm ready.


Start prepping him.
Let's move.

♪ It's a hard thing

♪ To learn

♪ Growing up on your own

We should hang
another unit of blood.

♪ It's a river rising

Okay, everything
is clamped off and divided.

On my count.

One, two...


Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God.

♪ I will hold the line


Got it?

♪ Always hold the line

Admit it. Parkinson's
seems boring after this.

♪ When you're feeling down

♪ And the world's not right

♪ And I know in time

♪ It will be alright

♪ But until then

♪ I will hold the line

♪ Hold the line


♪ Hold the line


♪ I can't say
I've got all the answers ♪

♪ But I'm here all the same



♪ I can't say
I've got all the answers ♪

♪ But I'm here all the same

You need
to eat something.

♪ Maybe we're outnumbered

Am I selfish?

♪ And we don't have much time

Putting him through this?

♪ Always hold the line

♪ When you're feeling down

♪ And the world's not right
My son...

The first time I saw him,
screaming his lungs out,

it was like my heart
left my body.

The amount of love I experienced
in that second...


♪ The line

His heart rate's

Some bleeding
over here. 4x4.

My incision is starting
to ooze, too.

We need push
half a dose of protamine.

BP's dropping.

...I didn't care
what happened to me

for the rest of my life.

We need to work faster.

Without adequate access,
there's no ECMO.


♪ The line


Remove the clamps.

♪ Hold the line

Come on, Simon.

♪ Ooh

♪ It's a river rising
Come on. Come on.

♪ A hundred stones

♪ You don't have...


♪ face them alone

That was enough.

♪ I will hold the line


♪ Hold the line

That blood should have
been here over an hour ago!

Dr. Mari Sellers 4619.
Dr. Mari Sellers 4619.

It rains
approximately 150 days a year.

Are you actually telling me
that no one has had to drive

a shipment of blood
in the damn rain?

What... Okay, well,
can I pick it up myself?

My blood is just as helpful
as anyone else's.

It has plasma
and red blood cells

and white blood cells
and platelets and...

W... Let me call you back.

I have donated blood
to this hospital before.

Many times.

And I just saw units of blood

into an ECMO machine,

and I know that we can use
every drop we have.

And I can't help.

I can't help because
of this...prejudice.

This absurd, disgusting idea
that my blood...

my sexually active
gay blood... is...

My blood is the same
as it's always been.

It's... I-I know.

And it is not right.

It is very, very wrong.

And if I were in charge
of the rules,

we wouldn't be having
this conversation.

So can I help?

No, Schmitt.

I'm sorry.

But look, you help this hospital
in so many other ways.





'Scuse me.

Are you Chief of Surgery?

Uh, y... I am, but right now
I'm in the middle of...

I need to report a crime
one of your doctors committed.


Hey! I got a...


Not a good time?

Not a good...bear?

Not a good match.

But we had sex.

We did.

And I-I'm so sorry, but
y-you said that you loved me.

And I think I might see this
as more casual than you do.

I'm so sorry, Todd,

but, please,
give the bear to your sister.

Well, it's a sex bear.

It's a "thank you
for the excellent sex" bear.

Does it say that
somewhere on it?

Well, no.

Then maybe it's just a bear.

Okay, I'm sorry.


Hey, would you like a sex bear?

Or just... I guess it's a bear?

Only a few people
at Grey-Sloan

have successfully performed
ex-vivo surgeries.

Well, then, you're lucky
that Dr. Marsh joined the team.

And Dr. Grey is amazing.

Oh, of course.

I'm so glad she decided
to postpone leaving.

Um, oh... If you watch
Dr. Marsh here anastomose...

Dr. Grey is leaving?

Since when?

Okay, Helm.
We're done here.

You do the honors and bring
the liver to Dr. Marsh.

Absolutely, yes.

I approve.

What's that?

Uh, you and Grey?
Uh, Dr. Grey.

I... Sorry... Never mind.

Ready to do
your thing?

She's stable and ready.

Let's make
this old liver new again.



Hello, forever.


How are you feeling?

Better now that you're here.

♪ Heart on the edge

And...I dreamed up a name
for the baby.

♪ It's bound to break


I love it.

After your uncle?

♪ There's silence in my head


After you.

It means "beauty."


♪ Oh, the stars
are getting dark tonight ♪

♪ Waters rising

♪ Fires dying

♪ And here we stand

♪ At the end

What's your blood type?


I'm your wife, and I don't know
your blood type,

and I feel like that's weird.

O Positive.

A Positive.



♪ At the end


Sometimes I-I feel like...

...I feel like we knew
each other better before...

...when our relationship
was long distance.

Because of blood types?

Because I'm constantly being
surprised by things about you

and decisions you make.

Like everything you never
told me about your brother,

and how it makes you angrier
than I think you realize.

I'm not... I'm not angry.


♪ Lying here in this hurt

I-I am angry,
but I'm not angry with you.

This morning, you implied
that I don't know

what it's like
to have a sibling.

No, I didn't.
I didn't.

I said... I said
it was different.

It is different.

You can't see that?

I guess I don't know
what it's like

to have a sibling
who's a con artist.

♪ It's the bed that we made

Why are you making this
a fight between us?

It's not a fight.
It's not a fight.

♪ Oh, the stars
are getting dark tonight ♪

I guess I just feel like, um...

♪ Waters rising I don't know you.

♪ At the end

And that you don't
really get me.

♪ Oh, you know that you can't
hide from time ♪

Winston, I love you.

♪ And denied it

I think maybe...

♪ Here we stand

♪ At the end

Maybe we got married
too quickly.


♪ At the end


Can you stop pacing
and help me pack?

I'm trying
to call Heather again.

Heather made this mess.

She's not gonna get you
out of it.

Well, maybe she can try.
Or maybe...

Maybe... Maybe... Maybe what?

Maybe we can go back in time

and help you
not destroy your career?

Well, maybe I can go to Utah

Oh!...and I can help his wife.

She is a soldier, Teddy.

She served our country
and she deserves help!

Owen, I love you.

I love you
and your stupid, giant heart

and your...
your intense inability

to see reality when you're busy
believing your ideals.

I love every part of you.

But I am not gonna watch you
go off to prison,

and I am not gonna
raise the kids alone.

I'm not.
So where are we going?

What are we doing?
We're running?

Yes, we are running because that
is the only option you left us.

♪ At the end


tell me a lunatic
just entered my office

and told me ridiculous lies
about you.

Please, tell me I need
to call the police on him,

and not my own doctors.


You can take the specimen
to pathology. Thank you.

We have reperfusion of
the intestines and the liver.


Where's this blood coming from?

It's the portal vein...

She's lost too much.
We need to order more units.

Clamp. The transfusions
aren't keeping up. BP's dropping.

You stole drugs
from this hospital?

I stand by my decision, Bailey.

You stand by your decision
to steal drugs from my hospital?

A hospital
that's already crumbling?

It was a while ago...

Oh! Well, that makes it better.

Your criminal conduct
on my watch was a while ago!

we still have to do

the gastrointestinal

Is there a plan?

Of course there's a plan.

What's her latest ABG?

She's acidotic,
and PaO2 is plummeting.

What about pressors? Maxed out.

Was it so long ago that
it's outside

the statute of limitations?



What is the statute
of limitations on murder?

D-Did you look that up

before you committed
your crimes?

This wasn't murder, Bailey.

These were
sick and dying soldiers.

They fought for their country,
and I did right by them.

You did right by them.
Well, what about me?

Did you think,
even for one minute, about me?

Dr. Grey,
what are we doing?

That's what everyone
wants in a surgeon.

Someone who maybe knows
what they're doing.

Always have a plan.
I told you that.



We should stop.

We need blood.
We don't have it.

So we should stop.

Is everything okay?

I'm at an accident.

On Henderson.

Were you in the accident?

No. But you kinda were.

Her digestive tract still
isn't completely connected.

We'll reconnect it
once the blood arrives.

We've all felt it,

a moment where all is lost.

What? Whether it's in our jobs...

Your blood, Miranda.

It's trashed., love...

No...we fear everything
will be taken.

No! We close our eyes...

No! ...we bite our lips...

No! No!

...and the adrenaline floods
through our body.

But despite how hard you try,

that last-ditch attempt
still may not work.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!