Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 18, Episode 1 - Here Comes the Sun - full transcript

The Grey Sloan doctors treat a patient who encountered illegal fireworks; Bailey has her sights set on hiring new doctors, but she's having trouble finding viable options; Owen and Teddy attempt to take the next step in their enga...

♪ Ah

♪ You were
a long bad vacation ♪

Several years ago,

someone welcomed me
to the game.

♪ A hotel with a view,
but I just stayed in ♪

They said how well I played,
that was up to me.

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

The competition was tough.

The mentors were even tougher.

♪ I kept the blinds loose
so light would fall through ♪

I pushed myself
to the breaking point.

♪ Now I've checked out
and I don't miss you ♪

Lap chole,
lap chole, lap chole.

And more lap choles.

Seems like a whole lot
of boring to me.

Well, at least
I'm back in the OR.


I have to take this.

And I didn't crack
under pressure,

even though, let's be honest,
I probably should have.

I've played the game
pretty damn well.

God, Meredith,
you're such a dawdler.

You kept me waiting.


And now you're staring at me,

Such a problem child.
When are you going to learn?

Learn what?
What are you gonna do,

You've survived
the unthinkable.

Do you
how many people didn't?

You survived. Again.

And what do you have
to show for it?

Ordinary lap choles?

♪ Ba-da, ba-da-da-da

♪ Da-da, da-da-da

♪ Ba-da-da-da

Or so I thought I did.


Come on. Move it.

Tell me
you just saw that, too.


I'm sleeping.


Ooh, it's
the Seattle Phoenix Fair.

Apparently there's like
two more days left.

We come back
from our honeymoon,

and suddenly, Seattle has
its own Burning Man.

Amelia said she treated
a stiltwalker

in the ER yesterday.

You wanna call in?

Could go buy some wings,

pretend to be
immortal bird-clowns.

I wanna call in,
but not for that.


Ooh. Ahh.
Ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh, ooh.

Still hurts?
Yeah, a little.

I told Bailey
not to schedule me in the OR

for the next
couple of days.

Did you tell her
how it happened?

Are you married,

I am, but I'm not sure
that --People get married.

It's what they do.
"People get married"?

A lot of them.

A lot of people do drugs.
Should I?

I gave you space,
I gave you time,

and then -- then I planned
an extremely special thing.

At someone else's wedding.

Is that a rule
I didn't know about?

I --

You ambushed me
with multiple children

and multiple rings,

the children making it
nearly impossible

to say no to the rings.

And somehow
you managed it.

Because it felt

Got it. So the proposal
was the problem.

Why is your only option

It's archaic,
and it really only

gets you tax deductions.
If that.

If I may, I'd like to
get us back on track

on why we're here.

We seem to be hitting
all our one-year milestones.

How are his bowel movements?

Poops like a champ.

"Poops like a champ."
Okay. And his sleep?

And, sir, since you feel the
need to drink from that helmet,

you'll need to leave.

This is a hospital.

Go on.

Thank you.
You got a minute?

Yes, uh,
Pierce is gonna join us

for today's round
of interviews.

We still haven't found
permanent replacements

for Koracick, Avery,

Um, I actually wanted
to ask

if you would come over
to my place, for dinner.


Sorry, I mean --
you and your boys

with me and my boys

and your husband,

I'm not very good at this.

I know that you have teenagers.

And mine --
they seem to be struggling.

They didn't really have
enough time

to make friends
before the pandemic, and --

and my youngest, Austin,
he, um...

Well, he's having
these moments where, uh...

He needs friends.

I mean,
we all do, right?

Well, uh, I'd --

Well, I'll have to,
you know, talk to Ben,

and the boys' --
uh, you know,

their schedules are so
unpredictable, but --You know what?
For-- Forget it.

Forget I asked.
I'm sorry.

I'll see you
at the interviews.

is your home, Meredith.

You grew up here.

Also, we saved your life.
Remember that?

Several times.

It's not a job interview.

You're meeting with Minnesota's
prized tumor guy.

Because he's dedicating
a research library to my mother.

I cannot lose another surgeon,

Don't do this to me.
I'm not.

Well, fine,
because I know David Hamilton.

We did the conference circuit

He'd make a terrible boss.

There she is.

I have to go. Bye.

Uh --

Meredith Grey.
I'd know you anywhere.

You are the spitting image
of your mother.

David Hamilton.


Whee! Whee!

You found our spot!

I was worried you wouldn't
understand my directions.

Yeah, we didn't.

We've been walking around
this park for 30 minutes.

You owe Mom new shoes.
No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.

I'm just so glad we're all
here together, finally.
Mm. Ah!

And I'm happy
to see you, too, Leo.

You're wearing a dress.

Uh, it's a tutu.

Why's he wearing a tutu?

'Cause he likes tutus.

Hey. I think
you look cool, Leo.

I think you look incredible.

Sorry about Nathan.

He had this overseas trip
planned for months, so...

Ah, don't worry.
We understand.


We ready to do this,
or what?

Yeah, Teddy should be here
any minute.

I'm here!


Should we get married?

We should get married.

♪ Give me hands I can hold

Okay, okay.

Here we go. Here we go.
Here we go. Here we go.

♪ Give me hands I can hold

♪ I have no use
for your silver or gold ♪

♪ Give me hands I can hold




Excuse me.

I-I'm Owen.
Thisis Teddy.

Right. Silly me.

♪ A mother's communion
is all that I need ♪

♪ Give me milk
for my feed ♪


♪ And I-I-I-I-I-I love

♪ And I-I-I-I-I-I fear

♪ And I am here

It's time
for my favorite part.

And now, by the power
vested in me by God --

Father, watch out.

Watch out, watch out,
watch out!

Watch out!

Father, Father!

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.


Why are you dressed
like a pigeon?

I'm a Phoenix!
Phoenix Fest!

What happened
to your hair?

Ugh, are you having
a nervous breakdown?


I was just trying to lighten
my color a shade or two,

and then I fell asleep.

Why didn't you go
to the place

where people do this
for a living?

I've been trying to study
while Luna sleeps,

and I'm supposed to
go back to work today,

and I'm freaking out,

and you're the only person
who answered their phone.

How many people did you call
before me?

Help me!

Do you have scissors?

Dr. Kelly to the OR.

Dr. Claudia Kelly to the OR.

Hi, Scout!

I missed you so much.

He is so big!

21 pounds, 26 inches.

And he needs to get
to daycare, so...

Welcome back, Maggie.
Hope the honeymoon was a blast.

Have you two talked more?

Yeah, we turned Scout's
one-year checkup

into couples therapy
in which I accused Link

of being a gaslighter
and old-fashioned

for believing that commitment
only equals marriage.

But I am so happy that
you and Winston are doing it.

What happened
to your wrist?


It is a sex injury,
isn't it?

Good for you.

What do we got?

Bicycle versus pedestrian
at the park

the Undies Bike Race.


It's a ride
to promote body positivity

and safe cycling.
I know what undies are, Helm.

I just didn't realize
they scheduled the damn ride

during the fair.


Hunt? What the hell?
82-year-old male,

blunt trauma to
the abdomen and chest

after a collision
with a bicycle,

scalp lac, BP 88 over 60,

Lost consciousness
at the scene.

Well, a-and -- and
the two of you were there?

Yeah, he's our priest.
He was marrying us in the park.

You asked me to cover for you
in the ER today

so you could get married?

Uh. Trauma two.
Go, go.

Tandem cyclists

Rider in the back flew
about 10 feet.

She's hypotensive and presents
with numbness in her legs,

spinal fractures.


Might want to hide
the happy face.

Patient might be

I don't want to look
how I feel, Nico,

which is like I want to
break the whole world

into a million little pieces
and bury it

so no one can find it.

Okay, maybe Ishould take
this one.

Just try and calm down, Nadi,

Your pressure's already
all over the place.

Because my wife steered our bike
right into a wedding.

We crashed a wedding.

We plowed right into
the ceremony.

Just inserted a chest tube
for a hemothorax.

CT showed tandem fractures
at T6 and L1.


Alright, Nadi,
I'm Dr. Lincoln.

Can you please press down
on your feet for me?

Strength 3 out of 5

I couldn't have turned
the dumb bike if I wanted to.

The handlebars at the back
of a tandem bike are for show.

They don't move!

First-time rider?

Our son finally left for college
and we realized

we don't know how to
spend time alone together,

so Emma bought a tandem bike
and said,

"Let's ride bikes in our undies
with 800 other people."

Is it hot in here
or am I having a hot flash?

Get her to MRI.

I'm worried about damage
to her autonomic nervous system.

Her wife, Ms. Correa,
bed 3.

Ms. Correa?
I'm Dr. Lincoln. I'm --

I'm one of the doctors
treating Nadi.

Is she mad?
She's hurt.

Oh, that's worse
than mad.

As in, injured.

Uh, we need to do an MRI
to further evaluate her spine.

When I heard that they were
bringing back the Undies Ride,

I thought, "This is it,"
you know?

We'll put on our finest, hop on,
and it'll spice things up.

And then this rider next to us
distracted me,

and the priest --
the pri--

Can somebody see if
this priest is okay?

They ran over a priest.

Not on purpose, though.
I mean...

I completed my plastics
fellowship at Cleveland Clinic,

and then complemented that with
a burn rotation at Pittsburgh

and then moved
to Hopkins.

That's where I developed
my free flap technique.

You've accomplished a lot
in a short time.

I graduated from Columbia
at 16.

Like Dr. Pierce here.

Can you talk a little bit
about your experience

in pediatric
reconstructive surgery?

We run a pro bono program here
started by Dr. Avery.

We fly the kids in,
do their surgeries,

arrange for follow-ups.
No, thank you.

I'm sorry?

I draw the line at free.

The program sounds adorable,


Late, late, late, late.

So late.

Jo, residents
can't be late!

Do you need help?

No, no, no, I-I'm good.
I got this.

You just -- you go ahead.
I'll catch up.

Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Okay. Let's go.



How are we gonna do this?

Oh, excuse me.


I require two years'notice,
not two weeks.

I don't know what
Richard told you --

You know,
I went to Minnesota once.

It's cold. Frigid.

It makes you mean.
Like my mother,

to whom they're dedicating
a research library.

Or that's what they told you
to get you there.

I have to go.
I have to go.
I --

Where were we?Research.

In about two months,
my lab will receive

another grant to move forward
on mRNA technology

and its role
in vaccine development,

as well as treating
various cancers.

I read your paper last year.

You're doing great work.

Thank you.

You're close.


...abdominal wall

ALPPS procedures.

You might hit groundbreaking
one day.

I did have help.


This woman claims to be
Ellis Grey's daughter,

but she's sharing credit.

Here we are.
Bright and shiny.


She would be honored.

this isn't your mother's.

Her library
is down the hall.

This lab... for you,

If you want it.

How's he doing?
He was in PEA,
but we got a pulse back.

Damn it.
Base deficit okay?

pH was 7.3
on his last ABG.

Okay, well,
he's not hypoxic.

Uh, no evidence
of a tension pneumo.

Let's get him to CT.

He's hypotensive,

heart rate's 120,
but I-I can't feel a pulse.

Okay, here we go.

Okay, cardiac tamponade --
that explains the PEA.

We're gonna have to
open him up.

Alright, get me a 10-blade.

Should I call someone else?

He's your priest.


Alright, move. Got it.

Is there a fan
in this thing?

You feeling warm again,

Freezing cold.

I've got goose bumps.

Almost like my hair's
standing on end.

I don't think that's normal.
Is it normal?

We'll know more soon.

I might need one of you to
take a look at my rotator cuff.

Think I tweaked it.
Doing what?

Working out.

Ah, you probably
just strained it.

See it in patients all the time,

Aah, aah.Oh, sorry.

You know,
it's that constant motion --

Scans are up.

Ah, thoracic compression

And, uh, surprise,

a tethered spinal cord
with a syrinx.

That can't be
from the trauma.

It's probably

but the lumbar fractures
are putting more tension on it.

Explains her odd

Can it be untethered
when you reduce the fractures?

Not by us.

Where you going?

I have to page
freaking neuro.

Okay, we need
more applicants.

I'm running out of surgeons
like socks.

Oh, thank you.
Here. But how did you
sprain your wrist

on your honeymoon,


Oh, um...
I'm not sure --

Oh, no. No, no, no. Never mind.
I didn't ask. No one asked.

Not my business.
Oh, look, hey.

This guy trained
under Mark Sloan in New York.

You specialize
in cryogenic surgeries?

Do you want to tell us
a bit about that?

Uh, cryonics.

Cooling people or pets
to liquid nitrogen temperatures

to prevent physical decay.

So you want to
freeze people?

I already have.

I'm sorry. Tom Koracick
doesn't work here anymore?

No. We're hiring
to replace him.

I'm just, uh...

And our Chief of General Surgery
is Dr. Meredith Grey,

which is who you'd be working
directly under, if hired.


I-I am part
of a reality show

where cameras follow surgeons
around during their day-to-day.

That won't be an issue,

That's what I made
at my last hospital.


I'm gonna need a break.

First, with the help
of a heart surgeon,

we're going to go through
the chest

to fix the T6 fracture,

then we're gonna flip you over
and reduce the L1 fracture

and fix the tethered cord.

A priest, Emma.
A man of God.

It was an accident.

An accident
that you caused

because you couldn't
keep your eyes off

those people
in their thongs!

I wasn't looking at
their cheap lingerie!

There was
an anti-oil activist

and she had something clever
written on her --

Written on her what?

Okay, we should really
get up to the OR.

Uh, Emma,
you're under observation.

I am so, so sorry.

I love you and I'm sorry,
and I will never forgive myself

if that man doesn't make it
out of surgery.

Are you okay?
What's wrong?

I can't move my legs.

I can't feel them,

Okay, Nadi, try to move
your toes for me.

Okay, the fracture is putting
too much pressure on the tether.

We need to go right now.

Okay, can we get some help
in here?

No. No, wait.
Excuse me. Excuse me.

Wait. Wait.

We'll update you
as soon as we can.

Nadi, I love you.

Go ahead to OR 3.

There's state-of-the-art
cell-processing equipment,

including cell-selection
devices, bioreactors.

We can cryopreserve and store
samples for at least 10 years.

We have two ISO Class 7
clean rooms.

And a Batmobile.


Expertly trained
in cellular therapy

and quality control.

Cellular therapy.
For what?

I'm developing an experimental
surgery for Parkinson's.

I have the money.
I have the toys.

I have the cells.

I just need the surgeon
to persuade the FDA

to grant me the approval
for a clinical trial.

Why aren't you doing it

Because I'm the patient.

Hey, did Bailey or Richard
tell you to call me?

Both. How's the trip?
They offered you a job yet?

I am not answering that.

that was a stupid question.

Listen, whatever they've offered
you, you can't take it,

because I cannot sit through
any more bloody interviews.

How are you? How's Austin?

He's the same.

I'm really sorry.

Stop apologizing to me.

I mean it.

You're an excellent dad.

You don't want to move
to Minnesota.

I mean, I've heard
they sculpt heads out of butter.

I am hanging up now.


Everyone's drunk,
half-naked, and injured.

It's like prom with blood
down there.

I would have had fun
at that prom.

Teddy's about to do
a lung resection.

I need someone on the spleen
while I repair the liver lac.

He's bleeding too fast
to wait.

I came as soon
as Webber let me.
Thank you.

Father Christopher's niece
just arrived.

She's waiting downstairs.
No, Father Patrick.

Call them back
and make sure that they know

before they make a horrible
mistake with the family.

No, no. Wait, wait, wait!
Don't do that.

Um, this is Father Christopher.

Okay, I haven't been
to church in 20 years,

but I thought he was too old
to be Father Pat.

But we asked your mom's
favorite priest to marry us.

I mean, y-you asked.

It was the one thing
that you were in charge of.

I know. It turned out
that Father Patrick

had a thing on our date,

Well, I mean, you asked
him like a month ago.
He really couldn't --

when did you ask him?

Oh, boy.

Two days ago.


How's it going, Schmitt?

He needs a head CT earlobe,

and I don't know how
to fix his face.

Can someone fix his face?

He's on shrooms!

But you still have to save him
because I love him.

But you should know
that he's on shrooms.

I can take care of that.

Dr. Sike to oncology.

Dr. Sike to oncology.

vitals are stable,

so I'm gonna go check in
with Dr. Webber downstairs.

Good luck
with the tether.

How did she go this long

without knowing
she had a tethered cord?

She said she had back trouble
her whole life.

She just tried to ignore
the pain.

Which earned her
more pain, didn't it?

Okay, deep breath,

Cutting the filum.

Nico, Levi rides,
doesn't he?

Would you ever join him
on a tandem bike?

I don't find it that necessary
to share hobbies,

especially Levi's.

Independence is healthy.

there's independence,

then there's doing
whatever you want

the other person.

Damn it.
We lost her potentials.

What happened?
Either I paralyzed her...

or she's bleeding
into the syrinx.


Dr. Lin, when you were
chief of plastics at --

Assistant chief.

Uh, oh,
so if we were to hire you,

this would be your first time
in this position?


Like you, when you became
chief of surgery here.

I read your bio
and 13 of your journal articles.

All very impressive.

I know
you need doctors.

Grey-Sloan is facing
a physician shortage.

The entire country is facing
a physician shortage.

At least 3,500 healthcare
workers died from COVID,

and just as many have walked
away from medicine altogether,

so you need me.

And honestly,
the only reason I'm available

is because I hate
Northern winters.

And also because
my current chief

is a man who
enjoys vacation homes

and only hires women
because he has to.


Hey, may we help you?

You a plastics


You now have privileges.

We have a guy who just
blew off half his face

with illegal fireworks.

Come on.

Guess someone should show me
where I can get changed?

My meds usually give me
about three hours,

which I find is enough time
to consult on a patient

or wine and dine a brilliant
surgeon across state lines.

Are you on Levodopa?


amantadine, and the occasional
cannabis gummy.

of course.
Of course.

Meredith, when people see
your name on something,

they see cutting-edge.

They know you're gonna
see it through to the end.

That's what I need.

And don't you want to be the
name who saved David Hamilton,



Well, retired thoroughbred,
but, you know,

still pretty good.

Tell me how it works.
Starts with skin cells.

Turn them into
pluripotent stem cells,

and then
differentiate those

into dopamine-producing
brain cells,

and then inject them
into the brain.

Centers in Japan have been
doing it with mice for years.

You would be the public face
of a possible cure

to a disease
that has devastated millions.





I'm not a neurosurgeon.

But you'll attract
the best.



You know we're not
technically married.

I mean, he didn't
finish the ceremony,

and he didn't sign
the certificate.

We're mostly married.
That's not how it works.

So, Riggs and I broke up.

What? When?

Couple months ago.

Pandemic casualty.

We discovered we were
a couple who enjoyed

high highs and low lows,

and after staring at
the same four walls for a year

while watching people die,
we were done.

He signed back up with his NGO
and shipped out two days later.

You should
have said something.

It was your big day,
but then I decided that my news

was part of the theme --
crap show.


Damn it. V-fib.
Push one of epi.

Come on.
No, come on, Father Christopher.

Stay with us.

Charge paddles to 20.

Don't do this.

Paddles.Come on.


Come on.

Sorry about this, Father.
And clear.

Once again.


And clear.

Come on.

You see anything?

Expose more
of the dura.

I-I've already opened enough.

We're well into
the cord.

And I still don't see
any bleeding.

Open it higher.

I trust you.


Well, maybe you don't see any
blood because there isn't any.

Or I cut the cord.

You didn't cut the cord.



There it is.
Bleeding in the syrinx.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
Now let's get this clot out.


Got high and set off
illegal fireworks.

25 and invincible.
Majority of my trauma patients.


I'm gonna be in here awhile.

Did you want to finish
the interview, or...?

Well, Dr. Lin,
we can reschedule.

No, now's good.
I think better in here.

Irrigation. And cut.

Then where were we?

We were asking about
her training.

Right, well,
I completed my residency

in otolaryngology
at NYU,

where my mentor,
Dr. Joyce Wu,

taught me how to use
an 18-gauge needle to...

18 gauge, Schmitt.

Oh. Right.
Um, here. differentiate between
living and dead tissue,

even in the most extreme
of cases.

This is very extreme.

The face is filled with robust
vasculature, Dr. Schmitt.

It can bleed.

Eyes on the field,


What other questions
do you have for me?

His injuries
were just too severe.

I am so sorry,
but we weren't able to save him.

Your uncle seemed like --
he seemed like a wonderful man.

He was.

And at least he died doing
what he loved most in the world.


He loved seeing people
in love.

♪ You know that it's often

♪ But if you don't wanna stay

We are so sorry
for your loss.

Teddy, maybe we should
just go home.

♪ Then please stop moving
this way ♪

Our priest died
on our wedding day?

He wasn't our priest.
He was a priest.

Okay, apriest died on our table
on our wedding day.

I mean, is that a sign?
No. Come on.

Megan, I --Come with me.

Oh, my God. He died?

The priest died?

He -- He lived
a really good, long life.

And your wife
is gonna be okay.

She should have
a full recovery.

We killed a priest.

She's not gonna be okay.

She's gonna hate me
more than she already did.

She doesn't hate you.She does.

She hates me.

Isn't that
what marriage is?

A really great
first few years,

and then you both just
quietly hate each other

for the rest
of your life?

I don't think --I was trying to do
something fun.

I was just trying
to do something

that we could talk about,
you know?

I was trying to not be
those two people

who sit around
and hate each other

because they don't have
anything in common anymore.

I just gave her more reason
to hate me.

♪ Then please stop moving
this way ♪

♪ You're starting up a wildfire
in my heart ♪

♪ Hope it's what you want

Oh, Dr. Grey?

May I show you to the bar?

♪ Not just what you do

♪ You're starting up a wildfire
in my head ♪

♪ Hope it's what you meant

♪ Not just what you do


How did you find me?

Well, five-star hotel
right next to the hospital.

I took a chance.




I didn't think you saw me
at the restaurant.

you're pretty hard to miss.

How's your date?

Uh, ooph.

Tiny portions.
Terrible conversation.

Yeah, it was rough.

She starts every sentence with,
"Yeah, but..."

and then
the story never ends.

I'm not kidding.

She's probably at home right now
talking to her Labradoodle

about mergers
and acquisitions.



I'm seeing someone.

Oh. Okay.

Is it serious?




No, I'm not seeing someone.
I just completely...

I don't even know why
I said that.

That's okay.

Well, I was, and then...

his son had a hard time
with it, so...


I don't know why
I'm even telling you.

'Cause I'm easy to talk to.


I'm not sleeping with you.

Good. That's great.
I'm not sleeping with you.


My niece Charlotte --

she says thanks,
by the way,

for saving my kidney.

That's the kind of deep
conversation I get from her

from some crowded dorm.

Oh, you got her
to college.

House is quiet.

Do you miss the noise?



I, um...

I got COVID.

It was very bad.

I almost died.

So you're a miracle...

like me.


I guess.

It's a lot of pressure,
isn't it?

Being a miracle.

It's like...

...what you gonna do
with it?

That very question
haunts my dreams.


You want another drink?


but still not sleeping
with you.

That's possibly the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.


He didn't die.

He'll need subsequent
surgeries, but he's
very much still here.

Thank you.

Dr. Lin, we would like
to formally offer you

the chief of plastics

Wow, that's...
Thank you.

Tell us the "but."

I rely heavily
on residents

to help with my patient load
and practice.

We have residents.I move quickly.

I teach by doing.

I don't have time to
go through each step in detail,

and I don't like to
hold trainees' hands.

I bring residents in
on high-level surgeries,

and in return, I expect them
to anticipate my next move.

It's what I need
to do this job,

and based on what I saw
in there today,

I'm sorry, but your residents
aren't where I need them to be.

Um, e-e-excuse me,
Dr. Lin.

The pandemic took surgeries
out of our residents' hands.

They are a year behind
because of it.

Now, you're gonna find that
anywhere you go,

but what you won't find
anywhere else

is anyone as determined as I
to bring them up to speed.

Dr. Webber --I will make them better,
Dr. Lin.

You have my word.


I'll think about it.


We beg?


You're coming. Yes.
Oh, I really don't want to
grab a drink

and I don't want to
see people.

Owen, please --Yeah, yeah, come on.
Come on. Keep...


What is happening?!

We are raising a glass
to Father Christopher.

We are accepting donations
to his church,

and we, Teddy,
we're getting married,

because weddings were
his favorite thing.


We've waited almost 20 years
to do this, Teddy.

Let's not waste
any more time.

This dress smells like

And this place is decorated
for, like, the Phoenix Fair.

Well, maybe it's our theme,
you know, rising from the ashes.

Come on. Come on.

Who's gonna actually
marry us?

Hello, that would be me.
Uh...Yeah, here she is.

Here she is.

I got ordained in 10 minutes
in the attendings' lounge.

I should have known
that Iwould be the one

to actually
make this thing happen.

Please stand over here.
What? Me? I'm sorry.

Okay, wait, what about your mom
and the kids?

Oh, they're right there.

Aah! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.


Okay, okay. Okay, okay.
Let's do this. Let's do this.

Okay, okay,
I'm doing it.

Okay, ready?

Hey, everyone.
Hi, everyone.

Thank you all so much
for being here.

Sorry about
the last-minute invite.

You have all been through
so much with us,

and it just wouldn't be the same
without all of you here,

so thank you.

Now he says it.

Okay, picking up
where we left off,

10 hours later...Yeah.

Yes. you take Teddy
to be your wife?

I do.

Teddy, do you take Owen
to be your husband?

You have known me longer
than anyone else,

and you've been
my other hand in surgery,

my soccer partner,
my confidante,

and you literally have even been
my cover in military ops.


now you are the father
of our children

and soon to be
my husband.

That's right.

And I never...
I never want to let you go.

I love you.I love you.

So you do or you don't?

I do! I do!
I absolutely do!

Okay, okay,
before anything else happens,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

Kiss, for God's sake.

♪ When your heart's
all on the line ♪

♪ I know I don't stand a chance
to fight ♪

We did it!
We did it!


♪ When it comes down
to the wire ♪


I know that marriage
can be a faulty institution,

but I --
I want to do it right.

I want to do it better
than my parents did.

I want that for Scout.

And I want it for me.

♪ But if it's left to chance
or fate ♪


I can't.

♪ I'll be lost

Are you sure?

♪ 'Cause she gon' make you lose
your mind ♪

I can...

but I don't want to.

♪ When your heart's
all on the line ♪

And you used to
not want to with me.

♪ I know I don't stand a chance
to fight ♪

♪ When it comes down
to the wire ♪

I got through
this last year

because I did it
with the woman that I love.

I learned more about myself
than I ever thought I would.

I learned that I...

I want more of it.

I-I don't want a year,

I want a lifetime.
With you.

♪ It's coming down

Link, I love you.

♪ It's coming down

And I love Scout.

And I love how you are
with Scout.

I love it.

♪ It's coming down


Then marry me, Amelia.







Is that for me?

No, no.
This is for me.

According to Nico,
you strained my rotator cuff.


You were the one who
wanted to go out on the deck.

And you said you wanted to look
at the stars.

I thought you meant
look at the stars,

you know what I'm saying?

Like, code.
Women don't speak in code.

Maggie Pierce.

So poised at work.

If only they knew.

Want to get out of here?

I dowant to
get out of here, yeah.


We're taking these fries,

♪ And the moment that it all
came down in front of me ♪


♪ Was the only time
I ever felt afraid ♪



♪ And knowing
might be harder ♪

So, uh, what's happening
with your youngest?

You -- You -- You never finished
your sentence.

Your youngest is
having moments of --

Panic attacks.

They're very intense.

It started when he found out
I was dating,

when I was trying to...

...and, uh, I stopped

as soon as I saw what
it was doing to him, but, uh...


He's still very anxious
and has these episodes.

I have no idea
what to do.

♪ Did you ever stop to weigh
the cost of being free? ♪

Well, how about Sunday?

For dinner.

You and your boys
come to my place.

Uh, 6:00.

And bring dessert.

Uh, and if it's fruit,
you'll get shown the door.


Thank you.

♪ You could've spared me
all the time I still believed ♪


You try just as hard.

You do the same things
you've done for years...

...even better than
you used to.


I couldn't take Luna
in to daycare.

I never even went
in the building.

Every time
I walk out of a room,

I wonder if I'm making Luna feel
the way I must have felt

when my mom left me
at that fire station.

I never want
to leave her side.


Look at my hair.

I hate you!


I --

Well, you're --
you're gonna feel guilty

every time you
walk out that door.

That's not gonna change.

All that means is that

she is number one in your mind
all the time,

and that's how
it should be.

I think it's over
with Amelia.

I thi--
I think it's really over.

That's the stupidest thing
I've ever heard.

Isn't it?

Can we go home?


But what if it still doesn't
feel like a win anymore?

So, how long
are you in town?

just a couple more days.

They've asked me to stay
and look at some research, so...

Does that mean
you've stopped playing?



I'm not inviting you in.

That's okay.

I'm not asking.

Thanks for walking me.

Of course.

Good night.
Good night.

Keep walking.

So bossy.


It means it's time
to change the game.