Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 16 - I'm Still Standing - full transcript

Levi gets accepted into the vaccine trial. Meanwhile, Amelia and Owen treat a car crash patient, and Hayes and Jo are met with Luna's legal guardian.

When we give
test results to patients,

we often say, "Normal."


and that thing you like

with the weirdest
meat-to-cheese ratio

I have ever known.

It's called a sandwich,

You look good.

You feel good?
'Cause you look good.

So, you have your service,

plus you've inherited
Koracick's service?

That's a decadent
amount of patients.

And I'm not one of them.
So go. Be free.

Hydrate, eat, walk,

Have fun being of use
to the world.

We look and analyze numbers
within ranges, highs and lows.

♪ Only give me love
when I'm giving it back ♪

♪ But you say
you'll never be my friend ♪

If the patient falls within
the range, we're not worried.

Has anyone seen my keys?



♪ And I know you're just...

Pancake batter. Nice. Crepe, actually.

But that's not your point.

It's okay. This place wasn't
built for three people.

Hey, you took pity on me.

Guests don't bring
other guests.

I grew up in my car,
and Iknow that.

You're lucky
Helm's a good cook.

♪ Baby

I got accepted
in the vaccine trial.

Oh, my God. This could
really end someday.

I mean, he might get
the placebo.

♪ But not with you

Not your point.


♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

But it's imperfect.

Because if history
has shown us anything,

one person's normal
is another's complete chaos.

Ooh! Look at this!
Tiny toasts.

People just share
little memories

instead of making
some big, huge speech.

Do you care
if we get two cakes?

Because Nana Ante has this thing
about a groom's cake.

Do you mind if we have

How are you gonna do any of this
when the world is shut down?

Vision phase. No hating.

♪ This time it's about me

Do you know of any place
with a waterfall by the ocean?

Ohh. Looking.

♪ I'm too far away
to be hurt by you ♪

I am so relieved that you're
on call instead of Koracick.

Koracick no longer
works here.

Wait. Really? Who
got to fire him? No one.

He got inspired by Avery and
went to fight racial inequity

and make the world
a better place.

Damn. I hate that I have to
respect a single thing about that guy.

25-year-old female, MVC, GCS 12.

She has a depressed
skull fracture.

Right pupil is sluggish.

Had episodes of bradycardia
en route.

My groceries are s-still
in the car.

And I f... I found
disinfectant wipes.

Actually, I-I cried.

She's probably got
an intracranial bleed.

Let's bring her straight
into CT. My dad...

He texted me twice
on the way here.

Can someone call him
and tell him that I'm okay?

Tell him he just needs to
unplug the router

then plug it back in!

Luna spit up
after every feeding?

And her heart rate

Only slightly,
but every beat counts.

Vanell. Nope.

Harrison. Nope.

Can we help you
with something?

Carmen Delgado from CPS.

I've been assigned as the legal
guardian to Luna Ashton.

And I hear she might have
gastroesophageal reflux?

but little Luna here

was intubated
for a very long time,

so she hardly has
any gag reflex.

And your recommendation?

I'd like to order
a KUB and labs

to rule out
necrotizing enterocolitis.

After that, we'll do
a swallow study if necessary.

Okay. Run the tests,
let me know how she does.

I'm off to county.

Do we have to run
everything by her?

Not "we." Just me.
You know, Luna's doctor.

Gwen Yates, 51,
history of cardiac amyloidosis,

presents with worsening
shortness of breath

and leg edema.

I've been on heart meds
for years.

Not sure why
I'm suddenly worse.

Well, the protein deposits
have brought on

congestive heart failure,
which is what's causing

the build-up of fluid
in your legs and lungs.

And it's causing your blood
to form clots,

so we need to insert a filter

to keep any from going
into your lungs.

Listen. Rest assured.

We're gonna do
everything we can.

Gwen, I'm sorry, but we're gonna
have to keep you in ICU

for supportive care while
we look for a heart donor.

Always knew it could be
a possibility,

but... wow.

Is there someone
you'd like us to update?

My husband died in October,

and we didn't have any family
but each other.

I adopted a dog to keep me
company, named him Jupiter.

But the other night, he got out of
the house. You know that big storm?

The thunder scared him
really bad, and...

I tried to track him down,
but I felt so weak, you know?

Guess now I know why.

Thank you. I'm sure you have
other patients to see.

Ortiz is with the dad.

Mr. Nichols,
it's Dr. Shepherd.

I'm one of the surgeons
who's gonna be

taking care
of your daughter.

Wait, wait.
S-Skyler needs surgery?

Skyler's injury from the crash
caused her brain to swell.

We may need to remove
a piece of her skull

to alleviate
the pressure build-up

and protect her brain
from any permanent damage.

Oh, my God.

But if we do,
it will be temporary.

We will implant the bone
fragment in her abdomen,

and then we will replant it
after the swelling goes down.

I know this is a lot
to take in,

but Dr. Shepherd has done this
many times, okay?

You got to save her.

That... That's...
That's my little girl.

You got to save her!

We will give you updates
as soon as we can.

No pressure.


Yes, I'm avoiding you.

Which a lot of people do.

Avoiding is normal.

It's, uh, reasonable.
It's... It's like, uh...

Injecting yourself
with an unknown substance.

Oh, hi.

Schmitt. Levi.

My... My name
is Levi Schmitt.

I'm Dr. Mason Post.

I oversee West Coast
vaccine trials for Quimby.

And, uh, sorry about the joke.
Little vaccine humor.

Ohh. I don't think
that works on me.

How you feeling today? Nauseous.

Even though I've read
all the articles

about the vaccine...

And, yes, I know the research
has been around for decades,

but I can't help
but feel alone.

I meant
do you feel sick?

We can't give you the vaccine
if you do.

Oh, that.

Uh... nope. All good.

Hey, Dr. Schmitt, trial
volunteers often have anxiety.

You're not alone.
I'll be with you for every step.

Now, relax your arm
for me.

Support us and become VIP member
to remove all ads from

That's it.

You did great.

Now all I have to do
is not die.

Well, it won't be from this.

You gonna wave
to your fans?

Whoo! You ready?

D... Oh! Okay!

- Hi!
- Hi!

Don't throw the ball
at the guests.

I'm sorry! Oh, no. I'm fine, sweetie.

I think your class
is gonna start soon,

so why don't you
go in, okay?



Oh, okay, okay. Whew!

Wait. What do you need?

A time machine.
And set it back three months.


What about?

O-kay. Okay.

Um, still no replacement
for Jackson.


Oh, Joey got an "A"
in AP biology.

Hmm! Think he's
gonna be a doctor.

Um, Ben's tumor needs
no further treatment.

My dad...

Wait. What tumor?

Yeah, so, we found a lump,
and he had an orchiectomy.

Path came back cancerous,
but we got it in time,

so he's all clear.

No mets, no chemo.

And I've been so stressed out
about losing my husband

that I haven't been able
to think or talk about it,

which is why you're just
hearing about it now.

I'm sorry.

I had no idea.


And if I don't want
to talk about that

and you don't want
to talk about you,

then we better get another kid
out here or something.


Hey, Gwen.
How you feelin'?

What's going on?

I got your page, Helm.
What's up?

I made her do it.

Wanted to... meet the man
you were marrying.

Winston Ndugu.
It's a pleasure.

Now, tell me.

Do you have a single,
much older brother?

I'm afraid not, no.

I love weddings.

Is there a date?

We're working on it.

You are going to be
such a beautiful bride.

Promise you'll show me

You know,
if I last that long.

Of course.
And thank you.

Helm, don't page anyone
unless it's about work.

No fever, no chills.

Not beyond my normal,
base-level nausea.

So I'll go with no?

Okay. That's it.

Maybe have some matzo ball soup
before our next check-in.

Does that make the vaccine
more effective?

Well, last time, you said
it helped settle your stomach.

I did? God.
I... I talk so much.

I remember
what interests me.

Um, I don't know
why I was so nervous.

This is nothin'.

Uh, but if you're
looking for recs,

Marty's Deli stuffs theirs
with chicken.

Oh, I didn't mean soup.


See you next week.

Hey. Hey.
How you feeling?

Um... great.

Uh, or, uh, fine.
I'm okay.

Any side effects
from the vaccine or...?


All good there.

But I should, um, get back
to my patients, so...


Hey, uh...

Did we break up or...?

When would we
have broken up?

Levi. Come on.
You said you wanted me

to make space for you,
and I did,

and you just walked away,
been avoiding me ever since.

I have not been...

But do you want to see
other people or...?

I don't know.

Well, I don't.

Okay? I want you, Levi,
and only you.

So when you
figure this all out,

you know where
to find me, okay?

Some good news...

Luna's results show
it is only reflux,

and it is mild.

So we'll continue to monitor
her, feed her upright.

Smaller volumes,
more frequently.

Try thickened formulas.
See how she does.

Do you need to
answer that?

Yeah. Sorry.
Either one of you two

interested in a 9-month-old
from county?


Poor thing's foster placement
fell through, so I have to go.

Anything I need to sign?

The nurses have
the latest paperwork.Thanks.

I can't tell you how nice it is
I don't have to think about Luna

because of you two.

You're her guardian.

You could think about her
a little.

Well, she's a social worker,
not a parent.


She's still not awake? - Nothing.

It's been two days
since we closed her skull.

Her intracranial
pressure's down.

Scans don't show
anoxic brain injury. Nothing.

If she doesn't wake up
in a few days,

we're gonna have to
consider a trach.

And I'm gonna
have to call her dad.

No, you don't have to call him.
He's right outside.

Mr. Nichols?


- Hey.
- Mind if we...?

Did, uh...
Did Sky wake up?


Her status
hasn't changed.

We may need to perform something
called a trach and PEG.

That'll give her
long-term airway control

and keep her
getting nutrients.

So you don't think she'll
wake up for... for a while?

You know, when Sky was a kid,
I... I worked all the time.

Long hours, lot of travel.

I was just climbing that
career ladder, you know?

And I missed a lot.

That's a hard balance...
Work and family life.

This one time, I was
rushing back for the last night

of this high-school talent show
she was in.

And, uh, I remember
at the cast party,

one of her friends
came up and said to her,

"Who's that guy?"

You know,
that kind of haunted me.

And I thought, "Geez.
I just missed too much."

But then COVID comes along, and
Skyler moves back in with me,

and I think, "Alright.
This is good.

You know, I... I get a chance
to get to know my daughter."

I'll consent to that, uh...
That trach.

You just make sure
she's not in any pain, okay?

Late night?

3:00 a.m. call.


Dude snapped
both his tendons

when he slipped down
his basement stairs.

Pretty crazy to think we're all
basically just walking around

on a pair of matchsticks.


Everything okay?

More paperwork for Luna.

Her social worker
is just a lot.

And before you say it,

I know she has a thankless job,
but Luna deserves more.

She's not just an item
on a checklist.

So what's the holdup?

Oh, sorry.
Are we pretending

like you're not
gonna adopt her?

It's crossed my mind.

Which is just crazy

because I never pictured myself
doing this alone.

Maybe it's the pandemic

or the fact that I felt really
connected to Luna's mom.


Or maybe
it's that Luna is just...

She is so perfect,

and I completely
freakin' love her.

Ahh. It's a pretty great
feeling, huh?


Having a kid.

I think you can stop asking
yourself if you can do it, Jo.

I think you already are.

So, hear me out.

Uh, so, New Zealand has COVID
pretty much wiped out.

So, we rent
a giant house and...

And ask your grandma to wear
a mask for 20 hours on planes

and then quarantine
when we get there?

Okay, so it's not quite perfect
yet, but we're getting there.

Alright. Look.

I hate that the pandemic
has our hands tied right now,

but we are two
very smart people.

And we both love puzzles.
So we'll get it figured out.

Or maybe we should
just wait, you know,

until things just open up
a little bit more.

Wait, what, like a year?

Is this cold feet? Because
I thought you were all-in.

No, I was. I-I am.

You know, I just want it
to feel right

and not like
it's some big compromise.

"Big compromise."

That sounded bad.

Chaplain to Patient
Services. Chaplain to Patient Services.

Oh, my God. I have to go.

We have a heart donor
for Gwen!

Hey. Thought
you were off today.

Skyler's EEG kept showing her
brain activity slowing down.

Damn. I was really hoping
she'd come through.

Well, she still might.

I'm starting serial MRIs

to see if I can detect
any patterns.

And I might even add ultrasonic
thalamic stimulation.

I'm not sure.

Amelia, some patients
just don't wake up.

She's someone's baby, Owen,

and I'm a mom now,
so I can't give up.

How you feeling today?

I don't want to say.

I'm a flirt, and I'm sorry.

But I'm a big boy.
We can move on.

It's not that.

I noticed...

a rash on the back
of my neck.

And you're gonna need
to take a look at it.

But that just feels

a little... intimate.

Look, if you don't want me to
look at it, that's up to you.

But there aremillions of lives
at stake.


I can't believe
this happened.

I still just...
I can't believe it.

Gwen is very lucky.

I love her.

She's like a mom,
you know?

But only the good parts.

Like, she's smart
and she gives great advice

but never tells you
your lipstick color

makes your skin
look green.

Specimen coming.

Ready for the donor heart.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.
I know.

Your place is so quiet.

I can hear myself think.


What are you
thinking about?

Hmm. Neurons
and functional MRIs.

And popcorn.


Ah, nothing.


It's bone spurs, isn't it?

I was thinking...

what if I just
knocked you up?

I think living at Meredith's
the last few months

has broken me.

I love being a dad.

I think I want more.

More children?

Like, of our own?


I mean, not tomorrow,

but... eventually.

Now Iwant popcorn.


Don't move.
I'll be right back.


Suture kit.

So you can get your dexterity
back between workouts.

Hey. What you readin'?

My future.

Brain fog, neuropathy,

Some of the many gifts

I've been plagued with forever
due to COVID.

Or you could be just fine.

You know, there's
barely enough data.

The data that's out there
is terrifying.

Yeah, it's looking like
recovery can be long,

painful, and boring,
but the one thing it can't do

is do the work for you.

So, up.

No. Come on.
Let's take a walk.

I do not feel like it.

This attitude isn't gonna get
you back in the operating room.

And I can't lose any more
surgeons, so come on.

I may never get back.

I can't operate
if I can't stand on my feet.

I can barely
pick up my kids

without feeling like
I've run a marathon.

Alright, well, can you
at least take a break?

That's all I've been doing.

And I know
everybody means well,

but I don't want suture kits
and everybody hovering

and asking how I'm doing
every five minutes.

What I want
is my life back.

Still no activity.


I didn't hear you leave.

Skyler's just... nothing.

Well, you want to say
good morning?

Scout and I are just having
a little jam sesh.

Hey, Link, stop.

Why? He loves this.

But just stop.

Okay. Start again.

you're a rock star.

Great ejection fraction on echo,

the fluid build-up in your lungs
is almost resolved,

andyour labs show
no signs of organ rejection.

Well, you keep this up,
you'll be home in no time.

What's wrong?

Well, you're all so happy,
I hate to tell you.

I woke up with a headache,
and it's getting worse.

I'm seeing double.

Transplants can cause
perioperative strokes.

Or it could just be a...
A headache.

Yeah, we'll page neuro
to make sure.

Hang in there, Gwen.

I will, dear.
Thank you.


We know different parts of the
brain process different things, right?

Math problems, emotion,
spatial relationships,

and, as we've seen
with Skyler, music.

So we can take it
a step further.

First what we needed to do

was isolate distinct parts
of her brain.

A clear differentiation.


Skyler, hi.

This is Dr. Shepherd.

I am going to
play you some music.


Okay. Now I would like you to
imagine your bedroom at home.

Imagine yourself
walking through it.

We... We know
that she can hear you.

That doesn't put her
any closer to waking up.

Maybe not,
but watch this.

Just wait.

I'm gonna ask you
some questions.

If the answer is yes,

I want you to think
about music.

If the answer is no, I want you
to think about your bedroom.

Now, is your name Michelle?

Is your name Skyler?

Amelia, that is...

That is incredible.

Yeah, it's not bad.


- Code blue. Room 4850.
- I got your page.

What the hell happened?

She turned blue after feeding.
Probably aspirated.

Are you in?

Not yet.
Have the CO2 detector ready.

I'm in.
Start bagging her.

Okay, Wilson.
CO2 detector.


CO2 detector.

She's still bradycardic.

Let's resume compressions,
have epi on standby.

Why aren't you pushing epi?

Shush, please.


Come on. Come on.
Come on.

We got it.

Oh, Luna, you gave us
a little scare.

Okay, let's start her
on IV fluids.

I want a chest X-ray, STAT.
We're holding enteral feeds.


I'm her mom. I'm gonna...

I want to be her mom.

I've been doing neuro exams
on Gwen for a week.

Completely normal.
I even did a CT and an MRI.

There's no sign
of edema or clots.

I can't find any reason
for her headaches. I'm sorry.

And I hate
to consult and run,

but I'm about to make
a father very happy.

I don't want to keep
telling Gwen to wait,

but we really
are out of tests.

It's a good thing
she doesn't seem to mind.

No, she doesn't.

Does she?

She sounds perfect, dear.
Why didn't you go on the date?

Her name is Taryn, too.

And as hot as she was,

I just don't think I can
make out with myself.Mm.

Hey, Gwen.

Well, your brain imaging
and neuro exams

haven't revealed
any abnormalities.

Your headaches
are a mystery.

Maybe it'll just work
itself out in a few days?

There is a rare complication
with some transplant patients.

It's acute borderline
cerebral dysplasia.

- Huh?
- Quiet, Helm.

It's not life-threatening, and
there is a simple test for it.

Patients with this condition
experience weakness

in downward movement
of their left arm.

So what I want to do is
I want to raise your arms...

and I want you to try to
keep them in the air, okay?

Oh. Well, looks like
we found our culprit.

Dr. Webber, I think
it was right-sided weakness.

Oh, oh, y-yes, yes.

Of course.
You're right, yeah.

Wait. Gwen.
You're faking?

I'm not ready to leave.


What you have survived,
you are a miracle.

Take the miracle.

But I have friends here.

The nurses and doctors.

You tell me
about your lives,

and you don't get bored
when I talk.

I'm not very good
at people.

My husband was.
Not me.

♪ I lay next to myself

I'm not funny.
I'm not outgoing.

I'm not...
Not that interesting.

♪ Car crash in rewind

And now I don't even
have my dog to go home to.

♪ There's nothing
you could have done ♪

I'm sorry...
for wasting your time.

I'm sorry.

♪ You will survive

♪ And the world got
a little more dim tonight ♪

♪ Ohh-ohh-ohh

Her chest X-ray still shows
aspiration pneumonia.

We'll keep her
on antibiotics

and see if we can
extubate next week.

Should probably
call Carmen.

Ah. It can wait.

Wouldn't be a normal day
if a parent or guardian

wasn't mad with me about

Of course, when you become
her legal guardian,

I'll deny that I said that.

If she lives long enough
for the paperwork to go through.

♪ The world got
a little more dim tonight ♪

Were you here again
all night?

If I went
into cardiac arrest

and had a tube
shoved down my throat,

I wouldn't want to be alone.


♪ Days come,
just like our friends ♪

♪ With a soft glow

♪ A warm touch
that slowly fades ♪

♪ You're just out of my reach

♪ Oh, in the shadows Thanks.

We got to the bottom
of Gwen's headaches.

Turns out
she was faking them

because she didn't
want to go home.

Spent all that time
looking for a solution,

and it was
a big waste of time.

Pretty frustrating, huh?
What's that supposed to mean?

You really don't know?

I wasn't saying
I don't want to get married.

I meant that I want it
to feel right.

Yeah, I heard you.
Loud and clear.

But look, I, um...
I need to be in surgery.

And this can wait.


♪ The world got
a little more dim ♪

♪ Tonight

And remember...
It's yes-and-no questions.

You'll have a seat
just right here.

Alright. Thank you.

And then you're gonna speak
into this microphone.


Hey, sweetie.

It's Dad.
Can you hear me?

You take all the time
you want.

You know I love you
to the moon and back, right?

I know you do.

You ride to work.

Um, sometimes.

It's... U-Usually.
I, uh... It's exercise.


I know. I need to buy a car.
I just...

No, no, the rest of your face
is really cute.

Did you cut your hair?

I did.
I like it.

So, you want to
get out of here?

Uh, now?

Oh, no, sorry.
I meant later.

Do you... Do you want
to see each other,

like, out of the hospital?

Like, my place,


I get COVID-tested
three times a week,

and I only go
to work and home,

and I don't even set foot
inside a grocery store.

So, um...

Yeah, you know, I'll just
text you my address

and see how the rest
of your day goes.

But I hope
I'm at the end of it.

We have tried extubating,
but she is not responding.

Modified barium swallow

shows that she is aspirating
with swallowing.

She's getting worse. I want to operate.

She justreached
full term.

We're aware.

A Nissen fundoplication
could help stop the reflux

and protect her lungs
for the future.

It's where I wrap the upper part
of the stomach...

Yeah, I'm familiar.

I've taken care of children
who have had this procedure.

And the county and I
respectfully disagree.

You're saying no? You ca...

I truly believe that you have
Luna's best interests at heart,

but until Luna is adopted,
I am as close

as she's ever gonna get
to a legal parent.

I'm sorry.

And, Dr. Wilson,
I'm sorry to hear

that your application
was denied.

It was a nice idea.

You were denied?

I didn't pass
the background check.

And explaining it
won't change anything.


I'm surprised.
You came.

Yeah, I'm surprised, too.

You look better.

I think
Koracick and Avery...

had the right idea.

Oh, Grey, no!
No, they did no...

I mean, yeah, they did,
but look.

If I lose any more surgeons,
then we just might as well

turn the hospital
into a clinic.

I'm not talking
about quitting.

I'm talking about learning.

And growing.
And getting better.

Anyway, I have spent
the last few weeks

worrying about
how to get back to normal,

but look where
normal got us.

Sexism, racism, inequality,
substandard care.

What has just happened,

we should neverwant to
go back to that.

Okay. I came here today
with an idea, Grey.

And... And you can say no,
but you can't say no right now.

Because you're
gonna want to.

Y-You're gonna think that
you aren't right for this.

You're gonna think
that I'm desperate.

And I am.
Because I've just lost too much.

This hospital
has lost too much, so...

I want you to take over
the residency program.

Richard Webber runs
the residency program.

Richard Webber
isn't going anywhere,

but he's got
too many jobs, okay?

He's... He's still operating,
he's chief of chiefs,

and one day... a day I hope
is in the distant future...

He's gonna want to step back,
so we need a plan in place.

And we need allies.

And I need somebody
who thinks like me.

So this is my plan.

You. You are my plan.

I need you to put together
a team that reflects our world

and then take over
this class

and choose every class
after this one,

and... and... and you shape
them, you set everything.

You can throw out the whole
curriculum if you want to,

and then we will sandblast
the bias right out of 'em.

And you can make sure
that thisworld

doesn't go back to normal.


Am I allowed to say yes?

I will allow that.

I gave you
my number, right? Twice, dear.

You can call me
anytime you want.

don't sleep anyway.


♪ Don't lose your faith


How did you find him?
He was lost.

Well, we called every shelter
we could find.

It helps to have a team
of interns at your disposal.

This guy was halfway
to Tacoma.

Oh, Jupy. My baby!

I missed you.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

I'll grab your bag.

Okay. You ready?

Let's go.

♪ Hope

Oh, good boy. Oh, hi.
Bye-bye. Bye, Jupiter.

♪ Fight against the tide

♪ Let it rise and fall

How is it
I feel better about this

than about
replacing her heart?

I'm not sure.

But I feel the same.


♪ 'Cause we'll hold it together,
hold on together ♪

♪ Pushing on the wheel
until it turns ♪

♪ 'Cause everything is us
against the world we're here ♪

♪ Whatever you do,
I'll be with you, ooh ♪

♪ Don't lose your faith

I panicked.

Because I love you.

I'm just
really used to

you not feeling it back.

I've always felt it back.
I just...

I don't know.
I just couldn't say it back.

What changed?

I changed.
Because of you.

♪ Whatever comes our way


♪ It's all just heads
and tails ♪

I think about you
all day long.

And I know
you get anxious,

so I've been worried now
that you're part of the trials.

But I don't know. I just want
to make you tea and...

A-and take care of you

a-and watch
"Lord of the Rings" with you

even though I told you I'd rather
stab my eyes out with a fork.

♪ Don't lose

Levi, I neverwant to
be without you, okay?

I love you.

I'm in love with you.

♪ ...and tails

Wait. H-How did you know
I was coming over tonight?

Oh, no, I didn't. I've been
lighting these candles

almost every night,
hoping you'd come over.

That is...

so unlike you.

It's like you.

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh,
ooh, ooh-ooh ♪


Amazing progress
on Skyler.

It's always good to see you
in your element.


Feel like I haven't been
in my element for a while.

I think a lot of us
feel that way.

I don't want any more kids.

Wha... Are you...

Oh, no. No. God, no.
I don't thinkso.

But Link wants them.


You should have seen the
excitement on his face, thinking about it.

Kind of know that feeling.

I don't.
I thought I would.

I always thought I wanted
four or five kids,

like my family, but...
Amelia, is everything okay?

I love Link,
and I love Scout.

But I don't know
if I can love more than them

without losing myself.

Owen, I got so involved
with Skyler,

I have not been to a meeting
in two weeks.

And I don't know
if I can wrap my mind around

bringing another kid
into this messy world.

My world is messy.

I loved having a sister.

And I love my kids
more than anything, okay?

But having
another kid, it's...

It's not just
twice the work, Amelia.

It is...
Oh, it's exponential.

It's not gonna work
unless you both want it.

Okay. Let's try this.

I'm gonna ask you
if you want more kids, okay,

and if the answer is yes,
then you think music,

and if no, then bedroom.

You want me to come
to a meeting with you?

I could call Teddy and
tell her I'm gonna be late.

It's fine.

No, they're virtual now.

Oh, yeah, right.

But thank you.

Just be honest with him.
He'll understand.

♪ Homegrounds

♪ Feels like the weight Bye.

♪ Has been lifted away

♪ But if she leaves me there

point line.
Willard shoots.

♪ I won't run Negative off the rim,

rebounded by Milken
and...♪ Please pass it on

♪ Carry me down

No one likes being an outlier.

♪ All you need to know


♪ Is I want more

♪ More

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Great.

Are you sure?

Helm, you can either live here,
or you can talk.

But you can't do both.

Patients constantly ask,
"Have you seen this before?

How common is it?
Is this normal?"

♪ Wait until it's right

♪ But then you fold
your hand into mine ♪

♪ Watch as the waves
fall back into place ♪

For so long,
we've been conditioned

to think if we aren't normal,
it's a bad thing.

♪ More

♪ Like before

♪ More

♪ I want more

♪ More, I want more

Maybe it's time to rethink
what the rules of normal are.

None of your ideas
are perfect.

Did you forget
you told me or...?

I finally figured out
what's been bothering me.

♪ Like before, more

♪ I want more

Perfect is never
gonna be an option

because my mom
won't be here.

♪ I want more

The something
that was wrong,

it never had anything
to do with you.

I just really wish
she could be there,

that she could have
met you.

Yeah, I wish that, too.

You know my mom taught me
how to dance, right?

And you better bet
she would've worn out

that dance floor, too.

So... here's my idea.

We take the engagement ring
that my mom gave me

and we turn it
into my wedding band.

And we don't wait.

We get your grandma and my dad
out here as soon as we can,

and we just do it
with family.

And then someday, sometime,
when it's safe,

we will have a party
that sets the world on fire.

I'm good with that.

That is such a relief. Why?

♪ Yes, I want more, more

my sweet Winston!

Ahh! Nana Ante!

Hey, no, no!
No hugging for 10 days!

Hey, uh, so,
what's this I hear

about you wanting
to marry my little girl?

Oh, Dad. Stop it.

I can't believe you did this.
I can't believe it.

Me neither.

My darling baby.

Maybe it's time
to rethink everything.

♪ Don't you leave me there,
wanting more ♪