Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 17, Episode 1 - Episode #17.1 - full transcript

Previously on
"Grey's Anatomy"...Okay, Cindy Wright.

She fits
the profile.

Arrest this woman
for child trafficking!

Please escortDr.
DeLuca to my office.

What? Me?! What,
you're just gonna let her go?

I did the job
that needed to be done!

Andrew, you sound like
your father.

This is Gemma.

Uh, she's a friend. I can see that.

Something's wrong with me.
What's happening?

Cobalt poisoning would
explainthe dementia, the depression,

hallucinations, tremors... everything.

Is your mindplaying tricks on you again?

Did you stand by me
while I was being fired?

I'm tired of telling youthat I want more.

I hope you find someone
who will give that to you.

Dr. Winston Ndugu.

I have had a crush on yousince
my first day of residency.

What do you think
of the name Scout?

So cute.

We're getting married.
I want a life with you.

Are you really sure
you want to close this door?

A voicemail
from Dr. Altman.

I can't leave with you.

I am marrying Owen.

I'm so sorry, honey. We'll reschedule.

Why are we rescheduling?

I've heard
that when tidal waves hit,

there are often people
watching on shore.

They see the disaster coming,
see the horizon disappearing.

They don't really see
until it's too late.

There's a lecture
we take in residency

that's meant to prepare us
for such surprises.

It's called
Disaster Ethics...

Where future surgeons imagine
what they would do

when the unimaginable

But it's imperfect.

Because while it's good
to plan for the worst,

you can't really know
how you'll handle it

until you're smack dab
in the middle of it,

under the wave,
trying not to drown.

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Thank you!

Thank you, all!

I'll see you
after the shift change.

You be careful
out there.

You be careful

We are doing
everything right.

We are wearing masks.
We are wearing gloves.

We are slowing
the spread.

I am goodand my family is g...

Oh, please don't tell meyou're
experiencing symptoms.

I am absolutely not
experiencing any symptoms.

I'm here to work.

I'm cobalt free,

I've done my hip rehab.
I'm better than ever.

Just tell me where you want me,
but don't say back home.

Well, everything's changed.

I mean, specialties
no longer matter.

check temperatures.

Attendings do scut.
It's a madhouse.

On fire.

Well, you better
show me around.

Unless you're too busy.

You can send me off
with a resident.

You know, I'd love
to say hello to DeLuca.

DeLuca is no longer
a resident.

So, Andrew's inthe on-call room on 3.

He didn't even want to
come in today,

but I didn't thinkhe should be alone, so...


Because you're so concerned
about his well-being.

This is unbelievable.

What happened
with DeLuca now?

He could barely get up
after Richard's surgery.

It's the depression that
always comes after the mania.

You knew this happens,
b-but you pushed him anyways.

And you let her.

First stop for every employee.
A few questions.

And if your temperature's
even a hair over 100 degrees,

you go back home.
No exceptions.

And once you're cleared...
Here, get in here...

You will change

and be fitted
with a new N95.

let's move it.

How was the picnic?

It turned into a sleepover,

On the laundry-room floor?

Yeah, Zola didn't want me
to leave,

and I-I was too tired
to go back to the hotel room.

So she had a picnic
on the kitchen floor,

and I got takeout.

And we talked to each other
through the closed door,

and then I made a bed

out of some baby blankets
I found in the dryer.

You are
such a good aunt.

my back is killing me,

but it sure beats lying
in my hotel-room bed

and watching terrifying
statistics on the news

and knowing that's not even
half the story.

Yeah. I tried explainingto my grandma

how this is impactingBlack
folks more severely.

But all she wants to talk
about is how sacrilegious it is

to attend church
on a computer.

Dr. Ndugu, we have a dissection.

Uh, I gotta go, babe.
Love you.

Love you?

Were you eavesdroppingon my call?

Not on purpose.

Sounds like things
are going pretty well, though,

if you're at "love you"

Well, we're not.
I'm not... We're...

That's just... That's just,
like, a-a thing people say.

By rote.
Is it?

How's Vic?

It's really nice of themto
clap us in and out every day.

I... I really appreciate that.

Yeah.Yeah. It really is.

It's nice.

we have a visitor.

Who is here
coming to visit us?

Hey, hey, hey,

Oh, hey! Oh!

Uh, what is... Oh! No.

What is going on?

No, no.

I thought...

We were texting and you said
to come over with nothing on.

I didn't mean right now. So you... Okay.

Okay. Um, sorry.
I'm sorry. Hello? Hi.

Come on... No, no, you know what?
Actually. No.

It's fine. It's okay.
It's good.

It's not that... cold out,

so I'm just... I'm gonna go.Hey.
No, you don't needto leave.

No, I do.
I have to, okay?

This is...

This was good.

Thiswas a mistake.
But this whole thing.

I'm not a...

I'm not a stepmom.

You're not
a stepmom.

I'm just... I'm a person
who shows up at penthouses

wearing puffy coats
and nothing else, so...


Wow. Okay.

Um, this was too much
too soon.

Thank you.

Hi, Harriett,
it was really nice...

Really nice to meet you
after all this time.

Um, okay, bye.


This happens when I
eat nuts, but I didn't eat any nuts.

Uh, I don't think. Those food labels
are small.


Okay, 98.6.

So you are going to
want to follow

the purple line
to the ER.

I don't want
a Chinese doctor.

Oh, okay.

Then you're going to
want to follow

this green line
to the parking lot,

put your rude self back
in your car

and hope you don't go into
anaphylactic shock.

I'll follow the purple lineto the ER.


Dr. Webber.

You look great.




Can you please make sure
this gets up to the Covid floor

with Enna Ravera? Just leave it.

Uh, hey, Karen, uh,
could I get an update

for Ike Donerson?
He's a friend of a friend.

Happy to check on him
for you, Dr. Hunt.

Hope the kids
are doing okay. Oh, thanks.

Um, my mom's hands are
full, but she's managing.

There's another tent
for visitors

'cause none are allowed
in the hospital

unless accompanying
a young child.

Dr. Webber? Ah, Hunt.

I-I-Is it still Altman?

Yeah, still Altman.Ah.

I hate to leave, but I-I-I got to get back.

and I-I've got another...

Alright, the less severe symptoms

are sent home
to self-quarantine.

The more severe
are admitted.

The entire OR
heard a recording

of Altman and Koracick
having sex...

...or was that
the cobalt talking?

That was not the cobalt. Ooh!

Stop it. Stop it.

You're bad. Stop it. Stop?

I came back just so
I could ask the question.

What is wrong... What?

The entire east
wingis now a Covid ward.

We've converted whole
floorsinto negative pressure rooms.

Severe patients go to
this special Covid ICU.

So far we have
enough ventilators.

Well, what about PPE
for the staff?

We are reusing
what we have,

but we need more
...a lot... Wait.

No, no, no, no. Well,
someone's coding here.

Uh, and we have staff inside
to deal with it.

Look, hospitals are
losingtoo many of their own.

So no one goes throughthose
doors without full PPE,

which is in short supply.

Yes, it goes againsteverything we teach,

but there are no emergenciesin a pandemic.

Marvin Lindstrom.

He was fine yesterday,
became hypoxic an hour ago.

It's the fourth patient
I've lost today,

and they're all dying alone.

Welcome back, Richard.

Hey, so, bed 4 needs
to go up for CT, okay?

Still has pain
in the chest? - Yes.

WE'RE NOT TAKING... VIC: No, I know.

I know you're not taking
any non-Covid cases,

but you are taking this
teenagerwith full thickness burns

from head to toe
from a car explosion.

I intubated him
on the scene.

He's hypotensive and
tachycardicand you are the best

so you are taking him because
if you send us away, he dies,

and that makes you
a murderer.


Trauma 1.

You were right
to bring him here.

Emergent surgeries only,
so it's empty most of the time.

Oh, how the mighty have

I try not to look at it. Too sad.

what the hell is that?

Oh, not that, her.

She's my new best friend.

She hates germs
as much as I do.

Uh, see that UV light?

It can disinfect a room
in minutes.


That's incredible.

I used to go see babies
when I needed serotonin.

But they don't let visitors
on the OB floor anymore.

So now I come see her.

She's sleek, beautiful,
she hates germs.

do my eyes deceive me?

Captain Cobalt,
welcome back.

Ugh. What, too soon?

in all seriousness,

I'm so happy to see youon your feet again.

What's with
the nine iron?

Oh, well, this wayyou won't get any closer

than, uh,
six feet from me.

You don't need a golf club
for that, Tom.

Any word
on the shipment?

Uh, relax, Bailey. I said
it's coming, it's coming.

What, you got N95s
and face shields?

Because there's pirates
out there and hucksters.

Has Catherine
been coming in?


Uh, Richard,
I've got a trauma. Oh, I'll come.

No, you go read
the safety manuals

and memorize
the new protocols.

Can't let anythingfall through the cracks.

Or anyone.

Can I help you?

A patient of your brother's
would like to see him.

No. Absolutely not. It's Cindy Wright.

The girl he said
was being trafficked.

It appears he was right.

S-She's here?
Is she okay?

She is here but I would not say
she is okay.

No, Bailey, you need to stop doing this.

I-I wouldn't be here
if it were anyone else.

But I think he's
the only person in the world

she trusts right now.

Oh, my...

You sure about this?


I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't listen,
but I was scared.

You do not need to
apologizefor anything, okay?

I'm just glad
you came back.

Walk me through what
happened. How did you get here?

I got sicker,
and Opal said I was useless.

She dropped me off
on the side of the interstate.

But I remembered
the name of this place.

And you.

Chief, do you mindif I go in with her?

I'll throw on some lead. Of course.

Isn't DeLuca...

I mean,
people have been saying he...

Get the man a vest.


Marvin Lindstrom
just died.

Please, no.

I tried calling his wife.
It rolled to voicemail.

Are you with her? She's here.

Her flip phone died, and
we didn't have a charger.

She wanted to say goodbyeto him.

Well, I wanted that, too,

There just wasn't time.
It happened so fast.

They were married
62 years.

I held his hand
while he died.

So if you can't deliver
the news to her,

just find someone
who can.

What do we have? Engine
blew whenhe was trying to cool it down.

It started a fire.

He's got extensivefull-thickness burns.

On it.

Kids decided to breakquarantine,
went out to a party.

A party? Now?

Okay, I gotta call my kids
and threaten them.

You want, uh, back up?
Want me to page Altman?

No, no, no, we're good.

He's hypotensive.

Arms are all charred.

This IV's blown.
I need access.

Okay. IO kit. Right away, Doctor.

Okay, here we go.

Order a trauma panel.

Let's get x-ray in here.

His sats are still dropping.

He's getting harder
to bag.

These chest burns are
preventinghis lungs from expanding.

Alright, we need to get
this kid to an OR

and start debriding, ASAP. Owen:
Yeah, I already paged for help.

I need to stay downhere. There's
other kidscoming in from this fire.

Alright, copy that. Hey, Hunt,
I got your page.

And here's your help.

Everything okay?

Yeah.Yeah. Great.

Let's get ready to move.

Watch your back.

You hear this, uh, kidwas
out partying with friends?

I don't know what the
hellthese kids are thinking.

Yeah, well,
people do stupid things.



I'm, uh, about to be done here
if you need the room.

No, actually, I was looking for you.

I need a favor.

Cool. Consult?

Yeah, kind of.


Actually, no, not... not like a consult.




What's that?


I need sex.

I need a sex favor.

A sexual favor.

I... W-What?

I need a bridge over the riverof
the husband who abandoned me.

A short bridge.

No, like a... like a one-night bridge.

I-I can't tell if you're
being serious. Are you...

Look, I don't know how to
besingle or feel single again.

I just... I-I don't know
howto cross over the bridge

over into the land
of Not a Sad Sack.

Of Not a... The landof Not a Sad Sack?

Okay. Okay, I-I need
to have sex, Jackson.

With someone that I trust
to be safe

and... and just not murder me
in my sleep.

And I need a bridge,
so I'm asking.

I am truly asking
for a favor.

A sexy favor.

Okay, and you...
And you can say no

if you feel used
or objectified or whatever,

but I hope
that you just feel flattered

because I'm mostly saying
that you're a human male

that I kind of trust.


Like, okayokay?

I mean, it's not exactlya hardship, Jo.

Oh, my God. Okay.
Um... tonight?

Sure. Yeah.

My... My place? Okay. Yes!

Thank you. Thank you.
You're the best.



Okay, Jo.

Dora, hi,
it's Dr. Grey calling.

I... I'm okay,
thank you for asking.

Dora, I-I'm so sorry
to tell you, but your father...

His condition got much worse
last night.

So, um, I'm afraid if...

If you do want to come
and say goodbye, then...

Then you should come soon.



Okay, uh, just call me
when you're here,

and I'll make
the arrangements.

Okay. I'm... I'm so...
I'm so sorry.


You're doing great, Cindy.

Almost done, okay?

I'm not Cindy.

My name is Erin Banks.

I'm from
Scottsdale, Arizona.

This photographer followed me
on Snapchat.

He said that
he had a modeling agency

and that I was beautiful.

He wanted to meet,
but my parents said no.

My sister said
it was sketchy.

But I snuck out
to meet him.

That was two years ago.

Two years? So she was fourteen.


Take this.
Call the police immediately.

Say to them
what she just said.

Her family needs to know

their little girl
is still alive. Go, go.

Lord, help us.

My parents tried
to warn me,

but I'm so dumb.

I'm so stupid.

Hey, hey, stop that. Okay, listen to me.

None of thisis your fault, okay?

None of it.

It's Opal, and people like her.

It's their fault.

And we got you.

And they're never going
tohurt you ever again, okay?

Opal said that if I ran,
she'd kill me,

and if I told anyone, she'd
findmy sister and take her, too.

Soak it in, kids.

Bask in the glory
of the PPE mother lode.

It's beautiful.

It came?
It actually came!

I forgot
what good newsfeels like.

Altman, can I help you? Uh, yeah.

I mean, our nursesare using rubber bands

to hold on their masks.

Can't we help you
open these?

Or were you planning to sell
them on the black market?

Oh, my God, were you?

No, no, I just...
We... We need, uh, a system.

Yeah, okay, well, you know, we open these,

we take the masks, and
run around the hospital

like Santa Claus on Christmas.
That's the system.

Fine, fine,
but you two stand guard

in case someone sneaks
infrom another hospital.

Are you serious? This
stuff is paper gold, Tseng.

So now you'rethe
best-educated security guard

this side
of the Mississippi.

I got booties!


Booties. Good.
Booties are good.

Yeah. Okay,
but we also need masks.

Yeah, well, we also
need... booties.

You ordered masks,

And gloves and shields?

Of course I did. I...
These are all booties.

By the thousands. Booties, more booties.

They're here, somewhere.

They're here some...

Damn it!

Oh, my God!


He's still tachycardic.

His body's so stressed
from the burns.

God, it's so hot in here.

It has to be. I mean, the burns mean

his bodycan't regulate temperature,

so we got to crank
the whole room way up. I know that.

I wasn't saying
you didn't, Jo.

Okay, then why even say it?

You said it was hot.
I said why.

Okay? I thought
we were just stating facts.

Hey. I, uh, I drank some
in the elevator

to, like,
make it less weird.

Oh! Wine!

which is now embarrassing

because I realize

that I kind of set this up
as a date,

and it's definitely
not a date.

I mean, I didn't botherwearing pants,

but it's really sweet.

Whoa! Oh, my
God, is that your date food?

That is not... Oh, my God, Jackson.

No girl wants to taketheir clothes off

after eating cheese
and cured meat.

Thanks for coming
overand openly mocking me.

This is... It's
totallyacceptable date food.


Is that Kenny G?

Do you only have
romantic soft pillow sex?

That's not... It's on, like, a shuffle.

Mm. Mm.

I hate you.
Gimme that.


What now?

No, I just realized I've never
dated a rich guy before.

I mean,
doctors have money,

but you're, like,
collect-art rich.

Wow, that would
weird me out.

Well, it's a good thing
thatwe're not dating then, isn't it?


You're just a bridge.

I'm just a bridge.

Are you surethis is what you want?


Are you...
Oh, oh, okay.

We c...
We should stop.

No, no, no, I'm okay.
Let's keep going.

I don't think... Jo... I'm okay. I'm okay.

It's okay. We should... No, no, I really...

I really want to have sex
with you.

I really do.
Please, let's keep going.

Okay, listen,
it's okay.

I think we can... we can try another time.

I'm sorry.

Sit down.
I'm sorry.

I'll get you
some water.

I'm so sorry.

No, you have nothingto be sorry about.

Don't worry about it.

They said they wantedto talk to my boss.

Then tell them
you'rethe boss next time.

Really? Hello.
I'm Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Uh, uh, Kayden Lee
is our son. He was in a fire.

Kayden is only 18. We
shouldbe allowed to be in there.

I know this is
a scary situation.

I'm a parent. Believe me,
I understand your frustration.

But you have my word as chief
that all of your children

are receiving
the best possible care.

But we just need you to bear
with us a little while longer.

Excuse me. Uh, Aaron
Morris. Any word on Frankie?

Uh, which one is Frankie? He's
immunocompromised. He got a kidney donation

for polycystic kidney disease
just two months ago.

He's high risk for Covid.

Then why was he
at a party? Schmitt.

Frankie Morris.Yes.

Uh, he must still be
en route.

I'll look into it

Tell Kayden he's not alone.
Mom and Dad are here.

I cannot do this, Steve.
I need to be with him.

He's our baby.

We still haven't
heardanything from her family?

Her family still live
in Arizona,

sister goes to school
in Portland.

I'm not sure if missing persons
was able to reach them.

Well, find out.
I don't want her

waking up alone
in an empty ICU!

Go on!

Bailey, if this is too much
for you, I can take over.

I betrayed her once.
I'm not doing that again.

I looked her in the eye

and told DeLuca
to send her home.

With a monster.

Well, you assessed the
situationas best you could.

And you were distracted
because DeLuca was...

DeLuca... I don't know
whatwe're gonna do with DeLuca.

I mean, I-I know what he's feeling.

At least in part.

I know what it feels liketo want help

but be afraid of it
at the same time.

Richard Webber all but
putthe pills in my mouth.

I had given up,
but he never did.

Well, maybe that's what
we need to do.

Just not give up.

Tissue grasper.

Frankie... Morris.

His father was notified

he was being brought here
from the fire.

Frankie Morris.
He's not here yet.

What did they do?

Stop for frozen yogurt
on the way?

We're not even supposedto
be open to trauma.

You think
he was turned away?

I'll try to find out.

Uh, uh, Bailey.

Uh, ah.

Um, I was thinking.

I saw some nurses wiping down
their masks with bleach.

Now, I know
that can't be good,

so what I was wondering was
can I...

You went through the whole
stackof safety precautions?

What was I say...

You committed all
of those protocols to memory?

Look, this is no longer
the hospital that you left.

And if you're going to insist
on being here,

then you are going to need
to know how we operate now.

So when I tell you
to read the safety protocol,

I mean read
the damn safety protocol!

Dr. Madigan
to the Covid floor.

Dr. Madigan
to the Covid floor.


Yeah, so when
I said goodbye earlier,

something kinda
slipped out.

Hmm. You're gonna need
to be more specific.

Oh, you mean when you
droppeda "love you" on me

and then jumped off
our call?

Right, okay,
so you heard.

Yeah, so, um,
s-so, yeah,

I wasn't really saying that
to you.

That was to
my colleague Kingsley.

It's this little initiative
we started at my hospital.

It's kind of like
a morale boost,

so that the whole staff
feels valued.

Oh, yeah, that makes way more sense

than you saying it to
mebecause that would be...

Ridiculous, yeah,
I know.

And maybe
scare you away.

For real, though.
Did I freak you out?

Weirdly only a little.

Okay, good.

Because if I lost
the one place in the world

where I actually manage
to feel good during this mess,

I think I'd be done for. Me, too.

And somehowyou just made it more romantic

than saying "love."

See how I do?

Talk later? If we're still alive.

Excuse me.

We have more signs in
this placethan Times Square,

and they're very clear.

The few visitors
we have right now

have to be accompanied
by a hospital employee.

So either
you have been misplaced

or you're not supposed
to be here.

My son is in here.
Kayden Lee.

I know it's against the
rulesfor me to be here,

but he was burned.

He was burned so
badlythat he needs surgery.

He just turned 18, and I... and I...

And I know that meansthat he's an adult,

that he drives a carand
he's dating someone,

and he does his own laundry

because we wanted to make
sureof that before college.

But he still has
the same smile

that he had
when he was a baby,

and he still says "I love
you" before leaving the house,

and he won't shut the door

unless I say
"I love you" back.

So he needs me.

He needs to hear
my voice

and he'll know
that I love him

and that everythingis going to be okay.

I know what it's like
to worry about someone

so much you think
it'll break you.

Come with me. Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

What is this?

Andrew, the people in this room
love you, respect you,

and care about you,
and they want you to know that.

This is...

No, no, humor us,
please, please.

A-A-Andrea, the day you were born,

Nonna was babysitting me.

And... And, uh, when she
told mel had a baby brother,

I-I-I ran outside
and I splashed around

in the puddles of rain

And shouted at the sky
because I was so happy.

I, um...

You... You will always be
my baby brother.

And I know you're hurting
right now.

I know that.

But you don't have to be.

There is help for you.

All of us
want to help you.

DeLuca, even if you
hadn'tsaved my life, I'd be here.

I've seen class after
classcome through this program.

I've done it enough to know
whensomeone has something special.

Don't throw this away.

What seems like a weakness

is actually a strength...
If you get help.

Because you care
so deeply.

You fight so hard
for your patients,

for the people
you love.

That's not illness.
That's you.

You... You know I live with
obsessive compulsive disorder.

But I take medication.

I get therapy,
and I stay on top of it.

And, no, it is not always
easy for me.

Look, you're not alone.

You have an illness,
but there's no shame in that.

No shame? No.

That's a joke, right?

Why do you think
it's a joke?

To say
there's no shame?

My whole life,
I've had one goal.

One thing that would mean
I did okay.

Don't end up like my dad.

I wanted it more
than being a surgeon.

One thing.

And I just...

I failed.

you're not like him.

I don't care
what you think, okay?

I don't care about
Bailey's OCD.

I don't care about saving
Richard's life.

I would give up every life
I have ever saved

if I could just not feel
like this.

I'd give up knowing you!




I know I'm not okay.

I just don't know
what to do.

Okay. You listen to the people
that know what to do

and let them help you,

Th-That's it.

All we're asking
you to do

is fight as hard for yourselfas
you do for everybody else.




It's Grey.

Get someone
to cover your shift

so you can walk Dora up
so she can say goodbye.

Yep, that's it.

Walk her up
so she can say goodbye.

Thank you.

I'll clean all this up.

I'll clean... that up.


Where have you been?

I-I was at home.

If you're not hereand you
don't answer your phone,

then no one knows
where you are

and nobody knows
that you're okay.

I turned the ringer off

and I crashed
the second I got home, okay?

The therapist says
that if I don't sleep,

the mania
can creep back in.

Who died?


Marvin Lindstrom,

Doris Sanchez,

Tom Richardson.

You treated him.

the retired choir director.

He loved fishing.

And I'm sorry
I wasn't here, Mer.

You're okay?

Yeah, I'm...
I'm okay.

I'm glad you're okay.

Make sure people knowwhere you are.

So, Dr. Grey and I were able
to repair Erin's hernia,

but there was a great deal
of inflammation in her abdomen.

So we are giving her
a course of IV antibiotics.

You're going to have to say
all this again

for my parents
when they get here.

I still can't believe
any of this.

We... We looked for her

We looked for her everywhere.

Well, we can't stress enoughhow
much she's been through.

She's going to need
yearsof support and therapy.

Of course,
whatever she needs.

I'm not sure I'm gonna let her
out of my sight ag...


I'm here, Erin.

I'm here.
Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.It's not your fault.

It's not your fault.

It's not your fault.


What the hell are you doing?
You know that's not allowed.

If Bailey asks,
I'll tell her

that I didn't get to
that part of the manual.

Can you give her
a couple minutes?

Mama's here.

Can you hear me?

I'm here,
and I love you.

I love you, too.


O-O-Okay, I knowit's just a start, but...

If you haven't gotten through
the new protocols,

then I'm not interested.

You are not my mother,
and you are not my teacher.

You are my colleagueand
you are my friend...

And I am your boss.

I am your boss
and it is my job to...

Well, don't tell me
what your job is.

I taught you your job.

I taught youyour whole damn job.

And now suddenly you
don'twant to let me do mine?

I brought you down here
for some good news,

but you're convincedthat I'm...

I'm incompetent and infirm,
and you won't even hear it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What good news?

Your staff is reusing PPE,

and cleaning themwith bacterial wipes...

Yeah... which deterioratesthe mask.

Now they don't have to.

You're welcome.

Oh, my God.

It's genius.

You're genius. I know.

I'm not sure
how you forgot.

I did not.

And it's not aboutyour ability, Richard.

It's about
your vulnerability.

You know you are high
riskfor Covid right now.

Look, you have already
givenmore of yourself

to this hospitalthan anyone ever could.

And you have overcome,
you have suffered,

and you are why this
hospitalis as good as it is today.

Y-You're why I am as goodas I am today.

And you, Richard, have
earnedthe right to stay home,

to stay safe,
and to rest.

This thing, it's...

It's... It's...
It's only going to get worse.

Every relationshipl've ever had has failed.

Except this one.

And this place.

I will find no peace...

No peace...

If I have to leave it.


are going to give mea second heart attack,

you know that?

Bailey... know
I got to tell you

that this place couldn't ask
for a better chief.

I'm in awe.

Even thoughl taught you most of it.

You know...



How's he doing?

Well, he's stable.Okay.

I think his visit
from his mom helped.


I'd like to apologize to you
if that'll help.

I mean, I'm not exactly sure
what I did

to make you so angry, but...
Angry? I'm... No, I'm not angry.

I... I was just hot.


I am mortified.

All the time, every
minutethat I'm around you.

I... cried
into your mouth.

I mean, I'm... I'm pretty
surethat I snotted in your mouth.

And I-I... You were tryingto do me a favor

and I just... I... It was a favor
you weren't ready for.

I really wasn't.It's fine.

Look, you've been
through hell, okay?

You were doing
your best.

You're still doing
your best.

And we are, um,

So if you can get over
the mortification

and stop treating me like crap,
I figure we're all good.

Can we just pretend
it never happened?



I saw Kayden.

It's bad.

He was so bandaged

that I couldn't see
his face.

One second, okay.
Hi, um, Mr. Morris. Yes?

Hey, your son Frankie was
takento Seattle Presbyterian

because we'rea Covid center... Oh, my God.

No, they are understaffed,

so they turned away
his ambulance.

Are you kidding me? I've been in touch
with my husband,

who is a first responder.

They're bringing himback here.

He is stable, right? He
should be here momentarily.

Oh, my God.

Okay. Thank you. Okay?

Oh, God. Okay.

Hey, Mr. Bronson saidhis wife was here,

but I can't find her.

Can you just let her knowthat
his O.R.I.F. went fine?

I hope
you're doing okay.

Because I'm not.

I hit 100
this morning.

100 times
I've had to tell someone

that their loved one
has died.

That's 10 times
as much as I've had to do

since I started here.

And it's making me wonder
how much longer

I can keep doing this
because 100 is a... big number.

And I'm afraid of getting to
a place where it's not so big.

And I know
that we're not together,

but you're still a person
that I care about and...

I don't know.

I-I-I thought that you might
want to know how I'm doing.

Which is terrible.

And I really hope
that you're okay.

I'm fine.

No, Conor said
Kayden started the fire.

Oh, so it's...
It's his fault?

They shouldn't have even
been out there,

but they felt sorry
for Frankie.

Wait a minute. You think
that this is Frankie's fault?

Posting all the time
about how sad he is

he can't be with
his friends.

He missed a year of school
when he was sick.

Of course he wanted
to see his friends.

And, hey,
I don't need a lecture

from Mr. Lakehouse here,

Okay, everyone, let's just settle.

We all follow each other
on Instagram.

Did you really think we weren't
gonna see you grilling

every night
with half the neighborhood?

And no one in masks!

You know,
kids learn by example.

Well, Kayden's example
is a selfish moron.

Stop, both of you!

Steve, stop! Cut it out right
now! Schmitt, call security!

Disaster has a tendency
to melt away everything else in life.

Selfish son of a bitch!


So if you want to know
who you'll be in a disaster,

ask yourself... Security!

...who am I now?

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