Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 16, Episode 12 - The Last Supper - full transcript

Jackson creates an uncomfortable situation when he invites his new girlfriend to what he thinks is Richard and Catherine's anniversary celebration; Levi brings Nico on a trip to visit an ailing family member.

The human body
is a terrible liar.

Whatever secrets it's keeping,

it will tell them all

You back at work?

- No.
- You gonna be?

I had to meet with
Koracick to ask.

He's not sure.

Yeah, well, I guess
it was pretty sudden.

You did kinda screw him.

And we don't all have parents
who can clean up our messes.

You coming tonight?

Why wouldn't I be coming?

Well, seeing as
you can't stand the sight of me,

I thought maybe you'd skip it.

Jackson, my opinion of you
has no effect on my plans.

It's Richard and Catherine's

I care about them.
I'm going.

And you're clearly
in the mood to celebrate,

so that's great.

Leprosy, chicken pox,
tuberculosis, HIV...

we can carry these for years
with no physical symptoms.

I'm sorry you drove
all the way out here,

but my answer is no.

This isn't only your decision.

And this dinner is ridiculous.

We're giving them big news.

It affects us all.

Yeah, so we should just
tell them.

Richard, I care about Maggie.

I know you care about Jackson.

This dinner is for them,
not for us.

We're still gonna be a family,

even if you and I
are separating.

But given enough time,
the signs will always show up.

Can't wait for this
damn night to be over.


Hi, guys!

Hi. Mwah. Hi.

How you been? Mwah.

So, u-um, all set for tonight?

Hey, I'm making
blackberry cobbler.

Ooh, my favorite.


The real question is,
what are your body's secrets?

So, um... see you soon.

Oh, I can't wait.
Yeah, yeah.

Alright, see you tonight.


See you tonight.

And are you ready to know?

I can reach for my own water.

The hospital just wants me
to rest a few more weeks.

There's nothing wrong with me
helping you with that.

Now that...
that makes me feel better.

Is everybody decent?

Except for the ball gag
and jock strap, we're good.

- Levi.
- What was that, honey?

What do you need, Mom?

Cousin Shirl just called

to say that Mayda heard
that Great Uncle Saul

is circling the drain
over at Olympia Meadows...

"Circling the drain"?

You couldn't say that like...
I don't know, like a person?

If he had behaved
more like a person...

other than with you...
then maybe.

The point is, he's in hospice,

so if you want to see him,


A-A-As in now-now?

As in, try not to get a ticket
speeding on the interstate.

That's up to you.

Bring a sweater, honey.

Those places are like an icebox.

You okay?

Uncle Saul was an ass
to everyone else.

I have no idea why,

but it's like life gave him
45% of being a good man,

and he spent it all on me.

Happy anniversary, guys.


I suppose it is
in a few days, isn't it?

That's not why you invited us
over for dinner tonight?

Not exactly.

You know,
when you get to be our age,

you stop counting, dear.

- Here, give me this coat.
- Yes. Here.

So, um, a patient
turned me on to those.

They are insane.
They're French.

You shouldn't have.

Is something wrong?
Oh, no.

- Of course not.
- Okay.


- Oh. Well...
- Oh.


Happy anniversary.

Oh, thank you.

Um, more gifts.

More... Wonderful.

- is this an Alice Mann?
- Yes, it is.

She only printed three of those.

- Oh! - Sorry I didn't have
time to get it gift-wrapped.

I literally just got it back
from the framer,

and it took forever to get it
out of South Africa.

Jackson, you are just...

...too much.

South Africa.

Uh, is that a problem?

No, I just wish I'd known

you were bringing
something so expensive.

I brought chocolates.

Oh, well,
who doesn't love chocolate?

I love chocolate.

Come on, Maggie.
Let's go have some chocolate.

Don't like it?

Oh, no, no.
It's beautiful.

Uh, she's mom's favorite,

and I figured you guys have
similar taste.

You know, I could
help you find a spot

to hang it up if you want.

Um, n-n-n-not yet.

Come on in.
Sure, yeah.

Dinner should be ready shortly.

Um, we wanted to talk about...

I wonder, who would like
a glass of wine?

I know I surely do.
Uh, heavy, please.

Me, please.


So, Mom, they set an opening
for the hospital at Memphis?

Early next month.

So many hospitals.

I do not know how
you keep track of them all.

By never being at home.

By hiring good people
who help me run things.

Tom Koracick excluded, I guess.

He's very good at what he does.

You know, now that
we are all together,

what we wanted to talk with you
...I think that we could really wait

until we've all eaten, dear.

I don't know if it
needs to wait, hon.

What's wrong?

- Did you get bad news?
- Oh, God no.

My scans have come back great.

Richard, you're terrifying them.

Oh, that must be Vic.

Who's Vic?
His girlfriend.

I came from work,
so she's meeting me here.

- But why?
- Good question.

You invited your girlfriend
to our dinner?

More, the merrier, right?



Uh, you need a ride
or something?

Oh, no, I invited him.

That's okay, right?

You said it's a party.

Dinner... Dinner party.

I said it was a dinner party.

Didn't hear that part.

What did you do?

Come on in, man.
Don't worry about it.

Yeah. Welcome.


Dean Miller.
Pleasure to meet you.

Richard Webber.
Pleasure's mine.

- Please, please, have a seat.
- Hi.

Richard, I want you to meet Vic.

Oh, hello.

It's so nice to meet you.

Jackson's told me
so much about you.

And I'm sure Mom's told you
plenty about Vic.

Oh, yes, yeah.


So, this is a really small
dinner party, huh?

Well, it's a good thing
I made plenty of food.

Um, Richard,

would you mind giving me a hand
in the kitchen?

I was just about to ask. Mm.

I, uh, feel like we're crashing.


Why would you think that?

Well, you're not crashing...
at all, actually.

Let me go ahead
and grab you some wine.

See if Maggie's left us any.

Uncle Saul.

Boy, do you look like
a steaming pile of crap, kid.

Same to you, Uncle Saul.

Thought you were his favorite.

Insults is how we show love.

I'm assuming you're Levi,
the doctor.

I've heard a lot about you.

How is he?

He's in end-stage heart failure,

so we're doing our best
to keep him comfortable.

Which, I've learned,
does not include

an all-expense paid trip
to Maui.

I'm afraid not, Saul, no.

I'll come back
to check on you later.


Thank you.



We had Shabbat
dinner last week... Ah.

...and I snuck a few
hard-boiled eggs in my pocket,

thinking you'd show up,

but the nurse sniffed 'em out

and trashed 'em.

He always knew
they were my favorite.

Where's Aunt Gertie?

Eh, Gertie makes it
when she can.

I tell her don't bother,
but she says,

"That's what you do
for the man you love."

Saul, this is Nico.
I wanted you to meet him...

What's this I hear
about you living

in your mother's basement?

Ugh. I thought you
were a hot-shot doctor.

I was hoping that

we would iron a few things out

before I just up and left.

I hate to move out on bad terms.

My nephew, King of Vague.

Spill. I don't have time
to play guessing games.

Mom learned some new
information about me,

which was all well and good

as long as I kept it in house.

You think I'm getting on a roof

with a bugle horn anytime soon?

Excellent point.

Well, Uncle Saul.

Nico here is
more than my friend.

H-He's my boyfriend.

And he has been
for a while now, and...

I love him.

It's an honor to meet you, sir.

Oh, God.
Dr. Marks!

I killed him.

I killed him with my gayness.

Did you know they were
bringing dates to dinner?

Of course not.

Well, we can't tell them now.

Yeah, well, if you'd have
listened to me,

we'd have told them
without the fanfare.

Well, it's too late for that.

We'll just tell them later.

Let's just get try to
get through tonight.


I've gotten good at that.

Um, any... any, uh, good, like,
calls, uh, recently?

Something cool?

Oh, there was a C.O.
buildup in the sewer yesterday.

Shot some manhole covers
straight up in the air.

It lifted 250 pounds of
cast iron like it was nothing.


- Well, that is pretty cool.
- Yeah.

I mean, it... it... it did
kill this woman's dad

while they were shopping
for her wedding dress.

So, there's that.

I'm gonna go add
some more place settings,

since there's
so many more of us.

You know what,
I should... I should help.

I'll... I'll be right back.


Cool party.

Should we grab a coffee?

Your aunt may not be
here for a while. I can't.

Jewish tradition says
a friend or family member

or designated shomer

cannot leave the body
of a loved one unattended

from the moment they die

until they're buried
in the ground.

Otherwise, their spirit
just sort of...

like, lingers around, confused.

You're getting that
off the Internet?

It's tradition.

And yes.

I-I-I'm what they call
culturally Jewish.

I, you know, eat the bagels

and know the five big prayers,

and went to first base with Shira
Levenstein at sleep-away camp.

But this...
this I know.

I am keeping Shemirah

until the Chevra Kaddisha arrive
or my Aunt Gertie

or, you know,
literally anyone else.

And now I want a sandwich.


I'm so sorry, Aunt Gertie.

I... Hey.

You look good, my boy.
Really good.

I'm sorry you have to
see him this way.

this is my f-friend Nico.


W-Why aren't they
taking his body?

Apparently, it's been
a big day here,

so I've been watching him.

But I understand that you'll
want to take over, so...

Uh, I can't do that.

Saul-y and I promised

that when the end was the end,

that was the end.

The end of...?


He was a good man.

Love you, buddy.

And you are a good man, too,
you hear me?

Um, are you going?

D-Does that mean I-I'm supposed
to just stay here, or...?


Did you really think I wouldn't
see how obvious this is?

How obvious what is?

You trying to set me up.

Like I need a date after you
made me the fifth wheel.

Not everyone is like you,

She thought it was
a bigger party. That's why...

I wasn't trying to set you up.

What is that supposed to mean...
"not everyone's like me"?

Most people
take the time to grieve

after the end of a relationship

before jumping into
the next one.

I-I take time...

Not after April.

You guys had barely ended
when you and I got together.

And we were still together
when you met Vic.

You couldn't even go
on your nature walk

without getting entangled
with some woman named Kate.

Why can't you be alone?

I'm not doing this
with you right now.

Think whatever you want.

I wasn't trying to
set you up, Maggie.

I don't know why you'd even leap
to something like that

if you didn't think
the world revolved around you.

I leapt to it

because he has already
asked me out before.


When? Recently?

No. Months ago.

So, like, when we were together?

Yeah, while you were
on your nature walk-about,

sending me pictures of trees.

Should I have
sent you a picture of him

with that, like,
shrugging "why not?" emoji?

Well, he's here now.

We might as well be hospitable.

I don't think you got to worry
about Jackson and his ex.

Unless you're worried about
them murdering each other.


Well, that's good.

You'll be all set up for your
second chance with her.

Yeah, she's real thrilled
to see me.

Um, did you even consider maybe
telling her I was coming?

Oh, yeah,

but then she probably
would have bailed. Mm-hmm.

And then you wouldn't be
having dinner

with your boyfriend's ex.

Time to eat!

Well, it's too late now, so...

Oh, actually,
my mom usually sits here,

so we'll just...

Sit. Sit. It's fine.
Nobody cares.

Nobody cares about anything.

Everybody sit.

Smells great in there.
What'd you make?

Shrimp scampi.

Is there a problem?
Are you allergic?


She'll put anything
in her mouth.

Anything that's food.

Only food.

Hm. How lovely.

A little salad, dear, please?
Thank you.

Let me tell you about that time

she stopped a snake
from eating a baby.

So, Dr. Webber,
you're Maggie's father.

Call me Richard, please.

And yes, I am.

And Dr. Fox...
or do you prefer Catherine?

Dr. Fox is fine.

You're Jackson's mother?

Uh, pass the bread, please.

I'm Jackson's mother.

So, when you two started dating,

was that before
they got married?

Not really, no.

We never thought of
ourselves as family.

Yes, you did.

That's why I had such a reaction

when the two of you started
rolling around together.

No, Mom.

We were happy for them.


Thank you.

Jackson and I
didn't grow up together.

We had very different

How so?

I took a bus to school,
and he had a private chauffeur.

Dean's a rich boy, too.

Oh, are you?

Maggie doesn't like guys
that have money.

No, I like the ones
who are down to earth.

So, Maggie,
you grew up in Boston?


I have a cousin in Brighton.

Oh, yeah?
What street?

I don't remember.
There were old brick houses.

Does that help?

Yeah, that really
narrows it down.

Oh, you know what?

You remember
the Korean restaurant we loved,

uh, near my old place on Graham?

It burned down.

Vic saved the owner,

pulled him right out
of the kitchen.

He was the sweetest old man.

He got really shaken up.

Apparently, the landlord

hadn't changed the electrical
wiring in like a decade.

Sadly, we see it all the time
in old restaurants.

That's a terrible story.

Richard, you're a surgeon,
too, right? A general?

Yes, I am.
At Pac-North.

When I was in training,

we called that place
"The Morgue."

Did they know back then

that there was a burial ground
in the backyard?

They broke ground on a new wing

and found out
the place used to be an asylum.

Unclaimed bodies just tossed
in a hole like feces. Oof!

We didn't exactly publicize
that incident, Catherine.


The bodies were removed

T-That's... good.

I've heard things have
really turned around. Yeah.

Now the nickname's
just Pac-North,

so you know.

Not really a nickname.

Actually, it is a nickname.

It's short for
Pacific Northwest.

You say "actually" a lot.

I just meant that first
responders all over the city

are talking about
the improvements

over the past few months.

People really want to bring
their patients there now.

Oh, how about that? That's really,
really great.

You mean they prefer to
go there over Grey-Sloan?

Mom. Catherine, you've only seen

the waiting room at Pac-North.

I've seen more.

The outside of your office.


You were busy having coffee
with a friend.

Just to clarify,
I like both hospitals.

How about we just change
the subject entirely?

I'm for that.


It is your anniversary, right?

How did you two meet?

Maybe we can just... Nope.

I'm saying just a little
something to eat.

You're sounding like my mom now.

They said he was sick.

Didn't say...

I'm so sorry.
I'm... I'm Levi.

I know exactly who you are.


They used to
call you "Glasses."


But now you've made a-a real
name for yourself, right?

Saul talked about me?

All the time.

And you... you must be
Levi's boyfriend.


You knew?

Saul... Saul knew?

Of course he knew.

Excellent gaydar.

I'm sorry, what?

It takes one to know one, son.

I'm Daniel Schwartz.


Uh, but Gertie was his wife.

Gertie and Saul took each other
for who they were.

They lived their lives,
never asked any questions,

and they never told a soul.

So you're...

Saul was the love of my life.

And I was his.

And I guess we still are.

So, she proposed to you?

Yeah, I mean, mom's used to
always getting what she wants,

and if she's got to ask,
she'll ask.

I wouldn't say

That was a long time ago.

And it wasn't just any proposal.

It was quite the spectacle.

Oh, yeah?

Tell them, Catherine.

You're doing so well.


Um, so, Catherine
hired a string quartet,

and she's got them hiding
in the lobby of the hospital,

which is filled with...
with roses and candles.

Mom hates romantic gestures.
This is not her style at all.

Richard had been trying to
propose romantically for months.

And she wouldn't let him.
She just called it "nonsense."

So, Richard's at work,

and Catherine
starts shouting at him.

And she's yelling about

how Richard is worth
every heartbreak,

and she doesn't care
if she looks like a fool

yelling her feelings
out in front of everyone.

And then
she walks down the stairs

and she looks in his eyes
and takes his hands,

and she says...

"And I would very much like it
if you would be my husband."

Tell 'em what you said, Richard.

Oh, you two really like to
build that suspense.

Come on, come on!

I said...

it's about damn time."

That's Richard Webber.
Alright, you know what?

- It's time for a toast.
- Aww.

To these two amazing people.

To Catherine and Richard.

I am so happy
that my mom found you.

Richard, you've been more
a father to me

than my birth father ever was.

I've never seen anyone
make my mom happier.

Y'all have had
your ups and downs,

but you always push through.

You two are the gold standard.

I love you.
Happy anniversary.

To you.
Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary.

So sweet. Thank you.

So, Saul says that there's this
huge emergency at the bank.

They're willing to pay
three times per roll

for anyone who can bring in
the most pennies in an hour.

So, I scramble
around all the couch cushions,

he's helping me
pack 'em in like sardines.

10 minutes later,
he comes back with a $50 bill.

And I feel like
I saved the freakin' world.

a penny shortage?

I was 6.

But you realize there's
no such thing, right?

Wait, really?

Oh, oh, we shouldn't be
laughing like this.

It's okay, son.

The only people Saul
would want to make miserable

are your mom
and a few ex-boyfriends.

Oh, he really hated my mom.

He never trusted her.

She learned from her parents

about who is supposed to
lie with whom.

And she bought into it.

My family never cared.

Thought I was exotic,

told every neighbor
or postman who'd listen.

The Chevra Kaddisha
should be here by now.

I-I-I don't like
leaving him like this.

We don't have to
if you don't want to.

I've been trained.

I can teach you
how to prepare his body.

I wouldn't want you
to have to...

It would be my honor.

I hadn't thought about
that story in a long time.

I know. Me either.

Richard, maybe we've been too
rash with this separation.

Jackson is right.

We've been through bad times,

month-long arguments,

but we do always find a way.

I know we're angry
with each other

and we're hard-headed,

but I think
we shouldn't give up.

The wine's making you misty.

It's not the wine, Richard.

I love you.

Then apologize.

I know that doesn't
come easy for you,

but if you love me, Catherine,

and you want this to work...

say that you're sorry
that you didn't stand by me.

That you showed no loyalty.

That I had to reinvent my life.

That I had to leave behind
the hospital that I built,

people I loved.

You've said a lot of things,

but "sorry" wasn't one of them.


I am sorry, but...

Apologies don't have
the word "but" after them.

"I'm sorry but"...

is too little, Catherine.

It's too late.

Why Gertie?

Why pretend?

Why not just build a home
and a life

with the man you love?

I'm sorry.
I did not mean to pry.

Your generation takes
for granted what is possible.

I'm sorry, I...

No, no, no, no.
It's... It's okay.

In fact, it gives me hope
that it has come so far

that you could take that
for granted, even for a second.

Saul loved men.

He loved me.

For decades.

But there was something
inside of him...

that wouldn't let him.

I would have married him,

I would've... I would've
built a home with him.

But I didn't know
how to live a life

with someone who hated himself
for loving me.

He was ashamed of himself.

Every day.

And... And Gertie?
She didn't know?

Of course she knew.

She pretended they were married

because they cared
for each other.

And because he... he asked her.

I will never take it
for granted again.

You know,
I don't think it's an accident,

you being here until the end.

He saw you, who you are,
all of you.

I think there's a part of him
that wanted you to come here

so that you would know
it's okay...

that you'd have the freedom

that he never gave himself.

♪ How does it feel
when it's quiet and cold? ♪

The Lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures.

He leadeth me
beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

♪ Mother says kneel and pray ♪

Yea, though I walk through

the valley of
the shadow of death...

I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.

♪ I will roll those sleeves ♪

Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.

Thou hast anointed my head
with oil.

My cup runneth over.

Surely, goodness and mercy

shall follow me
all the days of my life.

♪ Solid ground ♪

And I shall dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.


♪ Solid ground ♪

♪ Solid ground ♪

Mom, what's going on?

This cork is so chewed up.

Give it here.

♪ Solid ground ♪

You barely talked to Vic.

You know how awkward
this is for her?

This was supposed to be
a small family gathering.

And your plus one
brought a plus one.

So what?

Two more people at dinner...
is that a big deal?

What's going on
with you and Richard?

I thought you all
cleared everything up.

Let's talk about it later.

This is not the time.

Thank you.

Wait, wait, wait.
You live on a boat?


What is it with rich guys
and boats?

You have a boat?

Do you tell her anything?

It was an impulse buy.

I do have a boat,
guilty as charged.

"Impulse buy."

Shoes are an impulse buy,
maybe a car.

Jackson bought a yacht.

What did you spend?
Two million? Three million?

Where do you dock yours?

Getting kind of old now, Maggie.

I think you're kind of
embarrassing yourself.

I'm pretty sure I'm not.

Does he do this with you?

Does he try to
change you all the time?

No. Oddly enough,
I like her just the way she is.

Oh, yeah.


Uh, uh... Um, um...
I'm... I'm... I'm sorry, um...

What... What...
What were you saying?

He and Maggie are arguing.

They can't stand each other.

They've been trying to
be civil for our sake,

which is a total joke.

But you haven't been around
enough to notice, have you?

Well, that would be hard

since I no longer work
at the same hospital.

'Cause you took a job
at a glorified clinic

just to spite your own wife.

I didn't have a choice

after I was fired
from the one she owns.

Don't you even look at that
phone, Richard Webber.

Why didn't you just invite her

since you can't go
20 minutes without texting?

Invite who?
His girlfriend.

Some Pac-North heifer.

I don't have
a girlfriend, Catherine.

Something I've been
trying to drill

in your thick skull for months!

- Well, I don't believe you.
- See for yourself.

Can we not do this now?

You wouldn't dare.

I certainly would.

Dare what?

I've been talking to Karev

about making you an offer
to run our cardio department.

He approved the offer.

It's ridiculous.

She wouldn't step out of her
comfort zone for that.

You don't know what I would do.

Is this what you wanted to
tell us earlier?

No! We wanted to tell you
that we're separating.

It was supposed to be quiet
and loving, not a potluck.

You're separating?

How long has this been going on?

Who cares?

It's over now.

Richard, I had no idea.


I'm... sorry you had to
hear it this way.

I really am.

Excuse me.

- Uh, excuse me.
- Okay, yeah.


You definitely owe me.


I thought y'all had
worked things out.

I'm sorry.

No, it's fine.

It's fine, I'll...

I'll be fine, I just...

I just hate you losing Richard.

He's like a father to you.

Don't be silly.
I'm not losing anything.

Don't worry about me.

I feel like such a failure.

I tried, Jackson.
I tried.

Hey, you are not a failure
at anything.

Sometimes relationships
just don't work out.

You know that.
That's all.

Come on.

You are such a good man.

Oh, who do we have
to thank for that?

I was just dropping these off.

Oh, wait, Vic.

You haven't had any of my
blackberry cobbler yet.

She is kinda famous for it.

Yeah, yeah.
I'd really like that.


'Cause if you had said no...
Thank you.

...I was gonna have to eat this
whole damn thing myself.

Dig in.

Is this...?
Yeah. Just get in there.

Just go for it? Okay.

Mom, no.

No, guilty pleasure.
I need it.

I deserve it.

Jackson mentioned
that he thought

you two might be... off,

but I... I had no idea.

Catherine and I tend to
keep our problems to ourselves.

That was quite a show, huh?

Catherine thought
that a nice meal

would make it easier to
break the news.

You think it's really over?

I do, unfortunately.

I'm sorry.


I thought we were celebrating.
I brought chocolates.

Well, at least
you didn't bring a date.

We thought we needed to
get along for your sakes.

At least we can stop doing that.

Yeah. I guess we can
all stop pretending.

Hey, what was that offer?

From, uh, Pac-North.

I'm curious.

you don't have to humor me.

I'm a free agent.

If the price is right...

Look who knows how to bargain.


Alex thinks I'm worth this much?

Not just Alex, Maggie.

Then I guess I have a new job.

Are you sure
you're gonna be okay?

Eh, you know,
I'll go to a meeting.

Yeah, I'll be fine.

I'll see you Monday.

I'll see you Monday.

Leaving so soon?

This was not a place
I should have been.


Thank you.

I'll, um...

I'll see you around, Pierce.


See ya.

Hey, I'm... I'm sorry

about... that.

It's not your fault.

Uh, I don't think any of us
should have been here tonight.


Uh, Vic, wait.
I, um...

I clearly still have some
differences with Jackson,

but I think I've been
taking them out on you,

and I'm really sorry about that,
and it's not cool.

I-I won't do it again.

You know what,
I set you up on a date without telling you,

so I think we're even.



- Bye.
- Bye.

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

When the body
reveals its secrets,

there's no turning back.

♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Whoa, oh, oh, oh-oh ♪

The good news is,
when the truth is out...'ll know
what you're dealing with.

When did you get home?

I didn't hear you come in.

He's gone.

Uncle Saul is gone.

♪ And the time has come... ♪

I believe
the proper response is,

"May his memory
be for a blessing."

One day with Saul,
and you're Super Jewish now?

No, but I am Super Gay.

And you telling me
that you accept me,

yet refusing to tell
any member of our family...

that's not accepting me.

That's not being proud of me.

And I can't do it anymore.
I won't.

I know you loved Uncle Saul
and you're upset right now...

Uncle Saul is free now.

Finally free.

I'm not going to wait

until I'm in an old-age home
with crochet blankets,

surrounded by people
who never got to love me

the way I deserved.

The bad news is,

it might already be too late
to do anything about it.

Did you put him up to this?

No, ma'am.

But I agree with
every word he said.

♪ Though your silence
can be deafening ♪

I love you, Mom.

And I thank you.

For the food
and the laundry and...

♪ With every bone I break ♪

I'm moving out.

♪ Far from the plans I've made ♪

♪ I won't make
the same mistake ♪

At that point, all you can do

is hope you're ready
for what comes next.

♪ Oh, my head speaks louder
than my heart ♪

♪ The time I've lost ♪

I'll stay at a hotel.

No need.
My driver's on the way.

But please tell me

that Maggie turned down
your absurd offer.

She didn't.
In fact, starts Monday.

After I got fired,
were you hoping I'd fail?

I was hoping
you'd come to your senses.

And now I'm turning Pac-North
around, and it's killing you.

It's not killing me.
I'm embarrassed for you.

It's one thing for you to flush
your own career down the toilet.

Now you want to
drag her down with you?

Your own child?

She's gonna put us on the map,

and it will have
nothing to do with you,

and you can't stand that,

because you need to
control everything.

But I've moved on.

And I will do what I want,

and I will hire whomever I want.

And there isn't a thing in this
world you can do to stop me.

♪ With every risk I take ♪

♪ Far from the plans I made ♪

♪ Won't make the same mistakes ♪

Yes, Harry, it's me.

Sorry to call you so late.

But I'd like you
to put out some feelers

about buying Pac-North.

Oh, please.

No, Harry.
It's not a joke.

Find out their price.

I'm sure they have one.

You too. Good night.

Hope it isn't over.

Hope to be saved from pain
and loss and despair.

This is absurd.

And it's not gonna work.

We'll see.

♪ With every bone I break ♪

Catherine, what in the hell do
you want with my hospital?

Well, you said that
the place is turning around.

It could be a good investment.

Or maybe I'll just shut it down.

♪ Won't make the same mistakes ♪

And Richard...

I'm not sorry
about a damn thing.

♪ Whoa, oh-oh, oh, oh ♪

And most of all,

hope that there's something
left to save.

♪ Whoa-oh, oh, oh-oh ♪