Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 1 - Undo - full transcript

When one of Grey Sloan's own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help; Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her ...

Previously on Grey's Anatomy...

The person that beat up DeLuca

is someone I thought you
left behind years ago.

You're a good doctor!

You're exactly what we need
right now in the clinic.

The Denny Duquette Clinic?

Unless you want me to fire you.

I took a pregnancy test last night.

And, as I sat there
waiting for the result,

I just watched him get
more and more excited.

And when that stick was negative,

Owen's heart broke.

And... I was so relieved.

Now look me in the eye and
tell me that he won't hate me.

Have you met the new resident?

She is great.

- This is...
- Murphy!

Dr. Robbins.

You guys know each other?


Why would a Leah Murphy fail here

only to thrive somewhere else?

There is a fundamental flaw

in how we are teaching our residents.

And we have got to fix this.

You and me.

And Dr. Webber.

The residency program is
your husband's department.

I know it is.

"If it ain't
broke, don't fix it."

She's coming today?

She is.

The saying's as true of the human body

as it is of a washing
machine or a blender.

What did you tell the staff?

I sent them an e-mail, let them know

that she'll be at the hospital
for a couple of days,

that she would be here
to observe, assess.

At this point, that's all
she'd be doing anyway.

Good. Smart.

No need to give anyone a scare...

not until we know more.

A good surgeon knows that
if you go screwing around

with something that
doesn't need screwing...

This is the right call?

This is the right call. are the one who is
liable to end up screwed.

I'm saying you wouldn't be late if
we didn't have to stop for gas.

Yeah, well, we wouldn't have had to stop

if you ever put gas in the car.

The light wasn't even blinking yet.

When the light is blinking,
it's already too late.

Who stops for gas before
the light blinks?

And I'm late.

- Have a good day.
- Yeah.

I know.

I have to talk to him, and I will.

But I haven't yet, so you don't
have to look at me like that.

I was just looking at my phone.

Everything's fine with me and Owen.

Oh, yeah, it sounds great.

It's absolutely fine.

We're gonna be married for a long time,

so the baby conversation

can just sit on the back
burner for a while,

and it'll be fine
because it... it's fine.

You know, you just said,
"It's fine," a lot of times.

Hey. Did you guys see this e-mail?

What e-mail?

"An education consultant
is making a visit

to observe and assess our program"?

Who is Dr. Eliza Minnick?

Wouldn't know. I didn't get the e-mail.

Education consultant,
double board certified,

sports-medicine specialist.

Published 52 papers in the
Journal of Surgical Education.


This is because of me, isn't it?

They're gonna overhaul the program

because I beat up DeLuca.

Everything isn't about you.
That doesn't even make sense.

A teacher beat up a student.

Oh. That makes sense.

The e-mail makes it sound like

she's just gonna wander
around and then wander away.

Well, yeah, Bailey's not gonna BCC

a mass-firing announcement
to the entire staff.

People panic.

- Why would you even say that?
- You serious?

Minnick's kind of a legend.

I know a guy at Foster who
dated a girl at Innsmouth

when she was doing their
program's makeover.

- Heads rolled. - Warren, you seriously
know nothing about this.

Mnh-mnh. I've told you, Miranda
and I keep it real separated.

No, no, no. I don't want to hear that.

Your happy, little
marriage can be adorable

on a different day, okay?

You need to get us answers.

This is all probably happening
'cause of you anyway.

What's that supposed to mean?

You really think a
resident does a C-section

in the middle of the hallway

and everyone just forgets about it?

Dr. Webber.

Dr. Webber, is this because of me,

because of my trouble last year?

Look, it's none of my business, but...

Well, I just hate to think that
people might get fired because of me.

No, Warren, no one's
getting fired, okay?

I don't know where you got
that, but don't worry, okay?

This is not about you.

Good, 'cause I just...

Well, the aortic stenosis
doesn't look too severe.

- A valvuloplasty might... - Did you
get anything out of you mom?

I got called a "Nosey Rosie" and
then she changed the subject.

Oh, did you see Minnick's
Ted Med talk, though?

I think she's fascinating.

Oh, yeah, we'll see how
fascinating she is

when she starts handing out pink slips.

Well, I'm safe, because there's only
a handful of people in this country

who can do what I do,
unlike cardio surgeons.

Well, you know what they say...
"Last one in, first one out."

Well, that's not how
it happened on D-Day.

Ain't nobody safe on the battlefield.

That's not ominous at all.

I just don't know why you
wouldn't discuss it with me.

I'm sorry.

Look, she had an opening
in her schedule,

and I jumped at it. It
happened very fast.

Yeah, too fast to tell
the Residency Director.

You got all
these people worried.

I don't know what to tell them because
you didn't keep me in the loop.

Oh, no one should worry.

D-Dr. Minnick is here to...

look around, observe.

That's... all.

Just to see if there's
anything we could do better.

All right.

Well, when she arrives,

I probably should be the
first one to meet her.

She and I could chat, I
can show her around,

introduce her to people.

That's gonna be a problem.

She's already here.

- Dr. Webber! - Well, if she is
in there with my residents,

I'm not missing any more of
this meeting than I have to.

You will be missing all of it!

Look, Bailey...

No, she asked to speak
to the residents alone.

Whatever she needs, she gets.
You will leave them be.


So... I work with attending surgeons.

I train attendings to train
you, and the best way

I know how to do that is to
hear from you about them.

I would love to get just a
clearer picture of the hours,

the instructors, who you
love, who you hate...

I want to hear it.


Sorry, but you're here for two days.

- We have to work with them.
- I get that.

You just have to ask

if that's the best path to
take to get to what you want,

which, I assume, is to be
able to stand in an O.R.

and confidently, seamlessly
perform a flawless solo surgery

not tomorrow, not next year,
not two years from now,

but today, right now,
without hesitation,

because that's what I'm offering...

a chance to do that.

And don't worry. This room is a vault.

Nothing leaves these walls.

Look at them all lined up for her,

like little ducks quacking.

Yeah, you ever see that
movie "The Birds"?

Is that Minnick? What
are they telling her?

I don't know, but she's taking notes.

April, you're on Tinder?

- What? No. No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are!

Th-That's the Tinder bing.

That's the "I've got a match" bing.

I love that bing.


Y-yes, okay?

It was, like, an impulse decision,

and now it keeps making noise.

I would kill to know what
they're talking about in there.

Well, I think they're talking about us.

Why? 'Cause they're looking at us.


Well, Doc, how soon can
Enid be back on the lanes?

She's missed league night
three weeks running.

We're in a bowling league,

some of us ladies from the home.

The Gutter Girlz... with a "Z."

I see.

A-A-And regionals are next month,

and we've just got to get
her back in the lineup

if we're gonna take
down those Ball Bellz.

Dr. DeLuca, glad you could join us.

Meeting run long?

Yeah. Sorry.

Well, Enid, it looks
like your gallbladder

is definitely inflamed.

I'd opt for surgery if I were you.

Surgery? Really?

Well, it's pretty non-invasive.

We'll have you back in your
bowling shoes in a couple weeks.

Well, if you think that's right.

Are you kidding? That's perfect.

Well, those Ball Bell hags
won't know what hit them.

Given your age, Enid, though,

we'd need to do a cardiac assessment,

and after that, you'll be ready to roll.

You know best, Doc.

So, how was your meeting?

Oh, yeah, just, interesting.

Okay. Interesting.

Kind of... confidential, I guess.

Yes, of course,

but I've been known to
keep a secret or two.


Nobody would know it came
from you, is my point.

Get out.

Thank you, sir.

Hold still, Mr. Lawson.

That's great.

Okay, there's free fluid
in Morison's pouch

and around the spleen.

I told him not to try to do it himself.

You want to install insulation,

you pay someone who is
professionally not a moron.

Those guys are a racket.

- Owen, I need to get in here.
- Well, I'm in here right now.

And why do we need
insulation in the first place?

It saves 30 cents on the dollar.

He complained of severe
back pain, Dr. Hunt.

I need spine films now.

Now we're in the E.R.,

so factor that into your
figures, Uncle Scrooge.

Spine films won't help if I
miss a liver lac, Dr. Shepherd.

Emmett, any idea how far you fell?

You mean when he crashed
through the ceiling

or when he rolled down
the stairs afterwards?

Don't you dare hire someone
to fix that ceiling.

- I'll do it.
- You?

Emmett, you are broken.

Yeah, he very well might be.

Mrs. Lawson, maybe you
should wait outside.

Right this way.

You brought this on yourself.


- Hi.
- Hey, Dr. Grey.

Dr. Bailey said I could
observe some surgeries today.

My surgery?

Oh, you won't even know I'm here.

Okay, Warren, I'm gonna
use the stay suture

to approximate the two
ends of the small bowel

and then insert the
Endo GIA and fire it.

Do you have a better idea?

I just wonder if Dr. Warren
could do the anastomosis.

I assume you've used the
GIA before, Dr. Warren.

Many times.

Never on a portion of the bowel
this close to the cecal valve,

which is why you'll watch me do it.

See one, do one, teach one...

the old standard.

Oh, it's still pretty current.

72-hour shifts were pretty current, too,

until they weren't.

But the mandatory 80-hour work week

has ultimately saved more
lives than it's harmed.

Wouldn't you say, Dr. Grey?


Most people resisted it, too, at first.

I know it sounds crazy,
letting the resident dive in,

but wouldn't you rather know
that your surgical assist

can actually assist?

If a patient goes south, who's
more likely to save them...

a resident with less
hands-on experience or more?

Closing the enterotomies.
LIGACLIP, please.

Or you could hand the
instrument to Dr. Warren,

give him a shot.

Ever used it before, Warren?

Next time you decide to send
a watchdog into my O.R.

with opinions about how
I do my surgeries,

do me a favor... don't.

I beg your pardon?

Minnick barged into my
bowel resection uninvited,

and then she wouldn't stop talking.

Listen, Bailey brought her in,
and I'm trying to talk...

- You got to get her out of here.
- Okay, my understanding...

she's not even gonna
be here for that long.

I don't really care.

You are the Director of
the Residency Program,

so direct her... to the door.

Okay, why are we in the clinic?

The hospital has eyes.

Well, whatever it is,
just make it quick.

No residents this morning
really screwed up my schedule.

Look, I found this. It's
Minnick's notebook.

Well, it's not so much her notebook

as it is a notebook that she
wrote in and left behind.


You can't be in here.

I get in trouble when
you guys are in here.

- Shut the door.
- No, get out!

All right, no problem.

No, no, no. Just hold on. Look.

It's a list.

The attendings' names... ranked.

The residents sold us out.

What? Where am I on it?

I don't know, but I'm at
the bottom of the list.

I have never been at the
bottom of any teacher's list.

I am a top-of-the-list person.

Turns out, so am I. Look at that.

- I'm not even on there.
- So what? Neither am I.

Well, of course you're not.

Because you're not... Because you work
in the clinic now, and you're not...

Nope. No more. Get out.

Maggie, you paged?

Yeah, Minnick ranked the
attendings in order.

There's a list.

Guess where I am.

That's it?

I have a patient with a
possible spinal fracture.

You paged me "911" to look at a list?

At least you're on it.

Who the heck is Emilio Shepherd?

Hey, Edwards, do you do Tinder?

I have.

Do you know how to turn the sound off?

- You got a lot of matches.
- I know.

Hey, when you swipe them away,
they don't see that, right?

It's not like they get the message, "No.

They get the message 'cause
they get no message.

And you are silent.

Except this guy wants to go for a drink.

Oh, God. What do I say?

If it were me, I'd say yes.

He's cute.

- Hey.
- Whoa!


- What's that?
- Hi.

There's early impingement
of the spinal cord, Owen.

- I need to do a spinal fusion now.
- You see this?

There is air under the diaphragm. I
need to take him up for an ex-lap.

Why? He's hemodynamically stable.

Because I stabilized him, and I need
to make sure he stays that way.

- Is that Dr. Shepherd? -Yeah, that's her.
- I need to go first, before he's paralyzed.

He needs his fracture stabilized.

Oh, that's why I'm here.

Hey, guys. Eliza Minnick
from the e-mail.

I was actually hoping to
observe that spinal fusion.

Yeah, well, tough luck, because
it's gonna be an ex-lap.

See, now you don't have
to be rude to her.

I'm not being rude!

I just want to make sure
that my patient stays alive.

Wow, you made it worse. I didn't
think it could get worse.

I'll come back.

- The ex-lap is not the priority
here. - The ex-lap is the priority.

We'll slowly increase the speed

and see how your heart does, okay?

How long do I do this?

Just a few minutes,

and make sure you hold on to the rail.

Lulu, you don't have to do this at all.

You think I'm gonna let her

get in 10,000 steps today before me?

Not a chance.

It's just like at the mall.

You can't stop for a pretzel
till we hit all our steps.

But it's a little less fun

without the promise of a pretzel.

What do you mean she's made a list?

She's only been here half a minute.

Riggs is ranked higher than
I am, and I'm his boss.

You need to get that out of your head.

She hasn't even met you.

Where you might fall on some
crackpot's nonsense list

doesn't matter one iota.

Was I on that list?

Hey, Enid, are you okay?

Honey, you don't look right.

I don't know.

Dr. Webber.


Enid, honey, you okay?

Murphy, gurney, crash cart right now.


All right, Enid, we've got you.
All right.

Hey, you ready to get out of here?

I'm actually gonna stay here tonight.

He has a spinal surgery.

In the morning.

Yeah, I need to make
sure he doesn't develop

progressive neuro deficits
in the middle of the night

since you had to do your surgery first.

Oh. So it's my fault.

Well, I'm saying if I had gone first,

I would be going home.

Yes, and there'd be nothing left
to do because he'd be dead.


Amelia, Edwards can keep an eye on him.

If something happens,

he would be paralyzed before I got here.

All right, then.

Have a good night.

Enid, you're stable right now.

We've got you on a nitro drip,

beta-blockers, anticoagulants.

Yeah, we're concerned

you might've had a small heart attack.

What... What do we do now?

Well, you have a couple of options.

We can put you on a
regimen of medication,

or we can operate...

an angiography with possible stenting,

the benefit of that being

that you'd be back on
your feet sooner...

Oh, if that's in time for regionals,

well, that sounds great.

But her age being what it is,

- surgery comes with more risks.
- Her age?

But her age shouldn't factor into it.

She's a plow horse.

She's the Gutter Girlz secret weapon.

No, I'm not.

The team's average has gone
up since I've been out.

Paula told me.

You're better off without me.

Stop it right now.

I won't hear it.

Choose surgery.

We need you, you hear me?


- Yes.
- Oh, attagirl.

Dr. Webber, will you
excuse me for one moment?

Dr. Minnick.

Hi. I just wanted
to say hi and welcome.

I'm Maggie Pierce.

- Oh. You're Maggie Pierce.
- I am.

That is me. I am... me.

Now I can finally put
a face with the name.

Maggie Pierce... prodigy cardio chief.

Oh, please. Prodigy?

It's... It's not all that great.

Oh, I know.

It's great if I'm your
patient 'cause I'm asleep

and you don't have to talk to me,

but if I'm your student,
God help me, right?

Right. Yeah.

It was nice to meet you.

Everyone's complaining about her.

Who? I want names.

Everyone. And I don't blame them.

Look, Minnick is doing
more than observing.

Okay, she was interfering
with our surgeons...

their process, their techniques.

Okay, first off, they're my surgeons.

Okay, very well.

Then I will deal with Minnick myself.

I will let her know her role
is observing and nothing more.

No, you will not.

And why not?

Because that's not the deal.

Look, I gave Dr. Minnick permission

to interact with the
staff how she sees fit.

She needs to know how
open we are to new ideas

before she can make her own decision.


Are you giving her my job?

No. No. Of course not.

I want her to work with you.

Why? Is there something
wrong with this program?


just think...

What... What the hell is it, Bailey?

Because it looks like you're
trying to hire someone

to dismantle a system
that I spent years...

that we spent years trying to build.

And for the life of me,
I can't understand why.

Because medicine is changing constantly.

You're the person who taught me that!

And we... everyone here needs to be able

to change along with
it or get left behind.

It's my decision to make.

I am the chief.

I know.

It's a job I fought very
hard for you to get.

I just want to know what it means.

I mean, am I a bad teacher?
Am I the only bad teacher?

Am I gonna get fired?

- Why don't you go ask her?
- If I do that,

then she'll know I'm
an accessory to theft.

It's kind of nice not being
the only criminal for once.

Maybe I'm the only good teacher.

Maybe they're all fired.

- She made a mistake. That's all.
- You don't know that.

I do, because the only person

who should've been left
off that list is me.

Look, my trial starts in a couple weeks,

and I don't even exist.

I'm not even here anymore.

Alex, I didn't...

Look, if she left you
off, it was a mistake.

That's all.

Look, I got to lock up.


She's down.

There is breast milk in the fridge,
but I'll be home in a couple hours.

So you're going on... a date,

like a... like a date date.

Yeah. Date date.

"Huh"? What's "huh"?

Is it, like, so hard to believe

that a handsome, accomplished man

would find me date-worthy?

No, it's not. I'm super date-worthy.

Where'd you meet this guy?
At work, or...?

We met on Tinder.

- You're on Tinder?
- So what?

So are you.

That's... Not... not
...not lately I'm...

How did you know that?

Because you came up on mine once.


Well, why wouldn't you?

I mean, we're... You're really close by.


I swiped left, so...

No. Yeah.

No, no, I would... I would, too.

Yeah, thank you.

I got to go.

In the O.R., I got to do so
much more of the surgery,

but, man, was she rubbing
Grey the wrong way.

Seems like the attendings
don't really like her,

but the residents...

Aren't you gonna do the thing?

You know, the thing where you...

you try to get me to tell you more

about what the residents are thinking,

and then I can say
that maybe I shouldn't

'cause you're the chief,

and then you can say,
"But you're my husband,"

and I can say, "I know, baby,

but I'm gonna have to
invoke church and state."

You okay?

I don't know.

What do you need?

Tell me I'm doing the right thing.

You're doing the right thing.


Oh, hey, can you pour me one of those?

I just spent the last hour
getting trailed by Dr. Minnick.

She is... opinionated.

How'd it go last night?

You seemed to come home a little early.

Everything go all right?

You kidding? It was great.

It was, like, just so fun... so fun.

I mean, he's, like... He's actually...

You know, he's pretty amazing.


How so?

Like, so amazing that,
we're gonna...

We're actually gonna
go out again tonight.

That's how so amazing it was.

That's great. That's great.

This coffee is, like...

Is it amazing?


I don't know what
you're so upset about.

You're laying the patient on his belly?

He's open with only a
negative pressure dressing

holding in his edematous bowl.

It can't take that kind of pressure.

Hi. Thanks for letting me watch.

And I told you I have a solution.

And I'd love to hear it.

- This is still happening?
- Oh, yes.

And an anterior approach would
save him from a second one.

You know I can't chance having
the hardware contaminated.

You want to fill his
spinal cord with crap?

I'm gonna find another surgery.

Take me with you.

We figured out how to
assemble an O.R. table,

leaving a hole in the middle.

We're using a binder
to support his belly

so that we don't place pressure
on the abdominal incision.

- That's...
- Crazy!

He'll eviscerate.

No, he won't, not with the binder.

His guts could still end
up on the floor, Amelia.

They won't. Edwards will check
the dressing every five minutes,

and if he starts to eviscerate,

she will hold pressure until we're done.

She'll go under the table?


And check that the guts are still in?

- Yes.
- Yes.



Yeah, that'd... that'd work.

Can I add one little wrinkle?

Dr. Edwards has the potential
to learn from this procedure,

which I bet you've seen a
few times, right, Dr. Hunt?


Then why are you assisting,

and why is she the one on the floor?

Now, that's genius.

Murphy, you came here to
learn from me, right?

That's what you said?

Yes, absolutely.

How is it going?

Don't be shy.

I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to know.

If there's anything I can do to help,

I'd really love to hear it.


Yes, please.

You're a great surgeon...
a really great surgeon,

but... sometimes I have a hard
time keeping up with you.

You're so fast. I mean, fast.

And I'm good.

I worked really hard to get good,

but I'm studying so hard
to keep up with you.

And then sometimes I think I
know what you're talking about,

but then... my brain is melting.

Dr. Murphy, I think I'm
gonna need you to go.

I'm... I'm so sorry.

I-I thought that you wanted me to...

I need you to go book an O.R.

This is way worse than we thought.

Look. Right there.

The left main coronary
artery is almost occluded.

- She needs a coronary bypass?
- That's right. Go.

Now. Hurry.

Dr. Murphy? Where's the fire?

Oh, Dr. Webber, glad you're here.

What is this? What are you doing here?

This is a teaching opportunity.

An emergent CABG has just
fallen into our laps,

and Dr. Pierce has
agreed to let me use it

to demonstrate my teaching method

for anyone who wants to observe.

No. Absolutely not.

I am interested to see how it works.

This is a high-risk procedure.

Enid's age makes her
a high-risk patient.

We're not gonna turn her
surgery into a skills lab.

Come on, now. This is
a teaching hospital.

Every surgery is a skills lab.

Well, I'm gonna talk
to Bailey about this.

Yes, good, you should
talk to the chief...

- Oh, believe me, I will...
- because she already approved it.

She thinks it's happening,

and so do all those
people in the gallery.

Now, this patient's emergent. We
shouldn't waste any more time.

I'm going to retract the nerve
roots now... Penfield...

carefully to avoid nerve damage.

Remember, the most important
thing is to take your time.

Dr. Hunt, everything okay down there?

Yep. No leaks. Great.

Actually, Dr. Hunt, if you could...

move your foot.

Thank you.

Dr. Pierce, why don't you
trade places with Dr. Murphy?

Because Dr. Pierce is standing

where the lead surgeon needs to stand.

Traditionally, yes,

but we're trying something
different, right?

When this method is working,

the resident and the attending
function as one surgeon...

resident's the hands,
attending's the brain.

You follow?

Let's give it a try.


Murphy's taking the lead.
Look at that.

I mean, I date men,

but I might seriously ask Dr.
Minnick to marry me.

- Dr. Karev.
- You supposed to be up here?

- You gonna narc on me?
- I'm thinking about it.

Think of it this way
...In a couple weeks,

you might never have to see me again.

This might be the closest I get to
an O.R. for the rest of my life.

Well, fine, if you're gonna
be all pathetic about it.

If you feel like
you can continue...

Dr. Pierce, you talk her through.

Go ahead and place the stabilizer.

And if you get stuck, you...?

You stop.

- Ask for help.
- You stop.

And then ask for help.

Don't get me wrong.

I love see one, do one, teach one.

It's how I learned. It's
how we all learned.

So why put it out to pasture?

We're putting it on steroids.

With this technique, the
resident gets to see one,

do one, teach one all
in the same surgery...

every surgery.

Seriously, marriage.

Expect a save-the-date.

Okay, yes. Got it.



So I was thinking

that maybe we don't need to
discuss the dating thing.

We could just kind of keep
that to ourselves, you know?

You have a problem with me going out?

No. No, no, no.

It's not that.

You should do what you want.
I want you to be happy.

This is not a "you" thing. It's me.

This whole thing is all pretty...

very weird.


God, it's so weird.

You said...

Last night was not amazing.
It was awful.

I sat down for all of five minutes,

and when he got up to
get drinks at the bar,

I faked a page.

- You faked a page?
- Yeah.

I told him there was an
MVC, and I'm pretty sure

at that exact moment, someone
crashed their car 'cause I lied.

That's not how it works.

And then I ran like the wind.

I don't know how people do this.

I've never done this.

I've never, like, sat
across from someone

and said, "Hi. This is me. Who are you?"

I mean, I had, like,

friends that turned into boyfriends.

Met Matthew at work.

Then you.

Here we are.

How do you do this?

Well, you're kind of doing it.

I mean, you dip your toe.

You start by dipping
your toe into the water,

and then eventually, you learn to swim.

Well, that's easy for you to say.

You probably dipped
your toe all over town.

Look, you faked a page out there.

Okay? You got good instincts, kid.

It'll be a while before
he's up and about,

but Emmett's gonna be fine.

Oh, wow.

Thank you.

Do you mind...

Is it possible for me
to stay here tonight?

- Oh, I don't know...
- Please.

Last night...

Would you believe we have
been married for 20 years

and never spent a night apart?

I mean, you spend that
much time with someone,

it gets so they drive you crazy.

But last night,

he wasn't there...

and I couldn't sleep.

There's an Emmett-shaped
hole in our house.

there's a hole in the ceiling

where he fell through.

Big moron.

Don't squeeze the
heart too much, Murphy.

- Got it.
- Okay.

- Got it.
- There.

Way to go, Murphy.

You just placed a
heart-stabilization device

all on your own. Now let me...

Don't touch.

Just use your words.

Use my words?

Explain it to her.

Incision. Shunt. Anastomosis.

That is not what I'm asking.

Break it down. Go step by step.
You're trying to skip ahead.

Dr. Pierce thinks ahead.

Her mind is fast...
faster than anyone's.

So she shouldn't be asked
to dumb things down, okay?

Murphy, can you do the next step?

I can try,

but if Dr. Pierce is more
comfortable stepping in...

I guarantee you she is,

but you will be more
comfortable after you do it.


Now that we've stabilized the heart,

we will administer esmolol
to slow the heart rate

for better control.

Right, now go ahead and
incise the diseased artery.

I don't... I
don't want to do this.

I don't... I don't
feel ready to do this.

Will you? Is that all right?

- It's more than all right, Murphy.
- Exactly.

No shame.

When you've reached the
limit, you tag out.

And when she does, you'll be able to see

exactly how much she knows

and how much she has left to learn.

All right, first, I'm
going to measure the shunt.


Let me back up.

First, I will incise the target artery,

and then I will insert the shunt.

And after that, then I'll
prep for anastomosis.

Dr. Webber, will you check the
internal mammary for flow?

Already started.

I noticed. Maybe Dr. DeLuca...


I'm sorry?

This artery that will allow
this woman to survive.

I'm not putting it in the
hands of a first-year intern

who hasn't taken out a tonsil.

DeLuca, you've anastomosed
a vessel before, right?

Yes, ma'am.

I've assisted on a
femoral-artery repair.

That is not the same
thing... not at all.

So, right there, I'm assuming
you know what that is.

Yes, it's... It's the, IMA.

Exactly. See how it
branches off to the right?

Hey, just because he knows...

- What the hell? - You hit
a branch of the mammary!

DeLuca, move and start some suction.

DeLuca, you are right there.

- I can't see anything.
- I got it. I got it.

Got it.

I did it. It's done.

I had a clip for Dr. Webber.

I just... fixed it.


You're upset, clearly.

Oh, is it clear?


I was afraid you might
not catch my drift

because you're insane.

Have you never accidentally
nicked a vessel?

Of course I have.

You did this on purpose.

You were about to clip
the artery anyway.

I want you out of this hospital.

When I was 2,

my dad was looking through the
phone book for swimming lessons.

My mom said, "Here's one,"
and tossed me in the pool.

Did I drown?

That's your innovation?

Throw a bloody patient at a
novice to see what happens?

They did that 100 years
ago... on the battlefield.

Dr. Webber, there were four
surgeons around that table

we knew could've stopped her bleeding.

And when DeLuca made that save,

we learned there were actually five.

If he were allowed to perform in
every surgery like he did today,

he would learn more and faster

with less pressure and less risk.

The patient was never in any danger

because we were standing right there.

You know I'm right.

Cardiac enzymes are trending down.

She's gonna be okay.

That was humiliating.

It was inexcusable, and she's
not gonna do it again.

I'm sorry you had to go through that.

She's right. I'm not a great teacher.

Aw, come on.

No, the thing is I am a genius.

As a student, I learned better
and faster than anyone.

I was a rock star.

But as a teacher, Minnick's right...

I'm not that great.

Her system works.

She's right.

She's an ass, but she's right.

Dr. Webber?

She's gonna be okay, right?

Yes, ma'am.

I think you'll have your secret
weapon locked and loaded

before the regionals.

Dr. Webber, do you think I
would push her to get surgery

for some silly tournament?

She's tried to drop out
of the team six times,

and that team is the only thing

that keeps the lot of
us from sitting around,

watching TV in the common room,

and moldering away like all
the other old, wet sponges.

She needs to stay in the game.

We all do.

Sometimes we just need a little push.

Owen, wait up.

I thought I might ask for a ride home.


Yeah, I can manage that.

Thank you for earlier.

Edwards really did get a lot

from watching that spinal fusion.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

You're not still mad about
having to sit on the floor.

Amelia, I have operated in sinkholes.

I don't mind sitting on a floor.

Can we just let it go? It's not
important enough to argue about.

I have let it go.

No, you haven't.

I mean, you don't...
All day, it's been...

Can we just set a reset
button and move forward?

I am moving forward...
by myself, apparently,

because you can't be
bothered to sleep at home.

I've had patients.

Every night for the past two weeks?

- You didn't have to stay here.
- Yes, I did.

- Why? 'Because of me? Come on.
- I-I don't want to do this.

- When did I ever tell you not to come
home? - I cannot keep doing this.

- Doing what? - I'm not...
I don't want to have a baby!

Hey. You lost?

I forgot.

Chief Bailey's office... fourth floor?

- Yeah, right off the catwalk.
- Great. Thanks.

You made a mistake.

I'm sorry?

I am great,

and your little list or
whatever the hell that is...

that should have my name on it

'cause I raise great surgeons,
and I will raise more.

Fetal surgery is... is a
very exclusive practice,

and there are hardly any of us.

I am like a rare, exotic bird,

and if you stop me from teaching,

I may be the last of my kind.

What list?

From the room... the residents.

You... You left it there.

I was just trying to
learn everyone's name.

Writing it down helps me remember.

Oh. Oh, great.

So you don't... you don't
need to remember my name?

Arizona Robbins?

That name attached to that face?

No, that's not one you forget.


What, you're interested in the game now?

No, no, I'm interested in these nachos.

Watch it.

Oh, shoot.

I forgot.

The guy I blew off last night...

I made a rain check for tonight,
and I forgot to cancel.

Is this the dude?

Let's get a look here.

That's an odd choice for a photo.

He looks respectable.

You should go. Go dip your toe.

I want to dip my toe in those nachos.

No, no, no. Gross. Go.

Give the guy more than five minutes.

Have a drink. Have a laugh.

If it gets weird, then just text me.

We'll get you out of there
in like two minutes.

- Do it.
- Okay. Fine.

No, I don't... I just...
I look like I'm just...

You look terrific. Would you just go?

Dip it. Get to dipping.

Fine. Okay, geez.

Hey. It's late.

Can I stay here tonight?

Y-yeah. What's wrong?

I don't want to talk about it.
I just need a place to crash.

Nope. She can't stay here.

- You can't stay here.
- Alex.

- Mer just said... -I don't
care what Mer said.

You can't crash here. Go home.

It was my room before it was yours.

Go home and fix your crap.

- I can't.
- You're freaking out

because you got some sword
hanging over your head?

Me, too, and I can't do a damn
thing about it except wait.

You can fix your stupid sword.

Go home and get the freaking
execution over with.

I did. I told him.

The sword fell.

Take my room.

She talks to me now.

Thank you.

Everyone's talking about
what you did in that O.R.

I have a tendency to shake things up,

and if I come here, I certainly will.

Will you... come here?

I still have a few
other offers to field,

but... I'm definitely interested.

That's great to hear.

You should know they'll hate you...

the staff.

It happens everywhere I go.

Everyone hates the agent of change.

I'm used to it, I'm good at it,

but you should be prepared
that they'll hate you, too,

for bringing me on.

Also, if I take the job, I work alone.

I like Dr. Webber, respect
the hell out of him,

but if I come on, I
don't share authority.

I am the authority.

Oh, I'm, sorry.

I can come back.

Oh, no need. We are all set here.

It's been a pleasure.

She makes me feel old.

She is a puppy.

Yeah, you know, when I was chief,

I was the one pushing through things,

selling the board on robotic surgery,

and bringing in new ideas.

I mean, that's all you're trying to do,

is to bring in something new

and trying to bring me along with it,

whether I like it or not.

I was resistant.

I'm sorry.

Oh, you don't have to...

No, we all have to be
pushed, and she pushes me.

It's hard to
admit when we're wrong,

that even though everything
looks fine, there is a problem.

You know, I'll be happy
to work with her.

I think we'll make a good team.

Something is broken,

and you have to see where it's going

and set about fixing it...

So, is she gonna stick around?

She's thinking about it.

Well, let's keep our fingers crossed.

...or it's all gonna come apart.