Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 5 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - full transcript

Maggie leaves her dinner party and races to the hospital, so April takes over the cooking duties in an attempt to avoid Jackson. Meanwhile, Arizona is extremely anxious about meeting Callie's new girlfriend, who happens to be a familiar face in Meredith's life.

Huh, I didn't know Callie's
new girlfriend was a redhead.

Oh, I think I need more liquor.
I'm not ready.

I'll get it.

Hi. Meredith, this is Penny.

Penny, this is Meredith.

Penny, it's a pleasure.
Won't you come in?


You can put your coats right in here.

Can I get either of you
something to drink?

Beer, wine, margarita?

Oh, a margarita sounds good,
but I'm on call, so...

Club soda with lime.

I'm fine.

What? No!

I'm the one on call, not you.

Come on, have some fun tonight.
I'm driving.

White wine for you?

Yeah. White wine for her.

Coming right up.

I don't think this was a good idea.

- We should leave.
- What? That's crazy.

It's just... it's too much too soon.

Relax. Everyone is going to love you.

We're gonna starve.
I don't know what to...

Where's Maggie?

I'm here!

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here,
I'm here, I'm here.

Where have you been?

I just... I wasn't...
I'm here, okay?

Except, God, I have to pee!

Listen, people are arriving,
and this all still looks like ingredients.

Do you have an E.T.A. on dinner?

You could roll up your sleeves
and start chopping something.

Food prep has never been
my strong suit.

I keep the guests happy.
I'm more your front-of-house gal.

This dinner's gonna be a disaster.

Everybody, stop talking.

Meredith, you take over.

I got to pee!

Were you gonna do something
with those?

Um... Yes.

Uh, club soda with lime for Torres

and white wine for her friend.

She's here? Is she nice?

Um, this bottle's empty.
Are there more? Bottles?

Place looks nice, Mer.

I like the hole where the wall was.

Thank you so much.

Can I get you two a drink...
margarita, wine, beer?

- A margarita would awesome.
- Okay.

You got it.

What's wrong?
You're being weird.

A beer and a margarita
coming right up.

She's being weird, right?

She's being nice.

To me.

Which is weird.


Wall here. Oh! Hi!

This is Dr. April Kepner.
This is Penny.

- I'm just gonna go... yeah.
- Oh, yeah, sure.

Um, Kepner's on trauma.

Uh, her husband is on plastics,

although maybe not her husband.

Yeah, we... we don't know.

T-they might not know, but, um,
his mother owns the place.

Oh, but it's not nepotism.
He's great.

At last, we get to meet
the legendary Penny.

- Uh...
- That's me.

- That's mine.
- That's you. That's you.

Whatever she told you about us,
just ignore it.


Well, you're lovely.
She didn't lie.

She speaks very, very highly of you.

- You're welcome.
- It's all true.

Kind of chaotic right now,
but don't worry about it.

Food's in there.

Or will be.

Stand by.


Amelia's chief of neuro.

She's a little volatile
but outstanding.

You want to sit down?

Does Wilson like salt or...

What's going on? Are you all right?

- Yes. I'm great. How are you?
- You're not great.

You're, uh, you're freaked out,
and you're smiling a lot.

Well, I'm having a dinner party.

Yeah, like you're in a hostage video
or something. Something's wrong.

Uh, t-the house...
it's filling with people,

and I need to make drinks
for those people, and...

I'm possibly having
a dinner party with no dinner.

I-I get that, but...

Okay, I'll be right back.
I have to pee.

Didn't you just pee?

Oh, hey, hey, hey!

Penny, this is Maggie Pierce.

Hey. Callie's told me some...

Hi! Yes, welcome! Enjoy!

I-I-I'll be right...
I-I just have to use the...

She's the child-prodigy one, right?

Yes. It's disgusting.

Head of cardio at like 12.


Ooh, yes, please!


- Hi.
- Yes.

Ooh, Penny, you want one?

Oh, uh, okay. Thank you.

Great house.


Have you lived here long?

Sort of.

I grew up in this house,

and I've been here
off and on ever since.

I recently just moved back in
about a year and a half ago.

Well, it's lovely.


Meredith is, uh, head of general.

She was married to Derek Shepherd,

an amazing neurosurgeon,

about a year ago...

- Callie...
- He was...

Can we go?

What is going on?

I'm sorry, but I really... I...

I just need...

Is it Arizona?

Because I swear,
it seems like a big deal, but it's not.

- I promise, she's great.
- No.

No, it's not. I...

Come on. Come on.
Let's rip the band-aid.

I will introduce you.

Come on.

Good. Okay.

Penny, this is Arizona Robbins.

Arizona, this is Penny.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We've heard
so many great things about you.

Oh. Oh, that's... nice.

We're not a trauma center
or a teaching hospital...

You did the best you could.

He saved all those people.

And it was my job...

to save him.

And I failed.

And now...

he's gonna die...

because I was not
a good enough doctor...

to keep him alive.


Hurry up!
There are people in the other ones!

I'm in here!

I sw... I'm gonna pee on your floor!



God, I think I'm being punished
for having sex.

Amazing, regrettable,

but admittedly very hot sex
with an intern.

And if we've learned
anything from Slasher movies,

it's that people who have sex
get tortured and punished...

And raging U.T.I.s! Oh, God!

Why aren't you cooking?!
You're supposed to be cooking!

I am being tortured.
I have a U.T.I.

Well, get some Pyridium
and get back in the game!

I'm going to the hospital.

What?! No, you can't.

It's a U.T.I.! Woman up!

A U.T.I. and what else?
I don't know this guy.

I keep a very clean house down there,

and right now, my house is on fire.

God knows where he's been!

He looks like he gets
a lot of sex... a lot!

With whom?

Skanks, perhaps?

I mean, statistically,

there was probably
a skank or two in there.

He could've brought anything
into my house.

God, I feel toxic. I need...
I need to go to the hospital.

I need a battery of tests
and a silkwood shower.

No, I-I-I just...
I want to feel clean.

Think like a chef.

You have to cook! We have guests!

No one wants me touching their food.

We have a house full
of starving surgeons!

- You can't just leave!
- Watch me.

- Maggie!
- Amelia, what if it's an STD?

Oh, gosh, I've moved all over...

um, three naval bases
in the States, Guam, Bahrain.

Whoa. Hold on. We lived in Bahrain.

Get out.

It's the hospital.
This is Dr. Torres.

My, uh, mom's a petroleum seismologist.

Every two years, new school,
new language, new food.

I was in college
before I ever tried mac and cheese.

Mm, gosh.

Well, try telling a class
your name is Arizona.

"No, honey, not where you're from.

What's your name?"

Okay. All right, you had it worse.

I'll get that. Would you...

Yeah, I'll finish.

Hey, am I late?

Hey. No, not at all. You can
set your coat over there.

Can I get you a drink?

Uh, you know what?
Whiskey would be great.

Oh, that's hysterical.

Or I can just grab it myself. Thanks.


I-I didn't know
if you were gonna be here.

But then I don't even know
where you live now, so...

Do you want to do this now,
or can we, like, just be at a party?

Forget it.

I'm staying at Ben and Bailey's.

And after tonight, I'll probably
just get a hotel room.

Hi. Oh, can I steal her for a minute?

Thanks. Excuse me.

I met her.

- Penny!
- Jackson's staying at Bailey's.

I don't hate her.

I like her. I like her a lot.

So the chief of surgery
is aiding and abetting

the dissolution of my marriage.

That's... that's nice.

She's genuinely great.

And Callie's so happy,
and I'm drinking, and...

Mmm. You with me?

Oh, I am way ahead of you.


So, looks like
dinner is gonna be a while.

Hope you ate before you came.

You're pissed.

You have every right to be,
but I didn't know.

Could we just talk, please,
for a minute?

It's important.

You look like you'd rather be
anywhere else but here.


Could we just go outsi...


What do you think the minimum
amount of time is that I have to be here

before it counts as, like,
"Yeah, Jackson was here"?

20 minutes, minimum.

- Okay.
- If this weren't a dinner party.

- Your empty seat's gonna give you away.
- And there's that.

There is that.

I don't even know what Maggie
was gonna do with this.

Should we order pizza?

Let's just order pizza.

Did something happen?
Is it the kids?

Did Maggie leave?
Is it Maggie?

No. Stop it.

We are not ordering pizza.

There is plenty of food here.

No one knows how to cook it.

Everybody loves pizza.

Who are you trying
to impress... Penny?

'Cause Penny will roll with it.

She's a delight.
She's smart. She's funny.

We have a crazy amount
in common.

Hi, Penny. I'm Jackson.

Very nice to meet you.

Oh, God.
Maybe I should date Penny.

- No.
- Ill-advised.

She's pretty.

Callie picked a pretty Penny.

How much have you had to drink?

So, what... 10 pizzas?

I'll cook!

- I need something to do anyway.
- Yes!

Wilson, you'll assist.

Uh, that's okay.
I'm just gonna grab some more...

Here, peel and cut
into quarter-inch rounds.

Great. I didn't think I was at work.

I could kiss you on the mouth!

Well, someone should.

I'll help. Give me something to do.

All right, uh,
wash and slice apples.

Jo, when you're done with that,
run to the store

for a pound and a half
of Manchego cheese

and then check back in
with me for more.

Who are you calling?

Running errands is scut.
Interns do scut.

Cross, I need you
at Dr. Grey's house, stat.

You don't even know how to cook.

Alex, I'm a surgeon.

I know how to use a knife.

Ow! Oh.

See? You distracted me.

Where is Pierce anyway?

In the last six months,
have you been sexually active?

In the last 48 hours.

Extremely active. Overactive.

So... Yes.

The doctor will see you shortly.

Um, can you run a full STD panel
including H.I.V. and Hep B?

Oh, God.

So, I understand you are experien...

- Oh, God!
- Wow.

- What are you doing here?!
- Okay.

I was on trauma,
but OB-GYN was swamped, so I...

What are you doing here?

I just go where they tell me to go.

You don't go here.

- Do you want me to find you another doctor?
- Yes.


Oh, God.


Shut up and stay still.


Callie's girlfriend is...

She seems nice enough.

I haven't talked to her much,

but you can tell she's into Torres.




Well, I've got to go check on

a posterior shoulder dislocation
at the E.R.

I tried to talk the fellow through it,

but he's an idiot, so...

Uh, thank you for having us.

No, no, no.
You stay and have fun.

This won't take long.

No, I'd rather...
I'll... I'll keep you company.

Penny should stay, right?


I'll be back in no time.

Mwah. Alex, get her another drink.

- What are you drinking?
- Uh, white wine.

Hopefully, Robbins
hasn't drank it all.


Do me a favor.
I feel really bad leaving.

Will you keep an eye on her
and make sure she has fun?

Thank you.


Don't do that. Please go mingle.

Please, can we just talk?

Okay, here's how this is gonna go.

You are going to make a drink,

and you can make small talk
with anyone you want

except for me.

Callie will come back,
we will have a meal,

you'll leave my house,

and then I never have to
see you again, okay?

Hey, Dr. Bailey?

Come and meet Penny.

Penny, Dr. Bailey,
our chief of surgery.

Penny Blake.
Nice to meet you.

Penny Blake? Have we met?


Huh, the name sounds familiar.

Well, where the hell's Torres, then?

I don't know what
she was worried about.

I mean, Arizona loves her.

They were like talk,

I mean, everyone loves her.

You have to meet her.
You're coming over, right?

I am headed there right now.

Oh, hey, why don't we
drive over together?

This consult won't take more
than like 10, 15 minutes.

- Sure.
- Yeah, that'll give you time to change.

Sounds good.

Wait. Wait.
I need to... I need to change?

Oh, no, you look fine.

That looks good...

on you.

You know Amelia is there, right?


Okay, when the potatoes are done,

we will sprinkle the Manchego,
and then I'll dress this salad.

You know, you're amazing.

You just made order from chaos.

You are a catch!

You know,
maybe no more knife for you.

Then I'll sear the flank steak,

couple minutes on each side,
turn the temperature down,

5 to 10 minutes more
while I steam the peas.

Hey, that smells good.
Do you need help?

Uh, yeah, you can mince the garlic.

Mm. Yeah, I don't know
what that means.

Having fun yet?

Fun? No, I'm not having fun.

- Stephanie's ignoring me, and I'm...
- Meredith is barely speaking to anyone.

You notice that?

You don't see the irony, do you?

Hey, Wilson, thinner slices
and... and more even.

You know what? Forget it.

You're demoted to trash duty.

- W-what?
- Yeah.

You know, Jackson is an idiot.

Like, you cook. You're pretty.

You're... you're a Penny.

Maybe just come down?

Why don't I have a Penny?

Callie has one.

Jackson's had one,
but now he's throwing it away.

Will you please stop?

I'm sorry.

This party sucks.

Say "cheese"!


Y-you asked for Manchego cheese.

You didn't say how much you
needed, so I just got a bunch.

It's pretty pricy, but I...

Kitchen's that way!

"Say 'cheese.'" Idiot.

I'll get out of your way.

You're busy.

No! Wait! Let me just talk
to you one second. Hang on.

Are you wondering how I'm even here,

since you went behind my back
and told Shepherd I'm a liar?

Steph, listen.
I know that you...

I guess she just took
my word over yours.

I mean, you said yourself,

they barely know you exist, right?

They got you hauling trash.

Are you sure about this?

It's only a couple blocks away.
The best tacos in town.

Nobody has to know.

All right, we'll do eight, four each?

- Mm.
- Fine, a dozen.

Okay, scale of 1 to 10,

how badly does this party suck so far?

Like 1 sucks most or 10 sucks most?

'Cause it's one of those.

Come on!

Look, I only came here for the free food.
There's no food.

Your guests are making the dinner.

It's like you didn't even
want to have a party.

Did somebody force you
to have this party?

Sorry, just grabbing my coat.

No, you're leaving?!

I'm feeling a little light-headed.

And I have a thing in the morning.

See? It's a 1 or a 10.

Listen, Callie will be right back.

I know that this is
a really tight bunch

and it is easy
to feel stuck outside,

but once they get to know you,
you have friends for life.

They're nice.

We're nice.

- Yeah.
- We're very nice.

We're nice people. You'll see.

I appreciate that,

but I should really just go
and call it a night.

Dinner's ready.

Too late. You're trapped. Come on.

Chief, please, sit at the head.

Where'd you think I was gonna sit?

You are sitting with me.

Everyone here
has heard all my jokes.


Kepner, this looks amazing.

Please, dig in before it gets cold.

We're good now. Thanks.
You can go home.

Oh, no, no, no, no. You should stay.
Pull up a chair.

- There are no chairs.
- Hmm?

Well, I can just... I can scooch in.

- Uh, where's Torres?
- She's at the hospital.

What, she just left you here
by yourself?

I would kill you.

She said she'll be right back.

Although, we all know
how night calls go.

I might be asking one of you
for a ride home.

Yeah, well, she better get back soon,

otherwise I'll take you home myself.

Find a Penny, pick it up.

No? What, I'm... I'm being nice.

Dr. Robbins, you drunk.

Don't think I've ever seen that.

I like drunk Robbins.

I do, too.

So, Penny, I've been chained
to the stove all night.

What did you say you do?

I'm a doctor.

A surgery resident, actually.

Of course. Penny's a doctor.
'Cause Penny's perfect...

Perfect, pretty Penny.

Where do you work?

At the moment, uh,
technically, I'm between gigs.

What does that mean?

Well, uh, last year...

the hospital where I was working was...

closed down.

And then, um, right before
I met Calliope...

Aww, Calliope.

I used to call her that.

- Arizona...
- Huh?

It's kind of like a joke with us

'cause my name's Penelope.

Penelope, Calliope.

Penelope Blake!

Whoa, see who's drunk now?

That's why I know your name.
You're in my calendar.

I have a meeting with you on Monday.

- Y-yes.
- Why?

Well, she is a new resident transfer.

- What?
- Well, yeah.

She's joining the program
at Grey-Sloan Memorial.


That's perfect.

Are you kidding?
Is she kidding?

I rematched...

to Grey-Sloan Memorial.

Where were you working before...

the, um, place that closed?

It was, uh...

a smaller suburban center
out by the sound.

She was at Dillard.

Dillard Medical Center.

Dillard? Dillard?
Isn't that, um...

That's where Derek died.

Isn't that right, Penny?


That's right.

Perfect Penny killed my husband.

Kepner, the food is getting cold.

Let's pass those peas.

Excuse me.


What did she say?

I think what she meant...

What sh...

What she was trying to say...

I'm gonna go check on Mer.

So... Were you Derek's doctor?

I was one of them, yeah.

Yes, I was.

Wait, I'm sorry.

You're coming to work with us?

You were there that night?
You treated him?

The night her husband came in...

My brother.

Derek was my brother.

- Hey! Hi!
- Hey, guys. How are you?

Ooh, good, we didn't miss dinner!

See? I told you I was
only gonna be a minute.

Ah, so...


Whoa. What's going on?

Um, Penny's coming to work with us.

Oh, this is Penny.

Wait for it.

You told them?

I thought we were gonna wait until...

Penny killed Derek.

Please, can we just, uh, talk?

What did you just say?


used to work at, uh...

She was there the night that he died.

She was his doctor.

Meredith said she killed him.

Oh, whoa, whoa, hang on.

No, Penny was just gonna tell me
what happened, right?

How my brother died.

It's probably gonna be
another 45 minutes.

Oh, God.

I'm... I'm sure it's just a U.T.I.


Pyridium... two tablets,
three times a day

with cranberry juice.

Effective and delicious.

Um, I'm going to wait for
the test results to come back.

I'd rather hear it from science
than from you.

Look, if it's burning, it's a U.T.I.

Or it's chlamydia or gonorrhea
or any of the "ias."

- Who do you think I am?
- I don't know who you are.

That's the point.

Yeah, I don't know you
either, okay?

But you're the one who shows up
with a burning...

Watch it.

You know, I could assume that
you might've given me something,

but I don't do that, do I?

No. I don't immediately
call you a slut.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

Thank you.


I thought that was for me.



Hey, wait.
So, you knew about this?

No, I knew her name. That's all.

Webber handles the residents.
It was a mid-term match.

- So she's gonna be a resident with us?
- Come on.

Penny, what's she talking about?

I tried to tell you.

When? When did you ever...

When we got here.

Yeah, so, tell us now.
Tell me what happened.


Penny, you don't...
you don't have to.

Can you and I talk?

That is a-a good idea, actually.

- Why don't we give them some space?
- No. No. No.

She was there!

I want to hear what happened.

Did you make a mistake?

- Did you...
- Amelia...

Tell me what happened!

I was the resident on call
that night, in trauma.

We were understaffed.

Five came in with him.

And her husba...

Your brother had flail chest.

My brother died of a brain bleed.


There was a scalp laceration
but no step-off.

He was bleeding into his chest.

A choice was made to skip C.T.

I thought he needed one.

I should've pushed harder.

Hell yeah, you should have.


And then I was stuck waiting

on a neuro attending
who couldn't be bothered...

I just sound like
I am making excuses for myself.

I'm very sorry.

I should just go.

Tell me the rest.

Tell me all of it.

Amelia, come on.

I didn't get to see him.

You saw him
before he went into surgery,

you were the last one to see him.

You did.

Amelia, t-that's enough.

Did he say anything to you...

before you killed him?

Can you tell me
what his last words were?

That's enough.

Get her out of my house.

So, what do you want to do?

You want me to get her
out of here, get everybody out?

I don't know!

I'm not gonna let them do this.

It's not gonna happen.

We will call a meeting of the board,

and we'll have a vote,
and we will fire that bitch!

We'll... We're stopping this.

We're gonna take care of this, right?


Why aren't you saying anything?

Because I really...

I really don't want to talk about this.



You knew who she was all night,

and you never bothered telling me?


She killed Derek!

You invite her in here.

Y-you let me sit there
and talk to her all...

I... well, I hugged her!

Why?! W-why would you do that to me?

I did this to you?

You should've told me.
You should have.

I thought that you and I...

I... did... nothing... to you.

I lost my husband
and the father of my children,

and you're falling apart?

I don't get to do that
because I have three kids,

so, please, shut up
and get out of my room!


Get her out of here before I kill her!

Can you hold on one second?

What's the address here?

For the cab.

I still don't understand.

You were coming to work here.
Why didn't you tell me?


I'll call back.


It's a huge hospital.

Callie, I didn't know if you knew him.

- I didn't...
- "Knew him"? He was my friend.

Meredith, all of us.

He was the worst night of my life.

Do you want me to call Webber?

Maybe find a meeting?

They can't do this.

They can't do this to me.

Nobody did anything to you.

Amelia, this was...

a terrible night for
a lot of people, not just you.

I mean, look at Meredith, Callie.

Look at... look at Penny.

Whose side are you on?



God! How do you do that?

How are you always
so calm and reasonable

and logical and... perfect?

Y-you're perfect.

I am vomiting my life
all over the place all the time,

and nothing is ever wrong with you.


Why are you always so perfect?

I'm not. Okay?

I'm not perfect, not even close.

Okay, um...

When the plane crashed...

When I heard that
Cristina's plane had crashed,

my first thought was she was dead.

And for a moment...

I felt relieved.

I felt terrible for feeling it,
but it was there.

And I always knew on some level
she'd leave me,

and I wasn't ready
to be hurt like that.

So if she was dead,

we would stay
frozen in time forever.

And she'd be gone,
but it wouldn't be so hard.

It wouldn't be a choice,

to walk away,
to choose something else,

to move to Switzerland
and start another life.

I was relieved that it was over
with a minimum of damage,

and I hate myself for that.

So I am not perfect, Amelia.

I can be selfish,
and I can be scared,

and I make things harder
than I need to.

I know I do.
I make things hard for us.


That is the worst thing
I have ever heard.

No, really, don't ever do drugs

because you will never
be able to stop.

We're not perfect.

So what?

Has anybody seen her... Penny?

I think she was waiting on a cab.

Am I supposed to do anything?

Because Callie's my ex,

but on the other hand,
you know, she's my ex, so I...

I'm guessing that means no?

I feel bad for her.

She was ambushed tonight.
It wasn't right.

She's a resident, you know,
just like us.

Yeah, well,
that could've been any of us.

It was me.

My second year,
I made a stupid mistake.

I missed an airway,
and I killed a child's mother.

Okay, you didn't kill anybody.
It was mistake.

I still pray for her.

Every night, I pray for her family.

Well, that stuff
is never one person's fault.

Some things are just your fault.

Some things you screw up
and you can't take back,

no matter how hard you try.

Some things you pay for
the rest of your life.

That's the last of it.
I got to get her home.

You're not driving, either.

No, I know.

Um, Wilson got Cross to take us home.

Your dinner was excellent tonight.


- Okay, you ready?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

- Okay. Come on.
- Totally. Oh!

- Whoo!
- Whoo, you got it.

- Yeah. Okay.
- Come on.

I shouldn't have ratted you out
to Shepherd.

I overheard Webber and her talking.

I know that you weren't lying.

I am really sorry.

It's okay.

I get it. I'm sorry it happened, too.


Alex is ignoring me.

- I know... jerk.
- Jerk!

Oh, God.

You can go.

What are you gonna do if I leave?


Now she's a person.


You okay?

Yeah. Great.


I mean...

my good relationships
started out as friends

and then became more.

And then, you know, died...


God, dating sucks.


See, my problem is
getting a second date

because the first one
usually gets to sex,

but the cool women,
the women I'd like to see again,

there's always some sort of
automatic assumption

that I've moved on.

- Yeah, I see that.
- Why? Why is that?

Well, um...

For starters, uh...

Your hair...

It's very confident.

And swoopy.


Yeah, it reaches out to people.

And last night was...

clearly not your
first time at bat 'cause...

you knocked it out of the park.

Well, you pitched a perfect... game?

I don't know baseball.

How long does it take to, um...
get test results back?

Just go. I'll send you the results.

And if it makes you feel any better,

if you want to know anything
about my history, just ask.

I'll tell you anything.

I'm not sure I want to know.

Well, the only alternative
is a little bit more difficult.


You just trust me.

Go. I have to change.


Uh, you know that there's nothing
I haven't already seen, right?

- Go!
- Oh, okay, okay.

Just ditch Karev.

I'll give you a ride.

Honestly, I don't even think
that he would notice.


Oh, God.


I'm glad we talked.

Today was...


Today sucked.

And... I don't know.

I'm glad we didn't let that get
in the way of our friendship.

I know. I know.

It makes sense now...
the way that you do things.

And you were sick,
and I had a crappy childhood,

but it made us even stronger,
you know?

We both had to work even harder
to get to where we are.

I just... I feel like
I understand you more.

You understand me more
because I was sick?

I just don't understand
why you didn't tell me.

You can't even wrap your mind
around it, can you?

That I might just be better
at this than you are,

that I might be stronger
or smarter or more savvy.

You need a reason for me
to have an edge up on you.

You need some deep,
dark secret motivating me,

operating circles around you.

You need an even playing field
before you can be good with me.

Okay. Wow.

Stop trying to make us even, Jo,
'cause we're not even.

Deal with your jealousy.
Deal with your shortcomings.

Those are on you.
Don't put your crap on me.

Hey! Oh!

Everybody's gone?

How was dinner?

Don't tell me. I have to pee.

Hey, have you seen Penny?

No. Sorry.

Hey. Was Penny inside?

I mean, I see her stuff out here,
but I don't see her.

No, I don't... I don't think so.

I guess I thought she left.

I probably would've.

What are the odds?

That she's the one person I...

I don't know how to do it.
I don't know how to shut it off.

Shut what off?

How I feel...

- Yeah.
- About her. I don't...

I don't even know if I want to.

Well, even if you want to,
I'm not so sure that you can.

All right, get home safe, okay?

You too.

You're sure you're okay?

You want me to stay
or... or anything?

I thought you said Jo was
waiting for you in the car?

Look, Mer, I'm being serious.


I am fine.

I will be fine, so just go.
It's okay.



Oh, gosh. Uh...

Okay, um...

I didn't know
that you were down here.

I'm leaving.

I called a cab.

I am so sorry about tonight.

I never would've come if I'd known.

Tomorrow morning,
I am gonna file a request

to be rematched
with another program,

and... you will never
have to see me again.

I want you to know
that I didn't forget about him.

I never will.

What you said that night about
your husband being my one...

I think about that night,
about him...

every day.

That's all.

I'll see you Monday.

Don't be late!