Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 3 - I Choose You - full transcript

When Maggie gets an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, she starts to reevaluate her choices.


Meredith: The body is
a bundle of possibility.

Every time we cut one open,
we're faced.

With a series of decisions. ♪ come
on, get up, it's time for school ♪

♪ it's time
for all those things you do ♪

♪ you, you, you ♪

some choices are made for you. ♪ you're
late for work, you've got to move ♪

[ knock on door ]
You don't have to knock.


How'd you sleep?

I'm not doing this
another night...

Not sleeping on
that damn couch again.

Great. You shouldn't.

You've got a perfectly fine
bed right here.

I have been really nice, April.

All right,
but it's time now, okay?

I told you a week ago
to look for a place to live.

You haven't. Because we
have a place to live.

So, today, I'm gonna book you
a room at the archfield.

Tonight, I will come home,
i will help you finish packing,

and, tomorrow, I'm gonna
wake up alone in my bed.

For better or for worse,

For better or for worse.
[ Horn honks ]

But for the most part,

surgery is
a choose-your-own-adventure.

I'm here. I'm here.

[ Sighs ]

I know you're mad.

I am so, so sorry.

We can go.

Amelia's not here.


Amelia's the late one.
It's not on me.

Oh, um, I got the mail.

I think that your contract
is in there.

Come on.

I'm the good sister.

I'm the good sister.

Chief of general surgery.


[ Horn honks ]

Shut up, I'm here.


[ Sighs ]


Are you naked?

Oh, my god.

I won't be in five minutes.

Don't you wear panties?

No way. She likes to breathe.

Please tell me you're naked butt

is not on the seat
of my brand-new car.

Are you done looking
or are... are you...

my children sit back there.

You only have a problem
if they lick the seats.

Do they lick the seats?

She did not just say that.

Just start the car
and drive already.

If I didn't care so much about
the planet for my babies,

this carpool
would not even be happening.

Meredith finally got
her contract.

- Whoo!
- It's official.

Lady chief trifecta.

Way to go.

The house of lady chiefs.

Sister lady chiefs.

Put a bra on!


- What was that?
- Hmm?

What was what?

That face...
You just made a face.

Mm... I don't... I don't...
I don't make faces.

You did.
You just made a face like this.

No, I don't think so.

You made a face.


Sadie, what's up?

Can I go home now?

Did you poop yet?

Alex, come on.

I'm eating, I'm walking.

I'm gonna miss
the entire third grade.

You poop, you go...
That's the deal.

And what did I say
about calling me Alex?

I'll call you Dr. Karev when
you say I can go home, Alex.

You're making that face again.

I didn't make a face.

I just, um... there's
a party for someone I know

who's getting married... Ethan.

Ethan is getting married.

Who's Ethan?

Maggie's ex-boyfriend,
Ethan... from radiology.

Exceptional ass, even in scrubs.

Come on, they dated
for like six months last year.

Oh, right, you were awol.

So, someone invited you
to your ex-boyfriend's wedding?

That's so rude.

Maggie, you okay?

About what?

Together: Ethan.

Oh, what? Oh, please.

[ Chuckles ]
Uh... good for Ethan.

What do I care?

I have surgery.

Yeah, she's not okay.

Breathe. [ Whimpers ]

Hi, Laurie, Mason.

I'm Dr. Robbins,
this is Dr. Warren.

- How are we doing?
- Good.

He's good.
I'm being split in half.

And our o.B.'S on vacation.

Okay, um, can I look
at the ultrasound, please?

- Don't tell us the sex.
- Twins wasn't surprise enough?

It was for me. He was thrilled.

[ Groans ] Wow!

Uh, it looks... it looks
like they're fighting

to see which one's
gonna come out first.

[ Breathing heavily ]

Okay, so you need to page, uh,
Karev 911.

Okay, let's get
these babies out here.

Dr. Karev,
i was told to come find you?

Yeah, you're with me today.
I'm swamped.

Just try to keep up.
With you on peds?

- Great.
- Is that a problem?

No, no.

What, you hate kids
or something?

No, I don't hate kids.

Uh, what, then?

Just peds isn't my
first choice as a specialty.

[ Sighs ]
Shouldn't have said that.

Perfect. She gives me
the one who hates kids.

Thanks, mer.

All right, pick up whatever labs

I've got pending
and meet me in l&d.

I don't hate kids.

- You got it.
- Push, push, push, push, push.

[ Screams ] You got it, hon.

All right, we have a little girl.
Karev: Okay, I'm here.

[ Laughs ] We have a girl.

Can we see her? No, there's another
baby right behind her, okay?

So, we just have to...

Hey, congratulations.
I'm Dr. Karev.

All right, here we go, Laurie.

Apgar's 6.

Baby's jaundiced
and in respiratory distress.

Alex: All right, call the nicu.

Tell them to have an umbilical
line and vent on standby.

Arizona: Okay, Laurie, push, push.
[ Screams ]

Push, push. Okay.

All right,
and now you have little boy.

[ Baby cries ]

- Hey, you got him?
- Yeah, I'll see you in C.T.

Can we hold them?

Um, yeah, not just...
Not just yet.

Babies are looking
a little jaundiced,

so Dr. Karev's gonna
take them up to the nicu

and see what might be going on.

Laurie, you did great.


Oh, wow.

When did you find out?

This morning.

How do you feel?

Like I want to puke.

What did Alex say?

I haven't talked to him yet.

- You have to talk to him.
- Do I?

It's not like I wanted
this to happen.

Jo, you have to talk to him.

I know.

The boy's in C.T. 2.

Alex: Come on, come on, come on.

Got your labs.
What are we dealing with?

Newborn twins. Don't talk to deluca.
He hates kids.

What do you have against kids?
I don't hate kids.

- Scans up yet?
- No, they're coming.

- Deluca hates kids.
- Hurry up.

- Could be wrong.
- We could be wrong.

About what?

[ Beeping ]

[ Sighs ]

Um... pull up
the little girl's now.

[ Alex sighs ]

For the record,
i don't hate kids.

Deluca, just shut
your stupid mouth.

[ Raps table ] Damn it.

[ Sighs ] Damn it.

Can you tell me
what just happened?

[ Sighs ] You see that? Uh-huh.

The boy has a tumor
on his liver.

So does the girl... same tumor.

Both invading the kidneys, both
causing early heart failure.

What happened is they have to go
tell a mother and a father

that both of their
newborn babies are dying.


Both of them?

They're just babies.

This has to be
some kind of mistake.

They can't have cancer.
You can't be born with cancer.

Hepatoblastoma is
a common liver cancer in kids.

It's also very aggressive.

The tumors are
already causing problems

for your kids' kidneys,
hearts, and lungs.

That's why I'm recommending
liver transplants.

Oh, god.

We asked not
to see the ultrasound.

We didn't want to know the sex.
We wanted to be surprised.

- Did... did we...
- No, no.

Laurie, this is not your fault.

Alex: Your o.B. Likely
wouldn't have caught it.

It's okay. It's okay.

Uh, just...

What do we do now?
[ Clears throat ]

The next step is
that we get them

on the universal donor list,
and we try to find them donors.

What about us?
C-can we be donors?

Absolutely. We'll test you
to see if you're a match.

- Yes, right now.
- We want to.

[ Cellphone vibrates, chimes ]

Warren, deluca,
make that happen,

and I'll see you
down in the pit.

You should know that
they are in very good hands.

Dr. Karev is amazing.

[ Elevator bell dings ]



- What's the matter?
- Nothing.

Do you want to have kids?

I... I don't, uh... know.

Uh, yeah.

I-i, uh, do you... now?

Or ever?

I don't know, just is it
something that you want?

Yeah, now... or ever.

God, Alex, it's... it's a simple
yes-or-no question.

What the hell is going on?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Nothing.

I just...


- Hey.
- Hey.

You're a department head.

Will you take a look
at this contract for me

and tell me if anything
looks weird to you.


[ Sighs ] Okay.

There it is... the face.

What face?

Maggie made a face,
and now you're making a face.

What is it about my contract that
makes people make that face?

You know what, I... [chuckles]

I don't like talking money
with friends.

We're not talking money, Callie.

Are we talking money? [ Sighs ]

I think
they lowballed you a little.

[ Clears throat ] A lot.

Why do you think that? [ Sighs ]

Because I make
a lot more than you.

Yeah, like a lot more than you.

Like... like
[Chuckles] a lot more.

- Well, how much?
- Meredith.

Give me a number.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

I just think, like, can't you
just be civil and rational?

But she won't listen
to anything I have to say.

Now she's decided
that this is the hill

that she's got to die on.

Of course that hill
is my living room, so...

Yeah, look, um, yeah, I'm...
I'm with Robbins today,

and Karev has these twins,
so I need...

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, no, go.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

[ Sighs ] Hey, look.

Uh... if, you know...
If you need to get out of there

or need a couch to crash on...

Oh, no, no. Not a chance.

Thanks, but no.
She's out tonight.

'Cause I mean, if I leave,
she wins.

You know, she does not win
my living room.


I mean, that's not civil, right?

[ Sighs ]

Little girl's going
into renal failure.

Boy's lungs
are crapping out fast.

Maybe we'll get lucky
and the parents will be a match.

Jo hit me up
about having kids today

out of absolutely nowhere.

Is that what happens?

You shack up, and then suddenly

your ovaries go into overdrive?

Aw, I think you'll be
a good dad.

Your babies will be so
foul-mouthed and dirty and cute.

I just didn't think
we were there yet.

I don't know if I am.

Definitely didn't think she was.

[ Gasps ] Alex.

- What?
- What if you're already there?

W-what if she's asking
'cause she's already knocked up,

and she's just
testing the waters?

Why would you even say that?

We tested the parents.
The results are back.

Mason, you are a match
to do a directed donation.

- Thank god.
- Okay.

[ Both chuckle ]

That's good, right?

Why don't you look like
that's good news?

Um, Laurie...

I'm afraid that you're not
a viable candidate.

Uh, we still have one.

I'll split it.
I'm afraid we can't.

The lobe of your liver
that we have to take is...

We'll need two donors.


What happens
if we don't find one?

One of the babies dies?

We're talking to unos,
and we're hoping...

I don't want to hope.

I want to know that I won't have
to choose between my babies.

- Laurie, shh, it's okay.
- It's not okay.

Don't tell me that it's okay.

At least there's something
that you can do.

It's not your fault.
Look, we have one.

Let's just be grateful
that we have one.

I know it's not my fault.

You wanted to be surprised.

You didn't want to know the sex.

Okay, they said it wouldn't have
made a difference...

Well, maybe it would have!

Maybe there was something
that I could have done and...

I am their mother,

and I can't do anything
to help them.

Stop yelling at me
for being able to.

It's not my fault.
Well, then, you decide, Mason.

You tell these doctors which one

of our children has
to die because...

You're not deciding. I am.

You can't make
a decision like this.

You shouldn't have to.
That's why I'm here.

I'll evaluate, I decide.

The baby that I see is stronger,
is doing better,

has the better chance to thrive
will get the donation.

And the other one?

Will get the next one.

And we will do everything
that we can to find it.

And the rest you put on me.


Uh, Bailey did you like this?

I mean, who knew
Bailey was the man?

Mm, you know what?
They lowballed you

'cause you're an in-house hire.

They knew
you wouldn't push back.

I thought the offer was fair.

I mean, for me,
it wasn't about the money.

Bailey said she needed me.
The job just fell in my lap.

[ All groan ] Unh-unh.

No, you earned that job, okay?

You need to go back
and renegotiate.


I can't. It's too late.

I already accepted the offer.

No, walk in there
and demand what you deserve.

Men do it all the time.

They walk in,
they adjust their man parts,

they get more money.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, we all did it.

I did it real good.
I mean, I got...

[ Chuckles ]
I make a lot more than you.

I know. You said that!

Okay, so, I mean, what's
the worst they can say? No?

I mean, I'd just go back
to my old job.

- Ugh.
- Ay, no.

You can't go back.

You'd have to move
to another hospital.

Maybe another state.

[ Laughs ]

Maggie, what do you think?

Uh, don't ask me.

I make terrible choices.
I can't be trusted.

I could be having sex right now.

What? Six months of my
life dating that man.

Six months...
That is an investment.

- What?
- He was nice.

- Ethan.
- Oh.

He was funny, he was cute,
he was sexy.

- He was sexy, right?
- Mm, very.

- He was.
- Sweet ass.

- No idea.
- Empirically sexy.

And the sex... I mean...
[ Sighs ]

First prize
in the talent competition

and the long jump,
if you know what I'm saying.

- [ Laughs ]
- Mm-hmm.

But, you know, he... he spit

just a little bit
when he talked,

and he said "all-timers"
instead of Alzheimer's.

- Uh-oh.
- And I got bored.

And I slid away.
I let it fizzle out.

And then
within another six months,

he finds someone else

he's ready to spend
the rest of his life with?

I get that. That can happen.

I make terrible choices.

I leave things behind
and just let the Bridges burn.

I did it with Ethan.
I did it with Dean.

Oh, my god.

I did it with my entire life.

One day, I chose to learn

a little bit
about my birth mother.

Cut to I live in her house
with her daughter,

and I work with the kind
stranger who fathered me,

and I left behind an entire life

and family
that no longer exists.

My parents are divorced.

My childhood home is sold.

My mother is
in Hawaii making soups now.

I... I have no home.

It's like i-i flew
to this planet

on an exploratory mission,

and the earth blew up behind me

and I can't go back.

And now I'm here
with you aliens.

Except I'm the alien,
and I'm all alone,

and I have nothing,
and no one wants me.


[ Clears throat ]

You got us. We want you.

I can't have sex with you.

No. [ Sobs ]

You're a cylon.

[ Whimpers ]

This is "Galactica."

I really do like her.

She make me
not the crazy sister.

What do you think
they're paying her?

[ Laughter ]


Why are you doing that?

Because people eat dinner.

Not people who are moving out.

April, you're supposed
to be packing.

I'm not leaving because
i told you I'm not giving up.

If you want to trade nights
on the couch, we can do that.

But I'm not moving out
of my home.

It's my home. It's my...

Oh, I hate that you are forcing
me to say this stuff.

April, okay,
it's my name on the lease.

It's my place.
You moved in, and you moved out.

No, I didn't move out.

I went away,
and then I came back.

And I am sorry.

I am truly sorry
that I wasn't here for you,

but I thought
if we had some space...

I need space now!

You see?

Right now, I really just wanted

to have my burrito
and go to sleep.

Save it. I made dinner.

What is it... boiled bunny?

'Cause you sound crazy.

Okay, I feel like a hostage.

But like a reverse hostage
where the kidnapper

just follows me everywhere
and won't leave my damn house.

You know what they call that?


And it gets hard,
but you don't just leave.

You don't just stop.

You do. You do just stop.

You know what they call that?


Tomorrow morning,
when you go to work,

I'm having the locks changed.

Yeah, tomorrow night when
i get home from work,

I'm bringing a crowbar!

Listen to yourself.

[ Door slams ]

Two babies, two tumors,
one liver.

How's Karev supposed
to make a call like that?

Well, first,

he'll try to avoid having
to make the call at all.

He'll try to find another donor.

Alex: Call unos every 20 minutes
until they have something.

He'll bug unos...

And call every hospital,
their transplant teams...

Comb the hospital,

every hospital in Seattle
for a matching liver.

Then he'll do a physical
evaluation of each baby

to look for any
other malformations...

See which one
seems healthier overall.

Then he'll do
a full lab work-up,

go over and over the results,

look for any other possible
co-existing problems,

like a kidney disease
or heart anomalies.

At... at this point, he's hoping
to find something wrong.

Hey. I'm here.

And if he's smart,

he's got someone
double checking his work.

And then it's down
to the tumors themselves.

What's the distance of the tumor
from the cantlie line?

[ Sighs ] 8 millimeters.

Yeah, I know I just called,
but this infant

is on a timeframe,
so if you just...

Yes, I'll hold.

Check and recheck every scan.

See if they involve
more than one lobe.

If there's infiltration
of other structures.

You just don't give up
until you find your answer.

♪ I don't want no scrubs ♪

♪ a scrub is a guy
who can't get no love from me ♪

♪ hanging out the passenger's
side of his best friend's ride ♪

yeah. ♪ trying to holler at me ♪

how can I help?

Take a look at the labs again.

♪ Trying to holler at me ♪

we're screwed.
The labs are the same.

The staging is the same.

Both tumors
are causing renal failure.

Look, what about
the measurements.

The girl's tumor's bigger.

The boy's is smaller,

but it's invading
the left hepatic vein.

One's too big,
the other one's too complicated.

It's a dead freaking heat.

You need food
and a shower and sleep.

You need to walk away
for a minute.

I'm serious.

Let's go. Go.

[ Sighs ]

- Try unos again.
- Yeah.


All nighter?


And I need to go back.

I just, uh... I just need
a couple hours' sleep.

Can we talk?


Okay, yeah.

A-are you...

I found this...

When I was unpacking...
I, uh, wasn't snooping.

I know it's kind of none
of my business, but...

- Oh.
- I picked it up.

And then I just
couldn't put it down.

Oh, okay, this.

You have babies?

No, no, these are embryos.

With Izzie?

Listen, Izzie wanted
to freeze her eggs.

She needed them fertilized.
I did it, she froze them.

That's all.

That's all?

Yeah, then she left me.

That's all. You can toss it.

So, you wanted
to have babies with her?

Yeah, I... I don't...
I don't know.

I mean, that was...
That was a hundred years ago.

I'm just asking
because when I asked you

if you wanted
to move in with me,

you said that you did

and that you could
picture a life with me,

but you never said anything
about babies.

You said,
"maybe we could get a dog."

Do you want a dog?

No, I want to know
what we're doing here.

I love you, and you love me.

I know, but when I look ahead...

Why are we looking ahead?

If you had or maybe
you do have, for all I know,

a bunch of Izzie babies walking
around with your face on them...

And why are we doing it now?

And... and I'm just
the "let's get a dog" girl?

I'm wondering what you think
we are, what you want.

Look, I didn't have babies
with Izzie.

My role in that whole thing
was with a cup and a magazine.

But you would have.

You wanted to.

She was worth it to you.

But when I ask you
if you want to have babies,

you're all, "i don't know,
yes, no, maybe, uh..."

She was my wife.

We were married.
That's my point.

- What am I?
- She had cancer.

She didn't even know if she was gonna
be able to after the radiation.

No, don't do... what,
i have to get sick

to figure out if you're
gonna go all in with me?

And now you're gonna go.


And you're right... it's kind of
none of your business.

And I'm not doing this!

I'm not talking about babies
that I didn't have with Izzie

or may or may not have with you.

I have two real babies
I'm responsible for

at the hospital right now.

I have enough kids
to take care of.

[ Door opens and closes ]



How did you negotiate
your contract?


I mean, what did they offer?

You were coming
from private practice,

so you had a salary
you could leverage.

How much was that? Mer, stop it.

Well, just tell me.
I won't tell anyone.

If one of your kids had to die,

which one would you choose
and why?

Well, Bailey because he
kept me up all night.

But ask me tomorrow,
it might be zola.

Why? What's... what's going on?

I have two newborns
who need a liver transplant

- and one liver.
- Ugh.

The other one won't survive
until tomorrow.

Well, you have to run
all the tests.

Yeah, every test is a tie.

There's no medical
question anymore, mer.

They're just kids now,
and I got to decide

whether the boy lives
or the girl lives.

I mean, Alex, you really have
to trust your instincts.

I don't know, mer.

If I was one of these kids,
with my family,

where I came from,
i wouldn't have bet on me.

I... I would have looked
in my crystal ball

and seen a druggie
or a burnout or...

I would not have seen me as
the guy who make the decisions.

I would not have seen
that coming.

I mean, what if one of them
becomes a serial killer,

the other one's
gonna cure Alzheimer's?

That's not your problem.

I mean, it's just like
raising your own kids.

They're gonna be who they are.

We just have to try to give them
the best shot we can.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Hey. Hey.

The twins' lungs
are filling with fluid.

You're out of time.

Screw it.
I'm not making this call.

If there's a decision to be made

about withdrawing care from
an infant, Bailey can do it.

She's the chief.
She can do it, not me.

No, no, hey, no, no, Alex.
What are you doing?

I have been watching you.

I have been in awe of you
stepping up for these babies,

for these parents
in a way that...

[ Sighs ] Do you remember
the first time we ever talked?

Really talked.

We were on a plane,
and we just picked up

a transplant organ
from a kid who died,

and you were upset and pissy

because you thought
that I didn't care.

But I thought, "wow."

This guy could do it.

He cares enough about this work.

"This guy has it."

And I knew that day, Alex.

And today...

I have been so proud of you.

And so now you can't...
You can't hand it over

to somebody else
because they're yours,

and they need you,
and you can do it.

And you have to because
if you give it to Bailey,

you won't be able to look at yourself
in the mirror. I promise you.

You'll always wonder what kind
of doctor you could be.

This is the job, Alex,

and it's why you get paid
the big bucks.

Mason, this is Dr. Bailey.

I've asked her
to perform your operation

to remove the lobe
of your liver for donation.

And who will get it?

Well, the test and the scans
were inconclusive.

I need to open up both babies.

I need to see
both tumors up close.

And then I'll decide.

You have to?

In order
to make the best choice,

the right choice,
or we risk losing them both.

And we're racing the clock,
so I need to take them now.

Wait, wait!
We... they don't have names.

We're not letting them go
before we name them.

♪ All our memories,
they're haunted ♪

♪ we were always meant
to say goodbye ♪

she looks like an Emma.

She does. [ Chuckles ]

Hi, Emma.

♪ Even without fists held high ♪

♪ never would have
worked out right ♪

- Daniel.
- Daniel.

Emma and Daniel.

♪ We were never meant
for do or die ♪

♪ I didn't want us to burn out ♪

what do you have against kids anyway?
God, nothing!

Okay, I don't hate kids.

♪ I didn't come here
to hurt you now ♪

it's not the kids...
It's the parents.

All right?

♪ I want you to know ♪

I was an e.M.T.
Right out of high school.

I loved it.

It's why I went to med school.

My second call out, it's an mvc.

A woman's in the front seat
bleeding from neck lac.

And she's holding her little
toddler, who is d.O.A.

She wouldn't let him go.

And I'm trying to stop her
from bleeding,

but she just held on.

And cried.

And the sound she made...
I thought she's gonna

cry like this
for the rest of her life.

So, I decided right there,
no peds for me.

And not because of the kids.

I don't want that responsibility
over a parent.

And, yeah, maybe that... maybe
that makes me a lousy doctor,

or maybe
I'm just not strong enough.


I get to decide
what I'm best suited for.


I mean, don't I get to decide
what kind of doctor I'm gonna be?

♪ Remember all the things
we wanted ♪

yeah, you do.

You have to.

♪ We were always meant to say
goodbye ♪

[ monitor beeping ]

15 blade, please.



Bailey: And 10 blade.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Push bovie to 30. More lap pads.

That's what I needed to see.

All right, hold on, don't move.

I need a little more retraction.

Good. Hold right there.

Do you see where she's got...

Wait, yeah.


What do you think?


It's Emma.

The liver's going to Emma.

All right, there you go.

But I need you to do
the transplant for me.

I want to try
a primary resection on Daniel

and see if can save
the liver he already has...

At least buy him more time.

- Alex.
- I want to save them both.

But can the child
even withstand?

Probably not...
I mean, de-sating on me,

and I've already maxed out meds,
but I swear,

if don't try,
he'll be dead by tonight.

I want to try.

Suction. Retract here.

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

[ Sighs ]

Hey, Karev's throwing
a hail Mary.


Why you furrowing
your brow at me?

I would think
that you of all people...

This hospital's first
female chief of surgery...

Would fight for a woman
to get paid

at least as much as any man.

This is about Meredith grey.

I mean, if you do not value
her enough, then just...

It is inappropriate
for me to discuss

the salary of another employee.

She deserves more,
and you know it.

I do, and don't ever suggest
to me that I do not stand

in sisterhood with other women
in this hospital.

"You've never been 4'11" tall
and overlooked

and called "girl"
by your male colleagues.

You don't know. I am woman.

Hear me roar.

But I've already mentored grey.

I've already taught her
what she needs to know.

And now that I'm chief
of this hospital,

it's not my fault
if she's not used

the skills that I taught her.

And it's not my job
to be giving away money

when it's not asked for.

You have coddled her.

Y-y... since Derek,
you have coddled her,

and I won't do that.

No, she needs to rise.

And she needs to rise on her own

so she knows
she can rise on her own.


You may not be here
the next time she falls.

She needs to fight for herself.


This is what
a feminist looks like, sir.

Oh, how's the little girl?

Arizona: [ Sighs ] Good.
She's back in the nicu.

Perfect anastomosis, and her
kidneys have already bounced back.

But how's he doing?

That's a good
resection margin, right?

- Yeah.
- I see you got most of it.

It's decent,
it's just really close...

I just need to get this last...

[ Monitors beeping ] Suction.


Hepatic vein's leaking. Clamp.

[ Beeping continues ]

Another clamp.


No, no, come on.

Was it a bad call
trying to resect?

- No.
- No.

It was the right call,
just a bold one.

Yeah, this would have happened
during his transplant surgery.


Karev chose the right twin.

Alex: Another clamp.

[ Beeping stops ]

[ Sighs ]

Got it.

You did it? [ Chuckles ]

You did it.

[ Monitor beeping ] What?

Damn it, he's arresting.

Push .02 of epi
and another 50cc of blood.

Come on, buddy.

Come on.

B.P.'S dropping.
Persistent bradycardia.

Try it .08 to the et tube.

Come on, we're losing him.

But you had him.

He won't get him back.

No, he won't.

[ Beeping continues ]

♪ Waking light,
your profile in shadow ♪

I'm gonna close. Stapler.

But you've got a rhythm.

Those are agonal beats.
They won't last.

So, what do we do?
Just push more epi, right?

He's maxed out on epi.
His heart's too weak.

No, you can't just stop, okay...
What else?

There's nothing else.

♪ Long way turning ♪

♪ I've waited long enough
to know ♪

nothing to do but wait.

[ Sighs ]

Oh, Alex.

♪ When the memory leaves you ♪
[ Monitor beeps ]

♪ Somewhere you
can't make it home ♪

♪ when the morning comes
to meet you ♪

♪ lay me down in waking light ♪

♪ waking light ♪

♪ your profile in shadow ♪

♪ raise yourself
to the morning alone ♪


♪ When the memory leaves you ♪

♪ somewhere
you can't make it home ♪

♪ when the morning
comes to meet you ♪

♪ lay me down in waking light ♪

[ flatline ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

Arizona: You have a beautiful
baby girl.

The transplant went very well.

She's now recovering
very, very smoothly.

Laurie, we did everything
we could to save your boy.


Despite our best efforts,
the tumor was just...

[ Cries ]

I'm so sorry.

[ Sobbing ]

[ Thunder rumbles ]

[ Sighs ]

Woman on P.A.: Dr. Cohen, nicu.
Dr. Cohen to nicu.

What is it, grey?

We need to talk
about my contract.


You said I deserved
to be your chief of general,

that I made your job easier.

I was happy. I was grateful.

That doesn't change the fact
that I earned this job,

and I worked very hard for it.

I need to feel as valued
as you say you value me.

I need to be able
to look in the mirror.

This is just not enough.

Do you have number in mind?



I can make that happen.

Is that all, grey?

Yep. That's it.

Okay, thanks.

- Grey?
- Yeah.

Well done.

Dr. Karev.

You pooped?

I pooped!

Let's get you out of here.


[ Chuckles ]

Thank you
for not changing the locks.

Things got
a little crazy last night.

[ Sighs ] Maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm being a little crazy.

But is it really crazy
to try like hell to save

the one thing in the world
that matters most to you?

I love you,
and if fighting for y...

When you're faced
with the tough choices,

it comes down to you.

[ Sighs ]

What can you live with?

[ Thunder rumbles ]

What can you leave behind?

[ Sighs ]
Towels are in the bathroom.

Anything else you need?

No, no, no. I'm fine, thank you.

It's only for one night.

He shouldn't have to sleep
in a hotel. It's...

[ "Are you happy now?" Plays ]

♪ Now, don't just walk away ♪

two more, please.
Bartender: You got it.

[ Clears throat ]

Here you go.

Dr. Pierce, um... I'm off shift.

Just having a quick one
before I head home.

It's fine.

I have no home.

My planet exploded.

♪ And I know there's no use ♪

♪ when all your lies become
your truths and I don't care ♪

you know, I don't hate kids.

I just...
Bartender: Another round?

Hate it when they die.

Hey. We have that in common.

♪ the eye ♪

[ sighs ]

♪ And tell me
that you're happy now ♪

♪ ohhh, ohhh ♪

hey, can I ask you something?


Did you ever wonder why
people should trust us

to just decide, like,

the most important questions
of their lives?

I mean, you're just a person
just like them, right?

But suddenly, you're given this

incredible responsibility
to just...

You have really pretty eyes.

Uh... thank you.

♪ And I am givin' up this game ♪

♪ and leaving you
with all the blame ♪

♪ 'cause I don't care ♪

right or wrong...
You have to decide...

♪ Could you look me in the eye ♪

what you're willing
to go down fighting for.

You okay?


Look, about last night.

No, you said it's none of
my business, so... it's...

Well, it's not... and it is.


Look, i-i-i get mad, and...
And you get squirrely.

I do not... no, you get
squirrely when someone says

they're gonna be there, and then
you think maybe they won't.

That happens. You're allowed.

♪ Do you really have
everything you want? ♪


I'm not going anywhere.

And if... if...

Having a kid is what you want,

then... I can be ready.

♪ And tell me
that you're happy now ♪

I'm ready.

I mean [Chuckles] let's do it.

♪ Could you look me in the eye ♪

let's make a baby right now.

[ Laughing ]
Are you out of your mind?

We're not having a baby.

I'm in the middle
of a residency.

You are never home.

And what about us?
We... we haven't even traveled.

And what happened to the dog?
Let's get a dog.

No, do not come near me.

We are not making a baby.

No. [ Laughs ]


The choice is yours.

[ Laughs ]