Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 12, Episode 2 - Walking Tall - full transcript

The pressure is on as a determined Bailey tackles her first day as Chief; meanwhile, April's marriage is in jeopardy and she finds herself unable to address her problems; Meredith struggles...

Meredith: The body has approximately 11 organ systems,
all doing different things at the same time.
In order to keep us functioning, or, well, alive,
they need one voice... A leader, a master...
And in our brains, that job belongs to the pituitary gland.
It senses the body's needs before they even arise,
working nonstop.
The pituitary gland communicates with all of the other glands,
telling them when to produce
the vital hormones we need to function.
It keeps everything running smoothly, in perfect order.
You want a muffin?
No, no.
You sure? Go, go.
There's no denying it... it has the toughest job in the place.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Are you nervous?
You're not nervous.
[ Chuckling ] Of course I'm nervous.
Been waiting for this day my entire career,
and I promised them "candy disco rainbows."
And now I have to deliver.
Am I nervous?
[ Breathes deeply ]
You will deliver.
I just need it to be perfect... Just today.
Oh, no, no. Go on.
Uh, you can't be late for rounds.
People will think I'm giving you special treatment.
Go on.
[ Chuckles ] Okay.
No, special treatment!
[ Chuckles ] Okay.
I'll see you later... Chief.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Breathes deeply ]
This can't be right. They live here?
I mean, when you said carpool, I thought you meant just us.
Where is Alex?
Are Owen and I going out and I didn't even realize it?
Does that happen? Do adults even do that?
I don't know. Stop asking.
Carpooling is supposed to save time.
This guy with the beard...
I have seen him perform a sex act to buy drugs,
take the drugs, and fall asleep.
He's had a full day already.
[ Chuckles ] And yet we're still here.
At least I think he's asleep.
Adults go home together.
They don't go out. They don't go steady.
[ Chuckles ] We're not 15.
You made out with him on our front porch.
And I have no idea what that means.
Uh, I-i thought we were friends. What does it mean?
You sound 15.
Boo! [ Laughs ] Alex!
I've been sitting out here 20 minutes. Well, yell at Jo
for not changing her oil in over a decade.
Between you and this anatomy class, my morning is shot.
I need to stop teaching this anatomy class.
Your neighbors seem nice.
Yeah, the block's a pit, but it's cheap.
Everybody buckled? [ Cellphone chimes ]
Webber needs one of us
to walk Bailey into her surprise breakfast thing this morning.
No, thanks. Not I.
I hate all of you. [ Car alarm blares in distance ]
¶ 'Cause you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
¶ no treble ¶
¶ I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
¶ no treble ¶
¶ I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
¶ no treble ¶ chief.
Happy first day. Thank you.
I need to thank you for giving me this class to teach.
It was very generous. I love shaping young minds.
You're welcome.
I need to give it back.
Not possible.
Oh, I need you to handle miss o'Neil's
j-tube replacement this morning. Thank you.
It's just a lot more work than I expected,
and with three children and my patients...
Oh, and... and, also, find someone
to cover the bariatric clinic this afternoon.
And my surgeries, which actually makes
finding time to prep for the class impossible.
T... look, I'm asking you to do this stuff, so do it.
Anything else to say?
We're late for the attendings' meeting.
¶ 'Cause every inch of you is perfect ¶
¶ from the bottom to the top ¶
the... Attendings' meeting? Did no one read my e-mail?
¶ Yeah, my mama, she told me don't worry about her size ¶
I mean, I just... I just... I-i barely know this woman.
We had like two dates last week.
She asked to see me again tonight.
It's crazy. [ Chuckles ]
I can't stop thinking about her.
You know when you meet someone
and you get that flutter [Giggles] that...
That rush and it feels like you know them
and they know you and you think to yourself,
"I could stare at this person's face forever"?
Do you know what I mean? Or maybe not.
So, I looked it up, and Bailey's the first.
First what?
First female chief of surgery of this hospital.
[ Clears throat ] Before that, all men.
I say it's about time. [ Chuckles ]
And all the department chiefs are women... neuro, cardio...
We got trauma... Ortho...
Let it go. Amelia: Fetal...
Badass! Ladies.
This place is run by ladies.
It's... "Ladyplace."
[ Chuckles ] No. It is not ladyplace.
"Ladyplace" is what my grandma calls her vagina.
Oh! [ Laughs ]
To anyone who will listen, by the way... she is not shy.
No, we can't call this place ladyplace.
I don't need to think of that sweet, sweet, raunchy,
old lady's vag every time I walk through the doors.
Me neither, but I will now. [ Laughter ]
Richard: She's coming, she's coming!
Oh, oh! Oh! Hurry, hurry, hurry!
¶ Boys like a little more Booty to hold at night ¶
¶ that Booty, Booty, unh ¶
¶ that Booty, Booty ¶
well, I'm glad to see you're all here.
Uh, but if you had read your e-mail,
you would have known that one of the many things
that I will be implementing as chief
is no more weekly attendings' meetings.
Uh, well, actually, this is a st...
See, less talking about saving lives
and more saving of the lives.
Thank you.
¶ No treble ¶
¶ I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
¶ no treble ¶ [ Sighs ]
¶ I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
¶ no treble ¶
¶ I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass ¶
[ clears throat ]
Hey, did I miss Bailey's party?
It wasn't a party. [ Coughs ]
Ohh! I couldn't stop sleeping.
I think I'm fighting off a cold
or it's jet lag or just sleeping in a bed.
Down comforter works like [Chuckles] morphine.
Did you talk to Jackson yet?
He slept here last night.
God, so you actually are... What the hell is that?!
What? What? What? On your back!
What's on my back? Do I have a mole or something?
What... [ Coughs ]
What?! [ Coughs ]
I have a rash.
It's a stupid rash.
You are completely overreacting.
I'm sorry. I work with babies.
Kepner, you've got lesions, a cough, a fever.
You were in the middle east.
[ Chuckling ] I was traveling.
I am run down.
You can be run down in the bubble,
look, we don't know what you have.
We don't know how contagious you are.
Hey, this is my first day running this place.
There will be no epidemics today.
What did infectious disease say?
Uh, well, as of now, her symptoms are nonspecific,
but they want to rule out Anthrax.
Any concerns about mers?
Oh, god. You think?
I'm right here.
And you will stay right there until your tests come back.
This stops with patient zero.
I am not patient zero.
I'm not a patient at all.
Goodbye, Kepner.
Do not cross that line.
Stay in the bubble.
I cannot...
In the bubble.
I will visit you, I promise.
[ Footsteps depart ]
May I see it... The rash?
[ Sighs ]
It's nothing, right?
I'll keep my eye out for your labs.
But, uh, maybe we can talk if...
Look, I'm saying we should page neuro.
Her vitals her stable, her bloodwork's normal,
we sewed up her head lac... She's obviously fine.
Fine, you discharge her.
Discharge who? Hi, chief.
Uh... "Jade bell."
Hello. I'm Dr. Bailey.
Oh, good. More doctors.
Andrew: The patient complained of a headache and blurry vision
before she fainted and hit her head,
so I did a complete syncope work-up,
which was negative.
So... What? That led you to...
Sew up her head lac.
What is her diagnosis?
She probably just forgot to eat breakfast?
Wrong. You, what did this one miss?
Beta hcg... Could you be pregnant?
Not a chance.
Look, I was in a meeting, I felt dizzy,
and I woke up here, but I feel fine now.
Can I go? No, you cannot.
What... Are... You... Missing? [ Jade sighs ]
Migrant variant. Autonomic dysfunction.
This is really, really fun, but I have a work deadline so...
Uh, Jade, stand up for me, please.
Stand up, please.
We didn't miss anything.
Freak show's over. Can I go?
That is what you missed.
I feel naked.
That nurse Betsy... Her name was Betsy...
She took my clothes, took them, sealed them in plastic.
She took all of my clothes.
I have on paper panties!
You know how paper panties feel?
I imagine that there's some chafing.
[ Sighs ]
Listen, it's a chance to relax,
so you should take a nap and get rid of your jet lag or read.
It's like a spa or a vacation.
I am in a bubble! I am trapped in a bubble!
Jackson... He came in once.
He came in once, took a look at me,
and then just walked away,
and... and I couldn't go after him
because the bubble does not travel.
No, it does not.
I am alone in here.
I am trapped like a bug, like some kind of nasty bug,
and I'm covered in disease.
You would think that he would want to talk to me.
I am gonna die of a mysterious disease
with a chafed, buggy ass all alone!
Oh, my god. Don't freak out.
You've been in here for like an hour.
It's not that. It's Jackson.
How can I help?
Um, just, uh, talk.
Talk about something else... Anything.
Okay. Um, okay.
Um... Yeah, oh. Here's the thing.
Um, Callie met someone.
So, are you okay with that, or...
Yeah, super. Awesome.
Okay, that's... That's great, then.
Yeah, I mean, I should be happy for her, right?
And she sounds happy, you know, happier than she's ever been,
she says... I mean, apparently, like, forever happy.
Do we have to talk about this?
Well, you know, she does,
'cause she's talking to everybody about it.
Isaac: I'm surprised she fit.
20 bucks she's over 7 feet.
I mean, is it drugs or the wrong combo of steroids, you think?
I saw lebron at an airport once.
She's taller than him.
Be quiet and stand outside.
[ Sighs ]
Do we think it's drugs?
A growth hormone, maybe?
It's definitely not drugs.
Waiting for a scan to confirm it.
Yeah, oh, I'm right. You'll see.
Oh, and just 'cause you're chief now,
you're knower of all things? [ Scoffs ]
Look, Jade suffers from blurry vision, headaches, dizziness.
Abnormal growth.
[ Stammers ] Okay, put it all together, and you get...?
A pituitary tumor.
The knower of all things! [ Laughs ]
I should be chief of surgery.
Oh, wait... I already am.
[ Laughs ]
You are welcome.
[ Sighs ] Where have you been?
I was downloading all the charts you asked for,
which, respectfully, is a lot of charts.
Are we really doing all of these surgeries today?
Well, Bailey pushed all her patients onto me,
so that means you, too.
Kyle roane... Can we push this lap chole...
No, we don't have his liver tests back yet.
[ Sighs ] What about Dana Lee?
Hernia repair... do we have the urinalysis, because...
No, the labs are backed up.
I don't have time for this.
Is there anything I can do
to make your day better, Dr. grey?
I'm sorry.
I just...
I can't say no to Bailey because it's for the chief,
so I just need a little break in the clouds here.
I just need a little rain.
[ Sighs ]
I appreciate the apology.
Where are you going?
To make it rain.
[ Sighs ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Dr. Wilson. You paged?
No, I didn't.
Oh, wow, that's weird. Totally thought you did.
Maybe this thing is old.
Anyway, you waiting for your labs?
Can I, uh, can I wait...
Oh, thank you, yeah.
Bring me the labs when you get them.
Oh, no, no, I meant wait... With you.
Oh. Why?
W... i need to rush a patient's pre-op.
I've been waiting 10 minutes.
Apparently, the system's down.
Grey tasked me with all of these labs and these extra rounds,
and I need to prep three patients for the O.R.
So, I... This isn't gonna work for me.
What are you...?
Uh, excuse me. Hi.
I need the labs for Dana Lee, stat.
It's... It's for the chief.
[ Indistinct talking ] It's just one second.
Thank you so much.
[ Chuckling ] Oh.
Bring me those labs.
Can't wait.
[ Sighs ] How you doing?
Oh, uh, hi, uh, Bailey... Or... or should I say chief?
[ Laughing ] Yes, sir. [ Laughing ] Okay.
I just heard about the case.
A big patient for a big first day?
Yes, sir.
Uh, and do you want anything, a consult... anything?
Oh, no, no. I got it covered. [ Chuckles ]
Thanks, though. [ Chuckles ]
[ Clock ticking ]
[ door opens ]
Jackson: Prelim results says
it's definitely not middle east respiratory syndrome.
So can I get out of here? Well, they won't clear you to leave
until they get your gram-stain results.
I've been gone for three months.
Can we at least have a conversation?
[ Cellphone chimes ]
I have a, uh, consult.
I'll let you know when I get your gram-stain results back.
Wait, wait!
Come on!
Bailey: Okay.
So, Jade, you have two problems.
Uh, in addition to the pituitary tumor there,
the fall you took caused a fracture
in one of your vertebrae, so you will need surgery.
But more importantly,
I need to remove the tumor as soon as possible.
No, no. No one cuts into my brain.
Look, I'm missing work.
Um, Jade, this tumor is causing your growth hormones
to be 16 times higher than normal, uh,
w-which means that you'll only continue to grow.
"I've been 6'6" since I was 17.
Who cares?
Actually, you're 7'2".
And a quarter... Uh, we measured.
You're growing at a rate faster than your body can handle.
Any more force, and your spine will collapse.
[ Sighs ]
Well, how long will surgery take?
Making a surgical plan... The surgery and recovery...
We can get you back to work in a week or so, mm-hmm.
Nope. Look, I'll come back when,
you know, my work project is over.
Whoa, whoa! Sit.
[ Sighs ]
Chief, I need to do a repeat neuro check in four hours.
Four hours? No, I can't.
I know your work is important,
but this brain surgery has to be your priority.
Really? Do you know what I do?
[ Scoffs ] No.
I lead a team that's bringing the Internet
to the parts of Africa that don't have it.
The Internet is man getting fire.
This is the 21st-century light bulb.
Do you know how many lives will be changed, be saved,
how many girls will become educated?
Do you know how much medical knowledge,
how much information will become available
to people who've been kept in the dark?
This project goes live in one week, and I need to be there.
I have to be.
Yeah. Uh, that's...
More important than brain surgery.
Jade, I hear you.
Uh, you have the [Chuckles] weight of the world
on your shoulders.
But believe me when I tell you I can help you.
Okay, I'll give you the four hours.
Then I'm leaving.
Four hours?
And in that time frame, I need a complete surgical plan
for resection of the pituitary tumor
and repair of the spinal fracture
that includes a recovery time of no more than a week.
Oh! Okay, well, you know what?
I have a knee replacement right now.
I've got a vats procedure.
Then push that and delegate that.
Now, we have to move fast.
This woman has no interest in being treated.
You know what?
In fact, she's a flight risk.
Wilson, you're in charge of making sure she stays put. Go.
Amelia: Her tumor is massive.
I mean, we need extensive scans
and... and time to go over an approach for both procedures.
Uh, that... that takes longer than four hours.
Well, actually, uh, you have 3 hours and 36 minutes.
Bailey, we need at least until the end of the day, okay?
What you're asking for is impossible.
I-it's what?
Oh, I know you didn't say impossible.
No, nothing's impossible.
You are smart people.
You're good surgeons.
This patient has some big things to do,
and I have every confidence that you will figure out
how she can do them.
Bailey. And make it possible.
It's possible, right?
[ Sighs ] Yeah, it's possible.
It's my victory as much as it is hers.
I mean, she was my candidate.
I was pulling for her.
And so what if I wanted to pass the torch
in a celebratory fashion?
I mean, is that so terrible, huh?
Maybe offer a word of support or advice here or there.
I mean, not that she asked me.
She hasn't asked me for anything.
Well, I suppose I could ask her if she minds if I join...
You know, I-i shouldn't have to ask her.
She should want me there.
I should've been the first place she stopped.
No, but she's got it all handled.
And I-i-i worry.
It's... It's foolhardy.
You know, it's arrogance is what it is.
And I'm gonna talk to her.
Good talk. Thanks, Kepner.
Feel better.
Can you do a minimally invasive...
No, no, her vertebral bodies are too large.
We'll have to use an anterior approach through the chest.
I'll do a right thoracotomy.
I'm gonna do a transcranial approach.
Yeah, if Bailey wants a shorter recovery,
then an endonasal approach will help.
Well, the tumor's too big.
The head is abnormally big. You're gonna have space.
I'm doing a craniotomy. I need visibility.
I'm gonna get you where you need to be with less bleeding,
all right?
Just listen for a minute.
Apparently, we don't have a minute.
Avery, can you do a consult?
No. No. No. No.
It's for one of Bailey's patients.
Of course it is.
She put all her services on hold to fix her giant problem.
She had me push two procedures for this.
She's doing it to you guys, too. I mean, she postponed five of my consults
so I could handle her patients.
She didn't ask. She just pushed them.
It's ridiculous. No offense.
Maggie: Can she do that? Owen: Can who do what?
Oh, can you be chief again? I loved you as chief.
You did stay out of people's hair.
Very hands-off and great ties.
You know what they used to call her, her interns?
What? Together: The Nazi.
[ Chuckles ] Owen: Bailey?
Last time she had absolute rule over people,
and here she is again.
I love Bailey, but power corrupts.
She's an iron-fisted dictator.
She's a bond villain.
[ Clears throat ]
[ Gasps ] Warren. I'm so sorry.
We weren't trying to be disrespectful.
It's all good, it's all good.
I'm just gonna go look into some follow-up scans.
[ Sighs ] Amelia.
What do you think? What? Me?
I don't think... Don't ask me.
Oh, Dr. grey, I've got O.R. four for the small bowel obstruction
and an angio suite for the Swanson case.
I thought you said the angio suite was booked. I have my ways.
Let's go.
Wait... so, they called Bailey the Nazi?
Yeah. Yes.
[ Chuckles ]
What do you mean, "don't ask me?"
[ Chuckling ] You're more pissed off than any of us.
Have you ever had a friend who was like a really good friend,
but you just want to make out with 'em all the time?
[ Chuckling ] Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I used to do that for years.
And what happened? Sofia.
So, um, hey.
When you update the I and o's,
is it kind of just like whenever you get to it or...?
Um, I like to do it hourly.
Sweet. I like that.
You like what?
It's, uh... It's just...
It's like it's a good, round time frame,
and there's one every hour, so you don't forget to...
I don't know why I said that.
That was really weak...
Pathetic and sad. Mm. Mm. Mm-hmm.
Jo: Hey.
Whoa, where you going?
Gave you four hours. Time's up.
No, no, no. You can't leave.
You can't hold me here. I'm not a hostage.
No, I know, but, uh...
Oh, uh, Bailey, may I have a word with you?
Oh, I'm sorry. Huge deadline, sir.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Okay, where are we?
We're nowhere. Oh, my god! Come on!
Ugh! This is... The tumor has invaded the cavernous sinus.
I'm planning an approach. The wrong approach.
And the recovery time that you're asking for is completely unreasonable.
Maggie: We need more time. No, we don't have it.
Uh, look, I have to go tell this woman something, so...
Jade's left. She just walked out.
You let her?! I gave you one job!
Dr. Wilson was trying to reason with her,
but she knows that we can't legally stop her.
Or physically stop her.
Well, convince her.
Go find her and get her back here!
Okay. Oh, I gave them one thing!
I gave you one thing!
Bailey: And I started this day
thinking we could accomplish the impossible,
but now I'm gonna end the day
with a woman probably dead on the street
and a thousand African children who can't read.
I don't know what we were supposed to do.
I expected more... So damn much more.
[ Sighs ]
What do a thousand African children have to do with this?
[ Breathing heavily ]
Jade! Please, you can't leave.
People are waiting for me.
I'll come back when I can.
No, no, no. There may be no coming back.
Dr. Bailey was right.
[ Distorted ] Your symptoms suggest that surgery needs to happen now.
How many people can you help if you're dead or blind or...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[ indistinct conversations ]
Uh, don't worry. I'm... I'm gonna get you out of there.
No, don't touch her. Jade, don't move.
Amelia: Let us through, please.
Jade, are you all right?!
I-I-i caught her head.
She didn't her head.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my. I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid.
She might've aggravated her spine fracture.
That's too small. It won't support her.
Andrew: I got it.
[ Metal clinks ]
Bailey: Uh, Jade, just try not to move.
I can't... I can't move.
I can't feel my legs.
They're numb.
Okay, on my count... One, two, three.
Easy, easy. Watch her neck.
Good. And slide.
Dr. Wilson, are... are you okay?
Can I get you anything?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Good job on the door, deluca.
Quick thinking.
Yeah, you should be a contractor.
You still could. You're young.
Bailey: Jo, can we get an O.R.?
One, two, three.
Let's move.
And then today, I-it's like I'm invisible.
I mean, I don't know what it means.
Maybe the kiss meant nothing and we're friends.
I mean, I guess what I'm asking is,
if it were you, if I kissed you...
No, I'm not saying that you and I...
We're not... We're not kissing,
but if a guy kisses you and he asks you out
and then refuse to look at him for the rest of the day,
what exactly are you thinking?
I can't help you.
My marriage is collapsing,
and I can't do anything about it because he won't talk to me.
You see? You get it.
No, I don't get it because I'm trapped in a bubble!
You are not trapped in a bubble.
You have the freedom to roam and talk to anyone you'd like,
so stop talking to me.
Go talk to Shepherd.
Ask her what she thinks about it.
You know what? You're right. You're right.
If I want a reaction, I should just force one.
I should just go right up to her and be direct.
I'm saying stop talking to me!
Oh, I need to go. Hang in there, Kepner.
[ Sighs ]
Hey, are we ready?
[ Sighs ]
Uh, which approach are you going to use?
Callie: Jade's fall caused her spinal fracture
to become severely unstable,
so Pierce and I will have to repair it at the same time.
It's not ideal, but...
We sit Jade up for a craniotomy, it would paralyze her forever.
So we'll be doing this surgery endonasally.
Which is the wrong approach.
We're out of options.
Warren, go scrub.
Someone needs to sign off on the case.
All right, I will.
Bailey: Do they all hate me?
I, uh... I try not to listen.
So they're talking.
[ Sighs ]
Did I push too hard?
[ Sighs ]
Uh, do you think I'm wrong here?
What do you think?
I think I have put us all in a terrible position.
Yeah, well, I think you're right.
And I'm in one, too, so can I just... Work, please?
[ Sighs ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
So check the urine output and page me with any changes.
On it.
Busy day.
Has Bailey talked to you about anything?
All she does is talk to me or at me.
She dumped her entire schedule on me
and expects me to get it all done today.
Yeah, I've been hearing that.
The only reason I'm holding up is Edwards.
I mean, she's on top of it.
I understand why Amelia requests her.
Edwards gets things done.
Callie: Bone graft is in.
Yeah, we're done.
Warren, ease down on the retractor.
Got it.
Shepherd, how are we?
If I can get in a little further, the margins will be close to perfect.
Hold on. Can you advance the scope?
Warren: Mm-hmm. [ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
Damn it. What the hell happened?
Amelia: We hit the carotid.
I can't see a thing. Avery, suction.
Uh, how can we help?
We need to compress this artery. Wilson, we need more packing in here... now.
Set up another suction.
Jo: Blood's coming out of her mouth.
God, she's gonna bleed out.
We should've opened her skull.
I knew this would happen!
Jackson: Just keep packing... faster.
Come on! Pack! More!
Jo: Pressure's down to 85.
Try 5% albumin. Call for some ffp.
Pressure's down to 75. More suction.
I still can't see a thing.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Oh, hey, Bailey.
So, your adenoma resection had a rebleed.
It's stable now.
But then Mrs. what's her name with the lap chole...
Grey, I can't right now.
Bailey, these are your patients!
Look, I-I'm happy you're chief.
I'm all for it.
But I am taking my day to service your patients and mine,
and it's getting done. I'm on it.
But if you're gonna do this to me, if you're gonna drown me,
at least take two seconds to listen to the update of your patients.
I deserve more than to be dismissed.
I deserve more.
Respectfully, chief.
Maggie: Chest tube is in.
Callie: Guys, is there a plan here?
Because she's lost a third of her blood volume.
Jackson: I can do a muscle patch.
With a little glue, it could form a clot,
and we can seal the vessel.
Will that even work? No, that's a temporary fix.
We need to open her neck
and do a primary repair of the carotid...
That's a major stroke risk.
Before she dies on the table. Wilson, prep the neck.
Wilson, you keep suctioning.
Who am I listening to? You need to listen to me!
You open her neck, she's gonna bleed out in seconds.
You let me do this,
I can stop the bleeding and help you remove the tumor.
Do not open her neck, please.
[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
All right, we can use a patch from the thoracotomy incision.
Pierce, I need a piece of intercostal muscle right now, please.
[ Beeping continues ]
¶ Keep an eye on me ¶
¶ keep an eye on me ¶
¶ keep an eye on me, won't you? ¶
¶ keep an eye on me, won't you? ¶
¶ I promise ¶
[ sighs ]
¶ I won't fall apart ¶
that's for you.
I wanted to give it to you this morning,
but somebody got herself in a big damn hurry.
¶ I promise ¶
¶ I won't go too far ¶
it's mine.
I got it my first day of residency.
¶ See me through... ¶
I, uh, replaced the earbuds.
I never had anyone to pass something along to.
But then...
¶ Won't you ¶
I-I just thought that...
Sir, I don't deserve this.
Well, if you think that, then maybe you don't...
Because I'm not the right person for this job.
You thought I was.
I thought I was, and I had these great plans, but...
I mean, if this is my first day, then I don't deserve a second.
¶ Keep an eye on me ¶
I wanted it to go...
Perfectly. It won't.
It can't.
I mean, this job is too much for one person.
You did it.
Because I listened to those who came before me
and counted on those under me.
I tried to...
No, you barked like a general.
¶ Keep an eye on me ¶
they are generals.
They know how to mobilize.
What they need is a leader.
If I did my job well, it's not because people listened to me.
It's because they believed in me...
Believed that I knew them well enough
and believed in them enough
to tell them how and when to use their brains.
¶ So please promise you will be around ¶
I'm talking about people like you.
That kind of belief you have to earn,
and you cannot earn it in a day.
¶ I know you'll understand ¶
you want someone to run a four-minute mile,
you don't chase them.
You don't give them something to run from.
¶ Won't you ¶
you give them something to run to.
¶ Won't you ¶
¶ keep an eye on me ¶
¶ keep an eye on me ¶
¶ keep an eye on me, won't you? ¶
¶ keep an eye on me, won't you? ¶
¶ keep an eye on me ¶ [ Monitor beeping rapidly ]
¶ Keep an eye on me ¶
Avery, we need something else.
Give it a chance.
Shepherd is right. It's not holding.
Don't move the patch. Just give it time.
Uh, we could try embolization.
Go up through the groin, coil it.
It'll take too long to get a c-arm in here.
[ Beeping stops ] There!
[ Sighs ] Oh, my god.
It's holding. Are we okay?
[ Telephone rings ] I hope so.
Yeah, me, too.
Nurse: Dr. Avery. It's Dr. Kepner.
What's wrong? What's happened?
We need to talk.
God, April, I thought you were dying!
I kind of am dying. I feel like we both are.
You paged me 911 so we could do this?!
Yes! Yes!
Okay. I needed to force a reaction out of you
because I am in a glass prison and I can't do anything.
So you're gonna stand there, and you're not gonna walk away
and you're gonna talk to me. You don't want to hear it.
Jackson, I... we already talked, April.
I told you what I needed, and you didn't hear it.
You didn't listen.
You went halfway around the damn world.
That wasn't a talk, Jackson.
That was an ultimatum, and our marriage
has never been a marriage of ultimatums. Oh, come on.
It wasn't an ultimatum. I gave you a choice.
No, I made a choice long before that,
long before Samuel,
the army, any of it, and so did you.
We stood up
in that weird-smelling little chapel in Tahoe,
and before god, we chose to love one another
until we die.
You made that choice.
We chose to love and honor one another...
Honor one another, which you couldn't do... In front of god,
we promised each other that, through 'Cause you couldn't hear me
telling you that I needed you to stay.
I needed to go!
And you went!
You did what you needed to do... Twice, actually.
This marriage is full of ultimatums.
They're all yours.
Look, we...
We've been through a lot.
And you've changed.
I've... I've grown.
[ sighs ]
We haven't been through a lot.
Jackson, we're going through a lot right now.
We're going through a hard part.
This is... this is the worse of "for better or worse."
This is the mud,
and we just have to pull each other through it.
We just... we have to push, and we have to fight.
I'm not sure we are worth fighting for.
No, please don't...
Ow! God!
[ Crying ]
[ Sighs ]
So, where are we with Jade?
I got the whole tumor.
She had a... Bad left carotid bleed.
I took her to angio, put in a stent.
But she's likely to have deficits...
Possibly a stroke, paralysis...
She's still out.
Speech and language issues, vision loss.
Pressure's good, but we won't know.
Or she could just be in a coma.
You people are extraordinary.
I mean, I came in here today and did all kinds of things wrong,
but in spite of that,
you all still did amazing and perfect work.
And you found a way to do something
that was, in fact, impossible.
So if there is a bad outcome, it's my bad outcome.
I will be better.
[ Indistinct talking ]
Hey, cross. Let's go.
You're prepping O.R. five for grey's lab chole.
I'm sorry. What? Dr. Wilson has me today.
It's for the chief.
Now, cross. Come.
No, stay.
You've cut lines, y-y-you've stolen nurses,
you've even rearranged the O.R. board.
You are not stealing him. He is mine... mine.
Back off.
Uh, if the chief needs him for grey, you got to let him go.
Thank you, Dr. Karev.
Cross. Come. [ Scoffs ]
I'll come back. [ Sighs ]
Jo: Alex, she's lying.
She's been pulling this crap all day,
saying it's "for the chief."
She's so full of it. Stop.
Stop what? Stop whining.
Ohh. Look, she worked you.
She got what she wanted by beating the system.
It's a genius move.
If I had come up with it, I would've.
Look, you're just mad that you didn't.
Deal with it or come up with something better.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Footsteps depart ]
[ Door opens ]
What are you doing?
I checked with griggs. You're clear.
I mean, he was leaving, so he asked me to let you out.
So I'm not sick.
Most likely contact dermatitis.
Told him that 12 hours ago.
Um, and, uh, look... I'm... I'm sorry if,
you know, I hurt you.
We have to be honest with each other.
You were just being honest. I appreciate that.
Thank you.
I mean, you're wrong.
But we are something worth fighting for,
and I want to fight.
So I'll fight for the both of us.
I will launch a full-scale assault.
I will ambush and slash and burn
and fight until I am bloody for us.
I will fight to the death because I vowed to.
And nothing that's happened since then has changed that.
You see? This is it.
You just want what you want.
You don't care what I think.
I love you too much to let my mistake end our marriage.
I won't break my promise to you, so I'm gonna fight.
And I'm gonna win.
[ Sighs, clears throat ]
Callie: Oh, Arizona!
Hey. Ah.
[ Chuckles ] Here. Sofia forgot this.
We're on, uh... We made it to page 12.
She is exhausted,
so you can probably get away with an early bedtime.
Thanks. Mm-hmm.
Hey, um, big date?
Oh. You heard?
Yeah, I mean, everyone heard.
[ Chuckles ]
You know, you can tell me, Callie.
You can always tell me.
You'd like her.
She's funny and sharp
and, um, we don't just find the same things funny...
We say the same thing at the same time.
It's really almost like...
Okay, no, yeah, you can dial back the enthusiasm.
No, really.
It's like... it's like we share the same brain.
I mean, read the room. That's all.
Well, all I'm saying is... You'd like her.
[ Laughs ]
[ Sighs ] Hi.
Why won't you talk to me?
I... [ Scoffs ]
You won't even look at me, so help me out, okay?
I mean, are you... are you upset, angry, confused, or...
That one. I'm confused.
If I... [ Sighs ]
If I had to pick one.
Well, then let's talk about it so we can...
I can't talk about it because then we start all the kissing,
and I don't know why. I don't... I don't know what it means.
[ Chuckles ] What does it mean?
What do you think it means?
I don't know.
Well, then...
We should... [ Chuckles ]
We should talk about it.
Let's talk.
¶ I stay up too late ¶
¶ got nothing in my brain ¶
¶ that's what people say, mm, mm ¶
¶ that's what people say ¶
¶ I go on too many dates ¶
Jade, can you hear me?
¶ But I can't make them stay ¶
¶ at least that's what people say, mm, mm ¶
¶ that's what people say ¶
¶ but I keep cruisin' ¶
¶ can't stop, won't stop moving ¶
¶ it's like I got this music in my mind ¶
now can I get out of here?
[ Laughing ] Oh, yes.
Oh, you will soon enough.
[ Chuckles ]
¶ And the haters gonna hate ¶ [ Laughs ]
Ah, yeah.
¶ Baby, I'm just gonna shake ¶
oh, grey... just the person I needed to see.
A hot appy came in tonight.
Now, it hasn't ruptured, but you need to do...
Am I being punished for yelling at you?
On the contrary. It's fine. I just need to know.
Oh, you don't think you deserved my piling my service on you.
No. I believe you do.
I'm gonna let you in on a secret.
See, when Webber had this job, it was easier for him.
And hunt had it easier than I do.
You know why?
I don't. Because they had me.
I need a me, and I believe that you can be a me for me.
I need you to be my me.
¶ That's what they don't know ¶
I'd like to appoint you chief of general surgery.
Because you deserve it.
Because you can take it.
Because I leaned on you, and you held me up.
You are the calm in the center of the chaos.
You have been since I met you.
And I need you.
¶ 'Cause the players gonna play ¶
you want it or not?
Yes. [ Laughs ]
Go see this appy, and don't complain to me again.
Meredith: Without a strong leader,
the whole machine's out of whack.
Congratulations, Dr. grey.
Now when you tell people you need something for the chief,
it really will be.
That's right... I know what you've been saying today.
But it's pretty simple...
If the brain's working, the body will listen.
Your limbs want to hold you up.
Your lungs want to breathe.
Your heart wants to beat.
¶ Heartbreakers gonna break ¶
but none of them are any good...
Without the brain.
¶ Baby, I'm just shake ¶
¶ shake it off, shake it off ¶
¶ 'cause the players gonna play ¶
[ chuckles ] Aren't you exhausted?
I just need to make sure that I'm prepared for tomorrow.
The brain keeps everything all together...
Look, you gonna be great tomorrow.
Besides... Oh, wait.
There are better ways to get prepared.
Like a boss.
¶ Shake it off, shake it off ¶