Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 18 - When I Grow Up - full transcript

A group of children visit the hospital on a field trip and observe two injured cops rushed into the emergency room. Meanwhile, Stephanie develops a crush on one of the chaperones, and Amelia's forced to confront her feelings about Owen.

So, he's just back? Mmm.

- For good?
- Yeah.

Okay, that face that you're making,

I don't know you well enough
to know what that means.

You know those very happy,
cheerful people who have everything

and when the fact
that they have everything comes up,

they act very humble,
and they say, "I'm just so blessed."

Those people, you want to
punch those people in the face.

Yes. I do know those people.

- Yeah, I'm one of those people now.
- Okay.

This morning, I was standing
on my porch of my perfect house

looking in the window
at my amazing, perfect children

and my amazing, gorgeous husband,

on the way to my amazing job.

And I thought to myself,
"I have everything I've ever wanted.

"I am just so blessed."

I really want to pummel
your face in right now.

Right, I would beat myself up.

Except I'm too tired from...

Were you about to say
that you're so exhausted

from all the great sex you're having?

I am just so blessed.

I'm gonna walk away from you now.

Picture the life
you dreamed of living,

the person you pictured being with.

Picture the job
you dreamed you'd have.

I'm a surgeon here at Grey Sloan,

but I like to think of myself
first as a teacher.

I train young doctors
to become surgeons.

Are you living the life
you envisioned for yourself?

Are you who you wanted to be...

Okay, guys, let's get a picture.
Come on.

Ripped By mstoll

Everybody, eyes over there.
One, two, three.


...when you grew up?

I have some loose ends in DC,

so I'll be flying back and forth
for a few weeks.

Tie them up, hand them off,
and then I'll be here for good.

And you want to come back full-time?

- That's the plan.
- This is great.


Uh, you realize
all this has to be approved?

By whom?
I'm on the board. I have privileges.

By Amelia.

Of course. I'll ask Amelia.

I am the head
of the department of neurosurgery,

and that means I operate on brains.

- Cool!
- Awesome!

It's very cool, actually,

because I fix
the big, squishy, slimy computer

that runs your whole body.

If the brain goes, everything goes.

It is the coolest.

And, uh, this is Dr. Derek Shepherd,

and he's a member
of our board and, um...

I'm her brother.

I'm also a neurosurgeon. I work for her.

Your sister is your boss?

My sister is my boss.

Okay, kids, uh, let's keep it moving.

- Uh, thank you, doctors.
Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

Oh, sweet!

- How hard was that for you to say?
- Rolls off the tongue.

It's not gonna be like it was before.
I'm not gonna angle for your job.

I'm not gonna steal your patients.
I just want to work.

You say that now,
but I know you, Derek.

I know us.

You grew up bossing me around.

I don't know that this can work.

Give me a chance, and I will show you.

I don't have anything for you today.

I'm clipping an aneurysm later.

I will let you know.

You're not gonna make this fun,
are you?

It's a lot of fun for me.

No, no, no.

- Ew. Super no.
- Wait, no, he's cute, I think.

You're going so fast.

He's 32 and wearing
a high-school letterman jacket.

Your glory days are over, Steve.
Give it up.

You are so quick to judge.

It's a skill.

You spend enough time on this thing,

you can learn everything you need
to know from the first picture.

- Will. Cares too much about his cars.
- Hmm.

Mike. Too close with those cats.

Theo needs to learn to wear a shirt.

Okay, okay, Theo is a no-go,

but maybe your pickiness
is keeping you

from going on any real dates.

- You need to expand your horizons.
- Ugh.

My horizons haven't been
expanded in a very long time.

Ugh! Gross! I mean, yes, but gross.

So, I am a plastic surgeon.

I also operate on
the ear, nose, and throat.

This is Dr. Warren.
He is a terrific surgical resident.

And together,
we form the Plastics Posse.

Well, he calls us that, but I do not.

It's what we're called.
It's, you know, what they call us.

No, see, they don't think
it's cool because it's not.

- Well, it's not for them, Ben.
- Hmm.

It's for us, okay?

All right, kids, let's go check out the ER.

- All right.
- Let's go.

Making medicine cool.

Huh? Not familiar with the high-five.
All right.

So, I have a teleconference all day,
so you can hold down the fort for me?

- But I'm not on your service today.
- You're always on my service.

At least in spirit.

Can I hear it? Once? You want to say it?


- No? Thinking about it?
- No.

Plastics Posse.

- Uh, excuse me.
- Yeah?

- I lost track of my kids and I...
- Your kids?

Ten of them, fifth graders,
varying heights.

- Oh, the field trip.
- Yeah.

I went to the restroom, and I came out,
and they'd vanished, so I...

You're a terrible chaperone
is what you're saying.

That's what it looks like, yeah.

I think they're with Dr. Webber
in the emergency room.

You don't, uh, happen to know
where that is, do you?

I do. Follow me.

Okay. Thank you.

A trauma is any kind of injury.

So, if you cut yourself
or you break your leg skateboarding

or wreck your bike,
all of those injuries are called traumas,

and that's what we are
set up here to treat.

Now, for a lot of people,

the emergency room can be
kind of a scary place,

- but it's actually...
- Cool!

- Cool!
- A police car!

- The police!
- I need some help over here!

- Right here, right here, set him down.
- Kids, let's move.

We got two guys down.
We couldn't wait for the medics.

Okay, I need a gurney.
Trauma room is in there.

Let's back up.

Page Grey, Torres.
Let's get Cardio in here.

Brett, they got you now, buddy.

All right, you just relax.
You let them take care of you, okay?

It's okay. Okay, let's go.

Just stick against the wall
and let the doctors through.

To the side.

- Where are they going?
- Is that policeman gonna die?

All right, everyone stay calm.
Everything's okay, all right?

What's going on?

Multiple gunshot wounds
from a robbery still in progress.

Sounds like a bloodbath. Whoa!

Hi, kids. Sorry.

Uh, I should
probably go with them, right?

Did you get paged?

- No.
- Then no.

We should just take the kids
back to the school.

No, we can't.
I can't reach the bus driver,

and he's not due back till 3:00.

- Is there someplace that we can...
- Dr. Webber, you coming?

Yeah, I'll be right there.

Um, kids, let's go see the babies.

- It's nice and peaceful up there.
- Excuse me.

Dr. Edwards will take you.

- I will?
- Yeah, it'll be fine.

Make medicine fun.

Educate, entertain, inspire.

And keep them away
from the scary stuff.

It was a bank robbery.

Three suspects held up
the bank tellers at gunpoint.

Brett and I moved in first,

but as soon as they saw us,
they panicked.

They just started firing,
hit me right through the side of my vest.

- Pete, try not to move your neck, okay?
- What are we looking at?

Two gunshot wounds
to the upper left chest cavity.

At least three bullet holes
in his left abdomen.

I'm gonna need access.
Here, I'm gonna start a subclavian line.

Have they brought Brett in yet?

- He's being worked on right next door.
- Is he okay?

- He took the brunt of it.
- Two of them were armed.

Brett took one of them down,
then he grabbed the other one.

He ended the thing,
even after he was hit.

He's the only reason
I'm standing here right now.

Brett saved it.

Blood's filling his chest cavity.
He'll need bilateral tubes.


Then take him up right now
and start an ex-lap.

Pete, we're gonna
cut into your chest

to place a tube
that will help you breathe.

Even with the pain meds,
it's gonna hurt like hell,

but it's the only way.

All right, C-spine's clear.
I'll get out of your way.

Oh. Whoa!

Uh, hey, you're bleeding
quite a bit there.

I'm fine.

No, you got shot in the leg.
Come on. Let's get you into a bed.

I need a nurse in here.

- I'm right outside, Pete, all right?
- Mmm.

Dr. Hunt, the officer's mother is here.

- Richard, can you?
- Yeah, go ahead. We got it.

Pete, you ready?

They said I should speak to a doctor.

Mrs. Gibson, your son sustained
multiple gunshot wounds.

We're assessing his injuries now,

and I will update you
as soon as we know more.

- Which one?
- I'm sorry?

Which one of my sons?
They're both here.

The GSW to the neck
definitely hit the trachea.

And he's got one to the abdomen.

Brett, do not try to talk. We got you.

I need to crike him
before he loses his airway.

Okay, do it quickly.
I got to get him upstairs

and examine these abdominal injuries.

OR Two is ready for us whenever
he's stable enough to transport.

Guys, these two cops are brothers,
and Pete's injuries are pretty severe.

So let's not let their mother
lose two sons in one day.

Move, please!

Make way, guys.
Doctor coming through.

Excuse me. Excuse me!
Excuse me, guys.

Move, please.

Um, do you think you could

Maybe relocate your guys?

I could try, but they'll never listen.

Is there any update on Brett?

Um, it is too early to say,
but he's in good hands.

All right, now this looks like
a through-and-through.


You're missing a chunk of muscle,
and you have exposed bone fragments.

- Wow.
- What?

Uh, no, I just can't believe
what I'm looking at.

- That bad, huh?
- No, no, no.

I just mean I can't believe
that you carried your guy in on this leg.

I didn't have a choice.

No, of course you didn't.
And you know what?

You can tell your guys
they can be wherever they need to.

I'm Dan Pruitt.

Dr. Callie Torres.

There he is!

Coming through!

Is that another gunshot victim?

Oh, hey, hey, hey. No, no, no. Easy.
You got to stay off this leg.

Multiple GSWs
to the right abdomen and chest.

Okay, Trauma Three.

Get him intubated, put in a central line,
and send a trauma panel. Move!

Is he alive? He's alive, right?

Do you know him?

He's one of the suspects.

He was sitting in the car
while the others were in the bank.

I want to know how he turns out.

Hey, guys, do you see
that one in the back?

Yeah, that's one of mine.

I operated on him
before he was even born.

Now he's two hours old
and cute as a button.

- A healthy little Pop-Tart.
- Pop-Tart?

Yeah, a fetus that's popped.

A baby that's born
from his mother's womb.

You just ruined Pop-Tarts for me.

- Yes?
- What's a womb?

Oh, boy.


You're tanking at this.

I don't understand why
'cause I'm usually really good with kids.

- I have a question.
- Go ahead.

Is that policeman going to die?

He was shot in the throat.

That's why he was
gurgling blood like that.

And that means he can't breathe,
so isn't he going to die?

How we doing, Pete?

Thinking of going for a run.

This one, always the wise guy.

Does this remind you
of that trip to the ER

when I got hit by the pitch?

You didn't even try to get out of the way.

Nothing changes, right?

I got to learn to duck.

- Mom?
- Yes?

Remember that potluck we did
a couple years ago?

- With all the guys in your backyard?
- Mmm-hmm.

When we get out of here,
we got to do that again, okay?

But bigger, more people.

We'll invite these doctors.
Everybody loved it.

Okay. Sure, honey.

We were gonna make it
an annual thing, remember?

We never did.

- We got to do that...
- Pete?


We're gonna take good care
of your boy, ma'am.

We need Pierce back in here!

They've got him, Mrs. Gibson.
Pete's a tough kid.

What are you doing?

- There's a trauma.
- I didn't page you.

Amelia, I'm here to help you.
Let me help.

You're the boss.
I'll do whatever you need.

You want to help? Take my aneurysm.

OR Four. Go clip it.

And there it is. That pause.

The one that means,
"I don't want the boring aneurysm.

"I want the big, exciting neuro trauma."

- You don't do second place.
- I do now. I'm clipping an aneurysm.

- We have an audience out there.
- I know.

Starting cardiac massage.

Hang another unit of blood
on the rapid infuser.

Right away.

Come on.

Come on, Pete. Give me something.
Give me anything.

I have a heartbeat.

- Got a pulse.
- There he is.

- What's the story?
- Traumatic arrest. Down for 14 minutes.

- Pupils are fixed.
- No.

- We lost him?
- No corneal reflex, either.

I'll do a formal exam in six hours,

but someone needs
to prepare the family.

He's most likely brain dead. I'm sorry.

We lost him.

Pete's body is still strong,

but I'm afraid his brain

has been deprived of oxygen
for too long.

He won't wake up?

No. I'm afraid he's brain dead.

Mrs. Gibson,
I am so sorry for your loss.

And Brett?

He's still in surgery.

- And he's gonna be okay?
- He's stable now.

We're taking care of him
as best we can.

Who would do this to them?

Okay, blood in the abdomen.
Possible liver injury.

Turn him on three. One, two, three.

No visible wounds on his back.

Looks like a bullet's
lodged near his spine.

Page Neuro!
Tell them to meet us in the OR.

Bailey, there's a cop asking about this...

- Oh, my God, how old is he, 15?
- Too young to be playing with guns.

This kid was really shooting at cops?

But he's the driver,
according to the police.

Alleged driver.

- Can I tell him anything?
- Tell him he's still alive, for now.

Notify OR Six we're on our way up
with an emergency ex-lap.

Right away.



What did I tell you? Pretty cool, right?

- Questions?
- Me! Me! Me! I do!


I got a marble stuck in my nose once.

- That's not a question.
- Gross.

- Are you sure this is okay?
- Yeah, it's totally fine.

- We got the nail out.
- "We"?

You pulled that nail out of a guy's head?

I did.

Wow. So, you're kind of a badass, huh?

- I am.
- Okay, next slide.

And this is a coffee can
in a man's abdomen.

- Cool!
- That's disgusting.

Okay, now that is...

That's definitely not appropriate.

- It's totally fine. We got the can out, too.
- Sure, yeah.

But they're gonna ask
how it got in there.

Okay, guys, bus is here. Let's roll out.

- What is that?
- It's a coffee can.

All right. Let's go, guys. Come on.

Dang, just when we were
starting to have fun.

- Bye!
- Bye.

- Hey.
- Hey. I thought Amelia...

Uh, I was looking for
the other Dr. Shepherd.

- She's busy with a trauma.
- Ah.

Did you talk to her?

- I did.
- And?

I'm clipping an aneurysm for her.


- And you're good with that?
- What do you mean?

Well, it's a far cry from
mapping the brain for the president.

- She's been talking to you.
- A bit.

I'm good with it.
Actually, I'm a little nervous.

You sure you want to tell me that?

No, I mean, it's a good nervous,
a good, excited.

I just haven't operated in months, and...

It feels really good to be back.

Well, I'm glad to have you back.

Hey, Hunt. We should hang out more.

- Do you fish?
- Never. Never have.

- You should. We will.
- Okay.

All right. Okay.

The bullet's nicked the bone,
but there's no cord damage.

I'd say leave it. Your call.

This liver's in bad shape.
It's actually avulsed.

The blood supply's completely gone.

A kid this young helps commit robbery?

He's not much older than Tuck.

Aw, damn it.

No, there's no saving this liver.

He's gonna need a transplant and fast.

Wow. So, someone doesn't get a liver
because this shooter gets one?

He won't survive without one.

And we don't know if this boy
even had a gun on him.


If he didn't shoot a cop, he was
an accessory to someone who did.

- He'll be tried as an adult.
- Hey, he's a patient.

We don't pay attention to the backstory.

We don't know anything about him.

We know we lost a cop today.

And we know he chose

to help his friends
hold people up at gunpoint.

You do that, you pretty much
get the hand you're dealt.

Pack him and aggressively resuscitate.

Then leave him here
with a scrub nurse.

And you go find his family.
I'll call UNOS.

All right. First things first.

I checked on your partner, Brett.
He's still in surgery.

Minimal internal injury.

They're still working on
the trachea repair,

but it didn't hit
any of the major blood vessels,

which is really great news.

Thank you. That's... Thanks.

Now you.

You aren't going to need surgery,
just a splint,

but it does mean
that you'll need to stay off of it

for at least six weeks, maybe eight.

You think that means one week,
I can tell.

But it means six. At least, okay?

After today, you know,

I think I might want
to ride a desk for a while.

After 14 years on the force,
this is the first time

I ever had to fire my weapon on duty.

First time we were fired at.


Well, it sounds like it was a good run.
I'm sorry it ended.

Thank you.

Any word on the kid?

- Uh, no. Still in the OR.
- Okay.

I just need something good
to come out of this day.

Abdominal injuries
are under control.

I'm ready to close.
You about done, Kepner?

Almost. Then I'll let Wilson close.

Thank you, Dr. Kepner.

Okay, update me when you're done.

He's de-satting. What is it?

Uh, it's not me.
Field is clear. There's no bleeders.

Nothing here. Tube's intact. No leaks.

Check his pupils.

- No response.
- Oh, damn it. Damn it, damn it, Brett.

Did he throw a clot?

We won't know
until we get him up to CT.

Page Neuro,
ask them to meet us post-op.

- Right away.
- We had him.

We had him.

I'm so sorry, Mrs. Gibson. Brett's gone.

I knew this could happen.

I'm afraid Brett suffered
a large stroke during surgery.

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon.

In this case,
the damage was very severe,

and it resulted in brain death.

Mrs. Gibson, there was nothing
anyone could do.

But his hand is still warm in mine.

His heart's beating.
I can see his breath.

I woke up this morning
the mother of two perfect children.

Happy, proud. And now...

I just don't understand.

Very sorry, Mrs. Gibson.

Oh, God.

Hey, how's he doing?

Pressure's dropping,
and he's oozing from his drains.

Well, UNOS didn't have
anything available.

Neither did any of the hospitals
here or in Oregon.

- Did you track down his family?
- Oh, he's in the system.

His latest foster parents
haven't seen him

since the night he came
to stay with them, though,

so, they're not exactly
racing down here.

So he's alone?
He's just gonna die here, alone.

- How much time do we have?
- Well, without a liver, he's got hours.

Ben, stay with him.
Keep his SBP above 100.

- Where you going?
- Well, I just can't go to sleep tonight

knowing I didn't try
absolutely everything.

God, I mean, how did this happen?

This day started out so great.

"Blessed," I think you said.

Now I have to go ask the mom
for her son's organs.

- That sucks.
- But is this how it has to be?

If I'm that happy, someone else
has to be that unhappy?

I mean, this poor cops' mom
lost two sons today.

What? Two sons?

Stroke. On the table.

Oh, God!

Uh, ugh.

Okay, you have to tell
their commanding officer.

He's been asking for good news all day.

Sure, I'll go talk to him
as soon as I'm done asking the mom

if we can cut up
her hero sons for body parts.

Which, what time is it?

Those organs will be dead soon, too.

Also, the commanding officer
keeps asking

about the kid they brought in.

I think it's 'cause he just
wants to hear that he's dead.

Can you blame him?


I showed a bunch of school kids

that x-ray of a coffee can
stuck up some guy's butt.

- Riveting.
- Alex.

- Read the room, man.
- I was just trying to cheer you up.

Oh, Grey,
um, is your patient an organ donor?

I'm about to go ask her now.

Oh, when? Now?
'Cause, you know, there's a window.

I know, Bailey. I know.

And I have a 15-year-old boy
open in the OR

who needs a liver,
and UNOS is coming up empty.

You're not talking about...

I checked your patient,
and he's a perfect match.

And we can do it today

if the mother would consider
a directed donation.

Are you serious?

Okay, all I'm asking
is that you bring it up with her.

- Just ask.
- No!

He will not survive without a new liver.

Bailey, asking for
her sons' organs is hard enough.

Now you want me to ask her for organs
to give to the kid that killed her sons?

Okay, take away the story. Right?

Take away the good guys
and the bad guys.

It's a child who needs an organ
and a patient with one to give.

Bailey, that woman
lost everything today.

I know! Okay, you don't think
I know that?

But ethically, you have to.

Ethically, I'm looking out
for the best interest

of my patient and his family.

Hey, thanks for walking us out.
You know, you didn't have to do that.

With your sense of direction,
I kind of did.


That is absolutely true.

I know it's been a drag for you,
but I really appreciate it.

You really did make it fun, so thank you.

- Well, thank you.
- Where's Julie?

- What?
- I can't find Julie. She's not on the bus.

- Have you seen her?
- No.

- Oh.
- Wait, Julie is the one who...

- Who was asking about the policeman.
- That Julie.

She was just right here, wasn't she?


- Hey, don't worry. We'll find her.
- We'll find her, ma'am.

I know this is a difficult time

and it's the last thing
you'd want to think about,

but you do have a decision to make.

Do you know if your sons

would have considered
becoming organ donors?

They were always helping people,
even as little boys.

That's why they wanted
to be policemen.

Well, Brett did.

Pete, he was always a little mixed up.

He just followed Brett,
but then he found his way.

I think that that's what they'd want.

I think they'd want to help.

Okay. There'll be some paperwork
to fill out.

Uh, Mrs. Gibson, it is possible
for you to designate

where you want your son's liver to go.

Uh, specifically, I have a young patient,

he's only 15,
desperately in need of a liver.

He's a perfect match
with your son Brett.

Oh, God. So young. That's terrible.

And you think Brett could help that boy?

He could. You could.

Fifteen. Mmm. What happened to him?

Well, he
Was injured in the robbery.

Wait, you're not saying...

Okay, Mrs. Gibson, I understand
it's an impossible question,

but we need to ask...

No, he murdered my boys.

You have the audacity to walk in here

and ask me to give him my child's body,

my child's blood, so he can live?

No, he's not getting anything.
He can go to hell.

- Grey, well, I had to try for my...
- For your patient, I know.

But now that's dozens
of transplant patients

that you just screwed out of a chance.

- What happened?
- My daughter's missing.

I knew we should have
gone home immediately.

Ma'am, just try and stay calm, okay?

Is she the kind of kid who wanders off?

No. No. What if someone took her?

Do you think someone took her?

Now, look, we took
a class picture this morning.

This is her. This is what she's wearing.

I'll send this out to my guys,
and we'll track her down, okay?

Edwards, have the paging system
call for her.

You know what the girl looks like.
Start checking the floors, room by room.


Julie Hamilton,

Julie Hamilton, please report to...

And he's so cute
and he's incredible with the kids.

Really? Seems like
he wouldn't have lost one, then.

No, no, you should have seen him
when she actually went missing.

He stepped up and...

Well, he might be
a little young for me, though.

Well, better than too old.

- And can I really date a teacher?
- Why not?

He gets off work at 3:00 p.m.
I get off work at 3:00 a.m.

- When will we have time to...
- Steph, stop. Stop!

This isn't shirtless cat guy
on the Internet.

Stop looking for reasons
not to like the nice, cute guy.

You're hot for teacher. Let it happen.

I'm gonna let it happen.

- Is there any hope?
- I'm afraid not.

We'll observe them
for the next six hours,

but there's no brain activity at all.

How's their mom?

She is going to need
all the support you can give her.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

What about the kid? Jared?

Listen, Dan, I know you're angry,
and I know that you need to know,

but we can't talk about
a suspect's condition, not legally.

I'm not looking to settle a score, okay?

I knew this kid.

Brett knew this kid.

We put him in juvie.
We got him into the foster system.

We tried.

Jared's one of those kids, you know.
He's smart. He's funny.

He's just susceptible
to bad things, bad choices, bad kids.

Brett would have called this
his moment.

What's his moment?

He called it... He called it the moment,

when a kid would
back themselves into a corner.

When it would hit the fan so bad,

that there's no other choice
but to turn it around,

wind up in lockup, or dead.

Brett would say,
"That's when you can get them, Dan.

"That's when you can
turn them around."

And this would have been it for Jared.

And Brett would have been here to help.

So, Derek's back.

- Is that a question?
- No, it's just...

And I'm glad, I am, for you and the kids,

and I don't want
to make this all about me.

It's just he says he wants
to come back and just work. For me.

Still not sure what you're asking.

Well, I'm asking should I believe that?
Can I believe that?

- I do.
- You do.

Yeah, he's different.

I don't know how to explain it,

but I think he realizes
what makes him happy,

and he's choosing it.

And that makes me happy.

I think this is his moment.

Grey, what did you call me for?

'Cause if you just want
to yell at me some more...

Nope. I think I just got that kid his liver.

Jared is prepped and ready,
still in OR Six.

Thank you.
And thank you, Officer Gibson.

Here's your second chance, Jared.

Okay, first kidney is out.

Julie Hamilton, Julie Hamilton,

please report to any hospital
personnel member immediately.

- You see that?
- Yeah...

Well, there you are.

Am I in trouble?

You know, you're not really
supposed to be up here.

I saw that man in the ER.
He was bleeding.

Yeah, the doctors worked
really hard to try to save him.

But he died.
So they're taking all his parts out?


He's a donor,

so his body is gonna help save lives
of people who need organs to live.

My grandpa
had a heart transplant once.

Will she give his heart
to someone else?

Yes, she will.

I want to do that.

- Be a donor?
- No.

The doctor.
I want to do what she's doing.

That's my wife. See the lead surgeon?

And right now she's making sure
that the artery to the kidney

is long enough
to attach to someone else.

How did she learn all that?

She went to school a lot and practiced.

And she's just really great.


I think that's what I want to be.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Knowing what you want to do next.

Thank God, Julie!


Hey, baby.

- That boy's alive?
- He is.

Because of my son?

That boy and the 37 others
that were in the bank today.

Thirty-seven people got to go home
to their families today

because of your sons.

Now, I would have called that
a pretty good day's work.

But, Grey...

This is a list of 100 people

who all got second chances today
because of your sons.

Now, they won't know who to thank,

so I would like to say thank you.

They were good boys.

Okay, here we are.

I'll just put on the brakes.

All right.

Okay, ready? One, two, three.



All right, looks good.

Use the crutches.

I know you won't think
you need them, but do it.

It'll heal faster.

Thank you, Dr. Torres. For everything.

Oh, I'm...

I'm so sorry about your friends,
Officer Pruitt.


- Hey, listen, um...
- Yeah?

- Never mind.
- No, no, no. What is it?

Well, it's just that if today weren't today,

if it was any other day,
like, you know, a regular day,

I'd ask you if you'd like
to have dinner with me.

It's like I said, you know,

I just needed something
to come out of this day right.


Well, I will need to see you
back here in, um, 10 days

for a follow-up on that leg.

Ten days?

Is that all right?

Sounds like a plan.

That is a plan.

All right. See you in 10 days.


- Nick. Hey.
- Dr. Edwards.

Glad I get the chance to say goodbye.
Better make it quick, though.

I'm not letting this kid
out of my sight again. Oh, son of a...

Wait, wait, hang on. Before you run off.


I could be totally off base here,
but you and I maybe had...


Would you like to maybe
hang out sometime?

Wait, really?

Yeah, yeah,
I mean, you'd really want to?

Yeah. I would.


We could grab a drink or something.

- Oh, I can't drink. I'm...
- Oh, okay. Then coffee.

Coffee's great.
Yeah, I'm all about the coffee.

- Perfect.
- Cool.

Well, I'm free Friday night.

I can't. Friday's the junior prom.

You chaperone
high-school events, too?

No, I go to them.

Seventeen years old?

Could you maybe
not scream it like that?

Oh, my God!
I can't... I can't breathe.


I know I told you
to expand your horizons, but oh, my...

It was his little sister's class.

He said he was doing
this teacher-helper-volunteer thing.

Thought it would look good
on his college applications.

I'm gonna need many more of these.

- Hey.
- Thanks for doing this for me.

These two will look
as good as they possibly can

before their mother
sees them one last time.

Though it's taking
a little longer than I expected.

You okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Yeah. I'm fine.

This is totally something
Sloan would've done.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You know, he really did
treat me like a son.

Passed everything on.

Got such a charge out of it,
the Plastics Posse.

- It got a little goofy sometimes...
- Mmm-hmm.

Honestly, but...

I want to do that.

You know, pass it on to someone,
the way he did for me.

I don't know if I'm making any sense.

It makes a lot of sense.



- It's cold out here.
- It's quiet out here.


Ever since you've been back,
you guys have been reconnecting.


You should have built thicker walls.

You okay?

What do you mean?

I didn't want to ask you,

and I'm not supposed
to big-brother you.

And you don't need me to.

There was a robbery, two shootings,
and you declared two men dead.

I kept thinking about Dad.

I wanted to know if you're okay.

I'm happy for you.

That you're back, you're making it work.

- That you're not running.
- What do you mean, "running"?

Hey, I am not judging. We are runners.

I ran from my engagement.
You ran from Addison.

I think, after Dad,

if something scares us,
we sprint, fast as we can.

But you turned around this time.

That's something. I'm inspired.

Open your eyes.

Take a good look around you.

- Did mom tell you I went to go see her?
- No.

Wow. How did that go?

She said I was tired and miserable,
which I was.

- Told me to get it together.
- No sympathy.

Oh, no, never.

She said, "Derek, take
a good, hard look at your life.

"If it's not working, shut up and fix it."

How's the view?

Do you like what you see?

Amy, I've been missing out
on everything in my life.

I mean, I'm watching my kids
grow up on a computer.

I don't want to miss my family.

I don't want to miss another second.

I want to coach soccer,
go to ballet recitals.

I don't need to change the world.

Clipping aneurysms, stopping bleeds,
that's the fun.

That's changing the world
with our hands.

Think back again
to when you were little.

When did that stop being enough?

Saving someone's life?

Are you living the life
you pictured for yourself?

That's more than enough.

I'm glad you're back.

Me too.

I think I'm falling in love
with Owen Hunt.

And I'm really afraid
that it's gonna destroy me.

It wouldn't be love if it didn't.

Or are you still dreaming
of something even bigger?

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