Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 16 - Don't Dream It's Over - full transcript

A man with Alzheimer's crashes into a pregnant woman; Meredith worries about Derek cheating on her and the state of their marriage.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
We teach residents,

"when you hear hoof beats,
think horses, not zebras."

Wait, I know this is
Derek Shepherd's phone.

Who... who is this?

It means that the most obvious
answer is usually right.

It keeps doctors from
heading down the wrong path.

It helps us stick to the
truth. It helps us save lives.

It's part of what makes me a good surgeon.

When I hear hoof beats...


Who is this?

I always think horses.


Even when I shouldn't.


- Hey.
- Do you have a minute?


I was, um... I was just coming to see you.

How's your first full day going?


Hunt just saved this little
girl's mother over the phone.

It was nuts. It is so good to be back.

- Come here.
- All right.

- Mmm. That good, huh?
- Yeah, that good.

You sure you don't want to take this home?

I mean, there's people right outside.

So what? I don't care. Who cares?


- Are you sure?
- Do I seem unsure?

These are the moves of a sure person.

What more do you need?

Mm, I just want to make sure that you're...


Just... you know, you haven't
wanted to since... Since...

- Wow, way to kill the mood.
- No, April.

Come on. I didn't... mean...

- Pager.
- No!

I know. Hey.

I'm sorry. Later.

- We will continue this later.
- We better.

Hi. You've reached Dr. Shepherd.

Please leave a message,
and I will return your call.

Um, you really didn't have to walk me in.

I can...

I'm just trying to prolong our half-date.

I'm so sorry, but when
I'm paged for trauma, I...

No, no, no, no, no, I sh...
I should have seen it coming.

Your profile did say "crazy hours,"

and you're off to go save a life.

What's hotter than that?

Well, I'm glad I got to
lay eyes on you in person.

Well, maybe we can do it again sometime.

Absolutely. First dates are overrated.

Maybe we should just jump
to the end of this one.

Oh. Um...

Oh, I have to get to the pit.

Me too.

- Great.
- Okay.


I called Derek.

I'm laying here. I'm sleeping.

A woman answered his phone.

There are two empty beds. Pick one.

One empty bed. I'm up here.
A woman answered his phone?

- Whose phone?
- Derek's phone.

- What kind of woman?
- Doesn't matter.

- It matters.
- It matters.

She was perky,

and she sounded happy and
tall, with a lot of great hair.

Hold. You saw her? How did you see her?

I didn't. I heard her voice,

her perky, happy, tall voice.

- I hate voices like that.
- You can tell by the voice?

- What did Derek say?
- I didn't talk to him.

Now I keep going to voice-mail.

My short, twisty, mad voice
keeps going to voice-mail.

He's not cheating on me, right?

- He's not cheating on you.
- He's not cheating on you.



Big trauma coming in, huh?

Yeah. Uh, car accident, I think.

Yeah, I heard there were
two victims, maybe more.


I like your, uh, dress.


I don't remember that one.

It's new.

What do we got?

30-year-old male.

He and his wife were hit by a car

that crashed into their house.

Abdominal contusions,
right-upper-leg deformity,

binder applied for unstable pelvis.

- Grey's in there now.
- Robbins, trauma one.

Torres, I need you in trauma tw...

Oh, you're changing clothes.

You know, we have
attendings' lounges for that.

Yeah. No time. All right, let's go.

Hang on. I'm gonna need a resident, too.

Edwards, you're with Torres.
Uh, Wilson, go with Robbins.

- Yeah!
- No, that's not fair!

Oh, I'm gonna pretend
like I didn't hear that.

Sorry, but Dr. Torres' patient
is also Dr. Grey's patient.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dr. Grey?

Dr. grey has not lost a patient in weeks.

Yeah. She's on a streak.


Should be excited to be working with me.

Paramedics couldn't get a line.

He's hypotensive and needs fluids asap.

We should get a central line.

- Is this the husband?
- Tom Vinson. His wife is next door.

- His BP is dropping.
- Let's order some O-neg.

Edwards, help me with this binder.

Oh, I thought I was on
Dr. Grey's service, so...

If we don't assess this pelvic fracture,

he could bleed out and die. End streak.

Now, if he dies from the pelvic fracture,

isn't it technically on you, not Dr. Grey?

Edwards, zip it.

He's in V-fib. Starting CPR.

Grab the paddles. Charge to 200.

Charged. Clear.

Where's my patient?


Find her... now!

The band was practicing, Mom.

We never would have heard the car.

What, I leave for 10 minutes,

and we suddenly let patients
roam the halls unattended?

Ma'am, you cannot be walking around here.

- Do you know who your doctor is?
- Excuse me, you can't get out of bed.

You're not listening, Mom.
A car smashed into our house.

- Do you know where my husband is?
- Hi, Blair. I'm Dr. Robbins.

We need to check you and your baby out,
and this is not the right place to do it.

One sec. Mom, I just told you
a car smashed into our house,

and that is what you are worried about?

The music is fine for the baby, Mom.


My husband is in a punk-rock band,

and my mother doesn't approve... still.

It's been eight years.

Is... is he okay?

He's back.

His BP is not fluid-responsive.

He's most likely bleeding
inside. I need that ultr...

Oh, God, it hurts!

Tom, listen. We got you, okay?

Let's push 50 of fentanyl.

Tom, we have you. It's okay.

Oh, God, where's Blair? She's pregnant.

We know. She's in the hospital, Tom.

Is she hurt? Is our baby okay?

I need to see her. Let me see her.

Tom, you are seriously injured.

You need to settle down
and let us do our job.


His pressure's dropping
again. Let's hang another unit.

We need to take him straight up. We ready?

Yep. Let's go!

All right, we need to assess her injuries

and monitor the baby.

I want a fetal monitor on her A.S.A.P.

Okay. Will do.

Hang on. Ha... stop. That's my husband.


You okay?

Blair, baby, I can't see
you. I can't turn my head.

That's okay. It's okay.
I'm right here, Tommy.

Are... are you okay?

You know me. I'm... I'm tough.

How's the baby?


He's, um... he's doing backflips right now.

I think he hears your voice.

I'm not feeling so great.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I can't move this damn thing.

65-year-old male complaining
of chest pains.

- Let me go. Let me go!
- This the driver?

Vehicle's totaled...
Amazing he even survived.

Get me out of this thing! I
just want to buy some shoes!

- Is he drunk?
- Seems to be.

They said he came to disoriented,
too combative for an exam.

We need to question him,

and we'll want your tox-screen results.

Okay, let us assess and treat him first.

If he has anything in his system,

we'll let you know. Thanks, Officer.

Who are you? Give... give me my car keys.

- Sir, just calm down.
- Just find my damn keys!

Sir, we need to examine
you. You've got to be still.

Oh, God, do you ever
shut up for a sec... Oh!

Abdominal tenderness, feels
like multiple fractures.

- There could be some internal bleeding.
- Would you back off?!

- Sir, I need to listen to your heart.
- And I said get the hell away from me!

Now will you give me some
service, for God's sake?!

Dr. Pierce? Maggie!

Grey's Anatomy 11x16
Don't Dream It's Over

- Let go. Let me go!
- Maggie. Can you hear me? Maggie?

- Dr. Pierce!
- Is someone gonna help me or not?!

I want four-point restraints
on him at all times!

- Right away.
- Let me tell you how this is gonna go.

You want to act like an animal,
we'll treat you like one.

You touch one of my doctors again,

you'll deal with me.

- Take it easy. Nice and slow.
- I'm fine. I'm fine.

Stop. Stop. Stop!

- Any pain? Any dizziness?
- Pierce, are you okay?

- I'm fine.
- Stop.

You're not fine till I say you're fine.

Get yourself a C.T., make
sure it's nothing serious.

I'm gonna page Shepherd
to take a look at you.

I can't... I can't move in this!

Martin? Martin, I'm here.

I'm his wife.


I just want some shoes.

Ma'am, has he been drinking?

Drinking? No.

My... my husband has Alzheimer's.

He has no idea what he's done.

All I needed was to take a shower.

I left Martin with the football
game on... He likes football.

But the keys.

I always hide the keys.
I must have forgotten.

He would never, ever hurt a soul.

I'm so sorry he hit
those people with the car.

Your, um, husband has
multiple rib fractures,

and there's evidence that
there's blood in his belly.

He's gonna need exploratory surgery

to see how extensive the damage is.

Okay. Uh, okay. Um, thank you.

Mrs. Davis, we need to
ask you some questions.

Okay, Grey, you and I will
take care of the pelvic packing.

Torres, reduce the femur fracture.

Mm-hmm. Any word on the driver?

Alzheimer's. He thinks
he's in a shoe store.


Oh, my God. Are you okay?

It's nothing. It's fine.

Did Derek call?


He will.

We'll see.

It's okay.

You got scanned?
Everything checked out okay?

- Absolutely.
- Okay.

Let's go scrub.


Damn it, these pelvic veins are shattered.

More lap pads. See that, Grey?

I see it. I got it. Clamp. 3-0 silk.

You know what? I didn't
even kiss her. She kissed me.

So why... why am I compelled
to apologize to Arizona?

Suction, Edwards. More. Lap pads.

I mean, I didn't do anything wrong.

Did I?

More lap pads. Pack it in there.

And why does she have to make it so weird?

And... and what is my responsibility here?

I mean, time has passed.

I can date. She can date.

I want her to date. We
can see other people.

Arizona was seeing other people

while the two of you were still married.


I just meant I think you
can do whatever you want.

God knows she did.


The look on his wife's
face... She felt responsible.

She should feel responsible.

I can't believe that woman.
It's like criminal negligence.

It's like going to the movies
and leaving your infant at home.

If an infant could start a car
and mow down innocent people.

Did you, uh, you want me to put
a figure-eight stitch in here?

I mean, I'm not insensitive.
I mean, I get that it's hard.

But, you know, if you can't
be a responsible caregiver,

then find someone who can.

Do you need some water, Dr. Warren?

I think Dr. Warren's trying
to subtly tell you to shut up.

I lost my wife to Alzheimer's.

Richard, I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Oh, it's okay.

You had no way of knowing about her or...


It's nothing. I just... I
wouldn't wish it on anyone.

There's some clear fluid
oozing from the tear.

Uh, give me a 5 cc syringe to sample it.

It's not a big deal. It's just a cut.

It's a very deep cut.

Any dizziness or blurred vision?

I keep telling everyone I feel fine,

except for the fact that
I'm exhausted and ginormous.

You got anything for swollen feet?

I'd still like to order a head C.T.,

just to be safe.

- So, your husband's in a punk-rock band?
- Yeah. We met at a show.

Mm. I used to like punk rock once.


What? I did.

I rocked the heavy eyeliner,
and I had some t-shirts.

Sure you did, Robbins.

- Hey, uh, Shepherd, how's Pierce?
- Huh? Her exam.

It's more of a post-punk scene now.

Or proto-punk? I don't
remember the differ...


We've got a seizure. Blair!

Wilson, grab her arms.

Blair. Dr. Bailey, a little help.

- Where do you want me?
- Help us hold her steady.

Push 10 of lorazepam.
Pupil's blown on the right.

She was conscious and
talking just 10 seconds ago.

Walking and talking...
classic extradural hematoma.

How pregnant is she?

35 weeks. She's 35 weeks pregnant.

She isn't responding.
Start her on phenobarbital.

She needs an airway.

All right, give me a 7-0 and a scope.

Well, it's swollen, is the problem.

You likely won't lose your tongue.

Lose my tongue?

Yeah, the bigger problem is,
why were you stupid enough

to stick it in there in the first place?

'Cause now your tongue is
gonna continue to swell,

pulling the bottle deeper into your mouth

and cutting off your airway.

And then you're gonna die.


Yeah, well, I'm sorry, but you
kind of did this to yourself.

Dr. Kepner, can I see you for a second?


One sec.

All right, listen, I really
just think we need to...

What are you doing?

I thought you wised up.

No, we need to... we need to talk.

Your first day back has
already turned into your second,

and you're tearing into patients...

I am topless.

- Why are we talking about this?
- April.

What is the matter?

What's the matter is
that you keep holding me

like this delicate
flower that's gonna break

every time you look at me.

That is what is the matter.

I'm gonna go pull a bottle
out of this moron's mouth.

I will see you at home.

How we doing with that airway?

I can't get the tube in.
Her teeth are gritted.

- How long has it been?
- We're almost at four minutes.

Persistent decels. The baby's in trouble.

The seizures are frying her brain.

Arizona, we need to put her under.

Okay, okay. Push 100 of
sux and 20 of etomidate.

Oh. She stopped.

Oh, thank God.

Starting compressions.


Push one of epi.

Come on, Blair.

Okay, let's charge to 200. Everybody off.


Still V-fib.

Again. Charge to 300.



Push another epi... 360. Clear.

Charging again.


Call it.

Time of death... 23:16.

I don't... she was just talking to us.

What happened that fast?

Massive intracranial bleed.

Can't come back from that.

Poor thing.

Major tranq. Jo, you
start bagging the patient.

Restarting CPR.

- Wait, what?
- Bag the patient.

- Why?
- Shut up and do what I said.

She's dead. Why are we doing CPR?

We have to keep her blood circulating.

- For what?
- Look, the mom's dead,

but as long as you pump that bag,

- her baby's still alive.
- Oh. So...

It's time to deliver the baby.

- Right here, right now?
- Right here, right now.

Somebody page Karev 911. Tell
him get down here. 10 blade.

Wait! Betadine!

We forgot to put betadine on her belly

- so that she's sterile.
- Don't need it.

- No, we do, because it's sta...
- We don't need it!

She's dead, Jo. Mom's dead.

There's nothing left to protect her from.

Thank you, Doctor.

How's the father?

Oh, if he makes it through the night,

he may have a chance.


Does... Maggie know that
Ellis had Alzheimer's?

I don't know. We never talked about it.

Don't you think one of us should tell her?

I mean, she might want to
find out, in case she...

I didn't want to know for a long time.

Well, what changed your mind?

I just realized not knowing
isn't going to change anything.

It made me feel like I was
in control, but I wasn't.

Whatever is gonna happen is
gonna happen, no matter what.

Dr. Webber, uh, the driver, Martin Davis...

- You need to come.
- What is it?

I'm not sure.

Mrs. Davis.

What did you do?

He's back.

What do you mean?

He... he knows who I am,
who he is, where he is.

He's remembering
everything I'm telling him.

Martin, the poem... say it again.

Sally, hon, you got to
let me catch me up, here.


O lift me from the grass.

I die, I faint, I fail.

Let thy love in kisses rain

on my lips and eyelids pale.

He read it to me when he proposed.

I haven't heard it in years.

Now, will someone please
tell me what's going on?

You cured him. You brought him back to me.

Thank you.

What the hell did we do?

I have no idea.

Say it again.

O lift me from the grass.

I die, I faint, I fail.

Let thy love in kisses rain

on my lips and eyelids pale.

My cheek is cold and white, alas!

- Is your hand cramping?
- Yeah.

Mine too.

Somebody paged me?

My heart beats loud and fast.

Oh, crap.

Oh, press it close to thine again.

- Are you ready?
- Yeah.

Where it will break at last.

Okay. Here we go.

The minute the baby's
out, we can stop doing CPR.

He's out. He's out.

He's not crying. Arizona?

I know, not crying. Uh, Karev, stand by.

Bailey, the cord.



Karev, how is he? Alex?

Do you need some help over there?

Would everybody shut up?

Come on, little guy. Come on.

One minute apgar is eight.

He's okay.

Good breath sounds, heart's strong.

Strong lungs, too.

Wilson, you can go.

Nice save, Robbins.

Wait, wait, wait, go back.

So, I missed Lisa's
wedding and her divorce?

He was a bum, just like you said.

Eh. This is weird.

It's... it's like I
stepped into a time machine

and went to the future.

And he's never had lucid days
in the past? It's pretty common.

Never... nothing like this.

Oh! Toby is in his
second year at Penn State.

Toby? Stupid Toby?

He pulled it together!

How about Heidi? How's Heidi?

17 and going strong. Heidi's our cat.

Five years. This is just...

This must have been awful for you.

I missed you.

I missed you so much.

I'm pretty confident

Dr. Webber has not found
a cure for Alzheimer's.

I have a suspicion, but
I would like to get an MRI

and confirm before we
jump to any conclusions.


Um, Sally told me that
I was in a car accident.

Was anyone else injured, or...

Actually, there was...

Well, I know you have a lot of questions.

Let's talk after we have all the answers.

Uh, right now, Dr. Shepherd
needs to get that MRI.

Hey. How's the baby doing?

I'd love to have some good
news before the dad wakes up.

Hi. How's he doing?

Vitals are stable. He's hanging in there.


I heard about the mom. You okay?

Yeah. It was... It was bad.

I'm so sorry.

Callie... Um, about earlier.

Yeah, that was...

How long has that been going on, exactly?

It hasn't.

I mean, that was our first
date, and it got cut short,

so we didn't even make it to dinner.

Yeah, no, so she just
skipped right to dessert.

You know what? Let's not do this.

I'm... I'm sorry. You know what?

I probably shouldn't be
saying anything, but I... ugh.

- I feel like I have to.
- You don't.

Arizona, I am seeing
people. I will kiss them.

I didn't plan on that happening,

and I certainly didn't
plan on you seeing that,

but I do not need to feel bad or apologize.

- No, Callie, I...
- I'm moving on, and you should, too,

and it's kind of not your business

who I see now, or kiss, okay?

You're right. Godspeed.
Go... Kiss everyone.

24-hour monitoring. He
needs Q1 neurochecks.

Use pressors to keep his maps above 60.

If he's still stable,

Torres can go back into
the pelvis tomorrow.


There's no guarantee he'll
make it through the night.

So, just to, um, clarify,

is this Dr. Torres' patient, officially,

or yours or Dr. Grey's?

Is this about her streak?

Dr. Grey has not lost a
patient since November.

We are all pulling for her...

- Well, stop it.
- Dr. Grey.

If this guy dies, his
little boy has no parents.

And if he's lucky enough
to pull through this,

his life isn't gonna look anything

like it did before this.

Is that really something we
want to brag about or celebrate?

It has nothing to do with me.

How many since November?


Wow, Grey, that has
something to do with you.

Don't kid yourself.

Right there.

The swollen ventricles are the clue.

So he doesn't have Alzheimer's?


It's called normal pressure hydrocephalus,

or NPH.

Martin had a buildup
of cerebrospinal fluid,

and it placed intense pressure
on his brain, as you can see.

The accident caused a tear

in the sheath around the spinal cord,

which released some of this
fluid and reduced the pressure.

Isn't the fluid just gonna build up again?

If we do nothing, yes,

he'll go back to the way he was,
probably in a matter of hours.

But we're not gonna do nothing.

The shunt is like a little hose

to keep fluid from building back up again.

Then I'll be okay?

We'll want to do some checkups, but... Yes.

You'll have your husband back.

It's a miracle.

Uh Dr. Webber,

um, the police are asking
if now is a good time.

Police? Why? What happened?

Hey. Where have you been?

I don't know. I just... I needed some air.

You okay?

He's only been alive for two hours,

and he's already lost his mom,

his dad barely survived surgery...

he doesn't even have a name.

I'm calling him Dan.

How are we supposed do this?

The dead mothers, the motherless babies...

it's just too freaking
hard and sad and messed up.

It sucks, but it's the job.

Really? Really?

Hey, let her go.

Come on, don't you
remember what it was like

to be a resident and have
all of this death around you

be new, terrifying?

Why do you think they care so
much about this stupid streak?

Death is scary.

They just want to believe

that there's somebody
out there who can defy it.



Why are you... Lurking in the dark?

You're lurking.

I can't sleep.

I'm wiped.

If you're gonna keep lurking,

please don't stare at me while I sleep.

Did you know when Arizona cheated on you,

before she told you?


And with George... did you know it?

Did you have a feeling?

Meredith, what... what happened?

I killed a mother... a pregnant mother.

Her baby survived. He's healthy.

And the father is... Stable.

Martin, this wasn't your fault.
You weren't in your right mind.

The police know that.

Martin, we have a short window here,

and it's closing.

We need to get you up to surgery

if I'm gonna place the shunt in time.

I don't...

I don't think I want it.

Mr. Davis, without the shunt, you...

I'll forget all this. I know.

I'll forget that I'm a murderer.

No, Martin.

Martin, you... think
about what you're saying.

I know you're upset, but
just take a moment, Martin.

I don't need a moment, Doc!

Marty, don't. Please don't do this.

I... I... I can't lose you again.


Sally. Honey.

I don't remember the last five years.

I lost them.

I come back, I wake up here, to this?

It's not my life. It's not our life.

It'll never be our life again.

I can't live with this.

I can't.

You just let me go. You put me in a home.

Don't look back. You let me rot.

You let me go.

It's not fair. Can't she just override him?

Martin was very clear.
That's not what he wants.

Y... maybe she can wait until the
fluids build up in his brain again,

and... and then she can
just make a choice for him.

It's his decision, Warren...
Not his wife's, not ours.

He's our patient.

He's lucid...

And he's made his wishes very clear.

Now, we may not agree with them,
but it's our job to honor them.


I thought you went home.

No, I was waiting for you.

I can make it home on my own. I've done

- it lots of times.
- Stop it, please.

Well, stop treating me
like some fragile, little...

Why wouldn't you be fragile?

And why wouldn't I worry about that?

It's been almost two months.

Every day, I wake up and remember

and have to fight just
to pull my crap together.

So if it's that hard for me,

I got to figure it's way harder for you.

So you know what? I will watch you.

I will worry about you. I'm
not gonna apologize for that.

It's kind of what I'm here for.

I just... I just want to be myself again.

I just... I just want to feel like me.

I know.

I was just saying, you don't seem like you.

I am! I am! This is me!

- Trying to give you space...
- I don't need space!

I am telling you, I don't...

of course I want to
have sex with my wife...

I am your wife!

I'm right here!

I am your wife.

He probably just lost his phone
and some random lady found it.


Or it was stolen... some
chick stole it and answered it.


How's the driver?

So sad.

He had Alzheimer's, but then
he didn't have Alzheimer's,

but then he didn't want
to have killed someone,

so now he's gonna go ahead
and keep the Alzheimer's

that isn't really Alzheimer's.

Did Webber talk to you?

About what?


Hey, maybe a kid stole it,
and his mom picked it up.

Stole what?

Derek's phone.

We're talking Meredith off a ledge.

Mmm! I'm good at this.



He was in surgery, and
a nurse picked it up.

They pick up our phones all the time.


He was in the lab,

and a research assistant picked it up.

He was in the bathroom,
and a janitor picked it up.

He was in an accident, and
a paramedic picked it up.

- Whoa.
- Hey, listen,

it's not the best option, but viable.

I'm just saying, don't go
looking for zebras here.

I think Derek is...

- he's done this before.
- What?

Moved to a new city, got a new job,

ignored his wife's calls, met a girl,

fell in love, started over.

Wait, what are you talking
about, "met a girl"?

Me. He met me.

He left Addison when the marriage got hard,

moved to Seattle, met me in a bar.

What if he's doing the same thing now?

Say something.

Look, I've watched you
two suck face for years.

You've disgusted me for a long, long time.

He's into you.

And if a guy is still into you,

it still means he wants to do you.

And if he still wants
to do you, you're solid.

I don't know you as well
as everyone else here,

but I really need to tell
you to stop talking now.

I didn't want to say
anything in the first place.

Mer, I lived down the hall from you guys.

I've heard the sex noises.

I've seen the drama and the tears.

And there is no way that Derek's...

Look, you and Derek are
living proof that love exists,

that it works, that there is hope.

You guys are a freaking romance novel.

And I, for one, am rooting for you two.

Team Merder!

I'm not saying that.

Well, somewhere in Georgetown,

there's a woman... a very
tall, happy, perky woman

with a lot of great hair.

What if she met Derek in a
bar? What if he fell for her?

I'm pretty sure her friends
are rooting for her, too.

Listen, I'm not a zebra in this scenario.

I wish I were, but I'm
not. I'm just a horse.

Streak is over.

He bradyed down to 20 and
went into third-degree block.

I gave him atropine.

- And he's in fib. How long, Edwards?
- Three minutes.

- Starting compressions.
- Grab the paddles.

- Me?
- Yes, Edwards, you.

Charge to 200.



We're losing him.

No, we're not. Charge to 270.



Oh, my God.

- We... we did it.
- You did it.

Nice work, Edwards.

I thought...

The streak was over?

Well, no, I just...

Don't leave him. Check
him every 20 minutes.

Do serial crits.

Make sure there's no
blood in the wound vac.

Keep him alive.


Uh, one... one more thing...

- Oh, come on.
- About Heather.

You found out her name?

What is wrong with you?

I know her name because I...
I used to go out with her.


Well, I'm sorry, but that's
gonna happen sometimes,

- and I can't be expected to...
- Heather is steak knives.

- What?
- Steak knives.

The steak knives?


The one who wanted you
to get matching tattoos?

On our four-week anniversary, yes.

And then when you didn't want to, she...

Oh, my God.

- She seemed so nice.
- I know.

You never would have seen it coming.

And I didn't know if it
was my place to tell you.

But I wasn't jealous.
I was just... Worried.

Thank you.


Holy crap, thank you.



You ready?

Um, wait. Uh, I'll catch up.


Dr. Bailey, I am so sorry for earlier.

It will never happen again.

I've pulled myself together and...

Don't apologize for
caring about your patient.

A lot of doctors aren't
willing to go all-in.

It hurts too much.

But that's what's gonna make
you such an excellent doctor.

It is?

I have a whipple in the morning, Wilson.

Scrub in.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- You okay?
- Um, it's a crappy day.

Well, the baby lived. The dad lived.

We beat the universe two
to one. It's a good day.



So... It's later now.



- Oh, for God's sake.
- You've got to be kidding me.




O lift me from the grass.

I die, I faint, I fail.

Let they love in kisses rain on...

On my...

On my lips.

On my lips...


And eyelids pale.

This can't be easy for you.


It's not.

I'm so sorry about your wife.

It wasn't just my wife.

Ellis had Alzheimer's.

It started early. It ended her career.

It was devastating to Meredith...

And to me.

Oh, my God.


Thought you would want to know.

Obviously, it means that
you're genetically inclined.

Oh, my God.


I'm so sorry.

- No, no, no.
- I... I didn't mean for the news to...


I never actually got that C.T. earlier.

I'm just a little dizzy.

I think I might have a concussion.

Margaret Pierce. You lied to me?

I did. I'm sorry.

Richard, I had a full genetic history done

when I was 12.

A lot of adopted kids do.

I have a genetic
predisposition for Alzheimer's.

Why do you think I do a crossword puzzle

every five minutes?

So you...

I have it, yeah. I knew I had it.

I just never knew where it came from.

I was dreading having to say anything.

I was worried it came from you.

Oh, my God. I'm so glad it doesn't.

Things are not always
what they appear to be.

They're often an indicator
of something bigger going on,

deep underneath...

Symptoms, red flags, warning signs,

things we should pay attention to,

things we shouldn't ever ignore...

I took the first flight. Left my keys.


Things that are bad,

things that could really hurt us...

You called me, and a
woman answered my phone.

I called you, and a
woman answered your phone.

Things that

it might just be too late to fix.