Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 11, Episode 15 - I Feel the Earth Move - full transcript

An earthquake hits and the whole staff treats people who're affected by it. Callie and Maggie are treating a 70 year old woman who's hip was injured in the earthquake but actually was injured while having sex. Callie thinks she can fix her hip but Maggie doesn't think her heart can take it so they try to find another way because the woman doesn't want the sex to end. Which makes Maggie reconsider starting a relationship. Meredith treats a group of people who were injured while on vacation. They consist of a man and his daughter and his girlfriend and her son. The daughter doesn't like it because she doesn't like the girlfriend. Jackson wants Ben to join him in surgery and they talk about what's bothering him and driving a wedge between him and Miranda. And a girl calls the hospital and says she and her mother are trapped because of the earthquake and her mother is not breathing. It'll be some time before someone can get to her so Owen tries to talk to her and tell her what she has to do to keep her mother alive.

MEREDITH: Your kids, your keys,
your family photo album.

- Little more suction.

Perfect. There it is.
Clipping the cystic duct.

It's the list you repeat in your head

- before you fall asleep.

I just went to prep
Lizzie Hagans for her biopsy,

and it was already done.
By you. At 5:00 a.m.

You're welcome.

I thought you were going to D.C.

I was, until Mr. Cordell
got septic from his gallstones.

Derek can wait. Mr. Cordell can't.

Why is your girlfriend stalking me?

MEREDITH: It's the short list of things
you'd grab in case of disaster.

So apparently,
Grey starts morning pre-rounds

in the middle of the night now.

- I've been here for hours.

The list makes you feel in control.

What are we looking at?

I don't know. I'll know when I see it.

Okay, now what am I looking at?

All of Grey's surgeries since November.

At first, I thought it was just a fluke.

My God. Is this right?

MEREDITH: Your kids.

She hasn't lost a single patient,
not one bad outcome since November?

How is that possible?

She's on a streak.

MEREDITH: Your keys.

It's time for rounds. Let's go.

Dude, Grey is pitching a no-hitter.

She hasn't lost a single patient
since November.


Your family photo album.

- Whoa.

MEREDITH: When the fire starts,

- when the tsunami hits,

When the earth literally quakes,

- do you remember your list?



Whoa! Watch the cabinet!



- WOMAN: Somebody...
- WOMAN 2: I got it! I got it!



- Or do you just duck and cover?

- You okay?
- We're okay.

Everybody okay?


- We're not moving.

ETHAN: Yeah, safety feature.

It did this to me
after the last earthquake.

The last earthquake?

I did a lot of research about Seattle
before I moved out here.

Earthquakes were never mentioned.

They don't happen too often.

Only when you
ride in elevators, apparently.

(SIGHS) Apparently.

Remind me not to ride in an elevator
with you again.

Sure, Dr. Pierce, or I guess
I could just start taking the stairs.


It is Dr. Pierce, right?

Yeah, uh... Um...


Sorry. Ethan. Yeah.

(STAMMERS) Oncology, right?



No problem.

Ripped By mstoll



- Ah. There we are.
- Oh. Yeah.

- Anyway, see you around.
- Yep.



You had to dive on top of me?

I was being your human shield.
I was protecting you.

Do I strike you as a woman
who needs protecting?

You're right. All right.

Next time, I'm gonna use you
as my human shield.


Oh, I should call and check on Tuck.

Oh, you know who probably felt it
where she lives?

- Hmm?
- Your sister.

Yeah, you should call
and see if she's okay.

I will call when I am ready.

I've asked you, Miranda.
Please, just let this rest.

Well, what about the trans-family
support group tonight,

the one I told you about?
You planning to go, or...

- No.
- Why not?

Why is this any of your business?

Why, indeed?

Miranda. Miranda!

Warren. There he is.
Hey, you feel that quake?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Exciting stuff, exciting stuff.

Almost as exciting as what
I have planned for you today.

Breast enhancements and nose jobs.

You need to fix that attitude.

Today is all about instilling
self-confidence and changing lives.

So, you play your cards right,

you just might get an invite from me
to join the Plastics Posse.

You think that sounds cool?

I did not, at first, but it grows on you.


Come on.


Two more on the way,

one adult male,
blunt abdominal trauma,

one minor with a leg fracture post-fall.

- Page Grey and Karev.
- Right away.


Kepner, you're here.
I'm glad to see you back.

(SIGHS) Yep, back and busy.
Here, you take bed eight.

I'm gonna head over to five and six.



Grey Sloan Emergency.

- I got a page?
- Bed seven.

Okay. Got it.

Did you need something else?

No, no. Bed eight. I'm on my way.

Okay. Yes.

- WOMAN: Yeah.
- MAN: You've got more incoming?

- I was paged about a hip?
- Yes.

Jean Dominy, 75, angioplasty patient,
discharged last week,

brought in today with
shortness of breath after a fall.

Well, I fell out of bed, dear, onto my hip.

I'm pretty sure I busted the damn thing.

You know, I had it replaced
15 years ago.

Oh, wow. Okay, so the earthquake
threw you off balance?

Yes. Well, that and Herbert.
He lives down the hall.

I invited him over
so I could spit-shine his nine-iron.


- His club, dears.
- Oh, of course.

I mean, his penis, ooh...

Anyway, well, we were having sex.

You know, vigorously, legs up in the air.
I mean...

- Well, you know how it goes.
- Mmm-hmm.

- And then...
- Okay.

So, I'll just check off the box
for "sexually active."

- Yeah.
- Oh, uh, yeah.

See, I have this book
with all the positions listed.

- It is like a menu for love-making.
- Really?

And, anyway, we were trying
number 28,

- you know the...
- Uh-huh. Oh.

And then the earth started shaking.

- And I thought,

"Whoa, there is no way that Herbert..."

Ow! Ooh. Hmm.

See, now, that's no good.

I'll never get to 29 if I'm hurting like that.


You can fix it, right?

I'll tell you what.
We're gonna get you some films.

And then we'll go from there, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

14-year-old male, sustained
a non-displaced tib-fib fracture

secondary to a 14-foot fall
from a chair lift.

44-year-old male
with blunt abdominal trauma.

BP is 135 over 85, pulse 95.

So, you all were skiing
when the earthquake hit?

If only. Didn't even get a chance to ski,
thanks to the dweeb.

Danielle, be nice.

MEREDITH: Edwards,
set up for a trauma panel

and an abdominal ultrasound.

- On it.
- We were on the lift.

I was with Danielle.
Brian was with Micah.

Everything started shaking,
and they fell.

You mean, the dweeb fell.
Dad tried to stop him.

- And he took my dad down with him.
- Danielle!

You know, he shouldn't have been
up there.

He doesn't ski.
He didn't even want to go.

Okay, why don't you and your mom
go wait in the waiting room, please?

- She's not my mom.
- Yet.

We're engaged.

Brian thought we should take
a family ski trip.

Of course, we always do
what Brian wants to do.

- Shut your face.
- Shut your face!

Why don't we all shut our faces

and let us figure out what's wrong
with you guys, okay?

Hey, we need to re-stock the supply cart
in trauma two right away.

Right away.


Hey, that kid in bed two's
ready to be discharged.

Ditto bed one, who has hypochondria

and not a giant tumor
growing in her head.


Heard anything from Herman?
How's she doing?

- Ooh, um...

"Enjoying blind institute.
Learning how to not bump into things.

"Not typing this, obvi.
Don't kill any babies."

(LAUGHS) Okay, well,
she sounds all right.

- Is somebody gonna answer that call?

- Not it.
- Yeah, no, all yours.


- WOMAN: I'll page someone for you.
- MAN: Thank you.

Grey Sloan Emergency.

GIRL: Is this the hospital? I need help.

Well, you need to hang up and call 911.

I tried. It was busy.
My mom fell off a chair.

She's not moving.
I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Your what? Your mom?
How old are you?

I'm 11.

- (SIGHS) Where are you?
- Our cabin. I don't know.

The power's out. Please help.

- All right, it's all right. Just hang on.

Somebody, Kepner, get on with 911

and get them to trace the call
on line three right now.

It's a kid with her injured mom
in the mountains somewhere.

- Go.
- Okay.

GIRL: Are you still there?

I'm here. I'm right here.

- What's your name?
- Ruby.

Ruby, I'm Owen.

Are you a doctor? Can you help?

I can. I'm right here,
and I'm going to help you.


RUBY: We were making S'mores.

She was getting hot chocolate
from the cabinet.

WOMAN: Watch your back.

Yes, it's a line coming
into Grey Sloan Memorial.

She was standing on the chair,
and then everything was shaking.

Then she fell. Now she's on the floor.
I can barely see anything.

- She's on the floor. Is she awake?
- No. What do I do?

WOMAN: Two hours! I waited two hours!

And now I still can't leave because
somebody double-parked behind me!

Quiet, please.

Don't you have security here or a valet?

- Listen, I'll find someone...
- You better waive my co-pay!

He said, "Quiet!"


MAN: I'll get it. I'll help you.

Ruby, I am gonna move
to another phone

so I can hear you better.

- RUBY: Don't hang up.
- No, no, no.

I'm just moving to another phone.
I'll be right there, okay?



- I always screw this up.
- What?

No, no, no. No. Nothing.

Don't worry. I'll be right back.
Just hang on.

- Where's that chest X-ray?



Move, move.

- Ruby, you still there?
- RUBY: I'm here.

- What's going on?
- Okay.

- Uh, is your mom breathing?
- Yes, yes.

It sounds like she's snoring.

And what position is she in?

- Is she on her side? Is she...
- She's on her back.

- She's just laying there.
- 11 -year-old kid,

her mom fell at
a vacation cabin somewhere.

Kepner's trying to trace the call.

Ruby, I need you to hold the phone
to your mom's mouth, okay?

- I need to listen.
- Okay.


An obstructed airway.

We need a trauma room.
This one's free, right?

- No.
- No.

Occupied, apparently.

She needs to call 911 from a land line.

It's the only way the EMS
can trace her directly.

Ruby, listen to me.

What kind of phone are you calling on?

If it is the phone in the cabin,
you need to hang up and call 911.

RUBY: No, that one's dead.
I'm on a cell, my mom's.

(SIGHS) Cell won't work.
Crap. Okay, okay.

Her lips are blue.
Why are her lips turning blue?


Because your mom's
not getting enough air.

So, no go on the open trauma room.

It's fine.
These injuries look pretty superficial.

You know, we would be
on the Wolf Run right now

if it was just you and me on the trip,
like it was supposed to be.

Dani, honey, this is not Micah's fault.

It's not his fault he can't sit in a chair?
Because I think it is.

The kids don't get along.

Oh, you're kidding. (CHUCKLES)


Karen and I got engaged
over the summer

after three years of dating.

I would have proposed
after the third date,

but the kids...

I thought, "Let's take a trip.

"Let's do something together
as a family, see if it might help."

I think I made it worse.

Do you think I made it worse?


Sometimes, adversity
can make a family stronger.


Or tear it apart.

I'm just saying, swap me out.
I want to be close to the good stuff.

Not that you're not the good stuff,
but she's got a streak going.

Stop saying that, and definitely
don't say it to Meredith,

unless you want it to end.
You'll jinx her.

- Ow.
- That hurts?

I'm concerned about
this abdominal tenderness.

Schedule a CT and rush his labs.

So what, so you're not gonna
swap me out?

Never mind.

ELLIE: Could you go back one?


One more?


This one.

How soon can we do it?

- BEN: Well...
- You know what?

We're not gonna schedule
the surgery quite yet.

But I want to do it before summer.

Six weeks. Then we'll all meet again.

We'll talk through our options.
Thanks for coming in.

Yeah, I don't get it.

Are we no longer
granting wishes today, or...

Did you see
how she looked to the boyfriend?

He's not here for support.
He's here for approval.

Six weeks.

That's how long it's gonna take her
to realize

that it's not her wish
that we'd be granting.

So, you're saying
she was being too hasty.

I'm saying I'm not giving
that girl a set of new breasts

that were never her idea
in the first place.

That's just a bra full of regret.

All right, time to power up.

The Posse's got a big afternoon.

OWEN: Ruby, open your mom's mouth
and take two fingers

and sweep the back
of your mom's throat,

like a scooping motion.

She might have something
blocking her airway.

Let's see if you can get it.

RUBY: Okay, okay.

There's nothing. What now?

Try a Heimlich.
Give a hard push on your mom's...

Belly? I've seen it on TV.
How hard do I...

As hard as you can.


Nothing happened. Nothing...

Nothing came out.
Her breathing's getting worse.


Okay, we're gonna try opening
her airway another way.

I need you to put your hand
under your mom's chin

and very gently lift it up.

No, wait, stop. You'll paralyze her.

Hello? What should I do?


So, the good news is,

your EKG and chest films
came back clear.

So, my ticker's good.
How about my kicker?


Well, you have what is called
a below-the-stem femur fracture.


Now, you have two cracks in the bone,
one here and here.

So, how do we get me back in
the saddle? (LAUGHS) So to speak.

Well, I would like to completely
replace the hardware.

Now, it's a very big surgery,
and it does carry risks,

but you would come out of it
with full flexibility,

which I think is what...

So, I'd be good to go on my back?

- You should be.
- Or on my side.

Or that thing, you know,

where you bend over the couch
and then he...

Like I said, full flexibility.

Yeah, okay, but considering
your cardiac history,

I'm not sure a big surgery
is a great idea.

Tell me, dear,
have you ever been married?

Are you seeing anyone or getting laid?

Well, that's not... I mean...

You see, I was married
to my husband for 44 years.

That's 44 years with the same man.

We had three children,
seven grandchildren,

and a lifetime of memories.

He was the first man that I ever loved.

And he's the only man
that I ever will love.

But I'll be hot-damned

if he's going to be the only man
to ever razz my berries.

I mean, I have time left,

and there's still things
that I want to do, you know?

There's things that I haven't done,

and there's a whole lot of things

that, I mean, I didn't even know
you could do.

You know, like that thing
where you go... You know?

- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
- Right, right, we got it.

Yeah. (LAUGHS)

I mean, what's the point of living
if you can't try something new?


I want that surgery.

Sounds good.

That is a five-hour surgery
on a 75-year-old

who has a stent
and is on blood thinners.

I can't believe you would suggest
a surgery like that to a patient

without running it by me first.

I'm sorry. You called me for my opinion.

Look, I do hip replacements all the time

on far older patients
with far weaker hearts.

She is clearly still active.
I think her heart's in pretty good shape.

That's not your call.

Okay, we are talking about
a healthy, vibrant woman here.

She deserves the best quality
of life that we can give her.

If she wants a new hip, that's her call.

So she can get laid? Really? Really?

You think that's important enough
to risk her dying on the table?

If her hip is so damaged
that she winds up immobilized

and bed-ridden for the rest of her life,
then, yeah, I sure do,

because either way, she's dying.


I will reevaluate the images
and take a closer look.

Maybe there's another option.
(SIGHS) Okay?

Thank you.

RICHARD: Kepner told me
about the little girl.

What can I do? Tell me, can I help?

- We are trying to get an airway.
- By risking paralysis.

I'd rather have her paralyzed and alive
than dead with respiratory arrest.

Do you have a better idea?

- RUBY: Hello? Are you still there?

Ruby. Go ahead.

Lift her chin and pull it forward, gently.


Okay, now put the phone
on your mom's chest, okay?

- And let me listen.

The stridor's gone.
She opened the airway, but...

She still could be in distress.

- It's something else.

Ruby, put your head
on your mom's chest

on the left side and listen.

RUBY: I don't hear anything.
What am I listening for?

Breathing. Do you hear her breathing?


(SIGHS) Owen. Owen.

Okay, okay, okay, Ruby,

now put your ear on the right side
and listen.



She's breathing! I hear it!

Okay, could be a tension pneumo.

Ruby, now just push the phone
into your mom's chest,

right where you were just listening.

Just push the phone in and move it.


That's sub-Q air. Do you hear that?

- Mmm-hmm.
- She's gonna need...

She's gonna need to
release the trapped air

- with a chest tube or something.
- Okay.

It's the only way,
or her mom's gonna suffocate.

You mean... You're gonna ask her to...

Okay. Ruby,

I'm gonna ask you to try something.
It's gonna be fine,

and I'm gonna walk you through it,
step by step, okay?

RUBY: Okay, but can you tell me fast?
The phone keeps beeping.

I think it's running out of battery.


- What are you doing here?
- I am hiding out.

We're waiting on the dad's labs,

but I couldn't sit there
and listen to those two

bite each other's heads off anymore.

Me, neither.

Brian's labs came back clear.
How's Micah?

Looks like a grade four splenic lac,
possible rupture.

We need to prep him for ex-lap.


What? He's crashing.

- Crap.
- Oh, crap!

His pressure's bottoming out.

- Hurry up!
- He's in v-fib. We got to bag him.

One, two, three.


Where is that crash cart?
I need those paddles.


Almost here.

There's no time.


- Got a rhythm.

Edwards, you and Wilson go
and prep that OR, please.

- Magical.
- Told you.

- What?
- Nothing.

Get going. Move.

OWEN: Ruby, do you guys
have straws in the kitchen?

- RUBY: No.
- A pen, maybe?

- A ballpoint pen?
- Anything?

Not yet. Lines are down
because of the earthquake.

They're trying to triangulate
from the cell towers.

How's the mom?

- Okay.
- Wait! Wait.

We got milkshakes on the way here.
Got a straw!

Great. Now, we're gonna
need you to get a...

AMELIA: What? What?

I don't want to ask her to do this.


Ruby, we're gonna...

We're gonna need you to get a knife.
Not a big one, but a sharp...

You were making s'mores?
Are the skewers there?

Yes. Got one. Oh, God.

You want me to stick this into her,
don't you?

Ruby, you can do this. You can.
It's gonna help your mom, okay?

We just need you to find the...

Second intercostal.
I don't know how to explain that to her.

Wait, wait, wait.

Um, Ruby.

Okay, touch your mom's left collarbone,

the one that looks like a wing,
coming out from her neck.

Now walk your fingers down from it.

Two steps. You got it?

Okay. One. Two.

- Stop.
- Stop.

Now slide your finger
right underneath that rib.

And with your other hand,
right above that finger,

push the skewer in about an inch.

- RUBY: I can't do that.
- Ruby, yes, you can.

- What if we're wrong?
- I'm not wrong.

Okay. Ruby, you can do this.

- She could puncture her heart.
- She won't.

Ruby, right now.

- Oh, God.
- Ruby, push. Hard.

Push hard. Push hard. Right now.

Oh, my God! There's blood!

- She's bleeding!
- It's okay. It's okay.

Now take the straw
and put it over the skewer

into the hole that you just made
and push hard.

- She's breathing a lot!
- You did it.

Thank God.


Wait, wait. She stopped.

Her lips are going blue again.

Ruby, put your fingers
on the right side of her neck,

right by her throat.

- Do you feel a pulse?
- RUBY: No.

Okay. (SIGHS)

Ruby, I need you
to get on top of your mom

and put your hands on her chest
and push hard right now.

Okay, I'm gonna teach you
how to do CPR.

All right, let's take a look.

Yikes. That hip took
a hell of a pounding.

Oh, Ethan, you have no idea.

Could you, please, zoom in
on the right femoral prosthesis?

Sure thing.

Twice in one day, Dr. Pierce.

(LAUGHS) Yeah.
Careful, or you'll get sick of me.


Yeah, see that? There.

Her femur lateral to the stem is cracked.

Her hip isn't gonna resolve on its own.

- She needs surgery.

Although, I guess the femur fracture
isn't displaced.

Maybe I could put in a plate
to bridge the fracture,

go in from the side.
It would be a little less invasive.

- And less time in the OR?
- A lot less, actually.

Good, so she could stay
on her blood thinners,

substantially lowering
the risk to her heart.

And she can get back
to getting her freak on.

- I'll let her know.

I've been taking the stairs, by the way.

Since this morning, you know,
just in case.

Oh, I wasn't serious before. I was just...

Yeah, I know.

I'm not actually taking the stairs.



I would like to
take you out, though, sometime.

Maybe for coffee, or a drink, or...

The point is, I'm flexible.

This is coming out all wrong.

- I'm gonna start over.
- No, no, it's...

I'm gonna stop you, actually.

(SIGHS) I'm sorry, Ethan.
You seem really...

Tall... Nice.

But, I'm just... I'm not... I don't...

Sure. That's okay. I understand.


This is basically my office,

so, if you're waiting for me to make this
less awkward by leaving, I...

Right. Of course. Okay.

I'm gonna get out of here.
Take this with me. Bye.



Is Karen around?

She went to get snacks. How's Micah?

ALEX: Actually, we need to talk to Karen.

Sorry. Legally, we can only talk
to the legal parent.

- Are you serious?
- DANIELLE: Who cares?

- Dani!
- What?

They didn't have turkey,
so I got a ham and Swiss.

- Ugh, nast.
- Lovely.


- They have news on Micah.
- Micah's stable,

but I'm afraid his injury
is worse than we thought.

His spleen is ruptured,
and he's lost a lot of blood.

He had a cardiac episode in CT,
and his heart stopped beating.

Oh, God.

MEREDITH: But we're taking him
to surgery now.

We do have to remove his spleen.

My God.

What were we doing up there?

Why did I let you talk us
into that stupid ski trip?

Karen, come on. It was an accident.

- But he didn't want to go.
- There was an earthquake.

Karen, come on.
For god's sake, this is...

I didn't plan on any...

Okay, so we will give you an update
as soon as Micah is out of surgery.


He's 14. He's 14!

This couple might be the biggest
casualty of the earthquake.

Oh, my God!

Ruby, you're doing great.

RUBY: My battery's at five percent.
I'm getting tired.

You can do this. Just keep pushing.

Push, push, push, over and over,
like the beat of a song.

Ruby, do you know the song
Stayin' Alive?

- Is it new?

We'll sing it for you, okay?

And you just...
You push to the beat, just like this...


Okay, Ruby, you sing now.
You sing with us.

- They found the region.
- Ruby, did you hear that?

Help is on their way.
They're gonna find you.

Some of the roads are blocked.

They're sending a helicopter in,

but they don't know
how long it will take.

Okay, Ruby, you just keep going
until they find you, okay?

You keep singing,
and you keep pushing.

And when they find you,
use their phone and you call me back.

RUBY: Okay.








She's gone.

They'll find her.
She'll call. They'll find her.

Yeah, she could be
on her way in right now.


Unless she's alone
in a cabin with her dead mother.

She'll call.



She'll call.

ALEX: Did you hear the mom
going at that guy?

That couple is doomed, all that fighting.

- I do not miss that.

Look at us,
we're both in adult, stable relationships.

For once,
we're on the healthy side of things.


I had to cancel D.C., but it's okay.

Sometimes he cancels,
and I say it's okay.

We're happy. We're in a groove.

Kind of sounds like a rut.

We are not in a rut.


- I resent you saying it.
- Okay.

And you're hardly an expert
at long-term relationships.

Really? And that's not even true.

What? Izzie?

That was a cancer marriage
that lasted five minutes.

And then there was Ava,
who peed on my couch.

- All right, would you quit it?
- No,

there's one more I'm forgetting.

Hello? I'm right here.

Oh, I know. The nurse who had syph.

As in syphilis?

It was a long time ago, Wilson. Relax.


It's not a rut.

I have an entire world to manage,
all on my own.

My world does not and should not
revolve around Derek Shepherd.

I wanted to go to D.C. This weekend,

but I'm a busy surgeon
with two kids at home,

and he's at the NIH.

So right now,
we're just going to have to accept

that this is the way our lives work.

But that doesn't mean we're not happy.

All right, fine.
You have a happy marriage.

With no husband in it.


All right, plate's in position.
I'll be placing the screws next.

Her pressure's good. Rhythm's stable.

So, you and Ethan. Is that a thing?

No. I'm not... No, he's not my type.

Sure. Right.

You're not so into cute, smart, or funny?

No, he is. I mean, he's great.

He's a radiologist.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you just go all upstairs-downstairs?

No. No!

No, I didn't mean it like that.

No, I just... I don't date at work.

Or you don't date down at work.
No, no, it's cool.

Don't worry. I'm sure you have
many other fine qualities.

It's okay if you're kind of a snob.

I am not a...
God, you make me sound awful.

"Dating down?" What is that even?

I just don't date people who are...

Beneath you?

No, that is not what I was going to say.

- Underlings?
- No, stop it. I wasn't gonna say...

maker of X-rays, madam.

- I didn't mean to...
- Will you stop it?

And we'll use the rasp
to smooth out the bridge.

You know,
Mrs. Thurman could come out

looking like
a completely different person.

So that she can be happy
with what she sees in the mirror.

But what if it's not her nose
that makes her unhappy?

I mean, maybe it's some other
part of her life,

like that patient
with her boyfriend's boobs.

How can you be sure that
she's making the right choice?

You do realize I can't talk to you
about your sister's case, right?

I'm not asking about my sister's case.
I'm asking about this lady right here.

All right, well, I know
she's making the right choice

because I talked to her at length,
and I listened.

And I've gotten very good at knowing.




44-year-old female, vitals stable,

tension pneumo relieved
by a needle thoracostomy.

- Is she okay? Is she...
- Trauma from the fall.

Her pupils are fully responsive.
GCS of eight.

Yeah, I got this.




My phone died,

but I kept singing till they came,
just like you said.

I know. I know.

You did great. You were perfect.


You're okay.

How is she?

Subdural hematoma with a shift.

What can I tell Ruby?

- Nothing. Not yet.


Heart rate's dropping. Damn it.

Drill, now.

I need to evacuate this clot.

What can I do? Let me help.

Let me work.


- Mrs. Thurman's awake.
- Good.

She looks like she's been in a bar fight,

and she says she can't wait
to see what she looks like

when the swelling goes down.

What else?


It's a big change.

She's had that nose for plenty of years.

I just... I hope she doesn't regret it.

It was not a new thing,
this change that she wanted.

It wasn't a whim.

It was how she had always seen herself.

Her best version of her.

The one that was the most true.

Now, with a patient like this one,

a patient who's dreamt
about these changes

since they were six years old,

those patients
do not change their mind.

For them, change isn't elective.
It's not a choice. It's a chance.

It is her chance.

And you can't know that without talking.

And listening.

It's not because he's a radiologist.

Okay, and it's not just because
I don't date people from work.

I just... I kind of don't date.

Hey, listen. (LAUGHS)
I was just giving you a hard time.

- No, no, no.
- I didn't...

There's a gap
between me and most people.

There just always has been.

I used to think it was because
I was younger in school,

but even after school... (SIGHS)

The gap, it just got bigger
and more impossible.

I wasn't too young. I was just too...


So, I know what it looks like
when I say yes to Ethan.

It's fun, and we're happy for a while
until it's not.

Things always get awkward and weird.

So, I overcorrect, or he misinterprets.

And then we're not
on the same page anymore

because we never were
on the same page.

We were always miles and miles
apart with this gap between us,

pretending it wasn't there.

I don't want to pretend.

I came here to work
and just stay focused on that,

and I'm fine on my side of the gap.

I'm a little lonely, but fine.

There's just no point to me saying yes.


Okay, that's a load of crap.


When you were younger, fine.
Kids are weird. But now?

(LAUGHS) You're a grown-up

doing your grown-up job
with other grown-ups.

There's no gap.
And there's nothing to lose.

There's just you being scared.

And for no reason. (LAUGHS)

So choose not to be.

Life's too short to be scared.
Screw the gap.

Let Ethan, I don't know,
razz your berries.


- Okay, goose your gander.
- Okay.

Tickle your tail feathers.

- Cup your coconuts.
- Nope.

Rock your rump.

- Poke your hontas.

Wallop your wonderland!


There's still bleeding
from the short gastric arteries.

MEREDITH: I see it.

- Close to the pancreas.
- I see it!

Well, I can't get to it from here.

- How many units did he use?
- Four units.

If everyone would just shut up
and give me two freaking seconds,

I can get this suture to hold.

- There. Edwards?
- No leaks. Looks good.

(SIGHS) The streak's alive.

- What was that, Wilson?
- No.

Wait, nothing. I didn't say anything.

You said, "The streak is alive."

No! No, I said, "Freak."
I said, "The freak is alive."

No, you didn't. No, she didn't.

I didn't hear anything. I...

You're pitching a no-hitter.

You haven't lost a single
patient since November 14th.

Eighty-nine surgeries in a row
with good outcomes.

Did you say November 14th?

Yeah, and 22 were traumas.
I mean, who does that?

You, because you're magic.

Edwards, you can close.
Wilson can assist.

What did I tell you?

Look, I told her not to tell you.

This kind of thing
messes with your head.

I'm on a streak.

There's no such thing.
It's just dumb luck.

Look, you're not that great, anyway,
so just forget about it.

No, no, no, it's not that.
It's the date that it started.

What about it?

That's the day that Derek left.

And I've been perfect ever since,
have not lost one patient,

not one, since the day he left.

What does that tell you?
That you're right?

That I'm better off without him?


Brian, your repeat labs look really good.

I should be able
to discharge you very soon.

How's Micah?

Not my kid. I know.

Karen won't even
speak to me right now,

and, you know,
I had all the best intentions.

I was trying to bring the family together.

I thought I was helping us.

It all backfired. (SIGHS)

Maybe, now, we're too far gone.

Maybe I can't get Karen back.

Maybe Danielle is right.

Maybe Karen and Micah
are better off without me.

All I wanted was for us
to be happy, be a family.


Can you just nod or blink twice
or something if Micah's okay?

Thank you, Dr. Grey. Thank you.

You know, you should try
and close your eyes, get some sleep.

It could still be a while.

Do you think I hurt her?

No. No. Ruby, you did everything right.

You don't know that.

How is she?

She's fine. Ruby,
your mom is gonna be fine.



So, I called my sister and checked in.

A bookcase fell.
But other than that, she's fine.

Good. Okay.


I owe you an apology
for what I said earlier.

Yes, you do.

And I will consider
accepting your apology, Ben Warren,

if you make it up to me. At home.

You can start by making me dinner.

And then some other things
that I haven't even thought of yet.


Well, you know I'm still on call.

I can wait.


Six weeks, right?

Eight, just to be sure. Ease back in.

Herbert isn't gonna know what hit him.

(LAUGHS) Or Edward. Or Irving.

Or maybe that guy upstairs
with the bad toupee.

- They're lucky guys.
- Mmm-hmm.

I'm telling you, girls.

You have healthy hips.
Put them to good use.



Hold that! Wait, please!

Hi. I will have that drink with you.

If you want to, if you still want to.

- Great. Let's do it.
- Wait. Now?

- Do you mean now?
- No.

Yes? I don't know.

End of the week?





Thank you. For today.

You're welcome.


- Mmm.


So my streak lives on?

Sure. If you believe in that stuff.

You're right. I don't need Derek.

I don't need him in my house.

I obviously don't need him

to prove I can have
89 good outcomes in a row.

I'm doing great.

My kids are happy.
My career is soaring.

Derek going to D.C. Did exactly
what it was supposed to do,

which is remind me of who I am
outside of my marriage,

which, by the way, I'm kind of amazing.


But that doesn't mean that I
don't want to share it with him.

I want to tell him that I'm...

We're on a streak.

I can handle Micah's post-op
if you want to take off.

MEREDITH: That list of things
you'd grab in a disaster.



WOMAN: Hello?

Hi. Is he in the lab?


I know this is Derek Shepherd's phone.

Who is this?

MEREDITH: Your kids, your keys,
your family photo album.

Who is this?

That list goes out the window.

Who is this?


When the disaster starts
with you wondering

if this must be the woman
who's been screwing your husband.



That's a whole other earthquake.

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