Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 15 - Throwing It All Away - full transcript

Arizona's bad day escalates when she advises a patient on a potential double amputation; Derek breaks a promise; Stephanie and Jo find an abandoned baby; the nonfraternization rule leads to a suspension.

Meredith: You know your tailbone?


It used to be a tail.


That pink part in the corner of your eye?

It used to be a third eyelid.

Ugh, skull is cracked.

They said he went through the windshield?

V-tach. No pulse! [fist slams]


Charge to 100!

Donald Mercer.

The appendix used to help us

digest tough foods.

Now it does nothing.

- Clear!
- [machine beeps, thump]

♪ spinning on that dizzy edge ♪

The story of our evolution

is the story of what we leave behind,

what we've discarded.

[hair dryer blowing]


Uh, explain, please.

Oh, Sofia got fruit juice all over it.

And, you know, she could fry
the microprocessor in here.

Now I'm gonna be late.

And I've told her not to play with my leg!

Uh, no, you haven't
[scoffs] actually... ever.

Hey, um, I found these.

Um, where should I put them?


Your wheelie sneaks.

Oh. Trash.

- Really?
- Yeah. Callie, it's fine.

Our bodies only hang on to
the things we absolutely need.


Okay, I've got a rhythm. I got a pulse.


The things we no longer have use for...

No pupillary response, no pain response,

visible brain matter, no
evidence of brain activity.

- I think we lost him.
- We give up...

Woman: [crying] Maybe
there's a mistake, please.

I need to see him.

- We let go.
- * just like heaven *

Jared Cole, suffered
Byler's disease since birth,

complains of increasing jaundice,

edema, frequent fevers...

Arizona: So his condition
has gotten much worse.

And if the bile continues to build up,

then we're looking at cirrhosis
or possible liver failure.

He has to go on the list
now, for a transplant?

We have one more chance to avoid it,

uh, a diversion procedure.

We'll take a piece of his intestine

and create a detour for the bile

to drain out through his abdomen.

I'll have a hole in my stomach?

I know, that sounds weird.

But it's our best shot,

so that you don't feel like
you're getting sick all the time

and so you don't look like an oompa loompa.

Does that sound good?


the doctor asked you a question.

Are you a robot?

Jared Cole, manners!

I am so sorry.

No, no. That's a valid question.

No, I'm not a robot.

I'm almost that cool.

I got into an accident, and I lost my leg.

And then they gave me a new one.

Can you jump super high?

[laughs] No.

Alex: See you in there.

After all he's been through,

we gotta cut up his
perfectly healthy intestine

and put a hole in his belly?

Hey, you saw his bilirubin.
He's out of options.

Wilson, go check on his
coags before we go to surgery.

You're gonna need to assign someone else.

Wilson's no longer in peds.

- Why?
- What?

You... you're suspended from surgery.


You broke the non-fraternization rule.

And it was just gonna be
a slap on the wrist, Karev,

until you decided to
give the board the finger.

Three days, no surgery. Wilson, the E.R.

I have my Byler's kid.

You're gonna let this rule
mess with patient care?

Robbins can take that case.

Thanks. Makes my day real easy.

Well, I'm afraid it's about to get harder.

- H.R. wants to talk to you today.
- H.R.?

The anonymous harassment complaint

came from Leah Murphy.

Oh, God.

Yeah, and, legally,
H.R. has to investigate,

and they want you to answer some questions.

- And that might be the end of it.
- And if it's not?



I have no time for this today.

No contact with Murphy, okay?

Hey, Derek! Are you
coming by the lab today?

We're starting to lose
all our phase two momentum.

Yeah. Actually, they're
setting up my new office today.

Oh, you know what? I got to grab a sensor.

- The guys are going to duplicate one.
- Ah, yes.

The Washington guys, mappin' the brain.

You're actually gonna have time
to do this, too, though, right?

Yeah. I hope so. I plan to.

All right. Well, let me
know when you're ready.

"Oh, yeah. Call me. We'll hang out."

I haven't seen a blowoff
like that since high school.

- It was not a blowoff.
- Okay.

I have nothing against Ross.

I just don't think he
should be on my service.

Look, he needs to feel
that he has your support.

He's trying to find his footing.

I know, and I think he lost it

because I was not the best influence.

Also, we had...

- inappropriate...
- Shenanigans.

I know.

That's what the rule is for, Dr. Yang,

so we can work together
without the shenanigans.

I think it's a bad idea,

sir, and I think the chief will, too.


Well, the chief asked me
to keep an eye on Ross.

So it's my call, not his.

And as far as you're concerned, Dr. Yang,

I am still and will always be the chief.

Yes, sir.

[reverse signal beeping]

Sorry [sighs]

About what I said.

I was a complete jerk.


- I heard you got busted.
- Yep.

I have to miss out on my education

so they can keep me on a
separate floor from Alex.

See, I want that rule.

If I find myself alone
in a room with Jackson,

I'm afraid I'm gonna nut punch him.

So every time he has a
consult in the E.R. today,

I'm taking a break.

You shouldn't.

You should nut punch him.

We'd all want to see that.

He married her, Jo.

One day, he's with me,

the next day, he's not just
with her, she's his wife.

So, what the hell was I all
that time, that he could just...

toss me aside like garbage?

[baby crying]

Oh, my God.

Stephanie: It was right outside...

By the dumpsters.

He's warm, pulse is
weak. He's breathing fast.

Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!

Hey, little one. How are you?

What are you, like 8 months, 9 months?

Oh, what do we have here?

You've had some surgeries before.

Okay. Let's get him up into the PICU.

Uh, I'll... I'll get a peds gurney.

So, page cardio and call the police.

Get prints, any identifying marks,

find out if he was born here, seen here.

We're gonna find out
who this little guy is.

[groans] Oh! Oh! Oh!

- I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
- [crowd gasps]

Are you okay?

Oh, I think you broke my leg.

- Oh, my... oh, my God!
- It's all right.

I have another one in my car. Oh.

- What happened?!
- Oh, I'm fine.

- I was walking, and...
- What happened?

I'm fine! I was...

I had an accident, my leg got broken,

and someone's bringing
me a spare. I'm fine.

Oh, God! I'm sorry!

- I got it. I got the leg.

- Oh, Dr. Robbins, I am so sorry.
- Edwards, you know what?

You should go page cardio

and then go do a work-up on the baby.

I'll go with her.

Whoa, Wilson, what baby?

We found a baby in the trash.

No, you're not doing the work-up.

But it's my dumpster baby!

You're not on peds. I
have a patient for you.

Oh, Bailey, um, I have a Byler's
biliary diversion surgery today,

and I lost Karev, so can you assist?

You got it!

Okay, everybody out. Please.



- Hey.
- [chuckling] Are you okay?

Yeah, my neck's a little
sore, and my leg is totaled.

- Oh, geez.
- Now I have to wear my old beater leg.

I thought you said this chafes you?

Well, it's better than nothing

until my other one's fixed.

- All right. Here.- [sighs]

Oh, um, can you make it
to round on Alyssa Cramer?

The club-feet girl? She's back?

Yeah, scar revision.

Oh, yeah. Okay.

Hey, um, listen. H.R. wants to talk to me.


The anonymous harassment
claim came from Leah Murphy.


[clears throat]

[sighs] All right. You good here?

- Yeah. Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

Jo: I understand that I broke a rule,

but I don't think it's fair
for this to affect my education.

You spend more time on
peds than any other service.

Because I'm interested in peds!

Yeah, well, I'm interested in
giving you a well-rounded education.

So today, you're on trauma,
and this is your patient.

Mr. Donald Mercer is an organ donor.

He was injured in an MVC this morning.

We're waiting the 6 hours

to confirm the diagnosis of brain death.

- Okay.
- Now, you will make sure that his organs

are in optimum condition for donation,

and then you will get to
scrub in on the organ recovery.

You got it?

- But that's like six surgeries in one!
- Mm-hmm.

Trauma's not so bad now, huh?


She's filled out all the donor paperwork.

She just wants a couple minutes with him

- before she starts making arrangements.
- Of course.

Thom: Excuse me, uh, doctor?

This isn't the right time
for this, I'm... I'm sure.

I mean, there probably isn't one.

But I... I feel like it can't wait.

How can we help?

Donnie had a kidney transplant
about four months ago.

- Yeah, we knew about that.
- That was me.

- I donated my kidney for him.
- Wow. That's...

- He was lucky to have friends like you.
- He was.

Yeah. Uh, amazing.

So, um...

I was wondering, about the kidney...

Can I get that back?

Yeah, I can see you.

I don't know why you can't see me.

But we're still setting up here, so...

Yes, uh, so, then you
did get all the proposals?


Uh, yeah. Yep. Yep. They're right here.

Great, great.

And, um, you're sending us a prototype

of your asymmetrical sensor?

- Yeah, sending it out today.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.

And, obviously, discontinue any other work

you'll be doing with the sensors,

and I will e-mail you a
release for the patent.

Wait, I'm sorry, "discontinue"?

My work with Dr. Torres is ongoing.

Uh, well, not with your sensors.

They have to be proprietary
to the work that we're doing.

Our N.I.H. grant is dependent on that.

- You understand?
- I'm not sure Dr. Torres will.

And I have to say, Lloyd,

- I don't like it.
- Uh, well, I'm, uh...

I'm sorry, Derek,

but it's pretty clear from our agreement...

we and the N.I.H. hired you,

and your sensors come with you.

[breathes deeply]


Oh, hey, little guy.

What do we know?

He's had a median sternotomy,
a couple of chest tubes.

Low SATs, high B.P.,

- failure to thrive.
- Have you cuddled him?

No, I have not.

Well, if I were left in a cardboard box,

all I'd want is cuddling, right?

Oh, I think I'd want a cardiac cath

to confirm I've had a
coarctation of my aorta.

He is like a puzzle that I can't solve...

- Oh, whoopsie!
- If you're gonna do that.

Do you have a coarctation
of your aorta? Do you?

No record of the baby
being a former patient.

The police are getting statements

from Edwards and Wilson.

- [pager beeping]
- Ooh!

Oh, that's right.

Um, I have a patient, so will you call me

- when you're done with his cath?
- Mm-hmm.

- Ross, you want to take the baby?
- I'd rather not.

- Ross, take the baby.
- Come here.

- [squeaking continues]
- Are you squeaking?

Long story.

Can I put him down now?

No. She's right. He should be cuddled.

You're not gonna hurt him.

And I don't want to do it.

[elevator bell dings]


Did I hear you found a baby?

Yes. In a box, abandoned.

- Oh, is it all right?
- I don't know.

I imagine it's pretty traumatized,

having been suddenly left behind,

- thrown aside.
- Stephanie...

Dumped, as it were, in the trash.

Would you please let me talk?

You... you really want
to get out of my way.

Three days I'm suspended from surgery.

You bang a co-worker, and
you get a house and two kids.

I do it, and I get suspended.

I know. I'm a hypocrite, I've heard.

I'm supposed to do a biliary diversion.

I like this kid.

I've been treating him for years.

I want to make sure it's done right.

But do me a favor. Talk to Hunt.

See if he'll start my
stupid sentence tomorrow.

I will. I'm gonna talk to him.

Thank you. You're a hypocrite and you suck!

Hey, did you hear, uh, grumpy and hairball

found a baby in the trash?

Emma Marling came by to
get a key for the trailer.

Why are you telling me this?

It's gossip. I'm gossiping.

Oh, okay. Shoot.

To get her things because
her and Owen are through.

- Through? Why?
- I don't know. She didn't say.

But I don't think it was her idea.

I can't tell if you're happy or sad.

Neither can I.

Alyssa: It hurts like a bitch, dad!

Herb: Don't talk like that!

Don't talk to me like I'm a baby!

We've gone over this and...

Arizona: Hey! Hey!

- Hey, Alyssa. Herb.
- Guys, what's going on?

We're just gonna do another stupid surgery,

and I'll still be in pain.

- Simmer down.
- Callie: No, no. I know.

Your arthrogryposis symptoms are worsening,

but today's surgery will
alleviate the scarring

and hopefully the pain, too.

You said that before my last surgery.

I know.

And the one before that
and the one before that!

- Stop it.
- You keep lying to me about...

They are trying... they
are trying to help you!

I have had braces and
castings and surgeries,

and none of it works!

- So, I want to know...
- Don't.

If you can just cut them off.

Just give me the fake legs.

Then I can still do all
the stuff I want to do.

Yeah, she's been talking
like this for a month now.

Please tell her that I am
not gonna allow anybody...


Disable me?

Dad, I am disabled now!

I still can't walk!

It hurts when I stand for
more than three minutes.

I'll never run!

It hurts when I try to sleep!

Tell her she's being ridiculous.

- You are!
- She won't talk to me.

I live in a bed, dad, and there are
girls running marathons with fake legs!


It has... it has been a long road.

Look at how long.

[beep] [chuckles]

And I know... I know it hurts...

and it feels like you can't go any further,

but this is the time you have to be brave

and push through it and have faith.

Even if it's not working yet,

it's going to work.


I'm not so sure about that.

I cannot believe that you
didn't back me up in there.

I mean, a kid wants to cut off her legs!

I'm just suggesting that you
don't dismiss it out of hand.

Hey, Callie, you got a minute?

- Something kind of unexpected came up.
- Hold on a sec. Really?

Because it sounds to
me like you're asking me

to just throw away three
years' worth of hard work

and investment in this girl,

just cut it off and throw it
away like it never happened.

And I don't want to do that.

I'm sorry, Derek. What is it?


I'm good.

Somebody tried to fix his coarctation.

Did a hack job.

Look, it's closing up already.

Um, I'm going to reopen.

Um, prep a balloon catheter.

Did you notice anything
about his mitral valve?

I don't know.

Shane, come on.

This is like a puzzle.

I found the corner pieces.
I need help with the sky.

The valve leaflets were
thickened and shortened.

- A parachute mitral valve?
- Yes.

And there's a supravalvular mitral ring.

- The three indicate...
- Coarctation,

supravalvular mitral ring, and parachute...

- Shone's complex?
- Bingo.

A trifecta of congenital heart defects.

- That answers another question.
- [sighs] What?

Why they abandoned him.

The kid had one heart surgery.

He needed at least two more.

Someone thought he was more
trouble than he's worth.

What are you doing here? Go away.

- What are you doing?
- Organ donor.

I have to keep him alive
until he's actually dead.


I'm off peds, and Hunt's got
you arranging a meat platter.

I know. But I'm gonna show him.

I'm gonna keep his organs so healthy,

someone could use his appendix.


You should go. If Hunt
shows up, he's gonna...

We could use his appendix.

- It was a joke. We don't donate...
- No, that could work.

Karev, don't make me turn
three days into a week.

Did I get too close to Wilson?

Did an alarm go off somewhere?

sBut it's a donor organ,
so it can't be... regifted.

I don't understand, though. It's mine.

Yes. Yes. It was yours,
but then you gave it to him.

And now he's not using it,

a... and I'm still down one kidney.

I... I loaned him my bike.

I'm probably gonna get that back.

- I should wait a month or so.
- Sir, um,

transplanting the kidney

put a pretty big strain on the organ.

To do it again would be
risky for you and your kidney.

- See?
- His... his kidney.

You said "my kidney." You
think I should get it back.

Um... I actually... I have
to be elsewhere right now.

Oh. Oh, no. Of course.

Yeah, no. I... I'll wait here.


We don't have to cut Jared's intestine.

- What?
- Jared Cole.

Instead of the intestine,

we use, uh, the appendix to make the stoma.

It's easier on him, and it's, uh,

repurposing something
he doesn't need anyway.

Bailey: That's the same procedure,

resulting in a cutaneous end-stoma?

Even easier. And the
appendix is-is narrower,

so a smaller hole in his
stomach, more normal life.

Reduces complications,
recovery time, and... oh, crap.

Uh, sorry. I... I didn't
know you were, um...

uh, I can wait till you're finished.

No, Alex, it's fine.

'Cause I never see you like that. You okay?

Yeah. It's a blister.

I think using the appendix is a great idea.

- Let's look into it.
- Well, I can get him prepped.

Whoa, oh. This does not mean
that you're scrubbing in.

I'm sorry.

He just came off his
hinges when he saw you.

Yeah, there are two
different looks that you get.

Without the leg on,
they feel sorry for you.

And with the leg on,

they think that you're amazing and brave.

Yeah, or a robot.


Any word from the police
about my mystery baby in a box?

No. Social services is on it now.

What's his status?

Uh, he needs a mitral valve repair,

which I'm gonna do tomorrow.

He's already been through
enough for one day.


[keyboard clacking]

[door closes]

So, what's this I hear
about you being an idiot?

You broke up with her?

She was it, Owen.

The picket fence, a dozen
kids, fresh baked goods.

I don't want to talk about that, okay?

Because you're dumb?

No, because it's between her and me.

And I hurt her, and I feel bad,

so I don't want to talk about it.

Why throw that away?

Is it because of what
happened at the trailer?

- That was...
- Give me some credit.

I know what that was.

Then why?

Okay, all right.

Why are you so upset about it?


Uh, because.

Because... why?

Because of what happened in the trailer?

I don't care for the
direction this is taking.

I'll tell you if you tell me.



[indistinct P.A. announcement]

[leg squeaking]

Dr. Robbins.

Hey, Herb.

Can I ask you a question?

- Do you have kids?
- Yes, I do.

I have a little girl.

You have a little girl,

and you can still tell me

that I should cut my daughter's legs off?


Ultimately, that's her decision.

But she can't make it without your help.

You think her life's gonna
be better with no legs?

You think kids aren't gonna stare at her,

that they're not gonna make
fun of her if she's crippled?


Crippled, disabled...

What... what difference does it make?!

I don't care what you call it.

How can you say that?

I never thought that I'd carry my daughter

or be a doctor again.

And now there's very few things
I can't do because of this.

- When did that happen?
- I've had it since before we met.

- I didn't notice.
- Why would you?


Alyssa's arthrogryposis is so severe,

and her muscles put too
much strain on her joints.

And it won't get worse,

but the pain will never stop.

[breathes shakily]

It's just me and her now,

and I don't want to
make the wrong decision.

I know. I know.

She's your little girl.

[siren wails]

46-year-old male,

complains of tightness in chest,

possibly heart-related,

- probably enchilada-related.
- [chuckles]

Pulse in the 70s, B.P. 170/110.

Trauma two.

- You do any more bowling for doctors today?
- What? You heard?

Oh, it's all over the radio.

Oh, my God.

Oh, I'm just saying,
the next time you do it,

try and take out Kepner.

- Oh!
- Oh, God!

[crowd gasps, murmurs]

That'll work, too.

[siren wails]

- Guys, I'm fine, okay?
- I'm so sorry.

No, no. You warned me
to stay out of your way.

Was Robbins your warm-up?

I didn't do this on purpose.

Edwards, I'm about to take his pants off.

Go be someplace where you
won't be a danger to others.

- What happened?!
- Oh, God.

- Um...
- I'm fine, okay?

I got hit by a gurney.

Woman: There she is!

All right, Dr. Edwards!

[cheers and applause, indistinct shouting]

Two for two!

Hey, Chief. Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah. What is it, Grey?

- So, it's about Alex Karev.
- Uh, sorry.

Um, Robbins? Have you
been up to H.R. today?

Oh, no. I haven't had a chance.

We've been developing a biliary diversion

using the appendix.

Right. I was gonna have
all the interns observe.

That is a pretty inventive approach.

But, Robbins, H.R. needs
that statement today.

Yeah, okay. Um, Bailey, why
don't you go on up without me?

And by the time that you
have Jared on the table,

I'll be done with this thing.

And you should get
someone to assist you, too.

- Oh, uh, I'll take Grey.
- Wait, no!

Well, that's what I wanted to talk to
you about, because it's Karev's case.

It was his idea, so he should be on it.

Karev's suspended. You're on it.



I have to tell Karev
that I stole his surgery.

Oh, I have to tell Torres

that the President won't let
her use my sensors any more.

Just tell her you made a promise to her,

but instead, you're gonna spend

your time and energy on something else.

It worked when you told me.

I thought we were gonna help each other.

You left yourself wide open there.

Callie's a grown-up.

She knows how research
works. Just tell her.

And Karev will be...
understanding about it.

Oh, no. I'm not telling him.

- Did you get to talk to her?
- No. I was on the floor.

She didn't do it on purpose, did she?

No. No. I don't... think so.

[sighs] Maybe.

Well, what about you?
Did you talk to Matthew?

I left another message.

Nicole said he quit,

and then she called me a name.

So that's all I know.

Can you just talk to her,

apologize for both of us?

I'm trying.

Woman: Nurses' station.


[chuckling] God, you scared me!

Any word on my kidney? You
were gonna give it some thought.

I, uh... No.

No, I wasn't.

Oh, Dr. Hunt!

Um, do we return donor organs to donors

- when the recipient passes on?
- Absolutely not.

UNOS is very strict about this.

Um, why do you... want it?

Well, it's the principle, isn't it?

You know, t... these are not
the terms of the agreement.

I donated my organ for a purpose,

to... to filter my buddy's...
pee or whatever it does.

And... and now it's just being discarded.

So I... I think I have a
right to get my kidney back.

I'm not quite following. Is,
um, your other kidney failing?

It... it could.

You never know what's gonna happen, right?

- Y... you're just fine, sir.
- Am I?

Oh, wow! Uh, that's my pager vibrating.

- Uh-huh. Oh! Oh!
- Is yours vibrating, too?

- Oh, yeah, it is. It's urgent.
- Okay.

Um, we're very sorry about your friend.

I'm sorry.

[clears throat]

Is he stalking you?

Uh... [scoffs]

[leg squeaking]


Herb Cramer just told me
that you were pushing him

toward an amputation for Alyssa.

No. I wasn't pushing anything, Callie,

but, I mean, it's the right thing to do.

And you've done palliative
amputations before...

Yeah, on a soldier!

A [scoffs] a grown man.
Not a child whose legs

I have been trying to
correct for three years!

And failing. I'm sorry. It's true.

And honestly, I mean, before last year,

I think that you would have seen it.

Okay. So you think this is about you?

- It's about Alyssa. It's not about me.
- Yeah.

But it's not about you, either.

Why would you say that it's not about me?

- I didn't say that it...
- Because I am...

I... I think that you're
afraid to do this amputation,

And I'm afraid that that might be my fault.

Dr. Robbins? Hi. I'm Anne, from H.R.

We're ready for you upstairs.

Okay, thanks.

- I...
- Yeah.

♪ watch out, boy, she'll chew you up ♪

There's just a few
questions we need to go over.

It shouldn't take long.

I'm sure you're busy.

♪ she's a man-eater ♪

♪ oh, oh, here she comes ♪

♪ watch out, boy... ♪

- Clear!
- Shane, no!

Don't shock him! His heart
can't take defibrillation!

I thought so, too.

So I tried to stabilize
him with cardioversion...

One shock, timed in the
refractory period of his heartbeat,

to get a good sinus rhythm.

And I think it worked.

♪ the lean and hungry type ♪

- * nothing is new... *
- Good call, Ross!

He could have a mitral valve rupture.

Uh, clear an O.R., page Robbins,

and set up for a redo sternotomy.

- Okay.
- They what?!

They want my sensors proprietary to them,

- which means...
- [scoffs]

they can no longer be
used for our research.

Well, we can't do our
research without them.

- I know.
- Well, what are you gonna do?

This isn't gonna keep you from
doing their project, is it?

♪ oh, oh, here she comes ♪

- * watch out, boy... *
- Ah.

- Callie, I never expected them to do this.
- Okay.

I'm going to try to fight them
on this, but in the meantime...

- You understand?
- Uh, I think so.

You partnered up with me,

but now you're taking our ball

and you're gonna go play
with your new friends.

I understand that the last six months

was a complete waste of my time.

♪ what you think you're gettin' for free ♪

♪ the woman is wild... ♪

She understands.

And at that point, Dr. Torres
handed her the drill, correct?

And that's when Dr. Murphy

drilled through Dr. Torres' patient's leg

- and into the table?
- That's correct, yes.

At the time of that incident,

you said you had terminated

any romantic relationship with Dr. Murphy?

I had, yes.

There was no contact of a romantic

or sexual nature after the incident?

No. There was not.

- Okay.
- [Pager beeps]

Oh, I have an emergency.
I'm sorry. I have to...

No problem. That's really all I need.

Well, you... that's it? You
don't need me to come back?

Mm, no. Or do you have more... ?

No. No. It's just, I mean, if
I'm being accused of something,

I think that I should
have a little more time

- to, you know, to speak my...
- Oh, no. Don't worry.

Dr. Murphy didn't lodge
the complaint against you.

- Thank you.
- * she's a man-eater *

[Sighs] Hey. What happened?

Oscar had flash pulmonary edema.

His mitral valve blew. I'm gonna go fix it.

Ugh, I was stuck in H.R.

Is Murphy coming after you?

Worse, actually. Her
complaint is against Callie.

- Callie? Why?
- I don't know.

No, I mean, I know, but I...
I didn't want to believe it.

Right... "Oscar."

'Cause you found him in a trash can.

Hey, do you need to be
in your Byler's surgery?

- 'Cause I'm good here.
- You sure?

Yeah. I've got Ross.

- [Pager beeps]
- Oh.

Okay, that's Callie now.
Um, come find me after?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Tell Dr. Bailey to go
ahead and start without me.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

- [Phone beeps]
- [Inhales deeply]

They asked for you.

I just need to hear it again.

Tell me that you think
this is the right idea.

I do.

Dr. Torres has done everything

that anyone could do to stop your pain,

- but...
- It's not working.

And by every indication,

more surgery will just mean
more time in a hospital bed,

more scarring, and the same results...

Pain for the rest of her life.

She'll never run?

I'll never... walk her down the aisle?

Not unless we amputate.

Instead of the surgery that
you have scheduled for today,

please schedule a double amputation.

I want her pain to stop today.


Thank you, daddy.

- Callie.
- No, it's fine.

It's just one more thing today.

- Woman: Thank you, doctor.
- H.R. wants to see you.

Leah Murphy's complaint is against you.

They wanted Hunt to tell
you, but I asked if I could.

I thought that I, you know...

Okay, well, um...

I, uh, have to push this amputation...

No, I'll take that off your
plate. I mean, I'll do it.

And you come find me when you're done?

I'm... I'm so... I'm sorry.

You know, I just got
through a malpractice suit.

Now I have to deal with
your jealous ex-girlfriend

trying to ruin my reputation?!

I swear to God, I can't
take any more of this!

Christina: The heart has
so many abnormalities.

It's incredibly fragile.

Uh, 4-0 prolene.

You have to really be delicate.

I want to ask you about something,

but there are all these new rules,

and, uh, the act of me
asking might be breaking them.

You can ask.

There was a complaint.

- That's a question?
- I...

thought it might be you.

- It wasn't.
- I know, but it

made me wonder

if you ever felt compromised.

Because I didn't want you to.

I didn't.


Oh, now that sounds like coercion.

Like I'm telling you how
you were supposed to feel.

- [Scoffs] I didn't take it that way.
- Really?

You're not just saying that to curry favor?

No. I'm not "currying" anything.

Because you never have to do that.

You don't have to get Shepherd coffee

or fix Callie's baby schedule

or... relax me.

You're too good of a doctor for that.

And when you look back in 10 years,

you'll be relieved you didn't.

I don't know if I'll even
be a doctor in 10 years.

Oh, shut up. You will. You better.

Now, that's coercion.

That should be you down there.

Who cares? I'm doing an organ recovery.

Screw peds.

I'll basically be on
general, cardiothoracic,

ortho, plastics, and
pulmonary in one operation.

Wow. I've got to go up to H.R.
to fill out an accident report.

Oh, for hitting Robbins with a gurney?

For hitting Jackson with a gurney.


[Woman clears throat]


[Pager beeping]

Bailey: Robbins should be here to see this.

Looks good.

Appendix is holding.

Uh, Grey, will you intubate the stoma,

make sure it's patent?

♪... Get away from the pain ♪

- * you drive into the heart of me *
- Oh, crap.

What? What happened?

♪ the love we share ♪

♪ seems to go nowhere ♪

What? What's going on?

He's gone into v-fib.

I pushed epi and atropine.

Did you shock him? You gotta shock him!

Dr. Wilson, he's already gone!

No! There are at least nine people

counting on him not to be gone! Move!



What are you doing here?

You asked for a resident.

I'm the only one available.

[Sighs] I'll do it myself.

♪ oh, tainted love ♪

Are you actually gonna do that?

- You're gonna refuse to work with...
- Leah, I cared for you.

I liked you, and that's all that it was.

And I am sorry that I hurt you.

But if you're gonna come after
my wife now because of the...

I know what our relationship
was. I'm not a child.

I never thought of it in terms of work.

It was you who brought
it into the hospital.

You told Dr. Torres about us,

and Dr. Torres chose not
to teach me in a moment

that put a patient in danger.

She made me put a patient
in danger. So did you.

I... I never thought that...

You were thinking about yourself.

It wasn't safe, it wasn't fair,
and I had to say something.

Because it shouldn't happen again,

to me or anyone.

♪ take my tears and that's not nearly all ♪

You want to cut the fibula

1 to 2 centimeters proximal to the tibia.

[Saw buzzes]

Then you're gonna reshape
the end with a bevel

so that the prosthesis will fit better.

You watching?


'Cause you're gonna do
the other leg yourself.

Hey. Hi, Kim.

How are you feeling?

- I feel pretty good.
- Yeah.

And you don't look like a basketball.

You did a good job.

[Chuckles] Yeah, well, I had to watch them,

make sure they didn't screw it up.

Get some rest?

All right.

That was having my back?

I knew you were a hypocrite,
but that was really cold.

Stop it. You're suspended.
Somebody had to be in there.

- Read this.
- What is it?

It's me having your back.

I got it from H.R. It's a love contract.

[Scoffing] A what?

It's a declaration of a relationship.

If you sign this and Wilson signs it,

it clears everybody from any claims

of favoritism or sexual harassment.

That's the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

Well, it sounds stupid,

but H.R. said if you sign this

that it makes the whole thing go away.

- So, sign it.
- No!

Well, then I'm done trying to help you.

I can't go to her with this.

Look, I asked her to marry me

when I was freaking out about my dad.

I scared the crap out of her.

If you guys keep screwing with us...

How are we screwing with you?

Jo wants to be a surgeon, Mer.

She came from nothing to be here.

Now, cause of me,

there are suspensions and punishments.

If you keep making it
harder, she's gonna leave me.

And if you make it too hard,

she's gonna be like Izzie and she'll walk.

Will you just sign the stupid paper?

Watch his sats through the night.

Below 85, page me.

Uh, is that Oscar's file?

The baby? Yes.

And that stays with him, right?

And his name... Dr. Shane Ross.

The adoptive parents will have questions.

In 10 years, Oscar will have questions.

And you will answer them.

You know, I could sue you guys.

- I could sue this entire hospital.
- Sir,

you signed away your
legal rights to the kidney

when you agreed to be a donor!

No, he broke our deal.

The... the terms were I
give him my kidney to use,

- and he has broken our deal!
- It was a gift!

- He threw it away!
- Thom!

Step back right now,
or I will call security.

- Dr. Kepner...
- Wilson...

Donald Mercer suffered cardiac death.

Organ recovery's called off.

- It's all going in the trash.
- Dr. Wilson,

thom here is Mr. Mercer's friend.

Oh, I am...

- I'm sorry.
- No. No, he what? Do... Donald what?

He died, thom.

No, I... I don't
understand. You said he was

just brain dead.

He was.

He was, and his heart
was sustaining his organs.

But now his organs are no longer viable

for donation because he's gone.

Donald is gone.

This is... this is not right.

This is... this is not fair.

I know. I know it's not fair.

- It's not fair at all.
- No, no.

He's... he's my best
friend, since 7th grade.

I... I saved his life.

I... I gave him my kidney.

[Voice breaking] I was...

I was supposed to have saved his... [Sobs]

- I just...
- Okay.

All right, come on. I know.

Let's just sit down.


[Door opens]

Cristina: Hey. Oscar's doing well.

He needs, uh, more observation, but... ooh.

Oh, yeah. Bad leg day.

Yeah, me too.


What would have happened if
they hadn't found him out there?

- He'd be dead.
- Yeah, but he's not.

He'll grow up. He'll be, you know,

who knows who. He'll have a whole life.

[Sighs] Yay.


Do you still have dreams about it?

Oh, yeah.

Usually when I'm anxious.

The day, um,

before Sofia started her
first day of preschool,

I dreamt about it all night,

about Mark and Lexie and...

the pilot [sighs] Jerry.

- Jerry.
- Jerry.

For me, I dream about you screaming.

You wouldn't stop screaming.

So thank you for that.

[Siren wails in distance]

Good job today.

- Yeah. Lucky kid.
- Ohh.

Lucky kid.

Just the accident report and
the worker's comp paperwork.

Shouldn't take long.

You can sit in here.

Dr. Edwards is filling out
an accident report, as well.

You two mind sharing?

- Brilliant.
- You know what? I can...

- I can come back.
- No. It's fine. I'm almost done.

Anne: Okay, then.


How's your leg?

My knee is...

I'm fine.

How about you? How are you?

[Sighs] I didn't see you coming.

- That's not what I meant.
- No, I know that.

I'm sorry, Stephanie.

Will you let me say that to you, please?

Okay? I am so sorry.

I had no idea I was

gonna do that.


I thought I was...

I told myself that I didn't want her,

that April didn't want me, and you and I...


- Steph, you are so...
- Please don't.

- Don't do that.
- I'm trying to say I didn't see it coming.

Okay? There's no way I wanted to hurt you.

And I don't know how I can

- make that better.
- You can't.

And, anyway, we both got
a day we'll never forget.

- Steph...
- You got a day to tell your grandkids about,

and I got something
I'd never gotten before.

I got pitied.

I... I was suddenly the
girl who wasn't good enough

or smart enough or pretty
enough or not deserving.

I've never gotten that look before

because I'm not that girl.

I know that.

Look, you can hit me with as
many gurneys as you want to,

because I'm gonna feel terrible about this

- for the rest of my life.
- Okay.

Well, you do that if you want to. I'm not.

I'm not going to feel


or angry or pitiable for one more minute,

because I'm not gonna care about you.

So, if I don't say hello

or make small talk on the elevator

or acknowledge your birthday

or even acknowledge you're alive,

it's because, to me, you just exist.

Because I don't care.

Meredith: Why does it feel so
good to get rid of things...

♪... And think of you... ♪

- * caught up in circles... *
- [door opens]

- To unload...
- [door closes]

- To let go?
- * confusion is nothing new *

How did it go?

- [Sighs]
- * flashback *

- * warm nights *
- I'm going to bed.

I think Murphy was right.

Oh, of course she was right, Arizona!

I mistreated her!

And I was petty and jealous

and at my worst because you slept with her!

Of course she was right!

- [Sighs]
- * time after... *

I keep thinking we're okay.

And we... we buy a house,

and then this happens,

and I'm not sure we'll ever be okay.

And today I lost my research,

I failed a patient,

and now I have a disciplinary report

that's gonna follow me forever.

- So I'm going to bed!
- I'm sorry.

I feel like all I've been
doing is thinking about myself.

God, I swear! I swear... I cannot
listen to you apologize one more time.

You have made it very
hard to keep forgiving you!

For over a year, since the plane crash,

all I have been thinking about is myself.

I had to figure out how to... be me.

I used to be someone who was

always happy. I woke up happy.

I was someone who used to skate at work.

And then this happened,

and everything was hard

and everything took
thought and... and planning.

And my life felt like it didn't fit me...

anymore. And I just... I wanted...

I wanted to tear it
all down and start over,

just throw it away and find
a life that fit who I am now.

♪ if you fall I will catch you ♪

But I'm starting

to feel like I know who I am again.

And I've had to give up things,

but what I've learned

is that I don't need much.

I don't need much to be happy.

I don't even need two legs.

But I do know... that I need you.

I need Sofia,

and I need you.

And I'm... I'm afraid,

[crying] Now that I've learned all of that,

that I made you give up on me.

Maybe because when we see

how little we actually need to survive...

- *... From deep inside *
- [Sobbing]

♪ the drum beats out of time ♪

♪ if you're lost, you can
look and you will find me ♪

- * time after time *
- [Sniffles]

[Sighs] You shouldn't
have to give up anything.

It makes us realize how
powerful we actually are.

♪ time after time ♪

To strip down to only what we need.

You want to know why I'm upset?

- I'll tell you why.
- Okay, why?

She's what you wanted.

You don't just throw
away a future like that.

- I want you to be happy.
- Oh, do you?

Of course!

Or do you just want to see me squared away?

What does that mean?!

It means, uh, you want to see me,

you know, get what I want

so you don't have to feel guilty anymore.

- About what?
- About not giving it to me.

[Chuckling] Oh, whoa!

- Right?
- Mnh.

It's either that,

or you just want to see me get married off

so you're forced to stop thinking about me.

Oh, that's it. That's the one.

Yeah. Mm-hmm.

To hang on only to what
we can't do without.

What we need...

Not just to survive...

Yes! [Laughs]

[Both whooping]

But to thrive.

Oh! Oh!

Calliope! [Both laugh]

♪ if you fall, I will catch you ♪

♪ I will be waiting ♪

here we go!

♪ time after time ♪

[both laughing]