Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 10, Episode 11 - Man on the Moon - full transcript

April's visiting sisters get on her nerves; when Matthew and Jackson witness an accident, they must work together; Callie and Arizona work on their relationship.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Every doctor has a dirty little secret...

We're all competitive science nerds.

In grade school...

we made the biggest and best volcanoes,

Which erupted actual fake molten laval.

In junior high,

we spent hours laboring
over our rat mazes...

The computer diagnostic is complete.
Everything checks out.

Finished the robotic prosthetic inspection.

It's all in order.

So... we're ready to try again?

- Let's get her connected.
- Okay.


Every time you do that...

I feel like the bride of Frankenstein.

So that one day...

we'd be the person

who changed the face of medicine....

- Forever.
- This is so exciting.

Your first printed portal vein
is going into a test subject.

How do you feel?

Like a farmhand behind the back barn.

Here. Why don't you take over
the clippers?

Look at us.

Changing the face of medicine,
shearing a sheep.

No, I was shearing a sheep.

You are just giving him a fade.

There you go. There you go.

Look at us. We're changing
the face of medicine.


Wow. That was...

You really know what you're doing.

Are you grading me?

Maybe I am, a little.


You're gettin' an "A."

I don't know. I'm kind of an overachiever.

I'd like to go for the "A"-plus.

No. We have a ton to do
before the procedure today.


The conduit's coming off the printer in...

two hours, 47 minutes...

which gives us another 30 minutes

before we have to start prep.

All right.

Maybe a little extra credit?


How's your research going?

Oh, the diagnostics look good.
I just slipped out for a sec.

I don't want to miss this.

Mm. Do you think you're
gonna make it to the shower?

Oh, crap. Kepner's shower is today?

Yeah, it's today.

- And she's our friend, so...
- I know she's our friend.

You don't have to tell me she's our friend.

- Sorry. Well... I just...
- I'll be there if I can.

- Great.
- Great.

Dr. Robbins. Dr. Torres

Dr. Murphy.

That was good.

Professional. I bought it.


You're dying inside, aren't you?

There's still two seats left
in the gallery. Who wants them?

- I do.
- Me.

Whoa. Hey, wait.
What about my surgery?

Here's plenty of room.
It's just me and Dr. Grey,

an anesthesiologist, and a veterinarian.

You lost me at "veterinarian."

He's putting a seeded conduit into a baby.

Who is human. You are bothering a sheep.

Plus, I'm allergic to wool.

I'm allergic to boring surgeries.


- Hey. Big day.
- It is.

You gonna watch?


Cristina's surgery.

I have my own.

- Oh, yeah. The, uh, the pig.
- Sheep.

The sheep. Yes.

Hey. Uh, here he comes.

What are all of you doing here?

We came to see you off.

We couldn't let you leave
without saying good-bye.

We'll miss you.

I'm just going home. I'm not retiring.

But first, I just need a
vacation from all of you.

You did it, sir.

You got yourself better.

No. You did it, Bailey.

You got me better.

Is Dr. Webber leaving
very stressful for you?


Then why are you counting your fingers?

Here's to our little Duckie
finally getting married.

To Duckie and Matthew!

- "Duckie"?
- Don't ask.

Mmm. We thought for sure you were
gonna be a spinster for life.

Maybe take it a little easy
on the mimosas, Kimmie.

Oh, leave her be. She's celebrating.

You two could stand to add a
little champagne to that O.J.

We're on call.

Ohh. He is such a dreamboat.

Responsible, handsome.

Duckie, I hope you know how lucky you are.

Speaking of dreamboats,

Who is that and why is he waving at us?

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Avery.

Jackson, these are my sisters Libby,
Kimmie, and Alice.


You're Jackson. The Jackson?

Look at that. I gotta go to work.

Yeah. It was, uh, nice to meet you guys.

Oh, wait. You'll be done in
time for mani-pedis, right?

I will try. Can you take
them back to my apartment?

- Roger that.
- Oh, no way!

- We wanna go with you.
- You won't even know we're there.

We can see the room for the shower tomorrow,

plan decorations.

Whoo! Field trip.

Come on, Duckie.

Bye, boys.

Gosh, those eyes.

You know, I totally get why
you'd name a pig after him.

Hey. Someone paged me?

That man over there requested you.

Hey, hon.

What are you doing here?

I think I'm gonna puke.

You have to go. Are you high?


I'm-I'm trying to get clean.

That's great, but you can't do it here.

You said...

when I was here, you said you'd help me.

Yeah, I tried to, Jimmy,

But you refused my help,
and that ship has sailed.

Now I can get some names for you...

Damn it!

I need some help here!

All right, well, I'll see you later.

Yes, indeedy.

Oh. You, uh...

I... yeah, parked over...



I did, too. So we can just...
we can just walk.


You not gonna drink that?

Yeah, I try to hold off

so I don't drink it all before work.

Oh. Yeah. That's... that's a good plan.


Hey! This is my cab!

Take a walk, hippie.

What? Not cool, man.

Aren't you people supposed
to love bikes or something?


- Hey, open the door.
- People are freaking animals.


Hey, my tie.

- Go!
- Open the door.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey!

- Is he breathing?
- All right, I'm a doctor.

I need all of you to step back,
please. Step back.

- Make room.
- I don't know.

- He's not moving.
- Ah, he's not breathing.

9-1-1 said a rig's ten minutes out,

but we gotta get an airway now.

I swear I didn't see it happen.
It was an accident, all right?

- Step back. Back, sir.
- Oh, god. Is he breathing?

- I need you to back up! Back up!
- Okay! Okay!

- I need you to back up, please.
- All right.

- Seriously, stand back. Thank you.
- All right.

Back up. Back up. I'm not kidding.

Back up. Back it up.

He's not breathing.

Whoa! Jeez!


Whoa! What the hell are you doing?!

- Good chest rise. I think he's breathing.
- I hope he knows what he's doing.

the cameras are only recording

the doctors and the surgical field.

Your son's identity will
be completely protected.

- Good morning.
- Big day.

We're just hearing about the cameras.

- Sorry?
- We just told the Glaziers

we have a lot of people
who'd like to observe,

so we've set up a live stream.

Okay, but I think we would feel better

if we knew the focus was on our baby,
not putting on a show.

the cameras are
there so that, in success,

other doctors can learn this technique

to help other kids like Nathan.

No. No, that doesn't
work for me. He's a baby.

- He's a baby.
- Ashley.

Ashley, look at me.

I will be performing the operation,

And my focus will be your son.

That is all I care about, okay? That's it.

- You spring this on me the day of surgery?
- What?

This circus?

Ross said that this came from you.

Everyone in the hospital's been
asking to watch the procedure.

I got e-mails from U.C.L.A. and Baylor.

They wanted a stream.

And I felt none of that
should be on your plate,

so I made some executive decisions.

I'm happy to have you veto any of them.

Yeah, like all of 'em.

If that's what Dr. Yang wants,
consider it done.

Ross, hang on.

This is a teaching hospital.

We need to create conditions

where more people can learn
from what you're doing.

Live streaming?
What if something goes wrong?

Even if something goes wrong,

you're doing important work,
and people should see that.

I need take this one.



Okay, now we're gonna start small today.

Just wiggle your fingers.

- Got it.
- Okay.

- Let me do it.
- Okay.

Yeah, okay. How about just one finger?

- Now just a finger?
- Mm-hmm.

Which one?

Your choice.

Keep it clean, though.

And just try to relax.

I'm pretty relaxed, John.

Not gonna distract you.

I'm just gonna go grab a bite.

Do you want anything?

I wanna move this stupid finger.

You can do it.

Try again?

Whenever you're ready.

Damn it!

You put the sensors in weeks ago.

I haven't moved the damn thing once.

You will.

Just focus on wiggling the fingers.

Okay? Just bend it from here...

I can't focus on anything
with you talking at me.

Okay, hang a banana bag
and give him 2 of ativan.

I've treated him before.

He's a heroin addict.

Okay, let's, uh, start a tox screen

and start him on methadone.


No methadone.

The methadone will help you detox.

I haven't used in months.

I gotta get totally clean.
Off the methadone, too.

I gotta do it.

Let me do it.

Okay, then. No methadone.

Let's admit him and watch him.

Can we send him to a rehab facility?

He's-he's Alex's dad.

There's history. Like, bad history.

I don't care who he is.

For you, he is a patient
who had heart surgery

less than three months ago.

And you are his doctor, so act like it.

Get him admitted.

Oh, uh, Dr. Hunt?

Hey, I did it.

Um, I did two days with
her following me around

everywhere I go.

I don't need help anymore.
I'm doing really well.

You're pulling your fingers again.

Oh, god. Go away.

Uh, look, I-I just wanna
be cleared for surgery.

Dr. Alma, is she clear for surgery?

No, she's not.

Hmm. Dr. Bailey, you're not clear

until she says you're clear.

Okay, um...

we need to fast track this

because, uh, I have patients
trying to schedule surgeries.


just-just tell me what
hoop I need to jump through

for you to clear me.

And this is the E.R.,
where I spend most of my time.

I kind of run it.

Ah, hey. Who's this?

These are my sisters.


Hi, I'm Arizona Robbins. It's...


I feel like I know you.

April told us everything about you.

Are you gonna make it to the shower?

We throw the best showers.

I-I wouldn't miss it.

I have a cat at home who lost a leg.

Every time I see him hopping around,

I just think, that is real strength.

Stop talking.

Well, it was super nice to meet you guys.

And I will see you at the shower.

She is such a good walker.

Okay, um, I'm just gonna get dressed.

- And then we'll head out. Okay?
- Coming through!

32-year-old male. We just lost his airway.

I'm gonna change it over a wire.

We need a 5 millimeter shiley

and a percutaneous trach kit right away.

Let's get him set up for transfer.

By my count, one, two, three.

All right, let's go.
Betadine the neck.

He couldn't breathe so I trached him.

- You trached him?
- Oh, yeah, he did.

Took out his little boy scout knife

and sliced a wide and horizontal incision

into his throat,
way lower than it needed to be...

All things I'm gonna need to fix in surgery.



- Ew.
- Mother of...

- Sick.
- You guys cannot be in here.

Damn it. All right,
let the O.R. know that we gotta

come up there and fix your mess.

Hey, I had to do it like that.
And when you take a closer look,

you're gonna see that.

It doesn't matter right now. What matters is

we have to get him ready for transfer.

So can you just take my sisters and go now?

Alex, I have to tell you something

- that you're not gonna wanna hear.
- Well, then don't tell me.

Your dad's here. Jimmy's here.

What? Why?

He's going through withdrawal.

Kick him out. I can't.

I can.


Get up.

Hey, son.

How you doin'?

You're not staying here.

We've helped you once.

- We're not helping you with this.
- Alex...

Son, listen...

Oh, stop calling me that.

I know who you are.

- I didn't remember...
- I don't care.

I didn't remember till I saw you pissed off,

till I saw you standing over me.

Like when you were 15,
you said you wished I was dead.

I've been trying to get right since the bar.

- I'm still trying.
- Not here.

No, Alex, stop.

I'm not gonna help a guy
who made my life hell.

No, you're not.

But I am because he needs
help and I'm a doctor.

You can go.

I got this. Really, it's okay.

So it's not the sensors. Is it the coding?

Coding's been tested and retested.

So it's Becca.

It's Becca.

Look, she is not the most positive person,

I mean, every day it's a fight.

But she's trying.

She's no ray of sunshine, but she's trying.

Uh, maybe it's me.

Maybe it's not Becca.
Maybe I'm just not saying

the right thing to get her to do it.

It may surprise you

to learn that I am quite good at sutures.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least.

What would surprise me
is if you were able to do

five of them without
engaging in O.C.D. behaviors.

And if I can, you'll sign off

so I can go back to work?

That's the deal.

Five sutures.

That's all?

That's all.

Game on.

Uh, just a sec.

Now... only use the tools
to your immediate right.

If you touch any of the trays,
we start over.

If you count your fingers,
if you double-check a stitch,

if you rearrange any of
the instruments on the trays,

we start over.

Five sutures. Whenever you're ready.

I can't believe you yelled at Matthew

in front of my sisters.

Now they're gonna think
I'm engaged to a nitwit.

- All right, Duckie...
- Don't call me Duckie!


It means "ugly duckling"

because I grew up with braces and pimples,

and they still see me that way.

It's like idiot incapable
of doing anything right.

I'm a freaking trauma surgeon!

He did a great job.

Actually, I would've done
exactly the same thing.

Matthew was right?


You should go spread the word.

You are not engaged to a nitwit.

You know what, this is actually gonna be

a pretty easy fix. So why don't you just

go ahead and go? I got it.

Really? I was kinda hopin'

that I could hide out here all day.

They came all this way to see you.

You should go.


Edwards, can we stop
fiddling with the camera?

And let's get started.

Getting proximal vascular control.

She said she's getting
proximal vascular control.

You're changing the face of medicine,

you need to be louder.

Do you know who doesn't talk about

changing the face of medicine?

People who change the face of medicine.

They just do their job.

Okay, preparing to place the portal vein.


Dr. Yang, surgeons at Baylor have joined us.

Okay, at this point,

I have dissected the scar tissue

and put the patient on bypass.

Timing is everything.

We just received word that the conduit

has gone through its final round of tests,

and is on its way to the O.R.

While we wait,

Dr. Karev can give a brief patient history.

9-month-old born with hypoplastic

left heart syndrome. He's rejected

the synthetic conduit that
was previously placed.

This conduit was granted by F.D.A.

with compassionate use.

This is Dr. Ross.

and this is the conduit we printed

on the 3D printer.

All right. Okay, let's commence
with the implantation process.

Declamping the portal vein.

Oh! We have blood flow!

Okay, let's recheck vitals.

Oh, uh, blood pressure's 115 over 75.

- Blood pressure's falling.
- You know, the conduit is

a little smaller than anticipated.

I'm gonna do a triangular cut with a patch.

Call the lab and try to...

- Global testing.
- Excuse me.

Did she move her hand?


- Oh, that sucks.
- Yes.

Well, it's just-it just takes time, right?

I don't know.

Well, cheer up.


My research just stalled.
Why would I cheer up?

I don't know.

I don't know,
that's just something that people say...

I know, I know.

I'm just... Let's not fight.

- Callie, I...
- I should get back.

All of our preliminary research,

Wow. Did you see that?

- Yeah, that was intense.
- Mm-hmm.

Do you think they're gonna break up?

C.V.P. is low,
he doesn't have enough volume.

Okay, uh, give another, uh, bolus of l.R.

You're gonna fluid overload him.

What's that piece sticking
up on the conduit?

Is there a gap in the anastomosis?

Dr. Yang?

Say something.

For posterity.

Uh, this is Dr. Meredith Grey.

Today, we implanted a 3D printed portal vein

with seeded cells into a sheep.

Currently, her vitals are stable,

and Dr. Edwards will continue
to monitor her via ultrasound.

Our hope is that the portal vein

will continue to heal, without stenosis.

He's in V-fib.

Damn it. Starting C.P.R.

- Internal paddles.
- Okay.

Charge to 10.

Turn the camera off.


Ross, get the camera off.

Stop filming.

We've sat outside all night long

waiting to hold him,
and now you're telling us

that we have to wait longer?

Nathan's numbers still
aren't stable enough for...

We should've never let
you talk us into this.

We should've gone with the synthetic graft.

- We should've listened to you.
- It's still early.

The conduit could still be a success.

Do you believe that?

Look me in the eye and
tell me you believe that.

Let's focus on what we know.

Right now, he's on the oscillator

to force oxygen into his lungs,

and if he can maintain his SATs,

we hope to be able to get him on

a normal ventilator.

One step at a time.


Nurses' station.

Thanks for the strong show of support.

Sorry, I've got...

I got a lot on my mind.

- Alex...
- Yeah, it's just been a crap couple of days.


Do you really think
the conduit's gonna be a success?

I don't know. I hope so.

Do you want another blanket?

Where's Alex?

Alex, come here!

Shh. I'm here.

Who broke this?

Where's he at?

Jimmy, Alex isn't coming back.

Just tell me what you need.

Helen, you let the damn
kid do whatever he wants.

I told him not to play with my stuff.

Now look at this!

- Where... Alex! Look at this!
- Jimmy. Jimmy.

It's Dr. Wilson,

you're detoxing,
which causes hallucinations.

Ah, oh, god. Don't start
that crap with me right now.


I swear to god.


Shh. Alex.

Okay. Okay.


Okay, shh.

Dr. Ross, how's it going?

Don't be smug.


You won, we lost. I get it.

Dr. Ross, you do not get
to talk to me that way.


Dr. Ross, get back here!

Nurses' station. Please hold.

Where's April?

Oh! Um, a trauma came in.
She got pulled into surgery.

You know, I don't know how long she'll be.

So, what? We just cancel the shower?

We already paid for the flowers, the food,

- the champagne.
- When she came in this morning to work,

she promised she'd be done on time.

Yeah, we say a lot of things.

Look, we're just not in
charge of our schedule.

This is just how it works.

Why do you live this way?

Because we save people's lives.

She'll pop in at some point.

No, it's her shower. She can't just pop.

You may have to settle for a pop.


See? Two down, three to go.

I thought that a good night's sleep

was gonna make it easier.

You know what will make it easier.

Miranda, I hate to see you suffer like this.

Take the medication.

Two down,

three to go.

Okay, okay, um,

why don't we take a five minute break?

I'm gonna go visit the ladies' room.

And, um...

just for reference.

Oh, come...

I'll be back.

Sir, what are you doing here?

Well, if I was gonna come back to work,

I need to practice my skills.

But you are jeopardizing your recovery.

You should be home, not...

Sitting on the couch,
flipping through the channels

isn't gonna get me back to
work in an O.R. any faster.

I mean, I'm sitting there
watching housewives flip tables

and celebs flip houses.

And pretty soon, it's just like

I could feel my brain cells wither and die.

Bailey, these trays are a mess.

I don't know how you expect
to find anything on 'em.

Okay, now visualize the ligaments

in your right index finger contracting.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Hey, babe. They got those chips you like.

John, leave us alone.

I'm sorry.

Just wait outside,

and I'll call you when I'm done.

Just go.

My god.

Did you see that?

I just keep snapping at him.

And pretty soon,
we can't even look at each other.

It's awful.

I'm awful.



he does everything for me.

And I started this because
I wanted to do something

for him for once.

And it seemed like something I could do.

I just wanted to do...
one damn thing.

And I can't.

I'm done.

I can't do this anymore.

Okay. Let's take a break.

No, you're not hearing me.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

I can't.

I hate this.

Take this crap out of my head.

Do you wanna schedule
surgery to have them taken out?

Dr. Torres, we are not there yet.

Well, if she doesn't wanna keep...

Dr. Torres, may I talk with you?


Excuse us.

No, no, no,

no, no, no! No.

She distended. She dropped
pressure and flatlined.

She's been down for 20 minutes, Dr. Edwards.

It's over.

So sorry, little girl.

We tried.

Edwards, do you know

how many dogs the russians sent into space

before a man walked on the moon?

Those poor puppies.

Edwards, we are going to do a necropsy,

and we are going to find
out what went wrong.

And then we'll try again,
and we'll fail again,

because that's what progress looks like.

Progress looks like a dead sheep.

No, progress looks like a bunch of failures.

And you're gonna have feelings about that

because it's sad, but you can't fall apart.

And then one day, we will succeed,

and we will save a person's life.

And we will walk on the moon.

Figuratively, anyway.

Are you with me?


She hates being here.

She shows up every day.
She is trying.

No, I can't fight anymore. Every day...

every day is a fight.
My whole world is a fight.

At home, I fight with Arizona,

and then I come here and fight with Becca,

and now I'm fighting with you.

Well, we just haven't figured
it out yet...

how to get her to do it.
So we're frustrated,

and she's frustrated.


Is it wrong that I wish

that water were a bottle of gin?

Is that gonna be for me or...

We need to talk to Becca.

It is so great that you two
are trying to work things out.

It is so much better for the kids.

Duckie doesn't know this,
but my husband had an affair.

Oh, that's...

We have, uh, three boys,
so we stayed together.

Wow, so, did you go to therapy?

Because we can't even agree on that.

Oh, no. Mnh-mnh.

We didn't feel the need to talk it to death.

We just focused on moving forward,

- putting it in the past.
- Oh.

Hoping things would get better one day.

So, well, did that work?

Well... we are still getting through it.

And we're back to two.

Let's try for a third.

No, no, this is the seventh.

Two stitches ago,
you tugged on your fingers.

Two before that,

you straightened an instrument on the tray.

Look, I can't-I can't keep doing this.

- I can't...
- I know.

Then you really need to consider

Taking the medication.

Okay, no, I'm not taking the damn pills!

Bailey, I was gonna head
up to Kepner's shower

to steal some food. Come with me.

- You just need a break.
- N-n... I need...

To get back into surgery.

I heard Nathan's not doing so well.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out

if there's a plan "B" we can try.

But I don't even know if he's gonna...

I heard your sheep did great. Congrats.

Thanks. Actually, the sheep died.

Oh, sorry.

Did you need the printer?

Yeah, but if you need it more...

No, I'll finish this up,
and then it's all yours.

So can I ask you a question,

um, about Ross?

Yeah, what about him?

He seems different.

Do you notice that?

Well, no, not really.

Well, he's not the same guy
he was when he started here.

He's not the guy who delivered my baby.

Yeah, well, we're not the same
as when we were interns either.

Well, I understand that.

But he is aggressive and mean.

I don't know, I mean,

he spends a lot of time on your service.

Do you think he's trying to be like you?

Or... do you notice that?

I'm sorry.

Are you saying I taught him to be mean?

That's what he's learned from me?


Because a little edge is not the worst thing

- for a surgeon.
- I understand that.

And I am not mean.

I am effective.

Are you implying that I'm not?

Well, no, you just said I ruined a resident.

No, that is not what I said.

I said something is off about Ross.

Well, maybe he got tired of people thinking

he was soft around the edges.

Maybe his focus is being a doctor,

and not a flight attendant.

And my job is his surgical skill,

not his personality.

Talk to me, Ross. What's going on?

Nathan's O-2 SATs are stable, so...

Dr. Ross says that's a good sign.

It's an excellent sign.

He can come off the oscillator.

It's working?

I think so.



- Jimmy.
- Where are the car keys?

You didn't get Alex.

Jimmy, it's all right. Let's just take you...

He's-he's still out there waiting.

You said you'd get him. I come home,

you're just sitting on the bedroom floor!

Alex is all right, Jimmy. Li...

It's after dark! He could be anywhere!

You stupid...

Leave her alone!

Get out of here!


She was supposed to get you.
I was afraid you...

Just shut up!

Alex, please! Alex, don't!

Go sleep it off!

Come on.

Go get some sleep.

You okay?


I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry? He's a junkie.

She was crazy.

I started running interference
for them when I was 6.

It's like riding a bike.

I'm just asking for one more time.

Last time, I swear.

- If you wanna go, we can just...
- John, hush.

Fine, you wanna waste your time?

I don't care.

All right. I'll be outside.

Actually, John, we need you here.

You're gonna stand right here, okay?


When you're thirsty,

you don't think about moving your fingers,

or grasping the cup.

You just get a drink,

and the rest follows.

Becca, I want you to look at John.


When do I move the hand?

You don't.

Just look at John.

Think about what you want to say to him.

You don't have to say it.

Just think about it.

Did it just...


Look at John.

What do you want to say to him?



Becca, you touched me.

I never thought you'd do that again.

Me neither.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Oh! You are gonna love that thing.

I use mine all the time.


It's a salad spinner.

I don't know what it does.

But the guy at the store
recommended it and...

- the receipt is on the back.
- Thank you, Mer.

Ooh, another bow.

Who's making the ribbon bouquet?

Ooh, hey, yay.

So she can carry it at the rehearsal.

Super fun.

Ooh, we are late.

Do you think she noticed that we're late?

I don't even think she knows we're invited.

What did we miss?

Um, garlic press, coffee maker,

and a delicious tray of bruschetta.

Oh, beautiful!

Did you even see what she got?

It doesn't matter,

as long as you say something nice.

You gotta try the quiche.


- Love it.
- Fantastic!

Okay, um, you know what?
This one is from your sisters.

Oh, no, not that one.

We wanted to save that one,
Duckie, to open in private.

Oh, my god. You guys,
you-you actually remembered?

You remembered

how much I wanna wear mom's veil?

- No, we didn't...
- Grab it, Alice!

I'm trying, stop!

Oh. This isn't mom's veil.

Adorable! Delightful!

It's not.

We are sorry.

That was supposed to be for later.

- But since you've opened it...
- Surprise!

It's for your wedding night,

for when you and Matthew...

Oh, god.

There's no reason to be embarrassed.

We all had our first times,
too, right, ladies?

We wanted to give you
the lingerie and some tips.

- The pearls, by the way, are for the inside...
- Stop. Just stop talking.

- I...
- But Matthew is your first real boyfriend.

- We're trying to help.
- Please, don't.

And he's a great catch.

And you don't have
the best track record with men.

No, she doesn't have any track record.

When I found out you had
a boyfriend, I was like,

"don't make any sudden movements."

Oh, my god, stop talking to me

- like no man has ever found me sexy.
- Duckie...

And stop... calling me... Duckie!

I'm not Duckie anymore.

My acne cleared up years ago.

I got rid of my braces in college.

I-I wear contacts. I use makeup.

I did years of physical therapy to correct

my pigeon toes, and in
case you haven't noticed,

I've learned how to condition my hair.

I'm not your...

hopeless, ugly little sister anymore.

I am not an ugly duckling.

I'm a swan.

And a surgeon... a freaking kick ass surgeon...

who, by the way, has had sex before.

Oh, my.

Does daddy know?

You know what?

You're fired as my bridesmaids,

all three of you.

I don't want a single one of you

standing up for me at my wedding.

Honey, don't be silly.
You have to have bridesmaids.

And I will.

These are my people now.


- Right.
- Yes.


These are my bridesmaids.

Yeah. Yeah. Yay!

You owe me an apology.

April said you would've
done exactly what I did.

Yeah. Yeah, I told April that.

But the truth is

that you messed up this guy's neck,

and I spent eight hours
fixing it yesterday.

So how 'bout "thank you"?

How 'bout you should've waited
one second for the surgeon

standing right next you?
I mean, what was that?

You felt like you had to
be the big man out there?

I mean, you feel threatened by me or...

No, I don't feel threatened by you.

I was trying to save the guy's life.

Great. So was I.

Okay, I don't have a problem with you.

I-I don't have a problem
with you either, man.

Hope to see you at the wedding.

Yeah, I, uh, actually don't know

if I'm gonna be able to make it.

Well, I know it would mean
a lot to April if you could.

Since we're good,

you should definitely come.

Before my accident, you called me a drunk.

I am so sorry.

There has not been a day since

- that I haven't regretted...
- You're right.

I am a drunk.


I'm an alcoholic,

which is why I'm here now instead of home.

It's boring there, and lonely.

And when I'm bored and lonely,

I wanna have a drink.

Hell, I wanted to have a
drink when I'm happy, too.

I always want a drink,

because I have a disease,

and it can't be cured.

But it can be managed.

But I can't do it by myself.

I need help.

Accept that you have a disease, Bailey.

Accept help.

We're all here for you

when you're ready to get started.

Sometimes, the key to making progress

is to recognize how to take that
very first step.

Then you start your journey.

That is not what I said, at all.

Yeah, well, it's not what you said.

It's how you said it.
That tone that you...

Oh, okay, so now we're
gonna fight about how we fight?

This is... I am sick of this!

I mean, every time we talk it...
it turns into this-this...

Okay, I'm sorry,

do you think that I'm
not sick of it, Callie?

'Cause everything I say
seems to piss you off!

Like everything's loaded
and I don't know if it's...

I think talking may be the problem.

Maybe we shouldn't... talk as much.

You hope for the best.

And you stick with it,

day in,

day out.

Even if you're tired,

even if you wanna walk away,
you don't.

Because you are a pioneer.

Alex, Aaron, get your asses in the car...

Before I give you something

to cry about.

But nobody ever said

it'd be easy.