Gotham (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Legend of the Dark Knight: Ace Chemicals - full transcript

Gordon races to uncover the criminal element threatening to end talks of Gotham's reunification with the mainland. A very much alive Jeremiah returns and organizes a twisted recreation of the murder of Bruce's parents with the help of Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

You're the brother I never had.

We will create a legacy
in this city.

Gotham falls,

we rise.


Poor Jim.

All alone again.

I told you to leave.
I heard you.

So many things
I wish I could change.

Things I've done.

We're here now.
We'll try to put

the pieces back together again.


I'm pregnant.

This isn't you.
We're not the same.

That night that your parents
were murdered,

I didn't do anything,
because I didn't care.

let's dig a little deeper.

'Cause that's the only way
you're all making it out

of this hole.

Deep enough?

You're leaving Gotham.

There's nothing left
for me here anymore.

I've done all I can.

I want in.

I love family reunions.

Don't you?

Go. Go, go.

Which way?


you were the ones
who let Walker operate

right under your noses.

Now you're telling me
she evaded capture?

I understand your frustration.

Have you at least determined
why she did what she did?

Not yet.

Look, bottom line,

Walker and Dorrance
are out of the picture.

What else is standing in the way
of reunification?


I'm recommending we begin
the process immediately.

There have been a lot of
promises from across the river.

But unlike Walker,
or whoever she is,

I have the authority
to take action.

Unless something happens
to destabilize Gotham again,

this nightmare is about to end.

Think he's for real?

I'll believe it
when it happens.

I take it your search party
didn't find Alfred.

Neither hide nor hair.

Pennyworth vanished
five days ago.

It ain't looking good.

How's Bruce?

He's been pulling double shifts
on the search parties.

Kid's dead on his feet.

I want to search
this area next.

There are whole blocks
of abandoned buildings.

I'll get a squad right on it.
Just give me five minutes.

I'll be ready.

You're not going out.

No, Jim...
You need your rest.

I'm not cutting you out,
but I need you sharp,

not a liability.

I just don't understand
what could have happened.

Neither do I.

But I know
that Alfred Pennyworth

can take care of himself.

I'll send for you
if I hear anything.

Kid's tough.


In other good-ish news,
Harper radioed.

Her squad
found something.


It's weird.

Four men.

Looks like they breathed in
some sort of chemical agent.

I'm thinking airborne.

And the Z's on their bodies?

Carved into them
before time of death.

Check out the mustache.

Seems like

they escaped from here.

A film set?

I said it was weird.

Zs on their chests.

Think it could be Zsasz?

Chemicals aren't
really his MO.

Plus, I never figured Zsasz
for much of a cinephile.

But whoever it is, if they
have more of these chemicals

and the will
to use them...

It's bye-bye, reunification.

Got to stop him before news
reaches the mainland.

The Chessmen.

That's a gang
that operates out

of the Narrows. What the
hell is a Narrows gang

doing way up here?

I think we both know
someone we can ask.

Can you check on the fever
in Bed 12?

What's up, Doc?

Heard you were working
here. Interesting.

It's what I do,
help people.

Speaking of which,
I've got patients.

Oh, you wouldn't kick
Jim's baby mama to the curb,

now, would you? Whatever
happened between you

and Jim,
it's none of my concern.

So if you're here to gloat...

I'm here for
medical assistance.

For my little nugget.

What do you say?

Be my O.B.?

You can't be serious.

I know we've had
our differences.

You tried
to kill me, Barbara.


That was years ago.

There are other doctors here.

Not as good as you.


whatever you think
of me, my child

is innocent,
and I want the best for it.

And in this place,
that means you.

Does Jim know you're here?

This is none
of his business.



- Barbara.
- You're interrupting.

Doctor-patient. Blow.

I'm sorry,
you're her doctor?

No. I don't know.

What are you doing here?

Some bodies turned up.

They might have
a Narrows connection.

I wouldn't have
come, but...

It's important. Right.

You two need to talk.
I'll be outside.

Uh, I'd rather not. If you
want me to be your doctor,

you will talk
to the baby's... father.

Your first appointment is next
week. The nurse will give you

all your vitamins
when you leave.


Is she really
the only one you could find?

She's the best doctor in
this hellhole of a city.

Not everything is
about Jim Gordon.

Pretty sure this one is.

Because we slept
together. Yeah.

I only told you because I felt
you had a right to know.

But your involvement
in this ended

the moment you put
your pants back on.


You don't think I'm
fit to be a mother?

What do you think?


Who are you?

Well, look who decided
to join us.

Hello, champ.

Master Bruce!

Alfred, how did you...

Look at the state of you.

What have I told you about
rolling around in the muck?

Alfred, what's going on?

Who are these people?

Whatever do
you mean, Bruce?

We're your parents.

Right. Well,
let's get you spruced up.

After all,

we have a guest.

Welcome home, Bruce.

You're alive.

Well, you
didn't think Selina

could kill me so
easily, did you?

I just had
to put you off my scent

until I could finalize
my... project.

Master Bruce.

Let's not be rude
to our guest.

Especially when I
come bearing gifts.

Oh, Mr. Jeremiah. A cake.

How exceedingly kind
of you.

Is it Italian meringue?



Now, now, Bruce,
you come

any closer
and I blow up Wayne Manor,

with all of us inside of it.

I have a dozen
more of these, uh,

Italian meringues sprinkled
all throughout the house.

What did you do to Alfred?

And who are these people?

Ah, glad you asked.

Mm, come.

Come, come.

Mommy and Daddy dearest

were just an innocent couple
I kidnapped based on...

bone structure and, um...


Just a touch

of plastic surgery,
and voil?...


Alfred I nabbed
in the Green Zone.

They're hypnotized.

Well, I'm afraid
there was no room

for improv in
our script.

Today is a...

very important day, Bruce.

Just look at the way
they're dressed.

It's the night
my parents were killed.

And I'm giving
you the chance

to experience it
all over again.


Isn't it



this was the most important day
of your life.

And I didn't get to be
a part of it.

We need to
rectify that.

Alfred. It's
time for dinner.

We're on a very tight schedule.

Of course,
Mr. Jeremiah.

That's zero for three.


It seems the government
was quite thorough

when they mined the river.
You didn't have a plan

to get off this rock before
you stole everyone's crap?

I was working on a plan.

The river is mined.

Everything that flies out
gets blown from... the...


Jeremiah was digging a
tunnel under the river.

A tunnel?


Do you have any better ideas?

Didn't think so.

It's in the Dark Zone.

We should wait until
night to check it out.

Well, I was running out
of guinea pigs anyway.

Oh, look!

He's swimming to shore.

Are you sure

you should be out
in the Narrows alone?

When the bridges fell, this
place descended into chaos.

Figure our best bet of
getting out in one piece is

to keep a low profile. So all the
work I did to make the Narrows better

was for nothing.

It's the Leopards.
Rivals of the Chessmen.

About this Barbara thing...

Uh, Jim, just don't.

No, it's important to me
that you understand.

Okay. So, what
are you gonna do?

I don't know,
but it's my child, too.

Barbara seems to have a
difference of opinion.

But hey, people change.

You don't know her
like I do.

You can say that again.


We're clear.

The Chessmen moved around.

They used these as signals
for their members.

The rook's a compass needle.

Let's go.


Alfred told me
such great tidbits

about your childhood.

How you used to eat here,

in the kitchen, when it was
just you and the family.

My, how...

homey and intimate.

Grilled cheese and Branston
pickle sandwich, Mr. Jeremiah.

Master Bruce's favorite.

My influence,
though Thomas did add a dash

of aioli for extra flair.

Oh. Come on, Bruce.

That's a weird favorite
food for a 12-year-old.

I'm playing your game.

Now let Alfred
and these people go.

They're innocent.

I'm sorry, Bruce,
it's just...

it's very important
to me that I get

every detail
exactly right.

Speaking of which...

the final touch.

What was it like...

losing your parents
that night?

I lost my family,
too, Bruce.

The wound still
hasn't healed.

I... think about it often.

None of this is real.

You're trying
to manipulate me.

It will never be real.

But you are thinking
about that night.

That's all I need.

I just want to be
connected to you.

I offered for you
to be my best friend!

But I've realized
if we...

can't be friends...

then we can be connected
in other ways.


You'll see.

In time.


I'm sorry to cut
tonight short...


your parents and I have
a very important date...


...with destiny.

You might want to find your
faithful butler and leave.



The signs lead
this way.

Look at the smoke.

Someone restarted production.

My God, Jim...

look at all of this.

Come on.

- Who's in charge here?
- Tick tock,

the chemical stock,

shall give our Gotham
an aftershock.

Tick tock, the chemical stock,

shall give our Gotham
an aftershock.

Tick tock,
the chemical stock...

...shall give our Gotham
an aftershock.

They've been


Tick tock,

the chemical stock

shall give our Gotham
an aftershock.

My, my, what a thrill.

Jim Gordon...

and the woman
he told me to kill.

Brings back memories.

That tea party,
so long ago.

But now, to order these men
to attack my foe!

All for one, and one for all!

Ain't this a grand old ball!



Ain't this...

some... game!

Give it to me again?

has been stealing

everything in the city
that's not nailed down,

and now he needs a way
of getting it off the island.

Hmm. And you're
helping him?

Well, that's what he thinks.

Barbara, Tabitha
was my friend, too.

If anything,
I want to gut the twerp...

and take his loot. Except
you don't actually have

a way out of Gotham.
I'll find one tonight.

I'll still need your help
moving the stuff.

We can get out of here together.

Away from Jim Gordon.

Rich as Midas.

Penguin dead in a ditch.

Well, aren't we just
two single ladies and a baby

about to kill
our sworn enemy together.


It's just you're pregnant.

Don't even start.



Alfred. We need
to get out of here.

Ah, Master Bruce. I was
just taking a quiet moment

to tidy up.
We need to go.

The bombs.
What bombs?

These bombs.

No need for roughhousing, sir.

There has to be a way.

Alfred, you'd do anything
to protect me, right?

Absolutely, sir. There's a gas leak.
In the kitchen.

It's only a matter of time
before this whole place goes up.

A gas leak?
Where are your parents?

Where's our guest?
I've already warned them.

I know a way out.
Come on!



Oh, bloody hell.

Don't move.

Do you, uh...?

Oh, yeah, I remember everything.

Clear as day.

And let me tell you,
if ever I see

that Jervis Tetch character
again I'll stick that watch

so far up his... his nose.

How about you?

You all right?

Yeah, I'm all right.

But the manor...

Don't you worry about that now,

Come on. Help me up.

Oh, your leg's hurt.

Yes, but it's not broken.

I thought I lost you.


Never, Master Bruce.

Go on.

You know where
he's gonna be at.


If you're here,

Jeremiah must
still be alive.

And if you're here, I'm guessing
you found our test subjects,

all boiled and bubbled.

What's he planning?

Shh. It's a surprise,
don't you know?

A real killer.

Shall I hypnotize
our friends here,

and have them slit
each other's necks?


Better check
with the boss.

He might have other ideas.

I'm sorry I got you
involved in this.

Don't be.

I knew what I was
getting myself into.

I know, but, Lee...

Jim, whatever
you want to tell me,

save it till
we're out of here.

Fair enough.

We need to find out
what Valeska's planning.

Hey, Tetch.

You know, it's funny.

I never figured you for
Jeremiah's errand boy.

Oh, Captain.
No errands do I run.

This is simply a way
for me to have some fun.

Tell yourself that.

What are you
when you would take away

your games and your rhymes?

Nothing but a second-rater
with a really silly hat.

Shut up.



Lee Thompkins,
you do intrigue me so.

First, you were a doctor,

then the Narrows queen.

Tell me, please do,

are you running
from your past

when you become
someone new?

When I found Jeremiah,

he had a bunch of crazies
digging this tunnel for him.

Well, that certainly
fills me with confidence.

Whoa. You hear that?


What are you doing here?

And with that?

I should ask you
the same thing.

What's down that tunnel?

Well, it was Wayne Manor
till Jeremiah blew it up.

He sealed the only way out
of Gotham.


J-Jeremiah is not alive.
I-I saw him die right here.

Yeah, well, you're wrong.

We all were.

And now he's embarked
on some madcap scheme

where he's reenacting the night
Bruce's parents were killed.

Where's Bruce?

He's gone
after Jeremiah.

He could use your help.


Don't you think
that because

I did not kill Jeremiah does
not mean that I won't kill you.


You killed my friend Tabitha.

You deserve to die.


Just put the knife down.

Bruce needs you.

I suppose I should thank you.

Or you could help me
to the Green Zone.

Of course. It's that way.


Show yourself!


Hola, Bruce.

Well, here we are,

the theater where your mommy
and daddy took you to see

The Mark of Zorro.


I had heard you were obsessed
with this man as a child.

I wonder what was it
that intrigued you so?

Was it the fact
that he struck fear

into the hearts of his enemy?

En garde!


Take that, you villain.



Warned you.

Perhaps the movie was a bit
too effective.

Isn't this the part where you
became frightened?

When you asked your parents
to leave?

I wonder what would
have happened

if you hadn't done that.

If you had conquered your fear.

Maybe your parents would still
be alive.

Well, on to the last

and final stop down memory lane.



That's far enough, Bruce.


You don't have to do this.

But I...

I do.

You see, I-I came to this

I realized that no matter
what I did

to bond us, some random gunman
in an alley

would be the man who you were
tied to the most.

The man you saw
when you closed your eyes.

I want to be the star
of the show.

So if I can't have you as
a brother bonded by love,

then we'll just have
to be bonded by hatred.

And you think
killing two people

that look like my parents
will do that?

It won't.

Well, then it's a good
thing I already put

a bullet in both of their
fraudulent skulls.

Oh, you're confused.

You're wondering if
I already shot them,

then who's this lovely couple?

Thomas, Martha...

...why don't you turn around?


I know.

See, o-over the course
of our little adventure,

fate brought to me James Gordon
and Leslie Thompkins,

and I thought to myself,
why not...

why not kill the man
who you think of

as your second father figure?

And your dear, dear,

dear friend Lee Thompkins.

And when I do,

finally, you and I
will be bound together.

Because you see... with the
mainland hangs on by a thread.

Those fireworks go off

and toxic chemicals rain down
onto the city,

and the government...

...cuts us adrift for good.




The pi?ce de r?sistance.

One last thing.

I had Jervis Tetch
hypnotize them

so that they'll wake up
the moment

these beautiful pearls hit
the ground.

I want you to see them realize
what I've done to them

as the life drains
from their bodies.

Never forget,

this is all for you, Bruce.


Selina! The pearls!

Ecco! Now!

We need to stop
the fireworks.

They're gonna...
I know.

You go after Jeremiah and Ecco.
I'll take the truck!

There's no way to stop them all.

Get to Harvey.

Warn the people in
the Green Zone to get to cover.

What are you... Jim!


Face me!

Here, Bruce.


This ends.


No, Bruce. Now it begins.


You feel it.
The connection between us.

You do.

Don't you? Bruce, you feel it.

Tell me you feel it.

You mean nothing to me.

Why don't you understand?

You need me.

I'm the answer
to your life's question!

Without me,
you're just a joke...

...without a punch line.

After all this time,

you've come to me for help.

After allowing Strange
to put a chip into my brain.

Attempting to sell me out
to Gordon.

And after naming...

...a dog after me.

First of all,

I am very fond of that dog.

Secondly, I had Hugo Strange
save your life.

Thirdly, do you really think

I didn't have plans

to save you from Jim Gordon?

You always have an answer for
everything, don't you, Oswald?

We have been
through all of this before.

I've tried to kill you.

You've tried to kill me.

But here we are in this room.


It means fate has
different plans for us.

What are these plans?

Haven't you realized
what Gotham is yet?

It is no longer a city.

It is a prison.

And I think it's time
we escaped.

You heard the news?

talking about it.

isn't happening.

Word of the chemical spill
reached the mainland.

No action until the government
can determine if Gotham is safe.

I figure at least
a couple of months.

You don't sound surprised.

Guess I'm not.

Could've been much worse.

You stopped that.

Every time I think
we're turning things around,

I look up...
Right back where we started.

What were you
about to say to me

when, uh, Tetch had us?

I don't know.

I guess I, uh,
would have said...

what I said the last time
we saw each other.

I wish I could go back.

Do things differently.


It feels like a long time ago.
Nothing's changed.

But it has, Jim.

That was a mistake.

A mistake?

Put yourself in my shoes.
After everything you said,

suddenly you're having a baby
with Barbara, of all people.

But it's not just that.

You talk about doing
things differently

and I keep thinking,

what if we hadn't lost ours?

What are you doing here, Lee?

I don't know.

I know you've taken
on so much, and...

and I want to be
understanding, but...

you let me down, Jim.

I'm sorry.

What does that mean?

For us?

I don't know.

Can't change the past,

so I guess we just
have to live with it.

No, Lee...

I can't believe
he's still alive.

They've been doing scans,
and he has no brain activity.

He's no longer a threat.

To either of us.

Thank you for coming to help me.

That night your parents
were killed,

I should have done something.

Selina, you've done enough.

It's not much, but it's home.

I've been looking through
your treasure trove.

You've been a very naughty boy.

How did you...


Hmm. She and I
were gonna go murder-halfsies

to get you back for Tabitha,

but it seems I will have to do
the dirty work myself,

as usual.

Oh, my God.

You're pregnant.

How could you possibly know that?
Look at you.

She's glowing.

You're glowing.

How very observant of you.
Adieu, Oswald.


Come with us.


I killed Tabitha.

You're angry.

You want revenge.
But do you really want

to raise your child
in a toxic waste war zone?

Come with us.

Are you telling me
you found a way out of Gotham?

Ed did.

It's a submarine.

A submarine?
It can track

mines in the river using sonar.

So, where's this submarine?

We have to build it.

Yeah, I'm gonna shoot you.


What is happening to me?

Shut up!

That was a
rhetorical question.


I won't shoot you
for the sake of my child.

But I will never forgive you.
Of course.

I understand.

Call me when it's done.

So, who's the lucky father?
Shut up!