Gotham (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Legend of the Dark Knight: Ruin - full transcript

Gordon and Penguin are forced to work together and alliances are shaken when Lucius, Nygma and Barbara all have different ideas of the culprit behind recent events at Haven. Meanwhile, ...

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Previously on Gotham...

Shut up and Die!

Say hello to Butch.


She's paralyzed and has
lost the will to live.

If Selina ingests this,
it'll find its way

to her wound.

I'm better.

So now I have to find
the freak who shot me.

Welcome to the Church of Jeremiah.


This time, woke up on a rooftop.

No idea how I got there

or what happened during
the preceding hours.

- Who the hell are you?
- You don't remember?

What is happening to me?

Gonna need people I can trust
watching over this place.

You could be my deputy here in Haven.


Well, if it isn't my old friend

Mr. Penn.

You shouldn't have come here, Oswald.

Perhaps you shouldn't
have stolen my people.

- Hi, Pengy.
- Jim!

Barbara, no.

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Over here!

Over here!

Over here!

This woman needs medical attention.

Find a doctor. Go. Hey, hey!

You! Hey, listen up.

Pair up.

I need teams going in
looking for survivors.

Go. Get those people back!

Hey. You.

Set up a triage over here.

Hey. Hey, come on. Snap to.

Focus. There's gonna
be a lot of wounded.

Look at me. Look at me.

All right. Find all the
medical supplies you can. Go.

You did this. You
brought the gangs here!

No! I would never allow that.

None of them had explosives,
that I know of.


We need to get these fires out, Harvey.

We got nothing to put hoses on.

Use the drinking water. Do it.

Hey. Hey!

Get those hoses over here now!


Harvey. Flames are dying.

We can get more teams inside.

- There have to be survivors.
- I know.

It's just, an officer just found this.

It's yours.

As of now, the death toll stands at 311.

49 injured.

More than two dozen unaccounted for.

I'm so terribly sorry, Captain.

Do you have any idea who's responsible?

There was an incursion
by several of the gangs.

Any one of them could've done it.

Right now, it's impossible
to rule anyone out.

I'm working on getting you help.

You've been promising me help for weeks.

I have bodies lined up in the streets.

You have every right
to be upset, Captain.

- But I'm doing everything I can...
- Yeah.

... to make sure that you and your...

Let them through.

- There he is!
- Let them through!

Let them through. It's
okay. It's all right.

When are you gonna
find out who did this?

My family was in there.

How do we know we're safe here?

I know...

I know each one of you
lost someone you care for.

I share your grief.

I share your anger.

But whoever destroyed that building

can't destroy the hope we've built.

Not unless we let them.

I swear,

I promise I won't stop until
I find those responsible.

Justice will be done.

How are you gonna stop
it from happening again?

It was a nice try.

Can you blame them? They're angry.

It's gonna take more than words.

Someone has to pay for this, soon.

Well, the department's not
exactly firing on all cylinders.

We got more men than bullets,

and we ain't got that many men.

Lucius, I need something.
Comb through every piece

of evidence you can find.

I need to know who did this, and how.

It's not gonna be easy. The size
of the crime scene alone...

Do whatever you have to
do. The clock is ticking.

More than you know.

When Barbara and I showed up,

that's when the building blew.

She vanished right after.

This doesn't make sense.
Not even for her.

Nothing makes sense anymore.

You're in charge, Harvey.




I was afraid you didn't get my signal.

Lucius said the range was
only a couple miles.

Oh, you know me,

Master Bruce, I managed
to muddle through.

So go on, then. How did that happen?

I let my guard down.

You're telling me that
your captors shackle you,

they leave a radio transponder

in your pocket and... and your weapons?


I think you're telling porkies.

It was Selina.

She's gone after Jeremiah, alone.

You want to follow her, do you?

She's not herself, Alfred.
She's desperate for revenge.

She's gonna get herself hurt, or killed.

Seems to be a little bit
of a recurring theme

with madam, isn't it?

You know, one of these
days you're gonna realize

you can't save her from herself.

Until that day comes...

... I think we should go
and find her, don't you?

Let him in.

You're either here for information,

or you somehow think I
might've had something to do

with that atrocity.

Penguin murdered Tabitha.

You knew he was at Haven.

You would've done anything for revenge.

And I could've killed
him then and there.

So why didn't you?

Because the person who blew
up Haven has to be stopped.

That's all that matters now.

You're worried Sirens could be next.

I've been putting out feelers.

Is that what that was?

He heard people talking
about a shady guy

lurking around Haven before it blew.

This is Gotham. You're
gonna have to do better

than "shady guy."

How about a location?

A building in the northeast
corner of Harlow Park.

He says the guy's holed up there.

How much is this gonna cost me?

Just do your job.

Get the bastard.

Did you really think I could've
murdered all those people?

I don't know.

I guess I deserve that.



Jim, you read me?


We got a problem.

On my way.


What are you doing here?

Jim, it has become woefully apparent

that you are outmanned,

outgunned and out of options.

So I'm here to help.

That's generous of you.

I'm just getting started.


Ain't you just Saint Nick
on a Christmas morning?

Don't be shy. Go. Take
all you can carry.

I'm guessing there are strings attached?

No strings.

Save for the one that we will cinch

around the neck of the Haven bomber.

I lost people, too, Jim.

People you lured with promises
of safety and security,

only to have them incinerated.

But let's just hold that in
abeyance for the moment.

I would rather we put aside
our considerable differences,

and go get the people some justice.

What do you say, partner?


I've been on a trip,
or I'm going on one.

I've also left myself a message.

"In A-T number 1215 knows."

In... nate?

In... grate? Inflate?

In... mate?

"Inmate number 1215 knows."

Inmate number 1215 knows!

Knows what?!

Okay. Okay, think.

Prison records. Where do
I get prison records?


To hell with Penguin.

Haven wasn't your fault.

I told the people it was safe.

I made them into a target.

Jim, you gave 'em...

Don't tell me I gave 'em
hope. They're dead.

All right, fan out.

We go building to
building, door to door.

Our source said this is where
we'll find the bomber.

He's here somewhere.

Alvarez, take a squad, grab
the north side of the street.

The rest of you, cover the south.

To the vile miscreant

who murdered those innocent Havenites,

you have nowhere to run!

There goes the element of surprise.

We will root you out

like the vermin you are!

Two forces united in one purpose!

- Get back! Get back!
- Get down!

Elevated position, back to the sun.

Looks like we found our guy, huh?

- We're sitting ducks out here.
- And one Penguin.

Hey, Oswald, why don't
you crawl out there,

grab that bullhorn and tell
him to come down quietly?

Put your weapons down!

We have the building surrounded.

And we have more ammo than you!

Come out now with your hands in the air.

Pretty cozy up here.

Thanks, guys.

I know that voice.


Oh, hey, guys. What's up?


It's impolite to sneak up on people.

So is breaking and entering.

Heard you were dead, Ed.

Now what are you looking for?

I am given, and I am taken.

I was there from your first breath,

and I will follow you until your death.

A name.


you're looking for the name
of a prisoner at Blackgate.

Call it a personal matter.

- This folder's quite valuable.
- Right.

What is the going rate on dust bunnies?

What I mean to say is,
this folder seems to be

quite valuable to you.


I'm guessing you don't want money,

because, uh, it's worthless.

I don't tend to carry snacks on me.

And if I had any bullets,

I would just shoot you
and take the folder.

So what is it that you would like?

Your expertise.

Surely you've noticed

the giant plume of smoke in the sky?

Someone blew up a building we
were using to house refugees.

We need to figure out how they did it,

so we can prevent them
from doing it again.

So, the second smartest man in Gotham...

needs my help.

Explosives are not my expertise.

Didn't realize you had one.


Just... Why?

Do we have a deal or not?


I did not make that
building go boom, Jim.

Oh, please!

You gave up any shred of honor long ago!

Why should we believe a snake like you?!

Because I would never take
credit for somebody else's work.

Oh, no, you'd just betray
anyone and everyone

for the right price!

Is this about Sofia Falcone?

Because you should
really move past that.

It's not healthy.

Oswald, concentrate.

Do you and your men have enough ammo

to keep Zsasz pinned down
for a couple of minutes?

For you, Jim, let's
say... two and a half.

Concentrate all your fire
on that window up there.

Give me everything you got,
then abruptly cease fire.

You can count on me.

Spread the word.

All right, guys, gather around,

we got new orders.

All right.





Keep it coming!

Cease fire!

Cease fire!

Cease fire!

Glad to see you're still with us.

Thank you. Thank you. You were great.

Glad there's no hard feelings.

Day's not over yet. Come on.

Well done, Jim.

We make a hell of a team.

That man is a menace.

Allow me to deal with him.

This is about more than just
your vendetta against Zsasz.

If he did this, I need to know

if it was a part of something larger.

My point exactly.

One of the areas in which I excel

is the loosening of tongues.

No. He's mine.

You're pushing my men way too hard.

We're not gonna break through

for at least a couple more days.

There is absolutely no way
to make it on schedule.

Well, not with that
attitude, you're not.



let's reach inside and dig...

a little deeper, shall we?

'Cause that's the only way

you're all making it out of this hole.

Come on, put this on.

Are these all the recruits?

Well, I thought you would want quality

over quantity.

Not everybody can pass a
.38 caliber test of faith.


you certainly have set a very high bar

for devotion.

Oh. Almost forgot.

Bruce Wayne and his sidekick Curls...

Or is he the sidekick?

Anyway, they tried to infiltrate
our little operation here.

- Oh?
- Oh.

And Curls can walk, really well,


for a paraplegic.

Ah. And she wants to kill you.

A lot, FYI.

If I see her, I'll give you a shout.

Oh... and kill her.


Okay, recruits,

let's do like my daddy did

before my sixth birthday and move out.


The building's superstructure
is largely intact,

which would rule out C-4 and Semtex.

Evidence of deflagration
would suggest something

with a slower burn rate, like gunpowder

or nitroglycerin.

But for this level of destruction,

that would require a bomb that's...

20 cubic feet of explosive material.

There's no way you could
sneak something that size

into the building. All the
entrances were guarded,

which suggests maybe that
this was an inside job.


... a classic locked-room mystery.

Man walks into a room, alone,

and is later found murdered.

There are no windows, and one door,

which is locked from the inside.

The killer was already inside the room.

So, the bomb was already
inside the building?


The bomb was the building.

You don't need to smuggle in explosives

when you can detonate 250 gallons

of highly pressurized heating oil

that's coursing through all the floors.

True, but that doesn't explain this.


Presumably from there.

No, there's no way that that

would blast in with that explosion.

That would make all of that
glass go out onto the street.

Unless whatever ignited
those heating oil tanks...

Smashed through that window.


This is a really nice table.

We got a dozen witnesses that saw you

walk out of that building
before it went kabooey.

Yeah. I heard some gangs had taken over.

Figured, with you guys occupied,

I might help myself to
some of your supplies.

Hey, do you guys have
any canned peaches?

Man, I'd trade an arm and
a leg for that right now.

Not mine, somebody else's.

If you're innocent, why shoot up

a city block full of cops?

Because it was full of cops,

who were also trying to shoot me.

And, guys, those were warning shots.

I mean, if I really
wanted to kill you...

you'd be dead. You got a pen?

I want to write this guy
a thank-you letter.

Do the math.

If I blew up a building full of people,

I would have covered
every inch of my body

in sweet, sweet scars.

You guys want to do a strip search?

Got Lucius on the horn for you, Cap.

Stay on him.

I'd let Alvarez do it.

He's handsome.

Lucius, talk to me.

Haven wasn't destroyed by a bomb.

It was an RPG, like the one
that took down the chopper.

You sure?

I'm holding what's left of
it in my hand right now.

We found pieces of it in the rubble.

It was fired through
the basement window,

detonated the fuel oil tank.

And we're still trying
to figure out exactly

which rooftop it was fired from.

- Rooftop?
- Yes.

The only angle you could hit
this tank from is above.

Our only suspect was on the ground.

Zsasz was seen leaving the building

moments before it blew.

Looks like you need a new suspect.


Ah. I know the wheels of justice

turn slowly, so I'm here to provide

- a modicum of grease.
- Oswald,

you need to leave right now.

Still claiming he's innocent, is he?

Yes. And as much as I hate to admit it,

the evidence is backing him up.

What the hell's going on?

Harvey, according to Lucius,

Zsasz couldn't have done it.

I did not expect you to go soft, Jim.

Actually, I did.

Which is why I didn't come alone.

Bring me Victor Zsasz.


Torturing Zsasz into confessing
won't give the people justice.

As misguided as he is,

my old friend Jim is
correct in this instance.

Despite our enflamed passions,

we cannot rush to judgment.

- There will be a trial.
- Yeah!

And we will let the people decide.


Good to know who's really
in charge here, Jim.

This is it, the exact place

where the RPG was fired.


Calculated the angle of incident

to follow the trajectory
through the window,

into the fuel oil tanks.


That, and the RPG case
is right over there.

So, now we know how it was done;

hopefully this holds
some clues as to who.

I should get this back to the lab.

Doubtful that someone who could pull off

such an intricate plot would
forget to wear gloves.

True, but it's all I've got to go on.

Well, maybe I'm wrong.

I hope so.

I truly hope that you
find whoever did this...

and you make them pay.

As promised.

I appreciate your help, Ed.

Couldn't have done it without you.

And if you tell anyone I
said that, I will deny it.

"Inmate number 1215. Frank McCann."

Frank McCann.

Deceased? No!

No! No, you can't be dead!


Lucius! Hey!

Di... Did you see who
blew up this building?


Deaf old bat.

Hopefully she's not blind, too.

There he is.

I got no love for Zsasz,

but are we really gonna let this happen?

Look at them, Harvey.

If we try to stop it,

they'll turn that anger against us.

- We've got to do something.
- Yeah?

Like what?

I make another speech?

Maybe this is what the people need.

Order in the court!

So, um, will I be appointed a lawyer?

I feel like my rights
are being violated.

Not your right to
remain silent. Bailiff.

No, no, no, no, no...

And where exactly did
you see the defendant

minutes before the explosion?

Coming out of the building.

The very building that
mere moments later

was engulfed in flames that would claim

so many beloved souls?

Are there any other witnesses

who can back up this man's claim? Oh.

- Here.
- Yep. Here.

Captain Gordon would
have this court believe

that all of you fine
citizens are mistaken.

He claims that Mr. Zsasz is not
responsible for the bombing.

Captain Gordon, if you would
like to say something,

now is the time.

Tell us something.

It wasn't a bomb.

It wasn't a bomb.

Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

A rocket-propelled grenade,
fired from a rooftop.

If Zsasz was on the ground,
as your witnesses claim,

he couldn't have done it.

I know you all want justice.

So do I.

You're angry.

You're scared.

For months now, you've
been hearing me say

help is coming.

Truth is, we may be on our own.

And if that's true,

what we do now is more
important than ever.


This is not justice.

This is not justice.

It's not who we are.

I'll consider that

your closing argument.

Now that the defense has rested,

let's put it to the crowd.

What say you, jury?


Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

By the power vested in me

by... well, me,

I sentence you, Victor Zsasz,

to die.

Any last words?

Well said.

Get him out of there.


What the hell are you doing?!

Trying to keep you all from
making a terrible mistake.


Jim Gordon cares more about
protecting a murderer

than he does about protecting you!

You've lost them, Jim.

They don't believe in you anymore.

They're mine now.

I got to be honest, Jim,

I don't know how safe Zsasz
will be at the GCPD.

There's more than a few cops
that want to see him on a slab.

That's why we're not taking him there.


Tell me this is not a catch and release.

What choice do I have?
Either I let him go,

or he's dead for something he didn't do.

Thank you, Jim.

I'm not doing this for you.

Of course not.

This city will never be what
you want it to be, Jim.

It's always gonna belong
to the bad guys, like me.

Give him your gun, Harvey.


Yeah. What?

Give him your gun.


Do it!

You got a death wish, Jim?

'Cause I'll kill you.

Harvey, too.


Maybe I'm just tired of
listening to you, Victor.

Do it.

You know what? You seem tired.

Maybe we should do this

another day, yeah?

People like you are always
trying to own this city.

But you never will.

Now get the hell out of my face.

See you around, Jim.

A shoot-out?

- Are you serious?
- What? I could've taken him.

That's not the point. Never...

ever ask me to do
anything like that again.

Pull yourself together.

You see,

a river cuts through rock
not because of its power,

but because of its persistence.

So what do we do when
we feel like giving up?

Dig a little deeper.

And what do we do when we can't
possibly go on any longer?

Dig a little deeper.

And what do we...

Deep enough?

Well, Selina,

I must say...

Don't say anything.


- Selina!
- Let me go!

It's done! It's over.


We need to get out of here, now.

I hate stairs.

Oh, God.

Oh, no! Go away!

No... hey, wait. I need
to know what you know.

Oh, please. Oh, oh,
please don't hurt me.

Listen, lady, I'm not gonna hurt you.

I just want to know what you saw.

Uh, uh, the-the roof.

You, you were on the roof.

And you had some kind of a, uh,

you had some kind of a, of a rocket.


That's, that's not possible.

Uh, and-and you shot it
at-at-at that building.




Oh, I'm sorry.

I promise,

I won't tell anybody.

I know you won't.

You said you wouldn't hurt me.

I'm really very sorry.

Oh, no! Oh, no!

Spotlight's off.

You forget to pay the electric bill?

What do you want, Barbara?

Same as you.

To protect my people.

Your tip didn't pan out.

Well, I've got another one.

A lead on a guy selling RPGs.

He moves about, but...

That all?

I heard some of your people
went over to Penguin.


Well, you can't win them all.

Poor Jim.

All alone again.

Get out of here, Barbara.

No one knows what it's like to be him.

To carry the weight.

I told you to leave.

I heard you.