Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows - full transcript

With Professor Pyg striking fear throughout Gotham, Gordon and Bullock head into the Narrows to look for clues. Bruce Wayne meets a former friend, who convinces him to come along for a night with some old classmates.

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Previously on "Gotham"...
- Oink. Oink. - What the?
GORDON: A cop was murdered last night.
A bagman on your payroll?
I think someone is trying to send you a message.
We have unfinished business.
Listen, if you think you're gonna...
- Don't talk about my mother. - (grunts)
An opportunity awaits you.
With you and Barbara,
the three of us could give all those creeps
a run for their money.
OSWALD: She's making alliances with politicians.
Building a fortress.
She's been planning a war.
Oswald, I want you to know I forgive you.
OSWALD: You started an orphanage?
I wanted to surprise you.
RA'S AL GHUL: If you don't kill me,
I will kill everyone you love.
It doesn't stop
till I've butchered
every single swine
on Penguin's payroll.
We both know, Captain Bullock, you deserve this.
Hold on, buddy.
GORDON: How long you been taking money from Penguin?
You got to understand, Jim.
- The debts I got... - It stops now.
Call dibs on my office?
- I ain't dead yet. - Just measuring
for when you are.
Shouldn't you be resting?
- Let me help you. - I'm fine.
Great, so we can talk
about you taking Penguin's money.
I'm not that fine.
I meant what I said, Harvey.
This stops today. You hear me?
- MAN: Hey, hey! - What the hell is that?
- You're trying to change the subject. - Obviously.
But seriously, what the hell is that?
(indistinct chatter)
Some fancy-ass guy on the phone.
How was I supposed to know what we were carrying?
Stench of death, for starters?
I got a cold.
44 boxes...
one for every cop in the precinct.
(indistinct chatter)
Pyg's escalating.
He's not just after dirty cops anymore.
It's the whole GCPD.
There are 45 cops here.
Oh, yeah. The instructions said
don't give nothing to this one cop here named, uh...
Jim Gordon?
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ALFRED: Your support, I really appreciate it.
Enjoy the, uh, benefit.
MAN: As far as the foundation is concerned...
Helping the needy.
Very good for the soul, Master Bruce.
I have to say I really appreciate
you allowing us to do the fund-raiser here.
The Society meant a great deal to your father.
As long as I don't have to leave the house.
Well, you're Bruce Wayne, ain't you?
The world can come to you.
- What the hell? - Excuse me?
- You knocked into me. - Bruce.
- Sorry, I didn't notice. - Well, you should've.
- Bruce. - Honestly. I'm really sorry.
(breathing heavily)
I haven't wanted to push, Master Bruce.
I mean, what happened with Ra's...
I know that you're hurting.
Just, please, tell me
- what I can do to help. - You can get off my back.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I can't stop thinking...
about... when I k...
I should feel bad.
Guilty. I...
- I-I just... - You're just angry.
That anger
is concealing what's really going on.
Unless you face it full-on,
it will consume you.
And it will erupt.
I know...
what you're capable of.
And I don't want to see you
or anybody else get hurt.
I need some air.
All right.
Next time you see red stuff dripping from a package,
consider calling the police.
We're C.O.D.
Get the hell out of here.
Hey, Jim.
OSWALD: James!
I am so happy we are working hand in hand
to rid the city of this menace. (laughs)
He just showed up to, uh, offer his help.
Did he?
Nice to meet you, Jim. I'm Headhunter.
I'm sure you heard of me.
My new security consultant.
Recommended by Victor,
who is off visiting his bubbie.
You want to know why I carry two pistols?
(laughs) See, I always shoot twice.
The first one does the job.
Every time. But the second one, well...
...that's just my signature. (chuckles)
He has a signature.
Colorful, isn't he?
- Mm-hmm. - But effective.
Mr. Headhunter and my men
will help the GCPD
until this Pyg situation is resolved.
We don't want your help, or that of your idiot hit man.
Pyg's actions threaten the both of us.
He's killing
my cops, my employees.
Get this through your head, Oswald.
We don't work for you,
and we don't work with you.
Well, your captain says otherwise.
Excited to work with you, Jim.
Are you out of your frickin' mind?
- Jim, listen... - You are legitimizing him, Harvey.
He's been legitimized for years. He was the freaking mayor!
Is it about the money? Is that it?
It's not about that.
How can I know that?
How can you even know that?
Take a look out there, okay?
Half the precinct skipped town
because they didn't want to wear bacon-flavored death masks.
We need the help.
You are dangerously overreacting.
I'm overreacting because every cop
in this precinct got a death threat.
Except, of course,
- for you. - So, Penguin's guys
are gonna beat and torture their way through the city?
Then execute Pyg
- if they find him? - And?
And the people need to know
they don't need gangsters to keep them safe.
I'll tell you what, I'm gonna find Pyg,
alive, and I'll bring him to justice.
Good for you.
Three cops just went missing.
It's gonna be tough. It's the Narrows.
So, that's it.
We're shutting up shop.
So long. Farewell. Toodle-oo.
I can't believe this.
I can.
All this was so I could be Ra's eyes and ears in Gotham.
He was bankrolling us,
and now he's gone. So I'm pulling the plug.
Help yourself to whatever.
So all of this... being partners,
building something together...
A sales pitch.
- I couldn't do it alone. - We can still spy
on the jerks who come in here and get intel on jobs.
We can make it work.
What? And the three of us stay together
like a plucky little family?
Well, how about a little parting lesson
from big sis.
In this life, you're on your own.
Bonus lesson:
never make Bellinis from a can.
I followed a buyer from the Street Demonz.
They have a chop shop across town,
and I saw exactly where they hide their stash.
Let's hit it. Show her she's wrong.
We're not gonna rip off
one of Gotham's biggest motorcycle gangs.
Why not?
You and I will find something else.
(sirens wailing)
(tires screeching)
All right, PD here, Penguin's guys over there.
Three missing officers. Patel from our precinct,
Fisoli and Perkov from the 2-2.
Good Lord, there's blood all over.
He got them here.
Clear view from dozens of windows. Someone saw it.
They sure did.
All right, bring it in, everybody. Come on.
This is the Narrows:
the poorest of the poor,
the hardest of the hard.
Now, I don't need to tell you
that they got a code of silence down here,
which means we got to make 'em more scared of us
than they are of their own people.
We go floor by floor.
(indistinct yelling, shouting)
- Let's get 'em! Move on out! - (laughs)
(indistinct shouting)
This is gonna be fun.
Hey! Hey!
Get off of him!
Get back.
(man grunts, woman screams)
Hey! Hey!
Get off! Get off of him.
They're potential witnesses. They're not perps.
This is the Narrows, Gordon. You think there's a difference?
- Step away, Ruseckas. - BULLOCK: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Ruseckas, they need you upstairs. You two, go. Now.
Working out great.
If it gets me my cop killer, yeah, it is.
(classical music playing)
I just wanted to say hi.
I'm Grace. We went to school together.
Grace Blomdhal.
Sorry I d...
It's been years... I didn't even recognize you.
I heard you were homeschooling.
I, um...
Why aren't you in school?
'Cause it's Saturday.
I don't mean to knock your fund-raiser,
but is there any chance you're as bored as I am?
- You'd have to be pretty bored. - (laughs)
So do you want to maybe go somewhere?
(grunting, indistinct shouting)
(door chain slides)
May I?
(indistinct shouts)
Ma'am, please.
I'm Detective Gordon.
We didn't see nothin'.
But you knew those missing cops.
Or knew of 'em. Right?
Three officers, different precinct,
same patrol car... they were freelancing.
Look, I know how it is down here.
A lot of bad stuff happens; half the time it's the cops doing it.
They were running some sort of protection racket, am I right?
You sit over here. Yeah?
It gives you a pretty good view.
So what'd you see?
Please, I need you to leave.
No one's gonna know you told me anything.
I give you my word.
Can I help?
Get out of here.
Will do, Jim.
- (woman screams) - GORDON: Hey!
This is ridiculous. We're all on the same team.
(woman sobbing)
(gasping breaths)
No, no, come on.
Come on. Come, come... yeah.
If the old lady doesn't talk,
the old man gets it!
And after that, I go apartment by apartment
until I get an answer!
Drop it!
Back atcha, Jim.
Oh! Everybody stand down!
- I'm giving you three seconds. - I'm giving you two.
BULLOCK: No one is counting!
You drop your weapon!
(woman crying)
I'll tell you what I saw!
WOMAN: He took them.
He was driving a hearse. I didn't see the plate.
It's all right.
We don't need the plate.
Just tell me which direction was he headed.
Down 7th. Heading west.
Hey, thanks, Jim.
You know, I never really did the whole good-cop/bad-cop thing.
It's quite effective.
West on 7th... that's Hoover Island.
It's tiny... there's only a couple of abandoned buildings.
We can canvass the whole area in ten minutes.
HEADHUNTER: And the second shot...
well, that's just my signature.
I know it doesn't look good,
but no one got hurt too bad.
And we got what we needed, right?
You just, you got to trust me on this one, partner, okay?
People, we're moving out
to Hoover Island right now! Let's move! Go!
BULLOCK: Come on!
♪ ♪
(helicopter blades whirring, sirens wailing)
OFFICER: Last door, let's go!
♪ ♪
- (indistinct talking) - WOMAN: Empty.
I got two in here!
(muffled groaning)
This man is alive. Call an ambulance.
(weakly): Help me.
- We will. We're here. - BULLOCK: Jim!
Pyg disappeared. There's no sign of the third cop anywhere.
All right. Get some help.
Hold on.
My God.
It's okay.
As you can see behind me,
we just had a major police operation.
A raid of some sort on this...
Sofia, look!
Those are my men.
And there's that Headhunter person I was talking about.
Kind of a moron, but... he is effective. the scene.
Another is in stable condition and on his way...
(laughs): So, technically,
I saved that cop's life.
Such great PR. (laughs)
Excuse me. Little person.
(news report continues indistinctly)
Is co-opting the police
not the most brilliant idea I have ever had?
It is Pax Penguina
taken to a whole other level.
Isn't it?
Oh. You don't need to know what I think.
Well, now I definitely do.
My father never would have
publicly aligned with the GCPD.
They are incompetent and unreliable.
Eventually, they will fail and fail big, and...
you will fail with them.
that's what I think.
Thank you for your input.
You're welcome, Oswald.
Because you have shown me very clearly what not to do.
In fact...
I'm gonna get more involved.
Don't ask for my opinion if you don't want to hear it.
(whispers): Okay.
(seething breaths)
♪ ♪
- DEMON 1: Look at that! - DEMON 2: Aw!
(Demon 1 chuckles)
- DEMON 1: Come on! - DEMON 2: Aw!
(tool ratcheting)
(car alarm blaring)
- DEMON 1: Yo! The alarm's going off! - DEMON 2: What the hell!
Someone broke in?
I was... I was under the car.
The stash is gone.
Guy must've got out.
So you must've messed up your only job.
- Guess it's time to burn rubber. - (grunting)
Wait! No!
- (starts engine) - No!
Let go! I didn't do anyth... Aah!
Aah! No! No!
No! (screaming)
(screaming continues)
(siren wailing)
(monitor beeping rhythmically)
(phone ringing)
- Yeah? - BULLOCK: Hey.
We scanned the entire area...
still no sign of Pyg or Officer Patel.
- You get anything off Fisoli? - No. No. I'll, uh...
Wait, wait. He's coming to. I'll call you back.
Officer Fisoli.
It's okay. It's all right.
You're on your way to Gotham General.
You're safe. I'm Detective Gordon.
- I know who you are. - You were taken by the Pyg.
Did you happen to see his face?
Nah, he wore a mask.
The others?
Perkov didn't make it.
Patel's gone missing.
- Do you remember anything? - I don't know, man.
He was torturing us for hours.
He was singing nursery rhymes... talking crazy.
Oh, geez. (panting)
I watched him bleed out Perkov.
- Did he say anything about Patel? - I don't know. I don't remember.
Look at me.
- Look what he did to me. - Okay,
all right, all right, all right.
Let's take a break.
Why is he doing this?
'Cause he's insane.
But it's more than that.
(sighs) I guess he's just reached a breaking point.
There's so much rot in Gotham.
All of it, high to low.
Sometimes even I feel like breaking, you know?
I was on Penguin's pad.
Started off small stuff...
deliveries and... payoffs... and then...
it got bad.
I get it.
I've done bad stuff myself.
For Penguin, even.
But you and I can make it right.
Once I get Pyg,
I'm gonna take down the Pax Penguina.
And then I'm gonna go after the dirty cops, one by one.
Now you have a chance
to make right what you've done wrong.
Help me.
Pyg is planning something.
Nearby. He was...
Maybe where he took Patel.
He-he kept saying something about,
"I'll bring justice to where there is,
uh, justice no more."
Justice. A courthouse.
There ain't no courthouse in the Narrows.
There's one they abandoned a few years back.
Pull it over!
- I'm getting out. - Yes, sir.
- Thank you, Officer Fisoli. - Hey.
You are one of the good ones, Jim.
(distant traffic sounds)
(door shuts)
Hey, Brant.
I ran into an old friend. Bruce Wayne.
Bruce, this is Emma Hsueh and Tommy Elliott.
You two know each other?
Oh, yeah. Last time I saw this guy, he punched me in the face.
I should go.
TOMMY: Hey, hold on, bro.
I totally deserved it.
If anything, you should've hit me harder.
So true. He was such a jerk back then.
Little heads-up, next time
you just bring some random kid to my place...
- Parents' place, Brant. - He's so jealous.
Brant wanted Grace all to himself.
(Brant scoffs)
Uh, you want a shot?
Maybe sample some party favors?
I'm good.
Oh, I forgot about this guy. Total animal.
So what do you do for fun?
I used to walk on rooftops and fight crime.
Now I'm not so sure.
Whoa! You're a bigger dork than I remember.
Just kidding. Hey, whatever happened to that, uh, that,
that creepy old guy, the butler?
Is he still, uh, buttling?
It's a joke. (chuckles)
Seriously, does he buttle with you?
- Bruce! - (others shouting)
Stop! Oh, my God!
- Stop! - (grunting)
So, does he buttle with you?
Brant, didn't you say you had a hookup at that club?
Yeah. Yeah, this is lame.
Let's go.
Brant's a tool, but this'll be fun.
(indistinct chatter)
Whoa, there... partner.
You followed me?
Didn't have to.
Your captain told me where you were headed.
(sirens wailing)
I guess he thought maybe you needed some help.
(tires screeching)
(sirens wailing)
Hi, Jim.
Thanks for leading the way.
We'll take it from here.
♪ ♪
Keep watching me like that and I'll think you don't trust me.
Just give me my money so I can get out of here.
(phone ringing)
Where are you?
SELINA: Okay, I don't want to hear how I'm an idiot.
I'm at the Demonz' place.
It's, uh... it's bad.
- What? - I'm hiding, but...
there are three of 'em,
- strapped. - (arguing indistinctly)
And they just called backup.
You idiot.
How about you yell at me after you come get me?
Just wait right there.
(scoffs) I kind of have to.
Selina's at the Demonz'. We got to get her.
Isn't this what they call a teachable moment?
- Let her claw her way out. - We owe her.
That is what her salary was for.
Look, she only went there
to prove that we can make this work,
us running heists together.
Oh. Then she might have considered not getting caught.
She just wants a purpose.
She wants a home.
Mm. Then sucks for her.
You know, I thought you'd changed.
Like maybe you could think
about somebody other than yourself for once.
Then sucks for you.
It was my idea to offer my consulting services.
And I daresay it has been a smashing success,
the Pax Penguina taken to the tactical level.
And now we have reason to believe that the notorious Pyg is trapped
in the courthouse behind us.
Look, I know it's a bit of a circus.
But there was no way in hell I was gonna let you go
in there alone, all right? The Pyg ain't gonna go down easy.
So I say we let Penguin's thugs go in first... let them be
the cannon fodder instead of our guys.
It's win-win.
End of conversation.
(phone ringing)
PYG: Did you know I spell my name with a "Y"?
I didn't.
You want to meet me somewhere, we can talk about it?
Please, Jim, I'm not that dumb.
Anyway, P-Y-G.
The "Y" is because it's short for "Pygmalion."
Like I'm creating a new, better Gotham.
And I'm creating a new you, Jim.
- Really? - Yes, except there's a slight hitch.
I can't recreate you if you're, you know...
Which you will be if you go in there.
In where?
Oh, don't act dumb.
Only I get to do that.
Let them play cops and robbers. It'll be fun.
But not you.
Why should I believe anything you have to say?
(in Fisoli voice): you are one of the good ones, Jim.
Call Gotham General. Find out
what the hell happened to Fisoli!
("Chant No. 1" by Spandau Ballet playing)
(indistinct chatter)
Check again.
- Jones. Brant Jones. - I heard you the first time.
You said we could get in.
♪ Intangible crime ♪
Stupid bouncer's acting like he doesn't know who I am.
He knows who you are.
He just doesn't care.
I don't care how much money you have.
You're a dork and a freak, Wayne.
- You always were. - Brant, chill.
♪ I know this feeling's a lie ♪
Give me a second, guys.
♪ I know this feeling's a lie ♪
♪ There's a guilt within my mind ♪
- It's your fault for inviting him. - Shut up, Brant.
Wait, who's Bruce talking to?
♪ A lie ♪
♪ I know this feeling's a lie ♪
Let's go, guys.
(chuckles softly)
Uh, not him.
Let me talk to the owner.
You're standing next to him.
I bought the place.
- You guys in or out? - In.
♪ I don't need this pressure on ♪
♪ I don't need this pressure on ♪
♪ ♪
♪ Oh, I should question, not... ♪
Can't find either of them?
No, they're not standing over him anymore.
They can't find the ambulance.
GORDON: Call it off!
Call off the raid.
Fisoli's dead.
The guy in the ambulance was the Pyg in disguise.
- What the hell are you talking about? - Pyg called me.
He warned me off. He used the same phrase
he used in the ambulance.
He fed us the clue to get us here.
It has to be a trap.
So the insane serial killer who hates cops
warned you to save your life
- because why, now? - Because I'm against dirty cops.
Except all of the times you are one.
I'm telling you, Harvey, call it off.
Call it off.
OSWALD: I have another
interpretation, Jim. The Pyg is not trying to save you.
He's trying to save himself by stopping the raid.
You are being played.
And not for the first time, I might add.
We called Gotham General.
They can't locate Fisoli or the ambulance.
Jim, it's Gotham General. It's a madhouse down there.
If I'm correct, the Pyg isn't even in the courthouse.
I came directly from the ambulance.
There is no way he beat me here.
You're wrong! Pyg is in there, Jim!
He's right!
We got a spotter across the street
that got a visual on Pyg in there,
standing next to Patel tied to a chair.
- I swear. - Look,
I can't explain it. All I know is, this is a trap.
Now, you asked me to trust you.
I am asking you to trust me.
Ugh! It's so tiresome!
- Start the operation! - Let's go.
- (Oswald scoffs) - Jim, I'm sorry.
I'm with Penguin on this one. We got to think about Patel.
Let's move out, people!
You better pray I can clean up your mess on this one, Harvey.
- You are out of line, pal! - And you are
gonna get our guys slaughtered!
Jim Gordon, I am ordering you to stand down!
Finally, a good idea, Harvey! Boys?
BULLOCK: We've gone over the game plan, people.
You know what to do. Let's go.
- When's our guys coming? - How should I know? You called them.
MAN: It's about time.
Come on.
Come on.
♪ ♪
I'll draw their fire.
You see an opening, run.
Screw that. Whatever we're doing, we're doing together.
Well... I guess now we see
if I taught you how to use that whip.
BARBARA: Hello? Excuse me?
- Did you guys order Thai? - No.
Good, 'cause I don't have any.
- Nice shooting. - Obviously.
Give me my cut.
- Barbara. - I'm sorry.
Did you want a hug?
I just killed five guys for you.
Actually, we did it together.
So that's it?
We're just... over?
Think I came down here for kicks?
You're coming back to the nest.
We got a shipment coming in
and a business to run.
Well, come on.
(police radio chatter)
(muffled yelling)
Got him! Come on!
- Damn it! - (muffled groaning)
BULLOCK: Oh, no.
Oh, no.
- It's a setup! - (electric whirring, clicking)
- (gunfire continuing inside) - (screaming, clamoring)
Get out!
BULLOCK: The exits are blocked!
That's not our guns.
They're pinned down.
- Get in there. - Back up!
Get in there!
(rifle cocks)
(gunfire continuing in distance)
THUG: Headhunter's hit!
Ruseckas! Harper!
Get Patel, now!
Shoot the chain!
- (groans) - Get down!
Come on.
I did not order the cops in there.
I do not have that authority.
I made a suggestion. It was Captain Bullock...
- WOMAN: Gordon. Gordon! - (all clamoring)
How did you find the courage to run in
and save all of those people?
If the Pyg is watching...
the GCPD is gonna take you down.
And that was Detective James Gordon with a very modest,
if I may say, statement about
- his genuinely heroic... - Thanks, Jim.
- Way to go, Jim. - Thanks.
They think Patel's gonna make it.
Congratulations, Jim.
You're a hero.
And I'm just the cop
who shot a cop.
(phone ringing)
This is Gordon.
PYG: (gasps) Wow.
You were amazing.
Oh, I was right about you.
You are a "get things done" type, Jim Gordon.
Oh, and those things that you want to get done...
well... they're the same things I want.
Only if you want to go to prison for the rest of your life.
Well, now that's just mean.
I'm gonna find you.
Oh, I hope you do.
'Cause I want to thank you
in the flesh, flesh,
flesh. (snorts, chuckles)
(sighs) Because what you said about the rot in Gotham,
high to low... so concisely phrased...
well, gave me an idea.
The next step in my plot.
It's a saga.
It's an epic. Ah.
It's a spectacle.
And you're my muse,
Jimmy Gordon.
I'll see you soon.
(Headhunter groaning)
Oh, man.
Well, I guess Gordon was right.
You know, we should've... (grunts)
Second one's my signature.
♪ ♪
Dude. This is awesome.
I always knew there was another side to you, Bruce Wayne.
I think I'm gonna try it out for a while.
♪ If I was in World War II ♪
♪ They'd call me Spitfire ♪
♪ If I was in World War II they'd call me Spitfire ♪
♪ If I was in World War II ♪
♪ They'd call me Spitfire ♪
♪ If I was in World War II they'd call me ♪
♪ Spit ♪
♪ Fire ♪
♪ Fire ♪
♪ Fire ♪
♪ ♪
That's from all of us, even if they're not saying it.
Thank you, Detective. You'd have done the same.
Yeah, but not as well.
- COP: We got an unlicensed robbery. - I got a license.
Like I told him, I just don't know where I put it.
Oh... wait. It's in my boot.
Oh, we ain't accepting these no more.
Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx