Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head - full transcript

Bruce puts the lives of a Gotham Natural History Museum historian and his grandson in danger as he attempts to discover the meaning behind his knife from the auction.

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Previously on Gotham...
Jim, meet my daughter, Sofia.
Do you ever think about walking away from it all?
BRUCE: This drawing depicts a man
being healed by water.
That's Ra's al Ghul.
He wants the knife.
AUCTIONEER: Opening bid will begin at $50,000.
A hundred thousand dollars.
$2 million!
(gavel banging rapidly)
Sold to Mr. Bruce Wayne!
MYRTLE: I guess you could say
I'm your number one fan.
What's black and white and red all over?
Zebra with a gaping hole.
I think something is wrong with your brain, Ed.
ALVAREZ: Gordon, you got a visitor.
- You shouldn't have come back here. - I'm a Falcone.
You came looking for a gangster; that's exactly what you found.
RA'S AL GHUL (whispers): That knife is the key
to everything.
Well, not everything.
NILES: Mmm...
And you bought this at auction?
Supposedly, it was the embalming knife
of the first century Mesopotamian king.
- Balahsi. - Ah.
And what is it that you want of me, Mr. Wayne?
Anything you can tell me, Dr. Winthrop.
I want to know exactly what it is I bought.
Perhaps you should have considered that
before you dropped $2 million on it, shouldn't you?
Leave it with me overnight.
(door opens)
I'm back.
(chuckles): Man, you really need
to clean that room.
My delightful grandson.
I have access
to the very clean historical records room
at Gotham Central Library,
and he uses it for his homework.
Oh, Alex, let me introduce you.
Mr. Bruce Wayne and his guardian,
- Alfred Pennyworth. - ALEX: What's up?
Where'd that come from?
That cuneiform is definitely pre-Phoenician.
NILES: Alex is an avid student
of history, and sometimes assists me.
A word, Master Bruce.
Now, it's all very well
involving that old geezer, but a young man?
Just you remember who's after that knife.
BRUCE: What's so important about it
that Ra's al Ghul wants it so badly? We need to know.
Dr. Winthrop.
I have to ask you to keep this matter between us.
Of course.
Yeah. Cool.
I mean...
yes, Mr. Wayne.
I'll check back tomorrow.
Until then.
Come on, Ed, come on.
You can do it.
(quietly): This has to be...
the perfect... riddle.
(quietly): Yes.
Yes! Yes!
(mutters) You...
Tomorrow night, Oswald,
is the night you die.
Alex, bring me the Palmerian Codex.
What is it?
"he who rises from the waters,
whom death shall not touch.
With this sacred blade,
his final savage destiny
shall be fulfilled.
The earth will quake.
Blood will flow.
All tremble...
before the Demon's Head."
What's the Demon's Head?
Not what, my boy. Who.
There is a legend in the time of this knife
of a man who could not die.
Or who died but was reborn.
Have you ever in your reading come across the name,
Ra's al Ghul?
He was a warlord.
But those guys always had stories invented about them.
They're just stories.
My boy, people believe in these stories.
They kill for them.
I think Bruce Wayne has stumbled across
something much more complex than he imagined,
and infinitely more dangerous.
No one should be here.
Here. Take this into my office.
Stay quiet.
Dr. Niles Winthrop. What a pleasure.
Who are you?
Museum's closed.
How did you get past the guard?
My apologies.
But my business is pressing.
Greek vase, second century.
This was made by a forger in Marrakesh in the 15th century.
He had some talent, but told the most obscene jokes.
Tell me who you are, or I shall call the police.
I'm looking for a knife
Bruce Wayne brought you earlier today.
I don't know what you mean.
Hmm. The best liar I ever met ran a brothel in Shanghai.
Her quite considerable gift was that you knew
she was lying but didn't care,
you so badly wanted to believe her.
You, Dr. Winthrop, are a terrible liar.
Where's the knife?
(alarm ringing in distance)
Oh, the-the police, they're coming.
I imagine they are. (chuckles)
(bones snap)
(alarm continues ringing)
(quiet, trembling breaths)
(camera clicking)
HARPER: End of crime, my ass.
Harper? Where's Bullock?
He asked me to fill in.
He took a sabbatical for a few days.
You babysitting me?
Do you need babysitting?
What do we got?
Dr. Niles Winthrop.
Curator of antiquities.
Looks like somebody snapped his neck.
No witnesses, of course.
Fire alarm triggered security.
Maybe the dead guy pulled it right before the...
Yeah, thanks. Anything else?
Yes, actually.
According to Professor Von Dead's logbook,
the last person who visited him...
I'm talking just yesterday afternoon...
Bruce Wayne.
It's all right. Let him in.
Detective Gordon.
What happened?
We were thinking we would ask you the same thing.
You met with Dr. Winthrop just yesterday, correct?
I, um...
I-I bought an old knife at auction.
Dr. Winthrop agreed to examine it for me.
I was coming by
to check on his progress.
- When was he killed? - According to the fire alarm,
just past midnight.
Whoever did it must have slipped past security.
His grandson.
Alex. He's my age, a little bit younger.
- Have you talked to him? - No one's seen any kid.
I'll get on it.
Where's the knife?
Alfred was right... I shouldn't have left it.
Bruce, slow down.
What's this knife?
You think someone would actually kill for it?
Detective Gordon, I'll tell you what you want to know,
but all I ask is that you let me come along.
If this is because of the knife, then I'm responsible.
Bruce, a man is dead.
A child is potentially missing.
This is not time to play detective.
What do you know?
What's so special about this knife?
As far as I know, it's just an old knife. But...
I paid a great deal for it, and there was another bidder,
a very aggressive one.
Barbara Kean.
Well, Harper will track down the grandson.
I'll deal with Barbara.
You go home.
I'll call you when I need you.
♪ ♪
(camera clicking)
You're here, finally.
I've kept you waiting.
I see my guests have arrived.
Oh, yeah.
Got to say, they don't do much for the vibe of the place.
If you had acquired the knife when I first requested it,
they wouldn't be necessary.
What's so special about this knife, anyway?
Sentimental value?
Only a destiny born of blood and magic
2,000 years in the making.
Now Dog-Boy here is gonna fetch it...
His name is Anubis.
(Anubis continues hissing)
(low growling)
And yes.
Bring me the knife.
And you...
can kill the boy.
Knocking, Victor. We discussed this.
She's here.
Show her in.
Ms. Falcone,
welcome to Gotham.
Mr. Cobblepot, it's a pleasure to meet you.
Call me Oswald.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you
for coming to see me.
I learned from my father,
when the king of Gotham summons you, you come.
And how is Carmine?
Can we hope to see him sometime soon?
Shall we just address the elephant in the room?
By all means.
My father's
illegal businesses hold no interest for me.
I'm here because the Falcone family has a number of charities
that need my attention.
And you can only provide that attention
by being here personally... in my city.
I understand your concern...
Oh, do you?
But I assure you... it's unfounded.
You know, your father taught me many things.
Among them was to nurture a healthy paranoia.
For example, when I took over,
some of his old capos went underground.
Now, perhaps they've vanished for good,
or perhaps they're waiting for a Falcone to return
to lead the rebellion.
Uh... Who knows?
But I hear your father's voice
whispering in my ear.
(whispers): "Be careful."
Now... I need to know
that you are not on some fool's errand
to rebuild your father's empire.
(whispers): I'm gonna stab you.
I was 13 when my father first sent me away.
He said that Gotham was too dangerous.
This is my home.
I wanted to come home.
That's why I'm here.
Is that enough?
OSWALD: Gotham.
Mother to us all.
I think we have nothing to worry about.
Give your father my best, will you?
("White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane plays)
What a lovely surprise.
I heard you popped up.
Seems like you landed on your feet as usual.
A woman has to stay busy.
You seem different.
You like this me better?
You recently bid on a knife at auction.
So much for catching up.
The knife is now missing and the person who had it is dead.
What were you doing last night around midnight?
I was here... with witnesses.
We done?
♪ And if you go chasing rabbits... ♪
This place, the money you used to bid on the knife.
Who's bankrolling you?
A client.
And no, though tempting,
I can't give you the name.
BRUCE: Is it Ra's al Ghul?
♪ Has given you the call... ♪
If it is Ra's al Ghul, you don't know who
you're dealing with.
I don't know who or what you're talking about.
Now, should I call my lawyer?
♪ Feed your head ♪
We'll be in touch.
Come on.
♪ Feed your head. ♪
You followed me? After I told you to stay away?
What the hell were you thinking?
I told you I'm responsible.
You should have let me come with you.
It's clear she's lying!
I can help you find the killer, find Alex!
That's my job!
You want to help?
Who is Ra's al Ghul?
And why didn't you mention him before?
I wasn't certain he was involved,
but the way she talked...
You're lying. Again.
Ra's al Ghul is the real leader of the Court of Owls.
He is the one responsible for the virus
and having me kidnapped.
And you didn't think to mention any of this before?
Why would he want the knife, huh?
What's so important about it?
I have no clue.
That's what I've been trying to find out.
(phone ringing)
HARPER: Gordon, the kid's not at home.
Apparently, Granddad was looking after him
while the parents were traveling.
He's not at school. No one's seen him.
Great. Listen, I need all the info you can get
on a man named Ra's al Ghul.
He could be connected.
Sure. But how do you spell...?
No one's seen the boy.
He's either hiding,
or the man who killed his grandfather has him.
Police were triggered by a fire alarm at the museum.
Alex could've pulled it, taken the knife.
If so, he'd be hiding,
Where could he be?
I only met him for a second.
You want to play detective? Now is your chance.
What was he wearing? What did he say? Give me anything.
He... had on his school uniform.
He just came from studying at...
Gotham Central Library. His grandfather had a room there.
Alex has a key.
If he's hiding, he's made a choice not to trust the cops.
If I show up, he might run.
He needs to see a face he knows. Come on.
Ed Nygma sent you?
The Edward Nygma?
Do it again.
♪ My once friend Oswald, now my foe ♪
♪ It's me, Ed, just so you know ♪
♪ It's time we meet, I think you'll agree ♪
♪ You'll find me where the Earth meets the sky ♪
♪ Where water flows and birds fly by ♪
♪ At dusk we'll meet, I'll see you there ♪
♪ We'll settle things, unless you're scared. ♪
What the hell was that?
We should torture 'em, just get 'em to tell us where Nygma is.
No, he just found us on the street.
Well, that's exactly what you would say.
That barmaid who kidnapped Ed said he'd lost a step.
Clearly, she was mistaken, he's up to all of his old tricks.
So, I'll meet him.
You and your men will hide nearby.
Attack when I say.
Do not kill Ed, though!
I want Victor to freeze him again.
- Huh? - Not you. The other Victor.
Earth meets sky, water flows, birds fly.
Obviously, he means the pier.
Gather your men.
I want Ed Nygma.
Historical Records room?
In the back.
It's me, Bruce Wayne.
You can come out. It's safe.
Alex, please. I...
I just want to help you.
Alex, this is Detective Gordon.
You can trust him.
Okay. Okay, all right.
I'm so sorry.
That-that-that man, he killed him.
- He killed my grandfather. - It was a man?
- You saw his face? - I only saw him
from behind. It was the knife.
Did-did you know it was dangerous?
I had no idea.
Alex, we need to get you down to the station.
I-I-I can't. That man, he'll think I saw him.
- He'll come after me. - I will protect you.
- I promise. - He'll keep coming till he gets the knife.
Alex, do you have the knife with you?
No. I hid it.
(women screaming)
Take Alex and meet me at the station. Go.
- Who sent you? - (speaking ancient language)
- Thanks for clearing that up. - (growling)
- (hissing) - (Alex yells)
Bruce? Run!
(bookshelves clattering)
- Bruce Wayne call in? - No. We released a citywide BOLO.
What about that name I gave you?
Zip. I tried Richard Gull, Ralph Ghoul...
MAN: Detective Gordon?
Ra's al Ghul.
Minister of Antiquities attached to the consulate
of Nanda Parbat.
Thanks for coming in.
Nanda Parbat, that's in the Himalayas, right?
Well done, Detective.
Few in your country have even heard of our tiny nation.
Why don't we speak in my captain's office?
A bit more private.
RA'S AL GHUL: Of course.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Thank you.
I don't get it. This is the guy that
you're looking at for murder? Why does he just walk in?
Barbara must have told him we were looking for him.
- Yeah, but... - Two thugs at the library.
If they're working for him,
they would have told him that we've contacted Alex.
He could think that Alex gave us the knife.
I can use that.
Call Alfred Pennyworth, see if he's heard from Bruce Wayne.
ALEX: Th-That thing bit me.
- I need to get you to a hospital. - No, no.
Then the police. Detective Gordon...
No, I can't. I can't. They'll find me.
I'm sorry.
I'm scared.
I don't know how you do it.
You fought those men, and I...
I just froze.
Same as when that man killed my grandfather.
Fear is normal.
In the alley, when my parents were killed...
I was terrified.
I just stood there.
There's nothing wrong with being afraid.
Once you realize it's normal,
then you can put it in its place.
Then you can act.
Fight back.
(groans softly)
I felt bad for you.
When that happened to your parents.
You were all the kids at school talked about.
What do they say?
That you live alone in a mansion.
Don't go to school.
Fly around in jets.
They make you sound weird.
Maybe I am.
You're-you're cool.
I'm weird.
And you're a little weird, too, I guess,
you're weirdly cool.
I'll take you to the knife.
Can I get you anything?
That won't be necessary.
I think you know why I'm here.
Enlighten me, Minister.
Barbara Kean,
with whom you spoke, was acting on behalf of my government
to procure a certain property.
Said property is the cultural patrimony of my people.
Why not bid on the knife yourself?
There were competing claims.
And if we'd bid officially, alarms may have sound,
and so it seemed better to do it quietly.
Ms. Kean... failed.
And now, regrettably,
I understand there's been a murder?
Dr. Niles Winthrop,
curator at the Gotham Natural History Museum.
That's awful.
But the reason I'm here, Detective,
is to press my claim on behalf of my government,
and entreat you to return the knife to me.
You say this knife is important to your country,
please explain.
There is an ancient story amongst my people
of a man...
who could not die.
In his time, he committed terrible acts,
raised a great kingdom,
and then vanished.
What happened to him?
If the legend is to be believed,
he walked away from his throne vowing that one day
he would return and complete his destiny,
but that would require a particular knife.
This knife.
A story, as I said.
But to my people...
very meaningful.
I hope that satisfies your curiosity.
But you see, Minister,
my chief concern,
is there's a boy, the grandson of the curator.
He's being hunted.
Now, perhaps that's because of the knife.
Or perhaps the killer thinks
he saw something.
Did he?
(sighs) Well, then he's safe.
Yes, but you see,
I would have to know that for certain,
before I would do anything that might affect the case,
such as release the knife.
May I see the knife, Detective?
It would so set my mind at ease.
Where the bloody hell is Gordon?!
HARPER: Gordon. Incoming.
Gordon! Where the hell is Bruce?
- Wait, wait, wait! - Back off!
Take your hands off of me.
You don't know what you got in there!
I'm starting to, but you are not helping.
I need you to calm down.
Let me finish talking to him.
- HARPER: Gordon. - Not now.
He's bloody vanished.
He knows we don't have the knife.
We have to find Bruce.
Donna Falcone.
Do not call me that.
- You got to hear us out. - No, I don't.
I didn't invite you here.
We're not having this meeting.
Now, I'm gonna ask you, please,
politely, to leave.
We served your father for years.
When Penguin took over, we had to go underground.
Then we heard a Falcone
was back in Gotham.
We knew it was time.
Did you ignore my father like you're ignoring me?
I just told you to leave.
Just tell us when your father's coming back
to put that Penguin in his place.
Please understand me, my father is not coming back.
This is Penguin's city.
And I want you to leave before he finds out you're here...
Too late, I'm afraid.
Victor, how many graves did you dig?
But they're roomy.
- (gunshot) - And there we are.
My paranoia
is put to rest.
Whew. (chuckles)
You used me.
You had me come to your club.
You knew word would get out, that my father's loyalists
would find me.
I was the worm on your hook.
With one difference, my dear.
The worm is usually eaten.
So you trust me now?
You're alive, aren't you?
I would plant roses...
they cover up the smell.
My father wouldn't have killed those men.
He would have invited me to his club, as you did,
but then gone further.
He would have invited me to dinners.
Had us seen in public.
Sent the message that the old order supports me.
And those men you killed would have pledged you loyalty.
Now they're fertilizer.
See, my father, he knew how to build on the strength of others.
(chuckles) But it's your city.
New times, new methods.
ALEX: There was an ancient Sumerian jewelry box here.
I had just replaced it.
BRUCE: Hiding in plain sight.
Good thinking.
Bruce, there's a legend about this knife.
That terrible things happen because of it.
But what if it's not just a legend?
My grandfather is dead.
The man that killed him,
he can't have this.
I won't let him.
I promise.
(glass shatters)
(whispers): We have to get out of here.
Run. Run.
(Anubis sniffing)
(chains rattling)
The Nanda Parbat consulate's giving us the runaround,
and we can't get in there without a warrant.
Bruce still hasn't called you?
No. And what the bloody hell were you doing
letting him tag along with some murder investigation
- in the first place, eh? - (quietly): No, no, no.
You do not get to lecture me
about a lack of honesty and openness.
You and Bruce have been up to something for weeks.
What have you two gotten yourselves into?
Damn it, Alfred. I'm on your side.
Well, that may be, mate, but whatever Master Bruce
decides to tell you is his decision, isn't it?
You are his guardian.
You are allowed to violate his privacy
if it is gonna keep him out of danger.
Stick to the point.
What are you doing to find my boy?
What can I do? Huh?
I have every cop in the city on alert,
but as long as Ra's al Ghul thinks he has that knife,
- his life is in danger. - Yeah, right, and what about
the other boy? Did he tell you where he put the knife?
No. But I have to assume Bruce is taking him to get it.
Well, there's got to be a clue or something inside here.
- You stay here. - What?
The access I gave you depended on trust.
If you can't be honest with me, there's nothing I can do.
If Mr. Pennyworth tries to leave,
arrest him.
On what charge?
She'll think of something.
(snarls and sniffs)
I went to the pier.
I waited.
Ed didn't show.
Oh, just get on with it.
- One, two... - ♪ Ooh... ♪
- ♪ I waited and waited ♪ - (beatboxing)
♪ But you never came ♪
♪ You must be a coward ♪
♪ Or worse, a lamebrain ♪
♪ I'll give you one chance ♪
♪ To make it right ♪
♪ Meet me again, this time ♪
♪ At midnight ♪
♪ I'll make this one easy ♪
♪ This place makes some people lie ♪
♪ Some people speak ♪
♪ And some people cry. ♪
- Honestly, that could be anything. - ZSASZ: Can we please
just torture them now?
Why not?
W-Wait, man.
(panting, growling)
Let's go.
Let's go.
Take him. Take him, go!
- (hisses) - Aah!
- Get off of me! - (shrieks)
(Bruce yells)
(panting, coughing)
It's time you tell me what's going on.
What is so important about this knife?
Why are people dying for it?
RA'S AL GHUL: Excellent question, Detective.
And you shall have your answer soon.
Just give me the knife, and I will release the boy.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- (whimpers) - (chuckles)
Of course.
Bruce, hand me the knife.
Hand me the knife.
You don't understand.
He killed Alfred.
And then brought him back to life.
And Alex's grandfather was afraid of this knife.
I can't give it to him.
If we don't hand it over now, Alex is dead.
- That is all that matters. - No!
You don't know who he is.
I can't.
Well done, Bruce.
You're finally beginning to see things clearly.
The question is...
(knife slices)
are you strong enough?
(yells) No!
Drop the weapon. Hands in the air. On your knees.
Arrest me.
Ra's al Ghul is on his way to Blackgate.
And we made contact with Alex's parents.
It's gonna take them a couple days to get home.
Ra's is a psychopath.
You're not responsible for his actions.
I want to help.
But everything you've said so far...
Alfred dying and coming back to life,
magical waters...
Give me something I can believe.
Perhaps now you understand why we held back.
It doesn't matter what you say, Detective.
This is all my fault.
Alex is dead because of me.
I killed him.
I waited for you.
And you didn't show!
You coward.
Where are you?!
And I may be many things,
but I am not a coward.
Your riddles suck.
This place may make some people lie,
some people speak, and some people cry.
That could mean anything!
Lying, speaking, crying...
You're just describing a range of human behavior!
I meant lying,
as in lying d...
laying dow... lying down!
As in dead!
The answer was Stoker Cemetery.
Only an idiot wouldn't see that.
Face it, Ed...
You can't make riddles to save your ass anymore.
I guess she was right.
What? Who was right?
Your number one fan.
She said that there was something wrong with you.
Took me a while to believe it, but...
you're not smart. (laughs)
I am too smart.
I'm the Riddler.
Oh, God, that name again? Tell me,
how long did it take you to come up with those riddles?
I don't know.
A minute? Two minutes?
A few hours.
Six hours.
Six hours?
- Yes. - For two bad riddles?
Does that sound anything like the old you?
Well, perhaps I'm still recovering
from being frozen in a block of ice!
But revenge will certainly make me feel better.
You'll never have revenge on me.
Uh, yeah, I will.
- Uh, no, you won't. - Oswald...
I'm gonna shoot you.
You might shoot me.
"Kill me."
But only he can get revenge on me.
The man I froze on that pier.
The man who would've killed himself
before writing those idiotic riddles.
The man whose name I still will not speak.
But he's gone. (chuckles)
You're just Ed Nygma.
And not even Ed Nygma.
Because Ed Nygma would've noticed something.
Doesn't it feel kind of chilly in here?
You remember him?
My other Victor?
I'm going to put you on ice.
You want the same pose or something else?
No. Wait, please.
Got it. Same pose.
No! (panting)
Okay, Oswald.
I'm not the Riddler.
Do it.
I've changed my mind.
I'm not gonna freeze you.
I would only be freezing
Ed Nygma. Who cares about that?
A better revenge is having you live,
knowing that you are not him,
and you never will be again.
Good-bye, Ed.
(whispers): Who am I?
I must've been seven or eight.
It was late.
I snuck downstairs to find my father
with a man before him on his knees,
begging for forgiveness.
My father stabbed him in his neck.
The next morning there wasn't a trace of blood,
and we had breakfast at that table.
Now, you'd think I'd want to stay far away from Gotham,
but this house,
this city, is in my veins.
I'm home, Jim.
The word on the street is three Falcone capos
- have gone missing. - Hmm.
They were in hiding.
Penguin used me as bait to draw them out.
And kill them.
And you let him?
Don't act the innocent, Jim.
You came to Carmine Falcone for help.
It was never gonna be bloodless.
So is that your plan?
Get close to Penguin.
Gain his confidence. What then?
I need to know what you're going to do.
You don't.
You want the city back from Penguin.
I'll give that to you.
But you have to trust me.
(glass shatters, flames roar)
(sirens wailing in distance)
(police radio chatter)
GUARD: Get ready. Prisoner walking.
(lock buzzes)
(gate clanking open)
(siren wails)
GUARD: Guards, stay sharp!