Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 22 - A Dark Knight: No Man's Land - full transcript

Jeremiah warns a skeptical Gordon of more destruction coming Gotham's way, and Gordon is forced to make a potentially devastating decision. Then, Bruce is forced to come to terms with the future.

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GORDON: Previously on Gotham...

Hugo Strange can fix Butch.

Strange might be my only hope, Tabby.

But whatever happens
after I walk out that door,

I care about you.

And I always will.

JEREMIAH: Jerome is dead. Long live me.

Oh, my God!

I have bombs
planted around this city.

GORDON: These are the buildings
Jeremiah's planning to demolish

with his bombs.

Once those buildings are blown,

they collapse and create

the labyrinth
from the finished drawing.

GORDON: I have the locations of
every bomb Jeremiah planted.

How did they beat you, huh?

I'll have to start again.

I had a vision of Gotham in flames.

Together we can make that happen.

Now listen closely
to what you must do.

Come on, Selina.


It's okay, it's okay.

Make way.

We'll do everything we can.

But the evacuation has us
dealing with a skeleton crew.


Selina, you're at the hospital.
You're gonna be okay.

Are you gonna leave me?

No, I'm gonna be right here.


I promise.


You know, I don't know why
I brought him here.

I should've killed him
when I had the chance.

You did the right thing, Alfred.

You say that. You didn't see what
he did to Selina.

All right, I better get
to the hospital.

I'll stop by when I can.


Couldn't have put a cap in that
psycho and done the world a favor?

Where are we?

Bomb squad's at the last site
on the map.

After they disarm the bomb,
they're gonna put it in the warehouse

with all the others.

Also, the Mayor called. He wants
to lift the evacuation order.

Tell him we are not doing
anything until we have

all the bombs locked away.

Pardon me, Jim.

Don't you all have work to do?

What is it?

I'd like to press charges against
Bruce Wayne's butler.

I mean, just look at my face.

I think you look great.

And I'd like to speak to Bruce again.

We couldn't really talk before
what with his girlfriend bleeding out

all over him.

You tried to prove you're better
than your brother.

But I'm still here.
The city's still here.

You're a failure, Jeremiah.

Enjoy Arkham. Your brother did.

Put him in the box.
Get him ready for transport.

Bring me Bruce Wayne

and I'll tell you
where the other bombs are.

We have all your bombs.

The maze bombs, yes.
I mean the other ones.

Jim, as an engineer,
you expect systems to fail.

So, you build in redundancies.

And I am a very good engineer.

- You're bluffing.
- Am I?

How many lives are you
willing to bet?

You're right, you know. I did fail.

I didn't yet understand the vision
I was servicing, but,

I do now. My eyes are open
as will yours be.

When you realize I'm not bluffing,
bring me Bruce Wayne.

And I'd like a coffee.
Black. Two sugars.


No heartbeat.


This better work.

The chemicals that turned him into
this beautiful specimen

kept his organs surprisingly

Once we flush his body
with anti-toxins,

we'll top him off with some
fresh blood.

And a quick jolt to the heart
will see him good as new.

You hear that? You're gonna be cured.

- Yeah.



- What is it?

Selina's been shot
by that lunatic Jeremiah.

She's at Gotham General.

I have to go. I'll be back.

Of course. You go check on the kid.

What? No, she's in surgery.
I'm gonna kill Jeremiah.

- I'm coming with you.

I don't advise that. The procedure
should not be interrupted.



I'll be here. Making sure everything
goes as planned.

I'm doing this for Butch.
Not for you.

It's okay.

Unfortunately, there's no telling

just how many battery bombs
Jeremiah produced.

He was fanatically secretive about
his technology

and Bruce trusted him, so...

He's gotta be bluffing.


Cap, Mayor's on the phone again.

The evacuation stays in effect.
I will tell him when it's lifted.

LUCIUS: You think
there are more bombs?

Up till now, Jeremiah's actions
sprang from the fear and hatred

of his brother.

Even his obsession with Bruce
is just a reflection of Jerome's.

What did he mean when he said
he didn't understand

the vision he was serving?

That his eyes had been opened.

BURKE: Perhaps the previous mayor
took orders from a police captain.

- Captain Gordon...
- Jim Gordon is not the Mayor

of Gotham, I am.

The people need to know the city
is safe. I'm lifting the order.

What are you looking at?

There's a man on the building
across the street, staring at us.




How many bombs are there?
Where are they?

I want to talk to Bruce Wayne.

Tell me where they are,
you son of a bitch.

Who's helping you?

Bruce Wayne.


You are never gonna talk
to Bruce Wayne.

You hear me?

Then more people will die.

Well, you never were good at
holding on to what you care about,

were you, James?

Jim, we need you out here now!


Can I help you?

Captain Gordon? Major Rodney Harlan,
Seventh Division, Fort Henry.

Major, I assume you're here to help
with the evacuation.

If so, Detective Bullock
can coordinate.

The Governor
has declared martial law.

Until this crisis is resolved,
I'm in charge here.

Are you serious?

Son, this is not a pissing match.

I was sent here to restore order
in a chaotic situation.

Can I count on you?

- Yes, sir.
- What do we got?

Not much.
Valeska had a plan to knock down

a number of buildings in Gotham.

We recovered those bombs,
but he's stashed away more.

Who's helping him?
Somebody's gotta be.

It's unclear.
We've heard reports that

his followers have turned on him,

which would indicate
he has someone else.

He would like to talk to Bruce Wayne.
That's clearly a trap.

His brother pulled the same gag.

There was a blimp,
it was a whole thing.

We'll make sure he's safe.
Get me Bruce Wayne.

Major, you cannot bring
Bruce Wayne down...

Not your call, Captain.

- Now.
- Yes, sir.

You have no idea
who you're dealing with.

Arrest Captain Gordon.


Hey, are you out of your
freakin' mind?

You listen to me. This city
is holding on by a thread.

I would not allow anything
to jeopardize it further.

Including insubordination.

Escort Captain Gordon
across the river.

Hold him there till you hear from me.

Get me Bruce Wayne.


I strike where you lie.
Death's gentle cousin.

The answer is sleep, Ed...

It's polite to let people finish.

Rise and shine!

Good morning, sweetheart.

I know. Waking up in the Narrows,
a prisoner.

Must feel like history
repeating itself.


Speaking of history, remember
when you punched me in the face?


That felt good.

Listen to me. Jeremiah Valeska
has more bombs.

- You have to...
- I have to what, Jim?

Set you free? Help save the city?

Well, we've been there, done that.
And guess what?

Lee and I are still fugitives.

I offered her a way out.

Oh, by returning the money?

She's dispersed that among
all the deadbeats of the Narrows.

Not exactly what I would have done.

But, point is, it's gone.
Now, on with the show.

We're a little pressed for time.


Ed, Ed, Ed...

Wait. Ed. Wait, wait, Ed.

- This is 50 pounds of pressure.

What are you doing?

(IN FRENCH) Peine forte et dure.

Was my own version of it anyway.

You see in the old days, they used to
pile weights on a prisoner's chest.

Tried to get a confession.
Usually, they just died.

- That's 100 pounds.


To help Lee break free
from her history.

You see, she has this anchor,
deadweight holding her to her past,

and that's you.

Once you're gone, she'll finally
be free to be the person

she was meant to be.

The person I want her to be.


- 150.

You see, I saw you together.
I saw the way she looked at you.

So, for her sake, you're gonna die.

And for my sake, you're gonna suffer.


Now, this is gonna be so much fun.


This evacuation is going to leave
a lot of territory undefended.

Shame not to capitalize.


Hello, Barbara.

Was only hoping to talk.

By attacking my people?

- Call it precaution.
- What do you want?

I'm leaving Gotham and I want you
to come with me.

(SCOFFS) Try again.

I had a vision when I took back
the Demon's Head.

Death. Destruction.
The city in flames.

But it didn't come to be.

How disappointing for you.

Indeed, for many reasons.

Not least is that for centuries
I have depended on the Demon's head

to get ahead of my enemies.

But, without the full
measure of its power...

Wait. Are you saying you think
some of it might still be in me?

Interesting. So I guess
you're here to kill me for it.

You misunderstand.

Remember the woman from the tapestry,
the one whose features you share?

The whore you murdered?
How could I forget?

I lied. To get under your skin.

I loved her. Very much.

I offered her eternity,
but she turned it down.

And now, I make you the same offer.

Join me. And we will rule
the League of Shadows together.

Think about it.

What about your vision?
The city on fire.

I am making certain of it even now.

Its destruction will give rise
to the one I foresaw long ago.

The one who brought me here, my heir.

Bullock, can you tell this putz
to let us go, please?

Major, the men escorting Gordon
were attacked.

Your guys didn't see who.
I'm thinking it's either Valeska's...

Enough. Did you prepare
Valeska like I asked?


Mr. Wayne, you'll be perfectly safe.

If you could help us learn
the location of the bombs...

Major, you brought me here
against my will.

I want to go back to the hospital
and back to my friend.

Let's get this over with.

Hello, Bruce.

It's great to see you.

Where are the bombs, Jeremiah?

Closer, please.


Tell me. How is the young lady doing?

You know why we're destined
to be best friends?

Because we're very much alike.
You are as I used to be.

At war with your true nature.

You must truly embrace it
if you ever want to be free.

I'm just trying to help you.

Trying to help me?

By torturing Alfred?

Trying to destroy Gotham?
By shooting Selina?

You think we're alike because
there's a darkness inside both of us.

But the difference is,
I know how to control mine.

I think you could be so strong.

I see it.

He sees it too.

What do you mean, "he"?

Ask him about the bombs.

Where are the other bombs?

What bombs?

Bombs you planted around the city.

You blew up the Mayor.

Ah, that bomb.
Yes, that was the only one.

But it did what it had to do.

It got you here.

All right, that's enough.
I want my boy out, mate.

- Mmm-mmm.
- You said, "he."

Who do you mean?

The one who opened up my eyes.

Who showed me that everything
I was doing,

was not to create a Gotham of my own.

But yours.

The Gotham you need.

Your dark island.
And it will come to be, Bruce.


Tell me his name.

What did the doctors say?

Will the little bitch
ever walk again?

What vertebrae did I sever?

I was hoping for the lumbar...

Tell me his name!

You already know his name.
You're his heir.

Ra's al Ghul.

- No, it can't...
- Shh.


MAN: Bullock?


- 350 pounds of pressure.

Getting hard to breathe?

- I'll take that as a yes.

You know, if we listen carefully,
we can hear some ribs cracking soon.


Four hundred fifty.

Healthy male adult. His ribs should
be able to take about 450 pounds

- before they crack.

Do you think you could
hide this from me, Ed?

I'm Queen of the Narrows.
People tell me things.

I know how this looks.

It looks like you're trying
to crush him to death

because you think we still have
feelings for each other.

Well, perhaps we should jump to
why this is a good thing.

I can't wait.

He's holding you back.


From being the person
that you are meant to be.

The woman that I love.

(SIGHS) You really think
so little of me?

I don't follow that.

How weak would that person need to be
if Jim Gordon could hold her back?

It's actually insulting.

That's not what I intended, I...


Yesterday, you said a part of you
would always care for me.

The woman you loved is gone.


The Narrows is free from landlords
and gangs.

Every family has money to build
their life. I'm done. I'm leaving.

I want you to come with me.
But if you kill Jim, don't bother.

And I will decide
who I'm going to be.

Not you. Not Jim Gordon. Me.

I'm leaving tonight.
It's your choice.


She chose me, Jim.

Did you hear that?

It's all I wanted.

You can have Gotham.


BARBARA: By the time I got there,
Jeremiah had already escaped.

ALFRED: Right.
Where the hell is Ra's al Ghul?

Alfred. Let me guess. Ra's helped
Jeremiah kidnap Bruce.

So you came to me to find Ra's.

Would you care to tell me
where he is?

I don't know where he is.
But I know where he's gonna be.

Ra's is leaving Gotham tonight
after turning it to a pile of rubble.

With, I assume, Jeremiah's help.
So, here's the deal.

You get to kill Jeremiah,
you get to rescue Bruce,

and I get to kill Ra's.

And how do you plan
on doing that then?

I got a little surprise for him.

PENGUIN: One question.

Who do I get to kill?

The only way to keep
Butch on the table

was to promise I would come help.


Don't we make quite the little gang?

Let's do this.



My car's around the corner.

You're gonna wanna ice those ribs.

Is it true about you leaving Gotham?

- Yes.
- And taking Ed with you?

That's none of your concern.

Back in the GCPD,

when I told you there was so much
I wish I could change,

- you asked me what I meant.
- Jim.

I would change everything that
brought us to this point.

I would ask you to leave Gotham
with me that first moment I saw you

and I would make sure we had
a life together.

Then you wouldn't be you.

Maybe that'd be a good thing.

No, it wouldn't.

I'm not going back to who I was.

But, what you said yesterday about
part of you always caring for me,

I feel the same way.

Goodbye. Now, go save Gotham.

Ready at your command, Major.

- Jim.
- Harvey.

Thank God, you're all right.
What the hell happened?

It's a long story.
Did Harlan get Bruce to the precinct?

Yeah, it's bad.

- What are you talking about?

Jeremiah escaped. He's got Bruce.
He took the bombs, all of them.

It's true.

- How did you two...
- Find each other?

I'd like to think it was you, Bruce.

You brought us together.

I trust things went smoothly?

Like clockwork.

Did your men retrieve my bombs?

They are en route to their positions
as we speak.

From here,

we can take in the full majesty
of Gotham's destruction.

You're both insane.

I know
it's difficult to fathom, Bruce.

But Jeremiah and I are doing this
for your benefit.

How is destroying Gotham
supposed to help me?

Because I had a vision.

That out of this crucible
of blood and fire

will rise the Dark Knight
that your city needs. That I need.

To be honest, Bruce.

Prophesies, visions.
Not really my cup of tea.

But our friend revealed
something to me.

That my twin obsessions,
rebuilding Gotham and rebuilding you,

are one and the same.

You're the brother I never had.

The one Jerome never could be.

We will create a legacy in this city.

Gotham falls. We rise.


A dozen transport vans were stolen
from the GCPD motor pool.

That's gotta be how
they're carrying the bombs.

There were sightings here,
here and here.

They're moving towards
the outskirts of Gotham.

Jeremiah must have changed targets.

- Gordon.
- Perfect.

You have some explaining to do.
What happened to my men?

Major, we got serious fish to fry...

I didn't ask
for your opinion, Detective.

Two more sightings.
Bolyston and Third,

and they're moving north
along the Van Hook Highway.

That doesn't make any sense.

What buildings
would he be targeting there?

Told me Jeremiah promised to turn
Gotham into a dark island.

We need to cancel the evacuation.
Get those people off the bridges.

Absolutely not.

They're filled with people
leaving the city.

We bring them back into Gotham.
Buildings fall...

The bridges are the targets.
Harper, spread the word.

Don't move. Arrest Captain Gordon.

I wouldn't do that.

Arrest them both.

Officer, your radio.

This is Captain Gordon. I want all
the bridges cleared immediately.

I repeat. Clear all the bridges.

Civilization, so fragile, Bruce.

Gotham is soon to be each man
for himself, a more savage place.

Sounds like fun.

Sure you wanna leave?

Oh, hey, Bruce. Freak.

Hello, Barbara.
I'm really glad you came.

(SIGHS) Bad news, baby.
I'm not leaving.

Gotham's in my blood. And I don't
think I can let you leave either.

You re-forged it. Well now.

You see, you say you're leaving.

But I've got a feeling
you're gonna be back.

And I don't like looking
over my shoulder.

Need I remind you, Barbara.
You've already tried

using that knife.

And also, you're outnumbered.


That Demon's Head is really not
working out for you, huh?



Bullock, the hell is going on?
Why are we clearing the bridges?

Because we said to do it.
Now, just do it.

Did a GCPD transport van
come through here?

- About 20 minutes ago.

Had to make way for it.

What's the status?

HARPER: All the bridges
are being cleared.

But I just heard from our choppers,
they've spotted vans on every bridge.

The vans are in position.
Bombs could go off any minute.

What the hell.


GORDON: Out of the way.


When will you ever learn, Barbara?
The knife has to be held...

Held by Bruce Wayne. I get it.



So you know, this is for Selina.


In that case,

it must be very disappointing
for you to be dying like this.


What are you doing?

Well done, Barbara.



The choice is now yours.
Stay Bruce Wayne.

Or accept your destiny.
Become Gotham's Dark Knight.




Seems Jeremiah's made
good on his threat.

And I take it that means
you're not leaving.

How can I?

They need me more than ever now.
No one will help them but me.

So, what does that mean for us?

Ed, this is the end of the road for us.

All this time I've been calling
the other Ed stupid.

And I'm the idiot.

You were never gonna leave with me.

You just wanted to save Jim Gordon.

You and Jim really
aren't that different.

You both think you know me.

You both wanna change me.

Neither one of you really sees me.



For what it's worth, Ed,
I was offering you something real.

But I was never going to be
who you wanted.

Sooner or later,
you were just gonna kill me.

It's just what you do.

That's quite possible.


But you're wrong, Lee.


I do see you.




Where is Butch?
What did you do with him?

I'm right here.

You're you.

Yeah. I'm me again.

- Yeah.
- I love you.

I love you too, baby.



I'll never forget this.

Anything you need, I'm there.

Thank you, Butch.

I want you to know
I consider you a friend.

And that I'm truly sorry.



Did you think I forgot that
you murdered my mother?

That I just got over it?

I have lived
with that pain every day.

I could've killed you
any time I wanted,

but I believe in an eye for an eye.

You took away the one person I loved,

so I took away the one person
you loved.

And you get to live with that.



All of this...

Finding Strange, curing Butch,

was all so you could kill him
in front of me?

Exactly. But don't worry.

In time, when I feel that
you have suffered enough,

I will kill you too.

Not if I kill you first.

You're welcome to try.


(SCREAMS) I'll kill you!

BRUCE: Selina.

How is she?

She did well in surgery.

But the bullet severed
her spinal cord.

And the damage is likely permanent.

Mr. Wayne,
the hospital is shutting down.

This is the last ambulance

leaving for the post. We have room
for you, but we need to go.


I can't leave, Alfred.

Ra's was right.

This is what I'm meant to do.

The city's abandoned, Master Bruce.

There's nothing more
you can do here, mate...

Jeremiah is still out there.

He is not your responsibility.

Gotham is not your responsibility.

I'm making it mine.


Oh, sod it.

All right, fine.

- We'll both stay.
- No.

I need to know
Selina's gonna be okay.



All right, I'll see that she's safe.

And then I'll come back
and I will find you.

I promise.


HARVEY: You just can't
throw in the towel on an entire city.

There's no way to know how many
bombs are still out there.

The power's out,
water supply is damaged.

You're giving up. Plain and simple.

We're proceeding with the evacuation.
Boats will run all night.

Everyone leaves,
including the police.

Now the Governor's declared
the city off-limits until

this situation can be evaluated.

I'm not leaving.

So, if you're gonna arrest me,
do it now.


He's right, Jim.

Governor's given up on the place,
there's gonna be nobody here.

Gangs are carving up turf.

Two hours,
this city's gonna be a battleground.

Hey, what are you guys doing here?

Yes, this will do nicely.

This is our territory. You can't...

Now it's mine.

I want a ring of fire.
Ten blocks wide.

If anyone stands in your way,
burn them!


The hell?

No, not hell.


Hell is what's coming.

Penguin says fix them.

What should I do with you?

Ra's al Ghul is gone.
You defeated him.

We have spoken and agreed.
We will follow you.

Wow, I am honored.


Tabitha. What happened?

Penguin. He shot me and killed Butch.

Everything that is wrong with Gotham,

all the greed, the pain,
the corruption, the destruction,

it can all be traced back
to one problem, men.

Well, I think it is time we had
a men-free zone, starting here.


LUCIUS: That's better.
Much, much better.


I requisitioned one of
Jeremiah's battery bombs

before it went to the warehouse.

Just restored it
to its original purpose.

It is an ingenious mechanism.

I told him we were staying.

Figured we could use some help
with the, uh, science stuff.

And there are others on their way.

This is our city.
You're going to need our help.

Speaking of, there's something
I need you to do.


Where's Jeremiah?

I don't know!

You see him, you tell him
I'm looking for him.


You're not supposed to be here.

Neither are you.

There's a dozen cops downstairs.

You stayed to fight for the city.

The gangs are carving up territory.
We're gonna have to go

block by block.

I have no idea what we're gonna find.

A thing like this brings out
whatever's lurking in the shadows.



The light.

You're basically daring whatever
is out there to come after you.

Let them come.

There are still good people
out there.

They need to know we're here,
willing to fight.

I remember the night we met.

You told me the world may seem dark.

But there is light.