Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - A Dark Knight: To Our Deaths and Beyond - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock try to figure out who the clever thief is behind the robberies of various bank branches in Gotham. Meanwhile, Barbara is put in danger, forcing Tabitha to recruit help.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Gotham"...

I have walked this earth for centuries.

Only you can kill me.

And only with that dagger.

- What did I say?
- Wait!

I can help you get Tabitha back.

Professor Hugo Strange

is the one man who can cure you.

Join me,

and we will find him.


But you better deliver.

- Why would I help you?
- You love me.

You've loved me all along.

What's your record for how many
banks you've robbed in one day?

You're playing a dangerous game, Lee.

Ra's al Ghul chose you
to pass on his spirit.

We have much more to show you.

All my life,

I have known that I was meant for more.

This isn't you.

I'm not gonna let
your jealousy distract me.

Ladies, escort Miss Galavan
to the street.

We serve the one and only true master,

Ra's al Ghul.

- But he's dead.
- Death is only an illusion.

What the hell?!

- You didn't sense our approach?
- Uh, no, you're ninjas.

The Demon's Head gives its bearer power

to see past, present, future as one.

You should have anticipated our attack.

So this was a test?

I'm the Demon's Head.

My hand is a freaking lightbulb.

That is only its mark.

You have yet to access its real powers.

You're questioning whether I'm worthy?

I am sick of this.

The men from the League, Tabitha,

- and now you?
- You misunderstand.

How do you think Ra's al Ghul became

the world's most fearsome
warrior and ruled empires?

He saw the future.

So attacking me was, what,
a way to jump-start it?

Like, "Hey, Demon's Head, snap to it"?

The powers of the Demon's Head
are triggered

by intense emotions.

All right.

So next time, don't go so easy on me.

And take that knife out of my face.

You don't have a covert mode
on this thing?


So, you gonna tell me
what Tabitha needs us for?

All I know is it's about
Barbara, and it's important.

So, what's the emergency?


You coming?

Tabitha, what am I doing here?

- What the heck?
- Wait.

What the hell? What is this?

I don't know. She didn't
tell me this part.

Barbara needs our help.

She's gonna get herself killed.
She has this thing

called the Demon's Head.

This is about Ra's al Ghul?

He's the one who gave it to her.
These guys are gonna

help us take it back.

Okay, so why do you need Bruce?

You're gonna bring him back.

You, you can't do this.

Ra's wanted to die.

He wanted me to kill him!

And now we need him alive.

No. No! No!



Bone, flesh, breath,

come back to us, our leader.

Now we close the circle.

We give you the blood
of the one who slew you.


You have no idea what you've done...

Five banks in one night?

You're joking.

I wish. These guys were slick.

Banks didn't even know they
were hit till they opened.

One of the banks,
the thieves came in on boats

through the sewer.

Tunneled up into the vaults.

All branches of Gotham Savings and Loan.

Why the same bank?

Maybe a leak in security?

Maybe a grudge.

Five banks in one night's...

it's like someone was
trying to make a point.

Prove how smart he is.

- Ed Nygma?
- If the bowler fits.

Should I put out a BOLO out on him?

Sure. In the meantime, there's
someone else I can talk to.

Say hey to Lee for me, won't you?

Tell her nice shooting with Sofia.

What, I can't make a joke?

That's what that was?

Why don't you go put that BOLO out, huh?

Look at them.

We did good.

Oh, yeah. My brilliance allowed us

to rob five banks in one night,

and now these fine folks in the Narrows

are gonna be drowning in booze
and smokes for years to come.

It's so inspiring.

They're also gonna use the money

to buy food and clothing and medicine.

What's wrong?

What am I to you?

A friend.

A partner.

Are you always this amorous
with your friends?

I mean, I know
that only happened once...

- Ed.
- Don't call me Ed.


I care about you.

I depend on you.

You know what we've got planned.

Other things are just gonna
have to wait.

You're not stringing me along,
are you, Lee?

Don't you want to find out

the answer to the riddle?

Maybe I do.

Are we good for tomorrow night?

Yeah, we just have a few last details.

And trust me, this is
going to be a work of art.

That sounds promising.

Oh, what the hell?

Count us in.

You could have told me.

You wouldn't have brought him.

Yeah, because he's my friend.

And what is Barbara? What am I?

Pick a side and stick to it.

Do you know

what you've done?

The years I spent planning my death.

Now you've ruined it.


The woman you gave the Demon's Head to.

- She started a war.
- I started that war.

The League of Shadows was rotten,

and only through violence
could it be reborn.

Master, our lives are yours to take.

But this woman does not serve
the League.

Her goals are limited. Selfish.

That's Barbara, all right.

Whatever faith
you had in her was misplaced.

If she keeps the Demon's Head,
the League shall die.

Wait, what do you mean, if
she keeps the Demon's Head?

I thought you were supposed
to get it the second you...

came back.


Barbara must give it to me.

She'll never do that.

Then, I'll kill her and rip it
from her corpse.

You owe us.

I-I'm sorry.

We owe you how?

Because we made you.

Both of you.

Without me, you would still
be trapped inside Ed.

And you would still be

stitching up busted lips ringside.

I need money to buy back Sofia's capos.

Butch is saving for
future medical expenses.

What'd you make last night?
Three, four million?

Say we go halvsies.

I've heard your offer.

And here's my counter:

bite me.

I don't like people

coming into my club,
telling me what to do.

And I don't like threats,
implicit or otherwise.

And I really don't like people
telling me they "made" me.

Well said, Lee.

Oh, God, are you kidding me?

- What?
- Okay, we're done.

I-I thought you got past all that

when you became the Riddler.

Past what?

Ed's pathetic adoration of her.

But, no, clearly
he passed it along to you.

Like a virus.

She knows it, and she's using you.

Shame on you.

Stringing along this troubled man.

Get out.

- I don't think so.
- W...

We did not come here for violence.

We came here hoping our friends
would honor their debts.

Let us hope they come to their senses.

Little advice:

be sure to skim some off the top
when she tosses you aside.

Kind of defeats the purpose
if I can hear you.

Hello, Barbara.


Don't be afraid.

What happened? How are you even...?

It's a long story.

But tell me,
what have you done with my gift?

Well, you might've left a how-to.

Plus a heads up

to your League of Shadows cronies.

Turns out the old boys club

don't appreciate a woman
calling the shots.

But you have plans

on rebuilding the League of Shadows?

You've read the histories
that I left for you?

I've read them, but I need
to do my own thing.

Your own thing?

With the power you gave me,
I can rule Gotham

like no one ever has before.

The people will worship me like a queen.

How disappointing.

You're right.

- They should worship me like a god.
- Enough.

Give me your hand
so that I can take it back.

No. It is mine. You promised me.

I was mistaken in you, Barbara.

Mistaken? Tell that to her.

You think that is you?

She was just a whore.

I killed her out of pity.

You're lying.

The Demon's Head is my destiny.

Then why have you not
unlocked its secrets?

You sad,

deluded woman.

You thought you were
a reincarnated queen,

but in truth,

you're just an unstable nightclub owner,

whose greatest accomplishment

was the murder of her own parents.

You are nothing.

Now, give me your hand,

or I will kill you and take
the Demon's Head by force.

Try it, zombie boy.

Get her out of here. Go!

I'm fine.

Get in!

All right, you know the rules.

Hands only, no drinking water.

I want a good, clean eat. Ready?


- Come on, eat it, eat it!
- Go, go, come on!

I'm looking for Lee Thompkins.

The Doc.


The winner!

Jim. You don't look like a guy
who got shot four times.

Because you were able to keep me alive.


I just just shot
Sofia Falcone in the head.

I was in a good mood.

I'm looking for Ed Nygma.

Five banks were robbed last night.

Has all the hallmarks
of a Nygma special.

Haven't seen Ed in weeks.

I know you feel loyalty towards him,

but you of all people
should know he's sick.

- He's a psychopath.
- We all have our flaws.


I can understand why you're here.

But there are other ways
of finding absolution.

You can't take ownership
of everyone's problems.

This is the Narrows.

Nobody owns anything down here
but the slumlords.

Why don't you try going
after the real criminals?

The people making money
off the backs of the poor.

You mean like Gotham Savings and Loan?

None of the guards were killed.

The more I think about it,
doesn't exactly feel

like Ed Nygma.

Or not just him.

If we're done here...

Whatever's happened,

you can always call me.

I can help.

You really don't get it, do you, Jim?

It was good to see you.

Ra's just tried to kill me
because of you.

You could've just given
him the Demon's Paw.

Head! It's the Demon's Head!
And it is mine!

You betrayed me.

I was trying to save you from yourself.

Also, the other day,

you actually told your thugs to kill me.

It was a spanking.

If I wanted you dead,
I would've done it...

Oh, shut up, both of you!

We're wasting time. Ra's could
be on his way right now.

Which wouldn't be a problem
if Barbara would just

- give him what he wants.
- Never gonna happen.

Okay, so what are we gonna do, Barbara?

We're just gonna walk around
with targets on our backs?

No. We're gonna kill the son of a bitch.

The kid did it before, right?

Yeah, but that was different.
We had, like, a special knife.

Yeah, that one you got from auction?
Where is it?

We gave it back to
the Nanda Parbat embassy.

Great. So we'll just do
a little smash and grab,

and then I'll filet the zombie.

I have to be the one holding the knife.

It's part of the ritual.

Like the blood.

I have to kill him again.

Even if that's the case, Master Bruce,

I can't allow you to do it, not again.

We might not get another chance, Alfred.

This is the only way.

Says you, the mystical knife expert.

I've got the Demon's Head.

I bet if I'm holding it in my hand...

What if killing Ra's unlocks my powers?

Yeah, and what if you fail,
and Ra's gets the knife back?

We'll worry about who kills him later.

Right now, we have to get
the knife before Ra's does.

Embassies are heavily guarded,

and we can't wait till night.

We're gonna need guns,

smoke grenades to cause a diversion.

If I may, there may be another option.

But you got to guarantee you're
not gonna stab us in the back.


So, in short,

we'd like to thank you very much...

both of us would like to thank you

for taking such good...
such good care of her,

but now we'd like to take
the knife home, please.

Wh... It was never yours

to begin with, Mr. Pennyworth.

It belongs to my people.

When Mr. Bruce Wayne
purchased it at auction,

he was rescuing
a looted historical treasure.

That's why you returned it to us.

Yeah, but it was a loan,
wasn't it, mate?

It was never meant as a keepsie.

This knife is worth millions,
and you just gave it away?

- You idiot!
- Easy, muffin.

Look, you look like you got

a stable head on your shoulders.

Why don't I make a little donation,

and you give us the knife.

And we walk away.

Does Bruce Wayne even know about this?

Whatever your agenda is,

I believe that you and
your chippie should leave.

A chippie?

Did you just call my missus a chippie?

What is that, like...

What... A chippie?
Is that a new term or something?


- What...
- What?

- What's happening?
- I can't breathe.

Oh, my God! I think
he's having a heart attack.

- I can't breathe! I can't breathe!
- He's having a heart attack!


- Look what you did.
- Tell security it's a false alarm.

- I can't breathe.
- False alarm.

I can't breathe! I can't
breathe! I can't breathe!

Give me your jacket.
Put your jacket under his head.

Put your jacket.

It really hurts.
It really, it really hurts.

You're okay.

Continue breathing.

- Deep breaths.
- All right, you're doing just fine.

Ow, it really hurts.

Stay with me here.

Oh, I feel much better now.

Sorry about the fuss. Fellas.



And she's using you.

Shame on you.

Stringing along this troubled man.

This troubled man.

Ooh, can't argue with that.

Oh, no.

Sorry, just because you're in charge

doesn't mean I disappear.

That's because you're too stupid
to know when you've lost.

Have I?

"Lee, what am I to you?"

Does that sound like you to you?
Because to me,

that sounds like me.

I'm not proud of that phrasing.

I'm inside you, buddy,

like a virus,

- infecting your thoughts.
- Oh, please.

You couldn't even begin
to comprehend my thoughts,

much less influence them.

What about your feelings?
How else would you explain those

desperate attempts to gain her approval?

No, no. If anything,
she's the one who...

You gave money away to the poor.

That was part of a larger plan.

Yeah, her plan. What did you
ever care about the Narrows?

I don't.

Every person here could drown
in a stew of their own filth

and I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep.

Oh, I know...

because all you care about is her.

Just like I did.

So keep that up, buddy,

'cause soon there will no telling

where you end and I begin.

That's not gonna happen.

Well done.

Now, knife, please.

Selina, it has to be me.


Give me the knife.

And you better scram
while you still can.

I'm taking the knife.

Oh, you do not want
to make me angry, kid.

Sorry, muffin.

I'm gonna need you to step back.

Don't you even go there, love.

Selina, don't give her the knife.

Screw this.

Your arrogance is gonna get
someone killed, you know.

Or just you.

- What?
- Stop.

Thank you.

Now. Get in.

Selina, let's go.

Nice doing business with you boys.

You were right.

She's using me.


So much for you being smart now.

The most brilliant minds are often blind

to the most obvious truths.


And you came to me...

Because that lovestruck moron, Ed,

is floating down a river of dopamine

deep within the primitive
reward circuit of my brain

and I need you to help me drown him

for good.

Did you bring the half-share
of profits we asked for?

That money's gone.

Distributed among the riffraff
of the Narrows,


those five banks were merely
the first stage

of a very sophisticated plan.

And the coup de grâce is tonight.

I knew you were scheming something.

That's why we were
gonna rob you afterward.

But I prefer this way.

There better be enough
in there to get me fixed.

Don't forget our deal.

I won't.

Thank you so much.
And how big is the score?

About a hundred million...


And you help me deal with Lee Thompkins.

Thank you for coming back.

We serve the Demon's Head, Barbara.

So what's the play?

Simple. I do the flashlight-hand
thingy, summon Ra's,

a little stabby-stab with the knife,

send him back to hell.

Think I can remember that.

You can't be serious.

That's your plan?

How do you expect to get the drop

on someone who's studied
kung fu for 2,000 years

and is a zombie?

Not feeling a whole lot
of faith here, kitty cat.

Maybe I'd have a little more

if you knew how to use your Demon Head

for something other than a flashlight.

You're gonna get us killed.

You got any useful suggestions?

Maybe call backup.

I did.

Here they are.

What if Bruce is right?

Let him use the knife.

At least we know that it worked before.

You just took the knife from him.

Because you told me to pick a side.

I thought you had some other plan

other than "Let's stab
the immortal, undead guy

and hope for the best."

Listen, Selina, we're strongest
when we're together.

Now are you in or are you out?

If it's suicide by Ra's, I'm out.

Fine, then go.

What if she's right?

I can't control the Demon's Head.

Maybe it's like Ra's said.

Maybe... I am just a nightclub owner.

I should've never trusted those men.

I didn't want you to
have the Demon's Head.

Not even sure I want it now.

Three years we've been
together, on and off.

And I've never seen you doubt yourself.

So however you want
to play this, I'm in.

But if you're saying you're not worthy,

that's where I jump ship.

Let's do this.

I suppose on the bright side,

you won't have to kill him... again.

Except I'm the only one who can.

So said Ra's.

I mean, no disrespect to your
magical daggers and all of that,

but I'd love to see what would happen

if I pulled his head
off his bloody shoulders.

I can't believe Selina
gave Barbara the knife.

Yeah, well...

at least we know where she stands.

That's what you think.

Oh, you've got bloody
cheek turning up here.

I gave Barbara the knife
because if there was a chance

she could use it, I wanted her to.

That way Bruce didn't have to kill him.

I would've done what I had to do.

And you would've gone straight
back to being the douche bag

you've been the last few months.

So, no. Thank you.

She's got a point there, Master Bruce.

Thanks for the explanation.
You can leave now.

- Bruce.
- You sided with them.

Why does it have to be about sides?

There is somebody,

some thing out there
that needs to be stopped,

so why can't we focus on that?

Another good point.

Barbara and Tabitha are gonna
get themselves killed.

And I don't want that to happen.

There were easier banks to hit.

Why yours?

I keep telling you, I have no idea.

I'm the victim.
You're treating me like a criminal.

Yeah, I wonder where we get that from.

- Excuse me?
- We did some digging.

Your bank has been investigated
for redlining, usury,

- illegal foreclosures.
- And cleared on all counts.

You have good lawyers.

So we deserve to be robbed?

- I'm done here.
- Ma'am,

can you just give us a second, please?

What the hell are you doing?!

She's a crook, a bigger crook
than whoever ripped her off.

You mean like Lee?

Look, brother, I know
what this is about.

You went down to the Narrows

and came back all fired up, okay?

But alienating her is not gonna help us.

If Lee is involved with Nygma,

we got to stop it before it goes bad.

Which of your branches
are the most vulnerable?

As of this afternoon, none of them.

We have a security protocol.

After the Arkham breakout
and the robberies...

You moved your assets
to a secure location.

Yes, of course.

All 45 branches this morning.

It's totally safe.

- Fortified and heavily guarded.
- Where is it?

- Pistol would've been more fun.
- You indulge me.

Breaking open the vault
is the last detail.

Big detail. How did you solve it?

A little help from some friends.

I'm the revealer of masks.

When I appear,

friend becomes foe.

And the one that you love
becomes the one that you hate.

What am I?


Hello, Lee.

Yeah, it's not a dart gun.

Let's go.

Nice entrance.

I do hope you've reconsidered

and are planning to give me what I want.

I've thought about it a lot

and about us.

We had something, didn't we?

Back when you were less dug-up-y.

I do not have time for this.

I will give you what you want, Ra's.

But I want you to admit
we had a connection

and that those things you said
to me were just mind games

to make me lose my nerve.

You want me to tell you
that you're special?

Would that be so hard?


And moreover, it's true.

You are special.

I'm just sorry it had
to come to this, Barbara.

Me, too.

But thank you for saying that.


She must do this by herself.

Barbara, fight.

This is Barbara's fight.

This is Barbara's fight!

Well, now... look at you.

Yeah, look at me.

You want to give it another shot?

She's mastered the Demon's Head.


I can see why he likes this thing.

That's enough.

Give me what I want,
or your friend dies.

I thought this was between us.

Choose now.

Tabby, I...

I can't give this up.


That's enough. Choose.


You win.

Just don't hurt her.

Barbara Kean,

you surprise me yet again.

Maybe I wasn't mistaken
in you after all.

Give me the knife, Ra's.

Let me kill you.

Today is not the day that I die.

This is the price for
taking advantage of me, Lee.

You're wrong, Ed. I wasn't using you.

Again, don't call me Ed.

And I'm not wrong about you.

The truck is almost
full... we should go.

Tell the ogre. Have him leave
the property deeds.

They all belong to the Narrows.


And so ends the tale of
the Queen of the Narrows.

Mm. Good-bye, Lee.

- What are you doing?
- How did that go, again?

"I am the revealer of masks.

"When I appear, friend becomes foe."

- Betrayal.
- Exactly.

What the hell you doing?!

Just burning the Narrows property deeds.

Not that.

He's proving his love by betraying us.

These bars can't hold me.
When I get out...

We'll be gone.

I just wanted you to hear something.

Oswald, we have been
through thick and thin.

And I hold no grudge on you.

But you come against Lee,

and you come against me.

I'm gonna dismember you, you twerp!

Yeah, not even gonna try with you.

Let's go, Lee.

It won't make any difference.

She's still using you.

You are not the Riddler! You are a fool!


Why do that?

Why bring Penguin and Grundy

if you're just gonna lock them inside?

I needed Grundy to open the vault.

And Oswald was gonna rob us, anyway,

so I just kept an eye on him.

He'll get over it, or he won't.

So you don't think I'm using you?

No, I know you are.

Then why would you
betray your friends for me?

Is this... Are you Ed?

No, I'm me.

How can you be sure?

Because Ed didn't understand you.

He didn't see how deeply
you had changed. I do.

I know that that virus

woke up something deep inside you,

and you let that something loose
when you shot Sofia.

And you love it.

And I love it, too.

And I know that you don't
feel the same way about me.

But you will.

And when you do, I will be here.

Ed Nygma...

you are a riddle.

That's the nicest thing
someone's said to me.

- That's Jim.
- This alarm just went off.

He was onto us.

- We can just go out the back.
- No, they'll see the truck.

One of us needs to distract them.



I can handle Jim Gordon.

You take the money to the Narrows.

You trust me?

I do.



Nygma, we know you're in there.

Come out with your hands up.

Sweet, merciful mother.

You know your rights.

You'd have done the same for me.


I hope this isn't one of those

kill the old queen situations.

We discussed things.

Demon's Head or not, you fought.

Not for yourself,
but those alongside you.

You are worthy, Barbara Kean.

We follow you

to our deaths and beyond.

We can find from Barbara
where the League hides:

temples, safe houses...
he'll be in one of them.

Meanwhile, we'll try to fix the knife...

Yeah, we'll just take it
to the magic knife shop,

no problem.

- Selina, be serious.
- I am.

If Ra's wanted you dead, you would be.

He obviously likes you.

- It's not about me.
- I know it's not about you.

Gotham has managed
a long time without you.

It can manage a little longer

if you have one night off.

You did good today.

So did you.

Ahem. Poor timing.


I only want to talk.

Alone, please.

I'm staying.

Very well.

She's right, you know, Bruce.

I do like you.

Respect you. Respect you
for what you'll become.

You have no idea what I'll become.

Of course I do.

At least, who you could become.

Why are you here?

I felt I owed you an explanation

as to why I chose to live.

When I took back the Demon's Head,

I saw...

a vision...

of a cataclysmic event
soon to befall this city.

What event?

A cleansing fire

that will destroy, purify,

create... create you, Bruce.

Because I will use it as a mighty forge,

molding you into

a dark knight of Gotham.

If it doesn't kill you, that is.