Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina - full transcript

Gordon fears Jonathan Crane is still alive and back in Gotham, when The Scarecrow's signature MO is used in a series of robberies. Meanwhile, Penguin's "licensing" of crime in the city backfires during the grand opening of his new Iceberg Lounge. Also, in the aftermath of his encounter with Ra's Al Ghul, Bruce begins his vigilante watch.

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Previously on "Gotham"...

The infected are being
killed all over the city.

I'm the one you seek.

I am Ra's al Ghul.

This man is your past.

Now embrace your future.

Use the waters, Bruce.

You were the one time
I let love weaken me.

I want you around as
a constant reminder to never

make that mistake again.

I heard about Alfred.

Is he gonna be okay?

You don't give a damn about Alfred,

and you sure as hell
don't care about me.

I know you better than that.

I thought you did.

Jonathan Crane's father made a toxin

from the adrenal glands of his victims

while they experienced terror.

- What do you want?
- I'm tired of just surviving.

I want more.

I'm sorry, Alfred.

I've been trying to find
who I am for so long.

Who am I supposed to be?

Money! Now!

You need to find your true north.

And let that guide you.

Money! Now!

Hurry up, huh? Give me the ring.

You have one chance. Walk away.

Who's this?


I got a license.

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♪ Never gonna give you up ♪

♪ Never gonna let you down ♪

♪ Never gonna run around ♪

♪ And desert you ♪

♪ Never gonna make you cry ♪

♪ Never gonna say good-bye ♪

♪ Never gonna tell a lie ♪

♪ And hurt you ♪

♪ We've known each other... ♪

Nobody move.

Jewelry, watches, wallets.

- You know the drill. Let's go.
- We want it all.

All your money.

- Come on. Ah, nice. Thank you.
- Ah.

Jackpot! Let me see that.


Cheapskate, huh?

- Come on.
- Excuse me.


That's Victor Zsasz.

I know who it is.

What do you want?

Oh, I was just passing by.

Heard the ruckus.

You know you can't commit
a crime in Gotham now

without a license from Penguin, right?

Is that right?

Well, we just started it,
so word's still getting out.

We ain't kicking half our take
to that little creep.

Well... that's a problem.

Maybe you ain't noticed,
but there's, uh,

four of us, and only one of you.

My finger!

No license.

No crime.

Now, drop the loot and blow.

You tell Penguin he
hasn't heard the last of this.

And stay out!

I can't thank you enough.

Don't bother.
Because you see those guys?

They do have a license.

Mazel tov.


Best wedding ever.

You know, we appreciate all you've done.

Do you?

Three months ago, following
the Tetch incident,

this city was in flames.

I came to you and offered
to cut crime in half,

and I delivered.

Violent crime is down 57%.

But now you want to, uh,

literally, unionize crime.

- I mean, but we can't possibly...
- Quiet!

I remember when I sat there,
in the mayor's chair.

I do not envy you.

Nor you.

Commissioner of police in
a city notorious for crime.

That's why I want to help.

But, uh, we are fully aware
of all you've done.

Are you?

What do you think really happened

to those hordes of criminals
who once prowled our streets?

I'll tell you. I hunted them down...

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- I made Gotham safe.


But this is Gotham City;
there will always be crime.

What I am offering is crime
in the hands of professionals.

And held to agreed-upon terms.

From which you'll profit.

God bless America.

You have a choice:

an era of calm and prosperity...

...or a return to the good old days.

And they will return.

With a vengeance.

We deny everything to the press.


What you need to worry about
is the GCPD.

When one of your officers finds
someone committing a crime,

if that person has a license,
they walk away.

Three percent each. Uh, from the take.

Two to split between you.

- Two and a half.
- One!

- You...
- Yes. Fine. Done.


Well, if you'll excuse me,

I have to go prepare for the
grand opening of my new club,

- the Iceberg Lounge.
- Good luck.

Smile, gentlemen. It's a new day.

Hey, Frank.

Morning, Jim.

I'll get you coffee in a second.




Everything okay, Frank?

Everything's fine, copper.

I got a license.

Penguin approved.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

I'll take that coffee to go.

Man, what the hell are you doing?

- Look, I-I got a license!
- Yeah.

And unless you shut up,

you're also gonna get a fat lip.

We got a problem?

Penguin guarantees these numbers?

Mr. Cobblepot has negotiated them

with the mayor and commissioner.

These are damn good numbers.

But I already heard
from the commissioner.

We have to play ball. What the
hell are you doing here?

Compliance with the licenses is key.

Mr. Cobblepot worries
about Detective Gordon.

He has a history.

My men will honor the licenses.
You let me worry about Gordon.

Now, get the hell out of my office.


- Who was that?
- A, uh, dung beetle.

What's up?

I pulled this off of some guy

robbing my corner bar.

You're a homicide detective.

Isn't, uh, a stickup a little JV?

I'm a cop. I see a crime, I stop it.

This is the second one of
these I've come across,

- and I'm not the only one.
- Yeah.


Harvey, we cannot let this slide.

Word's come down from the commissioner,

you find someone with
one of those, they walk.

And before you get on your high horse,

three months ago,
this city was in a tailspin.

We survived because Penguin
took control of the underworld.

I am not giving the city
over to Penguin.

- I don't care what the commissioner says.
- What about your fellow cops, huh?

The past month,
how many have been shot? None.

I know the stats.

Jim, we will bust Penguin
one day, I promise you.

But this city has to get
back on her feet.


Harvey, I get that.

But every day the citizens
of Gotham look to Penguin

and not the GCPD to keep them safe,

the harder it's gonna be
to win them back.

You want people to trust cops,

there are better ways of doing it

than spitting in Penguin's eyes.

You see one of these,

you walk.

Bloody Penguin.

There must be some way we
can turn this against him.

Oh, just-just stop.

Stop right there.

How does this fit in
to what we're doing?

What was the initial reason
that you popped on that mask

and you went out there?

We agreed that I have to be ready

for when Ra's al Ghul returns.

You yourself said there's no substitute
for real-world encounters.

But my point is if that is our mission,

we must hold to it.

My finger was on the button
that released the virus.

- Oh, I see.
- I know I didn't press it,

but I feel responsible
for what happened.

And more than that, I can make a difference
in Gotham, Alfred. I know I can.

And that is what we call
"mission creep," Master Bruce.

You're trying to achieve
not one but two objectives.

So, go on, then.

Which one is your priority?

It's messy, sir.

It's dangerous.

I hear you, Alfred.

But I can prepare myself for Ra's

and make Gotham safer.

You have to trust me.

All inmates,
last call... in five minutes,

make your way to the door
and the nearest...

This way.

Hey, Warden Reed.

Warden Reed's the boss here.

Where is he?

This way.

Back when I was an orderly in here,

he'd always talk about his dad
and this formula he'd made.

Some sort of scare juice.

Make you see your greatest fear.

We get ahold of that,

we don't got to worry
about Zsasz or Penguin,

or nobody.

What's wrong with him, anyway?

The toxin his father injected him with

overloaded Jonathan's fear response.

His mind created
a sort of boogieman figure.

Now it haunts him.

I find it very useful for...

controlling him.

Jonathan, you're going with these men.

What? Wait. Where are you taking me?

We just want to give
someone a little scare.



That's all, that's all my dad's stuff.

Look, I can't be here
after dark, please.

I real... I cannot be here after...

You were your daddy's
little assistant, weren't you?

You helped with the experiments.

Some, but I don't know everything!

Now, you're gonna take
your daddy's notebooks

and make as much of
that fear juice as I say.

And so you don't get lonely,

the boys here brought you a friend.



No, don't! Please, stop!

No, you don't understand!

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

May I have your attention, please!

All the money, now!

Give it to me! All of it!

Hey. You have a license?

Look at me.

Fiery demons. Demons.

Fiery demons.

- Demons.
- Demons. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we'll catch them.
Get him out of here.

- Go, go, go, go.
- Fiery demons.


Did Penguin issue a license for this?

Why you asking me?

Best of my knowledge, no.

Then why do something so public?

Unless you're trying
to send Penguin a message.

I hope the message was "Please
send Victor Zsasz down here

to kill me," because that's
exactly what's gonna happen.

- Not if I find them first.
- Hey!

You asked me to stop busting
crooks with licenses.

This gang didn't have a license.

And you're gonna find them before Zsasz

just to prove that GCPD still matters?

That's not thumbing
your nose at Penguin?

- Fire me.
- Hey, don't tempt me.

You got a lead?

The victims, the way they're acting,

their terror reminds me
of Crane's formula.

You think someone's using
the fear juice?

It ain't him. He's dead, remember?

Not that that matters much
in this town anymore.

He's dead. His son isn't.

Jonathan Crane's condition is fragile.

I'm afraid he can't see anyone.

Certainly not the two men
who killed his father.

Yeah, so, uh, how many loonies
you got in this joint?

436 total.

We mustn't call them "loonies."

Course not.

How about staff
that had access to Crane?

Any of them not show up for work?

All present and accounted for.

You don't want to check?

- I don't need to.
- See, that's impressive.

'Cause I run a precinct,
and if half my cops

- didn't show up, I'd be none the wiser.
- It's true. He wouldn't.

Clearly we have different...
professional standards.

Jonathan Crane's father

created a toxin that makes people
see their greatest fear.

This morning, it was used to rob a bank.

How is that my problem?

Let me explain it to you.

See, whoever robbed the bank,

they challenged Penguin.

And all we have to do

is tell Penguin that you're involved,

and he'll send Victor Zsasz
down here to talk to you.

Jim, how would you describe Victor?

Victor Zsasz?

A homicidal maniac and sadist.

A homicidal maniac and sadist

of the highest professional standards.

So you can talk with us here and now,

or you can talk to Victor.

They threatened me; I had no choice.

We want a name, putz.

I knew it rang a bell. Grady Harris.

Ran a crew a few years back.

Him and his cousin Merton.

Couple of cowboys from the sticks.




Well, well.

Look at what we got here.

What's wrong with you pigs?
Harassing honest fellas like us,

when there's real criminals out there.

You robbed a bank in broad daylight.

- That don't make you a criminal?
- I'm an outlaw!

Outlaws have a code.


they'll take everything.

They'll take a man's livelihood.

Like the Penguin.

And his licenses.

But we're gonna show him, you'll see.

Penguin wouldn't give you a license

if you begged him till the cows
came home, you stupid hick!

You're lucky I'm not the Penguin.

We would gut you right here.

We're better than them!

Take care, pigs.

- They see him anyway.
- Hey, check it out.


Looking for company?

She all by herself.

Just let me go, okay?

Not a chance.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Don't turn your back on a guy
unless you're sure he's down.

Otherwise, not bad.

Does this mean we can get pizza?

I'm just saying,
you steal my pepperoni again,

I'll break your fingers.

So you're saying do
steal your pepperoni again?

I come in peace.

You ladies were not easy to track down.

Then again, I can see
why you don't advertise.

Didn't you used to be rich?

That was before your boss stole my club.

Well, you murdered his mom

and tried to kill him.

So... call it even?

There a reason you're here?

You know about these?

The boss can't have you
operating on your own.

Now, he could just kill you,

but he figures it's time
to let bygones be bygones.

How big of him.

Tomorrow night's
the opening of his club.

Come by, kiss the ring,

get your license.

Is that pepperoni?

Goes without saying,
this is one of those...

"or else" kind of deals.


We got to find a new place.

Why? We join Penguin,
we can at least get work.

I came to you because
I wanted to move up.

And look around.

We're barely making it.

I'm not working for him.

Now, pack.

Detective Gordon.


I didn't hear you.

What happened?

Uh, nothing.

Harvey and I were tracking a gang.

We let ourselves get surprised.

What brings you down here?

I found this when I was in the city.

Wasn't sure what to do with it.

One of Penguin's licenses.

Apparently, crime is legal now.

And you're going along with that?

Not really.

There's a number on the license.

I was thinking Penguin must have
some sort of master list.

Connecting the crime and the
criminal to the license issued.

List like that would tell you

not only who committed that crime,

but crimes that haven't
even happened yet.

Unfortunately, the judges are
going along with the licenses.

I'm trying to track down

who in Penguin's organization
keeps the list.

It would set off too many alarms.

I see.

But you haven't given up.

You just said
you were out tracking a gang.

That's different.

This gang isn't licensed.


Penguin will come after them,
if he hasn't already.

And when he catches them,

it'll be more proof that Gotham
doesn't need the GCPD.

Sorry, it's been a long day.

So why not use Penguin
to lead you to them?

If I could figure out
how to do that, I would.

It was good to see you, Detective.

You should come by the house for dinner.


I'd like that.

How about we grab a bite...


Exclusive, but welcoming.

Urbane and edgy.

Tonight's opening will establish
the Iceberg Lounge

as Gotham's newest place to see
and be seen.

And you say you acquired
the club from Barbara Kean?

Is that a question?

It's just, no one's
seen her for months, and...

Well, Barbara Kean's whereabouts

are not my concern.

This was The Sirens club.
It is now mine.

Mr. Cobblepot,

there's a rumor going around
about criminals

being given licenses.

The rumor is you're issuing them.

Tell me, what is
the crime rate in Gotham?

- We're at historic lows.
- Historic lows.

You know, Augustus Caesar once presided

over the longest period
of peace and prosperity

the world has ever known.

It was called the Pax Romana.

Perhaps one day, this will be known as

the "Pax Penguina."

That's not a denial.

We're here to talk about my club.

Your readers will
find this interesting. Ivy?

That's Edward Nygma.

Turns out Ed had
a very rare brain disease.

There was only one option:

to freeze him and wait for the cure.

In his final lucid moments,

he begged me,
"Oswald, do not hide me away.

Put me out with the people."

It was the least I could do.

Anyone tell him he was being frozen?

I have affidavits from his doctor,

- if you would like to see them.
- No, thanks.

Well, Jim,

I'm rather busy.

So whatever your business is...

I came to tell you you're a fraud.

The gang that has Crane's fear toxin,

they're not afraid of you.

Others will find out. That's how it begins.

You've had a nice run, Oswald,

but it's over.

Oh, Jim,

it's so hard to admit when
you've become irrelevant.

Let me tell you what's gonna happen.

I'm going to find this gang,

and I'm going to crush them.

And everyone will see
that it is Oswald Cobblepot,

the Penguin, who keeps Gotham safe.

Always good to see you, old friend!

As he prepares for the opening
of the Iceberg Lounge,

Oswald Cobblepot announced
that he would destroy the gang

that attacked Gotham
First National Bank yesterday.

He described them as cowards
and pond scum.

Penguin's going down tonight.

- You finish that new batch yet?
- Yes.

Now, can you please, can you please
get rid of that, please?

What, you and him ain't getting along?

Please, just get rid of it!

Listen, I got to do some things tonight,

but I think you guys should
spend some time together,

- huh?
- No, please.

We all have our fears to face.

Stop, stop! Please!

Stop, please!



Let me out!

Remember how you accused me
of being a slave to my emotions?

No more.

I have banished those feelings.

And look how I have risen.

But at what cost?

I wonder which of us is frozen.


He's, like, totally frozen.

Ivy, go somewhere else.

All right, I want two
unmarked units at street level,

and another two teams with me and Harvey

watching the entrances to the club.

The moment that gang arrives, we move.

You heard the man.

Suit up! Let's go!

Can we count on them?

Let's see, you tricked Penguin
into baiting the gang

to attack his club,
hoping to arrest them

before they cause mass panic,
only so you could

embarrass Penguin, so I would say yeah,

they're about as dependable
as any other part

- of this cockamamie plan.
- Thanks.

I'll get the gas masks.

Please, let me out!


Let me out!


- So you guys work for Penguin, huh?
- It ain't like that.

- Sure.
- Come on, Gordon.

Since Penguin's been cracking down,
life's been good.

Why you got to rock the boat?

What happens when he starts
giving out licenses for murders?


What then?

I'm wasting my breath, aren't I?

Pretty much.

All right, then.

Who wants it first?

Mr. Wayne, Mr. Pennyworth.

I am so glad you could make it.

It's our pleasure.


We were just admiring your frozen mate.

Is he still alive in there?

I fear we may never know.

Well, you'll know when
you finally thaw him out.

When they discover
a cure for his disease.

Oh, yes. Then, of course.

I wanted to personally thank you

for everything
you've done for this city.

Thank you, Mr. Wayne.


can I ask about the licenses?

Uh, a little discretion,
if you would, Master Bruce.

Everybody's talking about it, Alfred.

I just want to know how it works.

So, does someone come to you and say

"I want to rob a bank"?

Now, Bruce, if I didn't know any better,

I would think that you wanted me
to implicate myself.

Anything you say stays between us.

First, let me ask...

you would be agreeable
to the idea of licensed crime?

If crime had been licensed
and controlled three years ago,

my parents would still be alive.

Exactly so.

Well, between us,

I have nothing to do with
the licenses directly.

I provide the guidelines while Mr. Penn

handles all of the details.

Now... would you excuse me?

- Well done, sir.
- Thank you.

Now we know who has the list.

The next step is...


Where's your babysitter?

- It's kind of a package deal.
- Yeah. Well, he's got me.

Is that good enough or not?


we're both in.

I should...

- pat you down for weapons.
- Sure.

If you want to lose a hand.

It was worth a shot.

I'll tell the boss.

See ya.

You were worried about me.

Hey, man, I been looking
all over for you.

Ooh, ouch.

Think we can forget about backup.

I see you talked to some
of your fellow officers.

- Probably not a bad thing.
- How's that?

Guys get to let off steam,
resentments don't fester.

Next time, you can
get punched in the face.

This beautiful mug? No one would dare.

Let's go.

All right, once inside,
gas Zsasz and Penguin first,

and then go crazy.

I still don't see Penguin.


I'm guessing that gas
isn't faster than a bullet.

What do you think?

Jim Gordon and his
ham-fisted manipulation.

He thought he fooled me.

You want to do 'em here or downstairs?

- Might be a little loud in here.
- Neither.

I have something special
planned for them.

What do you want, Bruce?

You knew I'd follow you.

Just like I knew you'd come up here.

You don't know anything about me.

I wanted to apologize
for what I said at the hospital

when you came to visit Alfred.

You were making a kind gesture.

You want to talk to me, come up here.

My point is I'm sorry.


You were a jerk.

I saw you arrive with Tabitha Galavan.

I'm not sure I'd choose her as a mentor.


That means absolutely nothing to me.



You... you want to say something?

That's a lovely dress
you're wearing tonight.

Honestly, you two.

Why can't you just go to the
cinema like normal teenagers?

Uh, Master Bruce, we got a bit of a...

bit of a situation downstairs.

What sort of situation?

Miss Kyle.

For the past three
months, I have given this city

a tranquility it has never known.

Now I would like to ensure
that peace for the future.

In the weeks to come,

you will hear whispers

about what's happening
in the streets of Gotham.

All you need to know is without me...

this is what you get.

Men who want to bring fear
back to our city,

who promise a return to the old days.

So... tell your families,

tell your friends,

it is Oswald Cobblepot
who keeps them safe,

not the GCPD.

You're welcome!

I have my things in the car.
We can stop them in the parking garage.

Absolutely not, Master Bruce.

Alfred, Penguin is gonna take
those men out and kill them.

Undoubtedly so...

but as you said before,
you can make a difference.

There is a time for masks,

and there is a time for Bruce Wayne.

What's going to be done to you...


I want to know what you're
going to do with those men.

You need not concern yourself with that.

Are those men going to be
turned over to the police?

Earlier tonight, you thanked me
for making the city safer.

Now, how do you think that happened?

I do the dirty work no one else will.

I understand.

But I'm asking you,

turn those men over to the police.

You're young.

You have a good heart.


Enjoy your party, Penguin.

You little twerp.

What's wrong?

You scared?!


You're under arrest,

by order of the Gotham City
Police Department. Cuff him.

Help me!

Help me! Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

Penguin ain't gonna be too happy.

Screw him.

I'm just worried about
finding Jonathan Crane.

If he's out there, with access
to his father's formula...

Relax. We'll find him.

I wouldn't expect too much help
from these parts, though.

There's good cops out there.
They just need reminding.

You have a list

of all the licenses
you've given; I want it.

I... I can't.

Penguin, he'll...

- What about the alarm?
- Forget it.

We got a license, remember?

Guys, come on.

Oh, no.

What the...?!


Gotham Police! You're under arrest!

Crane! You got to make more
of that fear gas.

We got to get Merton out of jail! Crane!


Jonathan Crane isn't here anymore.

Just the Scarecrow.

Synced & corrected by kinglouisxx