Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster - full transcript

Butch leads Penguin and his men to the warehouse where Gertrude is being held, as Penguin plots his revenge on Galavan for kidnapping his mother.

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JIM: Previously on Gotham...

(GRUNTS) That's for Reggie.

Now, I don't know
what you want with Master Bruce,

but I'm certain that his life's gonna be
a damn sight better without you in it.

I would be honored if you would
consider endorsing me for mayor.

If you can give me your word
that we won't have to face it alone,

you'll have my endorsement.

It's been some time
since I had a meal like this.

You should come over more often.
We can, like, hang out or whatever.

I'd like that.

Let go of me, you freak!

- Listen to me!

- I did it for you.


And I've been following
the goings-on at Wayne Enterprises.

- What have you learned?
- That your father was a good man.

But in spite of that,
bad things happened at his company.


You were looking for Penguin's mother,
weren't you?

I have to obey him in all things.

Penguin has brainwashed this poor soul.
Can we help?



I'll leave you two to it.

THEO: Father Creel.

- Do you have the Wayne boy?
- Not yet, but soon.

I found your mother.

- Where?
-ln a warehouse down by the port.


You're sure this is it?

BUTCH: I'm sure, boss.

Once my mother is safe,

we go after Galavan and his sister.

They're going to pay
for what they've done.

(GASPS) Mother?



You're okay. Thank God!

(GASPS) Oswald? ls that really you?

Your sweet face. Like a vision.

-I'm taking you home. Okay?

- No, no, no, no.


And there I was thinking you understood
the meaning of consequences.

Consequences, yes.

I assure you
that my understanding of consequences

will be made quite clear
once my mother is outside.

But we've had so much fun together.

My sister gets attached to her playthings,
so I must insist she stay.

And those bolt cutters, useless.

The only way out of there

is with this.


Very well.

Butch, shoot them both in the head
and grab the key.

- Oswald!
- Mother, I'm sorry,

but what they've done to you
will not stand!

I gave you an order!
Shoot them both in the head!



No, no, no. That's not possible.

You have to obey me. You have to!

That time has passed. They fixed me.

Tabi is well versed
in the protocols of conditioning.

There's always a trigger word
implanted during the process.

All I had to do was
get Butch to remember what it is.

I'll admit, it took a few tries.

And now,

here we are.



I can still be valuable. You'll see.

I so wish that were true.

Then kill me if you must, but let her go.


I'm begging you.

Doesn't look like begging to me.

Indeed. Half-hearted at best.


I'll do anything.


- Perhaps she has served her purpose.

Don't pout.
You still have the former mayor.

He's so dull. He just moans all the time.





I told you everything would be okay.
Didn't I?

And it will be. (CHUCKLES)







Oswald? What is wrong?

You look so sad.


Nothing's wrong, Mother. Nothing at all.

We're together now.
That's all that matters. (CHUCKLES)

That's all that ever mattered, right?

Ever since

you were a little baby.

My little Cobblepot.

I'm sorry.

This is my fault. (SOBS)

Please forgive me. I'm so sorry.

For what?

You were always such a good boy.

Huh! No. (SOBBING)


Kill him. Dump the bodies


You don't have the stomach
to kill me yourself?

No wonder your family was run out of town.

You come from a long line of cowards!


Fine, fine.



Any last words?


l am going to kill you.




KRINGLE: You are a psychopath!

l am not the man that you think I am.
I would never do anything to hurt you.



ED'S DOUBLE: Rise and shine.


What are you doing here?

I banished you for good.

Almost. Love of a good woman and all that.

Though we both know
how that turned out. Yikes!

That was an accident.

I'm not that man.

I'm gonna make this right.

See, I knew you'd wake up all boo-hooey.

You probably have half a mind
to tum yourself in.

Luckily, I have the other half.

- Do you like magic tricks?
- What?

Of course you like magic tricks.
After all, I do.

Well, guess what. (CLAPS)
I can make a body disappear.


Where is she?

Where is Miss Kringle's body?

Open the envelope.

ED: (READING) "/ hid her body
while you were catching some Z 's.

"You'll need a helping hand,

"so look for her initials
down at the G.C.P.D."

You went to my work last night?

Well, technically, you did.

I was just in the driver's seat,
so to speak.

How? You're a figment of my imagination.

A projection of impulse. Nothing more!

That is uncalled for.

Uncalled for?

You hijacked my body while I was asleep,
and you stole my dead girlfriend!

(CHUCKLES) Okay. Yeah, it's true.
But I'm doing this for your own good.

If I was you, which, again, I sort of am,
I'd get cracking.

You do want to find the body first, right?

Reporting live from City Hall

as we celebrate
the latest mayoral election.

Early exit point confirmed that
Gotham City's new mayor

will be Theo Galavan,
who is projected to win in a landslide,

helped by the endorsement
of many prominent citizens,

including Police Union President
James Gordon,

- City Comptroller Edwin--

I can't believe you're going to be
mayor of this sinkhole.

Can I go to the victory party tonight?

You promised me fun.

When are we gonna unleash a little hell?

There will be plenty of time
for unleashing hell and parties,

once Bruce Wayne
has signed over his company

and met his unfortunate destiny.

Until then, I need focus.

Young Bruce has become fond of you.

His trust will be crucial
when the time comes.

I need you to ensure

that no one else is whispering in his ear
until I make my offer.

See this finger?

I've got little Bruce
wrapped tight around it.

What a vixen you've become!

You make me very proud.

And we have Penguin to deal with.

- I'm on it.
- THEO: No.

I'm about to become mayor.
I'm gonna have an army at my disposal.

Time to use it.

BULLOCK: Looks like you backed
the right horse. You trust him?

A Gotham politician?
About as far as I can throw him.

But if he gives the G.C.P.D.
what it needs, he's all right by me.

You know, Selina said Penguin was behind
the Wayne Enterprise fires.


So first he's going
after mayoral candidates,

next thing you know,
he's burning down buildings?

It doesn't make any sense.

Guy's an abacus of crazy.
Nothing he does surprises me.


What the hell happened?

Penguin. He tried to kill our next mayor.

THEO: Mr. Cobblepot knew that
I was poised to win the election today,

and he came to me seeking an alliance.

And you refused.

(SCOFFS) I politely declined, yes.

So he stabbed you in the neck?

That seems like a pretty extreme reaction,
even for Penguin.

We've been trying to build a case
against Penguin since I got here.

We assume that he's behind
the earlier attacks

on the other candidates as well.

And this is the second time
he's tried to kill me.

The man is a menace.

And one that I fully intend
to put behind bars.

I assume you have something for rne.

Arrest warrant for Oswald Cobblepot,

as well as search and seizures on
all his properties and known associates.

Quite a list. We'll get right on it.

- Anything else?
- Yes.

In light of recent events, Judge Turnball
has declared a state of emergency

and granted the Mayor's office
additional powers.

Meaning what exactly?

The moment I'm sworn in,
I'm implementing a curfew,

and I'm ordering your strike force
to begin door-to-door searches

until Mr. Cobblepot is apprehended.

You're talking about martial law?

We're talking about bringing
a dangerous fugitive to justice.

We'll be acting within our legal rights.
Am I right, Mr. Dent?


You'll have our full support, sir.

Thank you, Captain.

HARVEY: Captain Barnes.

Detective Gordon.

You seem hesitant.


(SIGHS) You told me we needed to use
every method at our disposal

to go after men like Penguin.

Men who don't play by the rules.

Desperate times call for a strong measure.

I have no problem going after Penguin
with everything we've got,

but if we start kicking down the doors
of average citizens

and policing through fear,
we're no better than he is.

People still need to trust us.

And they will.

Because at the end of the day,
all people want is to feel safe.

Just remember, Detective,

you came to me.

Congrats, Mr. Mayor.

MALE TV PUNDIT: It is official.
Theo Galavan will be the Mayor of Gotham.

A crowd has gathered outside,
and the excitement is brimming.

And in just a moment, we'll also
be talking to many of the supporters

that gave up their time and effort
to support--


- What do you have against the front door?
- SELINA: Nothing.

It's the ape who opens it
who I could live without.

I haven't seen you in a month.

Selina, what are you doing here?

You wouldn't believe the week I've had.

This friend of mine, Bridgit,
decided to build this fire suit.

- Selina.
- Some people just don't...

Whose is that?

Sorry. I got lost on the way back from...




(STUTTERS) Silver St. Cloud,
this is my friend, Selina.

Selina, this is Silver.

Nice to meet you.

You too.

Are you staying for lunch?

- No.
- Please say you are.

I just moved here
and don't know many people.

Bruce, go tell Alfred
to set another place for lunch.

Come on, it'll be fun! Go, shoo.


While it's just us girls,

let me give you a little advice.

You come around here again,

well, that would be bad

-for you.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Bruce's friend.

His only friend.




And you're a piece of gutter trash.

Now tell me something.

Would anyone miss you
if, one day, you were just



I didn't think so.

BRUCE: I told Alfred.

What are you guys talking about?


Just girl stuff.


ED: "You'll need a helping hand."

"Look for her initials
down at the G.C.P.D."

"Look for her initials
down at the G.C.P.D."

"Look for her initials
down at the G.C.P.D."

Kristen Kringle, "K.K."

K.K., K.K.




Come on!

MALE OFFICER 2: Hey, Mike,
can you give me a hand with this?

It's really heavy.


Putting Penguin in the crosshairs of
the G.C.P.D. will drive him underground.

We can't kill him if we can't find him.

We won't have to find him.
He's going to deliver himself to us.

And why would he do that?

Penguin's rage
will consume his better judgment,

leaving him with an insatiable craving
for revenge.

All we have to do is keep him hungry

and then invite him to dinner.

And then I get to kill him.

Yes, kitten.

Then you get to kill him.


I'm eager to get to work.

I'd also like to address
the recent attempt on my life

by the man known as Penguin.

It is true that he attacked me,
and as of now, he is still at large.

Men such as Penguin
will no longer be tolerated.

These are men who scurry from
the light of decency like cockroaches.

Men who not even a mother could love.




He dies. Tonight.


BULLOCK: Yeah, got it.

Gilzean's holed up
in a booze joint downtown.

- Penguin?
- Mmm-mmm.

And get this. Word on the street is
Gilzean's started his own crew.

Sounds like they had a falling out.
Maybe he's ready to talk.


Hey. I heard about
what happened to our new mayor.

- Never a dull moment, huh?
- No kidding.

You left your keys again this morning.


What's this one?

A key to my apartment.

- Oh.
- I'll be in the car.

What? It's just a key.

Yeah, I know. Uh...

Do you want a key to my place?

Not even a little bit.
Wait, do you have a place?

I think so.

Sorry, caught me off guard.
I guess I do spend most nights there.

Which I love. What I don't love
is hauling ass out of bed at 2:00 a.m.

when you come home from a stakeout
smelling of chili dogs.

I love to watch you squirm.

I was not squirming.

A little squirm.


I had no idea we were entertaining today,
Master Bruce.

Anyone else popping by?

BRUCE: No. Thank you, Alfred.

This is marvelous, Alfred.

I fell in love with Lapsang Souchong
when I lived in Fujian.

Driving through the Wuyi region,

all you could smell is the burning cedar
they use to smoke leaves.

Right. Well, technically,
it's, uh, pinewood, Miss,

but I appreciate the enthusiasm.


That smell really does slap you
in the face, doesn't it, Alfred?


So, Selina,

tell me about yourself.

Any family?

You really buying her act?

I beg your pardon?

Let me ask you a question.

- How long have you been a two-faced slut?
- Selina!

No, seriously, what are you after?

It's the money, right?
I mean, it's not his wacky sense of humor.

- I think I should go.
- No, wait.

Is that a tear?

You're good.

I'm sorry. Goodbye, Bruce.


What did you just do?

I know you're not the best judge
of, like, you know, people,

but that girl is bad news.

I just did you a favor.

I want you to leave.


Fine. Whatever.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe I'm not the best judge of people.

Because all this time,
I thought you were my friend,

but clearly you have no idea
what that means.

(READING) "I'm tired of hiding
and want to be free.

"To locate her body,
find the two things missing from me."

Back of her head kind of looks funny.
It's like the top of a pencil.

Why are you doing this?

Because it's fun! And it's good for you.

How is it good for me to be tortured,
to be driven insane?

I'm trying to show you who you are.
How have you not realized that yet?

Though, to be honest, I'm surprised
you haven't figured out this riddle yet.

Should I have made it easier?

You could start by using proper grammar.

A period at the end of a sentence is...

M, period, E, period.

Oh, God! M.E., medical examiner.

You didn't!

I did.



I say we wait and see
if someone can walk us inside,

try and keep things civil.

Did I tell you
I was thinking about getting a cat?


Hey, how are you? Why don't you
get your head in the game here?

I'm sorry.

It's just...

Do you believe Galavan's story?

Questions like that are above my pay grade
and below my sense of wonder.

Penguin's a pragmatist.

Hitting Galavan for refusing an alliance,
that doesn't get him anything but heat.

So what really happened, do you think?

A few months ago,
nobody knew who Galavan was, right?

Now all of a sudden, he's mayor?

Doesn't happen by accident.
lt takes planning and it takes help.

Guys like Galavan are born on third base.
Stealing home is practically a birthright.

Think about the timing.

He shows up
just after Mayor James disappears.

A massacre at the gala
turns him into a hero.

Penguin's assassination attempts
on mayoral candidates

launched his campaign.

Everything that's gone down
up to this point,

you could argue was orchestrated.

Look, what you're talking about
is Machiavellian-level crazy,

even by Gotham's standards.


Here's our door pass.

- MAN: Yeah, so your mother tells you.

Yeah, his mama
stopped talking to me ages ago.

On, finally!


- Hey, hey!
- BULLOCK: I wouldn't.

Oh, come on!

I really wouldn't.

That's a lot of firepower there, Butch.

You expecting company?

Neighborhood ain't
what it used to be, Jim.

Where's Penguin?

How should I know?

You're the boss's lapdog
and you don't know where your owner is?

I ain't nobody's lapdog, not anymore.

Prove it.

Tell us why the hell
Penguin went after Galavan.

I ain't telling you anything.

And unless you have a warrant,
I'm gonna have to ask you boys to leave.

Yeah, see, the thing is our newly elected
mayor kind of wants results on this.

So we drag you in, chances are,
that's where you're gonna stay.

VICTOR: I'm here for Gilzean.

Anyone who leaves now, leaves alive.

Any who stays, dies.

You have 60 seconds to do the math.

Sorry, Butch.


No honor among scumbags, huh?

Hey, don't shoot. I'm out of here.


What are you doing?

You tell us what the hell
is going on with Penguin,

or we leave you with Zsasz.

You can't do that.

- Bullock?
- We can totally do that!

Galavan was telling Penguin what to do.

Knocking off the candidates,
torching the buildings,

it all came down from Galavan.

Why the hell was Penguin taking orders?

Kidnapped Penguin's mother.

- He was keeping her for leverage.
- Kidnapped?

Jim? I think we need to go.

I didn't think Galavan
would actually go through with it...

Go through with what?
Go through with what?


G.C.P.D.! Put down your weapons!

We're outmanned here big time, partner.

JIM: Yeah. But not outgunned.

BULLOCK: Oh, hell yeah!


VICTOR: I'll take that as a no.
See you later, Butch.


That's a new one.

You think he was telling the truth?

Nobody's telling the truth.

This is Gotham.

THEO: Bruce.

What a lovely surprise!

Hello, sir. I was looking for Silver.

She's here.

Seemed a bit upset when she came in.

Yes, sir.

A friend of mine stopped by the house
while Silver was there. They--

Say no more. I was your age once.

Your feelings do you credit.

I never met your father,

but it's clear that he instilled in you
a sound moral compass.

He did.

You know, we're both very alike.

Born into wealth and privilege,
yet forced to walk our lives alone.

Haunted by loss.

Driven to prove ourselves worthy
of those who came before.


Be careful, Bruce.

That way of thinking,
the need to fill the void,

it can consume you.

Does it ever go away?

No, but

you can find closure,
a way to move on without letting go.


I don't want to make any promises,

but when the time is right,
we'll talk again.


I, uh, need to get ready for the party.
Excuse me.

I knew you'd come.

No one is to kill Galavan but me.

Boss, I got what you're feeling.

A mother's love, it's the most beautiful,
most simple--


Cops aren't gonna let you
within 100 feet of Galavan.

Let us whack him for you. Please?


He's mine.


Now, let's get dressed.

We've got a party to attend.

Listen up, people!

Our newly elected mayor is going ahead
with his victory celebration tonight.

He will be exposed, he will be vulnerable

and he will be protected by you,

the brave men and women
of this police force.

You all have your assignments.

Detective Gordon here
will be running point. Detective.

Penguin has already made one attempt
on Galavan's life today.

We should be ready for anything.

Let's show this city
what it means to carry a badge.

As you were!

I want check-ins from perimeter teams
every five minutes.

Martinez, how's the Avenue looking?

MARTINEZ: All clear. Sniper teams
alpha and bravo report all clear as well.

Copy that.

What'd you find out?

Spoke to the super
at Gertrude Kapelput's building.

Turns out, no one has seen her
for two weeks.

Timeline matches Gilzean's story.

Maybe, or maybe the old broad's
on a sunset cruise. Hmm?

You know, there's something
that Gilzean said that I can't shake.

He said he never thought
Galavan would go through with it.

Go through with what?

I don't think Gertrude Kapelput
is on a cruise.

Ladies and gentlemen,

let me be the first
to officially introduce you

to the Honorable Theo Galavan,

the new mayor of Gotham!







(GASPS) Oh, my...

What are you doing?

Dr. Thompkins. Hello.


I'm just double-checking notes
for a Jane Doe case I'm working.

Do you need help?

No. No, no, no. She's all gone.
Uh, she's...

I'm sorry. I'm...
I'm all done with checking my notes.

Uh, what notes?

It's all up here. (CHUCKLES)

Do you realize that by assigning
simple mnemonic devices to case files,

you can produce recall capacity

equal to that of photographic
or even eidetic memory?

- Ed, what's going on?
- Okay. (CHUCKLES)


Um, truth be told,

uh, I was hoping
to run into you here. Alone.

It's Miss Kringle.

Just... (SOFT SIGHS)
We had a fight.

I'm sorry.

Every relationship
hits a rough patch now and then.

And you've been so supportive.

And I was hoping that maybe
we could go grab a coffee,

and you could give me some advice.

Do you want to finish up
what you were doing first?

No, no, no.
No, I can come back another time.

It's not like they're gonna
go anywhere, right? (CHUCKLES)

You'd think so.

Yeah, okay.

- Detective Gordon.

FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER: Okay. That's it, sir. Perfect.

Thank you so much.

I, uh, heard about your shootout today.

Something about one of Penguin's
former lieutenants. A Butch Gilzean?

Some men ambushed us
as we were questioning him.

He escaped.

Did you get anything out of him
before the attack?


It's a pity.



MALE GUEST: Mr. Mayor!

MARTINEZ: Detective,
I have a large group of men

approaching from off the main road.

I have eyes on the target.
Appears to be Cobblepot, sir.

Hold your fire.
Perimeter units, prepare to engage.


The target is down!

Martinez, I said, "Hold your fire!"

MARTINEZ: It wasn't us.

We have an unknown shooter on the roof.

I repeat, we have an unknown shooter
on the roof.

Martinez, is Penguin dead?

No. It wasn't him.

Find the other shooter and find Penguin!
We need him alive!

MARTINEZ: Detective,
all the targets are dressed as Penguin,

and all are heavily armed.
Positive ID is impossible.

Martinez, you're clear to engage.

All perimeter units,
crash our location now.






Drop it.

Turn around. Hands above your head. Now.

So forceful.

I like a strong, confident man.





MAN: Help!


- WOMAN: Oh, my God!

We got to get you out of here.

Radio his driver. Have him pull the car
around to the back service entrance.

- Got it?
- Yes, sir.

- Cover us?
- No problem.


officers, stay inside and clear the lobby.

Confirmed. Primary is on the move.

Initiating exit plan
near the south entrance.

Roger that. Detective Gordon is en route

to the rear entrance with the Mayor.

Need their limo
at the back service entrance, stat.


Get him out of here!




Hello, Jim.

Please step aside.

You know I can't do that.

You would if you knew
what kind of man you were protecting.

Shoot him, Detective.

Oswald, listen to me.
You have to put the gun down!

He killed my mother, Jim.

I know.

Detective Gordon, I am ordering you
to put that man down now!

He had her murdered in front of me.

I held her, watched her die.

Do you know what that's like?

It changes a person.

BULLOCK: I'm sorry
about your mother, Penguin,

but I'm gonna need you to put the
shotgun down on the ground slowly. Now.


One of us is going to die tonight.

I have made my peace with that.

I suggest the new mayor does as well.

Don't make us shoot you.

Shoot me, and you have no idea
what his endgame is, Jim!

And you should,
because it concerns someone you know,

someone you care about.

- Shoot him.


JIM: Duck!




BULLOCK: Jim! Oswald!


Penguin smashed the Mayor's ride
through the main checkpoint.

The good news is, with the gunshot wound
to the shoulder and the APB,

I doubt he'll make it out of the city.

He won't be trying to make it out.

We lost more people tonight, good people,
including Martinez.

Sometimes, the good guys have a bad night.

This ain't your fault.

I know.

It's his.


My ancestors were swordsmiths.

They knew that to make good steel,
it had first to be forged.

I look at tonight...

I look at tonight as a baptism of fire.

A fire from which we will emerge stronger.

Our resolve forged
to bring about a new day in Gotham!


I've felt pretty alone since moving here.

Until I met you.

But I don't want to come
between you and a friend.

You won't.

Selina is never going to like me.

I don't care.

I like you.


- THEO: Detective Gordon.
- Mr. Mayor.

You catch my speech?

I think I've heard enough speeches.

I had high hopes for you.

I thought you were prepared
to make the hard choices,

to do whatever it takes
to rid Gotham of its monsters.

l am.

I've just decided

I'm going to start with you.

Dangerous words

when addressing the man
who now controls this city.

Desperate times.

They are indeed.


I want to know why you did this.

When Dr. Thompkins walked in the room,
how did it feel?

I was terrified.
She could have discovered the body.

But she didn't.

You got away with it.

That's not the point!

(ECHOING) That is absolutely the point!

You can still feel the rush, can't you?

Coming so close to getting caught.

Knowing what you
would have been forced to do

if she had discovered the body

(DISTORTED) discovered what you had done.

(DISTORTED) The pulse of that moment.

Standing at the edge of uncertainty
and peering into the void.

(DISTORTED) NOW tell me. HOW did it feel?




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