Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Rise of the Villains: Scarification - full transcript

Galavan and Penguin join forces with a dangerous family in Gotham. Then, as the rivalry between the Waynes and the Galavans resurfaces, Gordon struggles to maintain order in the city.

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JIM: Previously on Gotham...

My name is Nathaniel Barnes.
I'm your new boss.

Sid Bunderslaw.
I'm the Director of Physical Operations.

I've been expecting you.

Garrett! Pinkney! Josie! Martinez!

Congratulations. You are now Unit Alpha
of the G.C.P.D. Strike Force.

BARNES: Time to take down the Penguin.

Mother! You'll pay for this!

They die, your mother lives.

I'm gonna need you to take a crack
at me also. And miss, of course.

- Get down!

lf the bad guys want to stop rne running,
well then, I guess I got no choice.

I will run for mayor.


Thank you for the trunk, old friend.
I'll call you when I need you.

I'm glad you call me a friend.

(CHUCKLES) Figure of speech, but do go on.

I can't help feeling,

wouldn't I be so much more useful
to you as a friend?

As a colleague, an ally?

As opposed to the tool you are at present?

Good question.


I would be a much more
effective tool for you

if I wasn't so worried about my mother.

If you let her come home,
I would still do your bidding.

Trust me, I know who's boss now.

(CHUCKLES) Lord have mercy.

No need to rub it in.

- Yes, sir. We all know who's boss.

What do you think, Tabitha?

I wasn't listening.
You know how I love the big macho type.

- THEO: Leave him alone.
- Yeah, leave me alone.


The answer is no, old friend.

Off you go.

Stay by the phone.



I wish you wouldn't freak out the help.
I've got a mayoral campaign to run.

I need to know you're gonna
handle this part of the business.

I get bored.

I hate it when you say that.
You have plenty to do.

You still have Mayor James to play with.

TABITHA: He's been here nearly a month.
He's getting old fast.

- You got Barbara to hang out with.

Yeah, she's cool, but she sleeps a lot.

She's kind of crazy.

That's the best part about her.

Galavan, what the hell is going on?

Mr. Bunderslaw. Welcome.

Why? What do you want with me?

You are the garbage man
for Wayne Enterprises, correct?

Every nasty little thing the company
has done, you know all about it.

- No.
- Yes.

And you are gonna
tell us everything that you know.

And if I refuse?

Torture. But that's for later.

Right now, there is something of yours
we need to borrow.

Sister, if you don't mind?

Left or right?

THEO: Either one.






Anybody who doesn't want to get shot,
raise your hand!

- Get down!
- BULLOCK: Hey! Get down!


A damn rocket launcher?

Welcome to Gotham, Captain.


I can fit my yearly salary in my hands.

Don't get any ideas about that cash, son.
Just bag it up.

Don't worry, sir.
Ideas aren't his strong suit.

Did some rough calculations, sir.
Somewhere around $2 million here.

It's a strong body blow to Penguin.

He'll feel it.

Sir, they're asking for their pants.

Read 'em their rights.
Doesn't say squat about pants.

Uh, wait.

Tell 'em whoever gives up
where they got the damn rocket launcher

gets to wear pants.

The rest can go naked, for all I care.

Captain, a word?

There's a place called the Merc.
Sells most of the heavy weapons in town.

They haven't been hit
'cause they pay off half the City Council.

The Merc, huh?

City Council can suck my tailpipe.
We're gonna hit this Merc tomorrow.

Pinkney, belay that order.

No one get pants.

We grab him up!

We grab him and we hurt him
till he tells us where she is,

and then we hurt him more!

Okay, is that a good idea?

Do you have a better one?

We could get the sister.

And then what? He's still out there.

And does he love his sister as much
as I love my mother? I don't think so!

BUTCH: Mmm, it is a pickle.

Mr. Penguin, sir.

The cops just hit the count house.
They took everything. Every dollar.



Did you enjoy giving me that news?




Butch! I have an idea.


Hey, you.

Good morning.

How's your day look?

Strike Force is going out on another raid.

"Strike Force." I hate that name.

Yeah. I'm not wild about it myself,
but Barnes gets things done.

He can call us what he likes.

All right, so you go strike
with your force.

- And what are we doing tonight?
- Sleep.

Uh-uh, it's date night, mister.

With who?

- Morning, Ed.
- Detective. Ms. Thompkins.

As you may have heard,
I've recently been seeing Ms. Kringle.


And she mentioned that it might be nice
to go out with other people along,

so I thought perhaps the two of you would
enjoy joining us for dinner tonight.

- We can't.
- We'd love to.

Sure. Yeah. Yeah, no. Great.

As a matter of fact,
I just bought some new fondue pots.

Why don't we do it at my house?

Excellent, I'll go tell Kristen.

I know, I know.
But it was the decent thing to do.


Have you ever tried it? It's delicious!

It's at your place.

We can't leave, we're already home.

Don't be mean. We'll make it fun.

Yes, ma'am.

Detective Gordon, good morning.

I wonder if we could talk alone.

Of course.

Thank you for giving me
some of your valuable time.

Oh, not a problem.

That night at the gala,
I just keep going through it.

Me too.

I've never killed a man before.

The fear, the blood.

I relive that moment over and over.

Do those thoughts ever go away?


But over time, they lose their power.

You did the right thing.

I guess I did.
I'm kind of amazed at myself.

You, doing the right thing,
it's what you do every day.

That's why people speak so highly of you.

You're a symbol
to the people of this city.

Of hope. Of honor. That's why I'm here.

I would be honored if you would consider

endorsing me for mayor.

Uh, an endorsement.

I'm flattered, but I'm afraid
policemen and politics don't mix.

Maybe not for a cop on the street,

but you're the president
of the policemen's union.

Where you lead, officers will follow.

That's more power
than the kind that comes out of a gun.

(CHUCKLES) You seem like a good man,
but I'm afraid my answer has to be no.

I don't do endorsements.

I know better than to push.

But think about it.

We could really help each other.

Hi, Penguin.

What do you want?

Why so glum?

- I just lost a lot of money.
- Aw.

Poor sad little breadhead.

The money is immaterial.

Someone must have betrayed me.
Someone close.

You don't know that, boss.

Oh, don't I? Don't I?

Whoa. Chill, birdman.

I got a job for you.

What's that?

Addresses of places
you're gonna burn to the ground.

Starting tonight.

Arson now?

(SCOFFS) Sure, fine. Whatever.

If I can find a trustworthy arsonist.

Paranoid, huh?

Get your head together, little man,
and get it done.

And, oh, whoever starts the fires
is gonna need this.



Nice place.

What's up?

I need you to take me
to the Pike brothers.

The firebugs from the Narrows?

I used to hang with their sister, Bridgit,
when I was a kid.

- Why do you need me to take you?
- To vouch for me.

The Pikes are the best arsonists in town,
but they're also Fish loyalists.

(SCOFFS) The idiots think
she's comin' back some day.

She might come back.

I was there, darlin:

She might.


The Pikes hate me and Penguin
for obvious reasons,

but everyone knows Fish loved you.

They do?

Your face will open doors, babe.





Just let me do the talking.

You just smile
and make like we're friends.


That's 100 extra.


So everybody knows she loved me?

That's what they say.

She loved me too, once. And I loved her.

Then you shot her.


It was complicated.

-(SCOFFS) Got that right.

SELlNA: Hi, Bridgit.

Hey, Selina. It's been a while.

Me and my pet gorilla are here
on business. Your brothers home?



Hey, boys.

What are you doing with this rat, Selina?

He's okay. I vouch for him.

What do you mean "okay"?
The bastard shot Fish.

It was complicated.

He loves her, just like you do.

- And if she ever comes back--
- When she comes back.

When she does,
he will be right by her side.

If she comes back? Sure. But she--

But for right now,
he got a nice job for you guys.

Business is business, right?

BUTCH: Hey, bygones, huh?

We need the best,
and you guys are the best.

- Oh... Easy.


JOE: That's a lot of work.

BUTCH: It's a lot of pay. You up for it?

For sure.

We'll need more gear.
I'll hit the Merc and stock up.

JOE: We've got enough gear
to burn down Gotham twice.

There's always room for more napalm.

BUTCH: Thanks.


Hey, sis.

What are you? A slob?

We have company.
What do we do when we have company?

We get them a glass.

Ding, ding, ding. Go and do it.

Thank you, Bridgit.


You're gonna need this.




Looks like rain.

Yeah, it does.

I don't mind it.

Cleans the streets, anyhow.

That's true.


Anyway, um,

take care of yourself, Bridgit.

Be strong.

Yeah, can we get a price check

on brass knuckles in toxic green?

300 gets it done.

Add 10% surcharge for soiled bills.

Thank you kindly.

WOMAN: (OVER PA) Try our whipping ware,
on sale now in aisle seven.

Welcome to Merc, your one-stop shop
for machetes, night-vision goggles

and all of your personal defense needs.



JIM: G.C.P.D.!

Everybody on the ground! This is a raid!


I got him!

JIM: Stop!

Stop right now!



What the hell are you packing?

ED: When cheese melts,
the protein matrix relaxes

and the fats flow more like liquid.

It creates this low-friction mouth-feel,
which is why melted cheese is so--


Well, it's delicious.

Mmm-hmm, yes, it is.

- Oh, ah.

Oh, no!

Oh, Lee, we shouldn't be eating
without Jim here. I'm so sorry.

- No, no, no. Please eat, it's fine.

Oh, there he is. Hello there.

Hey, Jim. Nice to see you.

Sorry I'm late.


Really sorry. Long story.

I hope it hasn't been going too bad.

You know what? It's the weirdest thing,

but Nygma's actually maintaining
this strange sort of cool.


Seriously. (CHUCKLES)

- Ah...

There's a lid for every pot.

Pardon me. Since Detective Gordon is here,
I'd like to propose a toast.


The less you have, the more they're worth.

To friends.

- Hear, hear.


I can't believe he's dead.

Biggest job of our lives,
and this happens.

GALE: So what do we do?

For sure, we do the job.

How? We're screwed.
Who's our entry man now?

Crawling through air vents,
climbing fire escapes.

We need a little skinny guy.

You think?

Yo, Bridgy. You just got a promotion.

- No.
- Yes.

Please, you know I don't like fire.

You don't like fire?
Fire is our bread and butter.

It's our family business.

You don't wanna letdown your family,
do you?

You're not my family.

What's that? We're not your family?
You got anybody else?

- My mother--
- Your mother was a ho, and she's dead.

Who feeds you?
Who puts a roof above your head, huh?

We do. That's family.

I won't do it.


Fine, be like that.

But if you're not family, well,
that changes things around here, though.

See, I'm a decent guy.
I would never put family on the street.

But if you're not family,

hell, why not make a buck?

Yo, that's a kick-ass idea.

So what are you gonna do?

Do you wanna be turned out,
or do you wanna be family? Which?


He wanted me to endorse him for mayor.


What did you say?

I said no.

You don't like him?

I do, actually,
but I know better than to let that matter.

Endorsing politicians, that's not me.

Still, he asked you.
That's very flattering.

You're a respected figure in this town.

The way people look at you,
see you differently.

You treat it like it's a burden.

It could be a source of pride,
or happiness even, if you let it.

Thank you, Doctor. Same time next week?


Don't tempt me.
I could psychoanalyze the heck out of you,

but I'm gonna resist the urge.

Gee, thanks.

Be strong, Bridgit.

Okay. It's on.

Now, you're gonna want to cut yourself
about a foot and a half of fuse.


Push the wick into the plastic explosive.


Now, get out the flame.

You got about a minute and a half
to get out of there once that fuse is lit.

Spark it up.

-(GASPS) It's lit.
- JOE: Okay, great.

Sorry, there's one more thing to do.

- But it's lit!
- Well, you better haul ass.

Do you see a safe on your right?


- Get to it.
- Okay.


Okay, now grab the box at the bottom
of the bag and open it up.


Oh, my God!

Grody, right? Okay, put it to the sensor
next to the door.

Welcome, Mr. Bunderslaw.


Okay, it's open. Now what?

- Joe?

Joe, where are you?


- Joe, what's wrong?
-I'm just messing with you.

Okay, so there should be
an old knife there. Grab it.

Okay, I got it.

Okay. Now scram.



Atta girl.

You did good, sis.
Get in the van, chop-chop.

- I burned my leg.

You play with fire, you get burned,
all that.

We got four more of these to do
tonight, so get in the damn van.


Five locations. All burned to the ground.

- Yeah, Garrett?
- Excuse me, sir. Lab called in.

Said the fires were started with thermite
and high-end accelerants.

So, we're looking for professional
arsonists. Thanks.

And Garrett, nice work yesterday.

Thank you, sir.

Strange. Why would a pro do five jobs
in one night? What's the rush?

And what if they're not done?

Find a pattern to these fires
before they burn down the whole city.

What are you doing?

Hi! Making a suit,
so I won't get burned again.

Why would you get burned again?


So they're making you start the fires?

I guess.

Sit down. You want a soda or something?

No, I can't.
I'm supposed to take that to Penguin.

Oh. Okay.

You know you're gonna
get yourself killed.

I'll be careful.

Well, careful ain't enough.
Look what happened already.

It was exciting, Selina.
I actually kind of enjoyed it.

Yep. You're gonna be bacon.

My brothers said I did a good job!

It's the family business.

They're not your family.

Your mom used to
bang their old man is all.

You don't need them. You don't need
anybody. Look at me, I'm free.


I remember when I was little
and you showed up at the Narrows.

You looked for your mom every day.

Snot all down your face from crying.

So don't act like you don't want a family.

Don't talk about my mom.

Who cares if you're free?
What good's freedom if you're alone?

What good's family if you're a slave?



I don't even know why you think I care.


It doesn't make any sense.
This is the Wayne family crest.

So what?

Why does Galavan want an antique knife
that belonged to the Waynes?

There's something here.

Something to understanding Galavan,
to beating him.

Well, if you wanna know about
old-time Gotham, talk to Edwige.


Yeah. She runs the antique shop
in my old neighborhood.

Trust me. She knows things.

You can pick it up if you like.

That's okay. Sorry. I can't help you.

Edwige, I can see
that you know this knife.

You're scared of this knife. Why?

- Why are you lying to me?
-I'm not.

Madam, if there's one thing I know,
it's a liar.

Now tell me about this knife,
or I will use it.


This knife has a cursed history.

Almost 200 years ago,
it was used in a terrible crime.

Back then, five families
ruled Gotham high society.

The Elliots, the Kanes,
the Crownes, the Dumas

and the most powerful of them all,
the Waynes.

They called Celestine Wayne
"the crown jewel of Gotham."

A real beauty.

She was promised to the eldest son
of the Elliot family,

but there was another who coveted her.

Caleb Dumas.

One night,

during an Easter party at the Wayne Manor,

Celestine and Caleb went missing.

Wayne men found them together
in an illicit embrace.


- We're in love!
- Caleb insisted that they were in love.

And Celestine swore on her mother's grave

that Caleb had forced himself on her.


Justice, if that's what it was, was swift.

Celestine's brother Jonathan Wayne
delivered the punishment.

- No!

The Waynes, they were mad with rage.

They seized the Dumas holdings
and banished them socially.

Destroyed them.

Caleb Dumas went into exile overseas,

to a penitential religious sect
founded by his family's patron saint.

Celestine died an old maid.

The Waynes forbade the press
from even mentioning the Dumas.

They renamed streets and buildings.

The remnants of the Dumas family
were forced to change their name.

The Waynes wiped the Dumas
out of our city's history.

Those remnants of the Dumas family,

to what did they change their name?

Aren't you quick?


They changed their name to Galavan,

just like that fella running for mayor.

And that's why I'm scared of this knife.

You're in deep waters, Mr. Penguin.

Thank you, Edwige.

That is where penguins thrive.

You hear anything about any fires,
you come see me.

Earn yourself a get-out-of-jail-free card,
all right?

You got a look on your face.

It's well-hidden behind a bunch
of corporate aliases,

but all the buildings that burned down
last night?

They have one landlord. Wayne Enterprises.


The arsonists moved east to west.

If they come out tonight and stick
to pattern, there's one obvious target.

An old building also owned
by Wayne Enterprises,

- Gotham City Book Depository.
- Yay!

Stakeout. I'll buy the donuts.

Just no chili dogs this time, huh?
I'll let Barnes know the plan.


I sent the knife to Galavan.

Your favorite, isn't it?

"Crosswhite 20-year." (CHUCKLES)

That's the stuff, all right.

Have a taste.

Nah, I'm good right now. Thanks.

Have a drink, Butch.




Your conditioning is still
working nicely, hmm?

You can't refuse me.

You're the only man I can truly
trust right now.

You're starting to sound
a little paranoid, boss.


Am I? Am I going mad?

Mmm. How could I not when that fiend
has my mother in his clutches?

Have another drink, Butch.


Maybe I am going mad.

Or maybe I've found Galavan's weakness.

You did?

The knife, Butch.
The knife that maimed his ancestor.

This is a blood feud for Galavan.

He wants revenge against the Waynes.

He's acting out of emotion,
and that can be manipulated.

Have another drink.

You are going to go to Galavan.

You're going to tell him I went nuts

and that I accused you of setting up
the count shop raid.

You are in fear for your life
and you need a job. Got that?

(SNIFFS) Yes, boss.

Once you're inside his organization,
you will find my mother and rescue her.

Yes, boss.

But Galavan's a smart guy,

and that's a basic play.

No way is he gonna buy I turned traitor.


But he will buy
that I think you turned traitor.

He'll buy it, if we sell it right.

Drink up.


How do we sell it?

I already sold him my paranoia,
but you're the closer.

How do we sell you?

How do we make him trust and feel for you?

I wasn't sure.

But then Celestine and Caleb told me how.



It's the onions that bring it together.
Sweetness and the acid. Am I right?

- I hate stakeouts.

Half of good police work is the ability
to sit on one's ass when it's called for.

- If that were true, you'd be commissioner.


- Heads up.

All units, stand by.
We may have something.


So it's all old books in there,
so this one's easy.

Just spread the napalm around,
spark that thing up and go to town.

- Zero sweat.
- This thing scares me.

Yeah, it's a flamethrower.
It's meant to be scary.

Get suited up, and get this done.
We got three more spots to hit.

All units, converge on our location now.

OFFICER: Moving in.


- Run! Go! Go! Go!

Gray van leaving the alley.

Get back! Please! Get back!

Drop it! Put down the weapon!

- Drop the weapon!

- I’ve got her! Drop it!
- No!

- JIM: Garrett, no!
- Let me go!

Drop it!

- No! Let go of me!



I got him, I got him.

I need an ambulance! Officer down!

Bridgit! Bridgit!

Come on, hurry.

Quick, follow me.

- Where are we going?
- Home.


Thanks. Any news?

Not yet. He's a tough kid.
I bet you he makes it.

Your buddy's here.
Can't stop pressing the flesh.

Real publicity hound.

There's no cameras here.

BARNES: Your attention please.


Luke Garrett passed away at 5:23 a.m.

Damn it.

(SHAKILY) It ain't right. Burned to death
in an alley by some weirdo.

He was gonna be a great cop.

He was a great cop, and we will mourn him.

But not now.

There's a cop killer on the loose.
I cannot abide that.

We will find the person
who killed our brother,

and we will put a stop to them,
using every legal method at our disposal.

Excuse me.

Your fellow officer is dead.
I can see it in your face.

He is.

I'm sorry to hear it.

The bad guys in this town are changing.

They're not playing by the old rules,
or any rules.

We need every method at our disposal,
and I'm not just talking about more guns.

You need to go where you need to go,
press who you need to press

and have the city back your play.


I don't know how bad it's gonna get,

but if you can give me your word
that we won't have to face it alone,

you'll have my endorsement.

I promise you,
you'll have whatever you need.

Father Creel.


It's been a long time.

(SIGHS) You look well.

As do you.

You've surrounded yourself with luxury.

I have to play the part, Father,
and as you'll see,

it's paying off.

Still sharp after all these years.

Do you have the Wayne boy?

Not yet. There are some practical matters
that have to be resolved first.

A few pieces to arrange on the board
before the checkmate. But soon.

After almost 200 years, we can be patient.

The day of redemption is at hand.

Our brothers are crossing the ocean

Warriors like this city has never known.

Gotham will be redeemed in blood.

And Bruce Wayne will die.

English - SDH