Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - The Fearsome Dr. Crane - full transcript

Fish Mooney reveals a secret of Oswald Cobblepot's, prompting Maroni to take him on a trip to test his loyalty. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock hunt down a killer who targets victims with ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

Told you.
Easy as pie!

- What?!
- Sorry, Frankie.

Arnold Flass!

You're under arrest
for the murder of Leon Winkler.

You really think these guys
are gonna let you arrest me?

Shut up, Flass.

Penguin. Come here.

You're a smart monkey,
but I'm the zookeeper.

I didn't think it was going to be you,
my dear.

You can come out now!

Right as usual, my friend.

You got to go!

I swear, Butch,

I'm gonna come back
and kill Penguin.

Oh, no, please.

Don't, don't!
Please, please!


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You're sure now?

Fish Mooney is done?

Hmm, she tried to bring down Falcone.

She failed.

Last time I saw her,
Victor Zsasz had her cornered.

We can assume she's either dead
or... extremely unwell.

Well, then, Salud.


You know, this creates some
intriguing opportunities.

Falcone will struggle...
to hold on to her territories.

If we move quickly...

My thinking exactly.

In fact, I... I took the liberty
of claiming her nightclub.

In your name, of course.

You did, huh?

Good thinking.

A bird in the hand
is nine-tenths of the law, right?

Yeah! Yeah.

Phone for you, boss.


Hello, Sal.


You sound surprised.

Let me guess:

Your little friend Penguin
told you I was dead.

As good as.

Hmm. I'm just...
on a vacation for a while.

- Huh.
- I'm not going to lie...,

I thought I was gonna end up
on top. Instead, I got played.

Turns out, Penguin... has been
Falcone's man the whole time.

They played us both for suckers.

Is that right?

Ah, indeed.

He told me himself, right before
I was about to gut him.

You understand why
I might be skeptical,

considering it's you
telling me this.

Oh, wake up, dummy.

You mean to tell me
this whole time

you haven't suspected anything?

That he hasn't made one slip
that he's had to explain away?

Or maybe even you wanted
to believe his lies.

But it still gnaws at you,
doesn't it?

- The doubt.
- Si, signore?

It's... right there. A smudge.

Don't let it happen again.

Maybe a couple of times.

It's time to get your house
in order, Salvatore.

And remember who put you wise.

Not bad news, I hope.

I got to go upstate.

See a guy about a thing.

Come with me.

We can talk about opportunities.


- Just, uh, let me run home and...
- Bup, bup, bup.

We got to go now.
Right now.


I love a road trip. Yay.




What have we got?

Sometime last night,

Mr. Lucky there
got tied to that chair,

noose was dropped over his neck
and he's heaved over the side.

Some suits coming up for a smoke
this morning found him.

How'd he get back up to the roof?

See that pulley there?

My guess: it was the killer.

Guy went to a lot of trouble
to get him back up.

Why not just leave him hanging?

Morning, Captain.

Morning, Ed.

The more you cut me,
the bigger I grow. What am I?

We're on a rooftop, Nygma.

Don't tempt me.

A hole. I'm a hole.

Okay. Relevance?

Well, there's a hole, a surgical
incision in our victim's abdomen.

Certainly post-mortem.

My guess: killer was looking
for something.

I'll have to examine the body
more fully back at the lab.

You mean the medical examiner will.

- Well, but...
- You handle forensics, Ed.

The bodies belong to Dr. Guerra.

And he's made formal complaints.
I can't cover for you anymore.

I read you, ma'am.

Loud and clear.

So, where's Gordon?

Personal stuff.
He'll be in soon.

Hey, don't stand so near the edge.

You worried about me, Captain?

You know I don't start drinking
till noon.

I got to spell it out for you?

Detective Flass had a lot of friends,

and your partner
arrested him for murder.

Accidents happen.

You put the cuffs on him.

So we should all be careful.

To hell with them.


- Hi.
- Let go of me!

How long you been here?

Just last night.

And a couple times before.

I knew your girlfriend was gone!

And I heard you got sent
to guard that loony bin,

so... I figured better here
than sleeping on the street.

- Have you seen Barbara?
- No.

Oh, so things are over
between you two, huh?

Sure you should be here then?
Maybe you're the one breaking in.

Came by to drop off keys.
Go get your stuff.

- Why? Where are you taking me?
- Well, you're not staying here,

and you're not gonna stay on the street.

I'll find you someplace safe.

Hmm. Safe.

Safe like Wayne Manor?

That was your last great idea.

So someplace else.

You're still my only witness
to the Wayne murders.


You haven't talked to Bruce
since he got back?

No. Why?

Because I told him already.

I didn't see anything. I lied.

Sucks about your girlfriend.

She's got some really nice stuff.

Hey, wait!


Detective James Gordon
to see you, Master Bruce.



How are you?

I'm fine, thank you.

I would've come by earlier, but...
things were a little crazy.

You were gone for a while.


Probably wise.

I saw Selina Kyle.

She told me she lied,
she saw nothing.


That's what she told me.

She made up the story
to get out of juvie.

Well, she could be saying this
now because she's scared.

It would be understandable
after what happened.


She doesn't scare easily.

I believe her.

She didn't see the killer.

Look, this is unfortunate,

but it doesn't mean
we're back to square one.

Someone sent assassins after her.

Only a guilty person would do that.

Yes, and led her bloody
assassins to the manor.

Thank you very much.

Anyway, you need no longer
concern yourself with the case.

Bruce, this isn't the time to give up.

I'm not giving up.

I don't understand.

Months ago, you promised
you'd find who killed my parents,

and in all that time, you've managed
to find one witness,

who turned out to be a liar.

An investigation like this takes time.

I understand.

But I don't want you to feel bound
by an oath you can't fulfill.

I'm releasing you from your promise.

I'll pursue the matter on my own.


Yeah, no, I really wouldn't
bother, actually, mate.

Once Master Bruce
makes up his mind...,

there's no arguing with him.

He can't pursue this case
on his own.

It's too dangerous.

Then I'll have to look after him.

Can I show you the door?

Hey, sleepy head.

We're here.

You smell that air?

That's country air.

Let's get some chow.



So, where's the guy?

Which guy?

The guy with the thing.

Oh, he'll be along.

You don't like the coffee?

I like the coffee.

How about the oatmeal?

Also delicious.

It's good to get out of the city,

Away from the fumes, the noise.

I can finally hear myself think.

It's all so...

simple and clean and honest out here.

Fresh air, oatmeal, good friends.

How true.

In Gotham, we never have any time
to connect, to reflect.

- You feel that?
- Absolutely.


This guy... with the thing...

What is the thing?

Stop worrying about that guy.

You know what I was thinking about?

This is crazy.

Indian Hill.

You know, that dump in Arkham
that... I traded to Falcone

for your neck.

How could I forget?

I'm eternally grateful.

Yeah, eh, you suggested it,
whispered it in my ear.

It's worthless land.

But was it so worthless?

I mean, Falcone snapped it up
pretty quick.

It was a token.

He simply needed to save
face. After Nikolai died...

Ah, you see,
you wouldn't believe it.

That's the other thing
I was thinking about.

The fight with Nikolai...
when Frankie was killed.

What was he stabbed,
like, ten times?

I don't recall the exact number.

Only, it was a gunfight.

How'd Frankie get killed
with a knife?

That always kind of bugged me.

Honestly, I'm not much use
when things get physical.

I'm sorry I couldn't save him.

I was just reminiscing.

Don't beat yourself up about it.

Well, we all got our talents,

Yes, we do.


I'm deceptively quick
for a big guy.

Yes, you are.

I'm gonna go get some air.

Wait for the guy with the thing, hmm?

The guy. Right.

How about getting it right
the first time

so we don't have
to keep doing this?

Detective Bullock?

It's my name. Don't wear it out.

I'm Scottie Mullens.
You called me about Adam Jodowsky.

Oh, y... Oh, Ms. Mullens, yes.

Thank you for stopping by.

- Uh, miss? Mrs.?
- Miss.

Good. Good. Please.


how did you... know Mr. Jodowsky?

I was his sponsor, sort of.

We're... We're
in a support group together.

He's dead, isn't he?

Why would you say that?

This is a... homicide division.
You're a homicide detective.

We found his body this morning.

Your number was in his pocket.

I'd just given it to him.

I recently started being his sponsor.


So, uh, what kind of group is this?
Uh, for booze, pills?

It's for people suffering from phobias.

- You're joking.
- Fear can be debilitating.

It helps to talk to someone
about it.

Don't be an ass.

- Excuse me?
- You were about to make fun.

Don't be an ass.

You're right. I'm sorry. I was.

No fun-making. Please.


What was Mr. Jodowsky's phobia?



So if he was found dangling
from the top of a tall building...

Oh my God.
Is that how he...?

I'm gonna need the names of all
the people in the support group.

It's completely anonymous.

Adam was the only one I knew

You don't think someone
from the group did this?

Could be. Killer certainly
seemed to know of his phobia.

Are you Irish?

Y... You seem like you could be Irish.

- What's it to you?
- I'm just curious.

- When's the next meeting?
- Tonight, 6 o'clock.

And these things,
they usually run, what, an hour?

- Mm-hmm.
- So,

you could... maybe
go to dinner... afterwards.



Okay. Well, I'm gonna keep
working the case,

and I'm gonna call you if I feel
the need to go to this meeting.

We're gonna find who did this.

I promise, Miss Mullens.


So, I went through the materials
from the scene.

Ropes and pulleys can be bought

For what it's worth,
I, uh, traced the chair

the victim was tied to.

Yeah. I'm listening.

Banker's chair, wooden,
made by some company in the Narrows

that's been closed down for years.

Great. Let's go.

You sure?
That's a pretty thin lead, Harv.

Since when have you been scared
of a little work, huh?

What was he after?

Well, now.

There! See?! I told you!


Oh, dear.

Get your hand out of that corpse.


I was just passing by,
and I, uh,

uh..., I was... I was just curious.

What was I thinking?

I... Sorry. Won't happen again.

Do something about this
or I'm going over your head.

I'm the medical examiner!

Not this gibbering loon!

I'm sorry, Ed.

Till further notice,
you're suspended.


But I found something.

So, word around the house

is that you and Doc Caliente
have a thing.


Yeah, kind of, I guess.

So you and Barbara
are finally finito?


Dropped the keys off
at her apartment today.

Get any of that righteous breakup sex?

She wasn't there.

You notice I don't ask you
about your love life?

My love life is an open book
and a short and nasty one.

But I'm working on the vic's friend
in the phobia support group,

and unless she's the killer,
I think I'm in there.

You see why I don't ask?

Don't screw it up with the doctor.

I'll try not to.

Seriously, been willing
to forgive you

on account of you're not getting laid,
but you mean to tell me

this whole time you've been
making speeches,

raising hell,
you've had a woman?

The thought of what you would do
if alone

is truly terrifying.


Drop the knife!

What the hell?

Thin lead, huh?

Come in.

I hope everything is
to your satisfaction, ma'am.

It is. Thank you, Captain.

You can see Gotham on the horizon

if you want to say good-bye.

No need.
I'll be back soon enough.


if you need anything,
just let me know.

I will.

This lucky fellow
and the previous victim

are both part of the same phobia
support group.

Pigs. Go figure.

How is he?

He's at Gotham General,
scared half to death.

The medics had to sedate him.

The man you shot,
was he in this group too?

Nope. No I.D. as yet.
We're running his prints.

So is he our man or
are we still looking for someone else?

- Hard to say.
- He's our man.

These sort of wackos work alone.

I'm gonna run by the support group,
tell them it's been settled.

Hey, we don't know that yet.

You need to be more optimistic.

You do.
You need to be more optimistic.

We have a perp.

The post-mortem incision
on the first victim is weird.

The killer was after something.
I want to know what.

I'm gonna ask Nygma to take a look.

No. He's been suspended.

You got the report from the M.E.

The same M.E. who said
my last witness

stabbed himself to death in the back
with an ice pick?

No. No, thanks. Nygma... not the medical examiner.

I like him too.

But there's nothing I can do,
not with the way things are.

What do you mean?

Look, I'm glad
we took down Flass,

but there are people you go after
and people you don't.

So now everything we do
is being watched.

You got the bad guy. Let it go.

I'm sorry you got dragged into it.

Don't be.

Felt good.

Did, didn't it?

Miss Kringle,
I came to tell you that I've...

Have you been crying?

No, no. I'm... I'm fine.

But I can see tears...
on your face.

Is it because your friend
Detective Flass was arrested?

What do you need, Mr. Nygma?


I've been suspended... and
won't be seeing you anymore.

So I wanted to return this pencil.

I took it from your office
some time ago.

I kept meaning to return it.

Used to be longer.

You're an odd man, Mr. Nygma.

But I'm sorry
that you've been suspended.

I wish something could be done.

Have a seat. We gotta talk.

I feel that the time has come
in our relationship

when we should have trust...
with each other.

Real trust.

Total honesty between us.

No secrets.

I 100% agree.

So here's a secret to start off.

There is no guy with a thing.
I lied.

I was beginning to wonder about him.

Now you.

- Me?
- We're being honest.

You have to tell me a secret
in return.

Secrets from you, Don Maroni?

I have none.



I don't really like oatmeal.

Good to know.
See, I like this game.

I'll tell you another secret.

Fish Mooney's alive.

I spoke to her.

Good secret, huh?

- What did Fish say?
- Oh, no.

You have to tell me a secret
first. That's how it works.

I don't much like coffee either.

Fair enough.

What did Fish say?

Said you and Falcone... have been working
together all this time.

She said you've been playing me
for a chump...

since the first day I met you.

She would say that, wouldn't she?

The bitch.

You don't believe her, do you?

Well, she did put some incidents

in a... different and troubling light,
I must say.


Well, that's too bad.

Your turn.

Tell me another secret.

A good one this time.

I took your gun.

I have it right here.

That's a good secret.

I took it because I figured Mooney
had called you somehow.

I knew you might believe her.

Doesn't mean she's telling
the truth.

Is she?

Have you been playing me for a chump,

I think it's your turn
to tell a secret.

You little dirtbag.

I treated you like a friend.

Like a monkey friend!

You're the zookeeper,

Tell me a secret now.

Just one more then.

I'm tired of this game.

That gun is loaded with blanks.


- You...
- Yeah.

Good secret, huh?



Thank you for coming.

I was glad to get your call.

How are things at Arkham?

Little less interesting
since you've left.


How are things at the precinct?

Uh... Well, actually,

that was what I was hoping
you could help me with.

Uh, we've got this case,

and I can't understand what
exactly our perp was doing.

And our medical examiner
is kind of a clown.

Uh, something wrong?

No, not at all.

Only, last time we met,
you were very... passionate.

So when you called me,
I thought...

Well, whatever.

I put on lipstick.

And you want forensic advice.

You're very confusing.

I don't mean to be. Uh...

Case is a pretext.

I wanted to see you.

Why didn't you just say that?

I should have.
I haven't done this in a while.

I'm a little rusty.


All right.

Well, good.

I don't like to put on lipstick
by mistake.

So, what's the issue?

Uh, no, no, no, forget the case.
Don't worry.

Please. I'm interested.


Excuse me.



Uh, yeah, okay.

Take his statement.
I'll be right there.

I'm sorry, I have to go.

I'm fine.

- You sure?
- Yes. I'll bring this back to you.

It's Harvey.

Harvey, second victim woke up.

Says he was abducted by two men.

There's someone still out there.

It's kind of you to come here
and tell us what happened.

No problem.

I just... didn't want you worrying,

To be honest, you don't strike me
as the fraidy cat type.

Phobics are not fraidy cats.

I know. It's just, you seem
like a strong lady, is all.

I am strong.

I just... happen to be terrified
of swimming pools.

You're kidding?

Well, I can see
how that might be a thing.

Nearly everyone has a thing.

I'm sure that... you,
if you dig deep enough,

would have issues
that you need to confront.

I'm a cop. The only thing
I'm scared of is decaf coffee.


I've always found
that the best and bravest people

are the ones that... willingly
acknowledge their fears.

Maybe you've just been hanging out
with too many timid and whiny people.

You are so bad.

I'm scared all the time.

And it's something I'd be...
willing to share with the group,

if you think it might be helpful.


Yes, thank you.

I think it would.

First time?

Yeah. You?

No, I'm a regular.

So here's the deal:

You go in the car,
the car's already in the crusher,

you get squeezed to death,
it takes a couple of minutes to die.

Whatever comes out,
I send to Falcone.

Maybe he uses it as a coffee table.

Don Maroni, please,
listen to me.

Oh, this is the begging part?

Oh, good,
'cause this is my favorite part.

Go ahead and beg
for your miserable life.

Just allow me... to suggest
some options here.


Dead, I'm worthless.

If you factor in Falcone's
inevitable retaliation,

killing me will be a net loss
for you.

This is not a business issue.

Me and Frankie Carbone
go back 20 years.

You hurt me, Penguin.

You were right about Indian Hill!

There's more to it!
Falcone knows something.

I... I don't know what,
b... but I... I can find out...

Stop it! You're making me sad.

How did I ever fall for your crap?

N... No!

No. No! No!

Please. Please.

No. No. No.


Say hi to Frankie for me.

I'm afraid every day.

I'm afraid I'm gonna die...
in an alley.

Bleeding out while some scumbag
goes through my pockets...

and laughs at me.

And I try to speak,
but nothing comes out.

And I just lie there,

staring at a small space of sky
between the buildings.

And then I die.


I don't want to die alone
in some gutter.

I want to die
in a warm cozy bed...

in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Thank you for sharing, Harvey.

Would anyone else like to share?

Tod, go ahead.

My name is Tod, and...

I've never spoken here before,

I have a horrible terror of failure.

I torment myself
and those around me.

I'd crawl on broken glass
to avoid failing.

About anything.

I inherited this illness
from my father,

but... I'm afraid I'm passing it on
to my son.

We're here for you, Tod.

When I came home
from work yesterday,

my... precious son was... crying,

and... he said to me that he...

I'm sorry.

I can't speak.

- I'm so sorry.
- Tod?



Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Don Maroni,
you have to listen to me!

Uh, see, no.

This is how this all began,
me listening to you.

I was telling the truth!

About Indian Hill!

And Arkham!

Whoever controls!... Arkham
will control Gotham! I can...

Would you shut up
and take it like a man?!


Hello, is this Mr. Duffy?


Listen to me very carefully.

I'm the man... in the car
in this ferocious machine of yours.

My name is Oswald Cobblepot.

And I work for Don Carmine Falcone
of Gotham City.

- Do you know who Don Falcone is?
- Yuhuh.

I just called Don Falcone,

and I told him exactly where I am
and what's happening.

So, Duffy, you better stop
this machine right now,

because if I die, Don Falcone
is gonna send a team up here

to... skin you alive
and slaughter your family!

But Don Maroni said...

Don Falcone runs Gotham,

and you're about to murder
his right-hand man.

What the hell?


Get back here!

Son of a bitch.

Is it just me or have those two
been gone a while?

This has been real and fun,
but I got to go.

Oh my God.

This isn't what it looks like.

Other members say our abductor's
been coming the last month.

Said his name was Tod,

but group protocol
requires they remain anonymous.

So no real I.D.

And the guy you shot,
the one with the pigs?

Prints came back:
career criminal.

Probably just the muscle.
The other guy was in charge.

He knew there was a cop
there at the meeting.

He still took her.

That's cold or crazy.

Either way, he's almost sure
to follow the same M.O. [Modus Operandi]

He'll confront Miss Mullens
with her greatest fear.

- Which is drowning.
- Specifically in a pool.

There's hundreds of pools in Gotham.

- We can't possibly get to every...
- That was her mother.

When she was seven,

Scottie almost drowned
in Lemmars Park pool uptown.

It's a start, I guess.

That's where he took her,
I can feel it.

- Boss?
- Uh, not now, Joe.


Tell me that's not what it looks like.

You're brave.

I'd say you're an 8
on the Crane Scale.

Profound fear.

12 is top.

Abject heart-stopping terror.

I'm surprised you're only an 8.

You do understand that this
is really happening?

I'm going to drown you.

Right now.


That's a 10.


Jonathan, I said to wait in the van.

The parking meter ran out.

Look, son, I know this hard,
but we talked about it.

It's for the common good,
for humanity.

I know. I just... I think...

This will be over soon. Here.

Go and feed the meter.

Go on, go.

Now, my dear,
don't think badly of me.


Don't move!

I'm on him! You get her!

He's alive.

I told you he was alive!

Praise the Lord!

Glory be.

What happened to you, boy?!

Like the prodigal son,
ma'am, I have fallen.

Like Job, I've been tested
in the deepest pits

of the devil's perfidy
and survived.

Lord have mercy.

Are you headed to Gotham City,
by any chance?


Come on!

trouble in my way

(trouble in my way)

i got to cry sometimes

(i got to cry sometimes)

i lay awake at night

(i lay awake at night)

but that's all right,
it's all right

(that's all right)

'cause Jesus will fix it

(Jesus will fix it)

after a while


Case files you gave me

about that man who was thrown
from the roof.

Did you catch his killer yet?

Uh, no. He's still out there.

- Hi.
- I followed up,

and I had a quick look
at his corpse.

A quick look at his corpse?

Yeah, its' just downstairs
at the morgue. No trouble.

So, the killer removed
his adrenal glands.

Adrenal glands? That's strange.

They have no value on the black market,
do they?

No. Kidneys and livers, yes.
Adrenal glands, no.

It produces cortisol,
the hormone that gives us

that adrenalized
fight-or-flight reaction.

Essentially, it's the fear gland.

And our man wants to take it
from the victim

when he's most fearful.
Why do that?

All I can think of
is that at the moment of death,

the victim's adrenals
would produce a...

massive, highly-elevated
form of cortisol.

Fascinating, huh?

This is one weird dude.

The doctor or a nurse,
most likely.

Takes some skill to remove
adrenals as cleanly as they did.

You really like this kind of work,

I do.


Maybe there'll be more for you.

A full-time job, even.

Our M.E. has been fired
for stealing body parts.

Can you believe that?

Only in Gotham.

So..., what do you say we discuss
this... potential job...

over dinner?

Nice segue, Mr. Smooth.

Thank you.

Dinner sounds good.

Are you gonna bring your case files?

Go ahead, mock
my crude dating skills.

I'm doing my best.

You're doing fine.

I have a powerful urge
to kiss you right now.

Why don't you?

Because I'm on duty,

and, uh...,

there's about 50 people
watching us.


Damn straight.
I have an image to keep up.

The heartless, by-the-book, hard man.

Kind of.

On the count of three,
I'm gonna lean in,

so that it's subtle.

Then you're gonna kiss me
on the cheek or no dinner.

- Come on.
- I'm serious.




I'm not leaving, after all.


It turns out that
the medical examiner is leaving,

so Captain Essen decided
to reinstate me.


Okay. Good.

Mr. Nygma?

You owe me a new pencil.

What's going on?
What's happening?

I can hide you.


Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)