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[Episode 9]

The board of directors' resolution to vote on the

appointment of Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo.

We will proceed by a show of hands.

Please raise your hands if you agree.

Please rest.

Please raise your hands if you disagree.

Why are you all so surprised

as if you've seen a ghost?

Have I intruded into where I can't come?

All of you seem to be doing well...

I was going to take a longer rest,

but I heard that there was an emergency board meeting,

so I came in a hurry.

I didn't know that Eunkang Group was this quick with work.

I couldn't even bear to die because it seems so unfair.

For the appointment of a new chairman to...

take place even before the funeral...

In fact,

you haven't even confirmed his death, right?

Wouldn't anyone do the same?

We can't have a criminal as the chairman.

We can't have a criminal as a manager if I recall?

I, who is just a good citizen...

almost got killed while

trying to find the culprit.

Since the Chairman is back,

let's just say that this emergency board

meeting didn't happen in the first place.

- That sounds all right.
- What's the meaning of this?

Right this moment,

every single one of you...

I'll make sure to remember.

It seems that you need to have some words without me here,

so it'd be better for me to leave first, right?


W-What exactly happened here?

I trusted you and followed you,

only to get on the Chairman's

- bad side, geez.
- That's true.

If Chairman Eun's words are true,

we can't trust you anymore, Vice Chairman.

What do you mean that you can't trust us

when you're just trying to get on Eun Sun Woo's side now

now that he's here like a bat!


I'll take care of this as not to cause you trouble,

so rest assured, please.

See you later.


What's going to happen to us now?

When you opened the door wide and entered,

they looked like they saw a ghost, Chairman.

You went through a lot while I was missing, right?

[10 days before the shareholders' meeting]

Director Hong!

Director Hong.

You said you were best friends!

How could you do this, huh?


Sun Woo...

is alive and well.

- He's alive.
- What?

Is that true? He's alive?

Are you with Ms. Don Se Ra right now?

Then I'm really disappointed.

How could you do this to me?

Am I not your Director of Secretary, Chairman?

You should've told me in advance!

I'm gravely disappointed, seriously.

Who is my one and only Director of Secretary forever?

It's you, Director Hong! Isn't that right?

Does everything need to be said in words between us?

I'm quite largely upset and

about to be disappointed

in you, Director Hong.

Please pull yourself together nice and clear.

There's something that

you need to do for me, dear Director Hong.

Hello, Director Hong.

I was about to call you anyway.

I see.

I, too, have something to tell you, Vice Chairman.

Is that so?

Then let's go to my office.

I didn't know that having a younger

boss was this difficult of a job.

I was worried since he is quite the fickle character,

but I didn't know that it'd be this bad.

I also sat Sun Woo as the Chairman

in respect of the previous Chairman's will...

but perhaps because of his youth,

it's not quite like how I wish things are.

I think...

it's about time for you to step up.

The shareholders are being shaken at large.

I hope that you, Vice Chairman, will take the center stage.

A lot of the shareholders

trust and follow the previous Chairman and Sun Woo.

It won't be easy.

That's not a reason for us to leave the seat

of the Chairman empty in this dire time.

Since I have been seeing them for a long time,

I'll try to convince each and every shareholder.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Whenever the company was in a pinch, you sirs always...

Aigoo, don't even mention it.

I had to meet every shareholder and convince them...

That's not all. You even fooled the Vice Chairman!

Ms. Se Ra, you know me well, right?

My method acting. The three combos.

Let's go inside.

I'm glad that you're safe.

Don't misunderstand me, please.

It was all because I couldn't just abandon the board members' wishes and worries.

I guess you didn't worry about me?

A misunderstanding?

Is there anything to misunderstand?

Also, Chief Manager Kang will be

sent to the U.S. branch for multiple reasons.

You're quite...

hasty, which is unlike you, Vice Chairman.

Making it show.

There's a lot of things that Manager Kang has to resolve, right?

If you're not capable, at least don't cause trouble!

You make the matter worse on top of that?

I was just trying to do well...

It's not like I knew this would happen.

I also did some thinking.


You made a paper company to embezzle the company funds and

used it as your personal fund. Is that something a thinking person would do?

Did you think that everything will sail smoothly if you just bring a platform developer?

One from a rival company that's sure to cause trouble!

You did that and what? You did some "thinking"?

Only if Eun Sun Woo that bastard didn't interfere,

I'd have had everything covered.

Get your hands off of every matter.

Get your hands off and

be on your own terms.

Do you know why that a**hole is doing that?

It's all because of the necklace.

You just need to say how you got that necklace, Father.

Then everything is going to be resolved.

Is Eun Sun Woo that a**hole thinking that

you're the one who killed his mother?

Shut your mouth!

How is President Byeon doing?

I told him to hide away.

- Keep a good watch.
- Yes.

You go on about your way now.

Chairman Eun...

is very different from the previous chairman.

I think he faked his death and hid

to buy more time.

Seeing that he brought up the necklace to Manager Kang Tae Joon,

I'm certain he's digging into the past case.

I can't tolerate Chairman Eun running wild any longer.

What should I do?

What did Vice Chairman say?

If it's you, the brain,

I think you already know.

Oh, but when did you know, Se Ra?

That Chairman was alive.

Um... well... is that really important?

It's enough that he has returned.

It's important to me.

Please tell me. When did you know?

Hey, Director Hong!

Vice Chairman Kang isn't someone to just sit back and take a hit.

He might act first,

so we must find the man in that photo before he does.

- Okay, but-
- Director Hong?

You know that now isn't the time...

to be like this, right?

Okay, let's go. Good luck.


They always leave me out.

How much longer do you think we need to wait?

The police already ran through this place,

you think they'll come back here?

This is their hideout.

They'll be back at least once

to collect their things.

- Huh?
- Hide!

That's him, right?

The one I shot with the spray.

You might get caught.

I almost got caught.

Stick right

by my side, okay?

He went out.

Stick together, stick together.

There's no need to worry.

I'll assign you the best attorney,

so you won't stay in there for long.

You expect me to believe that?

Even if you tell the truth,

you think people will believe you?

I'll contact you,

so turn yourself in then.


Yeah, Sun Woo.

Where's President Byeon right now?

You're prediction was right.

We found President Byeon at the hideout, so we're tailing him now.

One person will come in contact with Vice Chairman's side.

You can't lose them.

Okay, I got it!

My mouth.

[A Just Society for the Nation and the People]

Hey, Sun Woo, something's off.

President Byeon is entering the police station right now.

President Byeon is at the police station?

Good work, everyone!

How can we help you?

I came to turn myself in!

Eunkang Group's Chairman Eun Sun Woo's abductor...

is me.


Oh, should I speak to you?

What brings you here?

Where can I pay a fine?

Fines are paid in the building across.

See? What did I say?

Let's go, Honey.

The one who abducted Chairman Eun Sun Woo

and attempted to kill him is me.

I'm turning myself in.

President Byeon truned himself in?

Hey, you think being on the run after trying to drown you is easy?

And he's dealing with the Chairman of Eunkang Group.

He must've been really scared.

Hang up for now. I'm at the police station.

Gosh, he needed to drink more water.* Let's go.
(Referring to the attempted drowning)

Since President Byeon turned himself in,

you can clear your name.

This is great.

President Byeon isn't someone to innocently turn himself in.

We need to check on Vice Chairman's movements.

President Byeon,

it's only your loss if

you keep being stubborn when we already have all the evidence.

Will someone give you a reward or money if you take all the blame?

Think carefully.

We're all just trying to make a living,

so let's continue after a meal.

Who knows, eating might help...

jumpstart this nugget.

If you run your mouth the wrong way,

you'll pay a bigger price in jail.

Aigoo... s***...

Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?

You said, President Byeon is in hiding!

He turned himself in?

Are you f***ing with me, huh?

Shut it! Keep it down!

President Byeon turned himself in.

If that bastard runs his mouth-

So why drag President Byeon into this if you're this scared!

If that moron had just kept a good watch, this wouldn't have happened.

He's doing this intentionally!

You just prepare to leave!

Before things get more noisy.

Chairman Eun's mother is Angel Ahjumma?

The Angel Ahjumma you spoke of?

Yeah, I was really surprised, too.

Looking back, you and Chairman Eun's fate isn't ordinary either.

Scratch that, you're destined. Destined!

Gosh, destiny? It's just... a coincidence.

If that's a coincidence, then the entire universe needs to help you.

It's destiny.


No! No, Sun Woo.



Mom, I'm almost there.

Just wait a little longer.


I'm from Yongnam Police Station.

The police are here in the lobby.

Didn't you say you took care of everything?

I collected everything President Byeon had,

but who knew Chairman Eun saved evidence on his phone before that?

He submitted it to the police yesterday.


It's my fault.

Keep President Byeon's mouth shut.

Hey, Kim Jae Ha.

Hey, you said nothing will go wrong... to rest assured!

But you didn't even sort anything out...

You wanted me to get arrested, didn't you?


The police are here to arrest me right now!

Get out!

You don't know, Father.

This bastard turned a blind eye whenever I caused trouble,

and kept his mouth shut until you found out!

Then you should've have caused any trouble!


Father, I can't last a day in jail.

You know that.

We can just send that bastard instead me, right?

I'll send Attorney Jo,

so just keep your mouth shut.

I know now...

that you don't take in people you have no need for.

Whomever that might be. Even me, your son!

Aren't I right?

You act kind and smile in their faces,

but you even ordered President Byeon to kill Eun Sun Woo!

Shut your mouth!

Sun Woo's mom... aren't you the one who killed her?

Isn't that why you can't even bring up the necklace in front of Eun Sun Woo?

Kang Tae Joon!

[Arrest Warrant]
You're under immediate arrest for misappropriation and embezzlement of public funds.

You have the right to remain silent

and you have the right to an attorney.

Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.


Father... Father!

Hey, Kim Jae Ha. Hey!


You're leaving now?

Gosh, I'd love to see you out, but I'm really busy.

Do some deep reflection,

and let's meet after you become a new person, Manager Kang.

When I get out...

I won't leave you alone.

That's going to take a while...

if you're to be questioned and tried at court.

Oh, they're waiting.

Go ahead.


can go in his stead.

Contact Attorney Jo.

Tae Joon, that punk, won't last that long in there.



Director Hong seems to be meeting the people around you.

Look into what he's doing in detail.


[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]


I heard the news.

Kang Tae Joon got arrested, huh?

Since he was his son get arrested before his eyes...

He'll start blindly tearing things apart now.

We must find solid evidence to hold him down.

Of course we do.


Hey, are you trying to become Yang "Jjin" * Mo now?

Are you bulking up?

You never liked bread before, but why are you eating it so often now?

Why haven't I been eating this delicious bread until now?

Na Hee's bread looks carelessly made,

but it's soft and delicious.

I guess your allergy is gone now, huh?

Speaking of...

Na Hee...

made this organically because of my allergy.

Since she added love to the mix,

it's goodbye to my allergy. Goodbye.

Looking at you go like this,

it'll probably last exactly one week. Your one-sided love.

You little...

One-sided love?


What would you know about love?

What can I say to someone who believes a relationship is just based on hormones?

Sun Woo...

when it comes to people,

when they're in love...

it's like taking a heart you even forgot existed

and resuscitating it back to life-nevermind.

That's weak, too.

It's like taking a dead heart,

and jolting it back to life with a defibrillator

and coming back to life.


Disgusting! Hey!

So disgusting. Chew before you speak!

Looking at you overreact like this,

a big slump is coming your way.

Let's quit it, gosh.


Oh, hey!

Why? Why, why?

Sit down.


You know...

how you were at the villa with Se Ra for a few days?

You didn't feel anything?

Even if your heart didn't go, "bam bam",

it must've at least gone, "pitter patter."

What's wrong with a smart guy like you?

Hearts will pound even you stay still.

Forget it.

Forget it, you might have a cold mind,

but there's no way Eun Sun Woo possesses a pounding heart.

What are you saying?


Thank you for the food.

- Thank you! Come again!
- Goodbye!

Customers suddenly came swarming in.

I would've been taken aback if you hadn't come.

Our CEO Sa's bakery has finally

caught aflame by word of mouth!

Congratulations, CEO Sa Na Hee!

Thank you!

[Attorney Yang]
[I ate everything.]

He already finished everything.

Se Ra, I'm going to deliver some bread to the second floor lawyer.

Second floor lawyer?

I'll go since you're busy.

No, no! He's our best customer,

so I should personally deliver it to him.

I should brew some coffee as service.


Gosh, she's so cute.

You're here?

Why'd you bring it up? I was going to get it myself.

What if you trip on your way up?

Of course I should since you're our dangol customer.


- I'll enjoy it.
- Bon appetit.

I was just passing through.

I was just receiving some bread.

I was just giving him some bread.

What's, "just giving him some bread"?

- I have a meeting!
- Wait!

What did you eat that was so delicious?

How could Eunkang Group's Chairman look like this?

Like a child, so clumsy.

Eat? Eat what? You think I have the time to-

Gosh, Yang Jin Mo!

- Let's go.
- Where?

Come here.

Let's see.

Rather than this... cool tone?


You should pay attention to your outfit since you're going to a meeting, right?

If you clumsily go with a filthy shirt like this,

the employees will point fingers at you.

Point fingers?

Geez, you must not know,

but people are too busy appreciating my face

to remember what I was wearing.

Okay! Confidence, okay.

But your current state is a bit ridiculous,

so hurry and get changed.

As expected, my choice is always right.

How is it? You like it, right?

Well for an alternative I wore with no choice to replace a dirty shirt,

it's... not that bad.


You're missing a necktie.

Don Se Ra... it's almost like you're playing doll...

Is it all right?

Director Hong shhould be waiting.

Hurry, hurry and get going.

God forbid he comes down and

sees us and goes, "Why are you two standing there like that?"

He might be like that.

Scary... scary, scary.

It's Director Hong.


Wow, you come and go like it's your home now.

Yes, well...

I come here every time and I love it. Yes, I do.

It's like a secret hideout for the President.

I feel like it won't budge even if a war breaks out.

If a war breaks out, I'll come here.

Keep dreaming.

I didn't build it to make you happy.

It's as you say, a secret hideout.

I'm aware.

That's why I came discreetly, pretending to obtain some documents.

Please be careful from now on, too.

Let's have that meeting.

Okay. Oh, right, Se Ra?

Can you help me?

Of course! I can help with anything if it's Director Hong's request.

What do you need?

I like that attitude very much.


[Eunkang Group New Business Ideas Contest]
Mike test, mike test.

Please remove the echo.

And let's hurry since there's not much time left until the meeting.

Take it easy.

Right now, you're my assistant, not Secretary Don.

I can do everything you-

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm okay.

Gosh, Don Se Ra...

[Bang Bang Bakery Shop]

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

That's done.

Hey, it's hectic and I'm busy.

Yang Jin Mo, things are plenty hectic even if it isn't for you.

Stay still.

Don't move.

Hey, no!

Good job.

But are you proposing or something today?

Yeah, no need to answer since I'm not curious.

(What you say to unfreeze someone, like in a game of tag)

How are we the same even though we're this old?

Things were so hectic-

Wait, what did you just say?

Oh, Don Se Ra!

Where's Don Se Ra?

Oh, Se Ra! Right, right, Se Ra.

Her legs are swollen. She said she sprained them.

And I'm not sure if she has a cold, but it seems like she has a fever,

so I told her to hurry home and get some rest.

Wait, you just sent her home?

Gosh, look at those eyes.

You're such a wicked business owner!

You should send a sick person home. Were you going to keep her here from 9-6?

That's not what I meant-

If her legs are so swollen, she can't walk, and she has a fever,

I'm asking why you sent her home and not to a hospital,

you... you wicked man!

Don Se Ra... Don Se Ra!

Eun Sun Woo, you will thank me for today.

I'm late! Na Hee...

Don Se Ra... Don Se Ra!

Se Ra!

Se Ra! Are you okay? Are you okay?

I mean, look at this sweat!

Do you have a fever?

Did you vomit blood?

- Vomit... blood? Fever-
- Nevermind.

Don't say anything.

It'll stress your neck.

Should I call 911 for now?

Nevermind, get on! Get on, get on!

I'll take you to the hospital. Come on.


Should I call my personal physician? What do you think?

I'll do anything you ask.

Why do I need to go to a hospital when I just sprained my leg?

And my neck is-

this fine.

Your voice... sounds fine?

But Jin Mo said...

that you have a fever and you're sweating, and you can't even walk properly,

- so he told you to go home...
- I did?

Oh, I was mleting because it was too hot, so

I had some refreshing watermelons and... fell asleep.

Gosh, if you ran all the way here in this heat, you...

must've suffered heatstroke.

So... you had watermelon... and fell asleep?

Then... this... what is this blood?


What kind of watermelon leaves a stain this red?

What should I do? This is Na Hee's shirt.

I'm a dead women...

Gosh, well...

why don't have a refreshing watermelon since you're here anyway?



I happen...

to have a meeting nearby,

- so I should go now.
- Hey, wait!

It's here, right?

You're feet are this swollen, but you said you didn't need to go to the hospital?

It'll be okay after a day's rest.

Don Se Ra, are you a doctor?

If you hurt your ankle once, you can easily hurt it again.

We need to treat this somehow.

Why, do you need something?

Staying put is helping me.

A patient should stay still.

Get some rest.

You don't need to do this.

Stay put.

Anyhow, you got hurt because of me.

An occupational accident.

Even if it isn't occupational,

I would've helped in a dangerous situation like this.

So you're saying that you'd have helped anyone, not just me?

That everyone's on the same level?

I mean you, Chairman, are a bit different.

A bit?

Quite a large bit different, you know?

Who would wrap up my ankle with bandages so that it won't hurt...

except you, Chairman?

♫ Your smile which was always out of reach ♫

♫ is warmer than it was yesterday ♫

♫ Me, who had to act as if I knew nothing and turn away ♫

♫ Do you know me? ♫

♫ If I was only ♫

This kind of heartbeat means...

♫ given one day ♫

that I should...

see the doctor,

not you, Don Se Ra.


What? Oh, nothing.

Are you really going to write on it?

Stay put.

You shouldn't be doodling on something like that.

♫ and stay in the same place ♫

Pork belly?

[Pork bellies are with me only! Good job, Eun Sun Woo]

How am I going to walk around like this?

Don't move and stay put.


Since I wrote this for you, get better quick.

For now, I'll clean up here.


Stop moving!

I'm so scared!

What's this? Are you going to make me fall?

Step forward slowly.

Slowly, slowly.

One, two...


[Sa Na Hee, I love you]

It's so wonderful!

What is all this?

You said you wanted to have a date at the Han River.

The food, it can't be!

You also said that you wanted to eat more jokbal than you'd ever want, right?

Attorney, you remembered everything I said?

Isn't that a give?

Everything that you said was a great saying to me and

every moment that I had with you was, in my life,

the best shot of my life.

Also, even now, when I close my eyes,

your silhouette is here, and

is it here?

My goodness, Attorney.


there's one thing that I can't remember.

What is it?


first night we were together on the bed...

I can't remember that moment because I was too drunk.

That makes me...

- angry even now.
- Well, what's the worry?

We just need to have a "first night" every night from now on.

Na Hee, why would you say something like that?


A "first night" every night?

It's too sweet.

When I like it spicy.

My gosh, you! You, Sweetie!

You, Spicy!

Please come this way.

♫ You and I, who were not very different ♫

♫ Since when did it start? ♫

Now, shall we have a toast?

- Do you like it?
- I like it.

I like it even more.

♫ My heart that was wavering, like the breezy Spring ♫

♫ flowers' scent ♫

Since you did a lot of work here,

have a taste first, Sweetie.

How is it?

It's so sweet.


Spicy, spicy.

This is from that place!

- Yes!
- Yes, I know!

It's so good...

Let's take a picture to remember this day.



close to each other...

showing the Han River.

♫ It's pounding, I want to share the same memories ♫

♫ I want it to be a moment just a little more special ♫

♫ My heart that's up in the clouds, my heart that is always the same ♫

♫ The words that I practiced so much, "I like you" ♫

What brings you to Se Ra's home?

Do I have to tell you every little thing?

Don't use Se Ra.


Don Se Ra is hired by my company and is working for me.

You didn't hire her for her super-vision?

I thought you knew Don Se Ra very well.

I guess you don't know she's got other wonderful qualities besides her super-vision, Detective Han?

I do know.

That's why I'm more concerned about her.

So, why don't you fire Se Ra?

If I fire a competent employee,

I'd be violating the labor law. So that wouldn't be good.

On top of that, Don Se Ra is...

a very special employee.

A special employee?

I know very well why you have hired her.

To investigate a case from 20 years ago,

you need Se Ra's ability right now. Isn't that right?

Is that a problem?

More reason you shouldn't use Se Ra if that's the reason.

If you really need help, just ask the police!

Do you think I haven't done everything in the last 20 years?

The police?

You couldn't find him.


You didn't find him.

I'll personally...

find him now.

[Pork bellies are with me only! Good job, Eun Sun Woo]

Good... job...

Gosh, no way.

There's no way.

Gosh, Don Se Ra, what are you thinking?

Come on!



♫ I feel this way and that even by the small things and the way you speak ♫

♫ I'd feel down and then feel excited all of sudden ♫

♫ Please tell me ♫

Mom had known about Don Se Ra's super-vision since she was a child.

And with her super-vision,

we're looking for her killer.

Shall I call this a coincidence?


is there such a thing as fate?

Wait, then where's Don Se Ra in this picture?

This ugly kid... is this Don Se Ra?

You're right.

She's cute now...

She was even cuter as a child.


Chairman! Chairman!

We found him!

We found him!

We found him...

The man who was with the Vice Chairman in that photo.

Who is it? Where is he?

His name is Choi Moon Ki. He's Vice Chairman's high school hoobae.

He was called in to be a private driver a few times about 20 years ago

and quit after working for about a year.

And here.

He's living here right now.

I'll take you there today.

Please deliver this to the managing director, Director Hong.

Wait, Chairman!

Are you going there alone again?


I don't know.

Oh, Assistant Kim!

Where is Director Hong?

Oh, he's at the Chairman's office.

- What brings you here?
- I wanted to ask him something.

- Geez...
- I prepared some tea.

Chairman is in Room of Contemplation right now.

So put away the tea.

What brings you here, Assistant Kim?

I need some materials relating to the last year's anniversary event.


Please find some materials for Assistant Kim.

I'm going to the Managing Director's office.

I'm the one who found Mr. Choi. So, why are those two going?

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

What a relief.

Would you like more coffee?

But I have to get going.

Oh, since your lunchtime is over...


What are you doing?

Go on up ahead.

Is he your boyfriend?


I guess you haven't told him yet?

My office is right above this bakery.

- I'm Attorney Yang Jin Mo.
- I see.

The times are so unsettling these days. So I come down here every so often.

We put a few CCTVs in here recently.

- W-Where...
- Here.

So, are you a freelancer?

Oh, no. I work for Eunkang Group.

Lunchtime is over. I guess you've got a lot of time?

I was just about to leave.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

- Thank you.
- Thank you!

You should take some bread with you. Okay, take care!

My sweetie, you get so jealous.

I'll get jealous right to your face going forward.

Then, for my boyfriend,

I'll have to create a new bread for the menu.

What kind of bread? By chance...

(Means a punch or a smack)

Not that!

(Jil-too means jealousy, Zin means for real)

Wow, it's going to be bad. I guess I'll only eat that bread.


Sounds good, sounds good, huh?

- Can I eat this?
- No, you can't.

I want to eat all of your bread, Na Hee.

So how do I use this?

It can't even locate me.

Geez, that Yang Jin Mo. Oh, it's working.

[Do Not Enter]

Don Se Ra.

This is...

this direction, right?

Yes. I think it's this way.

Let's go.

Gosh, go slower.

Are you okay?


Gosh, why is it so up high here?


We don't have much time.


I can't do this...

Don't use it.

There are so many houses. How else could we find it?

All we need is this.

And be careful, so you don't hurt your injured ankle again.

It feels like you're very worried about me.

Of course, I'm worried about you.

If my assistant is sick,

I'd be the one to suffer.

Follow me.

Eun Bi!

- Isn't it this way?
- Teacher, please go this way.

Excuse me!

I lost a child. By chance...

- You lost a child?
- Yes.

Have you seen this girl?

Oh? This balloon.

You recognize it?

- Let's go over there.
- Okay.

Hey, Don-

Hurry up and follow us!

Why does she follow a stranger so easily?


Excuse me.

When and how did she disappear?

She was drawing a picture

and ran outside all of a sudden.

Was there a problem?

Eun Bi's mom passed away not too long ago.

What kind of picture was she drawing?

She was drawing a picture of her playing with her mom at a playground.

A playground...

Follow me.

She's got to be here somewhere.

Over there. That balloon!

Eun Bi.

Eun Bi!

Eun Bi...

Eun Bi, did you get hurt?

Gosh, seriously.

Why were you there?

Because my mom is underground.

I thought my mom would be in pain.

Eun Bi,

your mom's not underground.

Over there.

She's up there in heaven.

She went to heaven and became a beautiful star.


So, don't you worry.


I can't get any signal.

Because of your nosiness, things got delayed.

Gosh, even though we've been delayed,

we found a child who was in trouble.

We did a good job.


Well, I guess?

Why, what?

You want me to hold your hand?

Good job, I mean.

I have signal.

[At destination]


It's right in front of us.


We're here.

We are.


Who are you...

We have something we want to ask you.

Do you remember this photo?

I-I don't know anything about it!

Why did you go there

twenty years ago?

With Chairman Kang Wan Soo?

Geez. I can't even remember what happened yesterday.

How would I remember what happened 20 years ago?

I said I don't know! Don't bother me and go away!

Please go! Go away!

It's unni! Ahjussi!

Eun Bi. Are you okay now, Eun Bi?

Eun Bi,

did you get hurt?


Let me see. Where did you get hurt?

Grandpa, do you know this?


My mommy

isn't under the playground.

She became a star in the sky over there.

Aigoo, Eun Bi...

Aigoo, my baby...

I guess you came to see Eun Bi's grandfather.

Eun Bi was missing while she was roaming around looking for her mom

and they rescued her.


just like Eun Bi, I lost my family member overnight

20 years ago.

Even still, I have no idea

who killed my mother,

and why they killed her.

I'm going on with my life not even knowing the reason.

It's okay even if you remember something small.

Just one more time...

So, I took Hyungnim to that area that day...


I did take Director Kang with me.

It has been too long...

so I can't remember very well...

By chance, do you remember anything else, sir?

That's right!

Now that I think about it,

Director Kang started sponsorships.

What was it again? Yes, that's right, yes!

On the day of the chairman's wife's funeral,

he said he wanted to sponsor a child.

He asked me to look into it.

He was from an orphanage.

An orphanage?

He even sent that child overseas so study abroad.

To take care of all the paperwork,

I went to the orphanage several times.

By chance, do you remember the name of the child?

His name?

Oh, that's...

His name was similar to my father-in-law's...

Let's see... Nam... Na... N-Na...

Nam Gi...

Nam... Nam... Nam Gyu...

Nam Gyu.

That's right. Kim Nam Gyu.

Right! It was Kim Nam Gyu. Kim Nam Gyu!

By chance,

do you see him among the children in this picture?

He looked...


He looked very smart.

It's him!

He's Kim Nam Gyu!

Kim Nam Gyu! This boy!

Yes. The second from the right.


Kim Nam Gyu?

I was one step behind, so...

Sun Woo found Mr. Choi.


You don't have to worry about Kim Nam Gyu.

Even though Eun Sun Woo is going around all over the place?

What did you do all this time while things came down to this?

Even though Chairman Eun founds out that you had sponsored Kim Nam Gyu,

he wouldn't be able to find him.

He's no longer of this world.

And as far as Chairman Eun is concerned,

I'll find a way.

Fine. Leave now.

But Jae Ha...

were you truly in the dark about Manager Kim having

a proof of Tae Joon's embezzlement?


[A Just Society for the Nation and the People]

Why do you want Kang Choon Gil's file?

This was the beginning.

What if Kang Choon Gil had stolen

the necklace that disappeared 20 years ago?

So, the connection with Se Ra goes way back then?

You're quite interested in Chairman Eun Sun Woo lately.

I knew her.

Chairman Eun Sun Woo's mother?

Angel Ahjumma.

I can't let Se Ra get mixed up in it again.

Didn't you say you took care of everything?

I collected everything President Byeon had,

but who knew Chairman Eun saved evidence on his phone before that?

He submitted it to the police yesterday.


It's my fault.

You don't know, Father. This bastard...

turned a blind eye whenever I caused trouble,

and kept his mouth shut until you found out!

But Jae Ha...

were you truly in the dark about Manager Kim having

a proof of Tae Joon's embezzlement?


It's time for you to go to the meeting.

You can remain in the office and tend to your business.

I can just go with Mr. Lee.

But I should accompany you...

Starting at some point, you keep arguing

with what I have to say.

Get to work.

Bye, sir.

[Visiting Room]
Are you satisfied now?

Your one and only son

is sitting here crappy like this?

Be investigated without detention?

What's this? Huh?

What the hell is this?

You shouldn't have pushed your luck.

If not, you should've come clean to me from the get-go.

What did you do right to be yelling at me?

There are more than enough evidence against you!

All the media is focused on Eunkang

so I can't make a deal with the prosecution or anything.

Just bear it until things quiet down, Tae Joon.

Are you even worried about me?

Aren't you only worried about Eunkang's image?

Assistant Kim or Manager Kim...

They completely backstabbed me.

I won't let this go once I get out of here.

If you don't want to end up like me,

you should come to your senses.

That a**hole, Assistant Kim...

He acted like he'd give up everything he's got.

He was all sweet and nice like a candy in your mouth.

[Byeon Deok Goo]

[Kang Tae Joon]

[Oh Ah Ra]

[Kang Wan Soo]

[Kim Nam Gyu]

We finally found him.

The key to the incident.

♫ Don't press that buzzard ♫

♫ That's not my hole though ♫

♫ But don't make any mistakes, I'm so bad, I ain't running ♫

♫ Bad, bad guys gon' be scared as hell, blessing ♫

♫ Better go run away, better go right away ♫

♫ No, no, not a problem, this puzzle ♫

♫ Hey, find the hidden evidence ♫

♫ Eyes wide open, never let my guard down ♫

[Good Job]

Oppa, do you know someone named Kim Nam Gyu, by chance?

You know how special that Angel Ahjumma is to me.

I wonder if Angel Ahjumma is special to you or Chairman Eun is.

Don't just look at other people with your super-vision.

Take a good look at your heart as well.

That girl from the orphanage. You said she's got something going on with Chairman Eun, right?

- Don Se Ra?
- Bring her to me.

And as for Chairman Eun, I'll find a way.

We cannot afford to leave them be.

For this one, I can't let it go even if you try to stop me.

♫ Every night, start when the night has come ♫