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[Good Job]

[Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents in this drama are used in a fictitious manner.]

[Episode 8]

I'm done with my duty in the company, right?


Starting tomorrow, you can go straight to the secret base.


I guess it's time to return to my original job now.

Then what about you?

Chairman Eun within the company, and Investigator Eun outside...

I'll need to find evidence against my enemy, right?

Who on earth is that enemy?

Well, I'm also an employee...

If I know the enemy and myself, it's one shot, one kill.

Sayings like that exist.


You don't need to say anything if you want to.

Kang Tae Joon's father

and Eunkang Group's Vice President...

Kang Wan Soo.

How long do you think you can keep your double life a secret?

That's why Secretary Don should do a good job.

Until now, I've been Secretary Don, Assistant Don, cleaning lady,

your girlfriend and even your wife!

How better of a job can I do than this?

Girlfriend and wife?

That's right.

I'm looking forward to what my next role will be.

Keep looking forward and get inside now.


I'm going.

All right.


Don't even look back and hurry inside.



Why is he rushing?

He's the one who said he'll take me home.

That's weird.

I think they've been following us since before.

Am I mistaken?


What the? Where did he go?

Find him!

S***, where did this bastard go?

This son of a b****.

Who are you people? Who sent you?


Load him...

onto the car.

Where did he go?

He was here just now.



Chairman! Chairman!


Taxi! Over here!


Please hurry and chase them.


What is this?

This is our shop's new menu, vegan bread.

Have a taste and tell me what you think.

You want me to try it?

Looking at you,

I reflected on myself for not being able to consider the diversity of customers.

I've fixed my shortcoming, so give it a try.

So you want me to tell you honestly?


Just enough so I'm not hurt.

- Then I can't.
- No! Fine.

I'm ready.


Here I go.

I'm eating it.

How is it?

For starters, the bread...

is too crude and ugly.

- I knew it.
- But...

it's savory

and sweet,

and really soft.

It has somewhat of a... luxurious flavor.

And the more I chew,

there's a whirlwind at the tip of my tongue.

It's best bread I've eaten until now.

Oh, my gosh!

How is it that even your description of flavor is intelligent?

How lawyer-like of you!

My bread-pride is soaring.

And there's something I didn't tell you last time,

but you know that vegan bread you gave me?

I became really sick after eating that.


Did it make your stomach turn? That shouldn't have happened.

It's because I was suffering bread withdrawal symptoms.

Oh, my gosh!

Judging by your rating of the taste of bread,

and how you dealt with Soo Ah's incident,

your abilities can't even be described.

Sincerity... you know your sincerity is your best charm, right?

As a lawyer,

as someone with such sincerity.

being complimented by you

boosts my self-esteem and makes me feel approved of.

Gosh, Sun Woo that jerk,

has no manners. No manners!

Chairman Eun Sun Woo is too much.

Whether it's company affairs or investigation affairs,

I'm the one who supports him from behind,

but he runs around thinking he's all that

and doesn't even acknowledge me in the back.

- Gosh.
- It's true, right?

That Investigator Eun is Chairman Eun sun Woo?

W-What? W-Which aspect?

Whenver you're flustered...

did you know you go, "W-What? W-Which aspect?"

Wait, wait, so...

let's clear things up.

You're Chairman Eun's friend as well as his personal lawyer!

- Yes, Se Ra?
- There's big trouble!

Chairman... chairman's been abducted!



Sun Woo was?

Yes, I'm chasing after them on a taxi,

but I need your help!

Okay, where are you?


I'll be right there.

Where do you think you're coming?

You think I can sit back when Chairman has been abducted?

Furthermore, Se Ra is chasing after them.

Na Hee, it's really dangerous. Get back inside.

And it's fine for you and Se Ra to be in danger?

Let's rescue Chairman first.

Na Hee, this is a manual car!

- I have a special license.
- Special license?

Make a right at that intersection!

The license plate number is 23N9944.

They're going toward Guri.

Sunwoo's current cell phone location is around Samjin intersection.

Is that right, Se Ra?

Yes, they're heading in that direction.

Se Ra! H-Hold on, hold on!

Sun Woo, are you okay?

Okay, I got it.

Sun Woo, calm down. Calm down.

If what I say is correct, knock once

and if not, knock twice.

Have we seen these guys before?

You think they're sent by someone we know?

Hyungnim, this bastard's cell phone is turned on.

- What?
- Eun Sun Woo!

You didn't take his cell phone earlier?

The plan suddenly changed from assault to abduction...


Sun Woo! Sun Woo!

Se Ra, where are you right now?

Sun Woo's last known cell phone location is Taeneung!

Okay, that's where I'm heading now.

They just turned towards Topyeong!

I think I lost them.

Hold on, Se Ra.

If they disappeared in Topyeong's direction,

they probably took Deokso IC-

They probably got onto Deokso IC, Se Ra!

Keep going that way.

Sir, you must not lose them.

Se Ra, the abduction car-


just took a beltway towards Namyangju!

Where is he?

- All right, put him down there.
- Okay, Hyungnim.


Attorney Yang, I found him!

He's in some warehouse near Seungri Church.

We're almost there, Se Ra!

Report this to the police first, and just wait.

You must not move on your own,


Yes, all right-

S-Se Ra!

What the? It turned off.

Gosh, now of all times.

It got disconnected.

Did you put someone on Chairman Eun's tail?

That jerk's the one who put someone on my tail.

So I just planned to rough him a bit.

By whom?

He's someone I trust.

You know.

President Byeon?

Do you know kind if man President Byeon is?

Just wait and see.

If Eun Sun Woo, that bastard acts up, I won't just sit back either.

[President Byeon]

Yeah, how did it go?

Well, yes.

He was more rough than I expected, so we did see some blood.

Yeah? Good job.

But you know?

I think our pay is a bit too low.

You want more when all you did was rough him up a bit?


I think we deserve... one more bill to cover the kids' hospital fees.

All right.

And things took a slight turn.

Our kids ended up escorting Chairman here.


You have Eun Sun Woo in your hands?

What are you thinking?

I was just planning to give him a few slaps,

but he ended up seeing the kids' faces.

So I wanted to make sure that wouldn't be a problem-

So what the hell are you going to do?

Hey, you!

Vice Chairman.

Have you been well?

What kind of messy job is this?

Are you threatening us right now?

Hey, how could I threaten you when we're souch good friends?

He's quite a valuable person, so I just thought you should know.

And it would be even better if you could tell me how we should proceed

in this unexpected situation.

Proceed as you would normally.

As we would normally...

Must I even explain that to you?

Gosh, what a temper.

Assistant Kim, get in here.

You'll have to pay President Byeon a visit.

He's not someone trustworthy.

Keep an eye on him until the end.

Rude bastard.

Does he not see me?

You're the one who's blind!

You dare to drag President Byeon into this?

I'm going nuts.

What he wanted was Chairman Eun's death?

You mean little punks...

you should've been careful not to scratch up our precious guest.

I'm sorry.

Why don't you get up now, Chairman? Huh?

This isn't... exactly the greatest bed.

You must have received quite a sum.

Fearlessly using a knife on me like that.

We've received anough to escort you to this lowly place.

What do they want from me?

Do they want me dead?

Whoa, seeing how quick to understand you are,

there must have been a number of people trying to kill you.

You're a pretty valuable perosn,

and I figured one wrong move might get us in trouble.

So I intuitively used my brain.

I see you used it to the highest capacity.

How smart of you.

Is it because you've only been in high positions?

Your tongue...

is quite short.*
(Sun Woo spoke informally.)

That evil jerk!

I'm giving you a heads up since we've shared some blood.

Think carefully about the consequences before you act.

Let's see how long you can stay so haughty.

You're the type who earns his beatings.

Rather than earning my beatings...

I'm the type who's good at earning money.

Money. That's right!

You should've brought that up in the first place!

Then shall we share an honest conversation?

What a bummer.

I don't do business with kids who lack intellect.

Kids who lack intellect.


Hey, this looks perfect. This one!

Chairman is asking for a bath.

Fill up some water for him.

Please understand if some water gets in your mouth.


- Chairman!
- What are you bastards doing?

Gosh, those vil jerks!

Attorney Yang!

- Na Hee!
- Are you okay?

Is this their base?

Yes, there's big trouble.

Chairman Eun doesn't look too good.

Hey, why are you here?

I came to rescue you. I'll keep you safe.

First, let's rescue Sun Woo.

- Us?
- How?

Follow me!

You're sure this is deadly, right?

I want to live a kind life now.

Don't worry, it's glacial acetic acid.

Okay then, let's rescue Chairman.

Raise it.

Come on now.

Hey, is this going to take all night?

Let's finish up here quickly and go home and rest!

- Understood!
- W-W-Wait, wait!

Hey, you!

I have a question.

How much did you ask for in exchange for my body?

Why would someone facing their death be curious about that?

I'd like to prove my worth even if I'm dead!

How many bills did you ask for?

If it's a petty amount, I'm going to haunt you after my death.

I'm going to chase you around forever!

Happy now?

500 million? Are you kidding me?

You only know how to fill a tank with water, but do you not know the ways of the world?

Did you forget who I am?

Eunkang Group's Chairman.

You think we would've taken you without even knowing that?

That's right, Eunkang!

Don't you watch the news?

Do you not the value of our company?

I'm the chairman of Eunkang Group!

Can't you tell?

How much simpler do I have to spell it out for you?

500 million?

My ransom is a mere 500 million?

How could you be so naive to the world?

Minimum... five billion.

F-five... billion?

Think carefully.

Instead of committing a crime for 500 million,

wouldn't it be better if you could get five billion in return for saving my life?

I'll send you one billion, immediately!

If I get out of here safely,

I'll gather up all the money I have at home and give you four billion!

How about it?

Settling at five billion, deal?


- Hey, take him out!
- Take me out, out, out,

- Out, out, out!
- Who the hell are those guys?

What is this? It hurts!

Come here!

Get away!

Whoa, time out! Time out!

Hold on. Hold on!

Thank you.

Sun Woo!

Good job staying alive.

How much slower could you be?

And your face. Did you come in disguise to make me laugh since I got hurt?

Are you a racoon or something?

Are you okay?

Take him for now.

Are you okay?

- Hey, punks!
- Come here!

- Hey, hey, hey!
- Hey, hey!

Guys, go that way! That way!

Come at me! Come at me!

- It's that way!
- Hey, come here!

All of us are here!

- Come here!
- Here-

Na Hee, it's dangerous so stay in the car.

I'm going to tear those guys apart.

Wait, Attorney Yang! It's dangerous alone.

I did real life practice for three years watching Youtube.

- Wait here.
- H-Hold on!

Let's call the police first.

You're right.

Cell phone... Do you have a cell phone?

I-I think it's in the car.

Hold on. Let's go to the car.

Are you okay?

What do we do?

- Stop right there!
- Where are they?

Stop right there!

Stop right there!

Are you okay?

We need to stop the bleeding.

Where are you going in this condition?

I can still deal with them.

Stay back.

It dangerous.

Are you okay?

I'll buy some time,

- so run that way.
- No.

I'm not going to die,

until I catch those bastards and make them pay.

It's dangerous!

I'm more worried about you.

Start running... now!

Wait, which way do we go?

Hey, get up! Get up!

Over there! Over there!



Over there.

Go down and find him.

I said, go down and find him!

Hey, you go.

Find him.

What the?

Nevermind, just go.

Hey, hey.

- Retreat.
- We need to go.



Na Hee, it's me.

Let's go this way.



You go that way!

Spread out!

Where is he?


Se Ra!

Where's Sun Woo?

He's not here.

He fell this way for sure,

but I don't see him.

Wait there! Let's look together!

Be careful.

Hey, search every corner!

[Kim Jae Ha]

Chairman Eun Sun Woo has gone missing.


Tell me the details.

By the time I arrived, he was already on the run from President Byeon.

I think he slipped and fell into a valley while running away.


are you saying he's dead?

The plice are investigating,

but they haven't found him yet.

What should I do about President Byeon?

He can't even do a simple job...

get rid of him.


Sun Woo...

is dead?

Before you ask for payment...

you need to do your job properly.


You must finish it off properly.

Do you understand?

If you do, then find him... Eun Sun Woo.

Whether he's dead or alive.

Chairman also lost a lot of blood.

Do you think he's okay?

Sun Woo will be find. Don't worry.


Did you find him?

It's too dangerous at night to continue.

You three should go, too.

Sediment flows down in this area, so it's very dangerous.

Let's go for now.

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

There was a place like this inside a lawyer's office?

So this is where you do eveything with that computer.

...large amounts of drugs were found.

We'll now connect to a reporter at the scene.

Chairman Eun Sun Woo appears to have been at odds with gangsters over drugs.

A police official said he appeared to have slipped

and fallen into a valley while fleeing from a physical fight.

Due to the rain a few days ago, sediment is flowing down near the valley,

making the search difficult.

Chairman Eun's whereabouts is still shrouded in mystery.

Who makes up news like that?

This is too strange.

The three of us should stay here for now.

Na Hee, you should close the shop and stay her for now, too.

We still need to find Chairman.

- If we just stay here like this-
- Se Ra, let's wait.

Sun Woo will contact us.

[Yang Jin Mo, Attorney at Law]

We should wat something.

I'll whip something up from what I have at hand.

It's dangerous!

I'm more worried about you.

Start running... now!

I can't.

What on earth is going on?

Why is there no sign of you, Sun Woo?

You have to do a Plan B,

so I can go rescue.

[Naver Mail]

[(AD) Happy Library, A special edition you won't want to miss- Sherlock Holmes, A novel/Plan B]

There we go.

I knew you could do this.


You jerk.

Se Ra, Na Hee!

I made something for us.

What about Se Ra?

Wasn't she here?



What happened?

I thought something happened to you for sure.

Then you should've stayed quietly by Yang Jin Mo's side.

Why are you fearlessly wandering around?

I thought something happened to you because of me.

But what is this? You're absolutely fine!

Stop hitting me!

Are you trying to kill someone who just came back alive?

And I'm still a patient.

Are you okay?

How much were you hurt?

If you fell from that height...

Anyone else would've died,

but it's me, so I'm fine.

Are you sure?

You're not lying, so I wouldn't worry, are you?

You keep saying it's because of you,

but you're quite overreacting.


Right, I ahve to contact Attorney Yang.

Yang Jin Mo already knows.


Then the two of you completely fooled us?

What do you mean, fool?

We didn't intentionally plan for this,

but as per our plan...

We changed our plan after spotting Assistant Kim.

Then at the valley...

The reason why Assistant Kim came was because Vice Chairment sent him to confirm if those people

did their job.

I needed to make him believe.

Even so...

Do you know how worried I was?

I'm sorry.

You think sorry will cut it?

I'm so mad.

I'm seriously in pain.

Oh, right.

Where are you going?

Se Ra went to the site for sure,

so what if she gets caught by those people?

Se Ra is safe.

How would you know?

She's with Sun Woo right now.


Then... Investigator Eun is alive?

Yes, well...

- Earlier...
- Gosh!

Sun Woo said he had no other choice.

Please understand.

Then where are they right now?

They're at...

Sun Woo's angga.

Don't go?

It's not, go, don't go,

but angga, a secret location.

How long was this place empty?

About 20 years now?

It's been empty...

ever since mom died.

After that...

Then this place is safe?

No one will even imagine I'm here.


this place isn't...

somewhere my father and I would want to return to.

How long are you planning to stay here?

For now?

I need to make everyone believe I'm dead.

There are things I need to look into in the meantime.

I guess we'll soon find out...

what Vice Chairman Kang's next plan is.

Following Chairman Eun Sun Woo's disappearance,

it's been revealed that not only sexual harassment,

but embezzlement have been committed within the Eunkang Group,

but they placed the responsibility on the victim to make them resign,

making people angry.

In the midst of Chairman Eun Sun Woo's disappearance,

the group will-


Where on earth are you?


If you're hiding in there to make fun of me,

I'll forgive everything, so-


Why does this open?





This many books...

He's not even going to read them...

What the hell?



Wow! Hey, hey!

I think the situaition is worsening.

Is it okay for us to stay put like this?

It becomes clearer in situations like this...

who's on my side and who isn't.

Why is your world so complicated?

Na Hee,

this must be kept an absolute secret,

from Detective Han.

I already know that much.


Wait, what is all this?

He was always going back and forth from the Room of Contemplation...

As I expected...

that man doesn't look like he's contemplated a day in his life.

I guess the two of us have a secret of our own now.


we did have a secret before, too.

Gosh, honestly...

Some time has passed, so I'm just...

asking you nonchalantly.

How was it, that time?


a bit...

A bit...


Well generally speaking...

a bit...

If you think about it,

you and I are a bit...

suited for each other.

We are?


you can say that in some aspects.


which aspects?

Which aspects...

in regards to which area?

Huh? Director Hong! How did you-

How did you...

What are you two doing here right now?


When we don't even know if Chairman is alive or dead!

The two of you, in this discreet place!


Eating bread... with Bang's Boss!

I'm disappointed in you, Attorney Yang.

Wait, D-Director Hong!



[Vacant leadership at Eunkang Group due to Chairman Eun's disappearance...]


Manager Kim Hong Soo's case,

the audit team is investigating the victims,

but Eunkang Group is saying they're going to sue them for defamation.

Since we're trying to dig into who tried to bury this case...

they just want to cover it up.

Chairman Eun Sun Woo is the one who told the victims to inquire about a police investigation,

but the group is claiming that, that never happened.

And that's when Chairman Eun went missing...

You don't really think Chairman Eun Sun Woo died, do you?

Nothing else was found at the scene?

A body wasn't found yet

and they're investigating the source of the drugs found in his car.

I'm going nuts.

The person you have called is not available-

Why is Se Ra's phone off? It's making me anxious.

What should we do now, Sunbae?

When did we ever investigate with our brains?

We'll just tackle it full on.

Let's go.

Kang Tae Joon!


What's the problem?

I'm Detective Han Kwang Ki from Yongnam Police Station.

I have a few questions to ask you in regards to Manager Kim hong Soo's investigation.

If you listen to the victims and Kim Hong Soo's statement,

there's definitely someone higher up...

Does Manager Kang Tae Joon by any chance...

have something to do with the cover up?

Is there evidence that I did it?

What is this rudeness... without even a warrant.

What is this?


I'm asking you.

How are you doing your job?

I'm sorry.

Must I deal with a pest like him on my way to work?

Hey, did you just say pest?

It's fine.

Pests usually gather around smelly s***.

I'll be back again to clean s*** up soon!

I'll see you soon!

Gosh, so much dust.


Don Se Ra! Help me.

- Okay.
- Hurry!


What are you doing?

What is it?

Where did you go?

- I'm going to wrap you up.
- Oh, my gosh.

Come here.

Beep beep!

Beep beep!

Look at the dust there. Dust!


♫ I've become curious if I'm like you ♫

You think wiping it like that will have any effect?

Scrub it a but harder, harder, harder.

A bit cleaner!

♫ I like you ♫

Na Hee, hear me out-

Na Hee.

This isn't something normal!

- Give it to me.
- Hey.

I mean, Sun Woo might be safe now,

but the abductors might be observing us from somewhere!

Running away and hiding isn't my style.

I know very well how you feel.

But you saw what kind of people those guys are.

I did!

Never in my life did I think I'd meet someone who'd order someone killed

or people who do exactly as he orders.

You're being like this when you witnessed them yourself?

Were you always someone this reckless?

I... just want to become someone courageous like you.

Even in that dangerous situation,

you risked your life to rescue Chairman Eun Sun Woo!

You knew about that?

Of course.

You're right.

Why should we hide like this?

Those bad guys...

as a lawyer of the Republic of Korea,

I'll definitely make them stand in court!


I'll help you, too!

Isn't that person, Chairman Eun Sun Woo's attorney?

He is.

Are they dating?

Something's off.


I'm unfamiliar with that side of Na Hee...

but jealous as well.

Chairman Eun Sun Woo is currently missing,

but his attorney is being lovey dovey with Na Hee?

Should you at least go to hospital?

I think you keep forgetting,

but I'm someone who's dead.

Can... you spray this for me?


we not be doing this?

I'm supposed to be dead...

as well as a weak patient.

And doing this here is a bit...


This photo.

Oh, th-this photo?

This is a photo my mother took when she was a volunteer.


This is our orphanage.


Weren't you at Dodam Orphanage?

Before that, it was Sarang Orphanage,

but when the village changed it's name to Dodam-ri,

they changed their name, too.


Angel Ahjumma!


This is Angel Ahjumma, right?

Your mother.

Wait... you know...

my mom?

Yes, Angel Ahjumma...

Everyone at the orphanage called her that.

That's right.

Anngel Ahjumma.

When I saw her photo in the secret base,

she did look somewhat familiar.

That Angel Ahjumma...

was your mother.

[Happy Birthday Se Ra]
Today's your birthday party,

but why are you so down?

The kids...

said I'm like a goblin.

You're not.

Our Se Ra isn't a goblin.

You're special.

A very special person who can

see what other people can't.


Wait, then where's Don Se Ra in this picture?


This ugly kid... is this Don Se Ra?

You're right.

I'm right.

Viewing the world differently than other people,

and blabbering about what I could see

drove the other kids make fun of me.

But Ahjumma

told me it was because I'm special and that it's okay.

And that I don't necessarily need to be the same

as other people.

So my mom knew from the start

that you possessed super-vision.

No matter how much I told the adults,

they said I was just fooling around and lying.

But Ahjumma wasn't like that.

She listened to me seriously,

and believed in me.

That's right.

Mom was that kind of person.

She would always even listen intently

to the trivial things I said as a kid.

I had a real blast...

when I chattered with my mom.

My mother...

was that kind of person.

She was a good person.

Angel Ahjumma...

Let's... Let's go out!

There's nothing to eat in here.

We'll stave to death at this rate.

[Dongmun Traditional Market]

♫ liking someone more than yourself ♫

♫ is quite a strange feeling ♫

It's delicious.

Then you buy them.

Take care.

It's jeon*!
(Korean pancake)

Whoa, let's eat this, too!

Stop eating.


It's a bakery! A bakery!

Gosh, stop eating!

We can't just pass by kkwabaegi*!
(Twisted Korean donut)

How many?

It's three for 2,000 won, so six!


You can have everything.

I'll give you one.

Let's eat this before we go.

♫ Like the bright atmosphere ♫

You really eat a lot.

It's delicious.

If we don't want to stand out here,

I think we need a proper disguise.

I mean, can it get any more perfect than this?

♫ Like seeing between the leaves ♫

Gosh, this girl!


♫ I won't hide it ♫

♫ I want to know how you feel ♫

♫ Please tell me ♫

No, I'm fine.

It's perfect. Perfect.

These mombbae* pants are unexpectedly comfortable.
(Refrigerator pants)

You've already naturally blended in.

My crazy hot body make these pants look good.

It's yeot*!

Hey, Don Se Ra!

[Pumpkin Yeot]

It looks delicious.

[Pumpkin Yeot]

Don Se Ra!

Granpa! Grandpa.

I'm sorry, but we can't get our pictures taken.

Why? Are you two having an affair?

Are you in that kind of relationship?

No, i-it's not like that-

I'm just enjoying my hobby with my camera.

Who are you to tell me what I can't do?

Well, because of circumstances...


these photos are quite nice.

How long have you been taking photos in this neighborhood?

You know photography?

They look outstanding even to a novice like me.

Do you have other photos, too?

We've been visiting useless places. This place is the true attraction!

This place is the true attraction!

Would you like a glass of arrowroot juice?

- I'd love to.
- A-All right!

[Dodam Village]

It's the Blue Goblin!

No! No!

No... no...

Go away...

I'm scared... go away.

Don Se Ra!

Se Ra, wake up!

You're dreaming!


Try sitting up.

Are you all awake?


I feel better now.

Are you sure you're okay?

I thought you werren't that sensitive,

but I guess you are.

Maybe it's because you slept in an unfamiliar place?

I wiped, broomed, and even went grocery shopping,

so I thought I'd knock out.

But as always, I had a nightmare.

A repetitive terrifying nightmare.

Weak Don Se Ra...

It's going to be difficult to fall back asleep right away.

Do you want a glass

of hot tea?


I thought that Grandpa was only good at taking photos,

but this has such a nice scent.

Coming here, there's clean air...

good food...

My body is in luxury thanks to you.

That's funny coming from someone who just had a terrible nightmare.

What did you normally do when

you had nightmares alone?

You get through it when you're facing it.

I did well even all by myself.

I was able to hang in there when I was younger, thanks to Kang Ki oppa.

On nights that I had nightmares,

he'd hold my hand and stay next to me

That made me feel warm

and attended to.

Sometimes, the nightmare was even worth it.

- Ridiculous, huh?
- Yeah.

What a ridiculous thing to say.

You'd think he's your biological brother.

Why are you so good at saying "oppa"?

That oppa, oppa, oppa, oppa!

You're right. He's like my biological brother.

Someone who's reliable like family.

Yeah? Think of him as your biologicla brother.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Like your family, okay?

He's not "like my family."

he is family.

I think I can fall back asleep now.

Yeah, it's late.

You should sleep.


Can't you stay until I fall asleep?

To be honest,

I'm still a bit scared.

♫ Your smile which was always out of reach ♫

♫ is warmer than it was yesterday ♫

♫ Me, who had to act as if I knew nothing and turn away ♫

♫ Do you know me? ♫

♫ If I was only given one day ♫

♫ I'd face you and look at you ♫

♫ and stay in the same place as you, but once again ♫

♫ today I stupidly ♫

♫ embrace you in the corners of my heart ♫

You're able to sleep this soundly...

How scared must you have been...

how scared every time this happened,

Don Se Ra.

He held my hand throughout the night?

[Chairman Eun Sun Woo]

How is the investigation going?

The river's current is too strong

and the heavy rain a few days ago seems to be making it difficult to search.

Is that so?

Hey, Director Hong.

I was going to call for you.

Oh, yes.

I have a matter to discuss with you, Vice Chairman.

You do?

Then let's go to my room.


What the?

Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra.

Where did she go?

Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra!

Let's go on a picnic!

Will you be all right by yourself?

Well, you're a patient.

Just rest comfortably. I'll escort you.


Go faster!

I'm doing my best.

This place is the same.

I've been here a long time ago.

Me, too.

- With my mom-
- With Angel Ahjumma-

That's cool.

Sharing a memory of my mom here,

with you, no less.

Being able to talk about my mom comfortably feels...

good, too.

I ate the kimbap that Angel Ajhumma made

and did a treasure hunt.

It was really fun.

It must've been a perfect picnic.

But it's obvious even if I wasn't there.

You probably used your super-vision

to rake in all the treasures.

I told them where the treasure was hidden,

and gained some popularity.

That's not even fair play.


it wasn't dangerous for you...

to use your super-vision back then?

I realized after I got into the accident.

Kwang Ki oppa said I got into the accident while using my super-vision.

So after that, I learned how to control using my super-vision.


You got into an accident while looking at something?



I can't remember any of it.

That's difficult.

You should be careful from now on.

What if you forget...

your memories with me, too?

How could I forget my memories with you?

♫ It's strange ♫


for bringing me here today.

I didn't have the confidence to come here,

but now that I'm here...

it's nice.

♫ Shall I approach you slowly ♫

Oh, yeah. I brought some kimbap.

Would you like to try one?

Who knows if

you'll be reminded of your memories with your mom while eating them?

It might be the contrary,

but this moment will probably...

be unforgettable.

♫ even if it's obvious, it's always sweet ♫

How is it? Is it good?

Does it taste like your mom's?

I think you'd probably know better than I do.

But it's still tolerable.


since it's...

the first time someone fed a kimbap to me.

Oh, that's because I developed a habit feeding Kang Ki oppa candy when we were younger.



♫ I unable to do anything ♫

Be quiet, so I can appreciate...

be quiet...

and enjoy this view.

To the point I wish time would stop...

the breeze...

and my mood...

are nice.

♫ I want to be your love ♫

Something was on your face.

[Really Stupid]
[Emergency board Meeting, February 2 at 11:00 am.]

It's going so accordingly to what I predicted, it's not

even delightful anymore.

We should go now.

It's time...

to return to reality.

[Dodam Village]

[Dodam Village]


[List of Board Members]

What are you worried about? They're all your people.

You'll finally become Eunkang's owner.

Stay at the U.S. branch for now.

Eun Sun Woo, the thorn in my eye, has disappeared

and I'm now beginning to enjoy work, so why?

Technically speaking, this is all thanks to me!

I told you to watch your mouth.

How long should I...

stay there?

Come back once all this blows over.

- It's time.
- Okay.

I need to congratulate you before I leave.

[Appointment of CEO]
We'll now start Eunkang Group's interim board meeting.

The board of directors has been convened because the absence

of the CEO was deemed urgent.

Although he's still missing,

during the company's urgent situation,

we can't leave Eunkang Group's executive seat vacant forever.

I agree.

To be honest, after Chairman Eun Jae Seong passed away,

we appointed Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo as Chairman,

but he gave that seat to Chairman Eun Sun Woo, isn't that right?

I'm really sorry to the directors who trusted me and supported me.

From now on, I'll only think about Eunkang's future

and follow your decisions.

Vice Chairman Kang Wan Soo's appointment as CEO

will be carried out by a vote of the board of directors.

Those in support, please raise your hands.

♫ My savior, please save me with your love ♫

♫ I'm overwhelmed without you, my delay is full of hurt ♫

♫ Please save me, whoa, whoa, my savior ♫

♫ so no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

[Good Job]

One person will come into contact with Vice Chairman's side.

You mustn't lose him.

I think he faked his death and hid,

to buy more time.

Mom, I'm almost there.

Just wait a bit longer.

We found President Byeon at his hideout, and currently tailing him.

Good job, everyone!

President Byeon is at the police station?

It's too sweet for me.

I like it spicy-

You and Chairman Eun's fate isn't ordinary either.

There must've been a time when she made your heart pound.

Let's stop pretending to be... oblivious.

♫ My savior ♫

♫ so no one can shake my heart ♫