Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

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[Good Job]

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[Good Job]

[Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents in this drama are used in a fictitious manner.]

[Royal Hotel]

[Director Hong]

Where did it go?


A woman...

Could it be... the woman who ruined the blind date?

Why am I in this bed...

By any chance...

Could it be that I pounced on you last night-

No, it's not like that!

Erase all weird imaginations from your head.

You know... how we overdrank last night?

So I went to the restroom...

and subconsciously got into the bed... I think.

Then nothing happened between us last night...

Of course not!

I had no choice since you were sleeping so soundly.

Gosh, I was so tired yesterday that I couldn't help myself.


then you're the one who put me in bed?

Well, if I hadn't,

I'd have to feed you breakfast like that time in the hospital.

I mean, that time was...

I'm late!


You can take your time getting ready.


[Episode 7]
Did you sleep well?


Follow me.

Hurry up.

God, you scared me!

You're here early.

Did I really just see that happen?

Well, if you saw, then you know.

I thought you weren't that type of man,

but you're showing me various things today.


Why did you call me earlier?

Oh, something weird came up in the company forum.

[Internal complaint]

An internal complaint?

Wait, embezzlement?

What is this talking about?

I did order it to be taken down immediately,

but I think it was posted last night.

Please call Manager Kim immediately.

He hasn't come to work yet,

and he's not picking up his phone, either.

Having recovered the deleted post,

I can see that Manager Kim wrote it, targeting Chief Manager Kang.

Once the deal with Hwang Chi Seon fell through, he probably pressured Manager Kim,

and Manager Kim probably felt cornered.

And that's why he wrote the post.

What should we do?

Kang Tae Joon probably won't leave Manager Kim alone.

We need to find Manager Kim immediately.

How's Kang Tae Joon?

Is there anything that can be a clue?

There's nothing here, either. It's clean.

And he hasn't come to work yet.

Get a grip on Manager Kim's situation and let me know.

Okay, I'll leave now.

Did you see that post on the forum?

Of course, I did.

They deleted it right away,

but practically everyone in the company probably knows.

What in the world is this?

Don't you think it was posted by mistake?

Or someone could've submitted it with Manager Kim's ID.

Who would do that?

But do you think it could be true?

Chairman is looking for Manager Kim, but he can't even be reached.

Oh, my. Oh, my! What if something happened to him because of the internal complaint?

Hey, Manager Kim didn't even go home last night

and he can't be reached either.

His cell phone turned off before midnight.

And his last confirmed location wasn't the company?

That's right.

Okay, so he came to work.

He's still inside the company.

Where on earth is he?

This is all there is to Don Se Ra's resume?

Yes, there wasn't any cause for suspicion.


I think HR specifically assigned her to be your secretary.

Eun Sun Woo probably had a hand in this.


Gosh, I've definitely seen her face somewhere...


That's her.

The rookie actress who disappeared with Eun Sun Woo at that time.

- Hello?
- Don Se Ra.

Get over here, right now!

To where?

I think Kang Tae Joon found out.

Hey, hey. Hold on.

You didn't see a woman pass by just now?

I didn't see her.



Hey, forget it. Just leave.

Hurry up!

Manager Kang.

Gosh, what?

[Men's Restroom]
[Under repair, so please use a different bathroom.]

I really thought I'd get caught!

But what is this smell?

- Heaven.
- Heaven?

What do you mean?

A taste of heaven with a scent of hell.


Isn't it fitting for our situation right now?

Hey! Get that away from me!

This is really hell.

I think Kang Tae Joon found out,

so quit, Secretary Don.

We need to search the company inside out.


Why do I need a janitor's uniform?

Whether he's hiding or he's been caught, we need to

find Manager Kim in this hell, right?

Yang Jin Mo, did you hack all the CCTVs within the company?

Of course, they're already under my control.

Are you sure?

Our company doesn't have CCTVs in the offices or meeting rooms.

Hey, so I checked the CCTV in the hallway in front of Manager Kim's office,

and after the post submission on the forum,

the only person who went in and out of the office was the night guard.

All right.

Then let's start with Manager Kim's office.

Okay? Get changed.

Hey, you two there!

Hold it right there.

I've never seen you before.

- Mr. Bang's replacement?
- Huh?

Yes, yes, yes. Hello.

So you're from the same service company as Mr. Bang.

But why two people?


I came as the replacement,

and he's...

he's a rookie who's shadowing me.


For a rookie, he looks a bit...

He might look like this, but he's a hard-working ahjussi,

so don't you worry!

Don't worry.

Anyway, Mr. Bang took off because he sprained his back,

so the cleaning cart is still in front of the Planning and General Affairs office.

Go collect it

and finish cleaning up the office, okay?

Okay, we'll do our best!

Hey! Hey!

- Hey!
- Ow!

I'm sorry.

Didn't you hear beforehand?

The regular elevators are off-limits except for employees.

- Use the stairs!
- What?

Wait, not to the second floor,

but to the twelfth floor?

Carrying this?

I mean, this is basically discrimination!

I mean...

is the elevator lined with gold or something?

I'm also a uniformed employee of this company!

It's company policy!

The employees complained that getting on the elevator with us was smelly and uncomfortable.

D*** that Mr. Bang!

Go on.

It's going to spill over! Hold it properly!

Look who's talking!

I've been... neglecting management for way too long.

I'm being punished.

Who the hell made this s***ty policy?

He said a higher-up all the way up there made it so!


The person, all the way at the top is me, though.

I'm going to rip that higher-up bastard apart.

Wipe off your sweat before you do anything.

What are you using to wipe?

These are rags!

Gosh, you're so...

Move aside.

Embezzlement and breach of trust?

Manager Kim, that son of a b****.

What the hell is he going off about?

Did you identify his whereabouts?

They say he hasn't contacted home, and his phone is turned off.


I'm the one who had his back until now,

but he blows the whistle on me and goes into hiding?

This a**hole...

Find him and bring him to me immediately.

By any chance, is he...

getting back at me for splashing some water at him?

You introduce me to someone under audit from H?

This is also my first time hearing about that.

Then what exactly do you know?

Are you a spy planted by Eun Sun Woo?

Manager Kang, you've gone too far-

Did you just yell at me?

- I didn't mean to...
- Huh?

I asked if you just yelled at me!

Huh, you bastard? You dare?

Aigoo, good work everybody.

Something that should be here is missing.

[Eunkang Metaverse Platform Disability Factors and Solutions]
[Planning Team, Ahn Ji Hyun]

[Insomnia Treatment Health Center]

[Due dates for reports and presentations]

[Ahn Ji Hyun]
Ahn Ji Hyun?

[Eunkang Metaverse Platform Disability Factors and Solutions]
[Planning Team, Ahn Ji Hyun]

[Lee Yeon]

Assistant Kim! Assistant Kim!

Please carry on.

Is there something you're looking for?

Do you need any help?

When was the last time you saw Manager Kim?

I worked until late last night, but he wasn't at his desk.

Around what time?

- Well, you see-
- Chief...

went home at around 8:00 pm yesterday,

and I left around 9:30 pm.

The last I saw of Manager Kim was in the meeting room talking to someone.

Who was that?

It was me.

Manager Kim called me to the meeting room yesterday

and informed me about what we need for the demonstration.

And then I left around 10:00 pm.

Based on what they're saying,

the last confirmed sighting of Manager Kim was around 10:00 pm.

After all the employees left the office,

he posted the internal complaint and disappeared...

No, Manager Kim...

most definitely did not disappear.

[Eunkang Group]
Judging by the location of his phone,

memo pad, and phone charger,

and the coffee mug on his table,

Manager Kim is right-handed.

The coffee mug handle was facing the left.

That's right.

That means it was placed there by

someone left-handed who isn't Manager Kim.

Then that someone...

drugged the coffee and...


There was some weird powder residue on the mug.


Did you use your super-vision again?

You told me to look for anything weird!

That didn't mean you could carelessly use it.

Let me see. Are you okay?

It didn't overwhelm your body?

I didn't use it to that extent.

But if someone really drugged him and abducted him,

who in the world and why...

It's probably someone who's afraid that Manager Kim will open his mouth.

Someone who wants to keep their secret hidden.

- Then Manager Kang?
- It's not Kang Tae Joon,

seeing that he sent Assistant Kim.

Since Kang Tae Joon is also searching for Manager Kim.

Yang Jin Mo, did you find anything from Manager Kim's computer?

I dug through everything

from saved files to his internet history,

but there's nothing special.

See if there's anything related to Assistant Manager Ahn.


reports or documents with this style or pattern.


Most of the reports in Manager Kim's folder...

were written by Assistant Manager Ahn.

He just replaced the name when submitting them.

Gosh, that jerk.

Carry on.

I think that's more than enough motive...

Why do you think Manager Kim's...

fountain pen was in Lee Yeon's trash can?

It seemed like Lee Yeon suffered from insomnia.

[Insomnia Treatment Health Center]
She was holding an insomnia treatment leaflet.

Sleeping pills?

Maybe Lee Yeon, out of spite-

No, it's too early to say for certain.

Maybe Assistant Manager Ahn,

hated Manager Kim for constantly stealing credit for his work,

and wanted to punish him out of resentment.

Or what if the two of them conspired together?

Did you confirm the time Assistant Manager Ahn and Lee Yeon left work?

Assistant Manager Ahn left around 9:30 pm.

And Lee Yeon left around 10:00 pm.

The time that Manager Kim uploaded the post was an hour later at 11:00 pm...

Judging by the time, their alibis definitely check out...

This case...

has more to do with something else than just an internal complaint.

Something else, like what?

I need to check...

a few more things out.

Hey, I know it's a disguise, but...

you think you can continue going around like that?

Don't worry.

In this state, he's better suited for the restroom than he is for the Chairman's office.

All right, just clean.

- Clean our office.
- What?

Why? What, what?

Hey, you two there!


go clean the men's restroom first.

Some stinky son of a b**** left the restroom completely...

We'll make it squeaky clean if you just leave it to us.

What do you mean, restroom?

What are you doing?

We'll be right there after finishing here.


Are they doing CBR training in the restroom or something?

Hey, where do you think you're going?


What the?

Did war break out or something?

That stinky son of a b****!

Don't touch me.

I'm about to hurl.


Wow, it's cleaner than my bedroom at home.

It's fragrant.

Let's go eat.


I'm recovering from a trauma.

The poop of the guy who just pooped...

has been embedded deep inside my brain.

I have a strong stomach, but

I'm also having trouble recovering this time.

- Later...
- Later when?

You need to eat within 30 minutes and clean the demonstration hall.

Hurry up and follow me!

My stomach's starting to turn over, too.

How did it go?

There was nothing special.

And Chairman has also been informed.

If the chairman finds out about your misappropriation of funds...

I think it's best for you to inform Vice Chairman and ask for help...

Are you insane?

Don't ever tell Father about this.

I'll take care of Manager Kim's situation.

It's only a matter of time.

I said I'll take care of it!

Geez, that bastard!

I need to find Manager Kim

before Eun Sun Woo does.

Sun Woo! The secret camera we installed in Kang Tae Joon's room

is about to fall any moment now.

Hello? Sun Woo. Eun Sun Woo!

There's no other choice.

Enter player.

They're good.

- Is it good?
- Yeah.

Wait... this is...

the staff lounge?

Sit and have a bite.

The company cafeteria is delicious. Why don't you eat there?

Gosh, there you go again.

You think we're actually big company employees because we clean here?

Service employees like us can't use

the cafeteria.

Then can't you just go out and eat?

With what time? We need to eat and hurry back to work.

I think you should suggest a proposal at this point.

You think they'll listen to someone like us?

They don't even listen to their own employees.

There's no way that's true.

How else do you think

someone good at corporate politics gets promoted,

and someone else gets harassed because they can't kiss their superiors' a**.

Sexual harassment even occurs within the company!

I saw multiple employees crying

in the restroom.

A-And that menace on the twelfth floor who disappeared.

That menace was the worst of the worst!

- That's right.
- Aigoo.


is Mr. Bang all right?

Yes, yes.

I warned him multiple times not to do favors for the employees.

He got hurt in the end.

He hurt his back, helping move the items to be used for the demonstration.

Whoa, gosh.

Hold on, my back hurts.

Judging from earlier,

you're pretty quick and efficient.

Do you have a boyfriend?


My nephew just got a job.

Do you want to meet him?

You don't know just how diligent and wise he is.

You two would be perfect for each other.

Why, thank you.

You all seem to be about done eating.

Aren't you going back to work?


I'm here to deliver a cake to the marketing team.

Okay, I'll connect you.

Who from the marketing team?


the client who ordered the cake was adamant that I make it a surprise,

I need to deliver it in person.

That's going to be difficult.

You know Bang Bang Bakery, right?

You're our regular customer.

You remember that?

Of course. I know you like our salt bread.

I'll leave my ID with you

and be right back. Please?

Then you need to come right back down after delivering the cake.

Of course! What else is there for me to do?

Thank you!

I'm from the Support Team.

Manager Kang requested a computer repair.

I didn't hear about that.

Is that so?

He told me he'd like it repaired as soon as possible.

Then I'll try contacting him.

You're going to contact him?

You know Manager Kang's temper, right?

Of course.

Then please hurry and repair it.

I understand.

Where's Manager Kang?

Manager Kang isn't in right now.

And did Manager Kang happen to request a computer-

Hello, I'm here to deliver a cake from Bang Bang Bakery.

A cake?

I never ordered one.

Did Manager Kang Tae Joon by any chance...

Oh, my. Isn't this Manager Choi Tae Han's office?

This is Manager Kang Tae Joon's office.

I must've been confused.

Oh, no! What should I do?

Oh, no! I'm so sorry!

- It's all right. It's all right.
- Did it get on you? Are you okay?

What should I do?

Oh, you're a regular customer of ours.

- You know Bang Bang, right?
- Yes.

How come you don't visit these days?

I'm a little busy with work.

You buy an iced americano and red bean bread every time you come.

That's right.

You're amazed by how I remember your order, aren't you?

Actually, my oppa really loves red bean bread,

so you reminded me of my oppa every time you bought one.

I see.

Then I'll treat you to an

- iced americano next time.
- All right.

I'll get going.

Hold on.

You forgot your cake.

Oh, my. What am I thinking?

Thank you.

How are you here?

Well, I came to deliver a cake and arrived in the lobby,

but I saw Attorney Yang passing by!

From experience, I knew I needed to step in.

You did recognize the situation right away.

I can even recognize customers who've visited the shop only once.


Oh, so I'm also just

a customer who spent a night with you.

Gosh, not just any customer...

but a bit special...

What's... special?

Do I necessarily have to say it aloud?

When you already know...

What do I know?



if you're to disguise yourself,

shouldn't you at least try as hard as Investigator Eun?

I don't know about Sun Woo,

but no one recognizes me.


Isn't this Investigator Eun's picture?

Who? What? Which aspect?

This here?

He looks pretty common.

I do think I saw him in that Taiwanese magazine.


What now?

You said you're going somewhere.

What about the cake?

Oh, my! I need to deliver this!

Th-Then I'll see you later.

Aigoo, moron*.
(Also sounds like "life-size cutout" in Korean)

How can you place your cutout here?

I'll look around here,

so you go look into Lee Yeon.



Hey, hey. Click this one.


What the?

It's the cleaning crew this time?

I caught you red-handed.

They still can't reach Manager Kim?

How ballsy after he caused trouble.

Everyone's keeping quiet,

but he created a ledger and stabbed

Kang Ddo in the back.

You didn't hear anything?

You're from the same department.


But I'm honestly so happy I don't need to see him anymore.

How he makes people feel bad with a single pen?


He wasn't like that in your team?

Once a dog, always a dog.

He was also infamous for having naughty hands.

You had one on your team, too, right?

That one employee he settles on

to harass like his own little rag doll.

You're the one making my emotions boil!

Don't cry just because you got

a little scolding from your boss.

You need to get it together.

I've seen it plenty of times myself.

The person who Manager Kim settled on to harass...

was Lee Yeon.

Come to the demonstration hall.

All right.

Where's the girl who was here just now?


The cleaning crew, the cleaning crew!

- I didn't see her.
- The cleaning crew?




Manager Kim harassed and ostracized her,

which is why she even took medication.

That's why she snapped Manager Kim's fountain pen.

Then the two really could have been conspiring.

After both of them left work,

there's no one who even entered the office.

What if the time that Manager Kim disappeared

wasn't after the post was submitted to the forum?

Where the hell did she go?

I think Kang Tae Joon is looking for you.

Hurry and hide!

Hey, stop right there.

Stop right there!


Then what should I do now?

Go to the women's restroom.

Hey. Hey!


You thought I wouldn't know if you disguised yourself, huh?


You're that b**** from the club, aren't you?

What are you trying to achieve by doing this, huh?

Is he okay?

You think he won't be, huh?


I miscalculated my strength.

My soft heart is the problem.

I hit him too softly.

[Under Repair]
[Do Not Use]

How cute.


[Under Repair]
[Do Not Use]

Oh, Mr. Bang's replacement?

Yeah, yeah.

I couldn't send him because he had to finish another job.


I heard you're swamped. It's tough, huh?

Well, it always is. I'll call you back.

Then who are those two people?

You two.

Hold it right there.

What's the name of your company again?

What was it?


I... think it was...

Oh, those two...

are the special cleaning crew hired by the secretary's office.

Who are you?

Oh, I'm...

Chairman's Director of Secretary, Hong Man Soo.

Oh, hello.

So they're the special cleaning crew hired by the secretary's office?

Yes, we had an urgent situation.

For god's sake,

you should've given me a heads up.

It's like you're neglecting my position.

There tend to be many unpredictable situations, so...

I'm sorry.

I hope work management can be nice and neat from now on.

- Take care.
- Yes.

I mean, is it Halloween day right now?

I took care of you so you wouldn't touch a single drop of water,

but what exactly are you doing right now?

I know what you're trying to say,

but there's a good explanation for my situation-

Of course, there is.

But isn't this too- What is this?

It smells.

Do you know if the audit team or the ethics team

have any open investigations on Manager Kim?

I think it was about two months ago...

There was a request for investigation for cases of slander.

Relating to Manager Kim?

No, the one who requested the investigation was Manager Kim.

Manager Kim against who?

Manager Chung Yi Seon.

If it's Manager Chung Yi Seon...

I recall him to be quite a diligent employee.

Wasn't he on the same team as Manager Kim?

I haven't seen him around recently, so I thought he had resigned.

Yes, that's right.

By any chance,

- are you investigating that internal complaint-
- Director Hong?

You heard what the cleaning team leader just said, right?

Heard what...

Oh, N&N!

- Nice and neat.
- Yes.

So I want you to go and raze

the current cleaning crew lounge that's worse than a dungeon,

and prepare them a new one.

Right now.

Yes, understood.

Wait, so Chairman, are you investigating the internal-

And the... Stairs of Hell from earlier.

Oh, and I heard there's a higher-up that won't allow the cleaning crew

to use the elevator.

Do you know who that might be?

To my knowledge...

Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon made that proposal when he was appointed.

He must've been busy at work.

Up to all kinds of no good.

I'm sorry?

Oh, nothing.

- Director Hong?
- Yes.

Please put this away.

- Understood.
- Let's go.

But wait!

I didn't hear...

What did he say?

I'm the Director of Secretary, but why does...

he bring around Don Se Ra?

I replayed it multiple times,

but there's no sight of an abductor, let alone Manager Kim's shadow.

It's not like he used magic.

Where could he have gone?

It is like a magical situation...

this situation.

He has grabbed the attention of the audience,

so is all that's left...

for me to reveal the trick?

You figured out where Manager Kim is?

So who's the culprit?

Magic is only fun when there's an audience.

Let's go... to catch Manager Kim.

[To the World, Eunkang]

[Eunkang Group Metaverse Platform Development Briefing Session]

I'm Eunkang Group's Chairman, Eun Sun Woo.

Thank you to all of those who are working

since early morning.

However, the demonstration scheduled for today

will be postponed due to internal circumstances.

Please stop what you're doing,

and as I'm about to proceed with a different meeting,

I'd be thankful if you could all leave the room.

I'm sorry.

We ask for your understanding.


we talk for a moment?

The Chairman is looking for you...

Manager Chung Yi Seon.

Manager Chung Yi Seon.

You've been forced to resign due to

Manager Kim framing you, right?

Our company...

operates thanks to you, our employees...

but the higher-ups take all the credit...

How bitter.

And the higher-ups don't even try to acknowledge it.

I tried not to let Eunkang become like that.

I'm sorry,

Manager Chung Yi Seon.

But I don't think...

you'd try to ruin Manager Kim just because of this.

Well, that...

- Chairman-
- Manager Kim,

who drank the sleeping-pill-infused-coffee that Assistant Manager Jung gave him

is probably still...

deep sleeping somewhere, right?

I'll gladly accept all responsibility for this matter.

You probably couldn't move Manager Kim on your own, so...

you tricked Mr. Bang into thinking it was a monitor

and moved it to the demonstration hall.

Please move this to the demonstration hall.

- I'll return the cleaning cart.
- All right.

You left the big box to Mr. Bang and

you told him you'd return the cleaning cart,

and hid inside until you could post the internal complaint, right?

When in fact the monitor was moved to demonstration hall today.


Everything you two are saying is true.

I had to expose him, at least on my own.

It was becasue I was desparate.

There's something you still don't know.

Assistant Manager Ahn Ji Yeon and Lee Yeon...

Those two are...

They have nothing to do with what's going on.

They play a part.

Those two knew what you were planning.

There's no way...

[Internal complaint:...will be punished!]

[Chung Yi Seon]

That's probably not true.

I could do nothing for those two...

Even so...

all the fault lies with me.

Please don't make them pay for this incident, Chairman.

I'm not saying I'll make them pay.

I'm saying I won't avoid

the responsibility of the company.

I know

this situation isn't a simple happening.

Please help me reveal this,

so we can take appropriate measures

to make sure this never happens again.

The embezzlement and slush funds Kang Tae Joon committed,

are in Manager Kim's possession.

F***ing Kang Ddo!

Should I just expose that information?

So you submitted that post pretending to be Manager Kim,

turning Kang Tae Joon and Manager Kim against each other,

and you tried to make Manager Kim have no choice but to reveal that evidence

once he was driven into a corner?

So you subdued Manager Kim with sleeping pills,

and the reason you submitted that post at 11:00 pm

was to exclude the two who were working late

from the suspect list, right?

Yes, that's right.

Assistant Manager Ahn and Lee Yeon...

they're all victims.

Manager Kim was wicked to his team members, too.

[Planned by: Ahn Ji Hyun]

[Planned by: Kim Hong Soo]
He just replaced Manager Ahn's name and presented her data as his own,

You call this a report?

and he would always make sexual remarks towards Lee Yeon.

But I...

couldn't protect them like a coward.

I didn't have the courage.

What an evil a**-

I'm getting more pissed off the more I think about it.

The content that's been found on the company's intranet

were found to be quite true and specific information...

Do you think you can reveal every single detail

of the internal complaint you planned to make?

The audit team will first investigate

damage caused by Manager Kim.


we'll clearly investigate whether there are

additional victims related to Manager Kim.

And to the both of you...

I'd like to apologize...

on the company's behalf.

I request of you all to testify.

And as for the presentation

that's been postponed, I look forward to one

personally prepared by the three of you.


meet with a smile then.


thank you!

- Thank you!
- Thank you.

Manager Chung,

shall we go look for Manager Kim, who's

sleeping soundly somewhere?

I feel so refreshed.



W-What am I...

Have you come to?

You'll need to... get your wits together from now on.

I heard that you have the data on

Kang Tae Joon's embezzlement.

Where is it?

N-No, I don't!


something Manager Kang and I...

are being framed for!

There's no use denying it now.

While you were sleeping,

I discovered a lot of things.


Manager Chung?

W-What's this?

What the-

S***, Eun Sun Woo, that a**hole!




What the? I can't see anything.


You're dead meat!


D*** it! What the hell did he put on me?

W-What the?

Oh, my f***!

I think Chairman Eun...

found Manager Kim.


If you take action now, you'll only be confirming the content of that post.

More importantly...

I think it would be best for you to observe the situation and come up with a plan.

Do you admit to everything that's been submitted here?

I've been abducted...

by those women and just got free!

I'm the victim!

Why did they abduct and confine you?

Well, that's because I-


those people are conspiring

to set me up.

- You're saying this is all a setup?
- Yes, of course.

It says you threatened to fire them

and it would cost them if they reported you to the audit team,

while insulting Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon.

- Is this not the truth either?
- Hey,

please connect me to Chief Manager Kang Tae Joon.

I'll prove this is all a misunder-

Manager Kim Hong Joo?


We're from Yongnam Police Station.

Oh, you're from the police station!

I was just about to make a report.

The women that abducted me-

There's been a lawsuit filed against you.

What are you-


Assistant Kim!

Assistant Kim...

Where's Manager Kang?

What's going to happen to me now?

What does Manager Kang Tae Joon have to do with your case?

Are you...

trying to cut me off after all this time?

That probably depends on what you do from now on.

Did you hand over all of the data to Chairman Eun?

H-How did...

I think you just proved yourself to be useless.

From now on, you'd better just say what's necessary.

We must go now.

Manager Kang!

You have a knack for driving a person crazy.

What the hell are you doing going around with Eun Sun Woo?

Kang Tae Joon!

Your time in the restroom was too short to do any reflecting, huh?

You pretend to be noble,

but you do everything others do.

So did you discover anything?

You were pretty sloppy.

I rattle you just a bit,

and things just rain down from you.

Kang Tae Joon, you never fail to disappoint me.

You went above...

my expectations this time, too.

I think you have a lot of time.

How about it?

You want me to unravel everything here?

About what Secretary Don and I

have discovered?

I just heard something amusing from Manager Kim.

Stop trying to link me to Manager Kim.

Oh, really?


you're linked to countless other things besides Manager Kim.

Where should I start?

How you almost humiliated yourself trying to steal competitors'

manpower and skills?


how you embezzled the company's money to build a slush fund?

Or your drug use?

Or maybe...

how you tried to kill Oh Ah Ra.

What are you rambling on about?

You recognize this necklace, right?

I don't think you're the one who did it.

Since you're not even close to being able to.

What the hell is that, that you're doing this to me?

My mother's necklace.

I'm asking why you have the necklace

that disappeared when my mother died!

Wait, that's your mother's necklace?

But why are you asking me that?

Since it was kept at your villa.

My villa?

How would you know that it was there?


You dug through my villa, too, you f***ing thief?

Are you playing word games with me?


I was considerate enough to give you a chance to answer,

but you'd rather react this way?


What chance did you ever give me?

The moment you entered Eunkang,

you stole Eunkang

from my father and me.

I think...

Chairman Eun Sun Woo has found out about Manager Kang's embezzlement.


How did he manage to-

Where is he?

He's trying to fix things-

Drag him home before he causes more trouble!


Manager Kim Hong Soo has been taken by the police.

And the audit team started an internal investigation

to make sure there aren't any other victims.


You've done a great job today, Director Hong.


I know you and Secretary Don did that today

because of Manager Kim, but since when

were you like that with Secretary Don?

I'm quite exhausted today,

so let's discuss that next time.

Okay, but you know-

Please prepare an official apology

for the group's willingness to admit the damage

to the employees and come up with measures

to prevent a recurrence.

- And the request I made of you-
- Will be ready soon.

Did he just cut me off and leave?


Please come in.


What is all this?

The chairman instructed we create a beautiful and clean rest area

for the employees in charge of

beautifying the company.

What in the world?

- Can we go in?
- Can we touch it?


Oh, my! Look at this!

It has everything!

Oh, my! It's a massage chair!

Come here!

Aigoo! Look at that!

Oh, my!

Right and...


It's the monthly company cafeteria menu.

Monthly company cafeteria menu?

What's this for?

Starting today, you'll have free access

to the company's cafeteria for all three meals.

Oh, my! For free?

Our cafeteria has five stars.

Five stars!

What's going on?

My long life is fruitful!

- Now, then.
- I can have four meals, right?

- What in the world?
- Whoa...

- The Chairman must've...
- Oh,

by the way, you can start using the elevator today.

The higher-ups told me...

to tell you they're sorry for everything until now.

Don't mind it. Thank you.

How did they know that my knee's the most


Did you find out... the reason why Manager Kang had

that necklace?

I found out who my enemy is.

You can go home for the day.

Let's have a company dinner since I accomplished my first mission

as your official assistant.

Company dinner?

- Just us two?
- Yes.

They threw an intense welcoming party for when I was an intern.

Isn't there something like that at our detective's office?

After that intern dinner, I...

started to hate company dinners.

Company dinner?

There are none.

Then an impromptu dinner between coworkers.

Let's make it an impromptu dinner. Let's go.

I have a special remedy of mine for times like this.

Let's go.

Wait, no...

Let's go. Come along when I'm asking nicely.

It's delicious, right?

It feels like you're rewarded, right?

I eat this when I'm having a tough time.

Then my mood gets a lot better,

making me thank God that I'm alive.

Were there many days when you needed this pork belly?

Well, I can't say that I never had.

I had some questions that would pop up from time to time,

but are hard to answer, you know?

What questions?

"What kind of people were my parents?"

"Who are the people coming out in my nightmares?"

"What had happened in my childhood, which I

don't remember at all?" Those things.

It's probably hard for you to deduce

things like this even for you, right?

You must have the wrong idea,

but I'm not a fortune teller.


do you not know anything

about you parents?


What's your nightmare?

After I had a blackout before,

something keeps coming to mind,

but I can't tell if it's a dream

or lost memory.

Boss, another bottle of soju, please.


Don't pass out today.

All right, all right.

It's fine. I like to pour it myself.


This meal was supposed to be for you,

but I blabbered too much about myself.

No more questions starting now.

I want to hear your story.

Let's see...

someone with good looks

and wealth and has everything like you

probably never had a nightmare before, right?

Don Se Ra.


more you have...

the more you lose.

Life's like that.

After Mom's case,

every single day was a nightmare.

But I ground my teeth,

and hung in there.

"The living must live on."

So I managed to live on...


Don Se Ra,

you should eat the pork belly you like,

and what was it? Eat tteokbokki*
(Spicy rice cakes)

to get through it all.

You even remember that I like tteokbokki?

Wow, Chairman Eun, how incredible.

That's a compliment, right?

Of course, it's a compliment!

You compliment me every time,

but I always feel... insulted.

The meat's burning. It's burning.

Please flip this one.

Let's raise our glasses.


How did he know about my relationship with Oh Ah Ra,

and what's with the necklace?

Eun Sun Woo even looked into my background

to bring me down?

You must've taken me lightly,

but you thought wrong.

Stay outside.

I have something to discuss with just Father.

Eun Sun Woo kept talking about his mom's necklace...

Do you know about it?


Yeah, he said it was at our villa.

By any chance,

are you the one who held on to it?

I'm done with my duty in the company, right?


Starting tomorrow,

you can go straight to the secret base.


I guess it's time to return to my original job now.

Then what about you?

Chairman Eun within the company,

and Investigator Eun outside...

I'll need to find evidence against my enemy, right?

Who on earth is that enemy?

Well, I'm also an employee...

If I know the enemy and myself, it's one shot, one kill.

Sayings like that exist.


You don't need to say anything if you want to.

- Go inside.
- Huh?

I'm going.

All right.




Why is he rushing?

He's the one who said he'll take me home.

That's weird.

I think they've been following us since before.

Am I wrong?

What the? Where did he go?

Find him!

S***, where did this bastard go?

This son of a b****.

Who are you people?

Who sent you?


♫ My savior, please save me with your love ♫

♫ So no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ Please save me, whoa, whoa, my savior ♫

♫ So no one can shake my heart ♫

♫ My savior ♫

[Good Job]

A-Abducted? Sun Woo was?

How dare you drag President Byeon into this?

Until I catch those bastards and make them pay,

I'm not going to die.


Sun Woo... is dead?

Chairman Eun Sun Woo has gone missing.

We can't leave Eunkang Group's executive seat vacant forever.

I have something to say to Vice Chairman.

We must find Chairman Eun.

Se Ra most definitely went to the scene.

What if she gets caught by those people?

♫ My savior ♫