Good Job (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

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[Good Job]

[Jung Il Woo]

[Kwon Yu Ri]

[Song Sang Eun / Eum Mun Suk]

[Good Job]

[Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents in this drama are used in a fictitious manner.]

Kang Ddo...

Eun Ddo, double Ddo...

I'm exhausted.

Na Hee!

Our Na Hee.

Why is your face so flattened?

Hold on.

Looking at you this way,

you look a lot like the person I know.

He's really rude,

and speaks bluntly and does whatever he wants,

that Chairman Eun!

No... Eun Ddo!

Now that I think about it,

I'm dealing with two crazy people.

Eun Ddo...

Kang Ddo...

Double Ddo...

Eun Ddo.

Double Ddo?


talk tomorrow. Tomorrow.

Eun Ddo?

Am I dreaming?

I keep hearing Eun Ddo's voice somewhere...

Is he here to catch me?

Na Hee!

Tell him I'm not here!

I'm scared!


Sleep tight, okay? Tight!

Eun Ddo will head home now.

Se Ra!

Who's that?

Se Ra!

Se Ra!

Are you inside?

Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going-

Hey, wait!

Don Se Ra!

Is she asleep?

[Director Hong]
Se Ra!

Is everything all right?


Hey, Don Se Ra!

Why did you drink so much - What is all this?

I was scared because I thought something had happened to you!

Are you sleeping?

Then sleep tight.

I'm going.

Aigoo, Don Se Ra.

Don Se Ra!

[Episode 6]
Have some food.

Don Se Ra!


Have some food! Sober up! Sober up!

What's with the mess you made?

I thought we'd been robbed last night.

How much did you have to drink?

I don't even want to remember.

Good job, good job.

Wait, then you probably aren't even aware Kwang Ki oppa was here last night.

Oppa was here?


Apparently, Oppa dropped by while you were passed out drunk.

He left a note on the door.

[Drink in moderation! Eat some hangover food and call me!]


I'm going to get another earful.

How did you get home?

How did I come home?

That's not good. Not good!

Hey, hey, hey!

So cozy.

Na Hee!

Wait, then last night...

I'm doomed.

I gave it some thought all night...

I think I should ban all company get-togethers.

Hey, stop talking nonsense. What do you mean, ban get-togethers?

Don't even say that as a joke.

You'll be in big trouble.

Get-togethers are the gems of companies.

Well, there wasn't much to it, and it was just boring as hell.

That's because the Chairman was there and made it awkward.

After an exhausting day at work, the employees

can talk and make eye contact, and...

comfort each other, and their bodies will naturally-

Hey, what are you going around doing these days?

It's a bit suspicious.

What is? W-What aspect?

I forgot to do that before coming.

Is he really a lawyer or what?


I was truly shocked at yesterday's get-together.

Because you appeared out of the blue.

Let's say it was... a surprise of sorts.

Sure... but for a surprise,

you called out to me in quite a friendly manner.

I guess you're not aware,

but I always call out to you...

in a friendly manner.

Oh, I see.


you must be honest with me about everything.

That's how I can properly assist you.

I'll make sure to call you if I need you.

- Uhm, Chairman-
- You may...

leave now.

We must directly investigate Kang Tae Joon.

Get ready to duplicate his phone.

He never puts his phone down, so how can we do that?

If I were to tell you how to do it, I would've just done it myself.

And Don Se Ra,

did you relieve your hangover?

Yesterday, do you remember what you did-

Of course, I know what to do. It's already drawn out in my head.

Please leave it up to me.

How could I let our busy Chairman concern himself over trivial matters?

I'll give it my all.


You have to give it to Don Se Ra for being entertaining.

You little devil, you...


That's right.

Do you have a strong mentality, or do you just not give up? You came to work.

Hey, sorry. Yeah.

When and how am I supposed to duplicate that?

I think Manager Kang siphoned off some funds.

Is this true?

Why didn't you report this to me while it happened?

I'm sorry.

Postpone today's entire morning schedule to tomorrow,

and leave my afternoon schedule free.

Are you going somewhere?

Tell Manager Kim to come in.

- Right now.
- Yes, understood.

- Manager Kang...
- Yes, he's inside.

Don't let anyone else inside.

Why are you doing this?

Useless bastard.

What the hell are you going around doing?

What did I do?

You think I don't know?

Stay put as if you're dead, and don't act up!

If I stay put...

will Eun Sun Woo, that bastard, hand over the company to you?

I need to do whatever it takes. Whatever it takes!


Is that why you did that?

What did I do? What exactly did I do wrong?

Father, if you just support me this once,

I can make Eun Sun Woo, that bastard...

Don't do anything.

If I'm not to do anything... why am I even here?

Clubs... women...

Don't cause trouble and keep your mouth shut and stay put.

Got it?

Assistant Kim did that bastard rat on me?

You believe everything that bastard says?

I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but Manager Kang must leave now.

but Manager Kang must leave now.

Are you the new secretary?

Yes, I'm Don Se Ra, the secretary intern.

What do you think is the most important virtue of a secretary?

- It's to efficiently assist-
- It's watching their mouths.

In regards to everything about their superior.

Words can either ruin you or make you prosper.

Do you understand?p

What f***ing schedule are you talking about?

Well, Manager Kim will be here soon and

I thought it might put you in an awkward situation if he witnessed what went on.

Am I pitiful to you?

I said, do I look pitiful to you?

Am I pitiful?

You dare to pity me?

I'm sorry.

I could hear you two all the way from my office,

so without thinking, I...

Who are you to interfere so arrogantly, huh?

I'm sorry.

Get out.

He's inside, right?


He must be mad.

Proceed with what I told you previously.

But that's a bit too risky, so...

So, are you saying you can't?

Did you forget who put you in that position?

Make that appointment no matter what.


Manager Kim...

I'm not the only one going down if this doesn't work out.

If you continue to be like this...

don't you think there's a limit to how much I can block for you?

Wait, what is he blocking for him?

What is Kang Tae Joon scheming with Manager Kim?

Cancel all afternoon schedules.

You have a meeting with the Director in the afternoon.

Just cancel it.

I'm sorry?

Get off.

Get off!


Gosh, has Don Se Ra gone crazy?

It'll be complicated if Chairman is here.


- Here-
- What the hell?

You're lips are bleeding...

Vice Chairman said confidentiality is the most important duty of a secretary.

Furthermore, I can't just stand back and let my boss leave in this state.

Is your foot okay?

My foot's okay, but my mood is definitely not okay.

Manager Kang's secretary couldn't possibly have stepped on my foot intentionally.


Secretary Don.

Yes, Manager Kang.

- Let's leave together.
- Pardon?

Make sure to join me on my external agendas from now on, too.

Wait, Don Se-

Who does she think she's following right now?

Kim Jae Ha.

Are you coming along, so you can rat me out to Father again?

I don't need you, so get lost.

Get in.

You're going with me?

Of course, I am!

It looks like Kang Tae Joon is going to cause trouble.

It's not because you're worried about Se Ra?

Hey, focus, will you? You plan to lose them?

- Hurry and go!
- Yeah, yeah, I'm going.

Gosh, let's change the car. You know how many great cars are out there?

So annoying, gosh.

Why are you glaring vehemently at your shoes?

Don Se Ra... there were other methods you could've used.

You could've just pushed me, but you stepped on me?

On my feet in front of Kang Tae Joon, no less?

Se Ra stepped on your foot in front of Kang Tae Joon?

It's part of the operation, don't get so giddy.

I mean, you hate being stepped on more than anything in the world...

I'm just so bummed

I couldn't witness your face the moment your foot got stepped on.

Yang Jin Mo, can you shut your mouth and hurry in to set things up?

Don Se Ra, just you wait.

Thanks to you, I feel like

several years' worth of stress has been flushed away.

I'm sorry?

Eat up.

I'm not that hungry-

You're really good at telling lies when you'll be found out right away.

I'm sorry.

Then I'll enjoy the food.


Oh, no! What should we do?

- Gosh...
- I'm sorry!

Hey, wait.

I have a shirt in the car, so bring it to me.


I'm sorry.

- What happened?
- What do you think?

What can't be solved with money?

You stay inside.

We're n-not eating?

Hey! What if we get caught?

We're just eating! Why must you-

You think Kang Tae Joon is here to simply enjoy a meal?


Make sure to duplicate his phone this time.

Right now?

If we get caught...

So you should do your best not to get caught, right?

If you don't want to get stepped on.

That little petty and grudgeful-

I can hear you!

Grumbly little...

What the hell?

Your lips are bleeding...

Okay! Connection complete.


Okay. All right, calmy. Calmy.

You need to place the backing directly on top, okay?

Man, where was it? She's oddly familiar...

Where did I see her?

Okay, Don Se Ra, Kang Tae Joon is entering the restroom.

It's going up 20%.

Okay, hurry, hurry, hurry. 30%.

It's going, it's going... Okay, 50%!

Don Se Ra! Kang Tae Joon just came out of the restroom.

Hurry up, hurry up!

Come on, come on! Hurry, hurry, hurry. There's no time! There's no time!

Hurry! Okay, 70%!


I've prepared your shirt.

Leave it to the side.

What happened?

I see this shirt is a high-end brand that suits your standards.

And the fit is perfect, too.

What are you saying? Just leave it to the side.

Job complete.

It's done!

But you know... haven't we...

seen each other before?

What is he saying?

I'm not sure.

Where could I have possibly seen you?

I do have a familiar face.

I hear that a lot,

but because I'm good-natured...

All right. Eat.


Wow. Wow, Se Ra is so quick-witted.

- Hurry and search.
- Okay.

The Blue Dragon Room at 1:00 pm. - Sunday.

- Blue Dragon Room?

It's the name of one of the rooms in this restaurant.

- Look into that phone number.

- Okay!

It's a burner phone.

What is Kang Tae Joon doing on Sunday?

It's not Sunday... Sunday...

is a person. Look for people who work in this industry,

with IDs, account names, project names, nicknames, etc...

with the name Sunday.


Why don't we get up now?

Huh? I'm not done eating yet, though.

You've eaten a lot. Stop eating now.

What about you?

Head back first. I have other business to attend to.


Found one! Hwang Chi Seon.

Hwang Chi Seon!

The most successful developer in this industry...

Hwang Chi Seon.

"Genius Developer Hwang Chi Seon?"

You think he's trying to steal the secrets of the competitor's development?

There's nothing he knows how to do,

and he probably got anxious since Vice Chairman Kang kept pressuring him.

What in the world is Kang Tae Joon scheming?

- What do we do?
- What do you think?

We need to use this chance to shake some sense into him.

Se Ra, nice! You did so well! So well!

Did you find out what Manager Kang is plotting?

We figured everything out, thanks to you.

Thank god.

What a relief. I was about to die from anxiety earlier!

What's the next plan?

It's all in here. There's no time to waste. Get ready.

[Jwi Sun]

[Blue Dragon Room]

Welcome. Do you have a reservation?

The Blue Dragon Room at 1:00 pm.

Please head up.

I'm Wang Jin Park from...

H Group's special inspection team.

You know Hwang Chi Seon, our development team leader... very well, right?

Unfortunately, team leader Hwang Chi Seon

was caught in contact with the Chinese side

and we're in the middle of investigating.

In the process, I also learned about...

Director Kang's situation.


Eunkang Group finds out about this...

I think it'll be a headache for both our companies...

What do you think?

Where's Manager Kang?

I'm from... the inspection team of Eunkang Group.

I won't beat around the bush since we're both busy.

The inspection team at Eunkang Group

is currently conducting an internal investigation into Kang Tae Joon.

In- Internal investigation?

It seems like you two are... planning to do something.

If you end things here, we won't pursue this issue either.

Mr. Sunday.

I wasn't... too happy about this meeting either.

Let's pretend this never happened.


Hold on!

I hope there won't be any more contact between you and Kang Tae Joon after today.

You should not let anyone know about this meeting,

including Manager Kang Tae Joon.

Yes, of course.

If you could just make sure this stays a secret from my company...

As long as you keep your promise, that won't be an issue.

Because if this gets exposed to external sources,

it'll be quite a substantial blow to both company's reputations.

Yes, I understand very well.

Assistant Don, you did quite well today.

Is this the best you can do?

Find a different route immediately.

If you mess this up,

keep in mind you won't be unscathed.

Manager Kang.

Do my words mean nothing to you?

I told you not to come.

- This is my job.
- You son of a b****!

I'll escort you.

F*** off!


You said you'd buy me a meal to deal with that

problematic customer last time...

Why are we here?

Oh, because I wanted to take you somewhere nice.

There's a fantastic restaurant down this alley.

Na Hee...

I guess you have a pretty specific taste...

What about you?

I'm fine with whatever you like.

I'm also...

the type to pursue new experiences.

Stimulating things.

It's going to be delicious.

We're here.

[Keun Son Jokbal*]
(Braised pig's trotters.)


Yes, come in.

Chairman, the car's ready for you. Let's go.


Vice Chairman said there's an important meeting today,

and he'd like you to join them for dinner.

All of a sudden?


The other party strongly requested to meet today.

The other party?

Then I guess it's not an important meeting to me.

Please tell them I'd like to cancel.


For my sake...

For the sake of Vice Chairman's reputation...

This is the first and last favor I ask of you.

Don't leave Vice Chairman in a difficult situation

and just go with him.

I'll personally escort you today.

Let's go.

Yes, over here.

Hello, I'm Eun Sun Woo.

I came because I heard there's an important meeting, Vice Chairman.

Of course. It's a very important meeting.

What's more important than meeting your life partner?

I'm already aware you two have met before.

- Director Hong.
- Yes.

Let's allow these young people to converse in peace and take our leave.

Sure. Chairman?

I hope you enjoy a happy and long meeting-

Thank you, Vice Chairman.

I'll send Father your regards.

Get home safely.

Have a seat.

It's a greater pleasure to see you again.

We did agree to meet officially,

but I didn't know we'd meet this soon.

Nice to meet you. I'm Jang Yoo Min.

I guess so.

I said let's meet when we get the chance,

but I didn't realize one would be arranged...

this quickly...

to my dismay.

Everyone has high expectations about our M&A.


It's the perfect term to describe this meal.

Unfortunately, I have no desire to live up to those expectations,

nor am I incompetent enough to do business with my life.

As expected...

I have a good eye.

Chairman Eun...

I mean, Eun Sun Woo, I think this aspect of you is really attractive.

You're pleased by whatever I say...

I don't know what to do with myself.

I must be blinded by love.

[Big Hand Jokbal]

Operation: Ruin Blind Date, urgent commencement!

Same day recruitment, not possible.

I thought you said you're good with spicy foods...

Maybe we should've ordered the mild spice.

No. I'm totally fine.

I'm not sure if it's because the ceiling is overall low, but it's hot.

[Kwang Ki oppa]

Yes, Orabeoni!


I'm eating.

Right now?

It's okay. I'm almost done.

Oh, okay. I'll be right there!

Where are you going?

You're supposed to eat dinner with me tonight.

We're almost done, though.

No, I haven't even started.

By any chance, is it Detective Han?


Orabeoni suddenly asked to meet me for once.

- Shall we get up?
-Today, I...

prepared a...

special gift for you-

A special gift?

Don't come! I think Oppa saw us near Cafe Teen Tonic.

What is it? My special gift?

Aren't you leaving?

Oh, take your time.

I have time to accept a gift.


I think Kawng Ki oppa saw us at Teen Tonic.

Se Ra told me not to come

because he's interrogating her.

Then right now, Se Ra...

is basically being interrogated by Detective Han?

Attorney Yang!


Where are you going?

I said I'll buy you something good and your choice is tteokbokki?


Yes. Oppa, even if I become filthy rich,

my love for tteokbokki will never stop.

Sure, eat your fill.

I'll take responsibility for all the tteokbokki for the rest of your life, so eat up.

That's a promise.

[Attorney Yang Jin Mo]

Oppa, give me a sec.


I can't. No, I won't.

Please help me.

I have no one to ask this favor besides you.

I mean, it's not like it's the Joseon Era.

Does an arranged marriage for Eun Sun Woo make sense?

And while we're on the topic,

when Sun Woo rescued Soo Ah last time,

he spent... How much was it again?

If you add it all together...


And on the night of the get-together, Sun Woo's back was practically broken because of a certain someone.

Please help...


Hey, dig in.

Oppa, what should I do?

I got an urgent call from work, and I think I need to go right now.


Our job entails that we need to go whenever and wherever the boss tells us to.

I mean, it's not like you're catching criminals.

What's so urgent that requires you to go back to work after hours?

A secretary's first requirement is to be tight-lipped.

Oh, and Dong Hee said she hadn't eaten yet, so I called her here.

Since you don't like to eat alone.

- What?
- Eat together.

Oppa, I'm really, really sorry.

- Enjoy the meal!
- Hey!

Eun Sun Woo, Plan B will definitely not disappoint you this time.

What about disappointment?

Oh, about the gift you mentioned earlier?

What is it? When are you giving it to me?

You just took a stab, didn't you?

- What the? I'm going to leave!
- Hey, wait. Hey...

Are you really just going to eat and leave?

I just came to eat.

Did you have other plans in mind?


Other plans... What other plans?

How about...

we play a game, and the loser needs to grant the winner a wish?

No changing your mind.

I'm a lawyer in the Republic of Korea.

Follow me!

It's dark, though. Which game do you have in mind?


At least give me a hint.

Wow! Perfect!

Your form is good, but your-

I guess I'm the one who gave you a gift today.

Go ahead and tell me your wish.

Follow me.

Where are you?

Why the hell is he texting me? So annoying.

Say that one more time.

- Who's doing what?
- You didn't know?

At this restaurant,

Eun Sun Woo and Seho Group's daughter are having a blind date today.

I thought for sure you'd be aware.

I mean...

it's common knowledge that Seho Group and Eunkang are close.

Oh, I think your father's the one who arranged it.

Hey, behave yourself.

If the date goes well and the two families naturally achieve their M&A,

you think there will be a place for you?

[Where are you?]

I'm not someone who really enjoys dessert, so...

Then just sit and enjoy the view of me eating.

Since I eat quite heartily and beautifully.

You have quite a lot of requests.

You should think carefully, too.

You'll have to get married someday anyway.

And you'll probably have to sit through a ton of meals like this.

Now is the right time.

Of course, it's a marriage I have to do someday,

but I'll decide...

the timing of my life.


I told you not to smile in front of other women!

This is... Plan B.



Isn't your business location...

kind of, you know?

What about it?

Well, what are you planning to do?

I need to prepare the dough in advance, so I can run my business tomorrow.



Well, then, should I help out with the dough?

It won't be easy.

Then, can I leave it in your hands?


Watch me. Here I go.



And fold it over. And repeat.


Knead- This is the gist of it, okay?

This is something a strong man like I should do.

Wait, hold on!

You can't do it like that.


It's not like that.


Okay, together.


Knead and... fold it.

♫ Oh, my sweetheart, my darling ♫

♫ You're the one I've been living for ♫

♫ Oh, my sweetheart, my darling ♫

♫ You and me, only we are meant to be ♫

♫ Oh, I love you, my darling ♫

♫ You're the one I've been living for ♫

♫ Oh, I love you, my darling ♫

♫ You and me, only we are meant to be ♫


is my girlfriend.

I think this is...

where I'm supposed to yell at you and run out the door,

but I feel like...

that won't be necessary.

Of course.

There's still a lot of food left.

Take your time to enjoy the food.


Why didn't you eat anything?

Look at how haggard your face looks

because of your long hours at work.

I told you not to skip out on meals

even if you have a busy schedule, didn't I?

You worry me so much.

I-I... I-

I'll eat.

Do you w-want to eat something, too?

As expected of Oppa...

Se Ra didn't have much of a dinner...

so she's starving.

Se Ra wants this one.

This one, this one.

This one, ah...

Oh, this is what our Se Ra likes.

This one, ah...

- Here, ah...
- Ah...

Good girl.


Eun Sun Woo must be the very sweet type in a relationship.

I'm sorry. I forgot we're not alone.

I only have eyes for my Oppa.

Of course.

You don't know how attentive my Oppa is.

He's unchanging.

My heart flutters every single day.

You've been in a relationship before, right?

Conditions, upbringing, to hell with all that!

A relationship solely...

full of love.

Oppa, I think I bragged too much about us when there's a third party.

In front of someone I just met. Sorry.

I know you have a lot of time on your hands,

but I surmise you'd be uncomfortable the longer you stay...

Shall we leave first?

No, stay put.

I'll be the one to leave.

Eun Sun Woo, you're not as ambitious as I thought you'd be.

I thought you were the same type of person as I am.

Thank you for the entertaining show today.

I'll make sure to...

repay the favor soon.

Why don't you...

let go of my hand? Huh?

Why were you so over the top today?

Go sit over there.

I wasn't exactly happy, either.

It's Director Hong!

What do we do?

What do you think?

I'm going to let all hell break loose,

so I'm not forced on a blind date

ever again.

- Let's go.
- What are you thinking?

What do you think?

We'll just do as we did.

All right. Let's go.

He's still looking at us.

I think he's going to keep following us!

I do know of a sure method...

What is it?

Let's go up to my room.


Gosh, just stay put.

We can't go to your house right now anyway.

You don't have any other plans?

This will leave a bigger impact than any other plan.

Help me one more time while you're at it.

I'm asking...

as a favor.

I think Director Hong left.

He's not there.


This is where you stay?

Well, it's more comfortable to stay here when I'm alone.

Oh, right.

I guess it's better than returning to an empty house.

I think your stomach... is empty, too.

I raced all the way here for you, leaving behind my favorite food!

Since today's Plan B was a success,

tell me what you want.

What's that favorite food of yours?

Wait, your favorite food is just this?

What do you mean, just?

This tteokbokki is the only drug our country allows.

Don't look down on my tteokbokki!

As expected.

You're not going to eat?

You shouldn't eat carbs at night.

When it's this delicious?

It's really good.

You're going to regret it.

I said I'm not going to eat.

Once I say I won't eat something, I don't eat it.

- You're not going to regret it?
- Nope.

I don't like tteokbokki.

You're salivating.

Just have a bite.

Just once.

I can't share tteokbokki.

Are you playing with me?

You having fun?

Sure, eat everything.

Lick the plate clean.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

[Bang Bang Bakery]
- It's going to break.
- I'm good at this now.

What are you doing? So childish!

- Knead.
- Gosh, seriously. There.

Wait, wait, wait!

Oppa! What's up?

Am I interrupting?

No, of course not.

What brings you here?

Nothing much.

A few days ago...

did you two visit Cafe Teen Tonic?

Why would we go there? Isn't that place for kids?

That's right. Why would we go somewhere like that?

Detective Han, you really don't seem to have a good eye nor any tact.

Hey, how could you say that?

Do you know how many bad guys our oppa has thrown into jail?

Well, a detective is supposed to catch bad guys.

What good is he if he can't do that?

We caught a gang that sells stimulants that night,

but they said they saw some people.

Se Ra didn't come with you?


She left first because of an urgent work matter.

Then you ate alone?

No, I ate with Dong Hee.

Let's definitely eat together next time.


Then I'll see you next time.

- Sure, sure.
- You're leaving?

Bye, Oppa!

Should I have just gone?

I'm leaving.

You're leaving already?

You're the one who asked to eat dinner together tonight.

Well, that's why I bought dinner.

How could you be so two-faced?


I'm someone who's the same inside and out!

You're a mystery inside and out!


What's wrong with him all of a sudden?


Who showed up on the blind date?

It was Don Se Ra.

Wait, the two of them...

went into a hotel room together?


He was acting all high and mighty.

What the hell was he doing with my secretary?

I think Don Se Ra...

is from Chairman Eun's side.

Wait, then...

he's been watching me by planting someone by my side?

Look into Don Se Ra.


I was really shocked you came to the welcome party.

I was there by coincidence while tailing Kang Tae Joon.

Maybe it's because I showed up.

You seemed to be drinking freely without a care in the world.

Oh, I couldn't help it...

As you know, Kang Ddo...

But I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

Oh, wrong?

I can tell you about it all night.

Where should I start?

The welcome party or your house?

What do you want to know?



forget about what happened that night.

Yes, thank you.

But you know...


time inside the elevator...

Oh, Manager Kang had blood on his lips, so I couldn't just ignore it.

It wasn't that bad!

It wasn't? Then?


Don't do anything to give the wrong impression.

Thank god it was me and not anyone else who saw that or...

they could've taken it the wrong way.

- Taken what the wrong way?
- I don't know. Just be careful.

You told me to look into every living person around Kang Tae Joon!

Then he needs to believe I'm on his side,

so I can stay by his side for a long time. Am I wrong?

By chance...

By chance, what?

By chance, you're not acting like this because I stepped on your foot, are you?

It's not about the foot, it's-





Kang Tae Joon...

has a photo of that night in the club,

but no matter how I think about it,

it's too dangerous for you to be his secretary.

And there's a chance you might get caught, so-

Who am I talking to right now?

Hey, if you sleep here...

You did have a lot on your plate today,

so I'll be understanding.

Wait, hey!



Before you give me hell,

saying your arm is cramping or whatnot like that time in the hospital,

as a preventative measure...

I'm doing this as a preventative measure.

Right? Yes.

Don Se Ra.

Sleep tight.

[Eunkang Group, Forum]

[Chief Kang suggested that I manage the project "KangSeong Soft"...]

[As soon as I started, I found out that "KangSeong Soft" was a paper company for Chief Kang's slush funds...]

[Royal Hotel]

[Director Hong]

Where did it go?

[Director Hong]

♫ Even if love is predictable ♫

♫ it will always be sweeter than any other emotions ♫

♫ What I want to tell you is, I think I love you ♫

♫ It's what I absolutely want to tell you ♫

[Good Job]

Eun Sun Woo secretly investigated me, so he can remove me?

Aigoo, you're all working so hard.

What the? It's the cleaning crew this time?

It's probably someone who's afraid that Manager Kim will open his mouth.

Someone who wants to keep their secret hidden.

I caught you red-handed.

the secret camera we installed in Kang Tae Joon's room

is about to fall any moment now!

After all the employees left,

he posted an internal complaint and disappeared?

No, I'm certain...

Manager Kim couldn't have just disappeared.

He's been abducted.

♫ Oh, starting today... ♫